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Fake Date

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Shawn please, I will never ask for another favor in my life!“ you begged.

"No (Y/N), I don’t want to lie to your whole family,”

“It’s not my whole family, just the family that will actually show up,” one of your cousins is getting married next week and now that you are getting older your family expects you to bring a date. “Plus I already told them I was bringing a date and that the date was my boyfriend,” you confessed looking down at the ground.

“And why exactly did you say that?” Shawn stood there crossing his arms.

“Oh do i have the greatest reason, if I said I didn’t have a date, my aunt would have asked if I was a lesbian for the thousandth time this year,” Shawn looked at you and raised his left brow, “which I’m not. Then when I deny my ‘lesbian status’ she will try to set me up with one of her friends sons. Then sh-”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go with you!” he shouted.

“YAY! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” you ran and jumped on Shawn, wrapping your feet around his waist, nuzzling your nose into his neck. Shawn wrapped one arm around your body and the other hand holding your body up. He kept you in his arms and rocked side to side. “Oookay you can put me down now.”

“Oh, right,” he said as he put me down.


“What a lovely couple you two make,” one of your aunts commented. This was just about the fifteenth time you’ve heard that since the reception started. “Well I better go back to my table.”

“You’re doing a good job convincing my family,” you say as you nudge his arm

“Thanks, did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight?” Shawn asked making you blush.

“Oh please Shawn you don’t have to say that, you’re not my real date for the night.”

“Okay so I can’t compliment you? And I am serious, you look gorgeous, you always do,” he assured you.

Towards the end of the night the two of you were forced onto the dance floor. As the night went on the DJ began to play slow songs so you and Shawn decided that it was time to go sit down.

“I don’t think so! You two get back on the dance floor!” your aunt demanded.

You groaned grabbing Shawn by the hand and dragged him back on the floor knowing you wouldn’t win against your aunt. Shawn pulled you in to his chest and held you close as you two danced to the music.

“(Y/N), I’m really glad you convinced me to come tonight, I’m having an amazing time with an amazing girl,” you rested your head on his chest and wrapped your arms around his body. “Maybe one day we’ll be at one of these, but for you and me.”

You picked your head up and looked at
him. “You mean like a wedding?”

“Yeah, but not 'a’ wedding, hopefully it will be 'our’ wedding,” you blushed again, not sure whether he was serious and had thought about this before or just caught up in the moment.

“You really mean that?” you asked glaring into his lovely brown eyes.

“I really do, I love you (Y/N), I have for a while, in a soulmate way and a bestfriend way, I have for a while actually, sorry if it sounds corny,” he confessed looking down at you.

“Why did you never say anything before?”

“Well I was afraid it would make you feel uncomfortable if I had told you sooner,” your brain felt like it was about to explode. You had no clue that he felt anything like this for you. If anything you were happy, relieved if anything.

“I’m really glad you decided to say it, I love you too Shawn,” you two danced the rest of the night away in each other’s arms.

Suit and Bow Part 4 (Rafe x Reader)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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You were currently seated beside Rafe in his luxurious sports car, riding to the charity event. The man to your left had called yesterday to tell you when he would pick you up and to say that you had been nervous the whole day would be an understatement; you couldn’t recall the last time you were this hyperactive about attending an event but you didn’t want him to look bad just because he turned up with you. Anxiousness was also really prominent in your guts. How would the people there treat you knowing you were way too low for their league? Would they even notice it? With the dress you were wearing you looked like owning a mansion and ten horses.

