i have never slept so long in my life

Cecilos Red String of Fate AU one shot

((starting this saying my writing is rusty, i haven’t written a fic of any sort in years sooo please just take this, it’s 12:26am, i have midterms tomorrow, but inspiration strikes at bad times))

A soulmate is a rather strange concept, to be tied with another living being for reasons you don’t really know until you meet who is on the other side of the string, and well, sometimes you don’t even know then. 

It was one of the many subject Carlos was sure to study, since some of his fellow scientists had one string, multiple strings,or various colored strings. Each string pointed in a direction, unmoving, locked onto whomever it linked them to, where ever that other person stood. This was common, this was how everyone else’s strings works but as Carlos wrote notes the contant flicking and twirling of the red string tied to his ring finger caused some distraction.

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Chapter 56- Warner POV

so this is either gonna be really good or really bad to you, depending on a lot of factors. I’m personally a big believer of the “they don’t have sex in chapter 56″ argument, so this is where this fanfiction goes. Sorry to disappoint, if I already have. But this is, in general, a really hard fanfiction to write because there’s so many directions it could go. Obviously I followed the dialogue in the book for as long as I could, but after that, I went wild. I’m publishing this now, but I feel as if I could rewrite this fic 30 different ways and post them all. it’s why i haven’t written a chapter 55 fanfiction: i just can’t decide how exactly things would go down. the tone. the mood. the dialogue. 

i’ll stop talking and just let you read chapter 56, the bathtub scene, as told from the beloved perspective of aaron warner. enjoy! (or don’t. it’s whatever.)

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my roommate is a vampire??

Chapter 1

This is Chapter 2 of this Carry On AU where Simon has no idea that Baz is a vampire until he walks in on him the catacombs. (this one is super angsty but I hope you enjoy)

853 words, no warnings

The room was silent ever since Snow helped me get back to the Mummer’s House.

I really thought that he would’ve killed me as soon as he found out what I was, but all he did was gawk at me while pacing the room, hands raking his blond curls.

My heart was beating out of control. What is going to happen to me? What are I going to tell my father? What is Snow going to do?

I wonder what he is thinking.

I don’t know what I am thinking.

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breaking news: elderly war hero (pictured here in 1943) is the most bisexual bi to have ever existed and he wants the world to know. his exact words were: lmao I’ve never been straight a day in my life, btw have you met my bf bucky? he’s pretty, right? can you even believe it, can’t keep my hands off him. man we don’t even rest and he sleeps naked lol

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Hi there, I'm looking to write an arranged marriage fic, but trying to not make it so cliche - it's supposed to be a political marriage between the prince and princess of two warring lands. Thank you in advance!

“So, we shall have to produce a heir?”
“Produce? You make it sound rather callous.”
“I apologize, your highness, but I do not fancy the idea of carrying a child.”
“Well, I am not entirely sure of your land’s customs, but here we favor upbringing over blood. If you wish to raise an orphan as our own, I am willing to do so.”

The first day I met her was our wedding day. Unknown to the public, we wed in secret, laying out a treaty alongside our marriage certificate. Our fathers negotiated points as she questioned on me on the state of my country and its assets. A week later, we held a ceremony and feigned love at first sight as we recited vows that meant nothing.
On our wedding night, she slept on top of the covers and told me that we would not attempt to produce a heir until my peasants did not have to decide between feeding themselves or their children.

“Must you continue trying to kill yourself.”
“Sacrifices must be made for the greater good.”
“The greater good?”
“My people can never live easy as long as your nation stands. If I die, it will break existing tensions and plunge us into war. I wish for the war so that my people may be free, in life or death.”
“Okay, let us make a deal. First, we’re going to focus on aiding your people and bringing stability. If, by the end of winter, we fail, you can continue trying to kill yourself. Deal?”

“With our marriage, the war can be avoided.”
“No. My father will soon die and that will make my brother king. We must aim to launch our first attack during the transition of power.”
“You… What?”
“The leader of the military is loyal to the crown due to principle, but he will surrender if he knows he is fighting a losing battle.”

“I think I could fall in love with you.”
“Good to know one of us might.”

Okay. I owe you all an explanation.

A lot, and I mean a lot, has happened these past four months.

The biggest life change has been my job. I left my job earlier this year and it was an emotionally and mentally (and I don’t use this word lightly) abusive place. I did not realize how incredibly stressed I was before I left. Once I did, I saw all the little things I subconsciously did to deal with it. I never slept enough, I was eating too much, I was sad and upset at the smallest things, I couldn’t voice my opinion at work for fear of retribution, couldn’t enjoy the things I like doing (like writing) without getting angry, and so on.

Now I’m not telling all of you this as an excuse or anything of the sort. I’m just explaining why I have been gone for so long.

