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The worst part about owning a snake and loving reptiles is when people immediately shut you down. “Lol my snake did this cute thing where he starte-” “EW YOU HAVE A SNAKE?!” “yeah?” “That’s gross. I don’t want to even hear about them.” and you sit there like “you people let your dog lick your face after it ate shit and licked his nuts and you call me gross?????”

That and some of the comments when people do want to see pictures and I think they are interested when all they say is “Wow he’s pretty, he’d make a nice belt/shoes/purse.” or “Are you going to eat him and keep his skin when he dies? I would.” Like WTF?!!! He’s my Companion!!! My little buddy, my snon (snake son). Do I look at your pets or kids and go “Hmmm I wonder if Charley or Rudy would make a nice dinner or carpet Hellen.”

Fuck people who do this. I understand if you fear or hate snakes or reptiles but some of us love them. Don’t sit there and put us and our pets down and call us ugly or gross. You’re just jealous my baby has better skin and beautiful colors that you could never achieve. Plus snakes are not slimy! They are actually very smooth and soft especially when they run between your hands. They can do silly and derpy things too, and are smarter than what most people give them credit for. Thru can also learn who their handler is and develop a trust between them and learning their personalities and body language is fun and awesome because you start to learn how to read them.

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lol at people who want to see Louis wear things more like Harry because Harry has 'actual style'. Meanwhile I'm over here thinking of that Randy's Donuts hoodie that he literally always wears like yes, what a posh look indeed... (srsly tho can ppl just leave them both alone, I love their expensive ass clothes)

Oh my god, can you imagine if Louis was a repeat offender with a hoodie like that? People would make the rudest comments. Harry does have his Harry Styles™ look, but he definitely dresses down a lot too and loves to wear whatever the fuck he wants in his downtime, whether it’s the donut hoodie or four shirts layered over each other or his winter boots with athletic shorts or whatever. They both have expensive clothes and they both know how to dress well, but they also know their audience. Harry dresses one way when he’s being performer/actor Harry and another when he’s just being a normal dude. And Louis does his thing too, but people always seem to find something to complain about when it comes to his clothing. He wears designer clothes that fit the music scene he’s in and people complain, he color coordinates his casual looks and mixes pieces to make himself look fabulous even in sweatpants and a t-shirt and people complain, and on it goes. It’s so unnecessary and unfair because people don’t rip the other boys’ styles apart the way they do with Louis, and I know part of it is rejection of his unfair and inaccurate chavvy image, but a lot of the time, people seem to just be really classist and rude with their comments no matter what he’s wearing. Nothing is ever good enough for this fandom.

highlights of hyeontae’s instagram live today:

  • his drawings!!!
  • him drawing live and he kept writing sorry
    • he said sorry a lot actually but like he’s perfect??
  • hyeontae’s korean class!!
    • ngl i took notes
  • him writing “I love you” in different languages
    • rip my heart
  • “my neck is… dry”
  • he spoke so much english and someone called him an english king and he was like “what?? nooo!!”
    • also, his voice gets higher when he speaks english than when he speaks korean it’s p cute
  • #confirmed he’s still good friends w/ Hansol and B-Joo
  • someone asked him what his height is (186cm/6′2ish… my god) and he called us cute bc everyone started commenting their heights
  • Hansol was in the comments for a bit!! Hyeontae got really excited
  • Hyeontae getting #shook at the idea of him having a fandom
  • this boy literally stayed up until like 4:10ish AM to talk to us :’) god bless him

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Hello, just wondering what the difference is between 'shipper trolls' and 'real shippers'. As you said yourself, there are bad eggs in both camps. I have lost respect for many shippers over their treatment if MM, which, I assume, comes from jealousy and envy. I applaud you for acknowledging that people from both sides behave badly.

Okay, I am answering this ask only to clarify what I meant, but I will tell you now that I am side-eyeing your “lost respect” comment.

A “shipper troll” and “anti troll” are just TROLLS, they are most often neither shippers nor antis.

By definition from Wikipedia:

An internet troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1]extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll’s amusement. 

These trolls, by the nature of wanting to sow discord, simply pick a side, any side.

Some will pick the shipper side, some will pick the anti side, but they are just miserable people who enjoy provoking the reader and will chose to do so by whatever means.

In the Outlander fandom we have seen trolls get involved in shipping, in politics and other topics where they can just post opposing views to irritate and insult people.

So, yes…these “shipper trolls” are NOT shippers.

Hope that clarifies.