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Fenris x Garret Hawke "it could be worse" for the prompt thing

“Well, it could be worse,” Garrett panted with a grin as Fenris pushed him hard behind the boulder and dived after. Flame burst around the rock seconds later, heat licking at Garrett’s back.
Fenris eyed him with a scowl, catching his breath as he hefted his sword, “How?”
Garrett waggled his daggers in the air, leaning on the stone nonchalantly for a brief moment before realizing the flame had made it way too hot. “There could be two dragons.”
Fenris groaned, then darted back out as the flames subsided. Garrett followed with a grin, rolling under a sweeping tail. The dragon was huge, scarlet scales flashing malevolently in the sunlight, black eyes piercingly accurate as they picked out Varric and Anders on the field. He darted over to where Fenris had begun distracting the monster, cleaving giant chunks out of one of its legs.
Garrett glanced over to Varric just in time to see the drake leaping towards him and he rolled to the side, finding himself back to back with Fenris.
“You were saying about two dragons?” Fenris growled over his shoulder, lunging at the drake to keep it away whilst Garrett regained his balance.
“Well, it could still be worse,” Garrett shouted back, winking.
“Don’t say it-”
“Could be three dragons.”
The drake threw itself at them again and Garrett launched a dagger, the blade landing snugly in its eye. Three more clambered over the top of it as it fell.
Varric appeared at his side, one of his arrows piercing the neck of the drake closest to them. “Why do I get the feeling this is your fault, Hawke?”
“He said, ‘could be worse’,” Fenris answered drily.
Garrett spared him a glance and, to his delight, a smirk was beginning to dance around his lips.
“Damn it, Hawke! Have you never heard of tempting fate? I’ll give you a clue – it’s in every book ever written.”  
“In his defence, it could be worse,” Fenris was grinning widely now, swinging his sword in a powerful arc as two more drakes ducked into view, “there could be ogres too – no, wait, here they are.”
Garrett cackled as Varric groaned, staring in dismay at the two ogres careering through one of the Bonepit’s tunnels towards them.
“He’s wearing off on you, Broody. If I die today, I’m blaming you.”  

The First Dance

Two notes for today’s thing before y’all get started with reading:

  1. I am most probably not gonna post anything tomorrow. I’ll try, but tomorrow’s my birthday (& I’ll prob be celebrating with a few amigos).
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But since I felt like I had to do something in, even in the smallest way, I decided to write/post this request, which hopefully is just romantic & sweet and another thing for y’all to enjoy.<3

Thank you again!



Could you do an imagine where you and Jamie attend a wedding together as guests and seeing the happy couple so in love results in a deep conversation where you two discuss that you’re each other’s “end game”


Now it’s time for the newly wedded couple’s first dance…

You felt tears rim your eyes while you lifted your hands to your face, struggling to keep from crying. You barely noticed the arm snake around your waist as the breathtaking bride took to the floor, meeting the groom halfway.

“The party barely started and you’re already going to ruin your makeup.”

You leaned into Jamie and mumbled, “I don’t care. It’s so beautiful.”

“You know who would look even more beautiful than her?” Jamie whispered in your ear.

You found yourself smiling and the urge to cry disappearing as you lowered your hands and looked over at your boyfriend. “And who would that be?” you inquired, raising an eyebrow.

He smiled back and softly kissed your lips. “You, of course.”

You bit your lower lip – a smile still on your face – as you looked back at the dance floor. You watched the way the groom jokingly exaggerated a few dance moves, like the dips, to make the bride giggle like a school girl. They were lost in their own, little world; dancing as if it were only the two of them and no audience.

You saw the way when the groom pulled away momentarily how the bride slightly pouted as if those milliseconds apart were too long for her to bare. Then, when the groom moved back to her, how her eyes lit up as she could now see the finer details of his eyes – the finer details that only she and she alone would ever notice.

If you watched the groom instead, you’d probably witness the same thing.

You wanted that… You wanted that kind of marriage… that kind of love.

Your eyes flickered over to Jamie, who stood there in his own adorably awkward way. His lips twitched into the dorkiest smiles and his weird laughs barked out of his lips whenever the groom did something funny.

You didn’t find any difficulty swapping you and Jamie with the happily wedded couple on the dance floor and seeing you two feeling exactly what they did. You couldn’t even think for a millisecond you with someone else out there – only you and Jamie.

