i have no clue what i was thinking

You know what:

tumblr is probably gaining new or younger users

which means that we probably have to educate them on what certain terms mean

because like, lately there’s been confusion about the meaning of certain words, and people contorting and confusing them to mean other things that they don’t

I think that’s where a lot of arguments are coming from too, because I genuinely think there’s just a fundamental misunderstanding about what certain terms mean, and some people get zealous about defending their incorrect understanding of certain ideas or words

tumblr has very niche vocabularies at times, and there’s words and stuff that people have never heard of until they came to this site, and I think that some of us have been here so long, we forget that people sometimes learn what words mean through context clues, and that doesn’t always line up with its actual meaning

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What are your opinions on SmurfVogs? I think hes annoying and have absolutely no clue why Lucaya shippers look up to him. I feel like he is one of the people that are going to make MJ not want season 4. He only points out possible "lucaya foreshadowing" in all his videos but none of the rucas ones. He states the whole story with stupid and says stuff about the writters. But if rucas and lucaya switched places he would shove it in rucas's faces. Its super annoying. But those are just my opinions

To be perfectly honest I don’t know much about him. I see him mentioned in my dash for whatever reason when its there.

I watched his Ski Lodge 2 review and there were a few things that ticked me off. 
Firstly, he made a casual suicide joke. NOT COOL. 
Secondly, he used ‘retarded’ as a negative descriptive word. NOT COOL. 
That’s just ignorant behaviour and I read the comments and everyone was laughing and quoting them. LETS BREED HATE AND IGNORANCE, GREAT!!
He has a large following worshiping him and you can be funny but you can be respectful too…

Also I’ve seen on many occasions how anti-riley he is. WHY? Sure Lucas x Maya was my notp but I literally LOVE Maya Hart. Sure I get sometimes you just don’t click with a character and they get on your nerves but telling Riley to just leave the show like ????? oki 

Also he was so negative to Lucas the entire episode like calling him a f*ckboy constantly.. I really don’t understand some shippers logics they want Lucas to be a crap boyfriend to Riley so they can break up and he can get with Maya. WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT FOR HER? 

I am okay with you shipping what you want to ship
I am okay with you having a notp
I am even okay with you disliking a character for whatever reason
I am okay with you not agreeing / liking / understanding plot lines 
What I’m not okay with is dismissing a canon ship, debunking it etc etc. Verbally bashing the writers for a show they created, they created these characters you cant say U R INCORRECT!!!! Because no matter how much you think you understand a character no one knows them like the creator. 

I don’t know if LM shippers will come across it because its not censored but I want to say no hate to your ship. I can see the appeal for people if that’s the sort of story you gravitate towards and no hate to sumrfvlogs or anything but I think he could be a bit more respectful with his videos. Idk I’m terrible at explaining things forgive me

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if the girl had a symbol, like the fun ghoul stitched smiley face, what would it be? i have a feeling it would be purple and myabe have a cat but thats all i got.

Hmm, I have no clue. Yeah, I think a cat symbol would be good. Or maybe a bomb, lol. I always liked her outfit in the videos–wish she wore something that colorful in the comics. (I know she was older and the original outfit was kind of kiddish, but I struggle to remember what she even wore in the comics.)

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hi marley !!! so I've been out for the past few days and apparently the cipher hunt is on?? you seemed to know a lot, so may I ask you if it's still going on and if there will be any streams? Thanks a lot!


Pretty much, as of now, I haven’t seen anything new about the cipher hunt on Alex’s twitter, and the cipher hunt tag seems pretty idle at the moment. But we’re on the last clue! Here’s what we have:

So we have to figure out “where it all began” is, as well as what is meant by “in the trees.”

Some people think it means that we have to go back to the first clue, which explains why the first clue is shown above. Though it could also mean a destination, like Boring, Oregon, or maybe even where the cipher hunt began, back in Russia! But I don’t think we can search every tree in Russia, so…

I’m banking on the first clue. There seems to be a map involved? Something about the top left half of the first clue?

If anyone here knows more than me about this, PLEASE! CORRECT ME! OR ADD ON ANY OTHER RECENT DEVELOPMENTS! I haven’t really been completely up to date on it, especially with work and such. I’m sure we’re closer to solving this than I realize.

Hope that helps, anon! And thanks for sending me an ask! I’ve been missing these ;D

Okay so I’ve seen a couple posts about how if Peridot is an Era 2 Peridot what Era 1 Peridots were like and tbh I don’t think there were any.

