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What Skam Does Right: an essay by me because i’ve lost all chill

so there’s an infinate number of “““teen””” shows and films that deal with “““teen””” problems that are aimed at The Youths to try and tell us how to deal with our own lives. and there’s some obvious issues that we all know and love like when it’s written by 40-somethings who think the way they experienced highschool in 1979 is how it works now and generally have no clue about modern teen culture, slang, fashion, life, everything, etc.

that said, there’s still a lot of media that manages to avoid being like that. but i still think skam takes it to another level, like yeah, by how it’s marketed and the use of social media and everything the fandom has already discussed at length, but also the way the narrative structures ignorance as a concept.

often a narrative focused on Teaching Life Lessons has a clear character representing the Bad Ideas and a clear character representing the Good Ideas. makes sense, we want these troubled teens to know right from wrong, and they’re not smart enough to understand anything thats not a totally black-and-white plot filled with two-dimensional sterotypes right?? right. so say in a typical coming out narrative we have the Highschool Bully or the Shitty Parent or Religious Zealot or someone similar, and they spurt ALL the bad ideas, all the homophobia and ignorance, and the audience knows they’re wrong because they’re framed to be Evil and their beliefs Evil and everything they do is Evil. then we have the character, often a protagonist, who is Gay and Struggling and has Never Done Anything Wrong Ever. in the end, good overcomes evil and yay teenagers learn that queers are like people or something. then switch ‘gay’ for literally any other minority, make a different Teen Movie about sexism or racism or ableism, rinse, repeat.

like there isn’t anything really wrong with this formula it’s just wildly overdone and insanely simplistic, more of a fable than a representation of how life actually works. real life is messy and grey. there is no definitive light and dark side of the force kinda bullshit….. which finally brings me to skam.

in skam, everyone has a purposfully acknowledged percentage of sheer ignorance, things they understand and things they reeeeally don’t. think about magnus being a bit of a dunce about isak’s sexuality, but then turning around to school him on bipolar (this post explains it very well). this is how real life works. nobody is the ideologically flawless character, teaching the ideologically backwards character that they are Wrong About Everything. everyone is pulling everyone up, everyone is making an idiot of themselves, everyone is learning.

i feel the dichotomous narrative often Specifically Tells the audience which are the good ideas and which are the bad based on what character says them - the issue is this lesson can’t expand outward to anything that the narrative doesn’t directly deal with. a story saying “homophobia is bad” limits itself, it doesn’t leave the door open for people to consider maybe racism or transphobia is also bad unless those issues are directly acknowledged.

with skam, over and over again, communication is highlighted as the best way to solve any issue. it gives a range of examples, yeah, but in the end it teaches HOW to deal with new issues, not simply a list of behaviours not to emulate. it’s never “don’t be That Guy”, it’s “everyone can be That Guy sometimes, it’s gonna happen, you’re gonna be ignorant about something, but here is how you overcome and deal with it…” and i just really fucking love and respect that.


so you know how everyone is like ‘tsukki, the accidental model’ well how about he legitimately is a model (and a pretty famous one at that) but because the entire team are such nerds they have no clue and then kenma’s looking at, idk, a gaming catalogue and he calls up kuroo because he’s just spotted tsukki in an advertisement for one of his favourite games and kuroo is Losing His Shit because tsukki just got x100000000 hotter

idk what comes next but this is an au i can totally get behind

Omg queue Karasuno plus Kuroo begging to come to a photoshoot and fashion shows and Kenma low key wanting to come too. And just Kuroo absolutely drooling over Tsukki when he sees him but still thinking he’s the most beautiful on the court or when he’s being a smartass to everyone and just falling in love with him more and more AHHH I fully support this headcanon

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Supergirl
By Michael Ausiello

Question: I’m up for anything on Supergirl. —Kayla

Ausiello: Kara “finds out in a very dramatic fashion that James is the Guardian,” Mehcad Brooks previews. But in Monday’s winter premiere, the Girl of Steel still has no clue that her pal is the crimefighter as the two battle it out… on the page. “I’m writing my article on how amazing the Guardian is and how he stopped the crime, and Kara’s writing her article about Supergirl,” Brooks shares. “We’re having a secret war. It’s just a little funny scene where both of us are trying to push our agendas.”

Trailing the Awkward Bonapartist 2

Fallen Paris

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Looking for Clues at the Café Musain

You question the waitress about the Awkward Bonapartist. She points you towards a Fervid Dandy emerging from the backroom. He’s wearing a fashionable coat and a friendly smile.

“Yes, I’ve met that strange fellow!” he says when you pose your question. “What business do you have with him?” Some of the warmth in his smile seems to fade a bit. Or perhaps it’s only your imagination?

