i have no clue how to pose

The day I apparently broke the internet! From Dallascon16

So I have come to learn that quite a lot of people have seen this photo and only about half know the amazing story behind it. So I thought I would finally tell it here on tumblr!

I had bought a mishalecki photo op ticket on the Thursday before the convention but had absolutely no clue what pose to do, until it hit me. I am a hug Misha fan, and every time I have gotten to talk to him I am usually sarcastic and try to match his wit. I also love Jared, he is like an actually giant puppy. Anyway way the whole fandom knows that Misha had bragged about how flexible he is, well I am quite flexible too. Just as flexible as Misha actually,lol! So then this pose came to mind. I knew it would crack Jared up and it would give me a chance to show off some skill. I didn’t want to many people knowing what pose I was going to do because I was afraid volunteers might not be keen on the idea or I just wanted it to be a surprise.

So I was third or so in line for the photo and Misha and Jared set the tone pretty quickly with their entrance that screamed fun and sexy. Half the people in the room knew what pose I was gonna do and the other half didn’t. When it came my turn I walked up to Jared and Misha, I had to repeat it twice but for the sake of just retyping the same things I will write once.

I stood between Jared and Misha, looking at Jared while I kept Misha in my sights. I said this, “ Hey guys so I am going to do a pose you have never done before. (They began to smile; I then gently put my hand on Misha’s chest to direct Jared’s attention) See I am more flexible than Misha is, (Jared chuckled, Misha looked curious) so I am going to do a reverse table top yoga pose and I want you two to arm wrestle on my stomach. Look as extreme as possible, got it!?” I had to repeat this twice, but both were smiling and went ok, I have a feeling they were still confused, that was until I hit the ground. I heard half the room gasp,slightly, and the other half sorta whispering. From above I heard Jared and Misha go at the same time, “OH”, they had finally understood. Jared actually signaled for Chris to do another picture because he realized they both were not ready when the photo was taken, I am so glad he did cause it turned out amazing.

As I started to come out of the pose Jared helped me up, which was basically pulling me 3ft into the air, I am 5′2! He went, “Damn girl that was kick ass!” and gave me a high five. I told both of them thank you and started to walk away when Misha decided he was not done with me yet. Misha gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He leaned in so close to my face I could feel his scruff and he whispered, “ Your not more flexible than me.” As I turned to look at him he gave me the Casifer grin and winked. And to put the cherry on top of me walking away I started smiling and wagging my finger going, “No no no no no”, and the damn music stopped. Misha and Jared chuckled and I left. Later that day I showed Jared the photo, he cracked up laughing and decided to sign it, even though I already had his auto. I was like Jared stop and he went, nope I am signing this. He also signed it with AKF.

There you have it, my crazy story!

when i asked them if we could take a piggy-back ride photo, zach’s expression went from happy and light to one of unmistakable dread. i had never met them before, and it was only then that i realized how skinny he really was; healthily so, but skinny nonetheless. for a brief moment he looked at me almost helplessly, his brown eyes widening, and i knew that kikko, who had originally planned to get on his back for the photo, would have to choose one of the others. surely, this occurred to her as well.

i’m not sure if it was because they wanted to alleviate zach’s dread or if they just didn’t notice altogether, but whistler quickly joked, “like… you give us piggy back rides?” his comment instantly relieved the tension that zach (and, frankly, i) were feeling. i tried to think of something smart to reply, but i ended up only being able to laugh.

nathan bent down and hoisted kikko onto his back. then, before i could choose between whistler and jake, zach jumped onto whistler’s back, laughing and somehow looking more excited than both kikko and me (though certainly that wasn’t entirely accurate) that left me with jake, whose leather jacket squeaked without fail as he hoisted me up behind him.

i only had a brief moment to take in what was happening (and how high up i was) before the man behind the polaroid camera exclaimed “and a one-two-three!” as if directing a waltz (though unlike a waltz, there was nothing at all graceful about what was happening). he snapped the first photo. then a second photo was taken in the same pose, except unlike the first, i had given up attempting a peace sign while trying not to fall off of jake’s back.

i don’t remember jake setting me back down onto the ground, nor the order of the many conversation topics that followed, but what i do remember clearly was how they all started shouting “horses!!!” as they signed the polaroids, as if it were some strange inside joke that the photos reminded them of. they finished signing one and gave it to kikko, and before i got mine, jake wrote “Horses !” on it in a rather humorous scrawl. i still have no clue what it means, if anything besides referencing our poses. whatever its meaning, it is a word that will now and forever cause kikko and me to exchange knowing glances; that that night, we had hung out with hippo campus, if only briefly, and that it was proven to us that they have some of the most wonderful, most beautiful souls in existence.

