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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.11

                                               Part E L E V E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: im back, hello! im so, so, so sorry for the slowness of these parts! school is crushing me rn and my recent break up is no help. but, i decided to let you guys in on a little personal side of me: im implementing some of my lyrics into this part (i write music a bit, too), so i really hope you like it! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E

At the airport, 6:23 A.M.

At 11:11 P.M., Calum tweeted a photo of you and him kissing with the caption, “made a wish, got a wish.” 

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Crush Imagine #31

“Y/N, can you help me?” Y/C asked. I sighed and grabbed a stool since y/c happened to be significantly taller than me. He held out his tie and flashed his signature smile. I pressed a smile and begun putting his tie on for him. Our senior pictures were today, and no surprise, Y/C was not the best with putting on ties. I placed the tie around his neck as Y/C held onto my hips making sure I wouldn’t fall. I quickly made a Windsor knot, and finished by pulling the tie through and tightening it. 

“There we go” I smiled and quickly smoothened out the top of his shirt. “You know, I’m pretty sure I’ve taught you this before” I lifted my eyes up to meet his. 

“You probably have, and I probably tried it on my own, and failed miserably” he grinned. I grinned and stared into his eyes. If only I didn’t get lost so easily in his eyes, maybe I’d stop crushing on him. I noticed then that my hands were still resting on y/c’s shoulders and his hands were still resting on my waist. Before I could say anything, Y/c had stepped closer and strengthened his grip on my waist. 

“You know, I lied” he smirked. 

“About what?” I asked.

“I know how to tie a tie. I remembered how to tie one after you taught me” 

“Then why do I keep tying them?” I raised an eyebrow. 

“In hopes I would have this moment” he whispered, bringing his lips closer to mine hesitantly. I destroyed any hesitation by responding and pressing my lips against his. The kiss was just long, and sweet. Our lips moved in sync, varying pressure. Eventually the two of us pulled away and rested our foreheads against each others. 

“I should probably clean up for my picture” y/c chuckled. I glanced at his lips, which were tinted a soft pink from my lipstick. I laughed and went to get y/c a tissue, and then wiped his lips with it. 

“It’s a good thing my picture is already done” I fixed y/c’s hair as he straightened his shirt. 

“Y/C!” someone called. 

“You know I’ve never been so excited for our car rides together” he picked me up and set me o the ground. 

“I’ll be here” I grinned as he quickly went to have his picture taken. 

Habits of my Heart: Chapter 16

Now that I’m calming down from all the wedding shenanigans, I had time to finish writing this chapter. Special cameos in this one! I’m still trying trying to figure out how I’m gonna squeeze Artem into this story :) Rest of the story can be found here! [Click

Chapter 16. 

She had a great time touring through Indianapolis during the parade. Even though it lasted over and hour, James kept her thoroughly entertained. He’d give her random historical facts about different buildings they passed (how he remembered them, she’d never understand). He had a dance for everyone who asked them to do one…although she didn’t know if she could count the ‘lawnmower’ or ‘changing the light bulb’ as dance moves. He also held her hand or had his arm around her most of the time, claiming that it was because “he didn’t want her to fall and become roadkill,” not that she was complaining. It did, however, make her abdominal muscles tighten every time he did it, only to relax again because she felt so secure in his arms. She added this to the list of the things she’d miss from her trip; it was technically only the first day, but there were so many things on it already.

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anonymous asked:

sorry if this is confusing. - can you do a preference where your ex hacks into your instagram and post a video/picture of you two from when you were together and he sees it while on tour and breaks up with you but he finds out what really happened and you two get back together. - thank you! :) xx

This has been in my inbox forever and I’m so so sorry for not getting it done sooner.. Some are a bit longer than others, just a heads up

