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I know other people are giving their opinion on this whole Gemma situation but I wanted to know yours? Among other problematic things about it - the language and target group, it just gave me a lot of anxiety and I was really upset by it. I like Gem a lot but honestly it gave me some doubt because I just don't understand why she constantly speaks out to debunk 'theories' as she said. She's kind of an extension of Harry in some ways and I guess I'm just wondering why she would.

2. (please no one attack me for me an anti or troll - I’m not. I’m a larry. I do my best to stay firm in what I believe but I struggle when there’s constant stuff thrown at us to make us doubt and I find it really upsetting.

First of all, she doesn’t “constantly” debunk theories, she responds to Larry-related comments about once a year, the fandom has a fit, then everything goes back to normal.

Second, I keep seeing all these posts about what she said, but no one seems to be talking about what the original trigger for all of this was. I haven’t seen it myself, but there was ONE post that crossed my dash that said that her reply “Are you mental?!” was in response to someone commenting that an IG post of hers “proves Larry.” Since I can’t confirm that’s the fact, I’m hesitant to report it as one, but it’s also the ONLY thing I ever saw talking about what she was responding to, so my answer assumes that’s true.

So did anyone, even once, think that she specifically meant that as a response to someone claiming an entirely unrelated IG post “proves Larry”?  That it wasn’t an attack on Larries or Larry, but on that one particular thing? That thing that she just last month wrote an article about saying how annoying it was?

And then people went on the attack, as they do, and she tried - and failed - to defend herself without actually talking about Larry.

I get why people are mad and I agree that she should have just eyerolled out of there, blocked or deleted the comment and moved on. But I also get that she is fucking tired of all of those responses on every one of her posts.  The “LARRY IS REEEALLL!!!” commenters are extremely annoying. I want to block them all too.  That said, they’re also harmless and should be ignored, but all of us have days when little things seem much bigger than they are.

Gemma is human, she got annoyed and responded to an unnecessary comment using a common, if inappropriate, UK phrase.

I think it’s much ado over a big ball of nothing. Sorry.


[ au’s that exist elsewhere ]

He’s a mystery that no one really knows about. He’s a mystery that draws people in with the rings on his fingers and the charms that drape around his neck.

He’s tall and his eyes bore secrets that people can never hold his gaze for long.

He helps people, those who desperately need it, whispering latin and spells underneath his breath, the candles creating a fog that only seem to make the gold in his eyes stand out more.

But while he’ll help those who come asking it, he doesn’t even think twice about punishing those who don’t have pure intentions. Those who intend to use his magic to hurt or harm.

He’ll help those who need it but he’ll punish those who deserve it.


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I love how Matt's creepy af tweets to Harry don't bother her but someone posting a harmless comment on IG suddenly turns into crying on twitter about being in her shoes and having to see this like it's a damn soap opera


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gemma, looking through the internet at all of the things tabloids and fans say about harry being an attention seeking, cheating, scheming, lying, womanizer who only dates when he has to promote something which is an image harry and the boys have spoken up against: no, that one. that comment from a 12 year old fan on my instagram picture implying harry is in a loving supportive relationship with a man. i can't stand seeing comments like these about my brother every day. i have to speak up.

gemma: you’re welcome to live in my brain for a day and then read comments like yours and see how you wanna deal with it, go ahead. me: oh shit thanks *turns off my computer so i can enjoy being an old white privileged millionaire cishet woman whose sole grievance in life is people thinking her brother is gay* great! now it’s your turn to live as a lower middle class trans teen of color who takes the time to support a boyband whose family members demonize you for thinking their brother is gay.


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But you can't compare insta larries to 5 haylor and hendall fan. You rarely see them under her pic but when you have 10000 larries commenting everyday under your pic it ends up being the thing you notice. She was asking THAT fan if she was real for thinking that she just confirmed larry with a pic of art. I would want to ask that fan the same thing. How is her posting art comfirming larry. She never said anything about larry or larries as a group and she used british slag which was not the best

there were two larry comments under that picture. two. i checked when i saw her response because i understood her annoyance but didn’t understand the need for such a visceral rebuttal. one said “confirms larry 😊💚💙” and one said “larry 💚💙” and she replied to the first one. like i don’t know why that picture confirmed larry for them but.. okay if that’s what does it for you my guy.. you know. also her using slang doesn’t excuse her choice of words lmao? i think my post was self-explanatory in that regard. i don’t think she’s a bad person and i get that people say things they regret and ultimately don’t mean. i just think it’s important to have a conversation about those issues at the same time.