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I would pm you but I have bad insecurities about bothering people so why not ask via anon how you do anatomy? I'm trying to learn (I don't want to be stuck making chibis).

Right so.
If you asked me for the way I do my anatomy, I wouldn’t be able to help much because I’m gonna be honest with you pal, I have no fcking clue what I’m doing.
You’ve probably heard this at least twice but use REFERENCE!! It helps, sorta. and lot of practice! Most of my anatomy come from “muscle memories”(do they call it that? Idk basically just draw it until your hand magically know how draw properly, filled up 14 sketch books with poses then we talk).

Otomate Party 2016 ; 14/08 Day Stage ; Fan Report

OK so this got waaaay longer than I expected it to be, I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless! I’ll also apologize in advance for the poor writing~


Seiyuus came on stage and read a few lines from the game that were being featured in today’s stage. They eventually all left the stage and Toriumi and Morikubo came back, introduced themselves as hosts and launched Otomate Party 2016

-Wand of Fortune Nama-afureco (live acting)

The show kicked off with a live acting from Wand of Fortune. Onstage seiyuus were Suzu, Kakki, Takahashi and Tachibana. This nama-afureco corner was my favorite because they quickly got into a call&response with the audience. Basically each character had a heart jauge you had to fill by yelling their name and when it got full, they’d confess their love to you. I have never played the game before but from what I understood, Takahashi’s character usually speaks with a high-ish funny voice, yet he switched to smooth and deep for his kokuhaku making the whole audience scream like crazy.
Suzu also used a very nice voice ~

Finally it was Kakki’s turn, his chara was going all tsundere saying he didn’t want to do it but then he finally did.Though I have to say Kakki is the cutest, because right in the middle of his kokuhaku, just before he said he loved you, he looked up to the audience and smiled. He’s so sweet, his smile killed me.

-Period: Nama-afureco

Wand of Fortune seiyuus left the stage and Period: seiyuus replaced them, so this time onstage seiyuus were Noburin, Maeno and Hirarin. Toriumi also joined them midway.

In a few words, the plot revolved around the heroine having left to train alone with some guy and all the others being jealous. They also thought up lines they would have told the heroine had they been the one escorting her.

Maeno’s character spent half of the stage trying to kill Toriumi’s chara and Noburin’s was being a cute and awkward tsundere ~

Toriumi usually has a chirpy high-ish mascot voice in this game, yet he suddenly switched to his deeper good voice when doing some of the lines which got the audience fangirling. I’m not even that much of a Toriumi but he definitely impressed me there !

Hirarin’s monologue was also very sweet. His character is the heroine childhood’s friend and he said he hoped she wouldn’t ever forget about him and about the place where she could come home, all with a very cute soothing voice. My image of Hirarin’s voice is actually more his Rei voice from Free or his Irie voice from Itakiss so I was pretty surprised to hear such a cute voice from him.

-Song Corner

Just as Hirarin left,  Yura Mari came on stage and started singing Hikari sasu toki. I wasn’t familiar with the singer or the song but I really enjoyed it. Her voice is really pretty and the song is beautiful.

-Variety Corner

After that it was time for the variety corner. First Toriumi-san and Morikubo-san came back on stage and explained the game.

Basically they played poker but instead of using cards, they made the seiyuus do a pose according to certain themes. Each team had 6 members and the goal was to have as many member as possible strike the exact same pose. Combination were :

-One Pair

-Two Pair

- Three Pair

- Three of a kind

-Four of a kind

-Five of a kind

-Royal Flush (everyone doing the same pose)

Of course, seiyuus couldn’t look at each other or consult with each others before posing.

