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How to squash metagaming

Metagaming is an inevitable challenge to face as a DM. Your players most likely have an INT score above 10 and are aware of common tropes and dangers the D&D world has to offer. On top of that, “table talk” and players coaching other players what to do in an encounter (often while they’re not there themselves) can spoil the suspense of a scene. Here are a few tricks I’ve picked up since beginning my campaign to mitigate metagaming and keep players at the edge of the couch. 

Night Shift Notes

When players take the night off and have lookouts take turns keeping watch around the campfire, have the lookout roll Perception. Write what they see on a piece of paper. Be it good news, danger, or nothing out of the ordinary, do this every time one character is visually or audibly checking something out on their own. It beats giving everyone in the party the same visual description simply because one of the PCs rolled high on Perception. Plus, it keeps things moving if you’re managing many party-splitting players at once. 

It’s also fun to leave things ambiguous for that lookout player. Describe sounds that could be tree branches scraping against the window, that could be nothing, but it could also be something… else. This trick may have varying effects, depending on what’s going on in your story. But just like a good horror movie, the simple act of farming out mundane info to just one player can build suspense, and gives a single player a bit of the spotlight as they time-manage what they can do between what their senses can pick up and how fast they can alarm the others of what they think is happening.

Fog of War

Whenever the party explores a dungeon or dangerous area they’re unfamiliar with, try revealing fractions of your playmat at a time. I always show a 15x15 starting point, like the entrance to the dungeon, and show enough in that small space to tease the corridors the PCs can travel down, at the risk of stepping into the unknown. 

You can also draw the map as you go, beginning with a blank canvas and taking your wet erase markers along the path as they explore it. To hint at what’s around the corner, be sure to have audible clues prepped in case someone is waiting before stepping into the next fraction of the map you’ve prepared. 

WIS and CHA Saves

Sometimes a single player is experiencing a condition that removes the option of choice. Perhaps a PC has been charmed in secret, or was possessed while separated from the party. Similar to how I deal with lookout encounters, I write an “If… Then…” guideline to follow, otherwise I let them role-play as normal. 

You’re under the effects of an enchantment spell. If you see one of the royal guard, you must alert them to your presence and the presence of your friends by any means necessary. You otherwise behave completely normal. 

It’s as if you’ve taken on the hatred of someone, or something, that can’t stand the sight of the living. If you hear the sound of laughter or merriment, you must take steps to remove yourself from the area or attack the source of happiness. Whenever possible, find the local gravekeeper: you believe there’s unfinished business with him, though you’ve never seen or met him before. 

Are there special steps you take to squash metagaming at your table? Let me know by reblogging and sharing your wisdom!

If anyone has the ability to gif this moment of Ricky staring at Cristiano from the ‘Ronaldo’ movie, then is there any chance that you could make a gif for us please!!??!!! 

It’s actually one of my fave moments in the movie and I think it’s a real shame we don’t have a gif of it!!!!

Can we just take a min to appreciate that the Adventure Zone is a podcast written and starring 3 straight Southern young men and their straight Southern father(not to imply all or even most southerners are homophobic bc obviously no, but im pretty sure you get the idea) and it has the best LGBT relations in something not centric on that that around? AND several nonbinary characters who are also treated with respect? And no one ever says anything or makes a big deal out of it. Just. Yeah, Carrey and Killian go to pottery nights together. Of course Taako gets a skirt as his summer outfit. No, they’re literally a bunch of clay in a suit of armor, why would they have a gender? So good. I wish everybody was like these guys.

Things NOT To Do When You Meet an Actual Witch
  • say, “so wait… you think magic is real?”
  • or “do you have a mental illness?”

  • *insert comment about how we’re “childish” for believing here*

  • Have you ever cursed someone?? (this puts someone in a position where they feel like they have to justify it if they did, and sometimes there are stories people just don’t want to tell

  • Say something that implies Christian superiority

  • Tell a christo-witch (Christian witch) that practicing witchcraft invalidates their identity as a Christian

  • Tell a Pagan witch that they can’t follow a pantheon because it’s “already been labeled as mythology”

  • Ask them to do magic right now, on the spot (There are days I don’t want to do magic or can’t really feel my own magic, especially if I’m out of practice/have been too busy)

  • demand they do things that are very clearly not possible. (Do you have ANY clue how powerful someone would have to be to move something? APPARENTLY NOT!)

  • explain to them in detail why you think their beliefs are invalid

  • treat them like doing witchcraft means they’re morally abhorent

(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, a little violence, dead (flasback), angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff.

A/N; I’m incredibly sorry for the delay. Anyway, hope you hate Dot as much as I do xd .Oh! And the tags are being stupid little b#tches, please if someone doesn’t receive my notifications, let me know.

