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Birthday Surprises for the Pennywises - Headcannon (SFW)

Don’t mind me, this idea I’ve had has been floating around my head for a while….

It’s just scenarios for both versions of Pennywise having their human set up a surprise birthday! You know they’ve probably never had one and that’s a darn shame!

Birthday - Pennywise/Papa Penn (Tim Curry version)

  • You would try your hardest to keep it a secret and even though he knows, he keeps his mouth shut. He enjoys watching his little doll’s weak attempts at being sneaky.
  • You take time to set it up at the house while he’s out hunting. He makes it REALLY OBVIOUS how long he’ll be gone, but you’re so stressed about the surprise you don’t notice.
  • You have trouble blowing up and tying the balloons up, so wishing you had the ability to just will them into existence.
  • You keep it simple, red balloons of course, a huge 3 layer cake (as a joke, you got “Over the Hill” candles because who know how old he is) and a “Happy Birthday” sign. 
  • He watches you from the window, munching on a hand, chuckling at how worked up you get over it being perfect. So, rather than walking through the front door like he should, he walks through the back door to surprise you!
  • You shout at him not to come in yet, and you quickly give the room a once-over one last time before calling him in.
  • He comes in, mock surprise all over his face and he loves how you look when you beam with pride. 
  • “Aw dollface, you shouldn’t have! All this for little ol’ me?”
  • You let him sit in his favorite La-Z-Boy while you shower him with lots of kisses and his presents. 
  • You only have a few presents, a few cigars and a nice bottle of scotch, but you’re favorite one is in a simple envelope. Lighting a cigar, he opens the envelope and his eyes light up with what’s inside.
  • You had taken some boudoir photos of yourself and printed the ones that you knew would be his favorite.
  • “Oh, kitten,” he says as he takes a long draw from the cigar, “you look… delicious… damn…”
  • When he looks up, he notices that in the time it took for him to admire the pictures, you had stripped down to the same outfit in the photos. Eyes flashing yellow, he can only observe and smile as you do a little dance while you sing “Happy Birthday”.
  • … I think you know what happens next?!?!? 

Birthday - Pennywise/Junior (Bills Skarsgard version) 

  • He wouldn’t really know what was going on, but chalks it up to stupid human behaviors.
  • You have an idea about how long his hunts last, but he’s always unpredictable so you set up quickly and waited for him to get back.
  • The room has a circus theme and you go over the top by getting streamers, party poppers, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, etc! The cake just has Happy Birthday candles, but it has his signature colors all over it in homemade icing. 
  • You were the kind of person to also rent a bouncy house and petting zoo, but that would look really strange…
  • When he does, he doesn’t say anything at first until he looks into your eyes and sees how happy you are. Once you explain what it is, his smile nearly cracks his face open and begins by diving into the popcorn, his favorite!
  • “Ooooo what should I eat next?!” he giggles, “The cotton candy? The ice cream? Hahaha, I want everything!”
  • You figured that the circus-themed party would be enough, but you did get him a few small gifts, just some trinkets from the pawn shop like figurines of clowns, shiny things, and circus memorabilia.
  • When he tries one of the party poppers, you screamed a little because you weren’t expecting it, which made him hone in on your fear and drool, eyes drifting apart loving your scent. He takes a few and saves them for later when he decides to surprise you again! 
  • That starts a food fight, and soon you’re both on the floor all over each other covered in cake, streamers, and sticky sugar!
  • You take some of the icing and put it on his nose, laughing as he tries to shake it off, bells jingling. You use your tongue to lick it off, secretly giving yourself a high-five on your excellent baking skills.
  • He loves this idea so he takes some icing to put some on your nose and as you lean out of the way, it lands on your neck.
  • Before you have a chance to wipe it off, he takes his long tongue to slowly lick it away, which makes you gasp and flushes your face. His bright blue eyes flash yellow when he looks back up at you.
  • … I think you know what happens next?!?!?

Hope you like it!!