They announced the teams as the rest of the seiyuu came back on stage.

Morikubo team: Suzu, Kaji-kyun, Hirarin, Satou, Sugiyama, Takahashi

Toriumi team: Kakki, Noburin, Yusa-san, Maeno, Tachinana, Midorikawa-san

Morikubo’s team went first with the theme

“A pose you think is cute when a girl does it”

Unfortunately they all did different poses and didn’t get any point. Kaji-kun was like the cutest thing ever while doing his pose. Suzu’s was….just weird. No clue how it was supposed to be cute and girly but yeah, I guess that’s what’s to be expected of Suzu !

Then it was Toriumi’s team turn. Their theme was “Manly pose”. And although it sounded like an easy theme, they failed as well. Kakki did the sumo pose, crouching and all. Other seiyuus suggested a sumo should be naked and that he should have stripped. (He should have, if you ask me.  Show us how ripped you got doing all that muscle training Kakki~~~)

Then they drew random seat numbers so that people from the audience could handpick the next themes. They picked one on the first floor and one on the second floor.

Takahashi was sent to the first floor. He found the girl with the right number fairly quickly and asked her where she was from. Then he made her handpick a number and had her read it out loud.

They sent Midorikawa-san to the second floor where we were so I just kept praying he’d come our way (or at least close) but he ended up super far. All the others were mocking Midorikawa-san because he was slow to get to the 2nd floor, saying he’s such an old man and has to wait for the elevator and all. He chit-chatted a bit with the lucky girl whose seat number he had drawn. He asked her if she liked old-men-seiyuus. She said she completely did and he went like “Ah I’m so relieved you do !”. Then he asked her to handpick a number from a box and he read out the number out loud. Finally he gave her something (I have no clue what, I was too far to see).

Takahashi went back on stage first, and they launched a video message from Kishio Daisuke so he could announce the next theme (according to the number that was picked).
Kishio made a bunch of puns during his video message. Said he liked appearing on video better than being at the actual event and that he hoped to see us all at Otomate Party 2017, through video message once again.
He first jokingly said that the theme would be “Best monomane (imitation) of Morikubo Showtarou” and proceeded to imitate his speech (adding a bunch of SHO).
Then he announced the actual theme : “Pose like a pro-wrestler”

While Morikubo’s teammates were thinking about their poses, Kaji-kyun came to Morikubo and told him he would have loved to see an imitation contest of his beloved Morikubo-san and would have participated.

Kaji-kyun is the cutest thing ever. (sure sure, I’m biased)

Satou, Sugiyama and Takahashi did the same pose and they finally scored some points (5).

The theme for Toriumi’s team was announced : “Hissatsu waza (Deathblow?, this is a bit hard to translate sorry)” And they basically ALL did a kamehameha, ended up scoring 15 points.

The game ended here with Toriumi’s team victory…which meant….Punishment game for Morikubo’s team!

They each had to pick a paper with some sweet lines and had to read them in characters (request had been sent beforehand by fans). Suzu dashed to the center of the scene as soon as he picked up his paper so he could go first. Kaji-kyun actually wondered HOW his lines were supposed to make people go “dokidoki” as he had to act as Kanato (so yeah, pretty disturbing) and Hirarin used the sweetest voice ever, I just wanted to hug him.

Seiyuu - Chara list:

Suzu : Alvaro (Wand of Fortune)
Kaji-kyun : Sakamaki Kanato (Diabolik Lovers)

Sugiyama : Shukuri Akito (Norn9)
Takahashi : Bilal (Wand of Fortune)

Hirarin : Zain (Period:)

Morikubo:  Tsukinami Shin (Diabolik Lovers)

Satou : Masamune Touya (Norn9)
(They all sat around listening to him and staring at him while he did it. He was super stressed out which was adorable.)

Diabolik Lovers nama-afureco

Participating seiyuus were Kaji-kyun, Morikawa-san, Hirarin, Toriumi and Morikubo.