Starting with the most simple evidence I have is in Warp Tour, when we first meet our little green angel, none of the gems know who she is. It’d be simple for Garnet or Pearl to say something like, “It’s a Peridot! They look really different but we recognize the gem/hair/whatevs” but they clearly have no clue what she is until she says her name.

Also, Peridot says she’s an Era 2 Gem, not an Era 2 Peridot.

My theory is that Peridots (and probably a few other gemstones) are completely different from Era 1s. Era 1s are things like Jaspers and Amethysts and maybe Rubies (though Rubies are smaller so probably easier to make), who require more resources and thus are harder to make now that Homeworld’s struggling. Era 2 Gems are like Peridot, with different resources used to replace the ones Homeworld can’t have, meaning they have to halt production on older gems, meaning there are now distinct Gem Eras.

This theory also explains why Homeworld needs to find Jasper- Jaspers are Era 1, so they can’t produce more without great strain on their resources. They need Era 1 Gems because they’re all dying, and Homeworld doesn’t want to lose all its shapeshifters (and whatever other power Era 2 Gems lack, maybe summoning a weapon?)

Also, it could be why Peridot has metal powers- because certain resources while making Era 1 Gems are dwindling, so other resources have to be used for Era 2. Kind of like if you make cookies and you use salt instead of sugar; it would taste different. (It would taste terrible but that’s beside the point). Maybe the resource that gives shapeshifting is replaced with a resource that gives Peridots metalbending, but since it’s a different resource Homeworld just assumes that it doesn’t do anything and gives them limb enhancers.

tl;dr I don’t think there are Era 1 Peridots, and instead the two eras are separated by Gems made with differing resources, leading to differing powers.

Frank enters the DR
  • Production:So Frank what do you think about some of the pictures around the house?
  • Frank:what pictures?
  • Production:You know the Clu--... You know the pictures
  • *Allison enters*
  • Allison:Frank there are pictures that give clues to a secret room. The secret room is (gives location), just act like you somehow got suspicious of some pictures even though you barely noticed their existence the last 5 weeks. And Frank, keep this conversation on the down low in and out the house and I'll give you an extra cash bonus, spill what I told you and I will have you locked away for all eternity in Alcatraz where you will be fed bread crumbs and sleep on a bed of nails in a cell with a fat gross serial killer do you understand me?
  • Frank:Yes ma'am
  • *frank leaves and just so happens to notice pictures around the house*
  • Frank's DR session:you know I have seen these pictures around since "the beginning of the game" but I'm a BB fan, this MUST mean something right? Because every single little detail of every house in every season impacted the game.
  • *Frank finds secret room*
  • Sees a letter:
  • Congratulations Fra-- Houseguest, you have found the secret room and with it have won 10 Coup D'états you have only until day 99 to use them good luck!
  • *Fast forward to finale*
  • Jury sits with Dr Will and discusses the Frank and Tokyo cat Bridgette broke Ep1 final 2.
  • Will:so who do here thinks the cat should win?
  • *everyone raises their hands*
  • Production:CUT!!! Allison get out here
  • Allison:Hello jury, this season was tailor made for Frank to win, if he was to lose I will snatch all the money you made here, make your companies fire you and leave you homeless on the side of the street. So *smiles* PLEASE *pants* PLEASE vote for Frank *starts to twitch*
  • *Jury sits on studio stage about to vote for a winner*
  • Chen Bot:*whispers to jury* remember what Allison said *points to Allison who is twitching and panting while holding a shotgun*
  • Houseguests:*pretends to be excited cheering*
  • Chen Bot:time to read the votes..
  • By a vote of 8-1 (not revealed who voted who).... *glares at Jury and Allison* ---
  • *a loud screech is heard*
  • *Jury looks over at Allison who is on the ground having a meltdown at the 1 vote for the cat*
  • -- Frank you are the winner of BB18!!
  • *Allison gets up in relief celebrates*
  • Chen Bot:find out who is Americas favorite when we come back!
  • *Allison drags the jury backstage*
  • Allison:alright which one of you fucking pricks voted for the cat?
  • *jury silent*
  • Allison:alright well do this the hard way *reloads shot gun*
  • *everyone remains silent*
  • Allison:Fine *shoots ground then reloads* WHO FUCKING DID IT!?!
  • *Jury crying yelling at eachother to confess*
  • Bridgette:Alright fine it was me! I'm sorry I did it, I love Frank but I accidentally broke the cat's hand off. I felt bad I thought the least I could do was give it a pity vote.
  • Allison:A pity vote huh?
  • Bridgette:YE---- *gets shot* (she gets rushed to the hospital and heals herself being the badass nurse she is)
  • Allison:alright get back on stage the commercial break is ending
  • Chen Bot:and Americas favorite is... Bridgette! Where are you?
  • Allison:*whispers into Julie's ear bud* she was shot just say you made a mistake and pick someone else, preferably Frank for more cash
  • Chen Bot:oops the winner is actually *starts malfunctioning* Jozea!
  • Chen Bot:see you next summer America
  • *show turns off*
  • Allison:Julie what the fuck!?!
  • Chen Bot:I'm sorry I--- *Allison pulls wires from Julie's back*
  • *show comes back on*
  • *World War 3 begins*
  • The End!