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Chapter1   Chapter2   Chapter3  Chapter4  Chapter5  Chapter6  Chapter7  Chapter8

Chapter 9

You have no clue how much time passes while you stare at the white wall of your home, neither how much time Steve looked at you without saying a word. The tears had dryed from your cheeks but the pain in your chest hasn’t stopped, you can tell that it will never. Numbed you look at Steve, who winces when your gazes cross, you don’t wanna know how horrible do you look for him to react that way, you don’t care. 

- Why? - you whisper 

- It’s not his fault… - Steve straighten up from his half lying position, whining because of the pain on his side. You can tell, but, that he’s healing extremelly fast - He don’t have any choice

- He didn’t even let me explain! - tears burn in your eyes again

Steve let out a deep sigh, defeated

- I should have explained you everything before…

- Do it now - you demand

Steve’s eyes make holes in your soul before he starts talking

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chapter seven of the lost princess of merope: helene’s vision

see chapter one, meet the princesses 

Knowing changes one.

Helene can’t imagine what Calla’s life is like. Having a vision is cruelty. It’s knowing too much, seeing what you don’t want to know. 

“Why me?” Helene asks the enchantress, who emerges from the dark looking exactly as Helene had always imagined. Perhaps that’s simply the form the vision chooses, drawing from Helene’s subconscious.

“It seems fitting,” the enchantress says. She has Helene’s own voice. “It started with you. Calla has tried so long to see me that I have lost interest in her. He can feel how badly you wish to see him, you know. It hurts him.”

“Stop,” Helene whispers. It’s the only word that she can find.

“I am only trying to help,” the enchantress says, resting her chin plaintively on her scepter. “He wishes to see you too. He weeps enough to be one of your willows.”

“Stop!” She still can’t cry, not even in her visions. Has he stolen her tears?

“So dramatic,” the enchantress sighs. “I am trying to help you. I could just let you all suffer without Merope, let the dragons waste your lands like I intended.”

“Then why don’t you?” 

The enchantress looks at her scepter for a moment as if weighing her answers. “Everyone who has killed my son is dead,” she says after a long pause. “And you already have the answer to see her. Merope.”

“How?” Helene stifles the urge to touch her stomach.

“Her location is within each of you. You each have a piece. Once you put it together, you will see her. How you’ll get to her is another…” The enchantress moves her head from side to side. “But Celaeno has my spell book, it’s a simple spell that can transport one of you to bring her back.”

“How do I even know she’s alive?” Helene asks.

The enchantress puts her sceptor to Helene’s head. The vision blasts her- back to Celaeno, back to Calla and the others. Calla is now the one cradling her. 

“You alright?” Tate asks. She sounds almost concerned.

“Merope is alive,” Helene says. “She’s- she’s beautiful. I saw her. And I know how to get to her.”

Your turn: Where is the lost princess of Merope? Go back to each chapter starting with the first one and including this chapter. Note the first letter of each chapter. It will be bolded for you. What do they spell? Send it to me. Once 10 people have unlocked the clue, I will post an introduction to the lost princess of Merope! Come back to meet her and to help the princesses cast the spell to find her!

Confidence is Key: Amnesiac

Dean x Reader

Prompt: Reader wakes up with no memory of the past two days when she was under a confidence spell.

Warnings: slight swearing

Words: 1118

A/N: Thank you to the anon who gave me this idea! Want more?

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After their lovemaking, Jarrod and Niara take a shower and fall back into bed. Niara waits until he’s asleep, waits until morning comes. Then she slips out of his bed, finds her clothes and makes her way downstairs.  She reaches the front door and gives a frustrated sighs, remembering that she had no clue where her cell phone was. Or even what Jarrod’s address was. How was she going to get home? 

Niara mutters: I’ll walk if I have to. I can’t fall under this man’s spell. Not again.

She tries the front door, and is startled at Jarrod coming up behind her. He leans against a foot against the door, looks down at her with fury in his eyes.

Jarrod angry: And history repeats itself. You leave me in bed to run back to Zeke.

Niara: He’s my husband, Jarrod.

Jarrod: A husband you hate. I can see it in your eyes when you’ve said his name.

Niara: It doesn’t matter. I have a reputation to uphold in San Myshuno. I’m a married woman, a mother of two. I may not love my husband but I’m not going to cheat on him with-

Jarrod sneers: With what? A famous athlete? 

Niara: Exactly. An NBA superstar who has groupies all over the place. I’m not the one.

Jarrod low: Except…this time…you WILL be the one, Niara. I lost to Zeke years ago. But I don’t lose anymore. Not at basketball, and not with you. 