I only have one thing to say…….KAJI-KYUN’S KANATO-VOICE IS INSANELY GOOD. Even more so when you hear it live. How is that kid even that good, I have no idea.

OK, so a brief explanation of the plot. We have the Sakamaki bros being super bored and they kinda end up reaching the conclusion that a pet would do them good. They don’t want an annoying pet though and after much thinking they come to the conclusion that their pet must be fluffy but able to take care of itself on its own. And what’s better for that than a vampire who can change into a wolf ? They lure Tsukinami Shin, Morikubo’s character using his beloved peanuts and try to make him listen to them through different (stupid) means but it doesn’t quite work out the way they had hoped.

Norn9 nama-afureco

Participating seiyuus were Kaji-kyun, Satou, Sugiyama and Yusa-san.

The plot wasn’t all that interesting but they basically tried to have people know the characters better as this game (and anime)  is such a recent addition to the Otomate games lineup.

Yusa-san’s character showed a chart showcasing all of the characters relationship but it turned out the be super biased (made himself out to be a couple with one of the girls and called Satou’s character a pervert). Others characters complained, trying to explain their actual personalities and relationships their way while Satou’s character kept on being depressed for a while.

They ended the scene by showing Kaji-kyun’s character’s room which had a surprising amount of cosplays laying around. He said he planned to make Koharu (one of the heroines) wear them which got Satou’s chara super hyped and made the others call him a pervert once again.

-There was a second song corner by Yanagi Nagi which was also pretty nice. I didn’t like the song as much though.


Overall I really really enjoyed this event despite us getting some of the worst possible seats. (right in the middle which was pretty cool but furthest row of the 2nd floor)

This was my first actual seiyuu event and I’m really happy I finally got to attend one! Definitely going to try and go to more event in the future.

I hope you can all enjoy it as well when it comes out in DVD !

AND THANK YOU FOR READING. Sorry once again for my shitty english.

PS: Thanks to my adorable kitten @pinkubakaneko for coming with me and helping me write the report. ♥


We took out Janneke first, Este needed some pants fixing and Jan is the better poser. I’m pretty sure @apeldille got into putting the little kitty onto random places fairly quickly hehe. These are a few pics from the shoot. I have no clue who of us made which anymore. None of these show how precariously high she was posed either..

Bonus below:

We both took the time to take a picture of her fall from a different perspective instead of picking her up. It was a nice try, shame neither of the pictures we took of her standing were good before Jan took the plunge.

Tween Souls

What if Dipper did the 12-year-old-form tactic, but the summon turned out to be a group of 13-year-olds having a sleepover? They wouldn’t summon him for the usual reason.

On AO3 // On FF.net

Dipper had been (yanked out of reality at someone else’s whim, trapped in a circle, pulled away from what he was doing without so much as a by-your-leave) answering summonses long enough now, he had begun to develop a sense and feel for what was waiting for him on the other side of the circle.

It didn’t happen for every summons, nor was it a very good feel, and it didn’t mean he could skip out on the summons if it was strong enough, but a feel all the same. A faint tickle, an idea of ‘this is gonna be a bad one’, or 'amateur’ or 'desperate, and only if it wasn’t so fast and hard he didn’t get a chance to 'taste’ it, but it was still there.

So when he felt the pull of a summons that screamed “The instructions for me came from a Twin Souls novel!” he was already fairly put out about it. He changed his appearance with barely a thought as he was pulled from the Mindscape, refusing to play along this time.

Which meant it was a tiny, twelve year old demon that swirled into existence, one not dressed in formal wear but instead in the shorts, t-shirt, puffy vest, and trucker hat from that summer before everything changed. The outfit made him look even younger, and Dipper very well knew it.

Already puffed with annoyance, wings flared and hair poofed around his head like an angry cat’s fur, Dipper was thrown from his prepared indignant speech when he popped into the circle and found himself looking down at his summoners – while he was only floating a foot off the floor and twelve to boot.

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ME AND @s0farltsalright WITH CHRIS AND SEB!!!!! 

Honestly the best experience of my life! The photo op is fast af but this picture was worth it. Let me explain how it all went down. 