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Omg how often do u think Bitty gets sick? And how much do u think Jack mother hens him when he gets sick for the first time after they start dating?

u have no clue what you have done by sending this to me

  • i think bitty is so busy motherhenning people and baking and being bitty that he just…never gets sick
  • but when he does get sick its really bad
  • (i’m pretty sure this is fairly common with nurses and doctors it happens to my mom hmm lets science this)
  • anyway
  • so i think one time bitty does get sick and it’s like really bad 
  • he has the flu which fuckign sucks ok
  • so hes basically just rolling around in a mess of sweat and blankets and dying and the smh is like oh shit none of us know what to do
  • because bitty always takes care of them they have no clue what to do
  • chowder tries to make him soup but he basically just stuck a chicken breast and some carrots in some water
  • bitty ate it anyways
  • holster brought him some tissues while wearing a surgical mask because he “didn’t want to catch the death illness”
  • so jack comes down but like…. nursey in his overdramatic way of life was like “bitty’s dying come help me” so jacks freaked out
  • and he gets there is like “bitty what the hell…u r sweating….u r not playing hockey but ur sweating…………what the heck”
  • and then bittys like “i have the flu no one knows what to do help me”
  • except his voice is all scratchy and he sneezes like four times its so cute and jack is just like I Have To Protect This Pure And Beautiful Man Whom I Love
  • jack fuckign goes into Serious Mode
  • he picks up medicine, makes soup, washes bitty’s blankets and clothes, gets a cold washcloth and shit all in like two minutes
  • bitty’s like jack pls…..ur going to die
  • jack: you would have done this for me
  • bitty: shit u right
  • jack tries to kiss bitty like twenty times and bitty makes him stop because he’ll get sick
  • he does it anyway
  • he gets sick
Fiddleford's Password

So I’ve been thinking about the password to Fiddleford’s laptop.

Alex Hirsch revealed in Russia that the password was STANFORD. And for some reason, I just find that hilarious.

I mean, that’s something that Dipper would never guess, but what if that’s something that Ford would never have guessed either back in the day. It had always been a source of frustration for Ford that he could never figure out how to get into that laptop. He’d ask Fiddleford for a clue but the only thing the engineer would do was snicker and say that the answer was under his nose.

Ford assumes it’s some weird and complicated password because he likes to make things difficult for himself and doesn’t really pay attention to this advice.

So one day, after Weirdmaggedon, Dipper comes up to McGucket. “So Mr. McGucket, could you tell me what the password to your laptop was? I could never figure it out.”

Ford notices, of course. “It’s alright, Dipper my boy. I could never figure it out either. It must be a truly convoluted password.”

McGucket snickers. “Well I don’t see how it matters now as I don’t got top secret research on it anymore. I’ll tell you what it is.”

Ford and Dipper light up and run to get paper and pencil. They stand at the ready.

“Okay. So the password is - S.”

“S.” They nod and write it down.















McGucket smirks as they write down the last letter.

Dipper reads it over. “So the password was S-T-A-N-F-O-R-D! Wow, that’s -” His eyes narrow. “Wait a minute…”

“That’s my name!” Ford yells, realization taking him over.

McGucket laughs. He laughs so hard he falls over.

“Very funny, Fiddleford.” Ford crosses his arms over his chest. “Ha ha. What’s the real password?”

“That was it.” McGucket wipes a tear from his eye. “That’s what it’s always been. All those nights you tried cracking into it and it was always your own name.”

“Of course.” Dipper mumbles to himself. “8 letters, connected to the author, it all fits. But I would’ve never guessed Stanford because I thought Grunkle Stan was Stanford and had nothing to do with any of this.”

So Ford eventually storms off, leaving a laughing McGucket and mumbling Dipper behind. He’s a bit miffed that he really never guessed the password.

