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did you notice how smug Harry got when James made him wear that net shirt and the vest and got genuinely surprised that Harry still pulled it off and Harry was like "wait... wait James, you seriously didn't think I actually never tried wearing this thing on while trying to seduce my sweet husband at home? ok wait lemme just put these sunglasses on just to remind my sweet creature at home about that beautiful, steamy night we got so we can reenact it after he watches this episode aired"

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normalize imperfect skin

normalize makeup-free faces

i use ‘normalize’ here because i doubt i’ll ever feel like my eczema is beautiful and i don’t blame anyone for not looking at a huge zit on my nose and sighing dreamily about it so “make these things beautiful” seems less important and realistic than just…make them normal, make them things people don’t have to feel ashamed or embarassed about being seen with.

not everyone has the money to spend on expensive makeup or skin care products. not everyone has skin conditions that are easily fixable or simple to hide. not everyone feels like putting the effort in to maintaining totally perfect skin, even if they have the money and the body chemistry to make it happen. i’d be willing to be that the MAJORITY of people fall into one those categories and we only just feel like that’s not the case because what we see on tv, in magazines, even on social media depending on who we follow are people with soft, smooth, flawless and blemish-free skin.

and this is not a dis on those people because they’re not doing anything wrong by doing with their own body what they want to do with it–that’s their right and it’s cool! but what isn’t cool is the pressure that so many of us feel to look perfect all the time. what isn’t cool is that our self-esteem is so often connected to these little skin 'flaws’ and conditions that very often we can’t control or that going out with a bare face is something you have to build up bravery to be able to do.

people should be able to go out without makeup on and not feel self-conscious about it. people should be able to have a zit or an eczema breakout or whatever the hell your body has decided to do to you today and, while maybe not celebrating it, we shouldn’t have to feel like it means it’s the end of the world or let it stop us from going out and just buying some damn groceries.

we need to see more makeup-free faces in the media (in magazines, shows, movies, everywhere) and have skin that is slightly less than photoshop-flawless represented as much as skin that is but we also need to all work to be a little less judgmental ourselves. if we see someone in our every day life without makeup, with eczema or a zit or something else going on with their skin, and our first thought is something negative, we need to shut that thought down as it happens. we need to be on the lookout for that kind of thinking and correct it when we catch ourselves doing it.

there’s nothing wrong with not wearing makeup and zits happen and skin conditions exist but there’s something seriously wrong with how much we connect our value and self-esteem with these things. a zit should not have the power to ruin someone’s day. it shouldn’t be strong enough to turn someone who feels good about themself into someone who doesn’t. but because of the importance we place on having skin that is flawless and perfectly put together, that zit is as big as a tank that’s headed right in the direction of our self-esteem to run it over. the way to stop that–to stop making people feel so damn bad about it–is to normalize skin that is not 'perfect’ and 'flawless’ and to stop placing these expectations on how people SHOULD look because people should look however they are most comfortable looking. we need to stop thinking that means the same thing for everyone.

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Hey can you tell me more about I Don't Know (Johnny, Johnny)? because there is very very little info about it online and the only source of the song i can listen to was a youtube video. Considering the excessive research of everything beatles by a fuckton of people, I'm surprised we don't know much about this. (because really, it it is what people say it is, it burned down all the mclennon doubts i had)

You’re right. This song was written around 1959/1960. The only audio we have, this one,  is the recording of a rehearsal made in 1960 at Paul’s house. 

Even if the recording is damaged and the sound is shitty the lyrics are quite easy to understand:

P- Well oh Johnny, oh Johnny, oh god Johnny boy

How are we gonna tell him

Why don’t we go somewhere where he don’t own me

Where can i go?

Oh Johnny boy you wore me out.

Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, oh Johnny boy

Oh Johnny, you got me, you be my boy

Well, a long time ago, I called you Johnny boy.

J- Hey little boy, I’m packing my shoes, and I’m leaving you.

I told my Mama I’m going to see my sister

She don’t see me, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

P- A long time ago I called you Johnny boy.

I don’t know what to tell the fellas.

Please, oh please, Johnny.

J- Well I’ll tell the fellas that I do love you.

P- I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I tell my father

You love me Johnny, I love you Johnny

I’m not gonna let you go.

P- I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I tell my father

You wore me down, you wore me down.

