i have never wanted an article of clothing more

Grayson being a clingy boyfriend Would Include...

• always touching you in some way

•texting you literally all the time


• and lots of them

• kissing every part of your face before your lips

• playing with your fingers mindlessly

• making sure you always have an article of his clothing

• and that it always smells like him

• letting you fix his hair

• letting you put make up on him

• “I love you more than you can imagine”

• “Never leave me, okay?”

• keeping you under his arm while you sleep

• calling you tons of pet names (!!!!!!)

• never wanting you to leave bed for work/school

• laying his head in your lap so you can run your fingers through his hair

• being called whipped by all of his friends and Ethan but literally doesn’t even care because he’s so in love with you.


Hello again friends 

Recently I’ve been watching this Youtube vlogger Loey Lane who did quite an inspiring video about “fat girls” and wearing bikinis. First of all I’d like to point out how fucking gorgeous this woman is, and her confidence shines through her like sunbeams. Absolute beauty. And the fact that I came out of watching one of her viral videos filled to the brim with confidence was a testament to how well she expresses herself. This is her instagram here LoeyBug and this is the video I was talking about Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis. Basically this video is based on arguments that people have made on her Youtube account as to why she shouldn’t wear a bikini.

I’m under the personal belief that to get the perfect “bikini bod”, get your bod, put a bikini on it. tadahhhhh! You should be able to wear the clothes you want, feel comfortable and confident in, without getting body slammed. I personally have yet to achieve the level of confidence to do this, and I doubt I ever will, but I’m slowly heading in the right direction.

She mentions that “it makes people uncomfortable” and then goes on to counter that argument by saying "Other body types are not told this … in-shape women are not told to take off their running shorts because it makes people uncomfortable. So I’m going to call bull on that one and ask why someone who is larger should have to cover more square inches of their body because your brain cannot somehow process that there is a person in front of you in minimal clothing.“

LIKE HOT DAMN. Someone gonna need ice for that burn.

The beautiful Loey Lane

I highly recommend watching that video because she brings up a lot of points that make you rethink how you look at people, and even how you look at yourself. So you know what? I’m gonna show my confidence! I’m going to fight against the small narrow minded and enjoy my life and explore! I’m not going to hold back enjoying today because I’m worried about what others think about me! I WILL wear that crop top today!!!

But wait, I just read something in Oprah’s magazine…

You can’t even begin to imagine the disappointment, horror and disgust I felt while reading this. I found this image on social media and I haven’t seen the article.

But as this popped up in my news feed, I was so disappointed. Oprah’s personal struggle with her weight loss and body image has always been a thing worthy of front page news. The fad diets, talk shows. Her prying into people, getting a glimpse at their vulnerabilities, and being able to heal them. Being a woman of power that people look up to and idolise.

I was so disappointed.

The sheer body shaming and segregation of body types is appalling. And coming from such an iconic woman of power, too. Now I completely understand that magazines have their own article writers, but they’ve got to adhere to the general views and beliefs of the magazine owner. Until I hear or see a comment from Oprah, I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

I’ve always had the fear of the crop top. My stomach was never something I ever wanted to show, more the opposite direction. Hide away under layers and layers of clothing. It’s actually never seen the sun, so it’s so pale that to those that see it (namely myself and boyfriend) it glows in the dark and in the light is so brightening you need to wear sunglasses.

But in lieu of this article, I’m making a big “FUCK YOU” to body shamers. I don’t have a flat tummy. FUCK YOU to those pieces of shit article writers for kicking girls back a notch. FUCK YOU to them influencing a younger audience to begin hating their stomach from a young age.

Read ‘em and weep, Oprah writers

Y’all can go fuck yourselves.

Exo Scenario: Never Have I Ever with Kai Pt 1~

Can you do a kai scenario where you and him are bored one day and are just sitting in your room on your bed playing never have I ever but instead if taking shots you have to take off a article of clothing ~bonus if your both kinda shy Thanks

Can you do a scenario with kai where you two are studying then decide to play never have I ever but instead of taking shots you take off an article of clothing ~bonus if they’re kinda both shy about it when the game is going on ~bonus if they are best friends as well but both secretly like eachother Thanksssssss:))

I absolutely love these requests (I’m not sure if they’re from the same anon, but I’m guessing that they are). I hope you like the way it turned out and please let me know what you think of it!

Also, sorry that it kind of leaves off an a cliffhanger, I couldn’t think of a good ending for this.

You were bored out of your mind. Completely and utterly bored. And it didn’t help that Kai wasn’t talking, nor did it help that the two of you were trying to study and you couldn’t focus on the words in front of your face. Kai’s tactic of putting gummy bears on each new paragraph in the textbook for “motivation” wasn’t helping either, it just distracted you even more.