You turned your head away before Jamie could catch you staring. A smile rested on your lips as you watched them finish their first dance and then took Jamie, by the hand, back to your designated table.

“That was beautiful,” you breathed the moment you two were seated. You leaned closer to Jamie with your chin rested on the top of your hand. “What did you think?”

He playfully mimicked your position, so now your lips were barely five inches apart. “I still think you’d look better up there.”

You playfully raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you proposing, Benn?”

Nope… Not yet, at least.”

You smiled at his response and pulled back, tugging his hand from under his chin. He leaned back and allowed you to play with his hand. “You really was thinking of me up there?” you asked as if it was a casual thing, though your heart did pick up in speed a little.

Uh, yeah… I was.”

You glanced up at him between lashes and noticed the light pink tint on his cheeks. “You, uh, pictured me up there with you?”

His cheeks darkened in red. “Who else?” he joked, rubbing the back of his neck, embarrassed.

“I thought the same,” you admitted, flipping his hand and trailing over the lines on his palm. “I actually find it hard to think of me with someone else… you know… in the, um, future… with… like that…”

He smiled, but your faces matched the same color of red. “Neither can I.” He leaned in and caught your lips in a sweet, but unfortunately quick kiss. “I want you to be my last girlfriend.”

“I want you to be my last love,” you whispered back. You two shared another kiss, but this time, the kiss was rudely interrupted with you being yanked away from Jamie and onto your feet.

“Save all that for your own honeymoon!” Tyler sang, taking both of your hands and dragging you onto the dance floor. “Let’s dance.”

You laughed and looked over your shoulder to find Jamie walking behind you.

“I’m gonna go get us drinks then meet you on the dance floor,” he said, kissing your cheek.

Jokingly, you said, “I guess I can see myself dancing with someone else.”

He snorted, gave your bum a quick, surprising pat, and walked off. “Sure.

Makai Ouji Drama CD

Here’s the start of the Drama CD translation! I got as accurate as I could, but I also took a lot of liberties. Reading is a whole lot better than trying to keep up with listening. If anyone has any clue what Dantalion is doing for the festival, pray tell! D:

So far: Track 1, track 2, track 3, track 4, track 5. I’ll post the other tracks separately and link to them to keep this from being too long.

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Mine ( Jungkook )

Mine ( Jungkook )

Jungkook OS where a girl flirt w him but u suddenly put his head again ur chest while shouting “mine!”? super fluffy pls! (who doesn’t want to see a flustered maknae hehe) can’t wait to see it!

Jungkook had always been really kind and sensitive towards other people’s feelings. In fact, sometimes it could be too much.

“(Y/N)?” You turned around to see your old childhood friend walking up towards you. “Ra Jin? What are you doing here? It’s been so long!” You walked towards her sounding excited to see her although it wasn’t really the case.

“I’m a trainee here! Are you a trainee too?”

“Oh no I’m not I’m just visiting someone.”

“I see… It’s really nice to meet you though! We haven’t talked for a long time!”

You only smiled at her, replying with a simple ‘yea’. The two of you used to be best of friends. That was until she had betrayed you and gone after your crush. You were 14 when you actually had a serious crush over someone, you obviously told your best friend Ra Jin about it.

However, the next day your crush approached you and told you that you weren’t his type, he told you that Ra Jin was. It didn’t take long for Ra Jin to tell you that he asked her out and she started hanging out with him instead of you. Ever since then, you realized Ra Jin wasn’t your try best friend.

“(Y/N)! You’re here!” Namjoon came out from one of the dance rooms. He opened the door and shouted for Jungkook. “Jungkook-ah! (Y/N) is here!”

You could here his feet hitting against the wooden dance floor as he ran out of the room to greet you. “(Y/N)!” He hugged you tightly. “It’s nice to meet you all.” Ra Jin bowed to greet her seniors in the music industry.

