i have never seen this kid so happy

i can’t believe i got to see a scene on tv where two conventionally attractive people were about to have a Typical TV Make Out session until the guy stopped and said “sorry, i don’t want sex. i never have.” like that feels amazing for so many ace kids who always felt like they were broken or weird for not behaving the way that they’ve seen on TV. im so so so happy

Please Watch “Orange”

Ok everyone. I’m sure some of you have probably heard of this anime, and those people who have heard of it have probably strayed away from it for the same reasons I did. 

I am a huge fan of romance anime. I’m basically addicted to anything involving love, but I was weary of this show, called “Orange,” because (1) you learn from within the first few minutes of the first episode that the love interest is going to die, (2) it looks really cliché, (3) it is not very popular, and (4) it looks sad. 

I was wrong. So very wrong. 

(1) Yes, the anime has it’s bleak, raw moments, but those moments were the ones that I never had anticipated that I would appreciate the most. Something that definitely became an admirable point of the anime was it’s very real, non-sugar-coated portrayal of depression, mental illness, suicide, and grief. This series does what most shojou romance series shy away from and actually shows the audience what depression is like through Kakeru, the fated-to-die protagonist, and the seriousness of suicide. 

As someone who has personally battled with clinical depression for years and has been to therapy and counselling, this anime hit home for me. The faking smiles, pretending everything is okay, the self-loathing, thinking you are at fault, thinking you are a burden to others, denying yourself happiness, not allowing yourself forgiveness, and the thoughts of death; they are all things that I could relate to. They even included how you can still experience moments of true happiness even if you are depressed, but how it never really goes away. Sure, this anime might not be as light-hearted as others, but it’s the heart-rending instances in this show that give it so much impact and substance. 

(2) This anime does have some clichés (i.e. cultural festival, giving chocolates on Valentines Day, new kid at school sits next to the main character), but the plot completely colors these events in ways that make them so much more meaningful and different than you have ever seen them. One of my main concerns going into this show was that I would be bored, but I ended up watching it all in one sitting simply because of how much I needed to know what would happen. Additionally, the secondary characters are wonderfully fleshed out and are actually important to the plot, instead of feeling like accessories. 

(3) I know this anime was based off of a manga (which I had once picked up on a whim, but put down once I saw how sad it was probably going to be), but I have never heard people talk about it, like ever. Even when the show came out (which it did recently), there was no buzz about it. Although the lack of chatter surrounding Orange only made me more pessimistic regarding the quality of the show, if there is anything I have learned from watching hundreds of anime, it is that sometimes good shows can fly beneath the radar. I am glad I decided to pick it up after it’s completion and give it a chance, because I just found a series that has easily earned a spot on my top 10 list. 

(4) Is this anime sad? Yes. Is it too sad to watch? No. The biggest obstacle that stood in my way for this show was the fact that it pretty much promised from the get-go to be sad. “But love is supposed to be happy and have a happy ending,” you might say, “so how can that be possible when one of the protagonists is destined to commit suicide.” I don’t want to spoil it, so all I can tell you is that I was very pleased with the conclusion and it ends much differently than you are lead to believe it will. Trust me guys. My heart is made of glass. I would not recommend this show to anyone if I didn’t think the denouement was really good

So, in conclusion, set aside a few hours one day and let this series show you its magic! 

I think one of my favorite things about this whole beach scene was how perfectly in-character every single character was.

Eren’s mind was focused on his ideology rather than the present moment, Mikasa had this moment of blissful surprise that you never see her get, Connie and Sasha immediately started splashing and roughhousing in the water like best friends, Jean fucking tried to drink it, Hanji began gathering rocks and shells from it, Levi was like “I’m not going anywhere near that dirty-ass body of god knows what”, Armin was in this state of exuberance I’ve never seen from him before.

I never thought we’d get the ocean scene this perfectly, and it was so rewarding to see all these kids finally have a moment  of happiness after all the shit they’ve been through.

Babygate Masterpost: Important Evidence You May Have Missed...

On April 7, a Buzzfeed UK article was posted of Louis Tomlinson’s child “being a conspiracy theory” and how many fans believe that there isn’t even a baby at all. While the evidence was impressive… I could tell that many people weren’t taking this subject seriously. And most people loved blaming it on “deluded 12-year-old Louis girls who had nothing better to do.” I was insulted because: 1) it’s not just “Louis girls” who believe that babygate is fake and 2) we’re not all crazy 12-year-olds who have nothing better to do. 

