i have no idea but i enjoy making these

tbh any show that decides it’s a fine and dandy idea to make a world where the genocidal side of a war win for entertainment can choke for all I care, I don’t give a fuck how much I may have enjoyed it before then

Monsta X reaction to their s/o hugging them out of the blue

Thank you for the cute request! ^^ I’m sorry for having taken so long to make this >< Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this! Also, I’m not exactly sure what vibe you were aiming at but this ended up as an angstish version (saying that they need him is like them telling him something’s wrong or that they need emotional support)… I hope you don’t mind! 

this was such a cute idea/request, i really hope i didn’t ruin this TnT 


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  • I think he would probably get surprised and a little flustered since they never acted like that
  • He would ask if everything was okay and would be a good listener, listening to what they had on their mind that was bugging them
  • “Don’t worry too much. Besides, I’ll always be here for you.”


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  • He would just hug them at first and then, after a bit, would ask why they were acting like that, would listen carefully and be sweet
  • Would try his best to make them feel better and would hug them until they let go of him
  • “I’m here for you even when you don’t need me. I’m sure everything will work out.”


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  • He would be surprised and worried at first but would still hug them, though he’d be asking a lot of questions
  • Would offer a lot of advice and try to make sure that they felt reassured
  • “You can always come to me, no matter what. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be of any help but I’ll always be here for you nevertheless.”


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  • Would just hug them for as long as they would like to, making sure they got as much comfort from it as they needed
  • After the hug he would ask if everything was okay and it would result in a long talk about what was going on
  • “I know it’s tough now but it’ll work out, I promise. I’d do anything for you to be happy.”


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  • Would be quite surprised and taken aback by the suddenness and would ask them what was wrong
  • He would definitely hug them until they let go and would let them speak their heart out to him 
  • “I hope you know you can always turn to me if anything happens.”


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  • Would be very similar to Hyungwon, surprised and taken aback
  • I think he would end the hug first because he would be so eager to know what was going on and would let them tell him everything before hugging them again
  • “I’m always here for you.”


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  • I see him getting very surprised and I feel he could even feel a little lost at first because of how unusual it was for them to act like that
  • Would be sweet and make sure they are alright, would ask them to tell him about it so that he would be able to understand what was going on
  • “I don’t know how big of a help I’ll be but I’ll try my best. Also, I’ll be here whenever you need me. You just have to tell me, okay?”
His name was fear Part 1

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This should originally be a one shot but I’ve decided to make a serie out of it! This story will mostly include STALKING and other scary things so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! This part is the beginning of it and I think it’ll iclude three other parts! I have no idea yet! (GIF is not mine!) Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: Harry in my story has nothing to do with the realy Harry just keep that in mind!

What is fear?

Fear makes you weak. Fear makes you vulnerable. Fear makes you helpless, not knowing what to do in certain circumstances. You lose your confidence. You’re not being yourself when you fear something.  When fear once holds on to you tightly, you will never get rid of it. It is stuck with you forever, almost like a good friend. Fear makes you doubt in people sometimes. Thanks, to fear you lose trust in a person until there is no one left to trust anymore. In fear of getting hurt, you stop relying on somebody.

There are probably other examples of fear. Fear of death. Fear of being left alone. Fear of darkness or of heights but also fear of people.

People can be the scariest creatures on earth. Let’s take psychopaths, serial killers, rapists as an example and the list even goes on and on. Some people like to see other’s in pain, even a little glimpse of fright in someone’s eyes is a satisfaction for them.

(Y/N) had never feared anything in her life until he came and turned everything upside down. She wanted to hide somewhere and never be found again. She became paranoid and after the horrific experience she had made, she was never the same.

It all started quite harmless. One night, (Y/N) and her friends from college just found themselves at the bar very close nearby to where (Y/N) apartment was. Her friends planned on spending some relaxed time, getting drunk and dancing around and meeting new people. (Y/N) did not want to agree on going at first because she barely was a girl who partied and also she had to study a lot for upcoming exams and had to prepare some projects. Her friends needed to convince her to come and chill otherwise (Y/N) would never step a foot outside.

His name was Harry, the man (Y/N) feared so much, and on that night at that bar she met him for the first time. He was quite attractive with his deep green eyes, dimpled smile and tiny curls on his head and (Y/N) felt thousand sparks when she exchanged a few words with him. He simply was a very charming type of guy.  She really started to like him even though she got to know him for one or two hours.