“You’re a trainee here?” Jungkook asked Ra Jin. She smiled and nodded her head. You raised your eyebrows at her, already knowing what she may do. “I’m a big fan of your group! You’re actually my bias…”

Not wanting to hear the rest of the conversation, you headed into the dance room with Rap Monster. The door was left open for Jungkook to come back in so the rest of the members could watch the scene unfold. “Who is she?” V asked as you took a sit beside him.

“That’s Ra Jin. Ex best friend. She’s a trainee here now.”

Jimin raised an eyebrow upon looking at the two then pointed to them while facing you. “What is she doing?” You sighed in annoyance, “Flirting with Jungkook.”

“And he is?”

“Not entering this dance room.” You shrugged your shoulders, feeling defeated, “Ra Jin has always done this to me. There’s nothing I can do about it.” Jimin shook his head then patted your back. “I think you should tell her who’s boss, and that you’re Jungkook’s girlfriend. You should also embarrass our maknae. That kid deserves it.”

“But how— Got it!” You clapped your hands together then got up from the floor. “What is she going to do?” J-Hope asked Jimin who shrugged his shoulders, “I have no clue.” You cheerfully walked back out to the two. “Hey! Why aren’t you back inside?” You asked Jungkook who looked a bit in panic. You knew he wanted to turn her down but he didn’t know how to without hurting her.

Ra Jin smiled at you, “I’m sorry (y/n) but I’m talking with him—”

“Yes I can see that but he needs to return—”

Ra Jin completely ignored and faced Jungkook once again with that obnoxious smile. “I guess you’re busy right now how about we have lunch afterwards—”

Without hesitation, you took both your hands to wrap around his neck and pulled him downwards to test his head against your chest then wrapped your arms around him protectively, “Mine!” You glared at her, if she didn’t get the message, not only would she be fake but stupid too.

Ra Jin raised her eyebrows in surprise, stepping back slightly from the two of you. “I-I see well I’m sorry about that but I… I have to go for my training so… It was nice meeting you.” She bowed and scurried off awkwardly. You released your grip from Jungkook, allowing him to stand back up normally. You heard the other members laughing and clapping loudly in the dance room.

You turned to face Jungkook, “Let’s go?” Jungkook’s face was priceless the moment you face him. His eyes were wide and mouth hung open as he tried to form a coherent sentence.

“In—Go—Let's—” Jungkook cleared his throat and nodded his head in the end. You decided to continue teasing him by holding his hand, you felt him stiffen slightly and you had to hold back a laugh. You closed the dance room door and you two joined the circle where everybody was laughing.

“Jungkookie! Jungkookie!” J-Hope called out the maknae who obediently looked at them even though he knew what was going to come. J-Hope pulled Jimin’s head to his chest and shouted loudly, “Mine!!” Everyone laughed harder, some every rolling around on the wooden floor.

Jungkook looked down at his thighs and covered his face in embarrassment. You laughed and scooted closer to your boyfriend. “Jungkook?” You whispered and you saw him jump slightly.


You giggled at how flustered he looked which only made his situation worse. “You’re so cute!” You gushed, reaching up to pinch his red cheeks.

“Jungkook! Let’s have lunch together!”

V rushed up to Jungkook and pulled him into a hug. “Mine!”

“Y-Yah! S-Stop it!” Jungkook stuttered, still feeling shy to make eye contact with you. “Aw Jungkook you’re too cute for my weak heart.” You sighed, earning against his arms, hugging it as if it was your bolster. Jungkook had always been the one teasing his elder members and you.

Making him flustered was one of the best things you’ve ever done in life.

But at the same time it was like killing yourself because he looked so handsome and cute that you just wanted to squish him.

After their final dance to practice, you and Jungkook went to the cafe nearby to buy drinks before heading home. “Still shy?” You smirked while holding his hands. “Pfft. N-No.” He shook his head, denying it. That only made you laugh, “I’m sorry if I made you flustered, I just had to tell her you’re mine.” You winked at him playfully, only to make him at a loss for words once again.