Jealous Draco x reader x Neville

Requested- Hello could you do a Draco imagine where (y/n) is a hufflepuff and she’s usually helping Neville when he gets into his many sticky situations but draco gets jealous because he likes her? I love your writing btw! 🙌🏻

Y/N- Your Name

Y/E/C- Your eye colour

Y/H/C- Your hair colour

Y/N ran through the entrance of the library door in excitement. The heels of her shoes clunking on the wooden floor boards, textbooks in her hand and a huge smile plastered on her face. She spotted Neville Longbottom, her best friend of 5 years sitting in the corner of the library, head burrowed in a book. They had met back in first year, appointed as partners during herbology. It was a subject Y/N loved and was extremely passionate about. Many never understood her love for it, deeming it dirty and a waste of time. But to Y/N it was so much more. Yes, she had to admit it wasn’t the cleanest of subjects, and yes, like all subjects it had its boring points. But unlike other subjects, herbology was one that connected you to the earth. Seeing all the beautiful things it could create was just magical to her. After being partners with Neville, they soon found they had the same interest in herbology, which led to them bonding and becoming best friends.

Reaching Neville, Y/N couldn’t keep her excitement locked up. “Neville you do not know what I just got?” Neville looked up, flashing an equally as excited smile, “What did you find out?” Y/N chuck her handful of textbooks on the wooden table, only keeping the one with a beautiful leafy cover. She flipped through a few dozen pages to the one she was looking for, then showed it to Neville. “Okay, you know how in herbology we are studying the chinese chomping cabbage?” Neville nodded in response, it was their big topic of the month and still no information about it’s uses were provided yet. “Well” Y/n continued, “You know how we were both wondering what properties or uses it had for ages, I found it. Apparently, according to this textbook, it is an ingredient used to brew the skele-gro potion.” “You mean the potion Harry had to take after Professor Lockhart casted that spell?” Y/N scoffed, “Don’t mention Lockhart to me, he was the worst teacher.” “Didn’t you like him?” Neville asked, innocently. “I don’t have a clue what your talking about.” she quickly denied. Neville laughed and soon Y/N quickly joined in. Not knowing they were being watched.

From the other side of the room Draco was carefully watching Y/N and the idiot, Longbottom. They were both laughing their heads off like fools. The fact Longbottom had friends at all baffled him. There must certainly be something wrong with that girl if she enjoyed spending time with the idiot. But still, for some uncertain reason Draco could not keep his eyes off her. Maybe it was her beauty. She had thick, gorgeous Y/H/C hair that shone in the sun, and Y/E/C eyes that twinkled like stars in the night sky. She was indeed beautiful, stunning. But there was something else about her that intrigued him. She was so different to other girls he had seen before, certainly different to Pansy. Just the way she was not afraid to be herself, to get her hands dirty or just maybe because she was kind. And, although he didn’t want to admit it, kindness was a trait he valued, something he knew he did not have. Not being able to take they harmless laughter any longer, Draco swaggered over to their table.

Y/N placed her hands on her stomach, she had laughed so much her eyes were watering. Little did she know Draco had walked up to them, his arms crossed and frowning. From the corner of her eye, Y/N could see Neville physically shrink. He was never a huge fan of Malfoy, and neither was she. “Can I help you with anything, Malfoy?” purposely slowing down at his name. “Just making sure you’re still sane, considering you hang out with Longbottom.” Y/N shot him a death stare, Neville had gone red and she hated to see him embarrassed. “I could say the same for your friends. Just being in the same room as you gives me a headache. I don’t know how Pansy can stand kissing you.” Now it was Draco’s turn to go red. Y/N smirked, proud of her victory. Y/N could see in his face that Draco was about to send another attack on Neville. “Draco can I talk to you outside please?” Draco stuttered, surprised by Y/N’s sudden request, “W, wh, what?” However it took a split second for him to return to his arrogant self. “Well because you said so nicely I’ll accept. Hallway.” He exclaimed, and walked away. Y/N turned to Neville, shaking her head, “He’s such a prat. I’ll be back soon.” Grabbing her bag she proceeded to follow Malfoy.