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Ballet!Tom x Mechanic!Reader (part 1)

a/n: this was requested by @spidergirlwanab ! i really hope you like it! there will be multiple parts to this!

countdown: day three



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artist -sweet pea head cannon

A/N: ok bear with me, i have never done a head cannon before

Sweet Pea with a talented girl

A/N: ok bear with me, i have never done a head cannon before

Sweet Pea with a talented girl

  • It would probably start with him finding out you can draw
  • You left your notebook on his bed while you ran to the store
  • You come back with a bag prepped for movie night
  • Nope sweet pea now wants to know all about this little notebook
  • “Babygirl, what’s this?”
  • You probably doodled him once twice ok a lot
  • “Is this me? I love it.”
  • “So what’s the story behind this one?”
  • Now whenever you draw at his place, hes always near
  • Watching
  • Waiting for you to be done so he can see his princess’ masterpiece
  • Singing? Probably by accident too
  • Going for a drive and a catchy song comes on, probably a sappy love song
  • so , naturally, you have to sing along
  • Loudly
  • You didn’t think he’d actually be paying attention
  • But he was
  • But you get really into it, no shame whatsoever
  • Full blown serenading him
  • Probably dancing in your seat
  • He had a feeling you could sing, so he just went along with it
  • Shaking his head and laughing as you grab his free hand
  • Kissing you at a stop light
  • Definitely impressed
  • “Is there anything you can’t do?”

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honestly I'm living for the new stunt coordinator because not once have I watched all the eps without having myself sitting at the edge of my seat because the fight scenes were really nerve wrecking, so kudos to the new guy. I've never been this excited about a season before not to mention the emotional ride we're riding on

YAY! And yeah, he is amazing! The fights have been fantastic, and here’s what I just typed at Lizbob:

But what drove Dean to the point of certainty, was seeing Ketch’s fighting style. Like, this is the level that Dean observes people. That was Ketch’s final “tell.” To Dean, how someone fights is as distinctive as their fingerprints.And I absolutely love that.

Because YES! Let’s film a really complex and dynamic fight scene, and then make it the culmination of this plot point about not only Dean’s instincts paying off, but about just how competent and observant and skilled he is as well. It’s honestly refreshing and fantastic. :)

Welcome Home (Jumin x MC)

This isn’t a matchup, but a friend was feeling down so I wrote them a fluffy drabble to try and make them feel better. I hope you guys like this little thing I whipped up! I’ll resume matchups in a bit!

Pairing: Jumin x MC
Rating: Fluff
Words: 1,304

His eyes were the first to open. He stretched slowly, reveling in the sensation of his muscles expanding after sleep. It was the best sleep he had in the last two weeks. Why is that? He wasn’t sure at first, but when he went to put his arm back and it bumped into your sleeping figure, he realized quickly why. You were there, sleeping soundly beside him once again.

Slowly and gently, he twisted from his back to his side and propped head on his arm, a small smile on his face as he watched you sleep. You just looked so peaceful and calm. Absentmindedly, his hand came up to your cheek and he lightly brushed some of the hair from your temple and dragged his hand down your jaw. Your nose scrunched slightly, and his attention was immediately back on your face. He knew you were awake then. You were pretending.

“I know you are awake, darling,” he murmured softly, “open your eyes for me.” Slowly, you did, and his smile grew. “Good morning,” you muttered sleepily, sucking in a breath through your nose as you stretched. “Are you hungry? I can have the chef make us breakfast.”

“I don’t care, whatever is easiest.”

“Then I’ll make us breakfast. You rest here, I will come and get you when they are done.” Before he got out of bed, he pressed a few kisses to your face: one to your forehead, one to your cheek, one to the tip of your nose, and finally a peck on the lips. “But Jumin, that isn’t what is easiest!”

“I don’t care. Anything is easy if it is for you, my love. I will be back shortly.” He sat up slowly and stood, stretching his arms above his head as he grabbed his robe and wrapped it tightly around his body before exiting the room.

You laid quietly in the room, allowing your body to wake up from sleep slowly as you looked around the bedroom. It was the same as the first day you came to him all that time ago, yet it has changed. Your clothing mingled with his in the closet and in the hamper. A large picture of the two of you at your wedding hung above the bed you rested in. Traces of you were everywhere in the room. The sunlight filtering through the large windows gave the room a lovely natural warmth that seemed to seep into everything. It certainly was a lovely morning.

After a while, despite his order to stay in bed, you slipped out from underneath the covers, goosebumps rising from your exposed skin at the loss of warmth from the blankets. Still in your pajamas, you quietly exited the room and followed the sound of the music he had playing in the kitchen.

There he was, standing with an apron around his torso and a spatula in his right hand as he waited for the pancake in the pan to be ready to be flipped. Despite cooking there, the countertops were clean and all the ingredients were neatly stacked to the side, minus eggs and milk. Elizabeth was near his feet, laying in a patch of sunlight on the floor, her tail twitching and flicking lazily. His robe was laid neatly on the island in the middle of the room. You had missed waking up to him while he was on his business trip. The whole penthouse just felt empty.