“(Y-Y/N)!” He whined shyly, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Junkook’s mine!” You tried around to give him a quick kiss on his rosy cheeks.

“S-Stop it!” He blushed harder, avoiding eye contact with you. You took your coffee, “This coffe is mine. You know what else is mine?” You wriggled your eyebrows.

“What— Wait don’t answer that—”

“You’re mine too! But don’t worry I’m yours too!” You laughed cheekily. Jungkook groaned in embarrassment, he couldn’t get over what happened which made him so flustered the entire day which allowed you to tease him a lot, you even secretly took a few pictures of the Flustered Jungkook for the future since it was a rare and gold-medal worthy moment.

The two of hour arrived at the BTS dorm and you called his name while walking down the corridor to their dorms.


“Y-Yea?” He stuttered as he turned to face you. You smiled and hugged him, “You’re mine and I love you.” Jungkook laughed even though his heart was still beating at an abnormal speed, “You’re mine too (y/n), I love you.”

You jumped away and twirled around the corridor, “You hear that? I’m his and his mine! Ra Jin stay away!” You laughed happily while your boyfriend failed to call your attention. Jimin popped out from his room to high five. “That was a very good one (y/n)!”

“Thanks I know!” You laughed.

“H-Hyung! (Y-Y/N)! Y-Yah!”

Crazy PLL Theory- Ezria Uber A

1) I think Uber A is a couple team. This would explain why at some times A appears to be a man and sometimes A appears to be a woman. For example the Black Widow, Red Coat, and Hoodie. My theory is Black Widow and Red Coat are the same woman and Hoodie is the man.  I have this twisted theory that Aria is Uber A but she doesn’t know she is Uber A because she has a split personality and its her other personality that is in charge of being A. Many people with split personalities (dissociative idenity disorder) are not even aware that their other personality exist. Aria being A is a common theory that has been floating among PLL fans. I’ve read that a common symptom of dissociative disorders are the sense of detachment/disconnection with one’s self and/or the sense of inner struggle with one’s self identity.  This could explain why Aria is constantly looking into mirrors. She does not know who she is which could be a subtle clue to her D.I.D. 

2) I still do not trust Ezra. I know he explained that the reason he did all that stuff was because he was writing a book and trying to figure out who Ali’s killer was but i do not buy it. I think its bullshit. I would understand if Ezra targeted Aria because she was friends with Ali and begun dating her in hopes to possibly catch some of the liars conversations or in hopes that Aria would soon confide in him on what happen to Alison. That would make sense. However, the lengths Ezra went with all the surveillance tapes, secret cabin in the woods and having people on his payroll seems a little far fetched to just write a book. My theory is that Ezra is part of the Uber A team (Hoodie). I think Ezra had already meet Aria before the 1x01 only he meet her as Aria’s other personality. Aria’s other personality and Ezra have been working together which explains why he targeted Aria in the bar in 1x01. Ezra began a relationship with Aria (the host personality) as a way to be closer to her without drawing suspicion. I think when Aria found out that Ezra could possibly be Uber A and freaked out Ezra created that story of writing a book because he knew she couldn’t handle the truth.  

3) This theory would explain why Aria is the liar that has been least harmed by A. Everyone thought it was because Ezra was Uber A and he didn’t want to harm her but what if its Aria’s other personality that is also Uber A. Aria wouldn’t want to harm herself. This would explain why at times it seems like A helped Aria. The worst thing A has done to Aria would be expose her relationship to her parents and that wasn’t even that bad. It actually ended up being a good thing. 

4) In most recent episode 5x07 Eddie claimed that he recognized Aria. It is safe to assume Eddie could have recognized her from the times she visited Spencer or maybe Mona is Radley but what if the reason Eddie thinks Aria looks familiar is because she has been at Radley before as a patient. What if Aria’s parents knew that Aria had mental issues and admitted her to Radley before. They could have admitted Aria during that summer when she was suppose to be in Iceland and that is why Eddie recognized her but couldn’t exactly pinpoint it. Aria of course would not remember because she was probably admitted as her other personality or she blocked the memory out to protect herself. 

