i have never seen this photo before

Retelling an old tale.

I don’t know why but I get VERY excited when I see other people have the same things I do?

I got Rainbow Dash at the Goodwill a couple years back. Her hair was nasty, she’s HUGE, and I’d never seen a pony that size before, so I picked her up. Her hair was even worse than it looked. When I unbraided it, the pink in her mane was completely matted up in one huge wad.

Which I didn’t take a photo of. Because I do that.

On the left is the texture of the hair after I had combed it out, on the right, my first attempts at straightening it.

Left here is where I stopped mucking about with it then. It didn’t look great. Not too long ago, I decided to try retexturing the pink AGAIN since I’ve had more practice and tried new things since then.

It’s a lot better now, but the pink still has a slightly different texture than the other colors.

And I am giddy excited to see someone else have a go at prettying up the same Rainbow Dash.

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I would like to start off by thanking all of the people who have reblogged and liked and followed this blog (which I started earlier on this year). It really means a lot to me that I get this much support for a blog that I didn’t actually think would do well, especially because I do have an insecurity because I’ve never actually met or seen G-Eazy live before (even though I’ve been listening to him for a long time). However, the support that I have gained is so overwhelming that I’ve gotten past that insecurity and that hopefully 2017 would be a better year and that I will have an opportunity to see him. Thank you to those that have been here for this blog and see y’all again in 2017 so stay tuned for more of yee-eazy and have a wonderful new year! : )

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chelsea on Twitter
“they were literally like this from the beginning can you believe”

Never seen this particular photo before. How can people deny there was chemistry? I remember reading some claim that she looked uncomfortable with him too. You have to be kidding.

I don’t think anyone expected Peter and Jenna to hit it off as well as they did - or be as right together. This is why Jenna agreed to stay for another season - cancelling her resignation twice and if Victoria hadn’t come along, who knows? It’s also my firm belief that this is to credit or blame (your choice) for what was clearly some form of a “course correction” with regards to Danny Pink. Only Steven Moffat can speak to this with authority - and maybe some day he will - but I don’t think he expected Twelve and Clara to go in the direction they did … but then he saw them on screen together and I think it was evident from that first readthrough, and certainly on screen we saw it from the restaurant scene in Deep Breath and the “Am I a good man” scene in Into the Dalek, and the opening to Robot of Sherwood. I always wonder what might have happened if they had decided not to film most of Series 8 in order of broadcast. What if they’d filmed Mummy on the Orient Express first, before Deep Breath. Would we have had the hallway nightcap? The “if only you liked the people you were supposed to” conversation? Would whoever was responsible ultimately for Clara saying “I love you” to the Doctor (I doubt it was a spur-of-the-moment thing) even have thought of it? Food for thought.