Silently, you crept up on him and snaked your arms around his body. He tensed up for a second before relaxing against your front. “My love, I thought I told you to rest in bed?”

“Didn’t wana,” came your muffled response that made him beam as he flipped the pancake. “I see, and why is that?”

“I missed you, that’s why.” He gently grabbed your arms and loosened them from around his waist and turned, wrapping his arms around you in a proper hug. “I missed you too. It was so lonely in that hotel room every night without you sleeping soundly beside me.”

“I could say the same here.” His chest rumbled against your face as he chuckled and pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “You are just too adorable, my darling MC, did you know that? It’s been years since we met, and you still manage to make my heart flutter.”

You didn’t respond, instead wiggling out from his grasp to sit at a stool on the island to watch as he cooked. “There’s only a few more pancakes to be made, then we can eat.” You nodded and watched as he took the pancake out of the pan and poured more batter in.

It was mesmerizing watching him cook. He didn’t do it often, so when you saw him cooking, you usually watched raptly. He was very precise with everything; he doesn’t eyeball anything. He uses a cup to pour the correct amount of batter in, watches the clock to make sure he isn’t overcooking the food, and flips them right as the surface turns golden brown. He seems to truly enjoy doing cooking. Whenever he glances at you, there is a little grin on his face.

After a while, he finally flips the final pancake and turns off the stove, getting out two plates; one for him and one for you. He carefully stacks the pancakes on top of the other and tops it off with your favorite toppings and brings it to you. He sits beside you at the island and carefully cuts into his stack.

You both eat in silence, merely enjoying each other’s presence. You finally speak once you have cleared your plate, and he was just finishing, as well. “Thank you, Jumin. That was lovely.” He smiled a little, patting at his lips gently with his napkin. “It was nothing, MC. I love cooking breakfast for you.”

“For the record, you have the best pancakes, you know, for someone who doesn’t cook. Ever,” you teased lightly, poking his shoulder. He turned to you, a smirk on his lips. “Oh really?”


“How good, exactly, are they?”

“Words don’t describe how good they are.” His smirk grew into a full blown smile as he leaned over, kissing you lightly before grabbing your plate and standing to place them by the sink. “You never fail to make me feel good in the mornings, MC.”

“Do you need to work today?” He returned to you and grabbed your hand. “I took the rest of the week off. We have a lot of missed time to catch up on. Two weeks of time, to be exact. I plan on starting off with whatever you want to do.” A grin was on your face as you thought about what you wanted to do. “I want to watch disney with you.”

“Disney it is, I’ll arrange for the cinema to play it for us.”

“No, I want to watch it here, with you. In the living room.” He seemed slightly taken aback, but agreed nonetheless. “Anything for you, darling. Don’t you have a collection of DVDs we can watch?” You nodded. “We are going to do this my way today.”

In the end, you had dragged all of the blankets and pillows from the bedroom to the living room, and you two curled up on the couch with the blinds drawn  and disney movies playing on the TV for the day. You both were the happiest you could be then, just in each other’s presence once again.

“Welcome home, Jumin,” you murmured quietly once the day was passed, and you were getting ready for bed. He welcomed you into his arms as you curled up to sleep wrapped in his embrace. “Thank you, darling. There isn’t any where else I’d rather be.”

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i've never watched moomin before bc it's not trasmittted in mexican tv and i'm from mexico but i'd really like to watch this so i know what everyone talks about, PLUS it looks really really cute and seems to have really good messages. Any idea where i can watch this?

Omg i love that ur from Mexico and want to watch Moomin!! It´s such a great show - and the books are amazing as well! I´ll post the links to the 1990s series right now. Let me know what you think after seeing some episodes. I´m curious!

Mexico + Moomin = Moominco ♡

Shingeki no Bahamut parallels

Right so, I’ve just finished the whole Shingeki no Bahamut series and omg why am I so late to it, everyone is my fave. 

But reflecting on the otp (Charioce and Nina of course); I noticed a beautiful but oh so heartbreaking parallel between their first meeting and the series ending. 

So when they first meet its when Hansa and Nina are making mad bank through Nina’s inhuman strength and nearly undefeatable arm wrestling skills. In this scene Nina is blindfolded and Charioce doesn’t speak until after it’s over. 

what happens at the end? 