5) Out of all the liars Aria has shown that she is the most fragile at times. She is the one to experience the mental breakdowns or panic attacks when it comes to being overwhelmed. Each liar has had their own problems but I think Aria can take it harder than others. This could be a clue to her unstable mind. 

6) There are many other clues that have been brought up that points to Aria being A.  For example she is the best out of all the liars at keeping secrets and deceiving people. In the opening credits for the theme song she is the one shushing, why because maybe she’s the one who is truly hiding something. Aria has similar hand writing to A.  Aria came as the black swan to the dance and the story of the black swan is about a girl living two separate lives and in the movie Black Swan the main character had mentally issues. 

I am not completely sure how Bethany Young connects to Aria and Ezra being Uber A. I think that Bethany Young is somehow related to the Dilaurentis family. I don’t think she is Alison’s twin because that would be too much like the book but she could be Jason’s twin or just Mrs. D’s other daughter. What probably happen is Bethany Young attacked Alison and tried to kill her for some unknown reason. Mrs. D covered for Bethany and after Alison was buried Aria ended up killing Bethany Young. She could have killed Bethany thinking she was Alison or there could still be a connection to Bethany that we are not aware of yet. The motives behind Aria’s other personality being A and Ezra working with A are unclear. But if this theory is true then we’ll soon find out. 

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SPN Wish List for the New Year

Okay, so there are things I would like to see on SPN. We all have these sort of lists. Most of these may not happen, but I feel like many of these things are reasonable.

1) Musical Episode. Please. I’m dying here. Buffy made one in an earlier season than you guys. Psych made one in an earlier season than you. Come on. Give us some love. We just need one freakin’ musical episode.

2) Human!Impala. Writers, come on. This would be the funnest thing! Think of all the craziness you could have with this, the people who could guest star! It would be fantabular!

3) Some Destiel recognition. It’s been a bit of time since somebody’s pointed out their close relationship. It’s been a bit of time since someone’s gone up to either Cas or Dean and said, “Well, the other one is TOTALLY in love with you, blah blah blah, and you’re TOTALLY in love with the other one, blah blah blah, I have a higher chance of dying and/or being evil and betraying one of you by saying these things, blah blah blah.” We all know this happens. Just throw a couple bones my way, people, it’s not that hard.

4) Can we have an episode with like a dancing curse? I just feel like it could be really funny. I keep giggling when I think of either Cas or Dean or both of them just uncontrollably dancing and they can’t do anything about it until they gank the demon or witch. What the hell is going on? Dean, I don’t understand, why are we dancing? Dean, why are we dancing? No freakin’ clue, I just want it to stop, stop it now, Sam. Sorry, guys, I don’t know how to. You two sit tight. Or, uh…pffff…dance tight. I’ll figure this out. Hey, wait, Sam, don’t just leave us here! Hey, Sammeh! Hey! Oh, I just keep laughing at the thought.

5) Awesome characters come back from the dead for one day. You could just bring one back for the day (I don’t include Kevin in this because I still believe they could bring him back). It could be something happy, like they have to bring one back but the spell only lasts for like 48 hours or something. It could have a nice ending. You could bring Bobby back, Jo back, Ellen back, Balthazar back (I refuse to say Gabriel because deny hir death). It could be good. I swear.

6) BRING BENNY BACK. I…I miss him. He’s the only one I could count on to not lie, to not let me down. He’s always been good to Dean. He’s always been good to everybody, even when people didn’t think he could be good or didn’t expect him to be good. The world let him down, he didn’t let the world down. Come on. Let’s show him that he can give the world a second chance. Or…I guess a third?

