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Neo Yokio Quote Starters

Change pronouns accordingly

  • “What up city be-OTCH? Haven’t seen you in a long time.”
  • “What are you doing after school? Come to my apartment and we can get high and have a fashion show.” 
  • “I love being in public when my hair’s…WET. I feel like a gucci model.”
  • “You know what? you don’t deserve this big toblerone.” 
  • “I gotta go. Snacks are ready.”
  • “Her withdraw from society fills me with unease.”
  • “My world has become cold iron”
  • “I’m done searching for meaning in the aesthetic cycles of commodities.” 
  • “Couldn’t even find the body. He’s probably being dragged around the Atlantic in a tuna net, like a dolphin!”
  • Water. Ain’t. Weak. Yo”
  • “Sorry to disappoint you sales clerk. But the universe is dictated by forces far greater than field hockey.” 
  • “I don’t know what it is about a well decorated apartment. But it makes me wanna smoke.”
  • “Today’s special is squid ink fettuccine”
  • “Well, that IS the most melancholy pasta.”
  • “Dude that was creepy as fuck son.”
  • “Oh that is BULLSHIT. I’ve been waiting to get the house for YEARS. I’m gonna pimp it out it’s gonna be sooo flyyy”
  • “Hahah- My Style- is NOT conservative.” 
  • “Girl you are wearing khaki’s RIGHT now.”
  • “I could look for CLUES in his apartment.”
  • “The ONLY worthwhile thing about you… Is your taste in luxury chocolate.”
  • “I had a dream a toblerone was in trouble….and that toblerone was YOU”
  • “Do you have a PROBLEM with those swim trunks?”
  • “A run in with my ex and my uncles funeral on the same DAY? Good lord I need a drink.” 
  • “Fuck that and FUCK my dad.” 
  • “You think you’re so much better than me because you fight demons??”
  • “I LOVE water, without water there’d be no nautical fashion.” 
  • “YEAH. That’s your problem, you don’t know how to treat ANYONE well.”
  • “Well that’s enough vaping for me. I’ll see you around.” 
  • “Communism forever!”

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I HAVE DONE ONE and I was going to fill up this post with honorable mentions, but I actually have enough of those to do another full list. So here’s Usagi’s top 11-20 outfits. Surprise!!!

20. Usagi had to kill a librarian to get this cardigan

19. Trying to emulate the fashionable stylings of the inimitable Naru Osaka

18. This is the look that inspired Steve from Blue’s Clues to go all in on green stripes. 

17. Anyway Usagi can canonically time travel, so it should come as no surprise that she used this knowledge of things to come to jump on the romper trend about 20 years early 

16. I am absolutely willing to bet that Ikuko started sewing bunny patches on every piece of clothing because Usagi kept losing her sweaters and coats. Also these mittens are definitely connected by a string through the sleeves. 

15. pink and green (mid tier)



12. Usagi is literally wearing a fanny pack and it in no way negates the cuteness of the outfit. In fact, the combines factors of the pastel color and the jauntiness of the angle at which it is worn kind of… accentuate it. I don’t know how I feel about this. 

11. Every time I see this image I can barely hold back tears. Her jacket is just too darn big for her small arms.

What Skam Does Right: an essay by me because i’ve lost all chill

so there’s an infinate number of “““teen””” shows and films that deal with “““teen””” problems that are aimed at The Youths to try and tell us how to deal with our own lives. and there’s some obvious issues that we all know and love like when it’s written by 40-somethings who think the way they experienced highschool in 1979 is how it works now and generally have no clue about modern teen culture, slang, fashion, life, everything, etc.

that said, there’s still a lot of media that manages to avoid being like that. but i still think skam takes it to another level, like yeah, by how it’s marketed and the use of social media and everything the fandom has already discussed at length, but also the way the narrative structures ignorance as a concept.