Life is hard as an adult and you have to make hard choices. But sometimes those choices turn in to good things. After I left my previous job, I found another. I now have better hours, pay, and co-workers. I have been able to start enjoying life again. I literally have more time to do them and have a life outside of work.

During this odd time of reflection of early 2017, I came to a conclusion. I want to write more. And I have. But I want to write more than just SVU things. I’ve been able to start watching other shows and want to write for them too.

Basically, I’m going to start another blog that does various imagines for various shows.

Don’t worry, SVU will still be a part of this. (Even though God knows what the hell is going on in this season, seriously!) But I need to expand and I want to write more things. Keep me fresh and keep you guys interested.

So I beg of you, give me a little more time and I should be up and running. As for this blog, it will stay. I would hate to delete anything here and if new fans come along, they should be able to see this too.

If any of you have any questions, concerns, comments, please feel free to drop an ask.

Thank you and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

i’ve never been
an easy sleeper
i toss
i turn
i walk
i talk
even at night
my mind
can’t sit
and for years
i’ve worried
that no one
would ever
to sleep
next to me
because i’m restless
i’ve been terrified
that i would spend
the rest
of my life
sleeping alone
but you
sleep like a
unmoved by my
i don’t fidget
as much
when i’m sleeping
beside you
because i don’t
have to try
to get
in your arms
i just
and heaven knows
we don’t get
much sleep
when we’re
but i swear
i’ve never
slept so
in my life
Sweethearts and Roses

He left a long stem rose and a note on his side of the bed after he slipped out. Modi had already informed his boss that he was just not coming in today. Not only did he have plans, but he wanted to start early. Valentines day was something he never really got to celebrate before with a significant other and certainly not with Narvi. He planned to go all out on this, just for her. So while she slept, he started to make breakfast.

My Darling,
I could not begin to tell you
of all the ways you brighten
my life. Your smile, your voice,
your touch—all of you!
Gives me reason to breath and
drives away the darkness inside me.
I will forever be grateful that you
became my saving grace.
And so I ask my Love, my dear,
my heart and soul, that you will
formally accompany me on a date
fit for a day for lovers.
Forever yours—

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Can we get some Kara fluff headcannons? Not necessarily romantic ones.

Ok I apologize I am late on the response, my mind has been jumbled lately. But asking for straight fluff from me …do you understand the floodgates you have opened?


  • When they were still teenagers Alex and Kara teamed up at a state fair one year. Kara entered a food eating contest and Alex took bets, because nobody is going to think the skinny little teenage girl will win, but of course she demolished the competition. 
  • Kara is definitely somebody who sings in the shower. She probably does whole dance routines in the shower. I bet she has been grateful for being indestructible because she paid too much attention to the dance routine and ended up slipping.
  • Alex found out and got her a non-slip bath mat for Christmas as a joke.
  • The first Halloween after Supergirl emerged Kara is so excited at seeing supergirl costumes on sale that Halloween night she went out in her suit and flew around greeting mini versions of herself.
  • Krypton did not have anything that tasted like coffee, and even though it may not affect her, Kara still appreciates a cup every so often, and has since she first landed on Earth.
  • Alex once decided to use her college labs to make a very concentrated cup of coffee for Kara just so she would know what a caffeine buzz felt like
  • While the basis was a good idea, she overestimated it a bit, and it ended in what they refer to as the caffeine incident.
  • “Mrs. Rollins, I can promise you that Kara was at home with me, there is no way she could have reorganized the entire library, and to some strange foreign alphabet, no less. Also doing so in 5 minutes is not humanly possible. Have you been sleeping ok? Maybe you should take a day off.”
  • Mrs. Rollins was lucky she didn’t also witness Kara go through 10 blank canvases and a sketchbook all the while explaining advanced Kryptonian politics to Alex
  • She ended up crashing face first into the canvas she was currently painting and sleeping for nearly 24 hours
  • Kara: Hey Alex, so, Cat has this new branch opening and I have been running around and with the addition of that alien that escaped the DEO I haven’t slept in who knows how long and I still need to finish up these proofs and go help out with the relief effort for that flood.
    Alex: What are you getting at Kara?
    Kara: Do you think you can try and make that cof
    Alex: NO
  • To expose Kara to as much of Earth as possible, the Danvers started to take Kara camping as soon as she got a handle on her senses. The tent was put away for a few years after Jeremiah died, but was eventually taken back out after a particularly hard school semester, and Alex and Kara made it a habit to go camping when their college break schedules lined up.
  • They prefer to go backpacking now that they are older because when nobody else is around Kara’s superpowers allow for an instant fire and she uses her breath to keep their bottles of water cold. It also helps that Kara can carry the heavier supplies
  • Alex loves the memory of the time some sexist asshat at the trailhead made a comment about them not hurting themselves with their heavy backpacks. Kara had a rare moment of cockyness and convinced him to try on her backpack only for him to fall over from the weight of it.
  • Kara, after noticing it happen with a boat, discovered that if she flies over the ocean low enough and at a pretty slow speed dolphins sometimes will join her. 

