i have never set eyes on them

 “Have you had macarons before?”

 “No.” The Fox tilted his head as he was faced with a plate of what looked like fluffy pink cookies. While never loathe to try whatever Aria set before him, there was a mildly pleading look in his gold eyes as he looked up at the mesmer. 

  With a lady’s unrelenting smile, the redhead nudged the plate a little closer. “Try one! I’ve been experimenting with adding a little rose flavor to them.”

  “You were all worried about flour prices and dry goods,” the man in black leather muttered, poking at one of the cookies with a bare finger. “Now you’re experimenting?” 

  “Just a little.” Aria’s sky blue eyes darkened a shade as she pouted. “I didn’t make an entire batch of them.” 

  It was at once the Fox’s curse and blessing: when the woman he viewed as a goddess pouted, he would do anything to make her smile. Even eat the girlish pastry. Sigh. Snatching one of the pink cookies, he bit into it and stopped dead. 

  Aria’s exultant smile faltered as she regarded his expression, those eyes blurring hues from peacock to chalcedony to violet in as many blinks. “…Fox? What’s wrong?” Her gaze dropped to the remaining cookies. “Aren’t they any good?” 

  The lunatic immediately plastered on a broad smile, the cookie still protruding from his mouth, and gave Aria two thumbs up. Her shoulders eased in relief, eyes paling back to sky blue, and they both turned as the little black-haired girl walked into the room. 

 “Daddy, where’s my Wade?” Amelia went directly to the Fox’s side and yanked on his coat. The abrupt pull made his throat work and he swallowed. Before Aria could see his face, the Fox yanked his hood up and put the remaining half of the cookie down. 

  “Just going to find him now, doll.” Hastily, the Fox kissed Amelia’s head, smoothing her glossy curls before he caught Aria’s waist in one arm. It was, for him, restraint to merely arch the mesmer back over his arm and kiss her for long, breathless moments. When the Fox let Aria regain her feet, she was blushing, eyes electric blue and wide. 

  “Loveyoubothbebackinawhile!” The Fox was out the door and around the corner before Aria could blink, and she frowned a little, tilting her head. 

  “Mother, Daddy didn’t finish his cookie. Can I have it?” Amelia tiptoed, eyeing the cream-filled pink pastry eagerly. 

  “Hmm? Oh, of course, darling. Just Daddy’s cookie though. You’ll spoil your su- Amelia, what’s wrong?!” 

  Her daughter’s face had screwed up in complete disgust at the first bite, and she hastily spat the bite of pink macaron onto the floor. “Nasty! Nasty! Ugh, Mother, that’s nasty! Can I have water?!” 

  As Amelia scrubbed her tongue with her pocket handkerchief, leaving the remains of the pastry on the table, Aria’s gaze shifted from the half-eaten cookie to the still-open back door. One blink and she abruptly facepalmed, laughing even as she went to pour her daughter a glass of water. 

  Fox could have told her the cookie was terrible, but being her stalwart knight in scuffed, black leather, he’d tried sparing her feelings instead. Still laughing, Aria knelt beside her daughter, giving Amelia sips of water. 

  “Mother, why’s it funny? That cookie tastes awful!”

  “You and your daddy are funny, my angel,” Aria giggled, hugging her daughter with one arm. “You and your daddy both.”


I had a revelation when I realized that Crazy Redd is just the animal version of the Happy Mask Salesman.

Think about it, same hair color, both have pointed ears and closed eyes. Both get angry when you don’t buy anything from them and they both have a sly, unsettling laugh and smile. And the matter in which they obtain and sell their goods is not exactly assumed to be legal.

Crazy Redd never sets up a permanent shop in Animal Crossing and after the events in Ocarina of Time the Happy Mask salesman is a traveling salesman and more unsettling than before in Majora’s Mask.

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I have a question about pronouns! I've been going by they/them for awhile. I never felt like I really resonated w them but they def. feel better than she/her (im afab). Anw i was thinking abt ey/em set & how i really like it, but the open sound of 'ey' feels weird to me.. then i had a breakthrough! could i mix & match sets?! like go by they/em/eirs or something?? hav u ever heard of this bc i think i maybe finally found my pronouns!

yep! lots of people mix n match and lots of common sets have come out of mix n matching. do whatever works for you! glad you finally found something that makes you happy! :)