Your ex hacks your instagram

Brad; You open up your instagram and scroll through your comments and likes. A lot of the comments are asking if you’re cheating on Brad. ..That’s weird.. You click the picture that the comments were posted on and gasp. It was a picture of you and Y/X/N cuddling on his couch, but that picture was taken well over a year ago. How did it even get on here? You quickly delete it off of your instagram. Suddenly, you get a text from Brad saying “I saw the picture… We’re done” You tear up and cover your mouth. You can’t believe that this is happening. You quickly call his number and hold it up to your ear shakily, hoping he will answer. It goes to voicemail so you decide to leave a message. “Brad I didn’t post that! I-I don’t know how it got there, but that picture was taken over a year ago! I would never cheat on you.. You have to believe me..” You whimper and end the call, pleading that he’ll call you back. An hour later, your phone rings. You grab it and smile widely when you see Brad’s contact show up. “Hello?” You answer, your voice raspy from crying. “Y/N, I’m really sorry… I saw the picture and I freaked out.. But Tris pointed out that you got your ears pierced with me, and your ears weren’t pierced in the pictiure.. And ugh I’m so so sorry” He apologizes “I-it’s okay.. It was just a misunderstanding” You reply. “I love you so much. I’m so sorry” He repeats. “It’s okay Brad.. I love you too”  Tristan: “Y/N. What the hell is this?!” Tristan shouts, shoving his phone in your face. You flinch and look at the screen, gasping at what you see. It’s a picture of you and your ex kissing in your bedroom. “That’s not real!” You protest. Tristan scoffs and rolls his eyes, “Sure it’s not.. And I’m not breaking up with you” He says sarcastically. You whimper and tear up. “Tris wait don’t do this… P-please… That was photoshopped… Or-or it’s old! He hacked my account! I-I can prove it!” You grab his arm before he can walk away. He clenches his jaw and says, “You have one minute” He pulls his arm away from you and crosses them across his chest. You take his phone and examine the picture closely. “If you don’t prove that it’s fake, then I’m leaving” He warns. “Why would I post this if I’m with you??” You ask him. “I don’t know, so you can rub it in my face that he’s better??” He whimpers. You frown and pull him closer to your side. “Tris, honey look closely at the picture… My walls are white in the background.. This was before I painted them” You say, hoping he’ll catch on. His face softens. “I painted your walls for you as a ‘leaving for tour’ present two months after we started dating….” He says, realizing what was going on. “Oh…. Y/N I’m sorry for accusing you….. I just got so upset, that I didn’t even realize how old that picture was…” Tristan mumbles, pulling you in for a hug. You hug him back, “C’mon, I have to change my password so that bastard can’t get in anymore” Connor; Your phone died while you were out doing errands, but you know Connor will be home around 4, so that’s why you’re driving over now. You park in his driveway and go to the door, knocking when you reach it. A few moments pass before Connor opens the door. You look at him, your smile quickly leaving when you see his red puffy eyes. “Con what’s wrong??” You ask. “Yo-you cheated on me!” He stutters out. “What?!” You exclaim, shocked that he would say something like that. “I-I saw your instagram… I know what you were doing today…” He tells you, not so much angry, but more defeated and sad. You frown and step into his house, ignore his weak protest. “Connor show me my instagram post..” You tell him, shutting the door. He opens his mouth to say something but gets out his phone. He unlocks it and then passes it to you. You take it, appalled at what you see. It’s a picture of you and your ex, kissing in a park in this neighborhood. “Con, this was photoshopped… I promise I would never ever cheat on you” You say, frowning. “P-prove it” He stammers, looking over at his phone. “Look, you can see the edge of your shoe next to my leg… He photoshopped himself in where you were a few weeks ago. And look, I’m wearing the bracelet you got me that day, remember that day? We went shopping then we went to the park and cuddled near the lake…” You say. He looks at the picture closely and frowns. “And that’s not his hand on your waist… His skintone is darker than mine” He comments, his face softening a little. “Honey, everyone’s skintone is darker than yours..” You giggle a little, hoping to change the mood. He cracks a smile and pulls you into a hug. “I’m sorry baby… I didn’t look that closely at it, and I was too upset to think it was photoshopped… I’m really sorry…” He mumbles against your hair. You rub his back a little and rest your head onto his chest. “It’s okay Con.. Just a silly misunderstanding… I’ll change my password later… Let’s go cuddle, okay?” You say. He smiles a little and nods, bringing you into the living room for some needed cuddles.  James; “Y/N…?” James asks from the living room. You walk out of the kitchen and look at him on the couch. “Yeah babe?” You ask. “C’mere for a sec..?” He asks, looking at his phone with an amused expression. You go over and sit on the couch next to him. “Look at this” He says, turning his phone so you can see the screen. It’s a post on your instagram, posted half an hour ago. The picture is you and your ex, making silly faces at the camera, and the caption is, “Forgot how much I missed this goof. Worth the long drive” You make a face and start giggling. “I was home with you all day… And besides, that was taken ages ago” You say, laughing a little. James chuckles and nods, “I know, I saw it, and before I could even get upset, I just started laughing because I’ve been with you all day. Literally all day… Plus, your hair’s shorter there” He replies, smirking. “Wow my ex is dumb” You laugh. He chuckles and screenshots the post. “What’re you doing?” You ask. “You’ll see…” He mumbles, going onto twitter. He starts a new tweet and attaches the photo to it. Then he types the tweet, “Really @Y/EX/N? I’m pretty sure I would notice if @Y/N left in the middle of our big cuddling session… Nice try though” You laugh as he presses tweet. “Dumb ass” James says, laughing at the reactions of the fans. You giggle and lean into his side. “Guess I’ll have to change my password.. I’ll do it later, we can continue out cuddling now” You say, wrapping an arm across James’ stomach. He smiles and lies down, pulling you with him so the two of you can cuddle.
Someone Like you...2