After thoroughly reading the Buzzfeed article a few times (which was trending with over half a million readers in less than 24 hours) I found that the writer, Ellie Woodward, was probably low-key mocking Directioners as well. She led with “Fans believe…” or “Many Tumblr users have theorized…” and this is what makes it seem like we’re crazy.

So I’m taking matters into my own hands; I’d like you to read this post. It includes reasonable and more thorough evidence that Miss Woodward didn’t bother to include (and who can blame her? There’s so much!) in her article. No matter who you are, I’d like you to take this seriously… and you should be able to understand why this is serious towards the end.

You’re going to see why people are doubting Freddie Reign Tomlinson (Louis’ supposed “son”) and his existence. Please keep an open mind and just take all this into consideration before you decide to label me cruel things, such as a “psycho boyband-obsessed teenager.” 

I have tried to see both sides of the babygate argument: it’s real vs. it’s fake.

I have yet to find convincing and legit proof that babygate was “not planned” and how it’s “not another major publicity stunt.” I’m a very open-minded person myself, and I don’t often jump to ridiculous conclusions. 

Why would they plan babygate anyway?

  • Damage control
  • It’s all about keeping One Direction relevant… even on their break
  • Punishment for Louis (keep reading)
  • To diminish rumors of Louis being gay/bisexual 
  • Louis was also an easy target; he goes out partying and drinking so him getting a girl pregnant seems plausible 

How Louis reacts when the “baby” is just MENTIONED….

Babygate has been suspicious since it started from Day 1 back in July. But it was relatively quiet until Louis was forced to talk about it in interviews as the months progressed. One interview that stands out was when the boys were in Glasgow, Scotland back in October. Louis and Niall gave a painfully awkward interview that just adds to the massive amount of evidence which points to babygate being planned/fake. 

How is it “painfully awkward”? Well, if you’ve seen the interview and don’t understand (or if you haven’t seen it at all) I’d be happy to sum it up for you:

Louis and Niall laughing along with the reporter…. They’re having fun!

They joke around some more and they still appear to be okay…

The boys continue to share some laughs and give details about their upcoming album, “Made In The AM.”

Niall shares what he’s gonna do on break. Then Louis says he’s gonna enjoy relaxing…. but that’s when the reporter reminds him that he “has a baby on the way.”

Well, shit… That went just went completely downhill. You can tell this bothers Niall, too. If that doesn’t raise a red flag then I don’t know what else will. Louis starts to distance himself and nervously plays with his hands in his lap…

He’s forced to give a “satisfying” answer (most likely from management) so the reporter can move on. The whole setting becomes extremely awkward… The reporter seems to be the only one having fun now.

People have told me: “Well he only made it awkward because he doesn’t wanna give away details about his personal life!” … However, that’s the only “excuse” that the Briana Jungwirth “fans” and baby believers have given me. But when they choose to be ignorant of Niall and Louis’ body language, that’s just plain stupid. Sorry not sorry.

Like I said, this was just one of the first of many pieces of evidence. Anyway,  let’s move on…

How Louis reacts around other kids and babies…

Here we have Louis throughout the years, and recently, with children:

Here we have Louis around his baby siblings, Doris and Ernest, whom he is actually related to… Awww! So sweet! He’s such a good big brother…

I’ve never seen a genuine smile when he’s with Freddie. Hell, he doesn’t look the slightest bit happy with his “own son.”

Don’t believe me? Okay. Here’s how Louis reacts around “Freddie”:

Now with these three images you’re probably thinking two things: “What do you want him to do, smile all the time?” and/or “He’s only frowning because the paparazzi won’t leave him alone!” – Well, that may be so…. but if I was a die-hard fan of kids and I finally had my own baby (whether this baby had been planned or not) I’d be over the moon every time I was around him/her. Plus, in the first photo, it’s clear that he doesn’t even know there’s paparazzi. We have yet to see a genuine smile when he’s with this “baby.”

If the baby turns out to be real: Guys…. the media has told you that this is a grown man who’s “so sure that this kid is his” and who has “finally confirmed” that his baby is real but yet he doesn’t even smile or give a small grin around the infant? Riiiight. That’s very contradicting….

If they’re using a doll: I had to stroll around town with a baby doll in a stroller with people silently judging me I wouldn’t be smiling either. Hell, most of us would refuse to do this… but they’re pressuring Louis. That’s sick and inhumane. 

