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Steve Aoki: the man who works 361 days a year - BBC News
"When I'm not in the studio or touring and playing shows, I get fidgety," says DJ and producer Steve Aoki.

Next time you feel like a bit of a moan about how few holidays you get, spare a thought for DJ and producer Steve Aoki who plays 300 plus shows a year and takes less than an average working week off.

Okay, we understand the idea of travelling the globe and playing music to thousands of gibbering clubbers may not seem like work to most punters but the income tax man would beg to differ.

Anyway, we tracked Steve down on his uber-short vacation ahead of the Grammys where a Netflix film about his hectic lifestyle called I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead was nominated in the documentary category.

Steve also recently collaborated with One Directioner Louis Tomlinson on the track Just Hold On.

Steve, we’re speaking to you in Aspen, Colorado, how is it going?

It’s beautiful, I have a view of the mountains and the trees, it’s really nice.

Are you a country person at heart then or are you a city boy?

I’m a city boy that romanticises being away from the city.

300 shows a year and just four days off, is that all it takes to recharge the batteries?

I’ve got to take a break sometime, so I’m spending the days snowboarding and enjoying myself with my friends, I do that once a year and this is my four days off. I try to enjoy doing my hobbies. You get into a cycle and it becomes awkward when I’m not in the studio or touring and playing shows, I get fidgety, I have to get back into the grind. I’m lucky because I love what I do.

Where are you at your most creative?

That’s an interesting thing because before, I would have to find it in a a particular location but I’ve realised that my inspiration is everywhere I go and I need to be able to harness that and sometimes those moments of creativity are fleeting and you have to try and capture it when it comes. Luckily I get to travel the world and meet amazing creative people and you just have to be in the now and soak it in.

You spend most of the year travelling, what are your must-have travel items?

Just so I can survive, because I don’t have a regular sleep pattern, in order to sleep in a car or a plane, I have my eye-mask, my specific eye-mask, I have this obnoxious pillow I travel with and my headphones.

The most important bit about the eye mask is that it doesn’t touch my eyes so it looks like a bra for a doll, it’s bulging, I should paint some eyeballs on it. I put it on and it’s blacked out. I got my hood up, headphones on, if I’m travelling through Japan or China, I have a face-mask, you can’t tell who I am.

You’re working with the Migos, who were described by Donald Glover as ‘this generation’s Beatles’, what did he mean and do you agree?

I’ve know these guys for a long time, they played a show in Atlanta, we went into the studio and knocked out a song real quick. These guys are amazing, without writing anything down they get an idea and start vibing it out and just nail it in one go.

The thing about music is that you look at The Beatles and throughout history there are very few groups that define a sound and generation. That song Bad and Boujee is definitive of this time in America, of American culture, so I agree with Donald that they represent culture in a really massive way.

You had a new punk-influenced fashion collection showcased during New York fashion week, is this about scaling up 'Steve Aoki’ the brand?

I’ve been involved in fashion in one form or another for a long time, when I was 15 I was screen-printing shirts in my mum’s house for my first band and selling them on the road. So I knew it was something I wanted to do but it took a crazy long time for the Dim Mak collection to be ready.

We wanted to showcase it in the right way and so we turned the runway into a skate ramp so the energy of the [clothing] line was matched visually by what people were seeing as the skaters modelled the clothes.

You didn’t bother training models to skate then?

That would have been a disaster, we got some of New York’s best skaters that really knew how to rep the brand.

Lots of articles claimed New York fashion week was notable for how political some of the shows were. What is it like being a creative person working in Donald Trump’s America? Especially as a second-generation immigrant.

This is probably the worst period of time that I have lived in America, under this dictator-style, fascist president who is pushing his regime and clearing the rights of minorities, immigrants, women, the LGBT community, across the board - there are major steps backwards.

But one thing is for certain - the world is noticing that America itself is coming together and uniting as a voice. That’s why punk happened in the early 70s because it was the voice of protest and rebellion post-Vietnam and now its happening again. We’re having a renaissance. I’m excited about the voices and the people that are going to be speaking out.