June 6, 2015. Early early in the morning Norman was spotted on a plane to St Louis. Later he was spotted at the childrens hospital. That evening he posted this picture. He had never announced he was going and has never said anything about this trip. Pieced together from the conversations in the comments on this post is the story of what happened. He ended a super long day and jumped onto a pre dawn flight to make it to a dying child who had been supposed to be part of a make a wish event but who instead was down to his last few hours. Hours.
I can’t begin to imagine how difficult that must have been.

He never advertised it. He hasnt talked about it. He’s never used it to make himself look good. He wasnt paid for it. It wasn’t scheduled. He just DID it and he posted the picture for the family not himself. It’s all there in the comments but nowhere else.
I think I’ve seen one vague reference to this in one article, where it was mentioned he flew out to meet a m.a.w. kid who couldn’t make the event. It never went into the unimaginable details of the day or of what he actually did.
Anyone who thinks his choice of female company or his occasional refusal of a selfie reflects badly on his character has no IDEA about his character.

Why am I a fan? Right here.

Mod- this says so much about him. Thank you for sharing this @voodoonegan
A Call To Arms  because i’m feeling like shit...

Both mentally and physically. 

Physically i feel like a 15 year old spaniel… overweight and struggling to breathe. My Asthma has been triggered by pollen allergies and a cough. I’m exhausted. I go to cough but all i can do is wheeze like Mutley. 

Mentally… yeah that’s not good either. Friday was obviously very stressful for me (it was the anniversary of my child that passed away’s birthday), and i had been spending every night last week until gone midnight working on my crafts, only to go to a craft fair on saturday and not sell a single thing. Not a damn thing. People making comments that because my stuff was ‘so good’ it had to be ‘made in a factory in china’… (WTF???), so all that hard work literally for nothing, and the general public not having faith in handmade crafts could be handmade as they were too good… FML.

So please feel free to send nice things my way. Anything. Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, hell, even Hiddles and Hemsworth. Funny shit. Karl Urban/Star Trek stuff. SPN stuff that isn’t too depressing. Cute dogs. Photos, vids and fanfics. 

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So when I read Rivals 2: The Suffering this morning, it already had 76 comments. When I read it again tonight (while rereading parts of Rivals 1 and realizing HOW MUCH suffering Viktor must be going through) it had 292 comments. Do you read all of those comments? Like, how do you even get through all of them?! (thank you for the fic btw, second chapter is going to KILL me - Viktor's already in love with Yuuri and he's going to have to hear Yuuri say "I hate you"?! OMG)

Of course I read all the comments! I think what a lot of non-writers don’t realize is that A03 emails each comment to the author directly so I get a notification every time I get a new one and read them almost immediately. It takes me a lot longer to reply because answering all the comments can take 8+ hours sometimes but I read every single one of them almost as soon as they’re posted 

Once Upon a December (Part 6)

A/N: It took so long! I know, I know. But this weeks have been insane! I have several papers to do for college and so. Also, tomorrow I’ll have an interview in the university newspaper to talk about my book!

Anyway, I’m planning something new: A Natasha/Reader fanfic, so stay tuned! As always, feel free to correct, comment and feedback would be appreciated.

If you are NEW, Part 1 starts HERE

Words: 2,234.

Warnings: Angst, maybe.

Tag list and those who might like it!: @msmarvelchick @sebastian-bucky-stan @eileenlikesyou-maybe @a-girl-who-loves-disney @whotheeffisbucky @plumfondler @totheendofthelinepal @thatawkwardtinyperson @theh3aven @themistsofmyavalon @pleasecallmecaptain @writemarvelousthings @writingbarnes @sebbytrash-old @stephvera @shaerose98 @hollycornish @marvelfanuniverse @totheendofthelinepal @just-call-me-mrs-captain @bovaria @writing-soldiers @marvelouslymarvelousimagines @mangosoldier @rchlnwtn  @goldwanderer @fourtyninekirbygamzeegirl @bvckys-doll @suvi-hearthcrow @justareader  @themortallife @perrychastain @petitelaurie9 @inlovewithmydreams @happiness-is-sebstan @marvelous-fvcks

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“There we are” Steve muttered as you arrived to your compartment. It had still the remains of the golden years of the reign. The walls were made in wood and the floors were carpeted in red. 

Bucky and Steve put the suitcases on the luggage rack and you sat down near the window. Your legs were open and you were almost laying on the seat. Bucky sat by your side with a book as Steve did the same with a small bag filled with painting materials. He started to draw in the documents Tony had given to him as you started to play with your necklace. Bucky glanced at you.

“Stop playing with it. And for god’s sake, sit down properly! You are the Imperial Princess” You pouted and crossed your arms.