often a narrative focused on Teaching Life Lessons has a clear character representing the Bad Ideas and a clear character representing the Good Ideas. makes sense, we want these troubled teens to know right from wrong, and they’re not smart enough to understand anything thats not a totally black-and-white plot filled with two-dimensional sterotypes right?? right. so say in a typical coming out narrative we have the Highschool Bully or the Shitty Parent or Religious Zealot or someone similar, and they spurt ALL the bad ideas, all the homophobia and ignorance, and the audience knows they’re wrong because they’re framed to be Evil and their beliefs Evil and everything they do is Evil. then we have the character, often a protagonist, who is Gay and Struggling and has Never Done Anything Wrong Ever. in the end, good overcomes evil and yay teenagers learn that queers are like people or something. then switch ‘gay’ for literally any other minority, make a different Teen Movie about sexism or racism or ableism, rinse, repeat.

like there isn’t anything really wrong with this formula it’s just wildly overdone and insanely simplistic, more of a fable than a representation of how life actually works. real life is messy and grey. there is no definitive light and dark side of the force kinda bullshit….. which finally brings me to skam.

in skam, everyone has a purposfully acknowledged percentage of sheer ignorance, things they understand and things they reeeeally don’t. think about magnus being a bit of a dunce about isak’s sexuality, but then turning around to school him on bipolar (this post explains it very well). this is how real life works. nobody is the ideologically flawless character, teaching the ideologically backwards character that they are Wrong About Everything. everyone is pulling everyone up, everyone is making an idiot of themselves, everyone is learning.

i feel the dichotomous narrative often Specifically Tells the audience which are the good ideas and which are the bad based on what character says them - the issue is this lesson can’t expand outward to anything that the narrative doesn’t directly deal with. a story saying “homophobia is bad” limits itself, it doesn’t leave the door open for people to consider maybe racism or transphobia is also bad unless those issues are directly acknowledged.

with skam, over and over again, communication is highlighted as the best way to solve any issue. it gives a range of examples, yeah, but in the end it teaches HOW to deal with new issues, not simply a list of behaviours not to emulate. it’s never “don’t be That Guy”, it’s “everyone can be That Guy sometimes, it’s gonna happen, you’re gonna be ignorant about something, but here is how you overcome and deal with it…” and i just really fucking love and respect that.

Quiet Contemplation

It’s been just over two years now since I started down this path of discovery. While there has been a fair amount of heartache and frustration, one thing remains clear, I have never felt happier in my life. I really have no clue where this will all lead but I want to thank you, dear friends, for the love and support you have shown.

I seem to learn more and more each and every day, about makeup, about fashion and most importantly about myself. I hope you continue to follow along and see what the next two years may bring.

Either that or I’m thinking this blouse is much cuter in person (which it really is) :)

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What would the 104th and the vets do in a fashion show? Would the slay that catwalk or face plant into the public 😂

Mikasa: Slays, though her walk is more military than catwalk, walks to ‘My songs know what you did in the dark’ by FOB
Reiner: Would be pretty darn good like nice, dude, walks to ‘I’m too sexy’ by Right Said Fred
Bertholdt: Would kinda mess up but look good while doing so, would walk to ‘Tainted love’ my Marilyn Manson
Annie: Would be amazing! Like wow! Would walk to ‘Blue Monday’ by The New Order
Eren: Would kinda suck but everyone would love it anyway, walks to GurenNo Yumiya by Linked Horizon
Jean: Would try too hard… would walk to ‘crazy in love’ by Beyoncé
Marco: Too cute for this shit, walks to ‘Manic Monday’ by The Bangles
Sasha: Would fuck up tbh, probably even fall, walks to ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams
Connie: Would do pretty good, better than expected, walks to ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake
Historia: Slays, like wow what the fuck! Walks to ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries
Armin: Would try and do okay, but not great, walks to ‘Shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran
Ymir: Would do more entertainment than modeling, walks to ‘Call on me’ By Eric Prydz
Levi: Doesn’t try, everyone loves it, he has no clue why, walks to ‘The Greatest’ by Sia
Hanji: Is more creepy than fashionable, walks to ‘Human’ by Rag’n’Bone man
Erwin: Pretty good, yes, the peeps love it, walks to ‘Pillow Talk’ by Zayn
Nanaba: Might fall face first, walks to ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift
Mike: Doesn’t do good, but it looks nice anyway, walks to ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd
Moblit: Trips, but is professional about it, walks to ‘She Will Be Loved’ By Maroon 5

Obviously I have never seen a Fashion Show (except Victoria’s secret, because wow!)

