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I'm writing a soulmate AU, except I don't want to introduce the concept until around the 12 or so chapter. I don;t want my readers to know, or to be sure that it's a soulmate story till then. The problem is how do two people who have been hanging out for 12 chapters find out they are soulmates? They can't have tattoos or something from birth or that show up just from simple physical contact or they would have known sooner and stuff since they meet in the first chapter. How can it work?

Oh! This is very cute, I do love soulmate stories, people seem to get really creative with them! I also imagined these things happening, then your choice of soul bond. For instance- You choose one of the ideas below, commencing in the characters having some reveal of tattoo, marks etc. You get me? Okay I got some ideas, but totally dump them if they aren’t what you want:

  • The moment one feels or accepts romantic feelings for one another.
  • When one notices a specific trait about the other.
  • When one gets a boy/girlfriend. Okay so hear me out- what if when one got a boy/girlfriend their mark appeared? Maybe they assumed it was because the person they were going out with was their soulmate, but their partners mark hadn’t appeared. When the character confides in their friend, theirs has also appeared at the same time…? I don’t know I got carried away!
  • Place or moment of understanding? One discovering a certain place, causing both of their marks to appear.
  • Once someone openly accuses them of being a couple.
  • One dreams of the other for the first time, waking up to find their mark and thinking it’s in their imagination.
  • Historical features? One finding a piece of ‘evidence’ that had been handed down through generations. It read that the 13th descendants of both families would fall in love, regardless of their sexual orientation? I thought of this one in a sleep deprived state, I’m sorry!

This was harder than I first anticipated, but I hope I helped! It’s a really great story idea and I’d love to read it XD I hope you’re well, good luck on your writing! Lots of love from Yasmine xox

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My college creative writing classes are making me depressed. I love college itself, but I'm getting constantly bad feedback, I look at my writing and feedback and feel physically sick. My stories have incoherent plot and sentencing, and despite going to every tutorial I can they and the feedback are always the same. I'm scraping bad passes and cry almost every time I hand in cw work. I'm beaten down and can't write for fun anymore. How can I make writing for grades less viscerally painful?

Okay, a few questions:

  1. Is this happening with all the writing you’re doing for school, or just with the creative writing classes?
  2. If the latter, do you have to take these creative writing classes?

Here’s the thing: I’m not necessarily a huge fan of creative writing classes. You’re at the mercy of the taste and social skills of your professor and classmates, and often it’s a bad fit, personality-wise. Nothing hurts a developing writer more than readers who give them lots of advice despite fundamentally not liking or understanding what they’re trying to do. I’m not against constructive criticism; I just think it’s useless without positive feedback that sees and sympathizes with the writer’s intentions. If a teacher is only telling you what you did wrong with no regard for what you did right, then they’re bad at teaching. Because you need to know what you’re doing right so you can keep doing more or it. (And trust me, you are doing something right.)

So, consider the possibility that you might learn more and grow more as a writer just by writing on your own, not by suffering through these classes. And make no mistake: if you are suffering this much, you can’t learn; that’s just how brains work. If you think you need some kind of feedback, you might benefit more from an informal group that’s just a few writers helping each other out. (These have their perils too, in terms of bad personality fits, but they have the benefit of being smaller, and there’s no grades.)

As a developing writer, it’s more important that you maintain your spirit of play and enthusiasm than that you “learn to do things right.” You’ll figure that part out when you need to. For now, you should just be reading a lot so you can discover what you like, and writing a lot so you can see what works and what doesn’t. A bunch of people peppering you with their questionable opinions just muddies the waters.

That said, I may have an undue animus toward creative writing classes. Does anyone who has survived one have a different perspective?

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OK, so, how bout some HC's for Tracer, Sombra, Zarya and Mei for fave animals and if they have a plush of it or not? (Idk I just want some fluff w/ my fave OW gals and I don't really know your limit for this. Its okay if u can't do this tho!) Best wishes and creativity from ArtyFox! =D

((Thanks for the creative wishes!))

-Her favorite animal is a fennec fox.
-She does not have a plush.
-She wants to have a live pet fennec fox.

-Bearded dragons are her favorite animal.
-She does have a plush of it.
-She also has a live pet that likes to play with the plushie.

-Her favorite animal is a polar bear.
-You know she has a plush. Don’t try to say she doesn’t.
-She has hugged an actual polar bear because she wanted to “experience the real thing.”

-She likes penguins more than any animal.
-Doesn’t have a plush though.
-She has the real deal fam.

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It's me again.. shy anon (^^) I can't bring myself to really call me dryhumping anon xD But Raye.. I love your suggestion of Bashful! That's so cute and more creative than I could ever be myself *^^* I have another Tae smut scenario request.. you must be really bugged by me by now looking at the To Do List o: But I can't help it.. Taehyung is giving me so many feels ^^ Please feel free to take a long time to answer this, okay? I don't want you to not enjoy your work anymore because of me o:

(cont. of request) So here it is: A smut scenario with Taehyung where you want to dominate him. Like for example making up a rule that for this time he isn’t allowed to touch you and when he still does so, you tie him up. And then tease him to no end ^^ Maybe some sort of lapdance? Kisses all over his body? Just teasing him until he cums~ (*/////∇/////*) I’m so sorry but I can’t help myself ^^

Enjoy, bashful anon~ Sorry for making you wait for eons…

- Devi ^_^


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Okay, so. I've recently started trying to draw more non-human stuff, I guess? But, um, do you have any tips for drawing something not human like? Like I can't even draw papyrus i'm so bad at drawing things without a people face, I don't know how to draw something like that and make it look okay. I dunno, you have a lot of really cool non-human ocs and in general draw well so I just wanted to know if you had any "tips or tricks" up your sleeve. Have a nice day.