A/N-Hello my lovelies! This is part Two of Someone like you songfic!! It got such a positive response, thank you all for your opinions and a few people asked for a second part, so here it is, I don’t actually know if this is any good and i apologise if it’s horrible, I also apologise in advance for any errors, my laptop is being very laggy today and I hope you enjoy!

Warnings- Death of reader, drinking, blood mention I think {and sad Derek Hale;(

People wished to be tagged - @training-wolves and @blsckwidows

Oh, you can’t hear me cry
See my dreams all die
From where you’re standing
On your own.
It’s so quiet here
And I feel so cold
This house no longer
Feels like home.

Derek walked into the quiet house in a daze, his mind still set on you and the incident that happened a few hours back, they had taken you into surgery and he had to go home, his bride was there waiting for him in her dress

“Hey Der” she said quietly, not wanted to startle him, yet she did, everything had him on edge, he felt alone. The usual noise that would bounce through the house was completely silent, Derek and the woman he had fallen in love with standing a good distance apart, her red, tear stained eyes stare into his

It didn’t feel like it had the day before, the TV on, the radio on, the house filled with light and love and laughter. However another thing felt out of place and as hard as Derek racked his brain to try and find what it was, he was left with nothing, other than a rather painful headache, something felt wrong in his heart

oh when you told me you’d leave
I felt like I couldn’t breathe
My aching body fell to the floor
Then I called you at home
You said that you weren’t alone
Now it hurts much more.

he could remember the day he finally though he knew he was over you

he had been sitting on the couch with his new girlfriend a few months later. The same woman that stood in front of him now. He was holding her in his arms as she fell asleep slowly. He heard the phone ringing from beside him and he reached over to press decline, he couldn’t bring himself to do it, it was you. Thousands of ‘what ifs’ ran through his heat at that moment, what if you were hurt, he may have gotten over you but he didn’t care any less

And so he had answered, to hear you sobbing on the other line “p-please c-come home Derek” you had stuttered out through your heart wrenching sobs, they weren’t just any sobs, they were the kind that made you body shake violently and made everyone within hearing distance break their hearts for the sweet girl who just wanted the man she loved to love her back “I’m so sorry y/n” he muttered, sounding pained through the phone, looking down to his girlfriend on his lap, who looked up at him with sad eyes. Likely expecting him to run back to you. “I’ve moved on y/n, and you need to too” he had said strongly before hanging up, making his girlfriend proud and letting you know he wasn’t alone, making the pain even more unbearable

After that day, he never picked up the phone, he now felt so stupid, what if something had happened to you and he had ignored you, he ignored you every single time, every time you needed him he turned you away, and soon enough, you stopped going to him, you stopped calling, you stopped caring, you still cared about Derek, you just didn’t care about yourself

you caused my heart to bleed and
You still owe me a reason
‘Cause I can’t figure out why…
Why I’m alone and freezing
While your in the bed that she’s in
And I’m just left alone to cry

He had broken your heart so badly that you felt you’d never be able to love again and even now, as you lay partially dead in a hospital room, some of your friends gathered to wait for the awakening that would never happen. He still owed you a reason, the real and proper version of why he left you so abruptly, why he felt the need to hurt you so damn bad, why he left you cold and alone to fend for yourself after so many nights spent telling you how he would always love you and keep you safe, why had he left you to cry while he was happy with another woman

you caused my heart to bleed and
And you still owe me a reason
‘Cause I can’t figure out why….(x2)