Ok I have to cut myself off at some point or I will never stop with the fluff.

This ended up being mostly Alex and Kara fluff because I was trying to keep any romance out of it and Alex is such a significant part of Kara’s life that doesn’t she basically come paired with Kara? But I see no problem in Alex and Kara fluff ( ^◡^)

J/C as Exes Part 8: You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything

Hello, my darlings. Here’s the next chapter of the Exes AU. Claire’s got a bit of making up to do after what happened in Chapter 7 (which you can find HERE). I have to say a HUGE thank you to my Chief Editor @akb723 and to my beautiful rockstar ‘twin’ @thescarlettpeacock for both of their amazing help getting this chapter together and polished. Hope you like it!

I combed my fingers through his damp hair, watching while he slept. His head was on my lap, body curled tightly around mine. Just watching him, I wanted to weep. Now that I studied him closely, I could suddenly see what had been lost.

He might be asleep, but he was far from being at peace. A frown deepened the lines on his face, making him look a decade older than he was. There was a thin scar that followed the line of his left eyebrow, something I’d never noticed before. A near-forgotten habit had me brushing the hair from his cheek. It got no response, not like he had before.

The fire in the hearth at Lallybroch burned low, casting a warm light over the room. Jamie’s head was on my chest, his mouth slightly open. I brushed the hair from his face, tucking it behind his ear, and his lips pulled into a sweet smile.

“He used to do that as a bairn,” Jenny said.

“Did he?”

“Aye. Mam and I would take turns to see who could make him do it while he slept in his cot.”

I tried it again and sure enough, he smiled in his sleep before nuzzling closer to my breast.

“What do you suppose it means?”

Jenny sighed.

“I think it means he’s happy.”

Was he happy now? Not at the moment, plagued as he was by his demons. Perhaps he was a little comforted,but it didn’t seem like much that I’d done for him; but maybe it was enough to start with.

The last several hours replayed in my mind, over and over as I lay silently beside him.

His hand slid into mine and he allowed me to help him to his feet. Surveying his bedroom, I began making a list in my mind of what needed to be done. It was too dark, I needed to let the sunshine in. And everything needed to be cleaned.

“Alright,” I said, coming to a conclusion. “First things first. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

He nodded slowly, like he understood me but was unsure how to follow through with it. I got the feeling he didn’t want to be touched again, so I kept my hands at my sides. I was still drastically underprepared to help him with this, but I’d be damned if I left him to deal with it alone.

“Come with me, darling,” I said as gently as I could. “That’s it, one foot at a time.”

I lead him to the shower with my voice, pleased by his progress.

“Now we need to get you in the shower. Could you take your underpants off?”

Almost mechanically, he stripped off his soiled garment and stood shivering while I let the water warm. Then, without thinking, I too removed my clothes and watch. He hardly noticed.

“Come on,” I said gently. “In you go.”

He stood beneath the water as it washed the stench away, his body trembling though the water was warm. I lathered his soap in my hands and reached out to help clean his body. My fingertip had barely touched his chest when he flinched back into the wall. His eyes, wild with terror, rolled around the enclosed space.

“Easy, Jamie. I’m right here. Everything’s going to be alright. Look at me, Jamie. Don’t see anything else. Just see me.”

Slowly, his eyes moved back to my face and locked in place. His body was still rigid with his reaction, but the pulse in his neck had begun to slow.

“I’m going to touch you now, alright? Just to clean you up. That’s all.”

He clenched his jaw a few times before he nodded. This time when I touched his chest, he only flinched rather than jump away. With the cleaning of his body done, I began to wash his hair. I worked the knots out of it and massaged his scalp, trying to help him relax. Thankfully he’d finally stopped shaking. I didn’t stop speaking to him while I cleaned his hair, since he could no longer keep me in sight. It seemed to help - or at least I hoped it did.

My heart shattered at the sight of him like this. In all the time I’d known him he had been so strong and sure of himself, like nothing could shake his foundation. But now that I had seen beneath the surface of that, I saw that foundation was cracked; not broken altogether, but neither was it whole.

“I’m here, Jamie,” I said as he leaned into my hands.

I held his face as I rinsed his hair.

“I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Now that he was clean, he looked a little better. I put both of my hands flat on my chest. Again, his body flinched, but a little less than the time before. His heart was racing, but his breathing was beginning to slow.

“Is there something I can do, Jamie?”