When reaching the hall, she found Draco leaning on the wall, looking at the floor. At the sound of footsteps he looked and smirked. “Took you long enough.” he mocked. Rolling her eyes, she ignored him. He walked over to her, “So what is it that you want to talk to me about?” he asked. “I’m asking, well not asking, I’m ordering you to stop being so mean to Neville. He’s a good guy and really nice person. He doesn’t deserve any of your mockery.” she ordered. Draco huffed, crossing his arms, “Are you serious? Is that all you wanted to say. Well your wasting my time.” and he proceeded to leave, only to be stopped by Y/N grabbing his arm. “I’m serious Draco.” “What is Longbottom to you anyway? Do you like him or something?” he questioned, curious. “What he is to me is none of your business. We’re just friends, best friends.” Draco sighed, he took a second to think, “Fine I’ll stop” Y/N almost squealed in excitement. “Only if you do something for me in return.” Y/N should of known, Malfoy’s never did anything for free. She looked cautiously at him, “What do you want?” she asked. “A kiss.” Y/N felt like she had just been punched in the face. He was pure evil. But she had to do it, for Neville. “Fine, I accept your deal.” she announced. Draco just smirked, he cupped his hands around her face. Y/N twitched at his foreign touch, his hands surprisingly were soft. Y/N thought of Draco secretly applying hand cream on to keep his hands from cracking during the winter and giggled. “What?” Draco asked, his eyes filled with concern. Y/N shook her head, “Nothing, let’s just get this over and done with.” Draco leaned forward and felt the soft touch of his lips on her.

Draco had no idea why he was doing this, he just got so mad watching Longbottom making her laugh. It made his blood boil and his chest tight. Now here he was, kissing Y/N. Her lips on his, the felt like rose petals, soft to the touch. It may of been the result of blackmail, but he really wanted to kiss her. When the kiss was finished, he stared right into her Y/E/C eyes. Her cheeks were a beautiful peachy pink, and he could see the freckles on her nose, something he never noticed before. They looked good cute on her. Y/N was speechless, she had not expected for that experience to be, enjoyable. She looked at Draco and was sure he felt the same way. Up close she could see his imperfection, well she wouldn’t call them imperfections. Like the rest of him, his face was perfect. But she could see a tiny scar under his chin, probably an accident as a kid. As well his thick, long lashes. Instead of platinum blonde they were ashy brown. Finally Draco broke the silence, “Well, that was enjoyable.” Y/N couldn’t help laughing like a little girl at his comment. Hearing her laugh Draco smiled, a genuine smile. Only the sound of footsteps breaking the magical the two seemed to be under. Y/N turned her head to the side and saw Neville. His face filled with betrayal and rage. It was too late to stop him, he had ran off, leaving the feeling of guilt in Y/N gut.

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the lucky ones

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The Lucky Ones [Jungkook X Reader]

THEME: Angst, fluff, romance

(WARNING): Some mature language

WORDS: 5 788

AUTHOR: TheLillzMonster


You are Jungkook’s girlfriend, he is an idol. When the two of you are caught by media, the fans start to send you hateful messages. In the beginning you feel like you can manage, but it gets worse and finally you’re not sure how much more of it you can take.

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Dean’s Daughter- Baby Cakes

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Request: If your taking request can you do one we’re the reader is dean’s daughter ( 15 - 16 ) and gets turned into a baby by a witch cause that would be amazing 😊
Title: Baby Cakes
Parings: Daddy!Dean x reader, Uncle!Sam x reader, Platonic!Cas x reader
Words: 1943
Summary: Dean’s Daughter gets cursed by a witch and is turned into an infant. While Sam and Dean try to reverse the curse, Castiel is put on baby duty.

(A/N: I am so sorry that I didn’t post last week, I was sick af and never had the chance to write. Anyways, I loved this request and it was really fun to write & also thank you so so much for 400 followers. I never expected that many people to actually be interested in my writings so  I thank and love y’all so much! xx)

“No!” Your dad shouts as the witch traps you against the wall. “Let her go, you friggen bitch!”
Your dad chokes on his words when the witch hardens her hold on him. Where is Uncle Sammy? You think, He was supposed to be here by now.
You had talked your dad into letting you come with him and Uncle Sammy, and by now both of you regret you coming along. The witch walks closer to you and pulls out something from her jacket. She reveals a small bottle of a powdery substance and unscrews the lid, “Here’s something that will-AHH!”
You hear a loud bang and all of the sudden you see your Uncle Sam charging at the witch with a dagger in one hand and a revolver in the other. The witch fumbles with her potion as she clutches her bleeding shoulder, but it falls to the ground and the powder spills all over you. The witch hisses and seems to disappear into thin air.
The hold that was keeping you and your father captive has been lifted and you two lunge forward onto the wood floor. “Damn, I hate witches…”
“Dean…” Sam says, getting the attention of your father as he looks at you with worried eyes, “(Y/N), what’s that all of over you?”
“I…I don’t know, it was something the witch had.” You say as you stand up and try to wipe the ivory colored flakes off.
Your father rushes over to you and carefully examines your bloody lip, “Are you okay baby? God, I knew I shouldn’t have let you come with us.”
“I’m fine, Dad, I swear I am,” You say once he gives you a skeptical look. “but what now? I mean do we go after the witch?”
Your dad lets out a laugh, “Let’s not worry about that right now, baby. Come on, we’re going back to the motel to get you cleaned up.”
You, Sam, and Dean are driving back to the motel when you start to feel funny. You wince at the pain occurring in your stomach but you don’t want to bring attention to it and worry your dad and uncle. You watch as the two men joke to one another and you start to smile before the pain hits again, feeling as if a knife is twisting in your abdomen. The pain starts to spread; now your arms ache and your legs throb. You squeeze your eyes in pain and finally Sam catches a glimpse of you through the rear view mirror.
“(Y/N)? Honey what’s wrong?” He says, his eyes continuously go from the road back to you.
“I don’t know, something just doesn’t feel right.” You say, sucking in a sharp breath.
“What do you mean, baby?” Dean turns around with his eyes wide in panic as he watches his daughter cry out in pain.
“I don’t know! I just-it feels like-I think I-” You begin to feel extremely dizzy and it looks as if the whole car is spinning and turning.
“(Y/N)!” You hear your father yell but before you know it all you see is black.