You’re gonna leave, you’re gonna leave me

Please, oh, I’m not gonna let you go

J- Take the next bus out of town

Then you won’t let your father down.

I don’t know what good I am since I see life in front of us.

P- Well get out of town,

don’t hold me down.

I don’t care.

J- Get out of town,

I don’t know (3x)

I want to leave right now

To get out of town.

P- You know I want to do it all.

I want to go far away, far away,

I want to go far away.

J- No, no, no, no

P- Yeah, I’m going far away.

Yeah, we’re going far away.

We’re gonna leave.

J- We’re going away,

Yeah, we’re going away,

Gonna leave town right now.

This is one of the very first mclennon song, it’s very clear that they sing their desire to escape together: Paul is afraid of what his father might think of it cause he loves John:

 “ I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I tell my father” 

and at 2:39 John replies:

‘And i love you Paul’. 

Like, it’s so clear you don’t even need to investigate much about it, no metaphors, no double-meanings, it’s all SO SIMPLE AND EVIDENT, they’ re singing I LOVE YOU  to each other, that’s it! And the song ends with both John and Paul singing that the only solution is to leave and go away from the town.

This song was never put in any Anthology, even if there’s another song of the same year, You’ll be mine, that has the same shitty audio (the same recording)  but they decided to include it! “I don’t know (Johnny Johnny)” instead was never included, neither edited or cleaned, that’s why some people have doubted its veracity, because very few people have ever listened to it, and it’s considered rare. It’s such a pity they didn’t try to clean it a bit, but, i think WE ALL KNOW WHY. Can’t imagine this song listed in the Anthology, cleaned, a bit edited, and a random 40s old white man listening to it and exclaiming: “Wow! what a friendship!”

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Hi can I have a ficlet based on 13 call it a peace offering

13. Call it a peace offering

It’s a Wednesday, late afternoon, sun warm and casting long shadows across the garden.

Aaron’s parked himself in one of the outrageously overpriced garden chairs Robert insisted on buying, it’s like a bloody armchair, it’s ridiculous. It’s also really comfy and Aaron’s favourite place to sit. Not that he’d ever tell Robert that.

He swigs the last of his beer, leans to put it on the ground. Folds his hands over his stomach and tips his face into the sun, lets it warm him through.

He can hear birds chirping, water rushing in the distance. It’s as calm as he’s felt all day.

So obviously that’s when Robert has to show up.

His feet crunch gravel on his way around the house and he manages to stand directly in Aaron’s patch of sun, shadow falling across his lap. He’s holding a beer out, which is the only reason Aaron doesn’t tell him to sod off.

He doesn’t take it though.

“What’s this?” he asks, because he still feels sulky and he doesn’t care if it shows.

Robert shrugs, backlit by the sun, it looks like his hair’s on fire. “Call it a peace offering,” he waggles the bottle enticingly, “I was being a prat this morning.”

That’s true. And Aaron has just finished his last beer so he takes it from Robert’s hand, has a sip. “I wont argue with that.”

Robert sighs, shoves his hands in his pockets. It’s difficult to see his face properly but Aaron thinks he looks apologetic. “I was stressed out about that meeting and I didn’t sleep very well,” he says, shrugs again. “I shouldn’t have taken it out on you and I’m sorry.”

Aaron inclines his head, feels a little doubt creep in. “I though you said that was getting better.”

It’s been months since Aaron last found Robert downstairs in front of the TV in the middle of the night, he’d thought they were past all that.

“It is. I’m fine. It was just an important meeting, I was nervous, that’s all,” he nudges Aaron’s knee with his own, “I’d tell you if there was a problem, you know I would.”

Aaron nods. He has to trust that, the same way Robert does with him. It doesn’t get them anywhere second guessing each other all the time.

Robert nudges him again, all but scuffs his toe on the ground. “So am I forgiven?”

Aaron pulls a face, fakes like he’s weighing his options. “I suppose, if you promise to never call me a drama queen again because, mate? Pot, kettle.”

Roberts laughs a little. “Promise. And I am sorry.”

He keeps standing there, sort of dithering about like Aaron might still tell him to do one.

Aaron rolls his eyes, opens his arms. “Come here then?”

It’s a tight squeeze. The chairs are big but they’re two grown men. There’s enough room that Robert isn’t actually sat on his knee but he does have to sit sort of side saddle, legs slung across Aaron’s lap and he does put his arm behind Aaron’s shoulders across the back of the chair, so it’s probably the same difference. 

