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Take A Sad Song and Make It Better

Title: Take A Sad Song And Make It Better

Characters:Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Ruby, Stanford-Sam, Boy-King-Sam, Soulless-Sam

Relationships:       Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester

Tags: Attempted Suicide, Angst, Self-Harm, Brotherly Feels, Samulet

Summary: When Sam is in a coma from an attempted suicide Dean is more than willing to do anything it takes to get his brother to wake up, even to go inside of his mind to force him to wake up. However once he’s inside of Sams mind he realizes that there’s a lot to his brother that he doesn’t know, and just how heavy the past weighs on his soul. Before Dean can even think of reaching Sam, the real Sam, he first has to go through the guardians of Sams memories; his own self from various points in his life.

A/N: Author’s Notes: Good. God. Where do I begin? First a big, huge thank you to my beta Emily who was amazing and managed to work her way through my monstrous story and give me a title idea, and to NSA who had started to beta but unfortunately wasn’t able to complete it. An amazing thank you to my dear artist Pan who made beautiful art that I just can’t stop looking at over and over, and who was indefinitely patient with me getting back to her emails. This piece of work took endless nights and working through my finals week at school to get through and finally, I managed to get it done. Thank you every one, I couldn’t have done it without you.

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taehyung scenario | all i want for christmas

Day 4 of ‘12 Days of Bangtan’

- All you want for Christmas is Taehyung. Too bad he’s completely oblivious to your feelings… or is he? -

genre: fluff
insp: ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey
word count: 1.5k

“What do you want for Christmas this year?” Taehyung’s question, which pops up over a bowlful of ice-cream shared between two, has blood rushing to your cheeks.

“Hmm…” you muse, as you suck the last drops of vanilla off your spoon. The ice-cream was Taehyung’s idea, presented to you with the claim that a frozen treat would make you forget about the frozen weather. Now a thick, fluffy blanket stretches between the two of you, protecting you from the brain-numbing coldness of vanilla and cookie-dough heaven. He grins at you, a grand feat with his mouth full, and waits for your answer. But how could you tell him that the only thing you want this year is for him to set down his bowl of ice-cream, slide across the three-and-a-half inches that divide you, and drown you with cold-combating kisses? His innocent chocolate eyes blink lazily at you, completely unaware of the thoughts that are fogging up your brain – thoughts of his lips tracing your neck, of his breath grazing your skin, of… of… “I guess some books, or DVDs will do this year.”

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