Looking up, you found that Kai was staring at you curiously, and when your eyes met the both of you giggled at the sudden awkwardness.

“You can’t focus either, hmm?” you asked him while the two of you sat up from your varying positions, you lying on the edge of your bed and him leaning against the desk chair strangely. 

When he shook his head, you perked at an idea that just popped into your head. You weren’t sure if you should say it aloud, mostly because it was a little risky to be playing with your best friend. But Kai caught onto the fact that you were thinking of something and nudged you while leaning forward.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked curiously and got up from his chair to sit down on the bed beside you, leaning back so that he was looking at you, his eyebrows quirked funnily, which only made you laugh.

You shrugged, “Maybe we should play a game to get our mind off of this.” and you lifted up your textbook, a disgusted look on your face while Kai laughed at your expression.

“What kind of game?” he asked, leaning forward once more, now interested in what you had to say.

Of course, this only made you blush because your thoughts immediately went south. Why had you thought of this game again? Maybe it was your minds way of telling you that you secretly wanted to see your best friend’s abs…but you didn’t want to say that out loud. Certainly not. You didn’t even know if Kai liked you like that.

“I was thinking we could play Never Have I Ever.” and you paused before looking over at him, “Have you played that before?”

Kai nodded, but his eyebrows knitted together in confusion, “But don’t we have to do shots or something every time we’ve done something that the other mentions?” and you shrugged at that, only for Kai to point and say, “Yah! We could play it like strip poker!” but then Kai realized what he had suggested and blushed, “Ah, o-only if you want to though. I don’t want it to be awkward or anything.”

But you had been thinking the exact same thing, so of course you wanted to agree. You had only ever played this version of the game once before, at a party, and it had ended in you kissing someone. As much as you wanted to kiss Kai, you were pretty sure that wasn’t going to happen between the two of you. But you agreed to play anyway.

“Sure.” and when you said that, you could see Kai’s sneaking smile on his lips. You weren’t sure how to interpret that, but you settled yourself in front of him as the game got started, your discarded textbooks forgotten for now…

It was about fifteen minutes into the game and you were already without your socks and sweatshirt - playing it safe. You were thankful that you had put on a sweatshirt earlier, and even more thankful that you hadn’t taken off your socks for the night. Kai, on the other hand, almost never wore socks, and he was already without a shirt. You tried to hide your smile as you looked over at him, and though you didn’t have it in you to tell him he couldn’t cover up, he was holding one of your pillows over his stomach because he was embarrassed. 

It was your turn again.

“Never Have I Ever kissed a girl.” and you smiled, knowing that you gotten him once again. 

“Hey, that’s totally not fair!” he complained. But you didn’t listen to him as you snatched the pillow from where he was holding it and tossed it to the side, nodding for him to take off another article of clothing. He was already losing, all the fingers on his right hand already gone. You chuckled as he got up with an aggravated look on his face. You were glad that your parents weren’t home and wouldn’t be home from your father’s business trip until Sunday night. 

You looked the other way when Kai shimmied out of his jeans, and you were sure that both of your faces were bright red when he sat down, snatching at another of your pillows to hide his lower half, which was currently pant-less. You were immensely glad that he was still wearing boxers beneath, but you were still unsure about the rest of this game. It was Kai’s turn now.

“Never Have I Ever…” and Kai thought about it for a few seconds before he said it with a grin, “kissed a boy.”

“Yah! That’s not fair, Kai!” you complained before he was reaching for you to discard the blanket you held over you because you had gotten cold from your lack of sweatshirt. The next thing that you needed to take off was your shirt and though Kai had clearly taken off more articles of clothing than you had, you were getting anxious about this, not sure if you wanted to continue with this game.

“You were the one that wanted to play!” he replied back with a smirk as he tugged at the edges of your shirt.

“But you were the one that suggested we play it this way!” and of course you would place the blame on him, rather than yourself, even if you had wanted to play it this way at first, too.

Kai shook his head, “We have to finish the game.” he protested when you swatted his hands away once more as he tried to lift your shirt. You had never thought he would be this persistent in having you take off your clothes…and at that thought, you turned bright pink, blushing. 

“Okay, okay!” you finally said, backing away from him with a scowl. He grinned triumphantly, though he was clearly losing this game, and waited patiently for you to take off your shirt. You did so quickly before grabbing for your blanket again to hide your bra and bare stomach.

“No, no!” he protested once more, a smile tugging at the edge of his lips as the two of you wrestled for the blanket that was covering you.