“Why aren’t you still at work anyway?” Robert asks, stealing a sip of Aaron’s beer.

Aaron curls his fingers in the back of Robert’s shirt, traces the knobs of his spine. “Adam sent me home.”

“Doing his head in?”

“Something like that.”

Robert hums, hand cupping the back of Aaron’s neck, squeezing the tight muscles there. Aaron’s head drops forward on a groan.

“The meeting went well, by the way,” Robert tells him, fingers rubbing up into Aaron’s hair.

It’s hard to keep his eyes open but Aaron manages a small nod. “Course it did. I told you it would.”

They don’t talk for a while after that, sun starting to slip away, air still and hazy with the smell of cut grass.

Aaron breathes it all in.

Kitten Part Four

“This is so hard,” Ella whispered, looking at all her options for the desserts. 

Harry loved this place, he treated himself every once and a while. The downside a cupcake alone was five dollars. He wished he hadn’t mentioned the place, he had bills to pay, he had his car to fix, he had rent due next week, he had fifty dollars to his name until next week. 

“Want to split a cupcake?” she asked, not looking away from the cupcakes, “they’re pretty big and if I take any left overs my roommates would snag it anyhow.”

“What are you thinking?” Harry asked.

He hated this, he hated the fact that he couldn’t take Ella out tonight. He hated knowing that she could offer him more than he could offer her. He knew it was only the first date, but if he wanted to take her out the would include saving money. 

He watched as her lips pressed in a line and she tucked her brown hair behind her ear. Her grey eyes on the case, “what do you get?” she asked, her gaze setting on him. 

“Peanut butter chocolate,” Harry answered. 

“Ohhh that sounds good, let’s split it,” she smiled. 

Harry nods, the women behind the counter making her way over. She smiles at Harry and Ella, “are you two all set?” she asked. 

“Yes, can we get that one please?” Ella smiled back, pointing to the cupcake. 

“Of course, would you like a drink or anything else?” The girl grabs a plate and gloves, bending down to grab the cupcake. 

“Can I just get a cup of iced water,” Ella asked. 

“Me too,” Harry says. 

The girl hands over the plate and Ella grabs it, she sets it down on a table as Harry pays for it and grabs the drink. He makes his way over and hands her the drink, sitting across from her. 

Ella take in her surroundings, the place is small. Besides the counter and glass displays of their options, there is four small tables, and a door that leads to the back. The walls are painted pink with little cupcakes and donuts on them. Pictures of people drinking milkshakes hang on the wall. 

“How did you out of all people find this place?” Ella asked, her grey eyes on Harry as he hands her a fork. 

“Found it on my way home,” he responds, digging into the cupcake.

“It’s cute,” Ella comments, taking a bit, “oh my goodness,” she says in shock, “it’s so good. Might even be better than mine.”

“You bake?” Harry asked. 

“Only if it comes in a box and I just have to mix water in,” she admits, tossing her long brown waves off her shoulders.

Harry chuckled, “what about you? Any secret talents?” Ella asked. 

“I used to work at a bakery, I make a pretty mean batch of brownies,” Harry says.

“Mmm, brownies, I expect a batch someday,” she says, resting her arm on the table, chin in the palm of her hand. 

Harry wasn’t sure why he was here. Why he was spending his Saturday night in a cupcake shop with a college student. He wasn’t sure how she even managed to grab his attention. She was beautiful, no doubt about it. Her grey eyes always seemed to glint when she looked at him, her smile was warm, not the ones he was used to getting. He always received the fake smiles, or the ones that were covered in red lipstick, lipstick that would later cover his neck. But her smile was warm, it was welcoming, every time she smiled which seemed to be every other second, his stomach felt lighter, a small flutter appearing in it. 

She was different than him and he knew it. She was going to get somewhere with her life, she was smart. He worked in a bar and if he wasn’t there he was most likely off getting high or burying himself in anything that had breast and legs. 

“Maybe,” Harry nods, leaning back in his seat. 

Ella’s lips form into a thin line as she watches him, “are you okay?” she asked.

“What are we doing?” Harry asked. 

“Eating a cupcake,” Ella shrugs.

“That guy was right yeh know,” Harry says, crossing his arms over his chest, “’m no good for you, kitten.”