How Louis’ bandmates react…

Remember the Good Morning America interview about the baby back in August 2015? No? Well, go watch it…. 

These are the boys’ reactions when the interviewer congratulates Louis on “upcoming fatherhood”:

In case you can’t tell, here are their reactions up close…

Harry Styles with his “Do they actually believe that?” face.

Liam Payne looking at Louis like, “Are they serious, bro?”

Niall Horan’s expression reads something like: “You’ve gotta be shittin’ me…”

And none of them bothered to comment or show support for the news during the interview. They’re practically like brothers to Louis and they’d know if something like this was true or not. They’d also likely know if there really was a baby…

Also, let’s not forget Louis’ reaction the whole time:

He looks amused, to be honest. But he manages to keep a straight face. His expression could have several possible explanations… but you can’t rule out the fact that this isn’t exactly a face that reads “thank you very much.” 

Louis is careful with his words in interviews…

While we’re talking about the Good Morning America interview, it’s important to take note that Louis didn’t really “confirm” the news, nor did he deny it. That’s what gets most people; just because he didn’t deny it doesn’t mean it’s still true… 

Louis said: “Yeah…uh…it’s a very exciting time so… I’m buzzin’, thank you.” 

The interviewer then turns to Harry and remarks that he’s been “very quiet.” To which Harry looks like he knows something they don’t:

He pulls that face, the face he does when he’s about to tell or joke or when he’s about to laugh… Harry knows what’s up.

All he says in reply is: “Oh no, no, I’m having a great time!”

This is the look he has after he says that:

Silly, silly Harry. Oh! Look at everyone else, too:

How Louis’ family reacts…

Louis’ mother, Johannah, blocks people on Twitter who love to give updates on “Freddie.” She also blocks people who believe Louis and Briana are a “happy couple” that should be married (although this could just be internet trolls). Overall: instead of blocking people who ship her son in a gay relationship with Harry Styles, she’s blocking people who worship and “support” Briana and Freddie… even ones who aren’t harassing her. Sounds like Johannah is just as much done with this shit as her own son; this is a woman who should love hearing positive things about her own grandson but no, no, no. 

November 28, 2015: Johannah and Louis’ sister, Lottie, had to spend a day with Briana and her mother in Los Angeles. We got one fan photo of Lottie and Briana (who was actually cropped out) getting into a car to supposedly go shopping for baby clothes (it was never confirmed exactly what their plans were but this is what the media believed). That same day, before leaving with her mother and the Jungwirths, Lottie posted a photo on Instagram with the middle finger (”fuck you”) emoji in the caption. In the photo, however, Lottie is holding her fingers up, making the peace sign. The caption makes it seem like she was throwing shade at the Jungwirths; she resents them and hates having to go along with this babygate stunt (being forced to spend time with someone for the sake of publicity for her older brother). She’s a very sweet girl and likes most people connected to her brother, including his friends and bandmates… but Briana? Oh no. Even the look on Lottie’s face says, “I’m so done with this shit…” 

  • We should also point out that Lottie has never defended Briana or Freddie (her own “nephew”) and she’s been relatively quiet for most of babygate so far, avoiding most things that have to do with it. I mean, if I had a niece or nephew I’d be over the moon about it and I’d jump to their defense if people were calling him or her fake.
  • Pictures of Lottie with her siblings, twins Ernest and Doris, who recently turned two years old. They’re still babies and Lottie is so happy and tickled to be around them. Not to mention she loves talking about them, too. But “Freddie”? Nah. (1) (2)

The “Fizzy vs Ashley” Twitter Feud: Louis’ sister Felicite (aka “Fizzy”) is no stranger to slaying someone on social media. In the past she’s defended her brother from hate, particularly due to homophobic comments and slurs aimed in his direction. But in February 2016 she was slaying on Twitter for a different reason… 

It all started when someone tweeted a picture of a baby and claimed that it was Freddie. Fizzy liked it. 

However someone told Fizzy that she’d actually just liked the photo of a random baby and that it wasn’t Freddie. To which she responded with:

This got the attention of Briana Jungwirth’s cousin, Ashley, who thought it would be a good idea to “question” Fizzy: 

That’s a damn lie because….they are….

Well, Fizzy didn’t take to kindly to Ashley’s lie. So what did she say?