I’m a person who likes to be honest and candid. I dont want to have to watch my mouth around you. But over the years I’ve learned 1) not everyone can handle the truth, 2) the way I’ve said some things was too blunt, 3) not everything needs to be said or commented on. I feel like I’ve reeled myself in over the years. I leave my most candid thoughts for like 2-3 ppl in my life who understand my intention behind them. A good amount of the time its just an observation but I guess an observation that some people would rather not hear.

Other times I’m just talking shit and want somebody with my same sense of humor to get it lmao

darantei replied to your photoset “Salted caramel sauce ������ As an added bonus I had just enough left…”

I thought you couldn’t have dairy? What is the caramel made of?

(Don’t worry I saw the rest of you comment I just can’t get multi-reply to work <3)

I have been given the green light to start reintroducing fresh dairy into my diet as I’m not allergic to casein or whey, so I can have small amounts and see if I have the symptoms of lactose intolerance. I still can’t have fermented dairy because those are fairly high in sulfites, so anything like cheese or yogurt is still out.

Can you eat coconut? I’ve made a cracking good caramel sauce using coconut milk for a friend who is all kinds of dairy intolerant (It’s extra sweet cause coconut milk is sweet, and if you use coconut sugar it’s so sweet my eyes screw shut so I quickly made it into salted coconut caramel sauce lol). I could look it out for you? Unless you’ve already tried that and didn’t like it, in which case I will take myself off on a mission to make good dairy free caramel. 

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I love your post about Gemma.I mean,she seems like a very nice girl.I'm sorry if she has difficulties with the fandom but your brother is very famous.I don't think the posts about he and his bandmate are the worst thing you see on sm,even Louis blocks people who talks shit about H.I've seen people writing horrible things.She has saying anything about it.Not even when Nora' friend wrote on IG about a very disturbing and sexual comment(Harry finge** him)or when Bellassai writes about H'ass.

yes, that’s why i think she is struggling to navigate the fandom. she is in contact with those people, knows them personally, can have a conversation about her concerns, gauge their sense of humour, decide if she can/wants to separate certain things. and come to a decision that we may or may not agree with. but what i think is important for her to remember is that The Fandom isn’t this huge elusive entity. her words have an impact and while some of the comments that prompt a reaction aren’t from the smart, funny, respectful part of the fandom they hit the smart, funny, respectful part just as hard.

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i just want to say that the ending to your auror!derek fic still fucked me up like the ride was awesome but the ending was so sweettt and satisfying i still think about it from time to time

thank you so much!

 this fic was a long, long, time in the works. i’m not really sure what happened but there was a lot of life stuff that happened in the middle, and then i just got stuck, really terribly, and almost gave up but awesome people who kept leaving supportive comments and i was inspired again, so i’m really glad you enjoyed it. thank you for the sweet message and i hope you’re having a great day  ❤ ❤ ❤

The After Party - Part 3

Hey Guys, here is the final part for this fiction. Thanks for the likes and reblogs, it is much appreciated. Now that this is finished I have a few requests to write for so look out for those. :) And thank you to the person who sent me a message for an insult for Jughead from Reggie.

Part One

Part Two

He put a hand on her shoulder wanting to comfort her and she collapsed onto him. Her face nuzzled into his shirt. “You smell nice.” She commented, feeling his body stiffen at the contact.

“Thanks?” he responded unsure. He was in a small enclosed space with Betty Cooper at a house party, it wasn’t exactly where he thought his night was going to end up. Her hands moved to encircle his waist and he went to put some distance between them, his back hitting the wall behind him. He needed to process what was happening. She moved towards him again her hand pressed against his chest. “Betts. Come on.” his tone was light, friendly, trying to break the tension that had suddenly engulfed the small room. But she was having none of it, her eyes had darkened and they carefully examined him in a way he had not seen a member of the opposite sex look at him before.