7) GARTH. I wanna see Garth. I want to know that my favorite adorkable ex-dentist is okie dokey fine, happy, perhaps with a cute girlfriend that the Winchesters will ogle and think “How did Garth get THAT”. He WAS talking to somebody, sayin’ “I heart you too”. Maybe that cute huntress from earlier this season? They could be so freakin’ adorbs together!

8) A fun angel episode. Angels are the most powerful creatures known to us, but that doesn’t mean they all can be awkwards like Cas as well as assbutts like Naomi. Send over a Cupid making everyone fall in love! Send over an angel who doesn’t mean to be cruel but has a bizarre affect with hir powers! It could be really fun. Maybe this angel becomes their ally? Who knows! It would be nice, but it’s cool if it doesn’t work out that way.

9) A nice Destiel episode. The upcoming one will be good, but it’s going to be drama induced because of Sammy and I want one that’s more like Free to Be You and Me. I love the fact that it’s going to be pretty Destiel next episode, but at the same time, I just want Cas and Dean to have some fun hunting time together, be adorable and mirror each other, stuff like that.

10) I want Garth and/or Charlie to meet Cas. They just gotta. It makes no sense that they haven’t already. They just…they just need to, they would know, they would see the Destiel going on, they’d poke and prod and make it known a bit through teasing. Ugh, maybe that’s why they haven’t met Cas yet. XP

This is what I’ll ask for now. Hopefully, something will happen on this list. That would be nice. Please? It can’t be too hard to do at least on of these.

nicoleannwinchester said:

I don’t remember if it was Bob or maybe Sera but one of the writers said in an interview that definite things for the second half of season 9 include the return of Garth and the return of the Ghostfacers. 

It was also said that Richard Speight Jr. confirmed with the writers that he’s not dead and that he will *hopefully* be returning for an episode.

The Firebird - Chapter 4


I can’t thank enough @dandelion-sunset and @titaniasfics for their precious help in this story - they go over my mistakes, bad grammar moments, and well, me basically being French and writing in English - so much thanks ladies for bearing with me !

to @akai-echo who made the awesome banner and aesthetics - you are so talented, my dear, so much, I’m humbled by everything you do for me.

To @bandathebillie and @xerxia31 - without you, this story wouldn’t be there.

And to the one for who I started the story …. Hope you’ll read it someday.

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“Capitol Square. Mind the gap”. The toneless voice coming out of the speakers did nothing to ease Katniss’ mood. She was used to walking to the Opera every morning, taking in the fresh air while going through the park just outside her building, not to travel underground in a car full of people. And full wasn’t the word she would use. Overcrowded was more likely to suit the situation she was in. And she couldn’t just breathe through her nose, fearing the excess of perfume, sweat, and whatever else was mixed in would make her faint. How could people stand to travel this way, every day? It was beyond her.

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The Return and Jailbreak
“I’m never alone.”
“I am made of love.”

~Spoiler Warning~

Act 2 and 3 - The culminated threat, which has been hinted at during this whole season, finally arrives. I can’t believe the amount of time I needed to process what happened with these episodes. This two-part special references every Steven Universe episode before Steven Bomb week, like the use of Rose’s arsenal in Laser Light Cannon and Lion 2: The Movie, and even the return of Opal from Giant Woman and Steven’s Cheeseburger Backpack from the episode of the same name.

During this season, we witnessed Steven’s compassion and tolerance towards opposition, which always seem to help solve the problem. At the end of Marble Madness, he didn’t seem to grasp the fact that there are some evils who refuse to change and the sheer devastation of the approaching threat. It takes some serious truth talking from his dad to help him piece together all the time spent with his fellow Crystal Gems and realize what we, the fans, have managed to understand from the lore - his mom’s tremendous sacrifice against a powerful force. “There’s no such thing as a good war… gems were destroyed, and people too.” The moment Steven decided to turn back, we see two changes in him: 1) he becomes fully aware of how dire the situation is for his family, friends, and home, and 2) his physical strength seems to have grown past that of a normal boy’s (or Greg’s van is just a fragile heap of junk). We see this change again when he tries to convince Lapis Lazuli why they have to fight these “mean” gems.