The fact that Fizzy also used those specific emojis tells us that she knows something we don’t and that she’s throwing shade towards the Jungwirth family.

And don’t forget that Fizzy’s boyfriend, Rishi, liked this tweet:

Wow….. could this get any shadier? Unfortunately, Fizzy knew that trouble would brew since thousands of people had just seen her call out Louis’ (supposed) baby mama’s family for using fake baby pics. She then deleted her tweets about “Freddie” and her tweet to Ashley. 

Later, she goes on to act like nothing ever happened…

Lucky for us… screenshots exist and we caught the whole thing. 

Fizzy once followed an account that debunked babygate: While Fizzy is being brought up, it’s also important to mention that sometime in mid-January she followed this Instagram account that was dedicated to proving that Freddie Reign Tomlinson didn’t exist and that Briana was never pregnant. 

Need proof that she followed? Okay. Here you go:

And the comments…

I doubt anyone can come up with an explanation as to why Louis’ sister–his own flesh and blood!–would follow such an account; the username just makes it so obvious, and she knew what she was doing. As far as I know, Fizzy only followed this account for a few days. Right around the time “Freddie” was “born,” she unfollowed them and re-followed Briana. That’s totally not suspicious at all *sarcasm*

Let’s talk about Briana’s Snapchat stories, too…

This evidence is one of those “no fucks given” situations. 

We all know about Briana Jungwirth, the “baby mama” and “victim of Larry shippers.” She made a Snapchat account a few weeks ago and one of the first things she did was drag herself into the babygate mess to get attention.

Here’s how it went: First, Briana wanted everyone to know that she was going to Beverly Hills (where Louis was, with his family visiting at the time). She didn’t meet up with Louis at all. Later she and her friend Olivia went driving, blasting music (very loudly, might I add) and at one point Olivia took Briana’s phone to (purposely) show a baby car seat behind Briana (who was the driver). But the car seat was backwards and apparently not even strapped in… and they were still blasting music. Great parenting, Briana *yawns*.

There’s more! And this made me laugh my ass off: Olivia picks up three half-filled baby bottles–all of which were uncapped (that’s very unsanitary)–and says: “Oh my God, Briana! You have so much stuff I can’t even put my Starbucks in here!” And they were laughing and being over-dramatic on purpose. It’s like they’re shoving this in our faces to “prove us wrong.” Yeah, but the whole damn time you didn’t even hear a single baby noise. 

Then they get out of the car and Briana is “struggling” to put together the baby stroller together while Olivia films and laughs, neither of them taking it seriously. Shouldn’t Briana know how to put together a stroller by now? “Freddie” is almost three months old and she’s also had her whole pregnancy to learn something like this. Yeah… really great parenting, Briana *yawns louder*. Oh my God…. did they leave “Freddie” in a hot car? Or did they set him on the ground? Because the poor thing wasn’t anywhere in that video.

To finish it all off, they recorded the baby stroller being pushed for three seconds… still no shot of the baby or any baby noises; Olivia sounded like she was trying not to crack up. 

That same day… “Freddie” was reportedly spending all day with Louis and his friend Oli. So either Briana and Olivia are shading babygate… or they were lying for attention.

One Direction’s management would definitely do something like this, given their reputation…

Modest! Management has a bad reputation with their past and present clients. They signed One Direction back in July 2010 when they were on the X Factor UK. Here’s what you need to know:

X Factor UK 2010 finalist Rebecca Ferguson took them to court in June 2012 after a barrage of mistreatment. She claims they watched her faint during an interview– instead of asking her if she was okay or taking her to receive any medical treatment…. they handed her a can of Coke and told her to finish the interview. She also stated that they were “vile” and would not let her take time off to see her children under any circumstances. Even at one point she was so physically exhausted that she couldn’t walk and they still made her work. 

Screenshots still exist of these tweets because they can no longer be found (since they were deleted). After the court settlement a whole year later, Rebecca stated that she was happier and healthier. In September 2015 it was reported that she was currently with new management and working on her upcoming fourth album.

Evidence has also pointed to Modest! Management controlling their clients’ personal Twitter accounts. Because when Rebecca was taking them to court and tweeted about her children…. “Louis” decided to respond.

He’s very protective of his younger sisters just like Rebecca is protective of her children. So why does Louis seem to defend management’s actions in this tweet? Oh wait. It’s not really him…. Look at the time stamp on the tweets! She didn’t even tag him… That should make you raise an eyebrow. 