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Today’s doodle, coming in late (I had work to do… still finishing one last project!) is Zapdos, another of the legendary bird pokemon.

Zapdos, while interesting, is a pretty bad design as far as action goes, so I had a challenge pushing him into my style.  I based the general body type and posing on humming birds, but at the same time I didn’t want to go realistic and wanted this to resemble the original style, too.
Honestly, even the official animation have NO CLUE how to animate this weird bird creature that’s all spikes.
I hope I did it justice!

Okay, I might just be talking out of my ass here but…

Remember when Ishida sketched this in October for the event which announced season 2 and :Re?

And how everyone was trying to figure out what was going on the left side of the picture?  IIRC, people came to the conclusion that that was Ayato because of the earring, among other things.  And that the second person from the left had to be kaneki because of the finger cracking, but no one was quite sure what to make of the image.  Especially because we were all trying to figure out how the left side of the illustration had anything to do with :Re, and why Ayato and Kaneki would be posing next to each other.

With the recent spoilers about Kaneki joining Aogiri in √A, I think we may finally have proper context for this image, especially since the illustration is supposed to be for both the second season and :re.

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I have to ask because this is important to me. I'm transgender and I'd really like to have a picture of myself without my breasts. Luckily I have photoshop and I'm pretty good with it, but I have no clue how to get rid of the chesticles. Any tips?

The easiest method would be to find a picture of someone else’s chest that you think matches your body type and skin tone. The higher resolution you can find, the better. Once you have found your ideal chest, take a picture of yourself and try to match the camera angle, the pose, and the lighting as best you can. 

Then you can use the same technique that most people use for doing face swaps. You cut out the stunt chest, resize it to fit over your chest, and then blend it in. There is a tutorial video here that explains it pretty well. Just pretend faces are chests and you’re all good.

This would be an effective technique to add breasts as well.

I know this isn’t the most exciting op I’ve ever shared, but it might be one of my favorites (right up there with Burcon). It’s my first op out of cosplay, so it’s an unusual one for us.

I wanted to do this Dallascon’s op out of cosplay just so I could have a picture of the two of us. It makes it weird because we over think our ops and strategize. This was so relaxed that I panicked when I got to Richard. I had no friggin clue what to do. So I ended up just clinging to him and talking a lot before the photo.

Started with “hey, I’ve never done an op out of cosplay so I have no clue what to do. Can you think of a pose?”

“Well, what have you done in your other ops so far?”

“I don’t have any other ops, I’m only here for you.”

“I bet you say that to all the guys. How about a hug?”

And let me tell you, it was the most comforting hug I’ve ever had from a “stranger.” Like that whole hand holding my head felt so special and I couldn’t stop myself from nuzzling into his chest a bit. It just felt safe and the panic went away.

So there’s a face of pure peace and contentment.

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hi! after going through a lot of the notactuallycute blog, i have noticed they mentioned a ton of signs of stressed dogs that the internet usually dubs as "cute" so i was not aware they were the animal stressing out. i am an animal lover and i have been volunteering with an animal shelter for a few months, so could i get your opinion on what the signs are of stressed dogs and/or cats? (sorry if you have gotten this question before)




You know I was reading everyone bringing back the Hanna has a twin theory and how I used to believe that maybe Alison and Hanna were twins some how. Especially with all the references to Alison and Hanna looking alike but, I just now thought: What if Hanna's twin has posed as Alison (CeCe not being the only one to do this, hell maybe CeCe never really did and everyone just assume it was CeCe) and the reason everyone keeps confusing Alison and Hanna is because Hanna looks just like the Alison these people have heard/seen before because it's Hanna's twin?

@a-dinosaur-a-day got an ask about if when feathers became the norm, how would they look on old dinosaurs such as Yoshi, Barney and Dino, so I thought I might try and doodle some- I just copied the poses, but obviously upgraded them from retrosaurus to a mix of retro and modern, since I wanted to keep their style.

Yoshi is some kind of dromeosaurid, I think- Barney is obviously a T.rex and Dino- I have NO clue what he is, but I gave him fluff anyways.