Sam, pull over now!” Dean shouts as he looks in the back seat to his passed out daughter. “SAM NOW!”
Sam swerves off to a dirt path and the car jerks to a stop. “Open the door, help me!”
Sam nods and jumps out of the car just as Dean does. Dean yanks the back door open and freezes, and by the time Sam makes his way around the car he is in just as much of a shock as his brother.
“What the hell…” Dean says as they peer into the back seat where they see a small baby peek its head out through the clothes (Y/N) was wearing seconds ago. The baby wails and squirms as Sam and Dean stare at it and neither of the two know what to do.
“Do you… do you think that’s- (Y/N)?” Sam speaks up, turning to look at Dean.
“How the hell could it…” Dean replies and starts to slide into the backseat and pick up the baby from the clothes of his daughter. He looks at it… it is a girl, he knows that much. But there was no way in hell that this could be his daughter- his (Y/N)….could it?
“Dean… the powder!” Sam exclaims, “(Y/N)- the witch threw some kind of powder on her… could that be what this is? A hex? Voodoo?”
Dean looks at the baby, it has the same color hair and eyes as (Y/N), but he shakes those thoughts from his head. “That makes no sense! Why would a witch want to change a sixteen year old into a baby?”
“I-I don’t know, self-defense maybe?” Sam says, running a hand through his hair. A loud truck roars by and the baby starts to cry again. “Dean, let’s just get back to the motel and we can figure this out there.”
Dean nods and wraps the baby girl in the tshirt his daughter was wearing before.

