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Like what if harrys parents cought them kissing or something(They could have timed travel to the future or something). Or Sirius and Remus does. And only their friends know they're together. So its like this big surprise. Or the Malfoys come to complain about their son currupting draco. And harrys parents had no idea he was dating( or even liked boys).

I have no idea how this scenario would come to play but this made me laugh with the idea of an AU of some sorts where the Malfoys show up at the Potter’s house, because Lucius is convinced that “that Potter boy” is corrupting Draco.  Lets just pretend this is some fantasy AU where the Potter’s lived and Harry, unafraid of himself and being rejected, was sorted into Slytherin

  • Because every single one of Draco’s letter’s home to his mother are Potter this and Potter that
  • and Narcissa just places a hand on his arm to calm him down “They’ve been inseparable since second year, dear”
  • “Yes well that’s the problem, they’re in trouble every week and I know its that Potter boy’s fault!  Draco would never think to sneak out in the middle of the night to play Seekers games, and he would never be caught dead sneaking into the kitchens for a picnic on the astronomy tower its positively plebian!”
  • “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Malfoy, its” James starts
  • “It’s the Potter boys fault” Lucius nearly screeches.  And Narcissa tries to tell him to calm down which, duh makes him do the opposite.  “My son is lovesick, its the only excuse for this nonsensical behavior.”
  • “Whatever they’re doing, I can guarantee its your son’s fault and…what the hell do you mean lovesick?” and this time its James who screeches, wondering why Lily doesn’t look shocked.
  • And this time Lucius smiles because he might be mad but oh boy does he love getting one over on James Potter.  “Why my goodness, Potter, don’t tell your son hasnt told you.  I suppose he’s not as close to you as our Draco is to us.”
  • “Tell me what?  Lily what is this bloody idiot on about?”
  • “James, I think you know.” She says, making him bristle.  “He never told me anything!”  and she just sighs.  “He didn’t tell me either, dear…he didn’t need to.”
  • “He says he’s in love!  A malfoy does not fall in love with a Potter.  Draco will find a proper pureblood wife, produce an heir and-”
  • Who said anything about love?” James all but yells.
  • “Draco has asked for the family ring!” Lucius finally shouts “He says he wants to marry that boy!”  and this time its Lily and Narcissa who looked shocked. 

…..and thats how they all found out it was definitely more that just a little fling.

Okay, so I know I already made an addition to @sevi007‘s beautiful and wonderful headcanon list for Eri and Class 1-A (which you can see here, it’s lovely and my headcanons can only add so much), but I had more pertaining to the other individuals of Class 1A.

This is basically a “how the kids calm down Eri and their general relationship with her” headcanon post.

  • Tsuyu, being a natural at caring for small children because she has younger siblings, would comfort Eri whenever Izuku isn’t around to do so (or he just doesn’t know what to do, he’s an only child) and make her feel better through her calm aura and kind words
  • Kirishima is already the big brother figure of everyone in the dorms, so it’s no surprise when he takes Eri in as a little sister as if she’s always been there. He tends to make her feel better by swooping her up onto his shoulders and pretending like he’s her noble steed (he’s very careful to leave his hair down during this because he doesn’t want to poke her in the eye with his hair alone). He also is willing to neglect homework to entertain and play games with her (something his teachers and Bakugou do not appreciate, but his teachers are willing to be a little bit more lenient because Eri)
  • Swinging back to Bakugou, I’m also attaching the “Bakugou is a really good cook” headcanon onto here. Because I’m assuming due to Eri’s young age, she’s never had the chance to enjoy certain foods, Bakugou starts making specific Japanese comfort foods whenever she’s upset or can’t sleep or in a bad mood. He doesn’t really know how else to comfort a small child (or really any human, let’s be honest), but he does know that food generally works. So if he’s the only one around and she’s trying really hard not to cry or to hide her tears, he starts cooking something up and hands her the plate silently and sits nearby to make sure she’s okay. (He says it’s so that she doesn’t make noise, but the entire class knows better because her sobs are really quiet)
  • While Bakugou makes comfort food, Satou makes sweets for her. He does his best not to overload her on sugar (she is still really young), but he gives her little treats whenever she asks nicely or she’s having a bad day.
  • Kouda lets her pet his rabbit and, occasionally, they’ll go into town together to a pet shop and Eri can play with the other animals in the shop.
  • Kaminari doesn’t really know how to handle kids, but he knows how to make people laugh. So, he makes her laugh as best as he can, and if all of his other jokes and methods of comedy don’t work, he’ll short circuit his brain for the sake of making her smile.
  • Momo makes dolls and toys for Eri, especially considering she probably never had a toy of her own, and the two of them play with them to make her feel better. Sometimes, the other kids end up joining, specifically Kirishima, Izuku, Uraraka, Mina, and Tooru.
  • Izuku never really knows exactly what to do and sort of ends up becoming the designated hero character (the others quickly picked up that he was mostly just imitating All Might every time). Kirishima tends to vary between hero, sidekick, and villain, depending on the scenario. They’ve found he has a very good evil laugh that’s cheesy enough to make Eri smile.
  • Uraraka makes Eri float and they “fly” through the dorms together. She also tells great stories about the others’ accomplishments as heroes-in-training. Eri is especially attached to the ones about Deku.
  • Iida is also inexperienced with children, but he has an older brother and so he does what Tensei did to make him feel better with Eri. Namely, making funny faces and tickling her. The others find the spectacle to be a combination of weird as hell, but also adorable. (There’s lots of footage.)
  • I, personally, headcanon that Sero does have a younger sibling (just one), so in this headcanon, Sero uses the same techniques for Eri to make her feel better. He also introduces her to the idea of playing pretend with tea sets or as a princess or as a hero trying to stop a giant monster. He’s not picky.
  • Todoroki generally just keeps Eri company. He lets her cuddle up to either side of him depending on the temperature of the room and lets her talk about her problems and bad thoughts, quietly listening and keeping her close. He’s found she generally favors his left side because it’s warm and comforting. It’s taken time to get used to, but it’s a nice feeling, knowing someone finds comfort in it.
  • Aizawa doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t do much. He pretty much just goes into his sleeping bag and opens up a little pocket for Eri to climb into and they both take a nap. (There are far too many pictures of this circulating through the school).
  • Toshinori comforts Eri the same way he comforts the rest of his classmates. Letting them cry out their feelings and try to give a little bit of advice. With Eri, because she’s so young, he also tells her stories of his prime, of when he was a great hero. She continuously tells him that he’s still a hero to her.
  • Izuku is her Onii-chan and she’s very attached to him. So, she obviously goes to him first whenever she has a problem or she’s not feeling well or she has a question. He does his best to answer all her questions and concerns and to make her feel better. When he doesn’t know what to do, he asks his mom for help and advice. When she’s crying, he does what Toshinori does and hugs her and lets her cry it out. He isn’t perfect, he knows that, but he does his best and loves her like a good Onii-chan should.

I’m starting to run dry on these, so if anyone has any other additions for the rest of Class 1-A, put them down!

I Know Him

A late @mlsecretsanta gift for @marichengs​! I hope you enjoy this fic! It was a lot of fun to write. :) Sorry for the delay in getting this to you!

Thank you @ladyserendipitous for idea bouncing this with me and for the title!

“I’m sorry, Chat Noir, but I like someone else.” Ladybug looked down. “I’m really flattered, but-”

“You don’t have to apologize.” It hurt to hear. He’d be lying if he said it didn’t. It almost killed him to face the reality that he and Ladybug might not end up married someday. Still, he’d deal with those emotions later, because it wasn’t her fault he’d fallen for her, and he refused to take it out on her now. “I just really hope the other person is amazing.”

She brightened. “Oh, he is. I-I mean,” she sighed. “Not that you aren’t. You are, kitty. You’re wonderful and brave and the best partner I could have asked for.”

The flattery helped a little, but it didn’t erase the fact that he wasn’t quite good enough to be the person she fell for. The truth was hard, particularly because some small part of him had always expected to be disappointed, expected to be turned down… “Thanks, m- Ladybug.” He had to stop calling her milady. It wasn’t fair. She wasn’t his at all.

She smiled and gently hugged him. “Listen. I know that you have a wonderful person out there for you, and I hope they make you happier than I ever could.”

He relaxed and returned the embrace with a sigh. “Thank you. I hope he makes you happy, too.” Despite the dull ache in his chest, he truly meant it. He loved her and wanted her to be happy even if it wasn’t with him.

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brat || henry bowers

a Henry bowers imagine

word count: 1387

ok this is on Wattpad so if you’ve seen it from my Wattpad I apologize. Submit a request!!


I stood in the hallway with Richie, Eddie and Bill talking about a science project we were assigned.

“You g-guys wanna come to my h-house after school? ” Bill asked because we had to create an experiment with directions and all that scientific bullshit. We all nodded.

“Yo where’s your girlfriend Bill?” Eddie teased shoving him and Bill shot him a dirty look. They never told me this type of stuff.

“Who’s his girlfriend? Beverly? ” I asked with a smirk.