“Don’t let Jack get in your head. I’ve had a fun night,” she promised him, she drops her hand from her chin. 

“This was a bad idea,” Harry shakes his head, standing. 

“Where are you going?” Ella asked, alarmed.

“I can’t offer you anything Ella,” Harry says, running a hand through his hair, “and it’s not fair of me to start something I can’t finish.”


“You have a future Ella! You know where I live? In the Gates, a place where you can’t even walk alone. You know what I did before I came here? Huh? I got into a fight, is that really what you want to be around Ella. Because it’s not just cupcakes and dinner,” Harry spat.

Ella looks down at her hands, “I don’t care,” she says, looking back at him, “I was having fun. I saw what you did to that guy, I’ve heard the rumors, the stories, if I cared about that I wouldn’t be here right now Harry. I don’t care that you work at a bar, I don’t, I’m not expecting you to take me shopping, to buy me gifts, I just wanted your company.”

“My company?” Harry says, “my company doesn’t come with good news.”

“That’s for me to deiced.”

“I had fun, I really did,” Ella assures Harry once they reach her place, she stands outside her door. 

“Me too,” Harry says. 

“So will I get to see you again or…” Ella trails off. 

“You will,” Harry smirked, stepping closer. 

She smiles, her hand on his chest, his black shirt is bawled up in her small hands as she tugs him gently, “promise?” she asked, as he bends his head.

“Pinky promise,” Harry whispered, his lips brushing hers. 

“Can’t break those,” she says softly, her eyes on his. 

“Wouldn’t dream of it, kitten,” he says. 

She closes her eyes as his soft lips meet hers. Her lips are soft against Harry’s and he can taste the coconut chap stick she had on, the peanut butter still on her tongue. His hands drop to her waist, he wants the kiss to be slow and gentle, he does. But he can’t stop himself, she’s addicting. 

She lets out a soft moan when he pushes her against the door, her hands sliding up to his hair, “Harry,” she whispers, when his lips reach her neck. 

“Harry,” she places her hands on his shoulders, gently nudging him, he pulls back, looking up, “I’m sorry-I just-”

“You don’t have to explain,” Harry says, a hand on her waist, another on the wall. 

“It’s not you-I just-well it’s the first date,” she says. 

“You don’t have to explain yourself Ella, if you don’t want to we don’t have to,” he smiled, kissing her softly one last time, “I’ll call you okay?”

She nods, her cheeks red, “night, kitten,” he says.

“Night Harry,” she opens her door, walking in, Harry turns, hands in his pockets, a smile on his face. It had been a goodnight.

drabble; matron

also for @kateyes224 because Home is a great fucking episode.

drabble; pg; early msr ust; tw for graphic description of the death of a baby, mild discussion of incest; post-Home; Scully has some doubts.


“I think that’s the worst thing I’ve ever had to do,” Scully says randomly on the drive back to the airport. It’s said so nonchalantly he almost misses it; he’d been kind of ignoring everything else, technical stuff about genetic abnormalities he can’t follow. But hey. A confession from Scully. Totally worth the fear she is implanting in his soul with her lousy driving. 

“You mean driving past…” oops, one more. “Four stop signs?”

“Most people here don’t even have a car,” she hisses, but she slows down. He feels less like has to pee now. “I’m talking about the autopsy.” Well, now he feels like a dick.

“I can’t imagine,” he says, because he can’t. The fetus hadn’t a mouth or any hair or visible feet. With all the blood and the dirt it did not, in fact, resemble anything like a child except for it’s tiny, clenched fists with all of its tiny clenched fingers. He left when she pulled out her scalpel, just like he always does. So he hadn’t had to see evidence of a heart or a brain or any other vital organs you’d expect to see in a human. She faced the very crux of its humanity and was forced to view it as a child, a once living thing, and he was not. 

“That was her child, Mulder,” she says thickly, tightening her hands around the steering wheel. He straightens up in his seat and looks her over, concerned. “It was very lucky to not have lived another second. It was very lucky to not have met her.”


“Those were her children,” she continues, staring straight ahead at the road. “I cannot fathom what kind of mother could do that to her children.”