There’s a lot of creative spirit, especially in music and the arts and fashion, it’s all part of a larger thing. The Rage Against The Machines of the world, they’re going to come back and inspire more people.

Can we expect some politically-charged material from you?

I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA and I’m not one to sit on the fence especially when something like this has shown its face. When I post something political or anti-Trump on my Facebook, some of the comments I get, you can’t believe how much ignorance is out there.

I might lose some fans by not staying neutral but I don’t have a choice, I have to use my voice.

sometimes, i think for a moment how blessed and lucky we are to have namjoon as bts’ leader? he literally indulges the members in whatever they do, compliments them, makes them feel loved, supports them. he has an amazing stage presence when bts win awards and he has to give speeches, and he makes me so amazed for being so smart and humble, he’s talented and is always working hard, aiming to be a better version of himself every single day. i admire him so much, his passion, the inspiration, creativity, the way he conveys his emotions in his lyrics. truly a talented man and an important figure in bts, the group wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t had namjoon, appreciate him and all the efforts he has made to be where he is with bts, in the position he is, making music with the friends he considers family and loves so much.

“You could,” the protagonist said “always come home.”

The antagonist smiled at that, a little wobbly around the corners. “You’re the only one who thinks that. Too much has happened.”

“Then I suppose we’ll have to run away together.”

The antagonist laughed. “I’d like that. But you know that’s not possible, you’re not that stupid.”

The protagonist’s smile turned wobbly too. “I know. Pretend for me - just a moment.”

Happy birthday @jakei95!! <3 <3

(I would have made something a little bit better/complicated but I didn’t have much time so here’s this simple thingy whoops)

ANYWAYS happy “the day when you came to the world” anniversary for ya!! :D I hope you’re having a nice day filled with love and being surrounded by those who love you <3!! You’re a huge inspiration for many of us, including myself tbh! Many people adore your work, and I mean- who wouldn’t?! You have such crazy yet creative ideas, and you know how to make the perfect balance between funny moments and drama stuff (fee l s). You’re an amazing and lovely person, I hope you never forget that! c:

I drew Zurai because she seems too adorable. Tiny characters are my weakness wfafasasf. I dunno whether she’s bad or not, but I have a feeling that she is, so have this weird thingy??? lmao what am I doing

Also a little speech in spanish under the cut cuz I’m lazy for english rn

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If you’re new to the group, or just having a hard time keeping up with the lightning-speed pace of BTS’ latest project, below is a bit of what’s known about Love Yourself at this time.

‘Love Yourself’ is the fourth era of BTS’s career.

Since day one, the septet’s highlighted individual themes, beginning with the School trilogy, then transitioning into The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and, most recently, Wings series. Like the other concepts, Love Yourself is poised to represent its titular focus in an artistic way through both music and visual elements, though BTS’ reps have said that the posters are not directly part of “pre-promotion of BTS’ upcoming new albums.”

It’s part of an extended story.

The group’s been releasing similarly-themed videos and images since the release of “I Need You” back in 2015, kicking off The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series. While the School era emphasized the troubles and anxieties of school-age youth, the new concept began a whirlwind of releases that explored themes like love, friendship, loss, death, and more through thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing video clips and images along with their albums. The group’s drawn inspiration from literature, including Herman Hesse’s Demian, and other sources, and worked with a variety of creatives on their projects.

Not only is it an ongoing element of their music and performances, but BTS’ members have regularly dropped hints for future releases in their everyday life, including at the BBMA’s in May when Rap Monster dropped a mention of “Love Yourself” in his acceptance speech on behalf of the group.

It began with some photos.

Beginning Aug. 10, BTS dropped thought-provoking posters that showed the members in a variety of scenes to announce Love Yourself, beginning with Jungkook sitting in a wheelchair and ending with Jin holding a bouquet (see below). A second set of images paired members together in contrasting light and dark photos before again ending with Jin as a solo. All the posters contained phrases written on them that reflect on ended relationships and time. One released on Aug. 12 featuring Rap Monster and V included the ambigram “I’m Fine” that could be read upside down as “Save Me,” recalling a suicide prevention ad campaign in Singapore in 2013.