“Do you want to dance?” Harry asked her, stretching his hand out for her. The young woman nodded and Harry led her to the dance floor.

She felt his hands roaming over her body and she fully enjoyed the attention he was giving to her. Of course one thing led to another and they both landed in her bed for a nice fuck session. She did not remember too much of that night afterwards honestly because her system was intoxicated by an amount of alcohol. She knew she just felt sexy and wanted as Harry pushed in and out of her.

However when she woke up the day after, Harry was gone but left a notice with his number written on it. She was completely confused, she’d rather have him stay instead of running away like a coward. And the feeling she had the night before vanished and she instantly was disgusted with herself. She felt used. With tears in her eyes, she rubbed off the trace of his lips left behind of her body.

The next time they saw each other was at Starbucks. (Y/N) just needed one coffee before she headed to college. It would be a long day for her and only an amount of caffeine could help her from not stressing out and her head from not exploding.

When she was about to line up to order her favorite coffee, she accidently bumped into someone and as their eyes met, (Y/N) instantly recognized the face and a blush crept its way on her cheeks.

“Hi.” Harry greeted her smilingly, his dimple full on display. (Y/N) had to admit that he looked very cute.

“Hey…” She stuttered nervously. Her heart slammed so heart against her chest and breathing became a challenge for her.

“It’s nice to see you again.” He said.

“Yeah.” She only responded, still blushing and then it was her turn to order. Harry observed her features the entire time. She was so beautiful, very pretty and Harry was determined to have her all for himself.  He would have her all for himself.

(Y/N) paid for her drink and wanted to leave as Harry held her back from her intention to exit the store.

“Why don’t we just sit down and chat for a bit?” He gestured to one of the free places, he really wanted to get to know her however (Y/N) shrugged him off.

“I have to go at college.” She replied shortly.

“I can take you, if that’s okay for you. It’s no problem for me.” And his offer was declined by her.

“I’m sorry Harry.. uh..”

“I know I was an asshole to you (Y/N). Shouldn’t have left you without an explanation and I just want to take you out to make things right. If you let me?”

“Yeah, uh.. Listen I have to go now, okay?” With no saying goodbye, she hurried towards the exit, leaving Harry completely alone.

“See you soon…”  He whispered after her however (Y/N) could not see the mischievous grin on his lips. She was so innocent, so pure. Harry couldn’t put into words how intrigued he was by her. He would make sure that no one was able to get her because he was the only man who could. And he would do anything to achieve his goal.

If (Y/N) knew what she was getting herself into, she would have probably never agreed on getting involved with him.

There is something you should know about Harry. He had a dark side. A very dark side. He was capable of so many things that you would not expect. Stalking was his passion and (Y/N) would be his next victim.

Harry was simply FEAR itself.

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Oh the last request made me think about this. Jimin and Jungkook agreeing switching roles without telling other members. Jungkook acting all clingy; asking for kisses, hugging Jimin a lot, telling sweet words and Jimin just (-not like rejecting him but) pushing Jungkook away sweetly. And members are just confused...

I love this! I had fun writing it too, I hope you enjoy it!

Read it on AO3 

One thing Jimin and Jungkook loved to do was mess with the other members, and it got worse when they became an official couple. The members have been through various fake break ups and it’s getting harder to fool them with the couple’s antics. Jungkook has been thinking for a while about how he can make his Hyung’s confused, and he finally has an idea.

“Jimin, lets swap personalities.” Jungkook randomly says in the middle of their movie.

“What?” Jimin replies, confused.

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So, random thought.  

I was thinking about different crafts I could make with the kids from the little plastic drawer cart of crafty items I have horded in my closet, and then my eyes landed on the basket of socks missing their mates?  

And I realized.  


We could make a little cardboard theater and put on shows?  

Idk.  Just trying to think of funzie ideas that the kids would enjoy.  Kids like sock puppet shows, right?  

I’m building a campaign for my players (all of whom follow me on tumblr so Imma keep this vague), and I’m taking a lot - like, a LOT - of inspiration from The Adventure Zone. (All my players are now banned from listening to it until further notice, not that they were gonna get to that in the near future anyway.) Plus add some obscure Doctor Who shit in there and some other random stuff.