“Betts I don’t think this is a good idea.” He let out, as her hand moved to his shirt playing with the material. His hands were braced on the wall behind him, he was out of space to move and she was not backing away.

“What did I say about people telling me what to do?” She replied.

“Not telling, advising.”

“I always do what is best Jug. That’s my life’s mission. But sometimes I get sick of being the good girl.” He swallowed thickly, his throat feeling dry. She smiled noticing his reaction. Her hand moved from the opening of his shirt to his neck, playing with the curls of hair that escaped underneath his beanie.

“Betts.” He groaned in warning. She had fully invaded his personal space now. If she was anyone else he would have pushed them away by now.

“Don’t you want to make me feel better.” She pressed her body against his.

“I don’t want to be a rebound.” He choked out.

“This isn’t about that. This is two people who know each other very well, who at one time or another have imagined what it would be like to cross that line.” She said seductively as she trailed a finger down the side of his cheek to lightly ghost across his lips.

“You have thought about that?” He asked searching her eyes for honesty. She took a hold of his hand and placed it on her hip.

“Haven’t you?” She said avoiding the question. He glanced at his watch on the hand not currently attached to her hip holding her tight now without realizing.

“We have 3 minutes left.” He stated struggling to keep his tone even.

“Tick, Tock” She replied.

“Fuck it.” He groaned in defeat, his hand reaching for the back of her head, pulling her closer so that his lips could capture hers. Her lips were pliable under his, returning his kiss with equal enthusiasm. Her hands went to his hair dipping underneath the beanie on his head to feel his wavy locks he kept hidden. She had always wondered what his hair felt like, hidden always under that beanie.

Her tongue swept across his bottom lip, seeking entrance which he gladly gave all too easily. This feeling of being desired overwhelmed her, she wanted more, more of this feeling. Feeling bold she reached under his t-shirt, her fingertips touching bare skin and delighting in his sharp intake of breath at the contact. But he didn’t stop her, didn’t pull away as she had expected. She moved her hands to his bare back scratching lightly. She was reveling in the sounds that he was making, it made her feel powerful that she could create such a reaction in the usually stoic teen.

So far he had been along for the ride, letting her take the lead. But this feeling arising up in him had snowballed into something he couldn’t quite control. He wanted more, he wanted to feel more. Switching their positions he pushed her up against the wall, as his lips went to her neck, he took a testing nip the barest hint of teeth  and then soothed the area immediately with his tongue as she gasped and moaned her appreciation.

Her hands were in his hair again. She wanted that hat gone. She knew it was his security blanket. A barrier against the the world and she wanted him without those. She wanted him laid bare. Those moments when she had thought about what it might be like to kiss him, she had never imagined this. She had expected an awkwardness and hesitation on both sides. But this was nothing like that. This felt almost right. There was a push and pull between them, give and take. This was not the sweet first kiss she had expected to write in her diary, all sunshine and rainbows and Archie Andrews. This was raw and unhinged. Her fingers were now laced in his hair as she directed him to where she needed to feel his touch the most.

She felt his hand moving up her waist, up her ribcage, the underside of her breast just short of touching her where she needed him to. She keened into his touch.

“Please.” She let slip from her lips. She heard him take a deep breath before his hand caressed her breast and his mouth reclaimed hers.

“Right Betty times up.” Veronica said as she opened the closet door, Archie stood next to her and may have needed some help picking his jaw up of the floor. Within the closet were his two best friends tangled up in each other, hair mussed, the crown beanie on the floor left forgotten. It seemed Veronica too was lost for words.

“Whoa looks like Needlenose does know what to do with a girl after all.” Reggie shouted peering over the shoulder of Archie who was still having difficulty getting his mouth to form words. Betty and Jughead broke apart, Betty casually smoothing down her dress, while he picked up his beanie from the floor pulling it quickly onto his head. He looked over to Betty expecting to see embarrassment or a look of guilt at being caught in the act, but he couldn’t read anything from her face. The closest thing he could describe it as was determined.