There’s been a ‘Most Beautiful Moment In Life’ throwback.

Following the images, BTS’ company BigHit Entertainment shared a note on social media titled “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life The Notes,” connecting Love Yourself with the earlier era. Credited to Jin, a memo dated “13 June Year 22” told a narrative of the members fighting and going separate ways, before dramatically ending on a cliffhanger revealing that Jungkook was in a car accident.

There have been videos, and there will be more.

Since Aug. 15, BTS has released three highlight reels that show the seven members of the group in a variety of situations interacting with women and one another and are narrated by BTS reflecting on time’s passage, the beauty of life, and impactful moments in life. What it means for BTS and the Love Yourselfseries overall is still unknown, but BTS’ company has already revealed via press release that the plot of the entire Love Yourself project is contained in the first highlight reel.

Each of the videos released so far are subtitled with a single Chinese character that makes up the phrase 起承轉結, or 기승전결 in Korean. The term is used to describe the four steps of storytelling composition: introduction, development, turn, and conclusion. Each video released so far has aligned with one of those elements, with today’s 轉 clip advancing the plot lines dramatically, showing shots of the BTS members racing through the streets of Seoul, collapsing on their feet, washing blood off their hands, and other similarly intense moments.

Smeraldo is a hot topic.

The Italian word for “emerald” captured the attention of ARMYs around the world after Jin shared a photo on Aug. 9 holding a bouquet of blue flowers tinged with red and white with the title “smeraldo.” Fans quickly discovered an Instagram account dedicated to a flower shop selling the flowers, despite the fact that no such flower exists.

The smeraldo flowers have since reappeared in the imagery of BTS Love Yourself teasers photos and videos, but the group has yet to reveal the importance and what it has to do with their upcoming September release.

A lot Is still unknown.

Love Yourself is a new element that will last into 2018, but BTS has yet to reveal much more than that–not even it’s direct relation to their new albums.

bonjour! since i started teaching myself french a few months ago, i thought it would be a good idea to immerse myself by listening to some french music. a lot of french music, actually. here are some of my favorites! (requested by @athenastudying)

cœur de pirate 

she’s canadian + my absolute favorite artist at the moment! her songs are more on the melancholy side, but they have a lovely vintage vibe. also her music videos are v creative so definitely check those out as well! faves: crier tout bas, adieu, ensemble


i’m not usually crazy about indie pop in english but I love indila’s music in french! her songs have a good beat and i often find myself belting out her songs during my solo dance parties. oops. faves: dernière danse, tourner dans le vide, sos


stromae’s music is actually one of the things that inspired me to start learning french!! his music is a blend of hip hop and electronic, which isn’t usually my thing, but i absolutely adore his music. faves: papaoutai, tous les memes, alors on danse


his songs are super catchy and upbeat! i listened to “boum boum boum” for the first time (w the music video) when i knew about four words of french and ended up thinking it was about guns? (spoiler alert: it’s about sex), but i still love it. p sure these are his only two songs in french but i have played them on repeat more times than i care to admit. faves: elle me dit, boum boum boum

fréro delavega

i only discovered their music recently (Fréro Delavega is a two-man duo), and it took me about 0.3 seconds to fall in love with their songs. their songs have a lot of great harmony, and they’re lighthearted and fun to listen to. faves: mon petit pays, ton visage 

joyce jonathan

another recent find! i like to play her music on my phone when i walk to school in the mornings because it’s p relaxing. faves: je ne sais pasça ira

édith piaf

i practically grew up on edith piaf, even before i started learning french properly. her music is wonderful and definitely classic. faves: la vie en rose, a l'enseigne de la fille sans coeur,  non, je ne regrette rien


i love these songs, but i have yet to listen to more music from these artists! they’re still fantastic

badaboum / buridane 
coups et blessures / bb brunes 
l’air de rien / margaux avril 
les jours electriques / jenifer 
on trace ma route / christophe maé 
on ira / zaz 
on ne vit qu'une fois /  sidoine 
sur ma route / black m 
tombé sous le charme / christophe mae

au revoir + shoutout @ciralism​ for recommending coeur de pirate to me in the first place!! xx

Dear Daniel James Howell

I’m not artistically gifted nor am I able to do anything extravagant for his birthday. I do, however, want to thank @danielhowell

Thank you for giving me a reason to smile.