The Gatewatch Have Failed Each Task So Far

There’s been a lot of talk on my feed about how the Gatewatch are just waltzing through the challenges they face like a home-made banner at a pep rally. While they are all currently whole in body, and the perceived threat from each plane is no longer actively threatening, follow me down this line of thought.

The Gatewatch have failed at what they have set out to do, every time.

Their name is synonymous with failure.

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so you know how everyone is like ‘tsukki, the accidental model’ well how about he legitimately is a model (and a pretty famous one at that) but because the entire team are such nerds they have no clue and then kenma’s looking at, idk, a gaming catalogue and he calls up kuroo because he’s just spotted tsukki in an advertisement for one of his favourite games and kuroo is Losing His Shit because tsukki just got x100000000 hotter

idk what comes next but this is an au i can totally get behind

Omg queue Karasuno plus Kuroo begging to come to a photoshoot and fashion shows and Kenma low key wanting to come too. And just Kuroo absolutely drooling over Tsukki when he sees him but still thinking he’s the most beautiful on the court or when he’s being a smartass to everyone and just falling in love with him more and more AHHH I fully support this headcanon

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~Mod 7 

Teen AU things


- Rising senior, almost 18

- Wants to be a musician

- Is prolific in Civics, English, and Choir

- Has about 3 friends

- Is super popular in that everyone knows him and that’s about it

- Acts like a rebel but is pretty sensitive and worried about his education

- Resident pot head

- Had his first alcoholic drink at 14

- Super shitty parents

- Oldest of three kids

- Hates Math 

- Fashion?? What’s that??

- Likes boys, likes girls, likes everyone

- Always has a kazoo in his pocket. Even when he doesn’t even seem to have pockets.

- Gets in a fight at least once a month

- And by fight, I mean he gets his ass kicked because he doesn’t know how to shut his mouth

- Constantly gets dates and then immediately dumped

-Diagnosed with ADHD and OCD


-Rising junior, just turned 16

- Has no clue what life will be

- Best Science and Math student ever

- Has one (1) friend

- Very isolated, doesn’t belong to any clique

- Very quiet, usually surprises people when he actually talks

- The Emo One™

- Only dark colors, always and forever, and shorts for only about one week a year

- Only child

- Parents buy him presents to make up for being vapid and absent

- Hates Gym and English

- Likes Alex

- Has a gaming device on him at all times. Like. All the time.

- Has used the same backpack since 6th grade, still in amazing condition

- Loves movie day in class

- Falls asleep during lectures a lot

- Clinically depressed

Still Star Crossed

Hello, Still Star Crossed Fandom! I have recently learned that the wonderful show that has become dear to many of us has been cancelled by the ABC network, and I am gravely disappointed. I have been watching live every night since the pilot, and have seen the potential for success that this show could have had with better promotion and with actual time. I am baffled that the ABC network would make such a quick decision after airing only three episodes at the time. But alas, I have decided that I shall fight for Still Star Crossed regardless of their choice to end this impeccably written and amazingly diverse show. 