Sam and Dean accepted that it was you as the baby because no one else can scream like you. You wail and cry more and more; and no matter what they did they couldn’t get you to be quiet. “Dean, do something! You’ve done this before!”
“Yeah, sixteen years ago, I don’t know what she wants!” Dean says, picking you up and patting your back.
“Just do something!” Sam says as he rubs his temples. He has been looking at folk lore for two hours trying to find a spell or a reversal to set you straight.
Dean looks into your eyes and remembers his first night with you, when your mother dropped you off with him and never returned. He had no clue what to do then and you seemed to have turned out just fine, so how hard can it be to get you to stop crying.
“Baby girl, I need you to stop crying. Me and Uncle Sammy, we’re going to find a way to bring you back, I promise. But we need you to be quiet so that we can concentrate, okay?” He says, holding you out an arm’s length away, drool hangs from your mouth and Dean grimaces. “I sure don’t miss that.”
Another minute goes on and you still cry and Dean begins to rock you in his arms, the way he used to when you had trouble sleeping. “…Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better. Hey Jude don’t be afraid, you were made to go out and get her,” He starts, your cries fade and your eyelids slowly flutter close.
Dean looks at you for a long while, he misses when you were this small, so dependent on him. No arguments, no fights, no wanting to go on hunts alone, just you and him in your own two worlds. He kisses your forehead and sets you back onto the bed. He turns to see Sam smiling at him, “What?”
“Nothing…” Sam whispers, and turns back to the screen. “So I talked to Bobby and he seems to think it’s a spell, and the only way to reverse it is to kill the witch who casted it.”
“Great,” Dean mumbles, “So how do we find this witch, it went up in smoke like the Wicked Witch of the West. Have any leads?”
“Well I got something… in the past hour there was a police call from a George Wilson about seeing someone in a vacant house about four miles out, says he thought he saw smoke. That could be our witch?” Sam says, looking over the police logs again.
“Yeah that could also be ten thousand other things.” Dean says angrily.
“Look Dean, I know you’re upset about (Y/N) but sitting here doing nothing is not going to bring her to her normal self again. We need to check this out.” Sam explains, putting a hand on his brother’s shoulder.
Dean sighs and looks back over at you, you are peacefully lying on the bed fast asleep. “Fine, but what do we do about her? We can’t bring her with us and I’ll be damned if I leave her here alone.”
“Call Cas, he can stay here with her until we get back.” Sam says and he quietly pushes his chair in and puts his jacket on.
Dean takes a moment to think before he closes his eyes, “Cas we need your help, man, hurry.”
Within seconds there is a flutter of wings and Castiel appears next to Sam, “Dean what’s wrong?”
“Shh!” Both Sam and Dean say, motioning to you as you shift in your sleep. Dean motions for the conversation to continue outside and the three men exit the room.
“Why is (Y/N) an infant?” Cas questions.
“Listen, Cas, I’ll cut it short. (Y/N) was hit by some spell and me and Sam need to go find the witch who did it to turn (Y/N) back to her age. We need you stay with her until we get back. We can’t leave her alone and…”
“You have my word Dean, I will watch over her.” Cas states and Dean relaxes. They walk back into the room and Dean goes back to you.
“Don’t worry baby girl, I’m going to fix this.” Dean presses one last kiss to your head and nods towards Cas before leaving.
Cas looks at you intently as you sleep and is fascinated how small you are. After a while you begin to stir and Cas perks his head up. He notices that you are awake and picks you up carefully and bounces you on his knee. You smile sleepily and start to giggle. Cas smiles to himself and cradles you in his arms.
“OOF!” Cas grunts when a sudden weight change crashes down on him. The baby that was in his arms moments ago has now changed back into full-grown (Y/N).
“Cas, What the hell?” You say, clearly confused with your surroundings.
“Oh, hello (Y/N),” Cas says calmly and helps you off his lap.
“What the hell is going on?” You look around for your father or uncle but neither one of them seems to be there.
“I was told that a witch put a curse on you; you were turned into a baby.” Cas informs you.
“A baby? That’s what that powder stuff was? Wait, so where’s my dad?” You ask, still puzzled.
“He said he and Sam were going out to kill the witch, so I’m assuming they did if you’re back to normal.”
You hear the door knob jiggle, “(Y/N)?” You turn and see your dad running through the door.
“Dad!” You say, standing up and wrap your arms around him.
“Oh thank God, (Y/N) you’re okay!” He engulfs you into a hug and kisses you repeatedly.  Sam walks into the room with relief washing over his face when he sees you at a normal size.
“Uncle Sammy!” You let go of your dad and run for Sam who embraces you at once with a bear hug.
“Hey squirt, thought I’d never see you again.” He laughs and places a kiss to the top of your head.
Dean wraps his arms around your shoulders, terrified that he’d lose you if he’d let go, and you you’re your back onto his chest. “Hey Cas, thanks for watching out for her.”
“No problem, Dean.”
“And as for you young lady,” Dean says, looking down at you, “You’re not coming on any hunts with us for a long time.”
You smile and cuddle into his chest, “That’s okay daddy, I can wait.”

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Their s/o starts yelling careless whisper, how do they react?

Iceland: Shrieks like a banshee

Denmark: Starts screaming back until they have a sort of call and response thing going

Norway: Turns invisible. He didn’t even know the spell for invisibility beforehand. Nor can now be classified as a level 23 mage and a level 45 introvert

Sweden: Bae what kinda crack have you been smokin?

Finland: I have no fucking clue what you’re doing but imma roll with it

Mod Amanda


As you all know, in the most recent episode, Into the Wand, Disney dropped a TON of hints regarding who Toffee was and Star’s ancestry. There’s going to be a lot of speculation in this theory but basically I’ll be talking about Mewni’s Timeline and how it relates to all of this lore. Prepare for some mind blowing speculation. This’ll be a long post so if you’re not into theories, you can skip it now. Otherwise, delve into the abyss:

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Dear Rory, 

So, right now you are reading my sealed words of wisdom as the tormented, foolish (but persistent) cad hangs off every nuance of your reactions, his heart and mind in a dizzying flurry of questions, as to how the outcome will play out… As you read this, delight in the knowledge that this love-sick pup before you does not have a clue…

Now, ordinarily, after a fool has taken my daughter’s love for granted, if I did not kill him through a slow and excruciatingly painful death, I would instruct my daughter, much like Miss Havisham did to Estella in ‘Great Expectations’, to be cold blooded and calculating, to dash his hopes, and to crush him. However, the decision is all yours to make. Love is elusive and all-encompassing; when you fall under its intoxicating spell, you have little recourse but to live out its devices. If you love this boy, maybe you want to give it another chance..? Good luck, love you, 

Mom (x)

“You promise you’ll call?” “Leave the donuts.”