“Oh looks like Betty Cooper isn’t so innocent after all. More like your sister than we thought. Must be a Cooper thing.” Cheryl commented smugly. Betty’s face didn’t change, didn’t crumble and break like it usually would. Instead she walked over to Cheryl never breaking eye contact. She was in Cheryl’s face now, eye to eye. Cheryl noted the look in her eye and her smile faltered.

“I am done being your little plaything. Cross me again. so much as say Polly’s name and you will regret it.” She stepped past her heading for the exit. She looked back over her shoulder at the devastation in her wake, to the boy still in the closet. “Are you coming?”

How could he say no?

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What are your fave pics of Sid? Pls include as may as possible!!

This is like,,, probably the best ask I’ve ever received. I have so many faves. SO MANY.



i just ?? really enjoy these sunglasses

the asg was top notch for sidney photos

sidney and flower is always good

he just looks great when he laughs his face gets all stupid and scrunchy i love it

the fucken NERD asleep with the cup

no comment


and because this is getting long im gonna wrap it up with this

i just like when he wears long sleeved black tees

I just wanna say a quick thank you and also a short apology.

i want to thank y’all because throughout this mess tonight i have received zero (0) messages of hate. not one. not even a snide comment. i have received nothing but support for doing something that was really hard but really important that i do and i got so many people coming to me telling me that it wasn’t just me, that i wasn’t alone in this and while it saddens me that he was able to affect to many, it was comforting to know that i had people backing me up in this. so for that thank you.

and now i want to apologize because i try so hard to keep this blog a positive place and keep it free of negativity for the most part (after all, we all know who my fav is and why he’s my fav) but there was a lot of negativity tonight and true, i feel it was needed and justified, it’s not what i’m usually about and not what this blog is about, so i am sorry for that and another thank you for stick with me through it.

y’all rock and i love you

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I freaking hate my body🤢😭 I'm huge! No one ever looks at me but they all fall for my friends I'm just the big fat friend of the group. I don't know what to do anymore I try everything and my body isn't changing. Then there's my mom always saying I can buy clothes anywhere but you can't find anything Because you're to big! It hurts she always tells me to stop eating so I can lose weight. I did advice can you please help 😭🤢😓

Bby girl 😞 losing weight takes a while it isn’t something that will happen over night but if you get your self a weight lose routine and stick to it then you will definitely see change soon enough! I’d start by doing gym every night, swimming is a really good workout too, healthy eating try not to have to many cheat days, eat smaller portions than normal. Any other fitness gals comment below if you have suggestions 😘

I was watching some video on youtube about the group of women who played league of legends together and formed a professional team. I don’t know much about league or their group and that’s not why I brought this up anyway. The comment section is an absolute gold mine of trash, here is my personal favorite -


guy 1 - “that’s what happens when a group of females live together and are on their periods at the same time” (in reference to them disbanding)

guy 2 - “do you guys really think they touched their uteri (*not a typo*) together so they would have their periods at the same time?? xDD”

guy 3 - “um actually, women’s periods can sync up if they spend a lot of time together”

guy 2 - “Ah… you learn something new every day xD”

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I realize ur prob getting a lot of asks & that you've been away but I just have to vent so pls feel free to ignore me. I have to live w/a severe mental health issue & it SUCKS so much & it's painful. That comment, it's a slur & she used it so flippantly & it's not easy or fun or anything to use an an insult to have to deal w/ this shit. And it fucked me up so bad, what gemma posted. idc about denials & stuff, I can deal with that, it's the word she used. It made me sick to my stomach

i’m so sorry that comment affected you like that. i know exactly what you mean i expect the denials to continue so long as the closet is in place but there is a way to shut down the rumours without also being a condescending ableist asshole.

that fan shouldn’t have left that comment but gemma SHOULD NOT HAVE ENGAGED LIKE THAT. period.

I just saw this really passive aggressive comment on a piece of art that I liked and it just really fucking irritated me. Why do people on tumblr have to go out of their way to be holier than thou fucking assholes all the time. Go to sleep.