That same day, “Louis” defended management once again:

Babygate is punishment for Louis’ past actions…

Louis has had a history of standing up to management. Undoubtedly, this would have consequences for him. Modest! Management has a negative reputation for dragging their artists through hell, as shown above. Let’s not forget this interview that Louis and Zayn did in 2013 (that wasn’t shown on most broadcasts).

“Telling porky pies” is an English term; for example… “Don’t go telling me porky pies!” It means “telling lies.” You can ask most Brits and they might be able to confirm this. So, essentially, we have proof that Zayn and Louis called their management out as liars. Not surprising, however it was a risky move. 

This video is also important to notice. After hinting that their management has been lying to the press “behind their backs”, Louis and Zayn’s body language immediately changes. Zayn even looks off camera (possibly to someone from the management team) and then puts his head down, as if he knows he’s in trouble. Louis does a better job at hiding his regret for saying what he said, though you notice that he “stutters” for a moment. That stutter is probably nothing…but it should be noted.

Louis always warns us with a selfie… It’s a pattern

Every time “Louis” posts something about the baby on Instagram, what’s the previous post? That’s right… a selfie! This may sound ridiculous but it seems that’s the only way he can warn us anymore. Not to mention the last two only have a time gap of one day. 

The post on April 7 is damage control. 

Damage control- action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error

What was the error that day? The trending article from Buzzfeed that called “Freddie” fake. But given that Louis posted a selfie the day before (and I told everyone to watch out), they were probably gonna post a pic of “Freddie” anyway.

Only “Larry shippers” believe babygate is fake… this is NOT TRUE

Larry shippers- people who believe that Louis Tomlinson is in a gay relationship with his bandmate Harry Styles, and he has been ever since One Direction formed in 2010.

Yeah, one thing I continue to see since these “babygate is fake” articles have emerged is that everyone loves blaming this ‘conspiracy theory’ on Larry Stylinson shippers (who are also called “fake fans”) and no one else. I guarantee you 100% that if you were to dig around and ask most Directioners if they shipped “Larry,” they’d say “no” or “just as a friendship.” And I also guarantee you that these same people are also likely to believe that babygate is fake, since “Larry” has nothing to do with it… Here’s a survey:

Trust me…. there are way more comments like these.

Larry Stylinson and babygate are two very different topics.

Louis’ mental, physical and emotional health is suffering…

This one is very debatable; Louis has shown dramatic signs of unhealthy weight loss as well as sleep deprivation and emotional exhaustion. 

I’ve heard it all: “You don’t know what he’s going through, how can you know?” or “Ewww, do you like assuming things?” or “He looks fine! Everyone gets tired when they have a kid!”

But you can tell he’s lost weight… maybe not around the waist, but definitely in the face. Doctors attribute unhealthy weight loss in the face to eating disorders such as anorexia. Eating very little / skipping meals due to stress? That’s always possible! He’s gained the weight back… only to lose it again within the next few weeks.

I understand that in some of these photos it’s probably just a “bad angle,” the lighting, or he’s drunk… But with each photo you know he’s possibly not at his healthiest. I’m no doctor… but I am someone who’s very observant.

Why did he FINALLY do something after all this time?

Louis loves children to death and he is overjoyed to be around them. We’ve established that, yeah? So if he was “so sure” that he was going to be a father ever since the news broke back in July…. if he is “so sure” that Freddie is really his and no one else’s…. why, two days ago, did he finally “shut down rumors” that the “baby” was fake? Let me tell you what’s wrong with this:

  • Several people and fans pointed out that pictures of the baby only appear in black and white, with its eyes closed, and it’s “photoshopped.” Whoever is in charge of this stunt was paying attention, because “Louis” posted a picture of a baby IN COLOR… WITH ITS EYES OPEN…that appears to be REAL. Only one thing: it doesn’t look like the “Freddie” we’ve seen. Fail. A reverse image search found no results, so it wasn’t stolen… but why would they finally use a real baby? We should mention that this is the first photo “Louis” has posted of the baby where “he” isn’t holding it…. That’s weird, if he’s so desperate to prove it’s real (like every online article is saying) then wouldn’t he be in the photo with it, too? And the reason I say “Louis” is because he doesn’t have full control of his Instagram account either. 
  • If they wanted to prove to us that this was genuine and NOT fake, they would’ve had Louis shut down “Freddie is fake” rumors from the beginning when it first started. It’s also trended on Twitter before… and Louis still did nothing. All we got outta that was Briana’s family stealing more baby pics.