How The Guys React To Their Sick S/O
  • <p> <b>Italy:</b> If Italy’s s/o gets sick, he will stay by their side 24/7. There is no way that he would leave unattended unless they asked him to go get a water or some medicine or some sort of food. Italy would make sure that his s/o’s pillow is fluffed and that they are tucked in and warm. Italy would plop down next to them and cuddle them. He wouldn’t want to get too close because he doesn’t want to get sick.<p/><b>Germany:</b> Germany would be so worried and stressed that his s/o is sick, that he wouldn’t remember what to do for different illnesses. His s/o would have to get him focused and his head out of the clouds so that Germany can take care of them. Once he calms down, he will check their temperature and then get rolling from there. Germany would go out and get all of the supplies he needs to make them feel better, and even call the doctor for a check up. Germany wouldn’t stay by their side all of the time, but he would check in on them a few times an hour to see how they’re doing.<p/><b>Japan:</b> On the outside, Japan would look calm and collected, but on the inside, he’s thinking of all of the possible ways his s/o could have gotten sick. Once he diagnoses his s/o’s illness, he would go and prepare a tea that would help soothe their dry and scratchy throat, and grab some other medicines in order to make them feel better. Once Japan knows that his s/o will be okay, then he will calm down and start understand that it’s just a cold.<p/><b>America:</b> “HOLY SHIT, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY PRECIOUS BABY??!?!” are America’s immediate thoughts when his s/o woke up and threw up all over the bathroom floor. America scooped them up, put them back in bed, and rushed out to CVS to get like every single fever medicine possible, and practically shove it down their throat because fever medicine SUUUCKS. So after forcing the gross syrups down their throat, America would hop into bed with them, and just cuddle. Thats it, just sit there and cuddle his s/o because he hates seeing his s/o sick and uncomfortable. He would get up once in a while to get them food and stuff, but thats about it. America would also cancel all of his plans that day to be with his s/o.<p/><b>England:</b> England scoffs when he hears that they are sick cause he doesn’t believe them. But when he sees them and they’re on the couch and they’re practically coughing up a lung, then he goes into action. England runs around his house, trying to find an old cure all spell book that he had in the 15th century. Once he finds it and goes back to them, they are passed out wrapped up in a blanket. England sighs and says too himself “I guess I have to wait until they get up to try the spell”<p/><b>France:</b> How is it possible for France’s s/o to get sick? Well France has no clue, and he’s trying to mask his freaking out with suave, but its failing epicly. When France asks how they're feeling, his voice is shaking. What's going through the France's mind at the moment is "oh my gosh, what if they get so sick they die. Ohhhh my gosh". Fortunately, they only have a stomach bug, so Francey Pants calms down a little bit. He would run and get them medicine for them to feel better and stay by their side all day.<p/><b>China:</b> When China's s/o was complaining about how their throat hurt soooo much and it felt puffy and scratchy, he didn't believe them. But a after hours of complaining, the stubborn old man decided to look down their throat. There were white ulcers in their throat, which was a common sign of streptococcus bacteria living in there. Instead of taking them to the doctor, China believed he had the perfect home remedy for strept throat. His s/o was a little iffy at first, but then gave in because China kept pestering them so much.<p/><b>Russia:</b> Russia came running to his s/o when they were groaning in pain. What could possibly be wrong with them? When the adorable Russian asked, all they did was groan some more and mumble something about their head was throbbing with pain. Russia hated seeing anyone close to him in pain, so he scooped them up in his arms and put them in bed. He closed the shades and the door and let them rest in bed. Russia was sure to remain quiet the rest of the day so his s/o got better.<p/><b>Denmark:</b> "Have some beer, your stomach will feel better if you drink some!" Was Denmark's response when his s/o told him their stomach hurt really bad. They smacked him on the head and walked away. A few moments later, his s/o was puking up their insides in the bathroom, and Denmark started to freak out. He cleaned them up, and put them in their bed. Denmark, quite literally, ran to a store to get all of the medicine possible to make them feel better. Den stayed with them 24/7, answering their beck and call.<p/><b>Norway:</b> When Norway saw his s/o curled up in blankets, sneezing with thousands of crumpled up tissues around them, he knew something was up. Norge went up to them, and start to gently pat them, and they groaned like they were in pain. He told them “I’ll be right back” and went upstairs to find his spell book. Once he found it, he practiced the spell a few times, then went back downstairs to them. Luckily, the spell didn’t backfire and get his s/o even more sick. Soon his s/o was back to their normal healthy selves.<p/><b>Sweden:</b> Sweden’s s/o is currently crawling on the floor trying to get to the bathroom so they can throw up there instead of the floor. When Sweden walks in, he kind of just stares at them for a while, unsure of what to do. After a few seconds of contemplating on what to do, he bends over and scoops them up and puts them in the bathroom. Sweden stays there with them as they vomited into the toilet, no matter how disgusting it was. He cleaned them up, and tucked them into bed.<p/><b>Finland:</b> Once Finland found out that his s/o was sick and coughing every second, he started to freak out. Just a little though, because he had to stay positive for his s/o so they got better! He sat them up on the bed, so that they stopped coughing, made them lots and lots of soup, gave them their inhaler, and gave them some medicine the get rid of the mucus in their body. Finland was around them a lot, making sure they were okay and had everything they needed.<p/><b> Iceland:</b> "Hm" would be Iceland's response to his s/o getting sick, then walk away. His s/o would then throw something at him to get his attention, and hoarsely call him a jerk. Iceland will sigh and then ask what's wrong. Once they complain to him, he'll nod and go get the medicine they need. When he comes back, they'll be passed out on their bed. Iceland couldn't help but smile.<p/></p>