Charioce loses his sight and Nina loses her voice. Their roles are inverted in the most painful way. Nina can never verbalise her feelings and Charioce will never see her emotions/gestures or anything. Luckily we are vindicated with their dance at the end and see they have a work-around. But oh man, like ouch. 

 I know this is probably super obvious and has been said before. But I just binge watched both series over 3 days and I have a lot of feelings and this just broke what little was left of my heart. I’m tempted to rewatch everything because it was so goddamn good and I loved pretty much everyone. and Nina and Charioce were just an adorable cherry on top of this great show. Right, Imma shut up now but mY hEArt 

Ward of Asgard - Outtake #2

Notes: Enjoy the things that my brain makes!  Just be aware these aren’t in any real order except the “hey I made it readable!” kind.

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Outtake No. 2: THE SOLILOQUY

Thor walked slowly to the Hulk Containment Cell, eyeing his brother carefully. “She never stopped looking for you,  I’m sure she watches even now,” he said, voice soft and sorrowful. “I think if you had died she would have as well.”

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@tubflake replied to your photoset “If you missed the live stream, please make sure to watch the November…”

is there anywhere you can watch it translated???


Judging from the fact that you even asked this question, it seems that you’re not aware of the following:

  • The broadcast barely ended like ~8.5 hours ago. The VOD on YouTube is…what, only ~6 hours old?
  • That same broadcast happened to air when most people in the US were sleeping off food comas from Thanksgiving. That cuts down the number of immediately available translators somewhat.
  • All subbed Aqours niconama videos you see scattered across the web are fanmade.
  • Fanmade translations take time - the subber not only has to translate the content, but also time and typeset the lines.
  • It’s extremely difficult to try to decipher what nine girls are saying, especially when they have a tendency to scream over each other. :’)
  • This broadcast lasted a little longer than past streams (IIRC it was a bit over 1h10m) and had a lot of content (news, letters).
  • tl;dr: Whoa there, people are still waking up to watch the VOD. Chill.

If you wait patiently, usually you’ll see a segment translated. Sometimes, you’ll even get lucky enough to see a full-length video. Considering that this niconama was hilarious af, I’m sure that you’ll see translations start to pop up in the future.

I am thinking of posting my half-asleep recollections a recap of the interesting points from the niconama soon, so you could read that while you wait I guess?

when i love, i do not love halfway.
i have never been able to run long enough to finish a race, but if i say i love you it means i will run marathons for you. it means i will imagine you, standing at the finish line. i will imagine you, as something worth struggling for.

when i give, i do not give hesitantly.
if you tell me you need a change of scenery, i will lay out my body on burning concrete to be the bridge, to be the bridge that gets you to the other side. i will collect my tears and use them to water your ground, so that you don’t have to remember: the grass is never really greener. i will save my tears, to wash over you like rivers, when you need reminders that you have been strong enough to get through the impossible before. i will save my tears; wash over you like rivers; watch you emerge from rushing waters, with the knowledge that you never learned how to swim.

when i hurt, i bleed.
i will take these moments, while my body welcomes touch without flinching, to apologize for the natural disaster type destruction i will leave.

i am sorry for the broken windows. someone once told me that i have a way with words, that i can make them into whatever i want them to be. which means when i want the to be rocks, they are rocks. which means, i hurl words into open air and turn my music up louder while their sharp edges and glass meet.

i am sorry for the rain in your living room. the winds of my hurricane heart did not consider that not all people are water resistant; some rib cages are roofs that have never had to repair the damage, of trusting a beautifully named storm with their heart.

i am sorry for the handprint i will leave on your heart. it will not all be in evenly lined ink. i’m afraid, if i leave anything, it will be smudged and scratched out; an illegible excuse for poetry. i’m afraid i will not be what you need.

so as someone who has never 1) watched a video game stream and 2) streamed video games at all before, both until july, can someone who DOES watch streams help me understand why having a video camera on you while you’re playing gives you a ton more viewers? like. why does if matter if you can see the male or female gamer’s face while they’re playing the game. i honestly do NOT understand 

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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Ryan’s Face When He Unsheathed The Sword On This Week’s AHWU Like I’ve Never Seen Anyone Embody The “Kid On Christmas Morning” Look More Perfectly

The Sheer Joy In His Voice When He Announced “These Are Deadpool Swords!!” Is Something I Never Thought I Would Experience

Also Him Casually Like “It’s Been A Long Time Since I’ve Worked With Nunchucks” “You Worked With Nunchucks?” “Briefly” As If It Should Surprise Anyone At This Point That Ryan Has Used Every Weapon Under The Sun

And Then Him Struggling To Get The Sword Out From The Holster On His Back For Ages

Ryan Killed Me Like 7 Times In This One Video What A Start To The Week

[All of this happened because I wanted to write something about Stiles not being able to sleep without his pillow. Spoiler alert: his pillow is Derek.]