“I can’t fathom what kind of children could do that to their mother,” he winces, very inappropriately. He hurries before she can look over at him and make him feel guilty, “I think it’s all she’s ever known, Scully. Her mother probably did the same. And her mother’s mother. And her mother’s mother’s mother…”

“You just hope, Mulder. You just have this hope that it will come natural to you.” This is the voice that he can’t ever ignore, the voice she hits him with when she’s grown weary or close to giving up. It hurts him to hear it. “You hope you know right from wrong as soon as you find out you’re pregnant.”

“You’re worried,” he says softly, and nods when she bites her lip. “You’re worried that you won’t know.”

“I won’t ever, ever be like her,” she says vehemently. He chuckles darkly.

“I can vouch for that.”

“But this…” she doesn’t finish. He knows. Mrs. Peacock is undeniable proof that there’s no recipe for good parenting and even worse, how easy it is to convince yourself you’re a good parent, that you’ve made the right choices, that you’re incapable of making the wrong one.

He grips her knee and squeezes, wishing he could hold her hand or hug her close. But she needs to keep her eyes on the road. Maybe later. “Scully,” he says. “I don’t think that’s something you’ll ever have to worry about.”

A Crisis of Confidence

Something I’ve been mulling over and addressing in asks and metas for nearly a week now is the concerns about Fitzsimmons and how everything will effect their relationship.  And the more I think about it the better I am starting to feel, because I’ve stepped back to look at the story they’ve set up here for Fitz specifically and how we have seen that story to certain degrees before.   

Its not that their feelings are in doubt, yes they have healing to do, but they’ll do that together (going down with the ship there).   

Something I flagged early in the season was how Fitz was on a roll. He was producing tech for the team on a level we hadn’t seen from him before.   Working with Radcliffe, perfecting AIDA and the Framework.  Coming up with low tech ways of taking down the baddies.  So it came as no surprise that that all blew up on us, we knew that was coming.   

We saw, that in 14 Fitz was upset that things he worked on and helped perfect, both AIDA and the Framework, were things that were ultimately used as weapons.  In the Framework we and him saw what happened when he DOESN’T care about what he makes….what happens when he wants to hurt or do something terrible.

Originally posted by leopoldjamesfitzs

As soon as Fitz was out he was sick about what had happened and in 22 I believe we got our hint at where they intend to take Fitz with this arc.  When Jemma was pressing him to help her find a way to kill AIDA he was afraid that whatever he came up with wind up causing more harm than good….THAT could very well be his arc next season.  Because A LOT of the interviews have spoken of Fitz needing to recover with all that has happened.  That its going to take time.  So next season it will be getting Fitz to find his fire again, that he will have to create, innovate, and be an engineer again in order for them to beat the baddies.   

In essence he has to trust himself again.  Trust he is a good person and he is building something for the right reasons.   Trust that whoever is using what he makes for the right reasons as well.  Trust who he is working with.  He’ll always trust Jemma but what about this new agency that at the very least has Coulson.

At multiple times throughout the series we have seen the team have a point where they struggled to do their specialty because of what had happened due to it in a previous arc/story/season.  

  • In the aftermath of Bahrain May relegated herself to a desk.
  • In the aftermath of her trip to Maveth, Jemma’s curiosity faded it took her time to get back into the lab.
  • In the aftermath of Ward’s abduction/torture Bobbi was reluctant to go back into the field.
  • In the aftermath of Hive Coulson stepped back from being leader and Daisy left the team.

Now it seems to Fitz’s turn to have that arc of recovery.  Where he comes to terms with what happens and finds his way back.   With Jemma helping him every step of the way, her helping him get back into the lab, and working with him side by side again.

If he still is producing tech when they come back, because chances are he’ll need to be either to help find Coulson or if they were all taken…they were taken for their skills.  He’ll be a lot more guarded about it..  Not only thoroughly testing it but also vetting who wants it.   He won’t allow for what happened with Radcliffe to happen again, where something he made with the intention of helping people gets turned against them.

  • They could even step this up a notch by having a good, non betraying, father figure come into the mix.  And Fitz (and Jemma) be reluctant to work with him or let him get close.  

This will also be in addition to Fitz working through the “he’s a bad person” thing that he is grappling with.  Him coming to terms with just how much he was manipulated by AIDA.   

As painful as all that is, its also much more in line with what we could see and have seen before.   Romance has never been a huge part of the show, so this provides the writers an arc that can entwine with the overall arc much better.  IE if Fitzsimmons were working on getting back together it would be a sub plot that would likely hack off a good chunk of the fandom, where as getting Fitz back to creating again could fit much better, especially if what he needed to do was crucial to the story.