“S-shut up Y/n.” He said, his face turning bright red.

I laughed then glanced down the hallway to see Henry Bowers, Vic, Belch, and Patrick walking down the hallway, picking on kids as the passed. Patrick made eye contact and whispered something to Belch and started coming our way.

“Ew what the fuck do they want?” Richie asked rolling his eyes.

“Maybe we should just pretend they’re not there?” Eddie tried to reason and we all shot him a look.

“That is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard from you. Yeah we pretend they’re not there? Then they beat the shit out of us.” Richie said with an attitude, like always. I let out a chuckle and Eddie flipped off Richie in the process.

Then Billy got shoved into the lockers, very harshly may I add, by Patrick.

“Hey loser.” Patrick laughed as Billy picked up all the books he dropped.

“Look who it is, the nastiest who from Whoville. I loved you in the Grinch!” I teased Patrick based on his appearance. I heard Richie and Eddie stifle a laugh. (a/n I really think Patrick does look like he’s from a dr. Seuss movie ok next )

“Shut the fuck up slut.” Patrick said looking down on me. He was pushed right up against me. Henry was staring at me with a blank expression on his face. Henry typically was the one to pick on me and all my friends but for some reason he was all quiet today.

I cringed at the feeling of Patrick leaning up against me.

“Back off , you perv.” I said using all my strength to shove him off of me, which he stumbled into Henry.

“Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? I do whatever the fuck I want, when I want, with who I want.” Patrick said to his friends, including Henry who stood there staring at me.

“Want me to fuck her up?” Victor asked with a smirk.

My friends stood paralyzed with fear. Eddie took out his inhaler and started using it vigorously.

“Nah, Bowers I’m letting you do this one. You seem pretty sad maybe this will cheer you up.” Patrick said patting his friend Henry on the back. I gulped as Henry began walking toward me.

“Fuck off Henry. Don’t fucking touch me.” I said as he came closer.

He still didn’t say anything. He grabbed my waist and shoved me against the locker. He looked super hesitant and was doing this all very slow. He raised his fist and went to punch me but then Richie , Eddie, and Bill threw their books at his head.

“Oh now you wanna fucking do something? I’ll beat your asses.” Henry threatened chasing after my best friends as they sprinted down the hall. I gotta make sure I thank them later for that.

“Damn, what was taking him so long? I’ll just do the job myself.” Patrick paused before raising his fist and punching me in the eye. My head throbbed as it fell back against the locker. I had never been in so much pain.

“Lemme jump in.” Belch said as he kicked me in the stomach, adding a punch to my nose.

I put my hand over my nose and looked down to see my hand covered in blood.

“Our work is done here, let’s go find Henry.” Patrick said leading his friends away. I felt a tear escape my eye, I didn’t even realize I was crying. I had never been in so much pain before. Wishing Eddie was here to clean me up and tell me it was going to be okay, were the only thoughts going through my mind. Unfortunately he or any of my friends were no where to be found.

I felt like I was gonna pass out, so I closed my eyes hoping someone would find me soon. I had little strength to even get up from the floor so I just sat there. Hoping someone would stumble across me , school had ended 20 minutes ago so basically no one was still here.

“You look terrible.” A voice said from above me. I pried open my eyes to see Henry standing  above me.

“Please don’t hurt me.” I said covering my face, hoping I wouldn’t get punched again.

“I’m not gonna touch you. What happened?” He said sitting next to me. I had never had a real conversation with him, the only ones I ever had consisted of insults and curses.

“Your prick friends beat me up, Patrick did the most damage.” I truthfully said as I wiped blood off of my nose.

“Yeah you look like the shit was beat out of you.” He said in his normal asshole voice.

“Wow, you’re so observant. If you’re here to insult me or throw me in the dumpster behind school, can you just get to it? I’m sick of you wasting my time.” I replied with a very snippy attitude.

“Listen, I-I uh I wanted to tell you something.” He began but I rolled my eyes.

“What Henry? If this is that ‘I totally feel bad about bullying you’ bullshit I don’t wanna fucking hear it. You’re just trying to make me vulnerable just before you do something completely cruel.” I was not taking any of his lies.

“No…that’s not the case. I-I want to apologize for being such a dick. I know what I’ve done to you is pretty bad-” he began but I quickly cut him off.

“Pretty bad? You and your friends fucking locked me in a locker for the whole school day, you broke the window to my room, you vandalized my locker with 'slut’ and that’s only just a few of the evil things you’ve done. Save your lies.” I sharply responded.

He sighed and stood up. Thinking he was leaving, I closed my eyes and sighed, leaning against the lockers to rest. But within seconds I felt him grab my waist and throw me over his shoulder.

“Put me the fuck down.” I whined while trying to pull myself out of his grip.

“I’m taking you to the bathroom to clean you up.” He stayed as he walked into the boys’ bathroom with me and put me on the sink.

He began cleaning up the blood off my face and I stared into his eyes. He was attractive. His messy blonde hair and his piercing eyes complimented him so nicely. I guess I had always had a slight crush on him, but it was masked by his nasty demeanor. I know, how could you like someone so scary? I asked myself the same question all the time.

“Stop staring at me.” He said with a smirk and I felt my face heat up.

“Where the fuck am I supposed to look? You’re literally standing right in front of m-” I complained but was quickly cut off with his lips on mine. I immediately kissed back, grabbing his hair. I felt him stand in between my legs and put his hands on my waist. I felt his hands start to go up my shirt when the bathroom door opened.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Richie screamed, his eyes wide with Billy and Eddie mimicking his actions.

“Uhhh I-…” I stuttered for an explanation but I quickly hopped of the sink.

“Are you okay? Why were you kissing him? that’s disgusting.” Eddie said making a grossed out face but looked at me with concern.

“Yeah what Y/n. E-explain.” Bill said crossing his arms and giving me a confused look.

I sighed and pushed the three of them out of the bathroom, ready to explain what happened. Before leaving I glanced over my shoulder and looked at Henry. He sent me a wink and I quickly turned around, blushing like crazy.

“See you later brat!” He yelled after me as I rushed away, thinking about what just happened.

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Can we have a nsfw hc of Dazai, Chuuya, and Akutagawa wearing a cockring while an s/o rides the hell outta em? If that's too much, it's okay to delete! Love your blog!

Aww, thank you!💜

Dazai Osamu

  • If you’ve been having a stretch of vanilla sex for awhile, never fear; Dazai’s got the perfect solution. One evening, while you’re relaxing on the couch, Dazai saunters out of the bedroom, spinning a cock ring on his index finger as a mischievous smirk slides across his face. His hand slips into his pants as he climbs over you, pinning you to the couch. “Bet you can’t get me begging to tear it off,” he whispers, voice smoky and eyes challenging.
  • As soon as you climb on top of him, Dazai considers his challenge accepted. He’s determined he won’t lose; even as you moan, letting out a whine as you slide yourself down his cock painfully slowly, he barely raises an eyebrow. Watching you struggle to break him as you get yourself off on his dick is almost as hot as you actually riding him, and he’s going to drag out your frustration as long as he can manage. If you think Dazai’s stone will is going to crack from a few minutes of you sliding up and down his dick, you’re gravely mistaken.
  • Dazai’s confident smirk never leaves his face; he’s perfectly comfortable being tortured. The whole time you’re moaning above him his hands are sliding gently up and down your hips, massaging your thighs, squeezing your ass. 
  • Eventually, when Dazai feels himself getting closer to cracking, he decides to end your little game right then and there. “This is boring, love,” he purrs, hands gripping your ass. “Mind if I spice things up a bit?” Dazai doesn’t wait for a response before he lifts your hips, smirking as you scream when he crashes them downwards. He slides you up and down his dick at a frenzied pace, hoping you’ll snap before he does. In his eyes, if you cum before he’s begging you to take the ring off, he wins; and Dazai’s not about to lose.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • When you bring up the idea of a cock ring, Chuuya’s completely down for it; but where would be the fun in letting you have your way so easily? At first, Chuuya pretends to be a bit unsure about the whole thing. Finally, after a whole lot of puppy eyes and pouting from you, Chuuya ‘gives in’; on one condition. You have to slide the ring on his dick, preferably using your mouth. And you might as well give him a blow job while you’re down there; you have to make sure this ring works, after all.
  • Chuuya simply lies back and lets your mouth slide up and down his dick, reveling in the feeling of your tongue against his cock. He figures that since you’re about to push him to the edge, he might as well get damn comfortable; if you let him, he’ll even plop a glass of wine on the bedside table.
  • Before long, Chuuya’s whines rattle through the bedroom. For as long as he can dish out slow, sensual torture, taking it is another story entirely. Overstimulation pushes Chuuya to the edge extremely quickly, and the fact that he can’t cum with this ring on only makes things ten times worse. Poor Chuuya’s writhing in no time, fists balling in the sheets as your tongue shoves him so close to an edge he can’t quite cross over.
  • When Chuuya knows it’s only a matter of time before he rips this damn thing off himself, he motions for your mouth to slide off his dick, summoning you closer with a come-hither gesture. After all, letting you just suck him off and be done with it is so boring. “Wouldn’t you rather let that pussy do the job instead?” Chuuya purrs, hands trailing to the inside of your thighs and splitting your legs. He eases you down on his dick before rolling his hips, moaning. After you’re comfortable he lets you take over, his hands trailing down to ball in the sheets as you ride him senseless.
  • Chuuya’s lips are practically bleeding by the time you slip the ring off, letting him cum. The whole time you slip up and down his cock his teeth bury into his bottom lip, trying to find something to hold on to as his mind all but floods, everything in him getting washed away as his senses overload.