Derek tries not to look too hurt when Stiles says he’s going back to Washington, but when the Sheriff claps his back and Scott offers him a friendly hug, he knows he failed. But after everything, after the other night - it just doesn’t feel fair.


“It was a nice road trip, wasn’t it?” Stiles had said after they’ve won, after everything was done, their friends were alive and fine and Derek finally got his loft back. “I mean, we had some fun, right?”

Derek smiled without looking away from the flowers the Sheriff got him as a housewarming gift. “Yeah.” He answered, finally turning around. “It was nice to spend time with you.” It was more than nice and he cursed himself for not being able to say it, still, after everything, after the nights spent driving and talking and fucking in deserted roads.

“Yeah.” Stiles agreed easily. He was the one who started it after all, always showing up to save Derek - despite Derek saving him back plenty of times - always being there, trusting him, smiling and laughing like Derek makes him happy. “What will you do now that you’re a free man again?”

Derek shrugged. “I always wanted to start a farm, maybe raise some sheep?” When Stiles blinked at him, surprised, Derek let out a snort.

“Fuck you, I almost believed it!” Stiles said, punching his shoulder.

“You’re ridiculous.” Derek shook his head, still smiling. 

You’re ridiculous.” Stiles stressed, his hand still on Derek’s shoulder, touching, teasing. “I’m -“ Derek didn’t let him finish then, turning around and just pressing their lips together.

He didn’t want to listen then - and in hindsight maybe he should’ve - but without the haste, the guilt of having a nice time whilst their friends could be dying, Derek couldn’t wait, he just wanted to worship Stiles’ body, just wanted to kiss all the places he couldn’t reach before when they were squeezed in the backseat of Stiles’ car. 

And so he did, he made Stiles moan his name the entire night and he moaned Stiles’ own just as louder. Just to have his heart crushed the morning after.


“I’m gonna miss you.” Stiles says, his Jeep packed and ready to go. To leave everything behind.

It’s unfair, Derek knows. Stiles didn’t make promises and neither did he, but he can’t help how he feels. He understands Stiles doesn’t want to be in Beacon Hills anymore and that’s his choice, but Derek made his own and he’s tired of running away.

He’s never felt closer to his family than when he’s here, he’s already lost enough and he doesn’t want to lose his home. But somehow, as Stiles drives away, he feels like he just did.


I miss you, Derek thinks every day, staring at the black screen of his phone and wondering if he should actually write those words and send them to Stiles. He decides against it and despite the fact he was joking before, on the third day after Stiles left, Derek buys a farm.

He tells Lydia first during lunch at her favorite restaurant - she was adamant they had to become best friends and Derek enjoys her company so he lets it happen easily - and she tells him he’s not allowed to wear plaid around her. Then he tells Scott and two days later, he shows up at Derek’s front door with all kinds of seeds - “We need pumpkins for Halloween, Derek. Make it happen!”.

It’s something to do with his hands, something to work on. Create life, instead of ending them, build things, instead of destroying. He feels good, better and healing. Cora says he’s calmer now and Derek smiles, despite knowing she won’t be able to see him, and tells her he is.

Some days Stiles texts him, others he doesn’t. Derek reads the ones he has every night before going to bed, but he never answers them.

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The part of the deep web that we aren’t supposed to see 

Story by Mr_Outlaw_

I’ll assume you all know about the deep web. Well, what you’ve heard is true, it’s not a great place. While some people are there to score legal weed or firearms, or even out of sheer curiosity, others… well they’re obviously not up to anything good. But I’m not here to talk about those sickos. I’m here to talk about what lies beyond that point. The more cryptic and unexplainable part of the internet. The part that nobody’s really supposed to see.

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In which a one-off character that dies in the pilot succinctly describes everything that James Flint is fighting against for this whole series - even though we won’t understand that for a Very Long Time.

1x01 || 2x05


Inktober 15 - Butterfly.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 14)

@fellswap-gold fanart.