He shook his head. After a while, I turned the water off and helped him out of the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel first, then wrapped him. I nudged him to sit down on the toilet seat while I combed his hair and helped him dry off. His color still wasn’t quite right, but he seemed to relax a little more. Though I had precious little experience with veterans suffering from PTSD, the healer in me took this to be a good sign.

“I need to get you clean clothes,” I said softly. “Stay here. I’ll just be a minute or two.”

I waited until he gave me a weak nod before I dressed hastily and went to fetch his own clothes. I grabbed what I hoped would be comfortable for him and went back to where he waited.

“Here we are. Can you dress yourself, Jamie?”

“Mmhm,” he muttered.

That was the first verbal response I’d gotten from him since helping him out of his flashback. It wasn’t much, but it was something and it made me hopeful. Once he was dressed in fresh clothes, which had to feel a little better, I lead him out to the couch. He sank onto the it, exhausted. I moved with a speed I only experienced when I was in surgery and began to clean his flat.

“I’m going to fix you a strong cup of tea and clean up a bit, ok? But I’m not going anywhere. I’m still here, love.”

He nodded distractedly as I moved to the kitchen, filling and setting the kettle to boil. While it warmed, my mind began to wander aimlessly. It settled on nothing in particular, it just went sort of blank. The kettle went off and the sound ripped me from my empty thoughts. I got his tea ready with two lumps of sugar, knowing his body needed the energy after an ordeal like that. While it cooled a little, I began scrubbing down the counters and rinsing out the sink before taking it over to him. I’d set everything to rights earlier, but I thought everything being truly clean would help.

“Drink your tea, darling. I’m going to go and put your sheets in the wash, alright? I’ll be away five minutes.”


I stripped the bed down hastily and threw everything into the wash. The mess on the floor would take some work, but I cleaned up as much as I could before returning to him. I was afraid to leave him alone too long.

Back in the front room, I watched him sip the tea. It seemed to bring a little color back to his cheeks, giving me some comfort.

“Okay, darling,” I said, easing onto the couch beside him. “Everything’s all cleaned up. How are you doing?”

“Better,” he said, voice cracking.

“That’s good. Would you like some more tea?”

He shook his head, taking one last gulp before setting the cup on the floor.

“Are you hungry, love? Cold? Is there anything I can get for you?”

Jamie took a deep breath then, his shoulders sagging.

“Just… Tired. So verra tired.”

“I don’t think your mattress is sanitary at the moment. This pulls out into a bed, doesn’t it?”


“Get up for a moment, I’ll get us sorted.”

He did, slowly and I thought I heard him groan. It took a little maneuvering, but I got the bed unfolded and the sheets set to right. It didn’t look terribly comfortable, but it was better than nothing. I eased myself onto it and motioned for him to join me, a moment’s hesitation, he did.

He lay stiffly beside me, as though he’d been carved from marble. Moment by moment, he relaxed and put his head in my lap.

“Come lay your head, man,” I whispered, carefully running my fingers through his hair.

He exhaled deeply and finally relaxed for the first time since I’d arrived.

It was quiet for several minutes while I tried to figure out what to do next. Talking had seemed to help him a bit, so I poured through my memories to find something to talk about.

“Perhaps you and I go back to Loch Ness again, stay at that little bed and breakfast right on the loch. Balacalditch, wasn’t it?”

“Balachladaich” he corrected.

“You know, I saw a young boy on the street just the other day and he reminded me of that lad we met at the Loch. Do you remember? He came and said hello to us every single morning, always laughing. Do you remember that morning he asked if we were going to have a baby like his mum and dad? I’ve never seen you turn so pink in all my life…” I laughed a little at the memory of Jamie’s embarrassed face. “I thought your ears would catch fire, they had turned so red. We had to explain that the stork hadn’t left us one yet.”

I took a long breath.

“I remember when you took me to Lallybroch for the first time after that. We climbed the tower and watched that beautiful sunset right over the valley…”

I continued to speak for what felt like hours, talking of nothing and everything. He slept lightly, his features stiff with worry and pain, the opposite to the boy I’d found sleeping on his sister’s couch at Lallybroch, face angelic, soft and without care. He had lines now, around his eyes I’d never noticed before, making him look distinguished, mature. I didn’t want to think of the nights and worries that etched them into his skin. Looking down at his sleeping form, I realized once again just how much he had changed.

I hadn’t turned any of the lights off since we’d laid down, I didn’t think it would help banish the nightmares from his mind to remain in darkness.

I leaned against the back of the couch to give him as much room as I could. A pull out bed wasn’t really designed for a six-foot Scot, but we would make do. I’d pulled one of the small pillows onto my lap for him to rest his head on, keeping us both comfortable. He slept like a child, his legs pulled up tight against his chest, trying to be as small as possible. His arms were wrapped tight around my legs, his breathing had become heavy and even in his sleep.