Thank you for showing it is okay to be who you are and do what is best for you.

Thank you for your articulate waffles that help me discover new ideas and opinions as well as help validate my own.

Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us.

Thank you for sharing awkward moments because I feel less alone and terrible because of mine.

Thank you for helping me realize I don’t have to go to university and get a well paying job to have value.

Thank you for being a meme and embracing it.

Thank you for caring about the important things.

Thank you for never giving up.

Thank you for giving the warmest hugs and not making me feel awkward when all I could say to you face to face was “thank you for all you’ve done for me”.

Thank you for inspiring me to keep going every day.

Thank you for the infinite amount of things you’ve done for not only me but also many others. I’d list them all but I don’t think that is possible!

You’re loved so much. Happy Birthday ❤️

“Oh god,” their voice quivered. “You’re alive - I thought you were-”

They cut off as their crush stood up slowly stood up, eyes fixed on them. Dark, intent.

Their crush took a few slow steps closer.

They swallowed. “And it would have been all my fault-”

Their crush cupped their face and kissed them, quieting them to a soft moan. They broke after a moment for breath.

“I can’t lose you-” they began again, frantic, overspilling with words they thought they’d never get to say.

Their crush kissed them once.

“I love you,” they finished helplessly. And, this time, and they drew their crush into a searing kiss, melting against them.

“ All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Happy 2nd Anniversity Undertale

My oh my I am astounded that after all this time that passed this fandom is still going strong and I am still very much into it. I had meant to make something earlier but I was strapped down with alot of personal stuff and being a bit intimidated inspired from all the wonderful art us Undertale peeps had made for the occasion. But when I had a moment, I had a general idea what I can do so I just done it.

Here we have Sans looking up at the night sky, hopeful for the future and looking forward.

Thank you Toby for creating such a wonderful game and helping to create such a wonderful community that had taken me out of such a dark period in my life and allowed me to flourish creatively as I continue working on self improvement and take better care of myself.



So I’ve been continually looking at the fan manga on pixiv called (roughly translated) “In Which Guzma is Frustrated” (ah, great title) by 29minato, but as it’s in Japanese, all I did initially was admire the art. However, from what I could tell, it had a rather in-depth plot… Then, in a moment of sudden inspiration, I thought, “hey, I have Google Translate, several years of studying the language, and some creative writing skills–why not try translating it?”

So, uh, this my attempt? (link to rest of 27~ pages of volume 1 in imgur, full album)

Buttload of disclaimers:

-The original comic is here, by 29minato (29minato.tumblr.com)

-This was done for funsies only, mostly to see if I could do it. I am not a Japanese language expert. This is a liberal, “soft” translation–some details or lines may be missing or altered, but I tried to capture characters’ voices and get across the intended emotional impact/plot devices.

-Attached here are the first five pages of chapter 1. So far, I’ve only translated that chapter–HERE’S THE LINK one more time to the remaining pages in chapter 1

-I may or may not try to translate the other chapters, depending how busy I get. As I said, this was mostly as exercise… Chapter 2 is done as well!  Follow my blog if you want to read future chapters!

UPDATE: Added some watermarks with creator credit.

UPDATE 2: Vol. 3 is done

in the 12th house we can tap into the creative memory and inspiration from past lives. the watery planets also symbolise where we inherit karma and trauma and often psychic gifts from generations before us.  

every lifetime you return to learn the education of the soul, to exist in this form, and then to exist in another, so you can experience all the elements of being God…to be born at a new moment in time and space and have a new well of talents and qualities to overcome another soul contract with. i guess the work you haven’t done filters onto the next. whether its worth worrying about on the other hand, that “past life” is happening right now, that “next life” is happening right now, but the one that matters right now at this moment in cosmic time is where you’re at and its all there is


No matter what people say about Sonic, I am forever going to love him above almost everything else. He has made me who I am, allowed me to have amazing friends, inspired my creativity over the years, and my list could go on. Ever since I found out about, I have never stopped loving him. Even if something happened to me because of him, I wouldn’t hate him. Sonic shall forever be my main ideal because he makes me smile during my saddest moments in life. Whenever I feel down, I can just listen to his music or look at him and feel better in seconds. I could go on forever on how Sonic has been the biggest influence for me, but I don’t want to keep typing. So in summary, Sonic the hedgehog shall be my one and only hedgehog ideal.