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  • As with most things in the bedroom, Akutagawa’s probably going to shoot down the idea if you don’t suggest messing around with a cock ring in exactly the right way. Ideally, somehow subtly plant the idea in Akutagawa’s mind. If you make him think he first fantasized about it, Akutagawa’s much more open to allowing a cock ring in the bedroom
  • When Akutagawa accepts the cock ring, it’s more of a challenge to himself than anything else. He wants to push himself, to see just how long he can last when his body’s crying out for release. Plus, Akutagawa’s curious to see how you’ll react when he hands control over to you. Normally, he’s the one teasing you until you’re screaming, and while he’s certain that being dominated isn’t quite his cup of tea he has to admit the idea of you pinning him down and getting yourself off is quite attractive.
  • From the moment you slide on his dick, Akutagawa’s permanently snarling, his jaw clenching hard enough you’re afraid his teeth might shatter. Of course, he can’t resist claiming control even when he planned to submit for the night. “Is that best you can do?” Akutagawa taunts, hands squeezing bruises into your thighs. “I was hoping this would at least be a challenge.” His insults mount as you ride him, but don’t worry; that’s just him lashing out in frustration. True, he can’t cum, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get some release by talking dirty.
  • Eventually Akutagawa simply grinds “I’ve had enough” before grabbing you, flipping you over so that you’re pinned underneath him. “Take it off,” Akutagawa growls before his teeth latch to your throat, aggressively kissing up and down your neck. After you’ve slipped the ring off his dick Akutagawa immediately smirks, pulling back as Rashomon springs to life. His ability pins your wrists to the bed, winding around your legs and yanking them apart as he looms over you. “I hope you’re prepared to receive the consequences of what you’ve done,” Akutagawa threatens. You’ve got him so oversensitized, he’s prepared to fuck you hard and fast into the mattress for hours; and that’s precisely what he plans to do.

I see so many people not getting the poster and being so rude and obnoxious about it. Did people really think the wedding was just going to be a subplot of the episode? I see so many people being like well this was something that was supposed to be about everyone with the wedding also in there?

It’s like. Emma is the main character. Always has been. They were never going to make it just a subplot. This was never going to just be one of the “many things” going on in the episode. It was always going to be the main thing because she is the MAIN character.

Not to mention the poster

1. Isn’t going to be changed by your upset.

2. Is what it is assumedly for budget reasons. I’m guessing they put the imagery of a hook and rings in there also because putting pictures of PEOPLE in there would SPOIL the episode and it’s cheaper.

3. This isn’t your story. I don’t know how many times i’ve seen people miss this point. But would i be upset if it was a Rumple picture or something? Nah. But maybe a bit jealous or sad it didn’t have my faves. Would I be petitioning and writing the actors and creators about it? No because 1. it’s not going to do anything. 2. you are taking away the enjoyment of people who actually work on and make the show. and 3. What we want doesn’t really matter. We are along for the ride. This is A/E’s story. And we’re free to bitch and moan all that we want but we are also free to get off the ride. We can’t tell them what to do because this ISNT OUR STORY to create, write or shape. Also Idk about you but if i don’t like a ride I tend to stop riding it. I don’t throw a fit and try to shut it down. 

4. It’s a poster for an episode. A fricken poster. Dear lord, please save me from how greatly this fandom is bothered by such small things. You don’t know what else they will release. You have no idea what else is coming for your faves.

5. Stop attacking people who are happy about this. Let people live my god.

Idk i’m just so over the juvenille ass reactions from people. Stop trying to pretend this story belongs more to you than it does the creators. Be upset all you want but the minute you start bombarding an actresses page and a creators page tarnishing their work imagine if I came to you and did the same about your fan art, your fic, your pictures, your set visit footage. It wouldn’t feel nice because it isn’t nice. It’s childish. JMO might be a big girl. But damn let her be excited about her work and be upset in your own sphere without turning something good for WHOMEVER is experiencing it INTO SOMETHING SOUR.

Before I got on this god forsaken website I was a fan of every single character. Some more than others sure. But there was nothing solidly that I despised. This show brought me all AMAZING FEELINGS. And to log on and see so many angry mean spirited cruel people really has turned a show that has helped me through some serious things feel more like a burden than anything else.

This post isn’t for you guys with an opinion different than mine. That’s fine. I’m okay with you not liking something or wanting it differently, and what I’m okay with anyways shouldn’t matter to how you feel or respond. This post is directed at those that just want so desperately to let the entire fricken world know just how angry they are and ensuring that anyone else who is happy is forced to feel whatever upset feelings you are having. I mean tags are being invaded. I’m seeing threats being made. Grow up. 

Burnin Up

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Request: Imagine being Wendys cousin. Her and jax are mad at you and Juice so you make them dinner but end up burning everything.

This is short and i hate it and I’m sorry but here it is.

TImeline- first season, Wendy & Jax are together, no Abel. x


“Its just a dent Wendy, I’ll get it fixed.”
“Its a dent in my brand new car, (y/n)! Which you shouldn’t have even been driving!”
You rolled your eyes and followed her as she marched across the clubhouse, anger radiating off her.
“It was an accident. Im sorry!”
“Were you drunk?” She spun on her heels, a blonde hair bouncing as she moved.
“Were you high?”
“Jesus christ, no! That asshole drove into me!”
Your cousin glared at you, her hands on her hips.
“Are you sure? Ive seen you try parallel park.”
“It wasn’t my fault! He drove into me!”
Wendy ignored you and stormed out of the clubhouse.
You let out a frustrated groan and marched to sofa, where Juice was sitting with his laptop, an amused expression on his face.
You dropped down next to him and sighed.
“Did he really back into you?” Juice asked.
“Nah.” You said. “I backed into a car trying to park.”
Juice sniggered.
“Dont tell her.”
“Your secrets safe with me.” He smiled.
You smiled back at him.
The two of you had always gotten on well, and neither of you could deny the feelings you had for each other. But your relationship only consisted of flirting and bonding over the fact that you always seemed to be in trouble for something.
“Jax still mad at you?”
Juice breathed out through his nose and nodded.
“So i gave the dog crank. We still got the job done, and Tigs healing really well.”
“I know,” You groaned. “He keeps trying to show me.”
You both sniggered and you leant your head on his shoulders, unable to see the blush that crept up his neck at the contact.
Without warning you shot to your feet and spun to face him, a wild look in your eyes.
“I have an idea.”
“Does it involve breaking the law?”
You shook your head and Juice pretended to be dissappointed.
“Lets make them dinner, they could have a romantic night together.”
“I cant cook.”
“Doesnt matter. i can. Meet me at their house tonight.”
Without waiting for his response you turned and ran out of the clubhouse, your head spinning with recipes.


“Stop eating the strawberries, they’ll be none left.”
“But they’re so juicy.”
You groaned at his pun, a cheesy grin all over his face and checked on the chicken that was roasting in the oven.
“You sure this is gonna work?” Juice asked, watching you bend over to look into the oven and admiring the way your jeans hugged your ass.
“Nope. But its worth a shot right?”
Juice nodded and tossed another strawberry into his mouth, earning a slap to his shoulder.
He chuckled and grabbed a tea towel off the bench, twirled it and whipped it at you.
It snapped at your thigh and you gasped.
“Oh you are so on.”
You grabbed another tea towel and thus began a tea towel war.
He winced as you whipped him in his stomach and he chased you through the house.
You jumped up on the sofa and whipped your tea towel, narrowly missing his head.
“Hey, watch the money-maker.” He warned and whipped your thigh.
You smirked and began twirling your tea towel in preparation.
Juice grabbed your wrists and pulled you down off the sofa.
Both of you were panting and neither of you realised just how close together you were standing until you looked up at him.
You could blame it on the adrenaline, or the fact you hadn’t been laid in weeks. Or you could blame it on those brown eyes that held your gaze, and the way they were looking at you.
When he ran his tongue over his lips you had a momentary lapse of judgement and you reached up and kissed him.
He froze, but when he realised what was happening he responded.
His released his hold of your wrists and grabbed hold of your waist, his lips moving with yours.
The kiss was warm and passionate and you wrapped your arms around his neck.
He pushed you back and you both fell down to the sofa.
You shuffled your body up and he lay between your legs, your lips never seperating.
The touch of his hands beneath your shirt made you push your hips up, creating friction where you needed it most.
You tugged his shirt over his head and as he leant over you he met your eye and grinned.
“Ive waited so long for this.”