“We’re sorry Mrs Hale, y/n y/l/n passed away this morning” and there it was, the phone call she had been dreading since the wedding day. Her husband spent the past three weeks in and out of that hospital to see you, his ex. Where he should have been was in some sunny country he couldn’t remember the name of, on his honeymoon. Instead he spent most of him time there, talking to you and wishing you back into his arms for one more hug, just one more time

“Oh go, we’ll be down as soon as possible” she sighed, knowing that telling Derek would be torture, she didn’t even know how. “Derek, sweetheart I got a call from the hospital” she whispered in, making his head snap up “ she’s gone Der”

Derek was beyond broken, as he watched them detach the wires from your body, they carefully took out the breathing tube in your mouth, you dry mouth. The girl lying before his wasn’t you, this was some girl who once had plump and pink lips, someone who’s skin was once to beautiful, now pale and cold, someone who’s little belly, a belly that slightly produced yet something he had once loved ever so much, was now gone, leaving a look of produced ribs, hip bones and collar bones, to no fault of your own. Being unconscious for three weeks has that effect in many

He watched numbly, reaching out to grab your lifeless hand, the hand he had held the previous day. Except that day you had a faint pulse. Now there was nothing

Derek still had that feeling in his chest, along with a new feeling of constant pain, like sow oneness hammering into his heart with a hammer and not taking a break, he wanted nothing more to go back to the good old days, where you would force him to sit with you and watch something like criminal minds, gushing over how good looking Matthew Grey Gubler was, how you would always try to bake for his birthday but usually fail, only to buy in a cake instead, he would cross a thousand oceans and walk through a hundred deserts just to hold you in his arms for one more day

Oh, you can’t hear me cry
See my dreams all die
From where you’re standing
On your own.
It’s so quiet here
And I feel so cold

If Derek hadn’t known what it meant before he certainly did now, he understood it. He though in previous years he had understood the quote “you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone”

Now though?

 Well it was all he though about, he though about the life he could have had with you, the marriage he only now realised he actually wanted with you, the kids you would never have, the love he could have showered you in instead of blatantly ignoring you for years. Derek could only imagine the pain he had caused you, thinking back now he had been so horrible, he had abandoned you when you were in a relationship with him, he broke you and every time you called, he sent you to voicemail.

Your last words running around in his head, causing him to grip and pull on it tightly

“maybe my love wasn’t enough”

And how badly he wanted to tell you that your love was better than good enough, that it was all he wanted, how badly he wanted to tell you he loved you and he had made a mistake, how badly he wanted you to be the woman he lived his life with, no one but you

He wanted to scream, he wanted to scream so damn loud, loud enough that you would hear him for your place in heaven, that’s where you were going and there was no doubt in Derek’s mind about that because even when you were weak, you put others before yourself, you were never your top priority, and now, he realised he should have made you his, you gave him all your love and all he gave you was goodbye and broken heart. He wanted to shout and cry. He couldn’t though, he physically couldn’t, no tears would cascade down his cheeks and no words would escape his chapped lips

He had never ever felt so broken in all his life

His wife was no longer his wife, they had talked that out and decided it would be best if they went their separate ways, neither of them wanted a relationship in which their hearts weren’t fully in and the woman he loved was gone, she was gone and there was nothing in the world Derek could ever do to see her again

Derek was ruined, he drank every night, never once did he sleep with anyone, he fell like he would have been betraying you, he stayed at home and cried

Cried for the children you never got have together,

Cried for marriage you would never go through together,

Cried for the life you never got to have together

Everything hurt, from his head from drinking and barely sleeping, to his knuckles from punching so many walls, his eyes were blank and he had taken to completely ignoring the pack altogether when the came to his door… Day in, Day out

this house no longer, feel like home

Beer bottles and pictures were strewn around the living room floor as he searched for his passport, tears flowing quickly down his face, grabbing his passport, a piece of paper and a pen, jotting down a letter to the pack

Dear pack

This goodbye is harder than I though it would ever be, I have to sat goodbye because I couldn’t leave without it, I leave you without an explanation.