And of course like, I’m coming up with new characters, because it wouldn’t make sense to have the same characters when the player characters are completely different, especially because they will likely develop somewhat differently depending on what the player characters end up being?

But this one character that – like, I want to fill that specific role in the story, and I also really enjoy that character idea? And I keep trying to come up with my own spin to fill this role.

And yet I can’t seem to come up with anyone who I love as much as I love Angus McDonald???

So like, I might just fucking put an AU!Angus in this story.

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your adventures in teaching make me so happy!!! :0 🦇 have a bat friend u nerd (ily)

thank you! im happy you enjoy them!

have this little gem from yesterday: since the teacher who took me up for my internship works with the english program students, i only ever sat in really advanced classes for the kids’ ages. she suggested that i might benefit from seeing how classes are in other programs, where they have half the hours of english lessons.
i said Yes Ok Good Idea, and so yesterday i visited a 1st year german program class and. it was awkward.

i walked in the room with their teacher, who told me to find a desk to sit at and didnt. introduce me to the class or mention me at all? so i was there, 22, sitting on a desk alone with a bunch of confused 14 year olds -_- embarrassing!
(also she made them revise irregular verb paradigms, except in possibly the least efficient and most time-consuming way ever……. not that im an expert in teaching by any means, obviously, but i /have/ been a student and it was. bad vibes)

Y’all, my husband is so supportive and is allowing me to do his makeup on my youtube channel, and possibly him do my makeup.

Also we have been watching a lot of hot pepper challenge videos, and we might be doing one of those… even though i’m extremely sensitive to even mild chili peppers. So that would be fuuun.

I enjoy makeup, but I haven’t really felt motivation to make any lately, so the idea of doing some challenges alongside makeup makes me excited! If anyone has any ideas to throw at me, let me know!

something that people really dont understand about ADHD is that we dont “jump from one idea to the next”

we have very fast, very associative minds that connect ideas. we have a train of thought, it just goes WAY faster than yours!

example: im thinking about dogs. that makes me think of pitbulls, which makes me think of an animal planet show i enjoy. the show connects to tv in general, which makes me think of my favorite cartoon. i associate my favorite cartoon with art and animation, and i wind up thinking about shading techniques.

TL;DR: having ADHD is kinda like playing a lifelong game of 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

1/5 back to school 2017 masterposts

school is starting soon (or has already started) and i also wanted to somehow thank you guys for 7k in a way other than the usual blog rate or blog awards. keep a look out for the other 4!

this is a collab with @studyruels. his masterpost is on making an aftetschool routine which you can check out here!

now, i’m naturally a morning person. i just am, and i always have been. no matter how late i go to bed my body thinks it’s a great idea to noT sleep in and wake up at 6 am every day (’: here are a few things i do to make it a little easier and enjoy my mornings!

1. GO TO BED EARLY. this is honestly a no brainer but STOP SPENDING HOURS ON YOUR PHONE WTH like it’s so harmful for your eyes and your mind and your brain and your body will thank you in the morning when your eyes aren’t burning with exhaustion. 

1.a. when i decided to stop being an irresponsible smol child who tried to stay up every night, i started setting alarms for going to sleep. so like at 9:00 (ok ik thats pretty early but thats usually when i go to bed), or maybe that’ll be like 10:00 or 10:30 for you so that you can go to bed around 11. but anyways, when you hear this alarm, it’s time to get off of your phone or laptop (-: send your gn streaks and texts, close insta (log out if u have to), and shut it all down. soon after, you will start to notice how tired you actually are without all that blue light distracting you !!!

2. read! this is a personal favorite just because i’m a huge nerd but reading right before bed is just killing 2 birds with one stone: you’re exercising your mind and subconsciously improving your writing skills (vocabulary and grammar) while making yourself very tired!! if you think reading, especially at night, is boring, you aren’t reading the right books for you.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. prepare yourself for the morning so it seems less dreadful. OPEN YOUR BLINDS BEFORE BED JUST DO IT OMG you will wake up with the sun. do a little miniclean of your room before bed so you’re not waking up to yesterday’s disaster. make your coffee the night before and leave it in the fridge if you like it iced in the morning. plan out what you’re going to wear tomorrow, as well as your lunch. shower (so u sleep better and/or dont have to do it in the morning) and brush your teeth. pamper yourself. set up fairy lights. just do anything that will cause you to wake up and go “jeez glad i did that last night; now i have more time and peace of mind”. 