Its fucked up family is suppose to be there for you and pick you up, they’re suppose to love you and make you feel stronger and believe you can be stronger. They’re suppose to let you know they’ll be there no matter what and when you need them most they kept their promise. But no you come home thinking things will be different, but now that i have these new set of eyes this window of family is disgusting. Their family is created without me in it. I don’t ever want my children to feel or go through what i have I would NEVER EVER want them crying because they have been convinced I don’t love them or I wont support them. I wont choose a dogs life over their own, I wont let them grow up thinking they aren’t beautiful, I wont let them grow up thinking they cant talk to me about anything. I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR THEM BECAUSE I AM THEIR PARENT. A mothers love is something I’ve learned not every child receives and its really sad. Thats your child your own, how could you abandon them? Whats worse is when they have no one to go to. And family may be have considered strangers. Irrelevant beings.

ok can we talk about edibles they are so horrible. the first time i ever did anything i ate a brownie and i ate way too much bc it took so long to set in and cottonmouth is Real. i could barely keep my eyes open but it felt worse to close them i was not even functioning. anyways two weeks ago i had a quarter of a firecracker and it was the same thing but with milder results i ended up passing out on my friend’s sex mattress bc at that point i didnt even care. never will have edibles again 0/10 do not recommend

Number One reason for Canada’s loss: John Herdman.

How well did NZ do - considering he coached them for a number of years to set up a system for a successful WC 2015 run?

I could never see any real tactics in the game…the line-ups were disastrous and his game plans/subs were equally poor. He even admitted it as such and when he was questioned on it in a subsequent press conference he told the reporter (Edmonton) that the reporter needed to let that go - with a stern look in is eyes.

Sesselmann, Tancredi and Wilkinson ought not have played. Wilkinson was match unfit as was Matheson who for some reason was brought in and thus forced Belanger back into defense when we needed her to continue to attack upfront. Leon came on way too late in the game. Moscato a toughish defender who understands the value of clearing a ball was left sitting on the bench - I wonder if there is truth to an unhappy camp within Team Canada?

Herdman talks too much - Barcelona, possession, game plans, motivation, false patriotism - did he say all those things in NZ I wonder? Sticking a maple leaf against the partition on the players bench - pathetic. Too much talking, too much rehearsed PR spinning, and yet confessing that he may have made mistakes in the last 2 or so games… wow. Shockingly terrible.

You can only go so far with motivational speeches and science-based training methods at the end of the day you must have the best team with the best tactic for that team on the pitch…he failed miserably.

Herdman needs to eat some humble pie and acknowledge that he lacks the experience on this stage and certainly he is the poster boy of everything I dislike in modern coaches - PR spin, talking, selling “ideas” like a marketing guru with little substance. Consume our product. Problem is Herdman did not select a tactic or strategy if you will that fit the players he had.

If you want to play like Barcelona you need your youth to start with a basic footballing philosophy and not force your current team into meaningless possession which yields no rewards (goals). A change of footballing philosophy is gradual but in the meanwhile you play to your strengths.

Is Herdman the footballing messiah for Canada? No, no matter how slick his marketing tools appear. Herman seems a Klinsmann protege but at least Klinsmann understood he needed a Low… both are false Messiahs to their national teams. The latter though far more experienced.

If Canada Soccer insists on keeping Herdman, then please do bring in a consultant or two like Neid from Germany who will retire after this WC. Where are the great former players who ought to be coaching at the highest level? Surely Canada has had footballers before Sinclair? And speaking of Sinclair, she needs to retire and become an assistant coach.


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Harsh but he’s not wrong.

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AU where Regina and Emma are in high school. Cora finds out about them, and isn't happy.

thanks for the prompt!!

They’ve never been caught before. Not like this. Not by her.

“What am I supposed to tell the neighbors?” Cora exclaims. “You know Mrs. Fisher has been dying to set you up with her son.”

“Tell them I have a girlfriend,” Regina says firmly. She clutches Emma’s hand with a grip that looks confident, but she’s honestly not sure what would happen to her if one of them let go.

Cora narrows her eyes. “I won’t do that. You’ll stop seeing her immediately.”

“With all due respect, Mrs. Mills,” Emma interrupts, “I’m not gonna stop seeing Regina just because you don’t like it. She’s worth more to me than that.”

“I won’t have a daughter who parades around being a lesbian.”

“Then maybe you should call Zelena.” Regina stands up, effectively taking Emma with her. “Because she’s the only daughter you’ve got left.”

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honestly i figured you would to be honest you come off as shallow you don't seem to actually interact with people but yet know them as a familiar face you don't them well enough to care bout them and you spend no time with anyone to know f you like them or not the only one you really talk to is you're girlfriend you may have fans and may have a talent for art but besides that you're like a kid poking a stick at a bears anus

Well, that’s a stick to my eye. 