To be honest, after The Message, I expected the invaders to be an army of new gems while Steven led an army of lost gems that were bubbled under the temple, but I guess this leaves room for something bigger in the next season. Jasper (or Big Buff Cheesy Puff) posed as an exceptional villain, a war veteran who had a history with Rose Quartz. It’s easy to create an antagonist who hates everyone, but you get a more powerful character when the antagonist follows a code and shows professionalism in their craft (no matter how twisted and destructive it may seem). It’s no wonder Jasper and Peridot are portrayed as a strong duo since their personalities are contrary to each other. This battle really showed the heroes’ futility against this unknown threat. All the gems end up captured, Steven gets a headbutt to the eye, and Garnet is blown into pieces. After Pearl suffered the same fatality in Steven the Sword Fighter, it should have been reassuring to know that Garnet would eventually return, but having Steven witness the desperation in Garnet’s eyes while her body shattered was tragic.

Jailbreak is my favorite Steven Universe episode so far! With the exception of the animation errors where the gem warship changed from a left hand to a right in one scene and Jasper’s premature shattered visor, everything about this episode was perfect. I enjoyed the new title card to outer space instead of the usual beach scenery. It’s a nice touch to show how different this episode is from the rest of the season.

Ruby and Sapphire are such an adorable couple who look like they belong in a Mario game. The reunion of these two “new” characters confirmed so many fan speculations as to why Garnet wields two separate gems when opening the temple door and during the separation of Alexandrite in Fusion Cuisine. Two more subtle clues, mentioned by one of the staff, involved Garnet having two falling stars in the opening theme and two elements in the pilot introduction. Seeing these two reunited and performing their childlike fusion dance has me curious about their history. I really hope we get an episode that discusses further into their relationship.

After the slightly redesigned Garnet leaves Steven with her Future Vision and the important task of rescuing Pearl and Amethyst, we are treated to something Steven Universe fans have been waiting for a while - a Garnet song from the talented R&B singer Estelle.

Powerful lyrics, tone and rhythm (love that electronic solo when Garnet and Jasper delve underground), accompanied with some smooth animation. The fight sequence where Garnet sang “Go ahead and try to hit me if you’re able” near the ship’s engine caught me off guard with its rotating angle and fluid motion. I’d like to believe Sapphire composed the song and lyrics while imprisoned and Ruby provided the breakdancing choreography in preparation for a rematch with Jasper.

It was great to see Steven face-off against Peridot, and her escape to Canada resembled a booger being flicked. Now she’s stuck on Earth, a primitive planet by her standards. I wonder how she’ll survive.

When Jasper and Lapis fused, I was expecting a final boss fight between Malachite and Alexandrite while Lion helps Steven climb its back like Shadow of the Colossus. Malachite definitely beats Sugilite as the most terrifying fusion. I hope we get an episode where Lapis is rescued.

It wasn’t until later that I discovered the ending theme for Jailbreak added lyrics sung by Rebecca Sugar. She wrote some pretty heartfelt lyrics to close the season. I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the Steven Crewniverse watched Dragon Ball Z, Gurren Lagann, and Fooly Cooly.

Overall, these episodes were the epitome of the season. It was fun writing my thoughts on this and I am eager to see where this series will go from here.

Some predictions for season two:

  • We learn more about the Cluster
  • Yellow Diamond reveals to be one the main generals (the round floor where Garnet and Jasper fought displayed a yellow, white, and blue triangle)
  • Pearl updates her knowledge on advanced gem technology
  • Remnants of the gem warship could be used to fix the temple statue’s missing left hand
  • Peridot grows accustomed to Earth and befriends Steven
  • Steven helps Peridot and the Crystal Gems work together