4. find something to look forward to in the morning. this might be going to get coffee or tea with a friend in the morning, getting to wear the cute outfit and eat the delicious lunch that you prepped last night, or remembering that you’re going to see a movie after school. whatever it may be, let it motivate you to get up and start your day as soon as possible. 

5. turn off/disable snooze. do it. if your alarm app can’t do this, install an app that can. i also like to set up my alarm so that i have to do some challenging mental math to turn it off. 

5.a. make your alarm something that will cause you to get up. it doesn’t necessarily have to be something really annoying. it can be something upbeat and light that puts you in a good mood for the day. however, if you’re a really heavy sleeper then you might want to make it some obnoxious and loud sound so that you will be motivated just to get out of bed and turn it off. 

6. put your phone across the room. we’ve all heard of this one but most of us are too lazy to do it. at night, when you whip out that book, log off all your social media and then put your phone somewhere so far that you’ll have to physically get out of bed and turn off the alarm.

7. make your bed suit your aesthetic. this derives from the basic “make your bed” tip. sure, you can make your bed, and sure, it might motivate you to not get back in. but if you really struggle with this, buy one of those prepackaged bed sets that has a nice color scheme. once you make your bed, you’re not going to want to ruin that aesthetic tbh

8. keep a consistent sleep schedule, even on the weekends!! i’m not saying you have to wake up at 6 am even on saturdays, but don’t go from waking up at 6 to waking up at 12. maybe push your wake up time to 8:30 or 9 latest on the weekends. as you get used to waking early (and sleeping early, too!) you can slowly push back your weekend wake up time earlier and earlier until it’s almost identical to the time you wake up when you have school.

i hope this helps! good luck with this school year, everyone!



//H A P P Y    U C H I - H A L L O W E E N //

★~ Sasusaku + Sarada Halloween Costume Survey winner is: @sad-sakura​​ !!! ~★

 The Addams Family!

[Ah thank you so much to everyone that submitted themes to the survey, and congratulations to sad-sakura for submitting the chosen idea! I hope you like what I was able to make for your theme! Ah the Addams Family was a very good fit for Halloween, I think! It was very fun to design Addams-style Uchiha family looks- very Gothic and cute! (´▽`;)/  Thank you for the idea, I had a very fun time making this artwork for Halloween, and I was even able to bring back the small ghosts from last year, “Boo” and “Ooo”!

I really enjoyed all of the entries and was inspired a lot by them, thank you for your help everyone! Maybe I will still give another one a try later on, hopefully before the year ends this time! Ah I lose track of the days, but I suppose winter is coming… Seems too soon right? Ah anyway, Thank you all for your submissions again! Please take care and have a great Halloween!]

Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto ©

hi everyone! i’ve been dealing with depression since may 2017. though everyone here on the studyblr community seems to be well intentioned when it comes to advise on mental health, i noticed that a lot of people feel uncomfortable, knowing that a significant part of them may not have ever experienced any kind of mental illness – note that i used the term ‘uncomfortable’, not ‘angry’. sure drinking water is important, but how is that going to help me, mentally? 

you see, i got no other knowledge about the subject than my own experiences, conversations with doctors and basic research. i can’t guarantee any of this will be helpful to you, but i can share what i’ve been passing through and try to reach a more equal level to those who are also dealing with mental illness and school. here are some things to note:

settling a time for taking medicine

  • this one can sound just as silly as drinking water, though it’s very important to the right functioning of the medicine you’re taking. it’s simple chemistry and you’ll find better results by doing that. your doctor will advise you to do so, then listen to all of their reccomendations
  • ok, so you’re taking medicine and has settled a time for doing it, great! now, you should turn it into a task. write it down on your journal, programme a phone alarm, or even find an app for this, so you won’t skip the correct time for doing it
  • however, you’re probably going to skip time for one day or another, and it’s absolutely ok, since it doesn’t become something frequent!