I am an honest person. But I am very reserved in my opinions. I don’t interact with others for the most part, because I’m never sure of the boundaries people set up. It’s tricky for me to figure out what my relationship with others is. 

But, I do care a lot about people and want to get to know them better. So calling me a kid poking a stick at a bear’s anus is insulting. And I talk to a lot of people more than I do to Kai, who is my “Partner.” (Mostly because of distance, but that’s besides the point.)

I do like other people. I do know how much I like them. But the way I like them isn’t in the way you can just check off on a list.

some fat posi blog reblogged one of my selfie sets and like, its getting A lot of notes now that the just seems so Weird to me. like, why do these people who dont know me, have never laid eyes on me before, and probably never will again, want to reblog my pictures. they dont even say anything about them or tag them or like, anything. 

i just dont get it and it makes me feel a little weird

Come into my life
Regress into a dream
We will hide
And build a new reality
Draw another picture
Of the life you could’ve had
Follow your instincts
And choose the other path

You should never be afraid
You’re protected from trouble and pain
Why, why is this a crisis in your eyes again

Come to be
How did it come to be
Tied to a railroad
No love to set us free
Watch our souls fade away
And our bodies crumble away
Don’t be afraid

I will take the blow for you

have had recurring nightmares
That I was loved for who I am
And missed the opportunity
To be a better man…

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ღ [laughs i love embarrassing your Cain]

Fluffy Friday Meme (Giving Edition)

ღ Give them a love letter (content isn’t relevant)

The paper letter looks ancient from Cain’s point of view, never having received one himself, but also the fact that they didn’t use such things aboard the ships involved with the Alliance. Calloused fingers smooth over the surface, shooting Abel a look of minor confusion before his eyes set down to the letter in his hands. The male opens it and scans his eyes over the words, feeling a little embarrassed by the words on the page. Cain whips his head up towards Abel, an obvious look of surprise on his features.

“What is this? Did you write me a…love letter or something?” he asks, as if he can’t even fathom it. There’s something different about Cain then, something wavering.

It was my childhood dream having Sailor Moon figurines, and I’m so happy to finally have this nice, little cute collection. <3

I was going to make a review about these figures back when they arrived, but then got lazy, and I’m just going to list my pros and cons.

- Figures are adorable, and I love them so much.
- Love the poses and the gums, they’re really artistic, and it’s why I wanted this set so much.
- Gums look very nice and realistic. They even have a sugary effect.
- Much prettier faces than the first set of Petit Charas.
- Lots of lovely, tiny details.

- MY MARS HAS A BLURRED RIGHT EYE! WHY?! WAS THERE NO QUALITY CONTROL?! GODDAMNIT! Really, I’m never lucky with these figures. First, the scratch on my Super Sailor Moon’s face, now this. (Well, at least it was Mars, I guess)
- Venus also has her glove a bit messed up, but it’s not as bad as MARS HAVING A BLOODY BLURRED EYE!
- More paint slip ups than the 2 figures from set 2, but I can forgive because of their poses.
- Some of the heads offered some resistance joining to the bodies (especially Mercury), and I was really scared to break the joint. Especially the stand being much, much thinner than the usual Petit Chara sets.

I really hope there’s gonna be a second set with the Outers and ChibiMoon.

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How will this friendship go over the summer? Schooled pg. 138

“Some stunt,” she snapped. “Cap has never played football. You could have put him in the hospital!”

In this scene, the main character and new guy to the school, Cap, was set up by the most popular guy in the school to be purposefully hurt by the football team, unbeknownst to the entire team, who feel extreme guilt over it. Naomi, someone considered Cap’s friend, is understandably furious despite the team’s technical innocence.

I’d say to keep a close eye on your friendship over the summer. There may be a few seemingly major misunderstanding here or there, and you’ll probably be hurt or angry over them, but do try to forgive as best you can. 

Unpopular Opinion

I don’t really like the design for Rainbow Quartz…

I’ve never been a huge fan of 80s fashion to begin with, so I can’t say I really enjoy the costume.  And while having two sets of eyes was a pretty neat idea, it just makes her face look cluttered to me.

She’s also a bit too similar to Opal in my opinion?  Like, I know Pearl is part of both of them, but if you look at the variety between Opal and Sugilite, and especially when compared to Alexandrite or Malachite, it’s just…more of the same thing?  I know the others are fusions of more than two gems (or in Malachite’s case, a really unhealthy fusion), but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

Life has thrown a lot of shit my way and okay I handled all of it somehow. However, one thing more than anything I cannot handle is animal abuse. If you think animal abuse is a joke and you have abused an animal before, you are a horrible person and I hate you and I never want to speak to you ever and I hate you.