Juice rolled off you and you sat up, the both of you catching your breath.
He looked over at you and you raised your hand. He high fives you and you both smiled contently.
Until the smell of smoke drifted to your nose.
“Oh no!” You jumped off the sofa and pulled your jeans on, stumbling across the room as you made your way to the kitchen.
“No, no, no!”
The kitchen was smokey and you pounced at the one and turned it off before pulling the door open.
Smoke billowed out and you waved your hands frantically as Juice appeared in the kitchen.
He opened the window above the sink and waved his t shirt around, attempting to get the smoke out of the room.
“What the fuck is going on?!”
You both turned to the doorway and saw both Wendy and Jax staring at the two of you.
You coughed and forced a smile.

Once the smoke had cleared out of the kitchen and you and Juice were fully dressed you went to the living room, where Jax and Wendy were waiting.
Dread filled you and you hung your head as you followed Juice, unwilling to meet the angry eyes staring at you.
“You two gonna explain?” Jax asked.
You sighed. “We were trying to cook you dinner to make up for everything.”
“But we got distracted.” Juice interrupted.
You met is eye and you both giggled before Wendys voice spoke.
“Oh god please tell me you didn’t have sex in our bed?!”
“No of course not.” Juice answered. “It was on the sofa.”
Wendy and Jax leapt up, disgust in their faces as they realised they were sitting exactly where you had just fucked.
“Jesus christ.”
“Get out!”


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2 and/or 12 for the AU + short fic challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(x) Two- Childhood Friends AU

Later, when they’re both older and grown, and proper detectives with proper resources, and with some composure and emotional maturity, Jake and Amy will cite the Great Book Hunt of ‘91 as their first case as partners to every new cop to grace their precinct. 

(And in both of their wedding vows. And in the scrapbook Jake will make Amy when she finally makes captain. And in their children’s bedtime stories.

Even Charles becomes exasperated by it.)

Their partnership began the morning of the Great Book Hunt, one hot July day, when Nana found Jake sitting in front of the TV for the fourth straight hour.

“Go outside,” she told him.

Which he did, and he spent a full three minutes kicking around a pebble down the street and around a corner before turning around and marching towards the Santiago household.

With eight kids under the age of fifteen and a horde of cousins and friends in the area - not to mention Mr and Mrs Santiago themselves - there was always someone in the yard, or in a window, or, on one occasion, on the roof. Most days, Jake had to only walk up the block before one of the boys called him over. 

The Santiago kids were truly a rowdy, welcoming bunch. He met them two months before, when Gina cancelled their plans again and he was hit by a stray spray from a Santiago water gun fight during a lonely walk. 

Suddenly, he had summer plans, too.

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I was wondering what you meant by your tag that said it isn't really an imprint. I'm assuming you mean TS. So what do you think it is? I hope Louis has some label we know nothing about so if he has a distribution deal as well he is the sole owner and not partnered with syco/sony as TS appears to be. Thanks.

My original understanding of imprints was that they are nothing more than someone writing on a piece of paper “Here, you have your own ‘label’ that you do not own and can not truly control, but we’ll let you pretend you do.” Basically what 5SOS has with Hi or Hey Records under Capitol, the one they allegedly signed Hey Violet to.

Since Triple Strings is an actual LLC with ownership that’s separate from the label, Syco, that it’s under, I wasn’t considering it an imprint. And googling the term does support that idea, to be fair.

However, after talking with Aaron and googling some more, “imprint” doesn’t actually mean anything, or alternately, can mean anything the associated major label wants it to mean. And something like Hi or Hey is more of a vanity label than imprint by strict definition.

Triple Strings is a fully viable limited liability company owned 50% by Louis and 50% by Syco, and Syco in turn is owned 75% by Sony, so TS in a position to be a real label with it’s own staff and artists, if that’s what they want to do.

But at this point, other than owning one trademark, ‘Did Alice Call,’ they’ve done nothing with the company. So whether it will ever be an active label or even a useful imprint, no one knows.

Dangerous Love

TITLE: Dangerous Love
AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that, when Loki comes to the tower, you fall in love with him even though you know you shouldn’t. Knowing that you are absolutely terrible at hiding your crush, you avoid him to not get into trouble. Everyone at the tower keeps away from him, but none avoid him as much as you do, and he gets curious. That’s how he finds out your little secret and he will no longer let you ignore him just like that.
Notes/warnings: Will Ragni save Loki? *See bottom for additional notes*


Ragni started to sprint. She really wasn’t that far from Loki, but time seemed as if it were in slow motion; clearly seeing how grave of a situation he was about to be in Ragni began to panic. The worst part was, he wasn’t even aware of it. Loki didn’t respond to her screams, but how could he? He already had enough to deal with. Oh god, was she going to make it, could she make it to him in time?

Okay, she was going to make it, but what would she do once she got to him? There wasn’t any time and she had a split second decision to make. With all her strength Ragni literally pushed Loki, throwing him out of the grasp of the bird. The only reason why he even went down was due to being caught off guard. Ragni attempted to swing her staff, but she didn’t have enough time. She had already been snatched and let out a horrified scream.

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Visions (Pietro Maximoff X Reader)

Fandom: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff X Reader
Word Count: 3,507
Translations: First Russian word means “my turtle”, the second one means “soul mate”.

“I’m not here to hurt you.” You said softly, holding your hands out placatingly.

“That’s vhat they all say.” Pietro said bitterly. He was tense, and clearly prepared to run. The only reason he hadn’t run already was because he had absolutely no idea what you special ability was, and he was only slightly worried that it was something extremely dangerous.

“Please, trust me.”

“Vhy on Earth vould I do that?”

“Because I know how you feel.”

“Really? Stark killed your parents too?” He raised an eyebrow doubtfully.

“Actually, yes. It was an accident, but…” You trailed off.

The look on Pietro’s face was priceless.


You shrugged. “I was ten, and both my parents were in the army. They were stationed overseas in separate units, but at the same base. Tony sent over some missiles, and they, uh, they got intercepted. The people that stole them activated them and then launched them at the army base. None of the soldiers got out. It wasn’t really Tony’s fault, I don’t blame him, at least, but a lot of other people did. Tony feels guilty about it ‘til this very day. So yeah, I do kind of know what it feels like to lose your parents because of something Tony did, even if he had good intentions.”

Pietro frowned. “I am sorry.”

“Will you trust me? Just for a second?”

Pietro looked you up and down before nodding reluctantly. “Otay.”

You stepped closer to him and leaned in, connecting your forehead with his and pressing your fingertips to his temples.

You felt Pietro tense up. “Relax.” You murmured gently. He, surprisingly, did as you asked and relaxed ever so slightly.

You concentrated on Pietro’s mind, and you were suddenly assaulted with a multitude of feelings. Anger, despair, loyalty, and, quite oddly, hope.

You were just about to speak when you were suddenly hit with a wave of emotional pain. You stumbled away from Pietro and caught a glimpse of brown hair and a red, flickering light, before you were suddenly back in your aunt’s house the day you found out your parents died.

Pietro blinked in surprise as the warmth from your body was suddenly gone, looking up to see his sister staring at him anxiously.

“Did she hurt you? Vhat vas she doing to you?” Wanda asked, eyes scanning his body worriedly for any wounds.

“I’m fine.” He said distractedly, his own eyes flicking down to your body. His eyebrows knitted together in concern at the whimpering sounds coming from your mouth, and he frowned even harder when he saw the tears spilling down your cheeks. Before he could do something stupid, like ask Wanda to stop hurting you because really you had done nothing wrong, he scooped Wanda into his arms and sped away from the building.


“Oh god.” You groaned, pressing a hand to your head as if that would stop the pain. You felt like you had the world’s worst hangover. Taking a glance at the other Avengers, you figured that Natasha, Thor, and Steve had also been whammied by Wanda’s magic, because they all looked about as good as you felt.

“Well,” Tony said, looking around the ship. “That went a hell of a lot worse than expected.”

Natasha managed a weak smirk. “Careful Tony, Steve doesn’t like that kind of language.”

Steve grumbled something unintelligible, but it sounded suspiciously like curses.

“Language!” All of the team said in unison.

Steve buried his face in his hands. Why did his team have to be such a big group of punks?


The whole time the Avengers were staying with Clint’s family, your thoughts were on Pietro.

For some reason, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get your mind off of him. You had only met the guy once, and you knew he probably hated your guts, but you had seen something in him. Something good.

He didn’t want to be the bad guy, he just wanted revenge for what he felt had been a wrongdoing. And honestly, you couldn’t blame him. He had no way of knowing (before now) that Tony had never meant to kill his parents, so it was understandable that he would blame the guy whose name was literally on the thing that ripped his parents away from him.

Every time you saw Clint wrap his arms around Laura’s waist from behind, or you saw the shy smiles that Natasha and Bruce exchanged (since when had that been a thing, by the way?), you thought of Pietro.

You still didn’t understand why, you knew pretty much nothing about him, but something in your heart was telling you that he was special.