“There’s a video of the baby… why are you still in denial?”

First, I’m not in denial. If there turns out to be a baby that’s actually Louis’ then I’ll be happy for him…. But we have all this evidence that says otherwise.

Oh. That video that TMZ posted with the baby crying while Louis was pushing it? 

To management: I’ll give them props for finally using a real baby; at the same time that also makes them sick monsters. That baby still looks nothing like what we’ve been shown recently. The fact that they finally reached this level is actually really disturbing– because they’re running out of ideas and it’s down to the last straw.

Unfortunately, they can’t make Louis act like he’s happy.

“Well then if it’s real then who’s baby is it?” 

Great question. 

Although Buzzfeed already covered this, I do need to point out that SYCO’s Global Head of Media, Ann-Marie Thomson, had twins (a boy and a girl) a few months ago (although it’s not sure officially when). 

The first photo she posted of them was on February 1. They look to be almost three months old in this picture. Three months old? That would put their birth around late November, two months before “Freddie.” In a tweet on December 3, 2015, Ann-Marie asked if there was a spa in LA where she could take her newborn twins to. That would mean they would’ve been a few weeks old, in fact making their birth around late November as I said. Also, in the same tweet, Ann Marie wants to know if the baby spa would be in areas such as Woodland Hills or Calabasas.

Guess who lives in Calabasas? Briana Jungwirth and her family. Wow. I wonder if that’s a “coincidence”? 

We need to compare photos of Ann-Marie’s babies to the ones of “Freddie” we got from TMZ and other media outlets, as well as photos in general from the last few days:

They used the boy for Louis’ photo…

On the left is Ann Marie’s photo (taken on February 8). On the right is what “Louis” posted on Instagram (April 7). 

The ears, nose, and little fingers look exactly the same. The two month difference would explain why the right photo shows the baby with more hair. But the photo that’s on Louis’ Instagram may not have been taken the same day it was posted (and that would mostly likely be the case). You can’t deny that both of the babies pictured above look almost exactly the same. 

Now, for the photos we got yesterday they used the girl…

On the left is from February 13. The right is from two days ago (April 7). Yes the angles are different but the girl is different from her twin because she has chubbier cheeks. 

But now let’s compare the Instagram post to the paparazzi photo…

No way that’s the same baby. 

But with another photo of the girl twin…

Now THAT looks like the same baby (these photos are two months apart).

It would make sense to use twins for this stunt. If one needs to rest or won’t stop crying, etc. they can switch them back and forth, and although these twins look alike they’re not identical, they’re fraternal– you can tell. That’s why there are noticeable differences and it’s easy to distinguish which baby is which. It’s scientifically impossible for there to be a pair of identical twins that are a boy and a girl. 

Oh hey! This must not have been the first time they used the girl twin.

See, I thought that was a doll because the sun was in its eyes and Louis was doing nothing to protect it. But I guess it was a real baby (since I had people messaging me that they met Louis and saw/heard crying from the stroller). A real baby…. but not “Freddie.” These pics were from about two weeks ago.

So now you must be like, “Wait, why would Ann-Marie allow her babies to be used? Isn’t that illegal?”

  1. She didn’t sign a contract, but yet she’s probably getting paid. 
  2. Since she didn’t sign a contract for her babies to be used (which would/should be illegal as hell!) the idea is that maybe Louis and his friends/family will “babysit” her kid(s) while she’s doing her other work or relaxing, while the media and everyone else thinks it’s Freddie. 
  3. She’s BFFs with Simon Cowell…. gee, that should sum things up.

And it seems like they used her for Louis’ younger sister to pose with:

I really do believe that they’re using Ann-Marie’s twins now.

Speaking of the TMZ video…

Wait until they (probably) read this and force Louis to give a shit. He would never ignore a crying baby, and because he did….you know something is up. Hell, the paparazzi were watching him and all he said was: “Have a bit of respect for a baby, pal!” A baby. Not “his” baby. A baby….

Last but not least…. why are his bandmates silent about it?