Wanna draw more non-human stuff?~ HECK YEAH, let’s go pal!

Doing that can really help your creativity and world building, and it can be tough if ya don’t know where to start! Hopefully a few of the tricks and tips I use can help.

When thinking up monster characters I usually start off with the head first, and get a basic skull down.

For example, if you take a humanoid head, there are MANY changes you can make to create a non-human looking character!

The biggest thing is to play around with shapes~! Placement/length/size of the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, etc. can all be changed and moved around!

Shapes are your best friend when it comes to designing.

Whether it be humans, skeletons, and monsters, it’s good to study face planes and angles.

ALSO, there’s tons of inspiration in the animal world!

Meshing together different pieces from animals and body parts helps with figuring out the body and proportions!

This is a good time to study anatomy. Afterall ya gotta learn about bodies before ya can mess around with’em.

Have fun with body proportions!

Long legs? Sharp teeth? Stubby claws? Long ears? Short tail? Big? Small?

The possibilities are endless!

You can look at other monster OC’s from people and get some inspiration.

Google search is your best friend for non-human references, and also color palettes! These can help you color your new monster with whatever fits them.

These are few of the starting points I consider when making a non-human character! Hoped it helped.

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I remember seeing someone post a bunch of headcanons for OiBoKuroDai in college but I can't find it. Would you like to contribute some more headcanons to this? ^^

  • okay so I headcanon that oikawa is actually not a bad cook but gets very, uh,  creative. so now please imagine bokuto enabling him. the other two’s disgusted faces at the mix. they have to cook their own thing on their side to make sure they’re gonna eat, and half of the time oikawa and bokuto’s experiment tastes terrible so they have to give them food too.
  • (the price is letting them say ‘we told you not to do that’ for the whole day)
  • they do cuddle all together when they can but they have very different schedule so the sleeping arrangements are mostly according to who gets up when
  • on week-ends though they all pile themselves together on one bed to sleep. someone has to get up and open the window in the middle of the night because they’re too warm.
  • they adopt a dog you literally can’t tell me they don’t (bokuto and oikawa try to find the most stupid name, kuroo and daichi take it seriously)
  • please picture afternoons spent together where they just move around each others so naturally? they moved in at the start of college and it took time to learn everyone’s habits but now they know exactly what level and kind of noise will interrupt bokuto’s concentration, what are oikawa’s favorite movies, how kuroo likes his tea, how daichi preferes to arrange the books on the shelves
  • the first time they use the coffee machine does not go well. they never managed to get the wall behind it clean again. bokuto and daichi still blame each other for that.
  • stupid little fights that get blown out of proportions happen, especially at the start of the relationship, but they can’t be mad at each others for very long, and if one of them isn’t involved in the fight he’ll try to defuse it, so they very rarely actually fight for long (that’s for the more important ones)
  • holding hands and kissing in public and fucking with people who think they’re two couples but then!! surprise!!
  • team rivalry still going strong even though they all play for the same one now, and they have to rotate for who’s old team they’re going to go watch in a match because it’s getting complicated (if two of them are playing each other they automatically go)
  • if anybody’s got more please send them our way I love this ship now
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> I'm confused by some of the Girl Meets World Fandom. Like I understand that you love Maya and want a lot of focus on her, but she gets a lot of the attention. Also, some of you say that she should get things based on her life situation, like what the hell? We all have problems and we all go through different things. You can't say that Maya deserves Lucas more just because of her life. Some also say that Riley is terrible because Maya stepped back all that time and now Riley won't do the same, so you are saying that it is okay for Riley to get Hurt and not Maya? I don't even ship Rucas, I'm all about Riarkle tbh, but saying that Riley doesn't like Lucas would be a complete lie. I feel like some people try to make Maya bigger than Riley, but why can't we make them equal? Why do we have to tear one down to raise the other up? They both have a lot based on them. Creativity and Forgiveness were both basically centered around Maya. Riley has her episodes too. The show is supposed to show the five of them and yes FIVE of them growing up in the world and learning. A lot of Lucaya shippers, I'm not saying all, but there is a good bit who like to tear Riley down and make her seem like she is nothing compared to Maya. They are both genuinely amazing characters who are always there for one another and to lift each other up. To support each other through everything. I just want the Fandom to make them equal and stop tearing one down for the others sake. They both care about how each other feel, but that doesn't mean they will base everything off of that. They are going to follow their own hearts and do what is best for them. Some Rucas shippers also like to drag Maya down and that is not okay either. Like can we just love everyone the same and stop putting them against one another?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>