I know that what I am about to write is a long shot, but here goes. I have researched networks that air shows similar to Still Star Crossed and the Starz network definitely does from Camelot, Pillars of the Earth, and Spartacus to The White Queen, Black Sails, and many others. Perhaps if this wonderful fandom joined together in promoting the show to the Starz network, it could potentially be considered for a second season on their summer schedule. Also, a good old fashioned petition to the ABC network could help them to reconsider. Now, I have no clue how to set up an online petition, but I’m certain that someone does. Please, please help me to save Still Star Crossed. It is an amazing show and it deserves a chance.

london’s burning // shelby sister

 a/n: a little nsfw, but not too explicit. 

there’s rarely a moment of peace in this house. always money to be counted, whiskey to be drunk, errands to run. so sunday mornings are your time. the boys are never early risers - except tommy, who you know wakes with the sun and lies still, watching it crawl across the ceiling. normally they trail in the front door around eleven, polly slightly earlier once the sunday service is over. 

so that leaves you and your tea and your newspaper, content at the kitchen table, reading in the morning light. a precious few hours to yourself. 

the kitchen doors swing open and a heavy bag lands on the table in front of you. 

‘outside and dressed in half an hour,’ tommy annouces. ‘something nice. we’re going to london tonight.’ 

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Lmao someone just said to me that the reason why he answered that question ("she's ace") is because he gets shy talking about her... like um... honey...

Ha! So shy he just blurts out her name compulsively as if he has a knife to his back. Which, metaphorically, he has.

One thing - I see people saying ‘its damaging him and he shouldn’t be doing it’. Well yes - it IS damaging him, because its pissing off his most active fans at the most vital time and they may just be less inclined to go the extra mile when he’s making them feel irritated and sad at best, angry at worst.  

So why would he be doing it, unless he had to?

 I think we can agree Louis has excellent instincts?  That he’s not stupid enough to believe that repeatedly stressing his ‘heterosexuality’ to the GP, who probably have no clue he’s suspected of anything else, is more important than galvanising his fanbase to feel good and work 100% for him? He’s excellent at that when he has the chance to be his lovely, sharp, funny self.  Yet suddenly… he just cant shut up about Eleanor Calder Fashion Blogger, who the GP don’t care about. And when he’s not promoting her, he’s slogging through ‘the chav from Donny who only eats McDonalds and Greggs’. They may as well give him a flat cap and a whippet.

 Logic should tell us that if he’s doing all this against his own interests IT IS NOT VOLUNTARY. Unless some people think its more important to him to push his straightness than to sell his first solo song? I mean… really?

Louis is being forced to take this line, promoting his stunts and the caricature of a personality imposed on him - and who would be behind that? Don’t blame him when he has to do all this shit FFS. Dont blame the victim. It’s what they want you to do.

Just want to remind everyone that Wonder Woman is set in World War I

Some clues:
-Trench warfare with the Brits in Doughboy helmets
-Germans using horses
-All the fashions in London, including Steve’s starched, high collar
-Airplanes look like flimsy prop planes
-Talking about the Kaiser, not about the Führer
-The British generals all have ridiculous moustaches

How I Got Diagnosed

I don’t remember if I’ve posted this story on here before, but I just thought I’d share. I’d always been the weird kid, growing up. Very introverted, I was a complete and total bookworm and got made fun of a lot. School wasn’t easy for me, I had a very hard time with math, even through high school and maintaining friendships wasn’t easy. I had many ‘quirks’ as my parents called them and my nickname growing up was often Eeyore because according to my mom 'I always looked like I had a raincloud over my head’. Looking back now, I know I had sensory issues from the time I was very little. I loathed tights, underwear was a problem for a while, I hated wearing bras when that started becoming a necessity and I adamantly refused jeans. I was and still am an avid lover of stuffed animals and got made fun of a lot for that too. I never understood the problem. I suppose I was a little behind next to some of my peers but it never bothered me much until 8th grade when all the other girls were into makeup, fashion and boys, and I was into books and toys, kiddie shows and put little to no effort into my appearance. I didn’t even have my first crush until I was sixteen almost seventeen. Anyway, enough about my backstory. Point is, my parents always knew something was different about me, but they passed it off as just me being me. Their quirky, horribly shy, backward daughter. Transitioning to high school was horrible, I really think that should have been a big clue but I guess to my family, I was just being difficult. A lot of girls, I know, get missed and never get diagnosed. I had a pretty good upbringing but I felt like I was a misfit a lot of the time, not knowing why I was the way I was and nobody had an answer for me. Luckily, an article about a girl around my age who discovered in her teens she was autistic (aspie) caught my mom’s attention one day when I was 18. Mom says she took one read through this article and it dawned on her. Everything in that article was me. I was told of this and finally, after so many long years, I had an answer. We pursued a diagnosis through a provincial agency…it’s been 3.5 years and I’m STILL on a waiting list from them, so my mom went a different route, we went to a private psychologist who diagnosed me that summer. I had my answers. My answers as to why I didn’t fit in, why life was so different for me, why I felt like a misfit. It was all explained and I felt validated for the first time in my life. So yeah, that’s my story. Thanks for reading.