Sorry for posting more on the subject

The vast majority of people who have liked and agreed with my posts about “queer” have been older (mostly over 30, but all over 25 afaik) queer folks.

The majority of people objecting to it, and saying the word has been used to hurt and abuse them, are younger.

(I am giving everyone the benefit of the doubt on reporting their own experiences.)

Which means there’s a strong possibility that the kind of people who hate us, started using “queer” to abuse us more than previously, IN RESPONSE to the fact that we were using it as a positive and inclusive term for ourselves.

Which is, quite frankly, kind of my whole point–there’s no magic word or acronym we can use for our community of people, that will include everyone, and that will be safe from them using it against us.

The difference is that I refuse to let them take “queer” from me. That’s OUR word!

This chapter only had 24 pages, but as usual, Nakamura-sensei gave us something to worry about. Kyoko now has the role as Momiji in the bag, although they still might go through with the reaction test because a few of the auditionees cannot believe that Kyoko’s performance was improv because it went too smoothly for their liking. Apparently, they thought she read the script beforehand. Talk about being a sore loser. It’s not her fault that they came unprepared. If they really wanted the role they should have put in more effort. Momiji is a ninja for god’s sake!

Moving on, Kimiko, on the other hand, knows that Kyoko did this on her own without additional help. She’s not happy that Kyoko is not as much as an amateur as she thought. I wonder if she will try anything underhanded. As for Erika, we missed her reaction to this. I believe she isn’t so doubtful of Kyoko’s abilities now since she believed Kyoko wasn’t that capable of pulling off a great Momiji compared to hers.

Lastly, there is Ren. I’m panicking on how Lory got those photos. There is no way Ruto (Sebastian) could have taken them because he was driving Ren. Another fan spoke of this, and I totally agree, that Lory is planning to push Ren into pursuing Kyoko. Ren saw signs of Kyoko’s feelings before, but only thought it was his wishful thinking. Now, I think the story is advancing to where Ren is going to realize Kyoko’s feelings for him thanks to Lory’s meddling and the drama. Ren needs to see how Kyoko acts out this part and realize that Sho is not a threat anymore, but someone else could be. Koga may play a part in this, though I won’t say that he’ll be interested in her as a woman but as an actress. Ren knows Kyoko’s true feelings about Sho since she told Corn in Guam, so he just might be angry that he kissed her and won’t lash out or sulk in anger this time. Especially since she was vulnerable after hearing what her mother said on TV. 

Knowing Nakamura-sensei, his reaction will be different from the past. Ren has come a long way since then. Well, we’ll just have to wait for next month’s chapter. Try to keep your minds occupied till then, I know I will with great struggle. ;)

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I'm on a dating website that has a large lgbt user group and I met a guy who calls me my chosen name at every chance. Everyday he asks me have I been gendered correctly and I nearly always say no so he will use my name even more and it feels so nice. I'm glad I didn't listen to the doubts I had about the fact the name is from a different country. It still sometimes worries me but I love my name and I love it even more everytime someone uses it.

Ugh I’m so happy for you, that’s amazing 💙

the fact that namjoon carried the boys so well and how the boys supported him is amazing because they know and recognize how much they and we need namjoon, and it is time some armys realize that too.

we literally heard them say that when namjoon went to the restroom and somebody approached them, they were lost, and while i know it is because of the fast paced english, the fact that they would acknowledge that so freely made me smile because they love him so much and he loves them right back,

i mean the man stopped answering questions right away to ask the opinion of each member in korean so that the answers given are not made up or done by quickly simply because “it might look weird” but no, in fact, it was extremely endearing and respectful.

i really love namjoon okay, the boy deserves all the love in the world anyday anytime and if you are seriously having any doubts about why he is in bangtan, kindly unfollow me right now, and search up why does bangtan exist, because it will show up in big bright bold letters that namjoon was their first ever member and that is he wasn’t there, bts would not be B T S.

thank you.

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I don't believe Sana is a lesbian like most Onces do. She's just very affectionate. How is it gay to hug and kiss your group members/friends? If she really was a lesbian, I'd doubt she'd be that obvious about it. Do you know how hard it is being accepted as a homosexual in Korea?

She might be gay or she might not be gay we have no hard proof either way.