Or maybe it was the fact that reading people was something you rarely did, and never in that way. You usually only did it when The Avengers desperately needed information, and there was no other way to get it. But what you had done…it was more instinctual than anything. You wanted to calm him down, so the feelings you had sent through the bond were calm, soothing ones.

The feelings you had felt through the bond were raw and unbridled, deep and powerful emotions that Pietro had been completely unable to tone down or hide. You were inside his head, and you knew just how strongly he felt things, how strongly he felt hope.

He had hope that his life would get better, he had hope that he could make a difference in the world, he had hope that, maybe, one day he could even get a significant other. He cared about his sister and he loved her, of course, but he wanted someone he could love in a romantic way.

God. You were so screwed. You knew none of the basic, simple stuff about him, but yet, the moment you laid eyes on him (which, mind you, had been when he was smacking most of your friends and teammates around), it felt like you were really, truly alive for the first time. So, so screwed.


“Hey punk, you doin’ alright?” Steve approached you with a concerned smile on his lips, and you lifted your eyes up from the flower you had been staring at for the past five minutes.

When you shrugged instead of speaking, Steve knew something was wrong.

He sat down beside you on the lawn. “Okay, __y/n__, what’s on your mind?”

You looked up at him forlornly. “You, uh, you remember Pietro, right?”

“How could I forget?” Steve asked, raising an eyebrow at you curiously.

“Well, you know how I can, uh, read people’s feelings and their minds and stuff?” Steve nodded. “I kind of read Pietro’s, and now I kind of think I have a crush on him?”

Steve’s eyes widened before he wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Oh, dear. Do I need to give you “the talk”?”

You chuckled, despite your crummy mood. “No, Steve, you do not need to give me “the talk”. Believe it or not, I know how sex works.”

Steve pretended to wipe a bead of sweat off his forehead. “That is a relief, because I had no idea where that conversation was going.” Steve then looked at you, smiling kindly. “Do you want to talk about it?”

You shrugged before letting out a sigh and burying your face in your hands. “Why does he have to be so cute?”

Steve rubbed your shoulder comfortingly. “Let it out, kiddo, let it out.”


You must’ve done something to him. That was the only explanation Pietro could think of as to why your face kept popping into his mind. If you hadn’t cast a spell on him, why else would the thought of you make him feel calm and peaceful?

On second thought, why would you have cast a spell on him to make him feel tranquil whenever he thought of you? That didn’t make any sense, but neither did him thinking about you as often as he had been.

He kept thinking about how much he it had hurt him to see you cry. Why on Earth had it hurt him so much? He didn’t know you, he wasn’t friends with you, and he most certainly didn’t care for you. So what was it about seeing you look so small and broken that made him want to protect you?

Pietro frowned to himself and shook his head, trying to rid his mind of those foolish thoughts. You were an Avenger, and right now, The Avengers were his enemy (so why did even the thought of hurting you make him feel sick to his stomach?).


Pietro and Wanda had officially switched sides, after realizing that Ultron was a complete nutcase who wanted to destroy the world.

You, The Avengers, and the two of them were now on your way to Sokovia to stop Ultron’s plan to destroy the world. Fun times.

You were clipping a gun to your belt when someone suddenly scooped you into their arms and zipped you down a hallway, carefully setting you down before pinning you to the wall.

You raised an eyebrow at Pietro. “You know, if you wanted me pressed against the wall, you could’ve just asked.”

You and Pietro were kind of friends now, and he usually laughed at your jokes or made one in return, but this time, he just stared at you, his eyes dark and unblinking.

“Pietro? You okay, buddy?”

He shook his head, letting out a sigh before leaning forward and resting his forehead against yours. “Vhat have you done to me?”

You frowned, knitting your eyebrows together in confusion. “I don’t think I’ve done anything to you?”

His eyes flicked open and he grabbed your one of your hands, pressing your fingertips to his chest. You could feel his heart hammering rapidly against his ribs. “I spend a lot of time running, but my heart has never beaten this quickly. Ever.”

You couldn’t help it. You kissed him. Leaning in and gently touching your lips to his was pure instinct (you had been trying to refrain from showing him that you liked him because you still knew barely anything about him and didn’t want to scare him away), but god, his lips felt wonderful.

Pietro made a sound of agreement in his throat before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling your body closer to his. You wriggled your arms out from in between your bodies and snaked them around his neck, running your fingers through his silvery hair.

You heard a cough and hurriedly broke the kiss, but neither of you made any move to get out of the other’s arms.

“Really?” Clint asked, arching an eyebrow at the two of you.

Pietro smirked, his arms tightening around your waist. “You didn’t see that coming?”

You and Clint let out simultaneous groans.

“You can’t just reuse lines like that!” Clint huffed indignantly.

Pietro shrugged distractedly, nuzzling his nose into the hollow between your neck and your shoulder instead of responding.

Clint rolled his eyes and started to walk away, not wanting to witness the lead up to you and Pietro procreating. He turned around once, shouted “Use protection!”, and was gone, leaving Pietro with a smirk and you with a bright, ruby red blush.


You startled awake, blinking rapidly and breathing harshly as your mind was filled with a horrifying vision. Which didn’t even make sense, you had never had a vision before and your first thought was that Wanda was doing something to your mind, but this was different. It hadn’t felt like the last time she had whammied you, it felt like you were seeing something that was actually going to happen.

You saw Clint, who was holding a child, looking up at the sky fearfully, before turning away from your line of sight, protecting the child from something. Before you could register that anything had happened, there was the sound of gunfire, and you looked up, surprised to see a car in front of Clint and the child.

Pietro had taken the brunt of the bullets, while the car had only received a few hits.

“You didn’t see that coming?” Pietro joked weakly to a confused Clint, before he collapsed to the ground, a limp pile of bullet riddled flesh.

Wanda’s scream of despair tore through the air, and you felt as if someone had torn your own heart out and crushed it into dust.

You blinked and you were suddenly back in your bed, with Pietro sleeping soundly next to you (no, you hadn’t done anything, but you had asked him if he would be okay sharing the bed with you, and he had happily agreed).

You wanted to let him sleep, you did, but you needed to talk to someone about your vision, and he was the closest person.

“Pietro,” You murmured quietly, shaking his shoulder gently. When he barely stirred, you tried something else. “Sonic! Wake up!”

Pietro groaned as he slipped back into consciousness. “Vho is this ‘Sonic’ you speak of?”

“I’ll explain it to you later, right now, I need to talk to you about something.”

Pietro could tell by the tone in your voice and how glossy your eyes were that it was something serious.

“Vhat is vrong, мой черепаха?” Pietro asked, grabbing one of your hands and rubbing the back of your hand soothingly.

“I had a vision, which I have never, ever had before, but I just…I know that it was showing me something that’s going to happen.” You were shaking almost violently, and Pietro frowned, drawing you into his arms and pressing a kiss to your temple.

“And vhat is going to happen? It can’t be that bad, can i-“

“You die.” You said suddenly, cutting him off before he could finish. “You, uh, you sacrifice yourself to save Clint and a little boy and I-“ You broke down crying then, wrapping your arms around him and burying your face in his shoulder. “I don’t want you to die.”

“Vell, uh, there must be some vay ve can avoid this, yes?” Pietro said, trying to comfort you (however, comforting girls was not really a strong suit of his). “Don’t vorry. Everything vill be fine.”

You both hoped to god that he was right.


So far, the battle against Ultron was not going well. Even with the Maximoff twins and Vision, you were still terribly outnumbered. Ultron had thousands upon thousands of robots at his disposal, and you had nine humans and an android. Definitely not a fair fight.

And then reinforcements finally showed up.

They certainly helped, you could finally start evacuating the city, but there were still just too many people to save, too many robots to destroy, and too little time to get everything done.

You were doing all you could, chucking cars at robots with your mind and even exploding some of them from the inside out, when you started to get a terrible sense of déjà vu. You looked to your right, fear making your blood run cold as you saw Clint running to save a little boy.

The same little boy from your vision.

You waved your hand and a car shot across the street, landing directly in front of Clint and the child, protecting them from the barrage of bullets that one of Ultron’s robots had sent forth.

You didn’t see Pietro around, which you took as a good sign, and you were going to go make sure that Clint and the child were okay when the robot’s guns turned towards you.

You huffed in annoyance, squeezing your hand into a fist and grinning in satisfaction when the robot was crushed into millions of tiny pieces.

You ran towards Clint and the child, assuring that they were okay before taking the child from Clint. You brought him over to one of the rescue ships and passed him to who you thought was his mother, if the way she was crying was any indication.

You were heading back into the throng of the battle, but you were interrupted by Pietro picking you up, speeding you out of the immediate danger area, pressing you into a wall, and slamming his lips onto yours.

You kissed him back eagerly, savoring the taste of his lips, mostly salty from his sweat, but there was something else there, something purely Pietro that tasted delicious, before nipping on his lower lip playfully and breaking the kiss.

“What was that for?” You asked, running a finger gently along a cut on his chin, and healing it with your mind.

“I’m not dead, you’re not dead, seemed like a good time as any.” Pietro murmured, pressing a kiss to your finger. “You didn’t need to do that,” He argued. “It vould’ve healed. You need to save your strength, don’t go vasting it on me.”