Niall Horan: He has a three-year-old nephew and loves kids just like the rest of his bandmates. Not even a public congratulations to Louis on “his kid”– and this is surprising because Niall is the most active on Twitter and Instagram, apart from Liam. Everyone else close to Louis did that…. except for Harry….and Liam….. hell, even Zayn Malik is avoiding all this. But remember…. the first time the “baby” was brought up Niall looked like he was about to laugh his ass off. Then the next time it was brought up he looked really uncomfortable.

Zayn Malik: Sure, he’s focusing on his music right now…but if he had the time to congratulate the boys when “Drag Me Down” came out, and also had the time to acknowledge Liam on the band’s five-year anniversary, why hasn’t he said a damn thing about Louis’ “baby”? Despite what tabloids tell you, Zayn was (and probably still is) very close to Louis and he would surely have a comment to make about this……..oops! No.

Harry Styles: This man adores babies the most apart from the others. He even acknowledges pregnant women at concerts…. however, he never acknowledged Briana when she went to at least three shows. Damn. She even had VIP seats with Louis’ family!

Liam Payne: Alright, alright. Calm down. There was a magazine that ran a story on Liam a while back and “he” (because you know how magazines love to twist words or write their own made-up shit) said he couldn’t wait to meet Louis’ kid. But this was before “Freddie” was born… and still we’ve gotten nothing about Liam meeting his best friend’s child. 

So, in conclusion, this is all the evidence I have provided for you on why babygate was planned. This is why I believe there isn’t really a “Freddie Tomlinson.” Now I’ve received a ton of hate and people demanding to know how I can call “an innocent child” fake. At least I don’t just say shit to say it. I support my beliefs with evidence. So you can call me crazy. Call me a bitch. I don’t care. Because unless you can explain everything wrong with babygate (yes, including what Buzzfeed posted) and have solid (really solid) proof that this wasn’t planned….. I may change my mind. Actually, wait, I don’t think I can…. because you can’t explain ALL of this. But thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it changed your mind or at least made you think.

(And Modest! Management, if you’ve seen this… and you decide to “fix” some more babygate mistakes…. we’ll all notice because I’ve pointed them out. I have the right to freedom of speech. If you take this down it just proves that you’re hiding something and then everyone will know the truth.)

Have a nice day! 

i was at an lgbt+ workshop tonight!! for kids who were like 12!! i was helping facilitate it with the head of the lgbtqia+ youth group i’m in. so it was me and her, and two moms of the kids, and like 15 kids.
there was one kid there who looked like he’d be the type of kid to try disrupt everything and mess yknow??? i’m sure you guys know the type.
he was actually really smart???? like seriously. and he told this story about how like, his cousin is gay and was being bullied for it by some kid and this kid broke his collarbone and legs
i was like oh dang, i can’t encourage him but i need him to know i’m impressed and that his cousin is lucky to have him
anyway!! after we were done the workshop we had food and i just grabbed mine and went to a table so i could chill and stim and this same kid comes over to talk to me
and he starts talking about astronomy and homophobia and his bisexual best friend and his gay cousin and he tells me he has ADD so i was like, huh i’m autistic i feel you and we started talking about stim toys!! so i offered him my tangle to try it out, and i told him where he could buy them if he likes it
and omg he just lit up, he said it was something that would probably really help him concentrate on homework so i just went “yknow what, you can take it” and he was like “what no i can’t it’s yours” and i said “i have like five. take it” and i’ve never seen a kid so happy about a stim toy before.
i like to think that hopefully it’ll make a difference to him

// luv me some titty
and thank you i’m glad you decided to submit something!! this was fun to write!


- NUT!!!

- He loves your boobs honestly– but he’s never really had much of a preference, small boob, big boob, good boob

- But he’s sohappy with your assets.

- Especially if you exercise with him and you pile on the sports bras; yet they’re still all over the place. Watching you fuss about it is so cute, he loves them. They’re so big and fill up his palms shit, he can’t get enough of it. Who needs a bra when you have his hands honestly


- This man loves him some ass and boob so hell yeah he’s so down

- He likes lacey bras on you because they just look so nice, he also really loves picking out clothing for you that would work well with what you have.

- Especially clothes that show cleavage, he loves being teased like that but he hates it at the same time since he can tell when straying eyes are on you; It’s makes him upset. Not at you, at the others. Can’t they keep their eyes to themselves? But he does know how difficult that can be, you are quite irresistible.