Most of the attitude towards the “Sana being gay” debate is humour. Sana’s behaviour makes it easy to make a joke out of, when I say these things about the members, I’m never serious. I feel like i should reiterate that more.

I know what the attitudes towards homosexuality are in Korea and I know that if any of the members were in fact gay or bi or anything else it would put them and their careers at a huge risk.

Also I never base my assumptions about sexuality purely over affection, sexuality and sexual attraction is more than that. I would upload the actual screenshot of the quote but I’m on mobile so this is a quote from Sana on milk radio

Sana: When watching TV I’m more attracted to the women. We’re girls right? So I think it’s because I want to be like them

I’ve also read all of Sana’s tweets when she was younger and the way she talks about her female friends reminds me a lot of the myself before I came out.

Anyway back to the main point, there’s nothing inherently wrong with assuming Sana is a lesbian and there’s nothing wrong with assuming she’s straight. It’s just a matter of perspective and opinion. I got a little out of hand with my explanation there but I wanted to make sure everything was clear

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hi princess, so, i'm demisexual (recently found that out, my life makes so much more sense now) and I look at Harry and Louis' love, and I'm so jealous, imagine finding your soulmate at the age of 16 and 18. I was such a stupid person when I was 16, and now at 18 I can't imagine feeling so much love for one person. It makes me cry at how much in love these two are. I have doubts sometimes, and then i just look at Louis looking at Harry or vice versa. I think all the antis need to believe in love

hello, darling. i’m so happy for you!! yes their love is so rare?? like finding each other at 16 and 18 is just so wild?? they’ve have been together for almost 7 years now and they’re just 23 and 25. they’re so lucky and i would be jealous if i wasn’t so happy for them. 

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@omgdoubleume:  Ahaw… I didn’t expect the story would be like that in the last pic 😂😂 wonderful imaging as usual! 😍

Thank you, my friend!  💙 I had so much fun creating the setting. I wanted lavish decorations, a lot of gold and red! You didn’t expect…wasn’t it obvious it will end in Wohoo? 😜

@treason-and-plot: I very much doubt a real prostitute would have a lusty look in her eye either  🤔 but great scenery and staging- you have outdone yourself again! 

I doubt it, too. But this was the way I read her expression from the scene on the show.  The producers have a strange attitude towards female sexuality and prostitution…But I suspect the wanted to indicate, the girls are excited to count famous people as Oberyn and Ellaria among their customers… In the books, such a scene is not included. Oberyn only makes some smutty jokes about threesome there.

@declarations-of-drama:  :O Wow!!! Although the two girls who were told to leave should have RUN FOR THEIR LIVES!!! This Oberyn looks like a crazy guy! I am glad you did it though because like TAP said, what a masterpiece of Sims Story Telling YET AGAIN!!! :O

Must say, Oberyn is not quite crazy. He’s a interesting character, well-read, witty, a warrior, scholar and a famous lover…Maybe a playboy  😅 The girls would have nothing to fear from him, I suspect. He’d never force himself on someone.  Maybe, my scene does not show, what the TV series implied: sexual tension between him an everybody present. Even the guy was convinced in the end  😋

@experimentalsims: So much detail

Yeah, I only did this scene to make use of the stuff I’ve recently downloaded: Plates and chalices, statues, books, the peacock, new crowns, a lute… What else could I have done than a court scene?

@electronicsmarts Great work on the beautiful dead ladies who deserved better! ;-;

Thank you! They deserved better, indeed. Especially Rhaella. Soon I might do a similar post, also including other dead ladies: Cassana Estermont (Robert’s mother), Minisa Whent (Catelyn’s mom) and maybe Lyarra Stark…

@westerosimsBUT LOOK AT MY BABY. I love Rhaegar 😭

Me too 😍. I thought such a scene wouldn’t be complete without our beloved Ruby Prince. Noted the details? Being a reader until he discovered something in his books that encouraged him to become a knight… and his lute!!!!

@treason-and-plot:  Peacocks are a symbol of immortality so the dead ladies need not worry 😉

Thank you for telling me! Never knew. The peacock was just there because I discovered him at Severinka’s blog. 

Ow.. when Rhaegar plays with those miniatures of knight and dragon.. so cutee!!

@omgdoubleumeOw.. when Rhaegar plays with those miniatures of knight and dragon.. so cutee!!