You didn’t know how it happened, but suddenly the two of you were face to face, staring at one another. It must have had something to do with your various states of dress, but your eyes roamed his body and you blinked appreciatively down at him. You were surprised when you found that his eyes were doing the very same thing. And then, almost in the span of a second, his lips were crashing down on yours and his rough hands were trailing your body, being very gentle as they glided across your skin.

Just as soon as it had happened though, you two were pulling apart from one another, as if you both remembered that you were best friends and this was certainly not something that best friends did. 

Your face was red and you had grabbed your shirt from beside you to put it back on. Unlike you, however, Kai still sat there before you without either a shirt or pants on. You looked away, clearing your throat after the awkward situation, the taste of him still on your lips. 

“W-we should get back to studying.” your murmured then, not wanting to continue this game for the fear of what else might happen if you got that close again. Obviously he liked you back…but you were too shy to see where this lead you.

“Y-yeah.” Kai murmured in agreement, leaning over the bed to grab at his pants, slipping them back on silently as he moved into the desk chair. 

You couldn’t help but notice that he was still not wearing his shirt though. But…you didn’t want to complain about that, not when you saw how toned his back muscles were. And especially not after you couldn’t keep your thoughts from the way his lips had brushed against yours, fluid and passionate even in those few seconds they had been attached. 

And if you couldn’t focus before, now you really couldn’t focus on studying…

Request - Could you do one kind of like the one where cas helps you get dressed when your arm is broken but with dean! You can change it to where like you get hurt in a different way like you broke some ribs and got some really bad cuts and he has to patch you up and take care of you. Baby you basically? Help you do everyday things because you're in too much pain?

(Hope you like it xx)

You held your breath as Dean poured alcohol on a cloth and positioned it over the cluster of long cuts that had been made on your arm, his grimace highlighting the uncertainty that had made itself a home inside of his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he told you for what seemed like the hundredth time already, and you nodded as you tried not to look at your wounds.

“For God’s sake, just do it already.”

At your irritated tone, he nodded reluctantly before bringing the soaked fabric to your skin. Biting your bottom lip hard enough to make it bleed, you clutched Dean’s hand, the one that wasn’t working to clean the horrid-looking incisions; he barely even reacted to your nails digging into his flesh as the alcohol made contact with the cuts, only focusing on your face with an apologetic gaze. A loud hiss ran through you as it did, and the lack of air in your lungs from you not breathing when you had braced yourself caused an abrupt coughing fit to erupt. As you coughed, the agony that was exploding from your abdomen kept on reminding you of your few broken ribs that were screaming out in protest by giving you the overwhelming torment. Dean sprinted to get some water, and you greedily took the cup from him when he returned, gulping it down and sighing in relief as the spasms subsided.

“I really wish that I didn’t have to do that, especially in your condition,” Dean said brokenly, breathing out deeply and rubbing his face with one hand.

You laughed a little, regretting it as another twinge of pain came from your rib cage. “It’s fine, you know. I can’t believe I reacted that badly, though; I’ve had much worse before.”

Despite himself, Dean chuckled. “Hell, you sure didn’t take it like the trooper I expected you to be.”

“Shut up,” you grumbled, punching him with as much force as you could muster in your weakened condition. He only grinned, and his somber expression dissipated; you were content when it did, and cracked a smile as well.

Sitting down on the edge of your bed but careful not to disturb your ribs again, he brushed a piece of hair from your face. “Do you need anything else?”

“What, are you my caretaker now?” you teased, and he rolled his eyes.

“Seriously, you should tell me if you need anything before I change my mind.”

Even though Dean had said that, he knew that deep down, he wouldn’t refuse anything you asked him to do. It always hurt him to see you in an injured state, and he unceasingly vowed to take care of you every time something like this occurred.

“Well,” He saw a rosy pink tinge your cheeks, becoming more conspicuous as every second that you stalled your request passed by. “If I’m going to be stuck in bed for a while, I don’t want to be lying in filth.”

He blinked for a couple of moments before understanding what you were saying. “This is going to be interesting.”

He helped you out of bed, moving you slowly to minimize your pain as much as possible. When you tried to stand up straight once your feet were steady on the ground, an outcry came from your midsection and you had to lean against Dean, who’s arms were instantly supporting you. The trek over to the bathroom proved to be a difficult one with him almost carrying you instead of helping you walk, but you soon made it. You watched as he turned on the shower, the inviting warm water quickly beginning to fog up the mirrors as you hesitantly tried to tug off your shirt; the discomfort didn’t help, though, and you cursed.

“Here,” Dean didn’t allow himself to get embarrassed as he easily pulled the garment off of you. “Do you need any more help?”