You tell him that the young man’s grandfather misses him greatly and has asked you to look for him. The Dandy shrugs his shoulders. “I haven’t seen him lately. He has indeed disappeared! That is the danger when one takes one’s studies seriously. It is much healthier to play truant rather than to risk getting lost inside books. But not to worry, I’m sure he’ll reappear eventually once he finds the back cover.”

He wishes you good luck and you thank him politely but you can’t shake the feeling that he isn’t telling you everything he knows. You decide to follow him discreetly. First he walks with a purposeful stride through the crowds but then, slowly, his demeanor becomes wary and his route elaborate and nonsensical. He must suspect something. You are forced to give up on the chase for today.

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I love that you sketch boats the same way Varric writes about boats.

i feel like my ocean loving family would hate me but tbh they’re all floating, wooden bananas to me and i have no clue what type is appropriate for da’s setting

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Honestly, I have no clue whether henrik and tarjei have/had a thing but I don't find his 'relationship' genuine. I think it might be a mutual promo thing, she's gotten a lot of attention from this and the rumors lessened a bit about his sexuality. I also think she's helping with his modeling/fashion. And with skam looking like it's ramping up again, the timing of it all is just too 👀 for me to believe they're actually together.


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Have you seen Enty's blind #4? Some of the commenters are guessing Cumberbatch. Even though the clue includes "long time male lover"! Apparently, the gossip is not restricted to Tumblr.

First of all, Benedict wasn’t AT Fashion Week. Second, enty refers to him as “married” foreign born dual threat. This has Hiddles written all over it. He was at a Milan show. And most of the guesses are for Hiddles. There was one Dornan and on BC, basically because of the dual threat. I hate to break it to you, but the only place there are gay rumors about BC are on Tumblr. And that says all I need to say.

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Important (TM) Young Pope Q: Is Lenny's Juicy Couture outfit properly called a tracksuit or a sweatsuit? I've always considered to outfits made of that material as sweatsuits, but I keep seeing it referred to as a tracksuit. This is obviously grounds for ex-communication. Secondary Q: Jude Law/Ewan McGregor is the hottest late 90s rpf otp, y/n?

okay first off this is my first baby pope anon and i am thrilled. i gained 64 followers this week all because of my typ shitposts and im excited to continue producing terrible content. who knows, maybe i’ll make a typ ytp someday. 

anyway, im really confused about the tracksuit/sweatsuit thing because when i googled tracksuit, they were made out of the shiny material but when i googled juicy couture tracksuit, they were velour, so i have no clue what to think. i feel like i’ve been saying the former because when i think about tracksuits, the first thing that pops up in my mind is the juicy couture velour shit because its Fashion and not for practical use. no bitch on the track is gonna be seen wearing velour, so its all about the Lewk. considering lenny is a look queen, im gonna go with the couture tracksuit. he’s neither sweating nor using a track, so its only purpose is to serve us late night leisure realness. dont be fooled by the catholicism and homophobia…the young pope is about the most powerful drag queen in the world.

as for the second question: this is the first time ive had this brought to my attention and now i gotta lay down and stare at the ceiling for a few hours. i tend to stay away from rpf but that is probably going to haunt me


Things I Really Appreciate in Magnus Chase

- guy and girl being best friends without romantic tension
- Odin giving people the side-eye for being prejudiced
- Magnus’s reunion with his dad
- sassy fashion dwarves and their fashionable war gear
- found families
- sassy Magnus screwing up every name ever (I see you throwing subtle pronunciation clues Riordan)
- a deaf character for who’s deafness is both a source of trauma and strength (and characters using ASL!!)
- Magnus’s big strength being the ability to force everyone else to drop their weapons and stop fighting
- an occasional-hijabi character who is a positive representation of bravery, making the right choice in the face of prejudice, and arranged marriages

I know a lot of people who have a plethora of complaints about Riordan’s books. I’m respectfully not one of them and this latest story is just one more list of reasons why.

Jessica Dilaurentis vs. Mary Drake: the theory masterpost

So the twin reveal gave us one solid answer: Jessica Dilaurentis has a twin, Mary Drake. In typical PLL fashion, that means we have 500 new questions. 

(side note: wow i can’t believe i wrote this theory!!! look at me go. im tooting my own horn ok)

Question #1: Who buried Alison? Jessica, to protect Cece? Or was it Mary, to protect Cece?

A lot of people think that the reveal of Mary Drake means Mary buried Ali to protect Cece. But I still think it was Jessica.

  • 4x02. You know, the episode where Hanna is introduced to Tippi the Clue Parrot on the Dilaurentis front porch.
  • Jessica’s in the front lawn, talking about shit living under her porch (Mary, Cece, Raccoons.. who knows? Not me)
  • Hanna asks if Jessica saw Ali’s body when the gazebo was moved. Jessica says “Once I saw the yellow top that was enough to know it was her” (don’t quote me on that, I’m paraphrasing)

I always assumed Jessica said this because she actually did bury Ali, and because of this, she firmly believes Alison is dead until she arrives at the police station that night. She spouts off the yellow top line to Hanna because she didn’t look long at the body. There was no reason to look any longer than a glance.  After all, she buried Alison… she knew Ali was under that gazebo… she “knows” she is dead.  Jessica buried Ali, because this was not the one time we saw Mary Drake.