Anyway, that scene just seems really funny to me and oh, hey, this turned into a drabble. Huh.



I have no clue why this horrific thought just passed through my mind while watching the promo for 7x06, but the more I thought about it, the more it kind of actually made sense: What if the person who is killed next week is actually CALEB? Here’s a few reasons that made me think Caleb could be the character that unfortunately bites the dust:

1) Caleb was completely MIA this past episode. Spencer went searching for him and couldn’t find him whatsoever. Sure, Toby told her he knew where Caleb was, but that doesn’t mean he would know if anything could’ve happened to him. I also think it’s a bit bizarre that Caleb needed “time to think” when he sounded fairly certain and determined that Spencer was the one he wanted in 7x05 and now he’s suddenly done a 180°? Doesn’t add up to me!

2) The 7x06 synopsis says “somebody is killed for being on the wrong team” and the promo shows Ali being attacked, so my initial thought was that she’s the one who would be killed, but that’s way too obvious, and in what ways could Ali be “on the wrong team”? I think it’s possible Caleb went searching on his own after the girls shut him out and he could’ve uncovered something with his hacking skills and in result, A.D. asked Caleb to join their team (kind of like how Mona did with Spencer in season 2(?) when Spencer found out that Mona was A), but Caleb refused and was ultimately murdered.

3) It’s possible that Elliot actually did survive the crash, and being buried alive (*cough* ALI *cough*), and just killed Caleb as revenge on the girls since he helps them solve things quite a bit AND he’s special to both Hanna and Spencer. Which leads me to my last reason…

4) Hanna gets a call from someone with an accent saying “the next time you bury somebody, make sure they’re dead”, which obviously raises suspicions about Elliot’s demise, resulting in Spencer and Hanna going and digging up the grave where they presumably buried Elliot (“Archer”). How heartbreaking and horrific would it be for them to actually dig up Caleb instead? I just find it funny that Spencer and Hanna are the only ones going to dig up the grave where they buried Elliot, which would be the PERFECT opportunity to drop a ‘Caleb’ bombshell since they’re both the closest to him.

Let me know what you think!!!

My entire bedroom just flooded

I don’t have a microscopic clue of what to do or how we’re going to handle this right now, I’m too upset and trying to move all of my things out of the water so they don’t get more ruined than they already are. I just know we absolutely can’t afford this right now, and I’m just. Going to suck up the pride and open donations again. I’m sorry. I have medication and vet bills to pay for and this on top of it I’m just. Overwhelmed. This is all I can think to do to help. Thank you

i’m just minding my own business going through tumblr when all of a sudden i see that kim kardashian and taylor swift are trending. i go ahead and check out the tags and i start reading all the posts and i mean i don’t keep up with them nor do i have any clue what is going on. but…like…why am i having such a good time? why am i laying down in the dark softly chuckling to myself?? i really feel like i’ve made a grave error in judgement.

Close Your Eyes (Part 2: Tony Stark x reader)

Yes, part two of sorts to Close Your Eyes but with a different character.  Angst.

“Should I call (Y/N)?”

“Might as well.”

A few agonizing minutes passed before FRIDAY’s voice returned with the answer that Tony knew was coming, remembering that you were at an appointment and likely waiting for him; he could see your face and your anxiously tapping foot in his mind, and he managed a small smile at the thought. 

It would be the final disappointment that he would put you through in his life, leaving you with so many more yet to come even after he was gone.

“There was no response, boss.”

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how do you draw todoroki and izuku? can we get a tutorial maybe??? I'm having such a hard time drawing them and I have no clue why. ;v;

Hi anon! Thank you so much for the ask c: To tell you the truth, my todorokis and dekus are super inconsistent, but I’ll try to help you out!! Also, I think its important to keep in mind that as long as you keep drawing, you’ll eventually develop your own art style! So whatever I say here might not even apply to how you draw them in the future ( ´∀`;)

I’ve never made a tutorial before, so this is more like a step by step process of what I draw to draw them??

so yeeeaahhh thats sort of the gist of how I draw them…hope this helped even a little!!

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just came across your reaper76 a/b/o posts and I'd love to hear more about young jack morrison's first heat alone (and what went on with all those alphas around while gabe's gone) and gabe's rut with him. I love your a/b/o stuff so much omg

Hope you’ll forgive me for posting this at 2am but I had a huge post typed out earlier and it all went to SHIT when my computer crashed so I’ve been a little salted about that.