When y/n passed, all the memories we shared flashed infront of me, it was as though she was the only memory I had, everywhere I go I’m reminded of her, I cant live like this and hope you understand, I never thought I would say this, but, thank you all for helping me, i love you all"


He quickly placed it in a place where they would see it and left with his packed suitcase, tear still falling and not looking to stop anytime soon

“ This house doesn’t feel like home anymore” He whispered as he closed the door, locking it behind him as he took one last glance into the place he had once called home, he had to go, he couldn’t stay, it wasn’t home anymore, he couldn’t live this way.

master-of-schadenfreude  asked:

GoM + Kiyoshi, Hanamiya, & Imayoshi with their S/O who makes them a flower crown to wear for "Flower Crown Friday" and asks if they can wear them together. (I do this and I'd die if my guy did this with me 😂) Thank you! 💜💚

Here you go! Hope your guy gets the hint xD -Admin Fyre

Kuroko Tetsuya:

Kuroko blinked and smiled gently at you when you asked if you could make him a flower crown. “If it makes ________-san happy, sure.” He sat quietly and let you to place the crown on his head, a pink blush colouring his cheeks as he touches it lightly. “I’m sure  ________-san looks good with a flower crown as well,” he added, prompting you to match with him.

Kise Ryouta:

Kise was watching you intently while you were making the crown, your fingers deftly weaving the stems. “________cchi is so talented!” he gushed, allowing you to place the crown on top of his head. He immediately recreated the same flower crown for you, down to the smallest detail, which made you sulk a little but in the end made you happy regardless.

Midorima Shintarou:

Shin-chan got totally flustered when you suddenly plopped the flower crown on his head and retained a stony expression when you laugh at his reaction; despite blushing a lot, he obliged to your requests to wear matching flower crowns and averted his gaze when you took a picture. “I-I don’t really understand this…but since you seem to have taken a liking to it…”

Aomine Daiki:

When you surprised him with the flower crown on his head, he looked so baffled that you couldn’t help but laugh. Aomine recovered fairly quickly though and went pink, fiddling with the crown. “Man…I never knew you could make this kind of thing. Flower crowns, eh?” and he agreed (albeit grumpily so) to match with you, although he didn’t stop picking at the stray petals.

Murasakibara Atsushi:

Murasakibara was asleep on the couch when you made the flower crowns, but he stirred awake when you slipped them on top of his head. Upon seeing you wearing an identical flower crown, he gave you a sleepy smile and pulled you on the couch with him, placing his chin on top of your head. “Ne, I don’t really get it, but as long as ________chin likes it…”

Akashi Seijuurou:

Akashi gave you a rare smile when you gave him his flower crown, and thanked you for the gift. That alone was enough to make you summon up the courage to ask him if the two of you could wear matching flower crowns together - however Akashi put his foot down on that and contented himself with simply watching you weave more crowns.

Kiyoshi Teppei:

He seemed confused as to what you were doing with the flower crown at first but you asking him if the two of you could both wear flower crowns together brought an affectionate smile to his face. He took out his phone and asked if you could take selfies with him, uploading them onto social media sites and telling you all about the praise you’ve been getting from others.

Hanamiya Makoto:

Hanamiya’s not the kind of person who would easily deviate from the annoyed scowl that he (almost) permanently has, so he’s grumpy at first when you placed the flower crown on his head and commented on how cute it made him. When he saw how happy you were, however, he heaved a long-suffering sigh and shuffled closer. “So how do you make these things, anyway?”

Imayoshi Shouichi:

Surprisingly enough Imayoshi was fairly lenient when you tentatively asked him if the two of you could wear matching flower crowns together. But then you discovered that if it was possible for Imayoshi to look any more evil to unsuspecting passersby, this was it. “What do you mean, it makes me look scary? I don’t look scary at all~”

Groupie - Luke Imagine

I was pretty sure that everyone but Luke knew that I was in love with him, I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. Ashton was the one who introduced me to the rest of the band ages ago and I was always into Luke. Ashton had asked me to join him on tour for a while since I was off from university and I had nothing better to do.