“Actually, that’s what you say because I have no memories of it”

“Oh, c’mon” He muttered shaking his head. “You must have proper manners”


“Because that’s what princesses do”

“And how do you know what they do or not?”

“It’s my duty to know” Bucky replied as he placed his right arm on the seat, staring at you. “Listen, I’m just trying to help you”

Steve moved his eyes from the passport he was writing in with a quill and rolled his eyes. 

“James…”You started to speak as you stood straight, interlacing your fingers. “Do you believe I’m part of the Imperial family?”

“You know I do” He said frowning.

“Then stop bossing me” You answered bitingly, sitting again in the same position and playing with your necklace. Steve started to chuckle.

“She know what’s giving orders”

“Yeah, and I hate that on a woman” Bucky said, closing his coat as Steve took a piece of paper from his own, marking another point under your name.

The journey passed and you stayed on the compartment, watching Steve as he forged the documents. On a certain moment you were alone enjoying a book about France, immersed on the story. The sliding door opened and someone came in. You didn’t raise your head from the book and the person cleared his throat.

“Y/N…”Bucky said, placing his hands on his knees. “I think we had a bad start”

“I agree with that” You replied lowering your book as he continued speaking. “And I appreciate you come to apologise”

“Wait…what?” Bucky shook his head. “Nobody talked about apologies”

“Please, stop talking. You’ll only annoy me” You closed the book and placed it by your side, your feet on the seat opposite to you.

“Well, I’ll shut up if you shut up”



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Ok, I lied, that is not all, I actually had to get out of the shower early to ask you a few questions, #1 being: What are your opinions on Ryan's pink hair? Was it originally supposed to be just a passing comment while Jane was drugged up? Did you anticipate people interpreting it as 'Ryan has pink hair it's canon'? Is that true though? Does Ryan have pink hair? I need to know, for science.

That scene actually came waaaaaay after everyone decided he had pink hair. Wasn’t me :)

i cant remember what the post was but there was some huffpost headline announcing that there was now scientific evidence for the existence of some particular form of oppression or something & someone commented like “we’ve been saying this for YEARS but you’ll only listen to (white/straight/cis) scientists not us!!!” which like completely misses the point that its a good thing to not have to rely on anecdotal evidence ?? like why are you angry that there’s a headline about the systematic collection of evidence which supports your opinion lmao

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Hey Judy, I was looking in the comments of the latest Breath of the wild episode. And you said that the people in the "Keep talking and nobody explodes" video weren't your biological parents. So who are they exactly ? (Sorry if this question is a little too personal, just curious) Hope you have a great day. :)

They have been dubbed my internet parents for years now. I’ve known them since, like, 2011.

Pictures from an organic chemistry laboratory turned 5 today!

During these years I have done more than a thousand chemical reactions, isolated several hundred compounds, and many of these were never described before. I discovered many interesting things in chemistry, and at least 4 organic transforations that were never reported before.

During this 5 year, I posted more than 1400 posts on this blog, usually day by day with a snapshot from the daily labwork with a short comment, about what is on the picture, what’s in the flask.

To get a random moment from the last years, visit this link: labphoto.tumblr.com/random/

To see some of my favorites, visit this link: labphoto.tumblr.com/tagged/portfolio

If you got any comment, just let me know: labphoto.tumblr.com/ask

Thank you all for following this blog!

-Kristof Hegedüs

TV Schedule Germany

I did this mostly for myself, of course I will watch a livestream, but I like to have commentators that I understand and I like rewatching, so here is what Germany shows in TV from Worlds^^

So anyone who won’t watch a livestream, believe it or not German TV shows Figure Skating yeah something else than soccer ;)

Figure Skating at Eurosport 1 & 2 (Eurosport 1 is available on every TV, for Eurosport 2 you have to have a TV package) with German Time:

Wednesday, 29th March 2017

17.05-18.30  Women SP (Excerpts)