You shook your head. “Not a waste. Can’t let you go around destroying that pretty face of yours, can I?”

Tony’s voice crackled over your ear piece. “If you guys could save the mushy gushy stuff until after we save the world, that’d be great.”

You grinned at Pietro sheepishly. “Guess that’s our cue.” You leaned in then and kissed him once more, a slow, lingering slide of your lips against his that left your mind feeling a little fuzzy. “Don’t die, alright?”

“I von’t. Try to stay alive yourself, da?”

You nodded, and then Pietro had zoomed off and you were throwing yourself back into the battle.

It was going to be a long day.


When the battle was finally over, you and the team practically collapsed into Fury’s helicarrier. The rest of the team had accepted that Pietro and Wanda were now members of the team, so they came too.

Ultron was destroyed, the world was safe, and Pietro wasn’t dead, so in your opinion, life was surprisingly good right now.


Over the next six or so months, you learned more about your visions. They happened more frequently, and for some weird reason, they were always about Pietro.

They would show you unimportant little things, just what Pietro was doing when you were away on missions, or sometimes they would warn you about things that were going to hurt Pietro on missions, so you could always make sure to go with him on those missions or at the very least, warn him about the dangers.

Tony, being the nice, generous guy that he is, bought you and Pietro a house (slightly in the country, because Pietro wanted a place to run), and he bought Wanda one as well, in the same neighborhood. It was literally only 0.005 seconds away for Pietro, and five minutes away if you walked.

You were sleeping with Pietro’s arms wrapped tightly around you, when you suddenly jolted awake. Your eyes drifted out of focus as you were pulled into a vision.

Pietro’s hand was gripping yours tightly, a lot more tightly than he ever did. It concerned you, but Pietro was leading you into your dining room, so you didn’t think that anything was actually wrong. The table was decorated with candles, flowers, champagne, and all your favorite foods.

You turned to look at him. “Pietro? What is all this?”

He shrugged shyly (you had never seen Pietro be shy before in your life, so now you were definitely worried). “I just vanted to do something special for the voman I love.”

You smiled, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. “It’s beautiful.” You turned to him, leaning up and pressing a chaste kiss to the corner of his mouth.

Pietro then led you to a chair and pulled it out for you, gesturing for you to sit down. You did as he asked and he then pushed your chair, before taking his own seat.

The vision skipped a bit, skimming over the meal like a movie on fast forward.

The vision slowed back down, and you saw Pietro slowly (you didn’t even know that was possible for him) moving toward you, before he got down on one knee in front of your chair. The vision cut out right after Pietro pulled a small, grey box out of his pocket.

You blinked as you slipped back into the present, smiling down at Pietro’s sleeping form fondly.

You pressed a kiss to his forehead and were pleasantly surprised by the happy noise he made in his throat, before settling back into Pietro’s strong arms.

That was one vision you could keep to yourself. You knew that sooner or later (assuming nothing bad happened to either of you), the vision would come true.

Pietro was your родственная душа, just like you were his, and when the day came that he decided he wanted to marry you, you would say yes. There was not a single doubt in your mind about that.

This was one thing that both you and Pietro didn’t want to rush. For once, you knew Pietro was willing to take it slow. 

End.  <3

after tim and cassie break up they can’t work together worth shit. add this onto the fact that la’gaan can’t be placed on a team with either m’gann or connor, and it creates a major Problem on the team. kaldur decides that the best way to fix this is just to ban team members from dating each other. which you know, is a terrible idea but seemed alright at the time. 

he makes the announcement and jaime just awkwardly raises his hand to try to ask what to do if you’re already dating someone on the team, and bart like slams it down and glares because there’s no way that they’re gonna stop dating just because there’s a “rule”. they’ve only been together like two weeks! bart’s not giving up on it because kaldur said so. 

and then the fic is jaime and bart, who are one of the least subtle couples EVER trying to keep their relationship a secret. 

bart accidentally invents a fake boyfriend that just happens to live in texas. his name is jorge glass.

jaime accidentally calls bart cariño on a mission and barbara’s like “blue, isn’t that like a pet name?” and he quickly makes up some bullshit lie about it meaning that in spanish from spain (that’s normally taught in schools) but in spanish in texas it means the same thing as ese. so he blushingly tries to cover it up for a little while by calling everyone cariño. it lasts a week before he gives it up, half because it’s really embarrassing and half because bart won’t stop glaring. 

one of the team members catches bart kissing jaime and he bullshits some story about that just being a thing friends do in the future (just boys being bros). he doesn’t know if mal looks angrier when he does it to karen or when he does it to HIM

the team figured out really quickly that jaime and bart were dating and they were just letting them pretend because they all thought that it was hilarious. kaldur finds out and he finally just drops the rule because it’s obviously not working. 

he does make them sign a “we will try to get along on missions if we break up” contract, though. that might have been a better idea in the first place, to be honest. 

Yandere dev, Yandere dev!

I have a question, Yandere dev.

Why are you adding more, more and more unneeded things like Yakuza? Let’s think for a moment.

Why would someone like Yakuza waste his time with a high school student? Actually what would happen if students begins to disappear and yet there is no reaction to it? I know it’s a fictional game BUT this is supposed to be a challenging and difficult game to achieve. For me, this is just unneeded and lazy for yandere dev. There are so many big, glaring holes in his idea. It doesn’t fit the game completely. I could be wrong but… I don’t think it would make sense at all. It would be better off as its own game. 

Overall, it does sound good as a concept but… We have Info chan already for that. Now let me ask you, Yandere dev. Do you just sit on your hands all day while playing video games and pretending that you’re so busy while adding more and more unneeded things which delays further for Osana? 

Do you guys have any thoughts you’ll like to share on this matter?

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can u stop harassing minors actually? ppl who like this movie r probably actually 13 and ,, i cant imagine being 13 and facing legitimate harassment for liking a stupid fucking movie???? get off ur "LOL CRINGE!!! 12 YEAR OLD FAIL" bullshit and let children be children. ur not gonna walk up to an actual 9 year old in the park and giv em hell for pretending to be a warrior cat so dont do it online, asshole

someone reblog and add emojis to dis…new copypasta idea

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If you have done this before I'm sorry, I didn't see it. Companion reaction to seeing Sole naked for the first time?

Nope, I haven’t done this one before. Thank you anon, hope you like it!

Codsworth: He’s seen them naked before, of course. Before the war and after; it’s inevitable after living with someone for so long. Neither of them are truly bothered by him walking in on them changing, so he only offers them some clothes and then leaves.

Piper: Piper’s not seen someone naked in… a decent time, actually. A very, very decent length of time, so when she stumbles in, her mouth goes dry and she freezes to the spot. She tries her best not to look, her eyes flitting from the ceiling to them, but eventually she gives in. Neither of them mention the fact that she was staring directly at their more valuable areas as she backed out of the room.

Preston: He sucks in a hissing breath between his teeth, frozen. They’re stunning and he has no idea what to do, until they raise an eyebrow as if to point out that he was still looking. When he spins around, they both let out a small awkward laugh. “Could I have something to wear?” They finally ask, and he passes them his hat.

Deacon: “Nice,” is the first thing he says, and it’s without much thought or filter to it. He tries to pretend he was joking, he tries oh so hard, but his cheeks have gone tomato-red. So he does the one thing his poor overheated mind can think of; he takes off his shirt too. It actually just gets weirder instead of fixing anything, but it was a nice try.

Danse: “Uh- I um- Wow, I- Outstanding, soldier,” is the jumble of words he manages to get out of his mouth. He’s seen people naked before, of course he has, but he’s never seen them naked. He tries desperately to explain that he meant their muscles were what he was complimenting, not their other areas, but he’s been pushed out of the door before it’s more coherent than ‘soldier- I- soldier, I meant- uh.’ His excuse might have been a lie, anyway.

MacCready: He spins around with military-like precision the second he sees they’re naked, but a second was apparently enough, because his chest feels tight and he really wants to turn around again because wow. “MacCready?” Their voice is very clear in its ‘why are you still in here’ tone, but it takes him a while to process it. He practically marches out.

Hancock: The laziest, cheesiest, most self-satisfied smile graces his face for a moment, and he’s holding his breath as he walks out of the room to give them privacy. He’s walked in on enough people to know some etiquette. When he’s out of sight and earshot, he lets out a kind of breathless laugh and presses the heels of his palms against his eyes to imprint that glorious image in his mind.

Nick Valentine: “Oh,” he says, and it comes out a little strangled. He kind of forgot that people could take off clothes, considering he’s been wearing the same ones for quite a long time. And that they could be so… fantastic underneath them. He smacks his head on the doorframe as he walks out.

Cait: She desperately tries to save face and act casual about it. But as she continues about her business, her cheeks are burning red and her hands are a little shaky and goddamn they were stunning and- “Great tits/abs,” is bubbling out of her mouth before she can stop it, and there’s the smallest, stuttering laugh as she walks out.