Inktober “fears and feelings” day 17 ✍️

An accurate depiction of what I’m feeling right now. I came home just a few days ago after being on the road for about six weeks, and I’ve been working nonstop prepping for a fashion show on Thursday for which I have to make, from scratch, 3 whole looks (I make handbags but I have no clue how to make clothes hahaha), so yeah, it’s been a stressful few days back. I feel like I’m on project runway hahaha 😵😭😅😱⚒ oh and yes, that is my day job 👜

@lyeekha​: that murder mystery dating sim combo game style! yes

honestly there’s nothing i actually want anymore in this life. that’s it.

  • you play as lemony, and you’re trying to solve a mystery. given ASOUE is what it is, it’s probably an arson case. going out on a limb.
  • in order to gather clues, you have to level up social links with volunteers to get them to help you in their area of expertise. everyone has different stats in charisma, physical adeptness, handiness, rhetoric, wealth, theatrical flair, etc., as well as having one specialty (reptiles, grammar, baticeering/poetry, library science, fashion…) that ends up being useful in some way. everyone also knows a few specific and unique details about the mystery.
  • you can take a well-rounded approach and get some degree of help from everyone, but then you won’t get access to any specialties. it will give you the most access to the concrete details, though.
  • certain characters are also love interests if you level up their social links enough. it’s debatable how much that will help you with the mystery.
  • theodora does the tutorial. that definitely doesn’t help you with the mystery.

There’s a part of me that wants to write a quick little drabble about Cyborg moonlighting as a bouncer, but then the rest of me is too damn lazy.

Anyway. Jamie clearly doesn’t have a clue what’s going on with everyone’s favorite robot, so I’ve just decided that she’s running around the UK doing odd jobs as muscle and wearing absolutely ridiculous clothing. I actually didn’t care much about Cyborg during the Plastic Beach era, but now that she’s not Murdoc’s bodyguard? Guys, I’ve got all kinds of head canons. 

But the main one is that she dresses like a kid with full access to a drag queen’s closet, because why the fuck not? She might look like she’s 16, but she’s really only 7 or 8, and lord knows, second graders are not known for their fashion sense.

ID #27996

Name: Jasmina
Age: 18
Country: United Kingdom

 Hiya ^-^
I’m an enthusiastic person, I live off bad jokes and memes. I’m obsessed with reading (fiction, drama, fantasy… Harry Potter, TMI, and so on..) and writing (I’m going on to study journalism this year). I love DIY and crafty things, I used to make little polymer clay figurines when I had more spare time in my life, hoping to get back into that soon. In the mean time I’m journaling, writing book reviews, drinking a lot of tea, and watching YouTube or anime (or both). I’m into alternative fashion and lifestyle (my hair is constantly different colours and I’m all about standing out from the crowd, at the same time being a bit scared to. Don’t ask how that works. I have no clue). I’m looking for deep conversations and hopefully a great friendship :3

- if you support Trump then no thanks :)
- if you’re homophobic or any other type of ass then no thanks :)