Anyway so as a general mention, expect to see a lot of broken a/b/o tropes because I didn’t like a whole lot of them when I was researching it for the first time? But I DO love discussing heat cycles and pheromones so uhh that’s mainly what I’m gonna be focusing on ok? Ok. Anyway onto your question about Jack Morrison’s first heat:

- Jack doesn’t really have a clue what’s happening at first - he thinks he’s just sick. He feels like he’s running a fever and all he wants to do is lay down and sleep, but he manages to drag himself to Angela’s office. If there’s a virus going around he wants her to know now so she can start making preparations.

- Angela thinks it’s just stress exhaustion and is about to tell him to take a few days off when Jack’s pheromones finally start kicking in. As soon as she senses those, she knows exactly what’s going on.

- She puts him on lockdown instantly. Room arrest with a quarantine zone in the immediate area. One of the perks of being a higher-ranking officer is that he gets his own room with a private bathroom, so he doesn’t really NEED to leave. Meals will be brought to him by Angela or one of her aides. She tells him to take the week off and REST, because he’ll need it. 

- Jack doesn’t believe what’s going on at first when Angela tells him, but she’s the doctor, not him. He acquiesces to the room arrest but doesn’t heed her order to stop working, and when she’s gone he rings up Ana and asks her to bring by the stack of paperwork on his desk.

- This turns out to be a mistake because Ana is an Alpha and she can’t help her own pheromones reacting when she enters Jack’s room and smells his heat. The problem isn’t with Ana herself, because she has self-control and discretion, but when Jack senses her pheromones the full force of his heat finally kicks into him.

- It’s like being punched in the stomach by lava. He feels like he’s overheating, like there are bonfires blazing inches away from his bare skin. Jack almost collapses, and Ana barely manages to catch him before he crashes into the floor. He’s desperate for skin-on-skin contact, and curls into Ana like she’s his last link to the world.

- Let’s get something out of the way: Ana is not afraid of Gabriel. In fact, it’s probably the other way around. But Gabriel is her friend, and she respects him, and Ana has little desire to mess up the betting pool, which Angela (also her friend) has sunk quite a bit into. She manages to help Jack out of his heavy uniform (easy, he’s removing most of it himself) and get him into bed (also easy), and then performs every disengage and retreat protocol she knows to get the hell out of there (difficult, it’s so hard to turn away when Jack’s mewling and begging for her, but she does it.)

- Jack ends up falling asleep curled in a ball. Angela wakes him up a few hours later so he can drink some water and gives him something to help with the fever. He doesn’t have nearly as strong a reaction to her, and is way more coherent when she leaves. In fact he thinks he might be able to even get some work done.

- His phone is laying on top of his paperwork. His mind wanders to Gabriel, which is a mistake, because as soon as he thinks about Gabriel he wants to call him. But Gabriel is out on deployment, won’t be back for another month, and might be doing something important right now. Jack settles for texting him a quick “call me when you can” and tries to get some work done. He makes it through about four pages before he thinks about Gabriel again and this time the heat flares back through him, settling in his abdomen.

- He jerks off twice but it’s not satisfying, it’s not what he wants. He wants to be touched, to have contact, he wants to disobey doctor’s orders but he’s too good of a soldier to do it. Instead he bitterly thinks that quarantine was the cruelest thing that Angela could do to him, and just tries to fall asleep instead.

- Jack’s phone wakes him up at four thirty in the morning. He answers it as soon as his tired brain connects the name to a face. Gabriel sounds tired, a little gruff, definitely impatient. Jack explains what’s going on and Gabriel’s tone changes INSTANTLY. Gabriel says he’s going to call off the mission and get back to base - if he does it right this very second, he can be back in a day. 

- Somehow Jack manages to talk him out of it even though it takes an hour and a half of arguing. By the time he hangs up though, he’s kinda wishing he was worse at arguing. Because despite what he said on the phone he desperately wants Gabriel here, in his room, talking to him, holding him. This is awful. He hasn’t been this hormonal since he was a teenager. He jerks off again but imagining Gabriel riding him, those beautiful thick thighs straddling him, does help satisfy the craving a little better.

- Four more days. It’ll be hell, but he thinks he can do this. 

Hey everyone!!! I cannot believe that i am making this post. I never thought that 2k of you would ever follow me.. Like?? thats crazy to think about, like that many people can see what i have to say & probably, at least somewhat, care about me. LIKE WOW! I would like to stress how grateful i am for every one of you! It means so much to me  ❤ 

Now, please bare with me, i have no clue how long this is going to be..  

I’m going to start with all the lovely mutuals i gained from some of the group chats i have been in over the past couple months!

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