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How EXO Would Make Your Heart Flutter

Honestly, I have no friggin’ clue what I was doing with this one. It’s just a mess of the cheesiest shit you can possibly imagine and it’s terrible and horrible, but I hope you at least find some amusement in it. xD Sorry, no GIFs for this one, since this isn’t really a “reaction.” It just seems to work out so much better without them. ^-^”

Baekhyun: I can see Baek as the type to find the gushiest love song that he knows, just so he could sing it to you. He’d set you gently atop his lap, pulling your back against his chest and resting his chin on your shoulder. He’d be sure to lace your fingers together as he sang quietly into your ear with his soft, angelic voice, his feelings made evident with every note.

Chanyeol: would likely nonchalantly throw compliments your way all the time and it’d probably get to the point where they’d just roll off your back, as if they were regular bits of conversation. But every once in a while, he’d get uncharacteristically serious, cupping your face in his large hands and gazing into your eyes, while his thumbs rubbed gentle circles on your cheeks. “This happy virus has got to get his energy from somewhere, y'know. You’re the biggest source of all my happiness, Jagi-ya.”

Chen: Chen’s chance to shine would likely come about after he’d tease you to the point of you snapping angrily at him. You’d have probably already been in a bad mood, and he’d throw a retort your way for literally everything you said, which would just make you break. You’d snap at him and he’d simply stare at you, wide-eyed, for a moment before his arms would shoot out and envelope you in his warm embrace before you’d have a chance to react. “C'mon, Y/N, you should know not to take that stuff seriously. You know that you’re the best thing in my life, right?”

D.O: is the type the be embarrassed whenever he tries to describe how he’s feeling. So, he’d likely take hold of your hands, entwining his fingers with your own and distracting his mind from everything but the way your soft hands felt in his. “Why am I so comfortable around you? It feels like, for once, I don’t have to worry about just being myself.”

Kai: would want to show you how much he cares for you just as much as he’d want to tell you. You’d both just be cuddling at home on a relaxed night when he’d suddenly start kissing random places on your body, mumbling against your skin and telling you all the glorious things about each specific part. “These hands always feel so good held inside my own. These hips can be so alluring, even when you’re not trying for it. And these lips are so soft and inviting, they make me look forward to every single kiss.”

Kris: Kris’ true feelings would always come out whenever he was sick and/or injured. You’d be taking care of him, ensuring he would get better as soon as possible and he’d just appreciate it so much. “You’re my own guardian angel, Y/N. I’m always going to be glad to have you watching over me.”

Lay:would honestly take every possible chance he had to show you how much he appreciates you. Every night before you fell asleep, he’d be sure to hold you close to him, allowing your head to rest gently on his chest so you could hear the steady rhythm of his beating heart. “There were honestly a lot of times before I met you that I felt really alone. But now I know, with you in my life, I don’t have a single reason to be lonely, ‘cause I know you’re always there for me, just like I am for you.”

Luhan: I feel like Luhan isn’t the type to outright spill his feelings. Especially if it’s super early in the relationship. He’d probably fall asleep during a movie with you and you’d overhear him saying a bunch of sweet things about you in his sleep, that he’d likely forget about once awake, but wouldn’t deny it if you asked him about it.

Sehun: would be way too embarrassed and shy to say such sweet things to your face, so he’d likely wait until one morning when he had woken up before you. He’d rub the sleep from his eyes before taking in your sleeping form, your peaceful face bringing a smile to his own. He’d bring his hand towards you and, with ghost-like touches, would carefully tuck the stray strands of hair behind your ears so he could have a clearer look at you. “I’ll never understand how the hell I got lucky enough to have you in my life, Y/N.”

Suho: Although I hate the image that a lot of people go for of Suho solving everything with money, I honestly think that he’d spoil his girlfriend to no end. Not just with money and materialistic stuff, but with his love and attention. “I hope you’re ready to be spoiled rotten, Y/N. You’ve already got my entire heart, but if you ever want anything more, you just have to say the word.”

Tao: would probably be a little cheese ball every chance that he got. He’d be all about making sure that you knew how much you meant to him, but he’d often be so hilariously cheesy about it, it’d be hard to take him one hundred percent seriously. “I’m gonna treat you like my very own princess, baby, 'cause you’re the ruler of my heart.”

Xiumin: isn’t the type to casually throw around his “I love you’s,” so you’d likely have been dating for quite a while before the chance to bring out his cheesiness came about. He’d just be sitting back, quietly listening to you rant about one thing or another and getting lost in each one of your facial expressions. You’d give him a confused look since he seemed to have been spacing out, and he’d surprise you with those three, lovely words as response, but he’d feel like he had to repeat them because they felt so weird on his tongue. “I love you. Ah, really, I do. You know that, right? That I love you.”


I’m sorry there are a couple of shorter ones. They fell near the end and I was just seriously running out of inspiration. ^-^”

Pretending I have time and money to start a new video game (and ignoring the fact that I STILL haven’t finished Pokémon Sun with no real excuse)… do you need to play the Zelda games in order? They look good but like. I feel as though I am way too far removed from them to pick it up now. The only Zelda game I ever played was for Gameboy like 15 years ago and all I remember is mimicking music notes or something and that a chicken would sometimes fly by.

Anyway, tl;dr - can you play a Zelda game without having played the rest of them? Or is it like kingdom hearts where I’d have no clue what was happening without playing the other games?