You shook your head as you became relieved that you were a sports bra that didn’t need to be unclasped and athletic shorts, and then beamed at him. “I think I’ve got it; thanks.”

“If you need something, just let me know,” he called as he stepped out of the bathroom, returning your smile.

Showering wasn’t as horrible as you thought it would be, even though the difficulty of breathing while standing up hindered you greatly. You were enjoying the feel of the water against your aching body, only gritting your teeth a little when it washed over your cuts until you dropped a bar of soap on the floor of the shower. Not wanting to call for help, you decided to try and pick it up yourself. After several attempts, you realized that you couldn’t do it without bending down and using your hands; when you tried to do so, though, it felt as if there was a fire sparking from your broken ribs and you cried out.

Dean heard your yell from the kitchen, where he was trying his best to make some food for you, and immediately ran over to the bathroom door and started to knock on it.

“Are you okay?!” His panicked tone reached your ears just as you picked up the soap, not letting your efforts go to waste.

“I’m f-fine,” you replied, gasping as the flames subsided. “It’s nothing; I’m okay.”

You were reassuring him too much that you needed to, and that just made him very uneasy; he stood by the door as you finished washing up, wanting to be close by just in case something worse happened. It surprised you when you emerged from the bathroom to see him, clad in loose articles of clothing that had been a struggle to put on by yourself; you weren’t going to let him know that, though.

“What are you doing?” you asked, holding back the giggle that was threatening to arise from your throat. “I said that I was fine.”

He shrugged, avoiding your searching gaze. “You never know what might happen; I wanted to be prepared.”

“Since when are you prepared for anything?” you joked. “I should get hurt more often.”

“Very funny,” he retorted before holding his arms out. “Now come on, before I have second thoughts about helping you.” There it was: the same threat that he knew he would never be able to carry out against you.

He guided you back over to your room, propping you up instead of lying you down so that it would be easier to breathe as you rested. Disappearing for a minute, he returned with a steaming bowl of soup on a tray, handing it and a spoon to you before setting down a glass of water and a couple of painkillers on the table next to you. You met his fervent eyes with a delighted gaze, grinning as he dipped his head down bashfully.

“What would I do without you, Dean?” you asked, not realizing that it was the first question you had asked him that wasn’t making fun; he did, though, and his heart swelled as he smiled large enough that it reached his luminous emerald eyes, his skin crinkling at the corners of them. He sat down next to you, taking one of your hands in his and rubbing your palm comfortingly with his thumb as you laid your head on his shoulder before speaking in a warm voice that contained every ounce of care he held for you.

“I’m really glad that we don’t have to find that out.”

anonymous asked:

What would you want to see in an ongoing with Harper Cassandra and Stephanie?

First and foremost, friendship. I feel like so many books at DC are based on conflict. Family members being at odds with each other and stuff like that. It’s hard to care about conflict unless it’s putting tension on a bond between characters. That tension doesn’t exist if the bond isn’t being shown. I’d like to see three girls who are different and try to understand those differences and work together and make compromises to be the best team they can be. I’d like them to be their own separate characters with their own quirks and interests and not have that be constantly questioned (No Harper needlessly rolling her eyes every time Cass or Steph does something stereotypically feminine, I hate that shit. Though a story that covers some of Harper’s internalized misogyny would be really interesting). 

I’d like to see them all have trust in each other. I want them to inspire each other to be better heroes. That doesn’t mean that conflict can’t arise, it means that a group of people supporting each other and kicking ass is a more interesting read than a group of people constantly angry at each other. I want it to be abundantly clear that they all have a shared goal of protecting the city and that binds them together.

I want cool villains that will challenge the characters mentally, maybe even morally. 

I want downtime. I want civvies clothes. I want them to share clothes and have there be at least one article of clothing, like a really old oversized coat that they’re constantly seen wearing and it’s never questioned. I want Harper working on the electric grid for work desperately giving instructions to Cass and Steph for how to dismantle a bomb. I want Stephanie going to the corner store when a robber pops in and right when she’s about to do something Black Bat swings by and knocks him out and when the police ask Steph for a witness statement she mutters about Cass being a showoff. I want the girls talking about tackling a big villain while pulling an all nighter at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. I want Harper and Cullen to drag Tim to a skate park and give that kid some fresh air out of costume like damn

I want a story where Batman needs a temporary Robin and asks Steph to fill in and it sort of triggers a question of where the three girls’ relationships lie with Bruce. I think Cassandra would still view him as a father figure and I think Harper and Steph would cheer her on if she was adopted by him. I think Harper’s relationship with Bruce has always been stressful and convoluted and a story where that is addressed is very much needed, And then Steph just needs to be Robin in N52 continuity :)