Curie: She doesn’t quite grasp the idea of modesty yet, so when she sees them naked, she continues whatever she was doing. She understands arousal, thank you very much, so she just doesn’t look at Sole too much. Until she notices the freckles on their shoulders, and she gasps in absolute delight because they’re adorable.

X6-88: He doesn’t know why he clears his throat when he could have just walked out and they’d never have known he was there, but he does. And he thanks his subconscious for making him do that, because the view is quite nice. His face is completely blank as he leaves.

Strong: “Soft,” he says, like it’s the most grievous of insults, and then wanders out to go… punch something, maybe? Sole doesn’t know.

Dogmeat: Lays on their clothes and covers them with dog hair.

Happy mistakes​

Chapter 1

The last thing Percival Graves expects is for Theseus Scamander to walk right into his office that particular afternoon. They’ve been good friends since the War, even though their interactions are mostly through letters.

“It’s nice to see you again,” Theseus grins and sits in front of Percival’s desk without waiting for an invitation. He hasn’t met many british wizards but he’s sure most of them have impeccable manners, or maybe it’s just professor Dumbledore.

“You too,” he says. He moves the reports on his desk away because he knows it’d be impossible to concentrate while Theseus is there. Besides, the wizard’s smirk gives Percival a very bad feeling about the other’s visit. “So… What brings you to America?”

“I just wanted to see you, mate.” It’s the quick response, but Percival has many years working as an auror to know when someone is hiding something. “After what happened with Grindelwald… Well, I was worried.”

At least the last part was sincere, which makes Percival relax again.

“It’s been two years since that. I’m fine.”

Theseus’ lips twitch; he doesn’t seem to believe him but drops the subject anyway.

“In your last letter you mentioned you were quite busy, but I guess that’s fine, you always liked​ your job, a little too much if you ask me.”

Yes, people likes to remind him he works too much, that he’s an obsessed workaholic and he forgets how to live. But the truth is that he likes being Director, he likes the responsibility and the challenge that comes with the position. It keeps him occupied and far away from the nightmares and the memories of his time as Grindelwald’s prisoner.

“And how about personal life? How's​ that going?”

Percival has the weird impression that his friend is up to something, but he can’t figure it out what it is.

“I don’t have time for that,” he responds, which is completely true, besides he’s not interested in that, at least not now.

There’s a smirk on Theseus’ lips as soon as he says that it only confuses him even more.

“I’ve heard Picquery is very concerned about that and has tried to hook you up,” he chuckles obviously amused by his friend’s suffering.

Percival groans, remembering the last time Seraphina convinced him into going on a blind date with that witch. They didn’t have anything in common and Percival ended up wishing he was back at his office, working on the last case.

“She’s worried; she thinks I need to settle down.” Seraphina believes​ he’s lonely.

He’s not, he has a few friends and he enjoys to live alone, besides, he doesn’t spend much time at home anyway.

He’s not lonely. He doesn’t feel like that.

“What are you really doing here, Theseus?”

The wizard looks at him for a couple of seconds, like he’s trying to find something on his eyes, before answering.

“You see… There’s a ball in honor of the War heroes, here, in New York, but you must know that already since I’m pretty sure you’re one​ of the guests.”

He is and he has received the invitation, but to be quite honest he has completely forgotten.

He doesn’t want to go.

“This time I’m going to bring my little brother with me. Have you met him?”

It’s Percival’s turn to grin.

“No, I haven’t. But it feels like I know him already because you mention him all the time on your letters.”

Not only that, Percival knows Newt Scamander is probably the reason why he is alive now, but he hasn’t had the time to go and thank him for that.

“The thing is he has become quite famous after the incident with Grindelwald and because he has recently published his book about magical creatures.”

He still can find the connection; he still doesn’t understand why Theseus is mentioning that or what does he expect from him.

“And because of that I receive at least two of these every day,” the good mood on his face vanishes and it’s replaced by a grimace. He hands him a letter that Percival reads with amusement.

“Your brother has suitors,” he snorts, not able to hold it back. The whole thing is hilarious not only because the disgusted expression Theseus is making right now, but because Percival knows him enough to be sure it must be killing him. Because that auror is ten times worse than a Mama Bear, he overprotects his brother too much.

“They’re not suitors,” Theseus groans. “They’re just people that think they have a chance and are stupid enough to ask me for advice, like I’d ever help them.”

“But what does your brother think of this?”

Theseus rolls his eyes.

“He’s too oblivious to notice when someone is that interested in him. But when he notices (and that’s only because that person had said it right to his face) he tries to reject them as kindly as possible. Newt doesn’t have the time to be in a relationship, he’s too busy traveling around the world and doing his research.”

“Then what’s the problem?” It must be one, otherwise Theseus wouldn’t be in his office, talking about his brother with Percival.

“They keep appearing and some of them don’t seem to take ‘No’ for an answer, not until they meet me at least.” He continues, frowning like he’s remembering something particularly unpleasant. “I believe the only thing that would stop them is if my brother is already taken.”

“But for that to happen Newt has to meet someone and start a relationship with said person,” Percival adds and grins while saying: “which is something you definitely don’t want.”

“It’s not that I don’t want him to be with someone and let them steal him from me,” he says through clenched teeth. “It’s just that nobody deserves my brother.”

Percival rolls his eyes. Sometimes he wonders why is he still friends with Theseus. Newt Scamander hast to be some kind of a saint; it must be a nightmare to have to deal with that.

“But I had an idea,” the sentence catches back Graves’ attention.

“And that idea involves me or why are you-”

“It does, actually.” Theseus grins and Percival knows it’s going to be bad before he even says anything. “I’ve been thinking you two can pretend to be in a relationship.”

His friend has gone mad.

“No, don’t look at me like that. Hear me out first. This is actually brilliant, that way Picquery won’t bother you anymore. And you can keep an eye on my brother while he’s in New York.” Theseus continues. “Picquery has offered him a job in MACUSA and he seems really interested. And it’s not that I think he can’t take care of himself, but after what happened I’ll sleep better if I know you’re keeping an eye on him.”

“Does your brother know about this?”

“Not yet, but he won’t mind, believe me. In fact, I think he’ll be grateful because he’s not a people’s person and doesn’t like the attention at all.”

The rational side of his brain insists that’s a very bad a idea, but he also can’t not think about the benefits; Seraphina’s concern​ has turned into a real nightmare the last couple of months. It’d be great for once to be left alone.

He shakes his head.


“Of course, if it makes you feel uncomfortable you can refuse. It’s okay.” He says, which only makes Percival more confused.

“Why would I do uncomfortable?”

“Because Newt’s a man,” his friend replies, like it’s obvious, which it is, but not in the way Theseus is thinking.

Percival frowns.

“So what?”

“You only like women.”

Does Theseus think he’s straight? And suddenly his friend’s calm and relaxed appearance makes so much more sense now. That’s why Theseus is so eager to let Percival take care of Newt and to be part of this fake relationship. Perhaps that’s why he chose him on the first place, because he thinks Newt’s completely safe in the arms of a heterosexual man.

The thing is… Percival is not straight, he likes both men and women. Still, that doesn’t mean he’s not a gentleman and that he’d take advantage of the situation, he’s not like that.

But why does Theseus think that? Percival tries to remember the few times he has mentioned his friend about someone… They all have been women.

Percival should tell him, he should let Theseus know the truth and assure him that Newt will be safe… But he’s not planning on accepting, is he?

“That won’t be a problem,” it’s what comes out of his mouth instead. He’s not sure why is he doing this, why is he letting Theseus believe that.

“Nobody knows, right? Because if someone does, then they won’t believe you’re dating my brother.”

Of course nobody knows, because he’s not straight and the people that know him personally, like Seraphina, are very aware of that.


“Perfect! Does that mean you accept?”

It’s crazy, he hasn’t met Newt Scamander yet, he doesn’t even know how he looks like because he hasn’t opened the reports about the incident, not all of them.

Still, he has no idea why the offer sounds more tempting now, but he suddenly finds himself nodding.

“Only if your brother agrees.”

“He will.”


Newt feels a little out of place in the ball, sure he put on that suit his brother insisted him to wear, but there’s too many people and some of them are looking right at him. He misses being inside his case, surrounded by his creatures, those he knows how to handle.

At least nobody’s trying to approach him, but Newt suspects it’s because his brother is with him and he knows how intimidating Theseus can be when he wants to.

He’s not quite sure about Theseus’ idea, has been thinking about for days now and doesn’t know what to think of it.

He has to talk to Mr Graves first. Theseus can be pretty convincing when he wants something and Newt’s not sure if the Director agreed because he wanted or because that was the quickest way to shut Theseus up.

Speaks of the devil… Theseus gets pulled away when one of the generals of the British army starts to ask him questions about strategy and weaponry.

“You must be Newt Scamander,” a tall man with black hair and very muscled figure walks towards him. “It’s really a pleasure, I’m Robert Ferguson.”

Newt takes the other’s hand to shake it, but Robert brings it to his lips and kisses his knuckles.

He blushes.

