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first dates w/ mark lee

• ok so
• you’re at the mall just minding your own business
• (looking at your phone and not knowing where you’re going tbh)
• when you bump into this boy
• and that’s how you end up with a smoothie all over your shirt
• you’re kind of dazed still from the collision
• but when you snap out of it
• there’s this adorable boy in front of you apologising repeatedly
• avoiding your gaze but you can see the blush on his cheeks
• and you can feel your heart skipping a beat when you make eye contact with him because he’s actually so adorable???

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luke spills your coffee.

(part one)

idea by the wonderful kissme-kissme-5sos! hope you like it :))


“grande caramel latte for emmy?”

you went up and grabbed your coffee, trying not to grumble at the fact that they’d somehow messed up your name. again.

how can they even mess up a name like emma anyway? you thought to yourself as you walked out of the crowded starbucks and started down the sidewalks of new york city, wrapping your scarf tighter around yourself in an attempt to get warmer. it’s not like it’s an obscure name.

you had decided to go shopping for the day, given the fact that you had a concert to go to that night and nothing to wear. thankfully, you lived in one of the best cities in the world when it came to shopping for clothes. before starbucks, you’d hit forever 21, american eagle, and hot topic, even though the closest one was all the way over in queens.

normally, you wouldn’t take a taxi just for one clothing store, but the concert you were going to just so happened to be starring 5 seconds of summer, and you bought what you could of their merch there, even though you already had some at home.

bottom line was, you were a big fan of them, and since this would be the first concert of theirs you’d be going to, it was big for you. just thinking about it gave you a happy tingling in your stomach. these boys meant a lot to you, even though you knew you’d never meet each other. a girl could dream, though.

you continued walking down the street, sipping on your latte and thinking of where to go next, when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. you pulled it out, making sure to keep looking in front of you because the sidewalks of nyc were hard to manuever through, and rolled your eyes when you realized that it was just your mom.

you started texting her back with one hand, coffee in the other, and you went on for just a little too long without looking back up, resulting in—

you gasped loudly as someone ran right into you and your latte, causing the hot liquid to be spilled all over your shirt and jacket, which unfortunately was a light cream color. you frantically swiped at it with your bare hands before groaning and letting them fall to your sides (or at least as much as they could while still holding your shopping bags).

“shit! i am so sorry,” an eerily familiar voice with an australian accent said, and you slowly looked up past a striped sweater to find none other than— no, nope, this wasn’t actually happening. this was definitely just a dream, because there was no way that luke hemmings had just run into you and spilled your coffee.

but, might as well make the most of it before you woke up, right?

you bit back the gasp you were just about to let out, and it turned into a cough instead. you decided that going all fangirl on him wouldn’t exactly be the best idea, especially since it seemed that somehow no one had noticed him yet, and yelling, ‘OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU’RE LUKE HEMMINGS’ probably wouldn’t help his case. or yours.

"oh, it’s fine,” you managed to say instead, shaking your head and flicking a hand at him, waving his apology off as you looked back down at the damage. yep, it was pretty bad, but at least you didn’t have any more required shopping to do today. you could just grab a taxi home and then cry over the fact that you’d just run into luke hemmings.

you looked back up at him with furrowed eyebrows since he hadn’t said anything or moved yet, and you noticed that he’d just been staring at you the whole time. but, once you made eye contact, he quickly looked away and nervously scratched his nose. wow, you were just about to die on an overload of cuteness.

he abruptly got back to business, saying, “no, it’s not fine. look at what i did to your shirt. and your coffee, too. here, we can go to the starbucks down the street and get you cleaned up, and then i can buy you a new coffee?”

what was this? a famous person (let alone your favorite member of 5sos) was asking you on a date? but, of course not, he was just being the super nice person he was. disappointing, but still. this could probably qualify as one of the best days of your life. ugh, and he was biting on his lip ring as he stared at you intently. definitely in the top three for best days.

“er—” you started, only to be drowned out by a loud “is that luke hemmings?” which was followed by a chorus of high-pitched screams. luke squinted and held up a hand in front of his eyes as a bunch of flashes went off behind you, which seemed weird since wasn’t he supposed to be used to this thing? just caught off guard, maybe?

your wrist was grabbed and soon you were being pulled into a side alley by a tall,
lanky noodle boy. scratch that, the tall, lanky noodle boy. you just about hyperventilated when he suddenly pushed your body against the wall of one of the buildings with his, keeping them pressed together.

you slowly looked up at him, his face inches from yours, but he was looking over to the main street. you followed his gaze and watched as hopefully all of the paparazzi and teenage girls passed by, and once they did, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

luke looked down and backed away quickly, seeming to just realize what he’d been doing. “shit, sorry. again,” his cheeks went red and he scratched the back of his neck. god, he was so hot. but, that didn’t excuse what he just did.

“um, yeah, warn me next time, please?” you took a step away from the wall and straightened your jacket. “if there even is a next time. either way, just warn any stranger if you’re about to do that.”

“yeah, again, sorry,” he grimaced, and you smiled, looking down and tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. “you apologize a lot.”

luke shrugged, and you could feel his icy blue gaze on you. “well, i keep doing things worth apologizing for.”

“yeah…” you trailed off and looked back towards the street. “why’d you drag me along anyway?”

“well, i haven’t bought you a new coffee yet,” luke replied before gesturing towards your chest. “and i haven’t exactly been helping your shirt either.”

you couldn’t help but grin a little. “yeah, and i don’t think you’ve been very nice to your shirt either by getting so close to me. you probably smell like a latte now.”

he furrowed his eyebrows while looking down at his collar and sniffing, before letting out a laugh, and it was probably the best sound you’d heard all day. not to mention his expression, too. he had this big grin on his face, and his eyes crinkled at the corners. “i do smell like a latte.”

you giggled a little as well, and there was a slightly uncomfortable pause in the conversation before luke shoved his hands in his pockets, cleared his throat, and started, “shall we do go to that starbucks then?”

you looked up to see a hopeful look on his face, which was more than enough to get you nodding and saying, “sure, luke.”

at the mention of his name, he raised his eyebrows and said, “oh yeah, you haven’t introduced yourself yet.”

you opened your mouth to reply, but stopped the words coming out when luke held up his index finger, holding up a coffee cup in his other hand. your coffee cup. had he been carrying that the whole time?

luke glanced at the side of it before grinning and saying, “hi emmy, i’m luke.”

“um, my name’s not actually emmy. the barista got it wrong.” you laughed, “have you been carrying that the whole time?”

luke’s eyebrows furrowed and he pouted a little, the sight of it making you absolutely melt inside. “what’s your name, then? and yeah,” he shrugged sheepishly, “there weren’t any garbage cans around.”

you giggled at his explanation, it making him somehow cuter than before, and you let out a breath before holding out your hand. “hi, i’m emma.”

he grasped it with his sweater paw and smiled widely, saying, “lovely to meet you emma. let’s go and get the coffee smell out of our clothes?” luke crinkled his nose and added, “mostly your clothes?”

you rolled your eyes with a slight smile as you dropped his hand to lightly hit his arm.
“let’s go.”

to be continued!