We all got onto the plane, I was so excited. “Y/N, you’re next to Luke.” Ashton said, I glared at him, he knew about how I felt about Luke. Michael and Calum had asked but I had never told them, I only wanted Ashton to know for now. “Of course I am.” I groaned, I sat on the window seat and waited for Luke to sit down. I jumped feeling his thigh brush mine, I looked at him with a shy smile. I stared out the window at the airport. “I can’t believe you’re coming on tour with us.” Luke said leaning around me to look out the window. “Me either.” I turned to look at him, his face closer than I expected. I gulped feeling his close proximity, I wanted to sit beside him but I just couldn’t. “Excuse me Luke.” I said standing up, the air hostess looked at me. “Miss, I’m going to have to ask you to sit down.” She said, I groaned sitting back into my seat, doing up my belt. “Y/N? Are you okay?” Luke asked, his hand on my shoulder, I nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I said forcing a smile. “Ashton told me that you aren’t good with taking off…” Luke said, I looked over at him with wide eyes. “Uh, yeah.” I mumbled, he smiled at me, his hand found mine. He laced our fingers together, my heart fluttered in my chest. “You’ll be okay.” He said, the flight attendants went through all the emergency procedures and then we were taking off, I gripped Luke’s hand. He smiled, his other hand covering our hands clasped together. “You okay?” He asked, I nodded. “Thanks.” I smiled, I leaned my head back against the seat. I was still tired from the early start, I don’t know how they did this all the time. I shut my eyes to get some well needed sleep.

The next time I opened my eyes, my head had fallen onto Luke’s shoulder and his head on top of mine. Our hands still clasped together, I blushed. I checked how much time had passed. I had slept for a good ten hours. Only fourteen hours left.

I tried to get as much rest as possible on the plane, I knew it would be all go once we landed.


The amount of people at the airport waiting for the boys was insane, I was definitely nervous. “You’ll be okay Y/N.” Ashton consoled me before we went out to the fans, one of their security guards took my hand and rushed me out to the car. I sat and waited for them, I scrolled through my twitter seeing pictures from inside. Tears pricked in my eyes seeing a picture of some girl kissing Luke, I know he isn’t my boyfriend but I was still hurt.

 Michael was the first in the car, I quickly wiped my tears off my face. “Well that was fun.” He laughed sliding next to me to make room for whoever got out next. “Yeah?”

“Yeah, Y/N I have to ask…” I nodded at him to continue. “Do you have a thing for Luke? I won’t tell him, I know Ashton knows.” He said, I looked at my fingers. “Uh yeah I do, its never going to happen so I’m not going to tell him.” I shrugged sadly, Michael took my phone from my lap seeing the picture. “Oh I’m sorry Y/N.” He said hugging me, tears rolled down my cheeks which I quickly wiped away as Luke and Calum got in the car. “We’ll talk about this later.” Michael whispered, I nodded.

Ashton finally got out of the airport and we were taken to the house we had rented.

We all went to bed when we got inside just to sleep off the jet lag, when I woke up again the house was still quiet. I went out into the kitchen seeing a note on the table. ‘Y/N, gone to get some food be back soon. Cal, Mike, Ash. Luke is still asleep.’ I heard weird noises coming from Luke’s room, I frowned going upstairs. It was the sound of a girl’s moans, tears pricked in my eyes. I heard Luke’s rough deep voice also, tears slid down my cheeks. I ran downstairs to get away from his room. I couldn’t believe he was doing that, I heard the other boys come into the house. “Y/N?” Ashton whispered, I got up and went to the front door. “Hey guys. Want me to help?” I asked, they shook their heads. “Have you been crying?” Ashton asked, I nodded. “What’s going on?”

“Well either Luke’s watching some really great porn or you know he has someone up there.” I shrugged trying to hold back tears. “Hey Calum, help me get the rest of the stuff?” Michael said leaving the room. Ashton hugged me close, I cried into his chest. “I’m sorry Ash.” I cried, he moved me over to the lounge. “Y/N, I’m not judging you.” He said, I heard movement upstairs, followed by a high-pitched giggle. My heart leaped in my chest. Luke came downstairs first and then his groupie friend. Calum and Michael came in again, I heard Michael gasp and then look at me. I pressed my face into Ashton’s chest again. “What’s wrong with her?” The girl said rudely, I ignored her comment. “Don’t worry.” Ashton said, I knew he was defending me. “Can you just leave please?” Michael said, I watched through teary eye as she left, pressing a sloppy kiss to Luke’s mouth. “That was fun. We have to do that again.” She muttered, but loud enough for us all to hear.

“What the hell was that?” Michael said angrily, Luke looked confused. “Bringing a girl back here! You know that we never bring girls back!” Michael said, I grabbed some tissues and wiped my eyes. “Fine! I’m sorry! It’s not like I’m hurting anyone.” He said back. “Not true.” I said, Luke frowned at me. “Never mind, just forget it.” I sighed, I got up and went into my room. That’s where I stayed for the rest of the day.  

A/N: Hello!!! This is kinda crappy but I want to do a second part to this and it will be better. I promise! :D

~ Lucy xx