Question #2: When did we see Mary “one time” prior to the reveal in 6x20?

For me, it can only be one scene: and that’s the scene where we see “Jessica” (Mary) behind Spencer in 4x22.

  • “Mrs. Dilaurentis” (Mary Drake) is not seen by any character on the show. Veronica and Spencer don’t notice her. She is no hallucination. She is ONLY REVEALED TO THE AUDIENCE. This is huge. We even see her shadow as she is leaving behind Veronica and Spencer. This is not something we have to doubt a character for (such as when Ali sees Wilden, and we have to question hallucinations).
  • This is only shown to the viewers and never mentioned again. Just like when we, the audience, not the characters, saw Cece in the black hoodie spying on Ezra. 
  • Ezra’s book “research” makes him believe Mrs. D could be A. His cameras weren’t catching Jessica- it was Mary. 

If we’ve only seen the twin once, we have to remember we saw a lot of interactions with Jessica and Cece- so those had to be Jessica, not Mary. And Cece definitely felt Jessica was/loved her as if she were her mother, which makes me assume Jessica felt a similar love for Cece as her daughter. It’s because of this love that she buries Ali to protect Cece. It doesn’t matter that Cece is her niece, rather than her daughter. (Besides, Cece still shares at least half of Jessica’s genetic makeup anyways, as her mother is Jessica’s identical twin!) It may even be out of love for her sister, too, that she buries her daughter in order to keep Cece from jail. 

Question #3: Who killed Jessica Dilaurentis?

The only answer that fits, in my opinion, is that Mary Drake killed her own twin sister, Jessica.

  • Ali’s story of twins foreshadows this.
  • In the books, Alison kills Courtney for “stealing her life” (or some other twisted weird version of this idk Sara Shepard is wild lol. its been a while since i read the books yall dont come after me for it).
  • Book homage- Mary kills Jessica for stealing her daughter from her.
  • Maybe even for giving her a life in Radley rather than a life of freedom (since Mary had to live in Radley, most likely after hurting Jessica as kids). Another tribute to the books.
  • Mary might feel Jessica has brainwashed Cece into loving her instead of loving her real mother.
  • On top of all this, Mary can’t take over the Carissimi Group if Jessica is alive. She needs to get back the fortune her daughter created, and that’s not possible if the real Jessica is around to keep Ali from signing over the rights to 51% to Rollins.
My brother started leaving A messages around the house.

Me and my brother have always pranked each other, from adding bicarbonate of soda to tomato sauce at BBQs so he gets hit in the face with a sauce bomb to hiding 50 alarms at 30 second intevals around each others rooms… But waking up next to foam A’s, seeing A drawn in random places, my Nana’s garden gnomes in the shape of an A, texting off numbers I don’t know, filling my journal with A messages… and having all my family (under orders from my brother) say they don’t have a clue what I’m on about and removing evidence whenever I leave it alone - even for a couple of minutes was a mindfuck and simultaneously hilarious.

I flipped my shit with Marco when I saw a girl in a red coat walking outside (back towards me in typical A fashion of course so I couldn’t see a face) thinking it was a step too far. He looked at me for a minute and broke into uncontrollable laughter..

“Chill. That’s JUST a girl in a red coat. People actually wear them!”

Turns out it was just a woman walking her dog. I have, however, found a black hoodie in his wardrobe so I plan on beating him to the punch.

So kudos to Marco for the most elaborate prank this year, inspired by my favorite TV show. Check. Response is in the planning stage, though his favourite programme is Walking Dead.

This could get messy.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Ok I got to get this off my chest and I’m likely gonna lose followers but whatever. The woman from Old-Navy who made that post on Facebook is a fucking whiner. How the hell did she get the idea that those two ladies were calling her fat?! They weren’t insulting her. All they did was talk about how the girl and a friend of hers can fit into a shirt, and they weren’t even directing those comments to her. For those who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, I’ll tell you. So one day this big bertha and her husband went to an Old-Navy store, and were looking around. While looking at shirts, she happened to hear a conversation between a mother and her teenage daughter. The daughter found a plus-sized flag tank top and said to her mother, “Look! Me and So-and-so can fit in this tank top!”. Which the mother replies, “Yeah, you could! That thing is huge!”. I understand that everyone wants the perfect figure, and that there are people out there who make fun of those who can’t take the Twinkie out of their mouth (they are very tasty), but crying over such a little thing just seems petty. For those of you out there who cry over little shit, just shut up.