i have no clue what this is but the movie was cute

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Nicknames: Chibi

Star sign: Virgo. Such a Virgo.

Height: 5′2″

Time right now: 11:03 pm I am so tired and so old

Last thing I googled: I have no clue but the first thing that pops up in the search bar is “dispel magic pathfinder” haha

Fave music artist: Florence + the machine

Song stuck in my head: “Row” by Cosy Sheridan - “Bring a boat, a paddle, and a will to row” WORDS TO LIVE BY.

Last movie I watched: Big Eden? I think. It was very cute.

Last TV show I watched: Hawaii Five 0. Over half way done season 6 and I don’t think Steve and Danny have said “I love you” once yet this is very disappointing.

What I’m wearing now: Pajamas, always.

When I created this blog: Oh my god who even knows anymore I’ve been here since the dawn of time

The kind of stuff I post: Not much anymore since I mostly peaced out

Do I have other blogs: @daredevilandspidey though I rarely post anymore because I am the worst and also I hate comic books now.

Do I get asks regularly: Haha, no.

Why did I choose my URL:  I’m obsessed with Morgan le Fay but all iterations of that name were already taken so I had to get ~creative~

Gender: Unicorn

Hogwarts House: Slytherin 4 life

Pokemon team: Red

Fave Colours: Red

Average hours of sleep: 7 maybe?? I have a hard time falling asleep so it’s difficult to tell.

Lucky number: I have never thought about it.

Favourite Characters: Morgan le Fay, the literary love of my life. I’m also quite fond of Draco Malfoy.

Dream Job: Archaeologist. (And boy did it take me a long time and a lot of mistakes and money to figure that out and now I get to wallow in regret).

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3

Following: 296 that is too many

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Imagine Puck’s amusement when Ash continually asks for his help after The Iron Knight with interpreting simple human things, like what coffee is and why is it so crucial to human function. They’ll often meet up in the human world, or somewhere in the wyldwood, and one particular time Ash is frantic, and the moment Puck appears, the Prince blurts out , 

“What’s a movie? She asked if I wanted to go see one but I have no idea what she means. I didn’t want to give a wrong answer so I said I would think about it and she looked disappointed. Help.”

Puck grins. “You’re so damn cute when you don’t have a clue,” he snickers, earning him a glare from the Prince. “Look, take it easy, Princeling. She just wants to go on a date. Say yes. Just don’t forget to ask if she wants to buy the tickets or the popcorn.”

Ash blinks. “What the hell are tickets and popcorn?”

Puck watches him for a long moment, caught between laughing and patting him on the shoulder. He settles for patting him on the head. “You’re so adorably stupid for a two hundred year old, you know that?” he asks.

So I’m sure someone has pointed this out

but I was just thinking about the pilot of GMW and the scene when the girls first meet lucas. I know a lot of people have suggested that Maya’s first meeting with him is the ‘clue’ and foreshadows their relationship but I was just thinking… what if it was actually meant to foreshadow Lucas & Riley’s?  Lets go over it & compare to the show shall we?

Maya (to Riley) “I’m going to show you everything you need to know about boys and girls” : aka Lucas and Riley

Maya walks over to Lucas & goes:

Hi I’m Maya : “I’m lucas” “hi, hey” *their first meeting in general*

you’re really cute: Riley’s giggle when she first sees lucas and all the ‘you’re a really good looking guy’ type comments

we should hangout sometime; Riley & Lucas @ the library, Lucas asking everyone to the movies, & them basically becoming friends all the way to finally them hanging out sometime on their First Date.

You make me happy: Riley’s first kiss/ him asking her out / calling her a princess ect.

You don’t pay enough attention to me: umm girl meets semi formal anyone? “why hasn’t lucas asked me?” 

this isn’t working out: “why would you make such a big deal if we aren’t officially going out”, not being able to hold hands, feeling awkward around each other, lucaya/ her calling him brother

its you not me: Lucas not trying hard enough/paying enough attention to her. & Lucas’ feelings for Maya

We can still be friends: You’re my brother Lucas / I always want to be able to talk to you

not really: “Riley still loves Lucas” / Riley’s awkwardness around him. Maybe foreshadowing that they may struggle to get back to being friends right away.

Now this whole theory isn’t even really related to Lucaya or them getting together this is strictly my thoughts on what might happen between Riley & Lucas. I have no problem with them as a couple, & I believe they may have another moment in the sun down the road but for right now in the story this is the path I think they are taking. 

I’m sure someone has already made these connections but I figured I’d throw this out there in case anyone hasn’t.

“biggest clue is in the pilot”

Finn doesn't have a last name, right?

He’s only ever been FN-2187, to his own knowledge. Growing up in the tyrannical regime of the First Order.

But then he meets the dashing Poe Dameron who names him “Finn” from the letter “FN”. Poe has known this man a handful of minutes & already treats him with more dignity and respect than Finn has ever known. In an act of defiance against the First Order and its cruelty he gives one the Order’s drones a name.

Now Finn doesn’t know his family; who they are/were or what they did when he was born. He has no clue what happened to them after he was taken. He certainly doesn’t know his family name. So, for now, he’s just “Finn”.

Wouldn’t it be cute if Finn took the last name of “Dameron”? Poe is the one who named him and is probably his closest friend. I am sure that they would continue to bond after the movie was over. Rey is off training (presumably) with Luke. Poe seems the type of guy to visit Finn while he recovers. I could see Finn considering Poe to be like a brother & Poe sort of adopting him into his family.

It would be cute if Finn became Finn Dameron.