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Simblr appreciation post!

My first simblr crushes - still going strong(people never forget their first loves, do they?) : @budgie2budgie, @simdoughnut,@leanderbelgraves, @rumoruka-raizon  @napoleonfrost @jools-simming @brittpinkiesims @lumialoversims @ohmysims @wildlyminiaturesandwich   @flowerchamber, @leo-sims @inabadromance @daer0n @sssvitlans @biguglyhag @jorgha-haq @dominationkid @jomsimscreations

Favorite creators/builders/pose makers/wizards: @fuckyeahunbichobolita @mclaynesims, @marvinsims @sims4-marigold @manueapinny @madlensims @josiesimblr, @mranalot @annabellee25@aveirasims @butterscotchsims @nygirlsims @simlaughlove  @fuyaya@plumbobteasociety  and all of their members♥!  @peacemaker-ic,  @a-luckyday@aharris00britney @faerieflower@thingsbydean @industrisims @ivo-sims @pictureamoebae  @icy-spicy-scalpel@john-sims @bustedpixels @aroundthesims @akuiyumi@blogsimplesimmer @crazycupcakefr @chocolatemuffintop @holosprite @kotcatmeow@peachandherpan @waekey @heartfall  @fakehousesrealawesome @rinvalee  @conceptdesign97sims @savage-sims @theslyd @trillyke @valhallansim @xldsims @simsdelsworld @standardheld@weepingsimmer  @onyxsims@redhotchilisimblr@magicalgirlsimmer@thepathofnevermore @kedluu @tatschu @pyxiidis @theplumbobarchitect @thisissimtastic @slythersim @sims-and-rebellion @bakiegaming@birksche @coloresurbanos@shespeakssimlish @leeleesims1 @kiruluvnst @down-in-simsland @coliswonderland @simsontherope @helgatisha @meghewlett @theafricansim

Some really cool beans: @thesadnesshotline @blueossa @igglemouse @celebi88 @icarusim  @novemsims @simplifiedsimi @faerieflower @bridgeportgirl @happylifesims @nuclearxwaffles @tabbyrh  and maaaany, many more! I am sorry to anyone I did not mention, this was  a loooong post T.T Thank you all for the wonderful content you give to this community(make no mistake, I like to lurk around and creepily stalk your content with gusto) and for your sparkly presence! At one time or another I was a member of all kinds of communities, but even with the occasional toxicity that manages to show up, this is still the most creative, inspiring and kind corner of the web I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. So everyone, stay strong and sparkle on! 


I need YOUR help!!!

I have been at a creative STALEMATE lately. Struggling pretty bad. 

So, you’re wondering. What does this have to do with me? you’re asking.

Well… it means: 

  2. Send me your prompts, your funny lines, your lovey dovey moments, YOUR GIFS. 
  3. Not every request will be written. I can’t be inspired by everything. 
  4. I will only consider Dean, Jensen, Jared, and Sam requests. All others will be trashed. 

So HAVE AT IT LOVES. Can’t wait to see what you send me!

Tagging some peeps that may help: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @captainradicalpassion @impala-dreamer @percywinchester27 @winchester-writes @ellen-reincarnated1967 @ravengirl94 @rizlowwritessortof @torn-and-frayed @supernatural-jackles @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @dancingalone21 @karlee-fay-my-wayward-son @atc74 @blacktithe7 @chaos-and-the-calm67 @chelsea072498 @mrswhozeewhatsis @salvachester @sis-tafics

Rivals Top Tens

Recently I’ve had quite a few asks about Top Ten things in the Rivals universe and quite  few people have asked for a link so that they can find all the posts easily. I have now added a shortcut in my useful links page which you can find here http://kazliin.tumblr.com/useful+links or you can search my blog for the tag top ten lists. 

