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Perfect Princess Moon vs. Actual Queen Moon Butterfly 

Yeah. When you write a character who is like yourself or someone you know, you don’t want it to be reduced down to something like, She’s crazy or She’s a bad mom, or She’s a good mom with a bad daughter. I wanted to write complex characters who sometimes do bad things. I wanted to put something on every page that was like, Just remember, they’re a human! There’s a paragraph that’s like, They’re doing the best they can, but sometimes the best you can do falls short. That’s the most terrifying part. But you fall in love with these people and you hope that you made them nuanced enough that people won’t reduce them down. Lynn Steger Strong 


This is one of the 2 things im working for the ML anniversary!

 I know i released it a little bit early but i didnt want to make 2 posts that day, specially since the other thing im working is a comic. (there’s another reason why im posting it now, but you will know that later ;))


Mermaid moodboard : Baltic / Slavic Mermaids

Like the Rusalkas of the Baltic and Slavic Rivers, those mermaids are spirits of drowned young women, turned mermaid with foam and spray, who lure and drown sailors they deem unworthy of the sea. It is said their voices are beautiful. It is also said they taught the men of the North language and songs. They often clash with Norse mermaids for the control of the Baltic sea which creates powerful waves and strong currents. Those mermaids are told to be beautiful; so beautiful a man cannot help being lured to them.