I felt my own eyes falling heavy with sleep, but couldn’t tear myself away from watching over him. In an effort to wake myself, I messaged Ian.

I can’t say he’s okay, because he isn’t. But he’s sleeping and calm. You need to tell me about his other episodes, Ian. I can’t lose him again. Will update you more tomorrow. Claire x

As I pressed send, Jamie moved slightly and my heart leaped in fear at the thought of him falling into the abyss of another nightmare. Instead, he moved slightly and swiftly fell asleep once more.

I knew I should begin reading, trying to find out anything I could about PTSD based panic attacks. Message boards filled with soldiers home from war zones filled the pages, friends and family discussing methods and support options. Those that conquered their fear filled memories, and others that battled daily. This wasn’t an easy road, not for him and not for me. Ian had been right when he’d told me Jamie would depend on me if I stayed. I had become his pillar of strength, and I needed to be exactly that. No more running, no more fear. Randall had cast a darkness over his soul, leaving a shadow hanging over the man I had known so intimately before. We had brought light to one another before, I could do it again for us both. James Fraser was worth more to me than I could admit, and I had to prove it.

Aaron Warner & Juliette Ferrars , Ignite me Chapter 51

“Come here,” he says, reaching for me.

I crawl into his arms and cling, and he holds me tight against him. Drops a kiss on the top of my head. Whispers, “Good morning, sweetheart.”

“I like that,” I say quietly, smiling even though he can’t see it. “I like it when you call me sweetheart.”

He laughs then, his shoulders shaking as he does. He rolls onto his back, arms stretched out at his sides.

God, he looks so good without his clothes on.

“I have never slept so well in my entire life,” he says softly. He grins, eyes still closed. Dimples on both cheeks. “I feel so strange.”

“You slept for a long time,” I tell him, lacing his fingers in mine.

Skater Boy | Part 2  (Calum Imagine)

Summary: You and Calum have grown up in two different walks of life, and although you thought you knew exactly what life had in store for you this might be the year it all gets shaken up.

Part 1

Masterlist | Mobile Masterlist

My dreams were interrupted by the opening chords of the newest radio hit, forcing me to open my eyes and accept the day that was ahead of me. Knowing that the first day would consist of trying to one up everyone on their summer vacations, alone with judging everyone’s post summer appearance and relationship status.

Who had broken up? Who had hooked up? What person had gone from a size 0 to a size 12? And whose plastic surgery had been a complete disaster?

It was the same thing every year, and I knew that to stay away from the spotlight you had to join in, even if it made you feel absolutely sick to your stomach.

To make sure I wasn’t going to be a part of the disastrous first day back gossip, I made sure that they had nothing to talk about. My mother and I had spent the last couple of weeks creating the perfect first day outfit, and we came up with a matching floral skirt and bandeau top, covered with a leather jacket to add some edge and paired with a chunky black heel.

I had my makeup routine down to a t, performing it flawlessly every time, as well as my hair routine. These aspects of my morning routine were taught to me as the most important parts, with looks being your secret to success.

Heading downstairs my mother made sure to look me over, giving me her nod of approval before even considering allowing me out of the house. Once I had gotten her go ahead, I grabbed an apple for the road and went on my way in my brand new matte black Range Rover that had been given to me after my last car had become outdated, according to my father.

As I pulled up to school just a little bit later than everyone else, as my mother had always told me you want to be waited on not the one waiting, I saw my group of friends in their usual spot. They sat along the edge of the ridiculously large fountain that sat in the middle of the walkway to our school, and as soon as they saw my car pull up they started yelling; my best girl friends catcalling me as I got out of the car, and my best guy friends starting a chant of my name.

Soaking in the attention I gave them what they wanted, cat walking in a direct line towards them even going as far as to take my jacket off and throw it over my shoulder before shooting a wink right at my best friend Kamara as I reached the fountain.

She busted out laughing, before pulling me in to a hug, “I’ve missed you bitch.”

I rolled my eyes pulling back from our hug to look her up and down, “I’m not the one who decided to go on an around the world yacht vacation all summer, which by the way has made your skin amazingly tan.” Kamara was every boy’s wet dream, with her long legs, huge rack, and pouty lips, she’s had boys ogling her since way before freshman year. Yet she’s never been one to sleep around, I think it’s just because she likes to keep everyone in the palm of her hand.

“Oh shut up, like it could even compare with your perfect skin.” She pinched my cheeks like a little old lady making the both of us smile. I was remembering exactly why I had been so devastated when she told me she was going to be gone the whole summer. She never seemed to have a care in the world other than putting a smile on the face of whoever she was talking to. 

“Hey handsy, why don’t you share the princess with us before the-” the voice was interrupted by the bell signaling the start of classes, “bell rings.” 

"Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time in the upcoming months to spend with me.” I directed the words at Hoffer, the source of the earlier statement, making sure to bat my eyelashes at him. Hoffer and I had always had a bit of a thing for each other, but after a makeout session that had gone terribly wrong and nearly destroyed any semblance of a relationship that we had had during the summer after freshman year, we had both decided that our friendship was more important. However, that didn’t stop either of us from constantly flirting with the other.

Hoffer threw his arm around my shoulder, “Well then I demand at least fifty percent of that time to be spent with me.” I laughed at his request, “We can start with me walking to your first class, which is-”

He trialed off waiting for me to fill in for him, “Advanced Textile Design.”

“Ah, of course, of course…” Hoffer continued chattering away, filling me in on all the things I had missed out on in the week I hadn’t seen him, but something else had caught my attention.

Interrupting Hoffer’s monologue, I nodded towards the person who had caught my eye, “Hoffer, who is that?” Hoffer’s head swiveled around, searching for who I was talking about, “That boy over there.” I said, directing Hoffer’s attention to the mystery man.

“Ohh, you mean Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome over there?” I nodded my head, laughing at Hoffer’s eyebrow waggle that went along with it, “You missed the ogling this morning when he first came by on his skateboard.” That definitely caught my attention, I knew he had looked familiar but him coming to school on a skateboard definitely confirmed it, “I think he’s new to town, nobody seems to know who he is.”

Hoffer just shrugged it off, easily slipping back in to his story that I had interrupted earlier, but I couldn’t seem to get my mind off of the mysterious boy. What was someone who skated at an abandoned skate park, doing at one of the most prestigious art schools in the country. 

Craning my neck against Hoffer’s heavy arm, I was hoping to catch another glimpse of the kid, but he seemed to have disappeared as fast as he arrived. “You’re classroom awaits oh-perfect-one.” Hoffer took his arm off my shoulder, before bowing and holding his arms out as if to usher me into the classroom. 

I just rolled my eyes, before glancing at my phone, “Aren’t you going to be late to your own class Hoff?” 

Standing up he pulled out his phone, “Whoops, looks like we are starting this year off the same as every other year.” He saluted me before running off, but not without a few words of endearment, “Try not to forget about me in this time apart! I’ll never love someone the way I love you! Be safe out there and wait foe to come back for you!”

I giggled at Hoff’s antics, watching as he slid around a corner only to bang against the wall due to the lack of traction on his shoes. “Well,” I thought to myself as I stared down the door that signaled the official beginning of my senior year, “here goes nothing.”

After what had felt like years of teachers explaining what their expectations for their classes were, with the exchange of summer stories and the new gossip filling the gaps in between it was finally the end of the school day, and I was ready to get the hell out of there.

I threw on a pair of sunglasses and practically ran out to my car in an attempt to beat the usual after-school parking lot traffic, but in my rush to get to my car I didn’t even bother to look before I started to cross the street. 

“Oi,” I heard an unusually accented voice call out from my left, grabbing my attention just in time to see the mysterious boy hurtling towards me on his skateboard. Closing my eyes, I prepared myself for the pain that would accompany the collision, but rather than the pain of someone running in to me I felt a rush of air on the left side of my body and heard wheels grinding harshly against the pavement.

Opening my eyes I turned to see the boy with his skateboard under his arm heading towards me. “Sorry ‘bout that, was too invested in how nice the road is here and then suddenly I looked up and you were right in front of me.”

I was shocked to hear that his voice had an Australian lilt to it, not something I would expect from a boy in tight black skinny jeans, vans, and a muscle-tee. Although, after hearing it I couldn’t think of his voice having any other sound. “Oh, don’t worry about it, I wasn’t paying attention either so it’s just as much my fault as it was yours!”

As he got closer I studied his features more closely. His hair was much curlier than you expected, although just as dark as you remembered, his eyes were a beautiful brown that were almost like molten chocolate in the sunlight, he had a strong jawline, and lips that most girls dreamed of having. He was standing in front of me now, forcing me to look up at him as a result of how tall he was, “I’m Calum by the way.”

I smiled, placing my sunglasses on top of my head now that he was blocking the sun, “I’m Y/N.” I watched as Calum’s eyebrows furrowed together and his lips turned down in a frown, as he searched my face, a hint of confusion on his. He opened his mouth again, but was cut off by a voice in the distance. 

“Hey Y/N, you coming to my place tonight? We’ve got a lot to catch up on!” It was Kamara, yelling from the sunroof of her car which she had stuck her head out of. I gave her a thumbs up signaling I was in, “Can’t wait to see you later bitch!” She called back, making me smile before turning back to Calum, preparing to excuse myself from the conversation as the parking lot was filling up and I didn’t want any rumors about me so soon in the year.