  • well, sleeping is a quite complicated one: apparenty, depression can make you wether sleep too much or not sleep at all, and that’s s my case. i would wake up every night and spend 40-50 min awake. it took me 5 different pills until i found the one that made my sleep enough and regenerating again
  • report your sleeping problems to your doctor. sleeping medicine can lead your mind to some weird dreams, as it’s done to me, and your doctor will know how to handle this

doing stuff you like

  • depression is well known for making people uncapable of doing all the things they once were passionate about. i know. however, you have to keep in mind that you’re now starting a new phase, the getting better phase, now that you’ve been taking medicine and seeing the doctor. in time, maybe the day you start taking medicine or maybe not so early, you’ll return to do what gives you pleasure
  • make sure that your hobby doesn’t feel like an obligation and happens spontaneously 
  • maybe you don’t have a hobby, a hobby that feels like the stereotypical ones, like drawing, singing or playing tennis, and that’s alright: find something you do without any blame and stick to it 

studying for exams

  • this can be a great oportunity for you to try new studying methods. depression injuries your academic productivity, and by the end of the semester the only you wish is your school year to be over; then all you want is your notes to be efective
  • there are tons of study tips for your here on tumblr. don’t be afraid of trying a new note taking system or doing those vocabulary things that are so popular here
  • i know it doesn’t feel like the correct time for experimenting; you have to make it to the next year and shouldn’t get too excited planning what you’re gonna do, and then end up in a mess bigger than before. i have this thoughts frequently. but, during my last exams seasion, i was just so tired!!! i didn’t read every book, didn’t take revision notes that covered up everything in detail, but what i did felt effective
  • trust me, neither you nor these people on studyblr community can study everything to their 100%, even if they are mentally healthy. that’s impossible, so don’t push yourself too hard

receiving exams results

  • well, you can probably guess that this is about receiving bad results. good grades need no preparation for, in contrast to bad ones… erm, but we have to cover them up: your effort may not work. you may fail some subjects. it is a possibility, and it doesn’t mean that you should’ve done more or that it’s just a big picture that represents how you were never able to develop studying skills – sorry! i have these thoughts
  • you can always work on prevention. prevention from failing and prevention from feeling completely helpless if you do

letting your school know

  • you should consider letting your school teachers and headmaster know about your condition. this way, they’ll get to understand your lack of motivation and the occurrent classes that you’ve been skipping or simply away from
  • you can also get the chance to take tests at home or separately from the others, if that’s how you wish to

getting a legal absence

  • you can get a legal absence from school, if you understand that you’ll feel better at home. i decided it was the best for me to do and had my parents, doctors and school supporting my decision. if this is something that often cross your mind, make sure you have thought it through, then you’ll have to deal with all the bureaucracy, but hopefully it won’t take too long

final considerations

keeping a journal

  • the day i started taking medicine, i decided i would start a journal to monitor my feelings and simply write down moments or things i’d like to remember later on. both my psychologist and psychiatrist supported my idea. maybe you could enjoy doing so, or going for the things i did well today challenge

treating yourself

  • it can be a hobby. we all know how life is busy. if you just can find an hour when you can enjoy your body lotions, do some skin care or simply wash your hair, then lucky you are
  • though depression can depravate your want to do some of the self caring, you could find a way to reanimate these habits, when you do it only in order to take care of your well-being

starting a studyblr, studygram or a studytube

hobbies during bad days

  • i’m so glad i’ve got my hobbies to use them in my favour! they can feel pretty productive when i can’t function to the productivity patterns. my psychiatrist recommended me not to pin them to my weekly activities, so i wouldn’t have to worry about them. maybe this strategy suits you as well

i believe this is pretty much everything for now. ahhhh please let me know if any of this sounds helpful and thank you very much for reading!!! 

wishing you the very best on earth!!!

The Wrong Number

Jensen Ackles x Reader

Summary : you accidentally texted the wrong person one night who happens to be a major celebrity. And from that day on, you two can’t seem to stop talking to each other.

Read Part One Here

A/N : SO many of you asked for a part two, so here it is!! I hope you all enjoy!!

Warning ; language?

Work had been such a pain in the ass this entire week. You were exhausted and annoyed, and part of you wanted to quit.

But it was your dream. Even if you were playing as assistant for now, you knew it would all be worth it in the end.

Luckily you had someone to keep you from going crazy.

Jensen had texted you almost every single day since you had accidentally texted him instead of your best friend, Bonnie.