“I’ve been reading your book. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

“You think so?” Even though he still feels a little uncomfortable, Newt’s smile is genuine.

“Yes! I admire your work​ and all the passion you put in it. Maybe we can discuss about it another day? With a coffee?”

Newt’s always eager to discuss about his creatures.

“I’d love to!”

Robert takes a step closer.

“Great… Tomorrow perhaps?”

“He’ll be busy,” Theseus growls and yanks his brother away.

Robert looks back at his brother and one glare is enough for the man to disappear.

Newt blinks in confusion.

“But, 'Seus, Robert was just being friendly.”

“One day I’ll teach you the difference between friendly and flirty.”

Then he reminds him they have to wait until Percival arrives and Newt hopes the man is nothing like the impression Grindelwald did of him.

He starts to get bored and tells his brother he’s going to be in the garden. Finally, when he’s sure there’s no one around, he calls Pickett and the bowtruckle jumps out of his pocket.

It’s a clear night, which is something to appreciate because New York, like London, has not​ many of those anymore. There’s a silver sparkle on the water coming from the fountain.

Newt smiles at Pickett and both of them choose a tree to spend a little time, of course he’d like to stay more, but he has to return to the ball. He looks at the salon and hears the sound, muffled by doors and the distance, and he sighs. It’s not that he doesn’t like people, but being suddenly surrounded by strangers can be quite overwhelming.


He doesn’t want to be there; he’d prefer to be filling paperwork or trying to solve a case, but he has made a deal, one he’s still not entirely sure about.

Besides, Seraphina will be there and she has threatened him with a week off if he doesn’t go.

Percival sighs, knowing there will be a line of men and women wanting to convince him to dance with them; he’s a war hero and a very powerful auror and that had brought him a group of very interested and insistent people that takes any chance they have to throw at him. And he doesn’t have the time nor the interest for that.

According to Theseus everything will be different if he pretends to date his brother.


He looks down at his invitation and walks towards the entrance, the wizards at the door welcome him and show him the way to the dance floor, but Percival is distracted by a pale figure sitting under a tree.

He rushes towards him, wondering if the man is injured or tired.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry,” the man says, but doesn’t look up at him.

If he needed another proof of how straight he is not, it would be those reddish curls and those freckles that could compete with the number of stars that can be seen on the sky. He has a furious urge to make the man to look at him.

“I’m just staring at the stars with Pickett.”


“Pickett, my bowtruckle!” The man takes what it looks like a green little stick that can move for itself and shows it to him. The tiny thing sticks its tongue out. “Don’t be rude, Pickett! Sorry, he’s not usually like this.”

A magical creature. As Director of Magical Security he should take the man to MACUSA, but the man is adorable and it’s obvious Percival can think clearly at the moment.

“You should not bring an illegal magical creature to a ball full of aurors,” he teases instead.

“You won’t tell them, will you?”

“I promise I won’t, but you have to be more careful,” he chuckles and thanks Mercy Lewis Seraphina is not there to see him.

Finally, the man looks up and Percival feels dizzy when his eyes met those green ones and his heart does a weird jump inside his chest, like it’s being pulled out.

His grandfather used to say things like that; he described so many times what he felt when he met Percival’s grandmother. He was a romantic; he believed all males in the Graves’ family were destined to fall in love at first sight.

As a kid, Percival liked those kind of stories, but after the War, after everything that happened with Grindelwald, after nobody in MACUSA realized it was not him all those months, he stopped believing in that.

Until now.

The man smiles at him and Percival’s heart does that funny almost painful thing again.

“Mr Graves, did 'Seus send you to look for me?”

No, he can’t be- he’s so screwed.

“Newt Scamander?”

The man nods and Percival wishes he had looked at a picture of him before, to be prepared.

“No, he didn’t send me,” he says, once his voice works again.

And because he’s a weak man, he ignores completely the rational side of his brain and sits next to him.

Newt looks confused, adorably so.

“You don’t have to keep me company. It’s not your responsibility, I can take care of myself just fine. I don’t know what 'Seus told you, but you don’t have to do any of this if you-”

“I want to,” he admits. “To be honest I’m not sure I’d like to go inside.”

“Me either,” Newt whispers. “I don’t feel comfortable around so many people.”

“Maybe we can stay here for a couple of minutes,” Percival likes the idea, to have Newt just for himself.

“You don’t have to do it, you know,” Newt says a few seconds later. “I mean… Pretend to be something we’re not. No matter what 'Seus says I can handle it, the attention… And it’s not like I have so many people around me all the time.”

Percival knows he’s wrong, Theseus has told Newt has many suitors and he believes him. He doesn’t want them close to Newt.

“I don’t mind. I’ll do it if that’s what you want,” he says because he's​ masochist, because it’ll be a slow torture.

Newt's​ smile grows wide and Percival is sure Theseus would change his mind if he could look at him at the moment.

It’s a mistake, he knows it. But he’ll take whatever the other is willing to give, even if it’s not real.


I JUST WANT AU where Jensen is a famous rock-star who is gonna on his tour and Misha’s a new airport worker who actually doesn’t get anything in music and has no idea how does Ackles look like.
Jensen has a privet flight to Rome and Misha is said to let nobody reach the plane except the musician. So Misha creates some troubles for Jensen making him to be checked and and putting him into the special room as ‘a fan who is chasing after his idol pretending to be him’. Thus, they have to wait for agent of Ackles (Jared Padalecki?)to arrive at airport to confirm the personality of his client.

High School Bible Club

I just realised that I’ve never told Tumblr about Bible Club.

This was an unpleasant affair which the whole school was required to attend during our lunch break every Wednesday. Students would hide in every nook and cranny in the school to escape, only retuning for the real classes, but every effort was put forward by the faculty to compel attendance.

Once gathered, various teachers would take turns lecturing us about biblical topics. There was also a fair bit of discussion between teachers and students. Here I shall reproduce one such conversation I participated it, as I recorded it in my notes back then, reformatted for Tumblr:

Information Technology Teacher: …Can you imagine if you had been called to witness back in ancient Israel? I mean, it wasn’t as gentle a place as the world today. There were no cellphones or Facebook or television. Childbirths ended in death for the mother eighty percent of the time -

Me: Wow wow wow, hold on, sir. An eighty percent fatality rate? That, that’s not actually possible, though.

Teacher: Well, you see, medicine was a lot worse back then…

Me: …No, I mean literally impossible. Just from the fact that humanity still exists, that couldn’t have happened. The average woman needs to have at least two children to avoid population decline, and that can’t happen if eighty percent of women die after just one. In fact, if all the survivors of the first birth have another child, and eighty percent of them die, that still won’t be enough. Actually, if every woman keeps having children until one of them kills her, with all femme fatalities being caused by childbirth, that still wouldn’t be enough. That only gives you… a birthrate that tends to… one point two five, at the limit? I think?

Teacher, who’s been frowning slightly this whole time: …No, really, it was eighty. I guess you made a mistake.

Me: Are you sure? Maybe… Maybe we’re thinking of different things? Like, what if you mean eighty percent of female deaths were caused by child birth? Each woman had a few kids, but most of them got killed by one, eventually.

Teacher: Nope, eighty percent of births.

Me: …Maybe it was temporary? There was a plague for a few years that made childbirth extra-dangerous?

Teacher: No, that is just how it was back then.

Me: …What if you meant eighty percent of babies born died in infancy? Like, that sounds high, even for pre-germ-theory infant mortality, but it would be a bit more plausible

Teacher: No no no. The mothers. I meant what I said.

Me: But sir, that doesn’t make sense! It’s beyond unsustainable! That’s a worse population collapse than Japan! No one beats Japan at amazing-yet-messed-up things, like population implosion!

Teacher: Jesus can beat Japan.

Me: No, sir, this isn’t a good thing!

Teacher: Look, I know what I’m talking about. It’s all in the Bible.

Me: …The Bible says “Four in every five women throughout the land passed away in childbirth”?

Teacher: Pretty much, yeah.

Me: …Sir, does God accept bug reports? I’d like to let him know that the universe’s “Math” module is broken. All of it.


If there’s one thing I so desperately want to happen in HW it’s Midna to have this moment of like nostalgia and happiness when she sees Link since she believed she’d never see him again after she broke the mirror.  But then she’d quickly realize it wasn’t her Link and be surprised and sad.  I’VE BEEN AVOIDING HW SPOILERS LIKE THE PLAGUE SO I HAVE NO IDEA IF ANYTHING LIKE IT HAPPENS but please let it happen Zelda gods.  If it does I will actually cry so hard ((o(;△;)o))

And then the second picture was a bonus to make myself feel better after thinking about it because I remembered we have the TP dlc costumes and we can all pretend that TP!Link and Midna are reunited and hug and 。・゚(゚ノT-T)ノ

The second picture actually took me a while to get right since I’m not good with interaction pictures and it started out super bad, mostly because I started it out wrong by just scribbling it all together without doing what I usually do.  But I fixed it AND DID IT and I’m so happy with it.  It took me forever to figure out how to shape Midna’s fused shadow right at angles too and all I have to say is bless concept art pictures.