I thought them cute, too! Just the perfect toys for a prince but here, I used some foreshadowing. A dragon is the symbol of the royal family, Rhaegar was called the Dragon Prince in later life and he turned from a introvert reader to a knight...

@lifeasasim So much detail 😍😍😍 *taking notes*

Thank you!!!! 😍. It was so cool to create. And almost everything represented has some symbolic meaning: Ladies wearing their house colours, kingsguard in the background, dragon statues, Rheagar’s books, toys and lute…

@declarations-of-dramaI love how you’ve captured the Boy Prince! Enraptured within his own little world of learning and play while the adults have their own worries and superstitions to contend with. Also, I thought that was a table made with books for the legs until I looked again :D

You get exactly what I wanted to say! I wanted to show the little dreamer in him. And the table is from some EA store set (I suspect it was the Versailles set, but not sure.)

Un Lolacoln (aunque puede interpretarse como gusten) con un toque distinto, su pudiera darle alguna historia seria que Lincoln protegio a su pequeaña pricnesa de algun chico que quiso pasarse de listo con ella y como era de esperarse Lincoln fue en su auxilio aun si era mas fuerte con el. Un hermos gesto sin duda alguna <3.

A Lolacoln (although it can be interpreted like gusten) with a different touch, its could give him some serious history that Lincoln protected to its small pricnesa of some boy who wanted to pass of ready with her and as was to be expected Lincoln was in its aid even if it was Stronger with him. A beautiful gesture without a doubt <3.

PD: No pude evitar tener malos pensamientos sobre esta escena XD

PS: I could not help having bad thoughts about this scene XD

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1, 14 and 24 for Nygmobblepot💞

1.) How do they fall asleep? Wake up? Any daily rituals?

Oswald has to be like, attached to Ed’s chest. Ed doesn’t care either way cause he can conk out like a light in any position but Oswald’s legs have to be entwined with Ed’s and his arms need to be wrapped all the way around his waste kill me

14.) Anything they both dread?

If they get in a fight I think they’d both be terrified into it escalating into something worse, like in the past. 

24.) Any doubts about the relationship?

I think everyone has doubts about their own relationship once in a while. I’m sure Ed and Oswald are the same, but at the same time, they know that they are each other’s equals and no one else will ever measure up to them in relationship. 

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So Roboute how would you feel about a musical featuring the events of the Great Crusade to the present day?

“I doubt it would be made, the Inquisition.” Stares at Greyfax. “Have censored imperial history so much our text books resemble bar codes.”

Shadowhunters re-watch 106+107, also known as Unpopular Opinion™:


  • Lovely, lovely Lightwood stuff! Max, Maryse, Robert! I love the family conflicts and background and everything. 
  • Yeah, Jace, guilt-trip Alec into doing whatever you want. Again. Even Simon picked up on the way you’ve been treating Alec.
  • BTW, Simon is really annoying in this ep.
  • “I’m on your side.” Really, Iz? That’s why you never listen to Alec, why you disregard his orders and undermine his authority? I have no doubt that you love Alec but you have zero respect for him.
  • This re-watch is making me weirdly sympathetic towards Maryse, huh. Maybe all that we’ve learned about her in S2A is helping.
  • MALEC! The drink scene will never not be one of my favorites! They were both so soft in it. And the strength-sharing! Can we get more of that in the future?


  • Clary was so cool in this ep. When she stabbed that demon, I cheered!
  • Loved the parabatai convo in the sewers. I wish Jace was like that more often in S1 and not just in times of danger.
  • Still skipping the Simon stuff. I find the vampire storyline boring *shrugs*
  • Izzy was also cool in this ep now that she actually started taking her work as a Shadowhunter seriously and not just as a fun hobby.
  • Magnus’ giggle will never not be hilarious.
  • Best Luke episode yet!
  • OUCH at the very end, when Alec saw Jace and Clary kissing. OUCH!!!
In Wreckage of the Fyre Festival, Fury, Lawsuits and an Inquiry
Billy McFarland wanted to create a luxurious music getaway in the Bahamas. It turned into a washout, with lawsuits and a federal investigation.
By Joe Coscarelli, Melena Ryzik and Ben Sisario

If ya’ll enjoyed the dumpster fire that was Fyre Festival as much as I did, here’s a good “after the fact” article about the man behind it, and the law suits now moving forward…