vervve  asked:

Hello! is there any way that you could do a protection spell on me? We had an assembly about bullying and were asked to raise hands if we were a bully and the guy who sent pictures of me to everyone in my class and pushed me to attempting suicide just sat there. So I told him infront of the entire student body to raise his hand up. I know that there is going to be some backlash and negativity coming my way. So if you could help me out that would be fantastic

Oml, I’m so sorry that’s happened to you!! That’s absolutely awful and I’m so proud of you for not commuting suicide, I know first hand how hard it is sometimes not to!!

Unfortunately I don’t really do spells bc im a closeted witch but I’ll see what I can do for you! I’m sending you positive vibes and protective energy but I have zero clue if itll help or work at all. I’m still quite a new witch (started January this year) so idk all that much yet, but I will definitely see what I can do for you, my friend!

Best of luck, please be cautious and safe!! (Also maybe talk to an adult my dude, if you have anyone you can trust).

Maybe @witchy-woman can do something for you (she’s sick rn I think so idk how that’ll go (also sorry for just randomly tagging you when I’ve never talked to you before, witchy woman! I just want to help this person and I’m so sorry if this is rude or not welcome, I’ll edit the post if you’d like me to!!!!)) Or @lulloph may also have something bc she is a lot more experienced and helpful than me (again, I hope its okay that I’m tagging you, J! I’ll edit the post if you don’t want your name in this!!)

St.'s Short and Sweet Guide to (Not Asking Her) How to Get Started in Witchcraft and Magic

I keep getting mail from people asking where to start and so I decided to put together a little guide to help you out. Sorry for the bluntness. I haven’t eaten. This IS NOT aimed at anyone. I’d just like to have a thing on the blog.

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When Moist had left, Drumknott coughed politely and said, “Do you think he’ll turn up there, my lord?”
“One must always consider the psychology of the individual,” said Vetinari, correcting the spelling on an official report. “That is what I do all the time and lamentably, Drumknott, you do not always do. That is why he has walked off with your pencil.”

Lord Vetinari laid his pen aside. “You have to consider the psychology of the individual, Drumknott. Every man may be considered as a sort of lock, to which there is a key. I have great hopes for Mr Lipwig in the coming skirmish. Even now, he still has the instincts of a criminal.”
“How can you tell, my lord?”
“Oh, there are all sorts of little clues, Drumknott. But I think a most persuasive one is that he has just walked off with your pencil.”

“It would appear that the leopard does change his shorts, sir,” mused Drumknott, as the evening mist drifted, waist high, along the street.
“It would appear so, indeed. But Moist von Lipwig is a man of appearances. I’m sure he believes everything he said, but one must look beyond the surface to the Lipwig beneath, an honest soul with a fine criminal mind.”
“You have said something similar before, sir,” said the secretary, holding open the coach door, “but it seems that honesty has got the better of him.”
Vetinari paused with his foot on the step. “Indeed, but I take some heart, Drumknott, from the fact that, once again, he has stolen your pencil.”
“In fact he has not, sir, because I was most careful to put it in my pocket!” said Drumknott, in some triumph.
“Yes,” said Vetinari, happily, sinking into the creaking leather as Drumknott started to pat himself down with an increasing desperation, “I know.”


Lord Havelock Vetinari and Rufus Drumknott (Going Postal and Making Money by Terry Pratchett)

The three times Moist von Lipwig walks off with Drumknott’s pencil.


Bloodlines: Adrian Ivashkov & Sydney Sage

“I tried to be a better person for her– but it was to impress her, to get her to want me. But when I’m around you, I want to be better because… well, because it feels right. Because I want to. You make me want to become something greater than myself. I want to excel. You inspire me in every act, every word, every glance. I look at you, and you’re like… like light made into flesh. […] You have no clue how beautiful you are or how brightly you shine.”