I am having way too much fun coming up with these lists as it give me a great chance to get creative and do a lot of worldbuilding. I have a few more top ten prompts in my askbox at the moment which I am intending to answer as soon as I can, it just takes me a little longer to do those ones as I need time to think of a good answer!

So far still to write I have:

-  Top 10 Memes Inspired By Yuuri Katsuki

-  top ten Viktor Nikiforov cheesy ig posts about yuuri

-  Top 10 Katsuki/Nikiforov Moments That Had Everyone Swooning

- Top 10 texts/sexts list

If there are any other top ten lists you want to see feel free to send your prompts as asks!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any prompts for a quick tempered immortal goddess trying to convince a mortal girl to love her?

Like this?

1) “Love is cruel,” said the girl. “Particularly the love of the gods, everyone knows that. I have no interest in being your plaything.”
“I don’t quite know what god you got your definition of love from, but it is not mine. Passion is not cruelty and tenderness not possessiveness, my heart - be very wary of anyone who would try and convince you otherwise.”

2) “Why won’t you love me?”
“I didn’t realize it was a matter of won’t. We don’t get a choice who we fall in love with, it’s not exactly a logical debate,” the girl said. “At least not to humans.”
“Could you love me?” The goddess rephrased, trying to wrap her head around the volatility of the human heart. She saw the girl duck her head to hide a lovely smile.
“I suppose you can always try and persuade me,” came the lightness of her reply.

3) “I could give you everything,” the goddess murmured. “All you’d have to be is mine.”

4) The goddess plied her beloved with the nectar of the gods, bestowed her fine silks, the prettiest flowers, the sweetest of fruits. None of it seemed to work.
“What is it you want?!” She cried out finally, in frustration and despair. “What would make you love me?”
“Well, being yourself would be a start. I don’t need pearls, and you were of the earth and the sunshine once. Of storm and star and flame. Love me,” begged the girl. “Don’t try to buy me.”

5) “I could make you love me!” The goddess lost her temper. 
“Then that’s not love, it’s mind control.”
“Hundreds worship me, adore me, pray to me. You should be honoured.”
“I know, wow, I can’t believe we haven’t fallen in love already with that mindset.”

6) “I’ve tried to be romantic.”
“Yeah,” the girl tugged a hand through her hair and grimaced. “Kinda not…into romance. Like, at all. Aromantic. Don’t really want to swoon into a sunset.”
The goddess started her, astonished for a few moments. Then - “I have an amazing queen sized bed we could break fucking.” 
“Now that, love, sounds more like it.”

I learned from improvisation that there really aren’t any mistakes. A mistake is just the thing that gets you to the next thing. I knew I could get by just by staying in the present moment.

Trimberly James Bond AU BECAUSE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL IMAGE (by @smallandsundry

The man goes down quickly, a clean shot to the center to his forehead, forcing the woman behind him to step out of the way to avoid his falling body; she doesn’t scream or shout or make any noise of distress, which is refreshing, but when she glances back up, she looks anything but pleased.

“You have got to be joking.”

Kim holsters her weapon and smooths down her suit, but the grin spreads across her face before she’s completed either action — even, in fact, before the man’s body hits the floor.

“Hello, darling! Isn’t this a pleasant surprise?”

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“You know what I think-”

“No. And I don’t really care either.”

“You haven’t given up.” Now that wasn’t the comment they’d expected, and they faltered just for a moment. “You play giving up well, masterfully even. Well enough to have your enemies fooled.”

“Then what makes you think I haven’t?”

“No one who’s actually given up has to put this much effort into proving it.”

Age Gap ~ Joe Sugg (Requested)

Request: I was wondering if you could write a Joe Sugg imagine where there’s quite an age gap between him and the reader and she’s insecure about what people are saying but Joe is really comforting and makes her calm down

Word Count: 1,482

Warnings: Cursing? Idk.

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