“Sorry about that, Kamara’s a little -” I started to reply, but was abruptly cut off.

“Were you in the skate park last night?” Calum spit out.

I stammered, shocked at his question, “Uhh, no, I’ve never been to a - a skate park.” I weakly replied, shocked that he recognized me. “I’ve actually got to be going, don’t want to fall behind on homework on the first day!” I awkwardly started to back away from him.

His lips pulled up ever so slightly, “Oh, I get it now, you’re one of them.” I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, but the biting tone in his voice didn’t make me think it was a good thing and caused me to stop my retreat, “I won’t be the one to spill your secret,” Calum said, dropping his skateboard to the ground, “but the skate park is public property if you ever feel like making an escape.” 

And with that he hopped on his skateboard and pushed off, turning the corner before I could properly collect myself, his words echoing in my head for the rest of the night.

A/N: I finally found the inspiration to write this! I hope you like it, and if you want a part 3 make sure to request it here :)

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I have to admit, my favorite fics of yours are the pre-relationship ones. I think it's the part of me that loves the slow burn. Have you written any about the in-game flirts yet?

Well, now I have.

Here, have my take on the infamous “indomitable focus” flirtation. 


“The Orlesians call that constellation Eluvia,” Solas explained, speaking in hushed tones as Isii lay beside him in the grass, staring up at the sky. Their fire was growing dim, the flames reduced to little more than idle flickers over glowing embers. All was quiet in their camp, save for their voices and the low hum of the forest around them, their companions having long since retired to their tents. “According to their tales, she was once a young woman who caught the eye of a lustful mage.”

“Can’t trust those lustful mages,” she added with a sigh, her eyes closing.

“Am I not holding your interest?” Solas asked.

“Mmmm no, you are,” she hummed. “I just like listening to you talk. Keep going. Tell me about Eluvian.”

“Eluvia,” he corrected. “The mage wanted her more than anything. She was kind. Beautiful. Intelligent. She was everything he could have ever asked for and his desire for her went beyond his better judgement,” he murmured softly. “In some versions of the tale, she spurned his advances. In others, she accepted him with open arms. Either way, the outcome is the same. When her father learned of the mage’s intentions, he sent his daughter into the sky to keep her out of the hands of the man who desired her so fiercely. The mage tried everything he could to retrieve her, but despite his determination, he lacked the power to reunite with Eluvia. So the mage took his revenge, killing her father for stealing her away. Eluvia remained trapped, unable to return to the ground below. In her grief, she veiled her face with the clouds around her, her body eventually melting away into the starlight you see now.”

“That’s a strange story.”

“No stranger than some of the legends contained within elven mythology,” he reasoned. “When the Imperium ruled the southlands, the people here used to make wishes while gazing up at Eluvia. They would hold their breath to a count of three, focusing solely on the object of their desire, believing it would be granted to them in three days time.”

“Is that right?” Isii hummed. She took a slow breath, holding it, a small smile curling her lips as she stared up at the cluster of stars. She let it out with a sigh, her grin widening. “Well, we’ll have to see if it works.”

“Might I ask what you wished for?”

“It’s bad luck to share a wish,” Isii said coyly. “The Dread Wolf might hear it.”

He frowned, confused. “I take it that is an undesirable outcome?”

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Lessons in being gay...

If you had asked me a year ago if I’d choose being straight over being gay, I would have answered “of course!” in a heartbeat. “What a ridiculous and silly question to ask.” I’d probably add in. You might ask “Well don’t you love your girlfriend? You’d give her up to be straight?” And of course I’d answer with “Sure I love her. I love her a lot. But think about how much easier things would be.”

And it would be true. Everything would be easier. Perhaps if I was straight, I would feel like my father loved me. If I was straight, I wouldn’t have to sit there holding back tears as he screamed at me. If I was straight, the island in our kitchen wouldn’t be broken from where he lifted it off it’s base only to slam it back down out of anger. Anger because I was gay and depressed and he couldn’t understand why. Maybe if I could like boys, my parents would go to my wedding. Maybe my mother would choose to be there as I found the perfect dress and the best food. 

If you would have asked me six months ago if I’d choose being straight over being gay, I would have hesitated. “I think so?” I’d answer, though it would sound more like a question to see if you thought it was the right answer. “I feel like I’m supposed to choose being straight. After all, straight is better. Isn’t it?”

I’d weigh my pros and cons. If I was straight, I’d be able to talk to my seven year old sister about boys. Being gay, my mother had forbidden me from dropping even the slightest of hints that I was involved with another girl. But then again, girls were so amazing. More specifically, my girl was amazing. She was soft and my hands had memorized her curves. I had spent my early high school years falling asleep to the thought of what it would feel like with my arm around a girl’s waist, and now I knew. We had fallen asleep beside each other at least a dozen times. I had a queen sized bed, but she tucked into me on the small sliver I slept on. It didn’t matter how big the bed was, personal space wasn’t an option. I was never satisfied. I just wanted to be closer to her. 