He was the only thing that you looked forward too. Which you weren’t sure if that was a good or bad thing.

Having someone to vent too, talk to about anything and not feel judged. It was beyond the best feeling in the world. It almost felt like you had known him forever.

But tonight, you two planned to finally FaceTime each other.

No more hiding behind texts.

You were kind of nervous, but also excited. To talk to the actor you had crushed on forever. It all felt so surreal.

Laying in bed, you saw your phone light up and his name appear on the screen. Immediately your stomac fluttered.

“You got this.” You whispered to yourself.

You gently pressed the green button answer the call, and breathed in a sharp breath.

Once the picture cleared, and you were finally able to see his face, you Felt like you were on cloud nine.

Jensen had a big smile on his face, as he looked at his screen. There you were on his phone. No longer a still picture that he looked at almost everyday. You were mesmerizing to say the least, breath taking.

He was excited and nervous about this moment since you agreed to FaceTime the night before. It was the only thing he could think about, which kept messing him up during his scenes.

“Your voice is a lot higher than I imagined.” You chuckled. “I guess I was expecting Dean’s voice.”

Jensen belted out into laughter, his head cocking back. Once he was able to compose himself, he cleared his throat. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He said, making his voice low.

After a while, you both went back and forth for what seemed like an eternity. He talked about his life as an actor and how much he enjoyed it. And you talked about your life.

There was never a dull moment which was weird since you were used to those awkward pauses and short conversations with the guys you dated.

“Okay-” you said, laying on your side as you plopped your phone down beside you, with a pillow holding it up so you didn’t have to use your hand. “What’s your favorite prank you’ve done on set?”

Jensen purses his lips and thought just for a second before remembering the craziest thing he had done.

“Well this one time, Jared and I wanted to mess with the new guy, which in this case was misha.” He said. “Well while he was taking a shower in his trailer, Jared and I snuck in, took all of his clothes and towels and left an elephant g-string. Let’s just say, he wasn’t too thrilled.”

“Oh my god.” You laughed so hard, your entire body was shaking. Your stomach constricted and you couldn’t stop.

Jensen watched you through his screen, admiring the pure sound of your laughter. He decided to take a screenshot, to remember this moment forever.

“Oh my god!” You said once again. “I can only imagine what he looked like.”

“Yeah–"he chuckled. “Wasn’t a pretty sight.” 
Jensen leaned back in his chair, and rubbed his eyes as he yawned. Tilting his head back.

“Tired, old man?” You teased. 
He returned his gaze back to his screen, and flashed a smirk. “Just a little.”

“I can go so you can get some sleep.”

Jensen sighed, wishing to see you in person. To feel you and actually meet you. It’s only been two weeks, but it’s been the best two weeks of his life. No one has ever made him feel the way you made him feel. It was strange. 
He didn’t want to hang up, let alone stop talking to you. If he could, he would stay on the phone forever.

“Not yet.” He said. “I don’t want to say bye yet.” 
Your lips curved into a soft smile, feeling your stomach flutter.

“Me neither.” You muttered.

Jensen walked over to his bed, and laid down. His body resting into the mattress.

This was the moment he was going to cherish forever. The first night you two actually spoke to each other, and it was everything he imagined and more.

“Comfortable?” You asked.

He smiled. “Yeah, feels good to finally lay in bed.”

“I know what you mean.” You chuckled. “I look forward to it every day.”

“Well now you have something else to look forward too.” He said.

You cocked your brow, intrigued by his statement. “Oh yeah? What else do I have to look forward too?”



Part Three

Descendants 2 + Aesthetic: Lady Mal of the Isle (x) (x)

“But… that’s me! I’m part Isle and part Auradon.”

bit of a rant

ya know what im really tired of?

fandoms demanding ships from show creators/crews

are ships.. really so important that you’re gonna just harass the people that gave you this material in the first place. make them hate fandoms in silence and worse make them hate what they create? this is especially irksome when its directed towards a)disney shows and b)shows with heavy plot. im not really directing any of this towards any show in particular mind you, theres far too many fandoms going after this trend to single any out at this point, there are some high contenders though.

more under the cut because this rant ran away from me and became way longer than intended

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Sometimes superheroes are amnesic space outlaws with hearts of gold and a propensity for mayhem.

Help renew Dark Matter and tweet #RenewDarkMatter @syfy