Thursday, 30th March 2017

0:20-1:30 Pairs SP (Excerpts) Eurosport 1

12:00-13:15 Pairs SP (Excerpts) Eurosport 1

17-18:30 Men SP (Excerpts) Eurosport 1

18:30-21:10 Pairs FP (LIve) Eurosport 1

21:35-22:45 Pairs FP (Excerpts) Eurosport 2

Friday, 31th March 2017

0:20-1:30 Pairs FP (Excerpts) Eurosport 1

17-18:30 Ice Dance SD (Excerpts) Eurosport 1

18:30-21:10 Women FP (Live) Eurosport 1 

23:30-0:15 Women FP (Excerpts) Eurosport 1

Saturday, 1st April 2017

0:15-1:30 Ice Dance SD (Excerpts) Eurosport 1

1.30-5:00 Women FP (repetition) Eurosport 2

8:30-9:45 Ice Dance SD (Excerpts) Eurosport 2

9:45-14:15 Men FP (live) Eurosport 2

17-19:15 Ice Dance FD (live) Eurosport 1

19:15-20:10 Men FP (Excerpts) Eurosport 1

Sunday, 2nd April 2017

0:15-1:30 Ice Dance FD (Excerpts) Eurosport 1

1:30-3:00 Ice Dance FD (Excerpts) Eurosport 2

22-23:00 Gala (Excerpts) Eurosport 2

Monday, 3rd April 2017

1:30-2:30 Gala (Excerpts) Eurosport 2

12-14:00 Highlights from the Competition Eurosport 1

16-18:00 Highlights Eurosport 2

21-23:00 HIghlights Eurosport 2

I recommend everyone to buy Eurosportplayer, because you will have the unblogged ISU Channel livestreams there!!!!!! You also have the English commentary and the German there and you can rewatch things, it is worth it!

I don’t know if this is all, but it is all that I found!

(Ich hab das mal auf Englisch gemacht, damit der Rest auch was kapiert!^^)

Tbh after my counselling session today I realized some things:

1. All my insecurities and shame about my body and the hair growth grew because of men. Not surprised. My dad was the first bully and attacker. Then came the bullying from brown boys in school, from Quran class, from male teachers, etc.

2. Even if women in my family contributed to it along the way, their behaviour was the result of the males complaining and questioning (aka mum wanting to prove my dad wrong, feeling shame as well). A woman has never given me a nasty remark or comment on her own about the hair on my body. It was always incited by men or by men themselves.

3. I have a new deep hatred for men because I can now say that there is not one aspect of my life that men have not ruined or made harder for me.

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You're honestly one of my fave people here. You're nice, helpful and have a great sense of humor. I always look forward to your posts!

I’ve received so much love from you guys today and it means so much to me. I’m sitting here typing with tears in my eyes. 

I always joke about how I can read your mind with my corner-buddy e.s.p. It’s been a running joke here since the beginning. But today, it’s as if you all are the magical ones, because you’ve really cheered me up when I needed it.

So thank you, Precious Anon. I’m so happy to meet so many people just like you. You’re wonderful!

I don’t just type out “I’m happy if I’ve made you happy” as some throw-away comment. I really mean it each and every time I say it. 

You guys are just the best friends that one could have! Thank you!


MENS5 at the press announcement for the live action adaptation of “FIVE”

  • Sato Ryuji as Shimizu Toshi
  • Kuroba Mario as Tairaku Jun
  • Matsuoka Koudai as Iwabuchi Takui
  • Nishii Yukito as Arisawa Nao
  • Negishi Takuya as Yauchi Kojirou

Personal Note:

I might actually do a summary of their comments later as the boys have some very interesting things to say about the drama (interesting because the comments are just so them. Lol! For example, highlights of “FIVE”, which is a shoujo drama? Action scenes, apparently xDDDD). On first impression, I’m not over Negishi Takuya’s seeming fanboying of Sato Ryuji? At one point, he actually mentions checking the fight scenes that they film on the monitor and commenting on how kakkoii Ryuji is xD

I randomly post positive and encouraging messages on the girls IG pages if I see a lot of hate just because I hope they see something kind if they happen to scroll through.

Holly likes them all the time which makes me happy because I’m glad she’s coming across something positive among often negativity.

If you have time, just go post a nice quote or something on anyone’s page, even someone you know in person or don’t know at all. It could make their day. Ya it’s a little cheesy, but I just write something about supporting other girls or taking the high road and being proud of their accomplishments, looking amazing, etc. People take time out to comment the meanest things, let’s block them out.

✨ Self Love ✨

hey guys! so i recently saw this video by dodie clark. it’s about her insecurities, about how she wants to change a few parts of herself but she says how you wouldn’t be you if you change these few things about yourself. 

She then turned what she thought of as negative into something positive. She told people to comment below about 3 things that they dislike about themselves & then write down why they actually love them.

We tend to find so many flaws in us, be it physical or emotional, but the truth is, we’re human. we have problems & we have flaws. we’ve made mistakes & we’re all just here trying to do our best. so just love yourself. it’s obviously easier said than done, but it is possible. 

I really love these chain posts & thought it would be a good idea to do it here to spread the positivity? So I’ll start off & tag a few peeps to get it going.
If you do this, tag a few people you’d like to see do this. 💕