I can’t and never will understand the fucking mind set of people who hurt animals. I’m not the most religious person out there but I believe God made animals to teach us about GENUINE, SELFLESS love. 

AND HAVE YOU NOT LOOKED INTO THE EYES OF AN ANIMAL?!?!?!? HONESTLY. HOW THE FUCK COULD ANYONE HURT SUCH AN INNOCENT BEAUTIFUL LIFE FORM. I look at my cats and I have so much fucking love for them it’s unreal and I would never ever hurt them. And don’t give me that “ animals have hurt so many people” bs like, fuck people, I couldn’t care less about people. PEOPLE are the reason animals try to DEFEND themselves and it is their God given instinct to do so, it is how they were made. Unfortunately a lot of people turned out to be total heartless, assholes. 


Also, people who prefer the pure bred “prettier” animals, fuck you.  A CAT IS A CAT, A DOG IS A DOG. There are animal shelters for a reason. I’m not saying the “pretty” pets don’t deserve homes, they do 100% but so do the ones on the street. Stop being little shits and pick one of those wounded babies up and love it, with all you heart, they’ll thank you and love you forever for it. 


A cool breeze whipped around the party cooling the hot, humid temperature of this particular summer night.  Hermione’s parents dragged her along with them to one of their patient’s summer gala.  It never crossed her mind that perhaps this party was an important event, until her mother took her shopping for an evening gown earlier that day. 

Dressed in a stunning black, sleek cocktail dress, she stood on the outskirts of the throng.  Eyes taking in all who participated to this gala, she noted that there were many important people in attendance here.  Men and women from parliament where there, along with some of the top honchos of corporate companies were in tow. 

Amber hues glancing around the scenery, she turned her head to the the left spotting the gentleman beside her sipping at his beverage.  Hermione swore to herself that she had seen this man before.  She knew that he was an important figure in the muggle world, but there was something about him that made her believe she had seen him before.  And it was not in the non-magical world either.

Scooting a few inches closer to him, she nonchalantly spoke to him.  “It’s a wonderful party, is it not?”

I want him to see me as the most beautiful person his eyes have ever set upon. He would say he does. But I won’t believe him since he is still attracted to other girls. I mean, that’s how guys work, right? I still wonder, what’s the point if you don’t see that person as the best among the rest. It’s honesty I want. I don’t really know what I want. You never really know what other people think. I wouldn’t believe them anyways. I should just love me. That’s the surest you can be.

therotmeister replied to your post “almost ended someone’s life at a frozen yogurt store”

What happened!?

Let me set the scene.

So I’m at CherryBerry. I’m there at least twice a month. It’s basically my CherryBerry. This lady in front of me is taking 200 years picking her yogurts. That’s fine, take your time, you have to live with your choices. Same lady gets up to the toppings bar and tries every single one of them, saying “ugh ew this tastes so cheap” at most. Fine, whatever, be a bitch, I just roll my eyes. She says she’s never been there before. I say “okay, great,” then she looks at my ice cream and says “oh wow that looks so gross!” and i said “pretty fuckin’ glad you’re not eating it, huh? don’t be rude” and then Josh sorta steered me away from the counter

A Love Song to Me

I won’t lose myself again.

Cause I know who I am

I finally see the me inside of me

and now my soul can go free

cause as we know, life gets messy

but learning love made it easy

so here is my love song

I’m dedicating this one to me 

cause I am done with hating myself

I deserve to be happy

and I deserve some good company

I lived my life full of misery 

and I never realized it all stemmed from me 

I tried to hide all my little lies

but in the end the truth sets ye free

I gotta learn to love the little things

like pretty eyes and bitter coffee

so here is a love song

but this ones dedicated to me 

cause somehow I have stayed strong

I deserve to be lovely and free 

and I have found some good company 

        I know the lyrics may be completely corny but it’s okay. I’ve lost a lot of people because of the way I’ve acted and treated them and myself. I finally know that I deserve more than what I have given myself and I’m sorry to say I may’ve been a little late but dammit, I realized it. I’m asking no one for a second chance and no one to hear me out. All I asked for was forgiveness. I am learning and living and loving and growing. If you were there for me while I was not, I thank you. If you are here for me while I am, I thank you even more for sticking around to watch me grow into the human I know I can be. Much love to everyone and have a peaceful and warm afternoon. 

also, if you’ve read this far I thank you much much much.