If you asked me today if I’d choose being straight over being gay, I’d give you a very confident and firm “No.” There would be no hesitation. I would not second guess myself. If you asked me to explain, I would simply say this:

I have second guessed. I have cried myself to sleep knowing very well that there would be no one walking through my door to hold me. I have been verbally abused by my father for years. There were months at a time where I was afraid to walk into my house, and others where I packed up my things and slept at my grandmother’s if it meant I felt safe. My grandmother knew how to make the best eggs and recorded The Days of Our Lives to watch later so that I could have first choice of the television. My father only knew how to bury his own sadness in my chest, holding it like a burning lump of coal. He never cared if it burned his own hand too just as long as I felt his pain in return. Never once did I ask for this. My life has been uprooted, broken, and reshaped over the course of two years. But in those two years, I have met someone I absolutely adore. As a matter of fact, it’s beyond adore. I am enthralled by every facet of her being. Every day, I am astonished that I continue to feel my love for her grow. I think that my body has reached it’s threshold for affection. I am convinced that I have learned all there is to know about her, and yet there’s always something more. In these two years, I have learned about true loyalty. For each person I’ve lost, there’s another that said “I am still here. And yes, I do love you.”  And when it’s all said and done, it would be far easier to be straight. But if being straight means I would have never known the softness of her skin against my fingertips when we’re curled together in the middle of the night, then fuck that.

Nothing is worth giving that up. I’m sorry that I ever thought there was.

The Dream

Hello everyone!

I have just written my first ever phanfiction, and I would appreciate if you gave it a read! Thanks! (sidenote: sorry if it isn’t very good, it’s my first one, so helpful criticism would be appreciated)

Summary: It’s Dan’s first time staying in Phil’s flat, and when he sleeps in the same bed with Phil, he has a wet dream. Phil helps him sort it out in the end.

Warnings: smut, language.

“Oh… Phil,” I sighed, as mass amounts of pleasure racked through my bones.

“Oh god, D-Dan..” Phil moaned.  

Phil thrust in to me gently, and I’ve never felt anything like this in my whole life.

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What the signs are thinking at 4am

Aries: Sleep is for the weak! … I am weak

Taurus: I think I left the door unlocked again. Now what’s more important… My comfort or my life?

Gemini: Maybe I’m a conspiracy theory

Cancer: I identify with James Blunt and maybe that’s nothing to be ashamed of

Leo: Do cats really have sharply barbed penises or has tv lied to me again 

Virgo: I think I forgot to use proper punctuation in that last paragraph of my report. Welp. My life is over. 

Libra: But what did they mean by ‘you’re creepy and it’s never going to happen’?? They’re so hard to read

Scorpio: What am I?

Sagittarius: Was I doing that thing where I’m too blunt again when I told them they were creepy and it was never going to happen?

Capricorn: How long has it been since I last slept? Oh god I’m going to die. It’s not my time. I have so much more to give

Aquarius: What if my whole life is just a video game? 


Hush Hush- Chapter 12

Previous chapters 

Finally, class was over. I was eager to get out of there because the essay to make up for my failing grade was due today, so I needed to lock myself in my room and finish it before the deadline. I should have just skipped class really, but we get graded for attendance too. I shoved my books into my bag and quickly left along with everyone else. I still hadn’t managed to make any friends in class. Then again, I wasn’t really trying.

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Taylor finally got out of the house for the night expecting to get her mind off Calvin, but it ends up becoming the total opposite. There he was, right there in the same place she was, playing his gig. Once their eyes locked, Taylor grows shocked and speechless. She hasn’t seen him in 7 years. Will Taylor finally get the courage to talk to him and confront him about what happened 7 years ago so she can finally move on with her life, or will everything take a turn for the worst? 

Word Count- 7625

Meant To Be- Tayvin Series (2/?)

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I lost myself
somewhere along the way.
Now I’m left retracing steps
wondering if it was bit by bit,
or day by day.
I’ve tried to pinpoint the moment
where my legs kept on moving
but my soul remained in place.
My best guess would be
in the arms of a boy:
the one who left me
screaming and crying
like there was a monster inside
trying to break free,
or maybe with the first boy
I slept with and did not love.
Then again, it could have been
when I lost control of my life,
or even the moment
I took it back again.
Maybe it was years ago
when my world flipped upside down
and I’ve been surrounded
by so much chaos
that it took this long
to notice.
No matter how many times
I recount my steps,
I cannot determine the moment
where I lost myself.
Bit by bit,
day by day,
or maybe all at once.
Or it could have been
that I was never me
to begin with.
—  pah