- Starry eyed little kid in a candy shop, he’s so immature sometimes but he can’t help it, they’re just so big and soft

- But he comments on how bulky your bras look, wires look so uncomfortable? Expect massages wherever you want; shoulders, back, even boobs tbh he’s happy to get his hands on them because they’re just so soft and squishy


- Okay but have you seen her honestly her boobs are so big good god i see why Jumin made her cover them up

- She loves them, like Zen; she’s never really had a preference but you’re just so pretty she can’t help but love the way you look.

- But she’s also a woman, so she knows the harsh struggles of having big boobs. She’ll give you back rubs, help you adjust your straps, go bra shopping with you and help you pick out cute but comfortable ones– etc.

- Blushes so bad when you wear something a bit more reveling to work on certain times, she can’t keep her eyes off you which causes her to make mistakes throughout the day.


- Grabs them all the time and goes
“ honk honk! ” don’t lie

- Your boob is literally his stress reliever; To hell with those kiddos over here with their orbeez and slime, he has the best damn XL orbeez he could ever have

- Grabbing your boobs has just become a good habit honestly, they’re just so soft and warm– What’s not to love?

Titty: Grabbed
Seven: Pleased
Stress: Released

the circle of life


- He finds all bodies absolutely beautiful, even though Rika was relatively petite and small doesn’t mean that’s strictly what he likes. Falls in love with personality over anything else.

- Can’t deny that you have an amazing figure. While cuddling as the little spoon he loves burying his face into your chest and literally never returning.

- 6 hours later everyone’s like where’s v? the boi in the tittie


- Whatever body you have– that’s his preference. He’s never been in love before so every bit of you is absolutely perfect. Including your amazing chest, damn you’re so beautiful.

- BITES expect bites and hickeys everywhere on your boobs. There will never be a time where they’re not covered with those oh so familiar tiny dark bruises; he’s basically obsessed with leaving his mark on you in that way.

- Like Saeyoung, he loves to grab and massage them when he or you are stressed. They’re just so squishy and big

Happy Ever After

Written for: Bethtastic’s 6K Writing Challenge

Words: 1682

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Prompt: “You’re my dream. You’ve always been my dream.”

Warnings: AU, Slight angst, fluff, Dean Winchester being perfect, pregnancy, alcohol consumption (mentioned)

A/N: Thanks for letting me join your challenge and I hope you enjoy! All mistakes are my own, gifs are found through google. Tags are at the bottom: Tagging a few blogs that I’ve seen but if you wish to be added or removed please just let me know. I’m not offended. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: The reader discovers that she’s pregnant and prepares to tell the father her childhood friend, Dean Winchester. However, before she can tell him Dean has secrets of his own and basically happily ever afters aren’t so rare. 

    “Oh god,” you take deep breaths trying to remember how to breathe as the tiny hunk of plastic seems to mock you from the bathroom sink. “No, no, no,” you murmur trying to fight back a wave of tears. You had dreamed about this for the longest time, but now that it was staring you in the face it seemed terrifying. No, it was terrifying. How could you tell him?

      “Y/N?” Charlie’s voice drifted from the opposite side of the locked door. “Y/N, Jess and I are right here will you please unlock the door and let us in?” You stand to unlock the door before returning to the edge of the tub with your arms wrapped around you as the door swings open revealing your friends Jess and Charlie.

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Okay so I might be the last person on earth who has seen this but damn that’s so very sad and entertaining at the same time. I mean look at them, doing their awesome acting (which I couldn’t but actually really want to after seeing stuff like this) while trying to stay serious. Those Deatheaters waving their wands, pretending to be fighting their greatest battle while it just looks like little kids having some fun with some sticks. I don’t know why I’ve never seen this before but it makes me so happy that I want it to play again and again and again. 

I know that filmmaking works like this.. it’s just so.. awesome seeing all this stuff from such a perspective. 

frodragondoodler  asked:

How would the papa turtles react to their kids first word?



He kinda stops for a moment to register it.

“Wait, wha’d you say?! :D”

He’s so happy!  His blue eyes sparkle and a smile adorns his face as he holds his child close.  He tries to get them to say the word again, but he just ends up laughing and snuggling them.

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(I fucking love this gif of Mark <3)


He freezes, and immediately calls for you.  “BABE!! HE/SHE JUST SAID SOMETHING”  You have never seen the man more excited and proud than Raphael is right then; it makes you smile as well.  He waits patiently for the child to say the word again, and even Raphael turns into a child then, trying to repeat the word so the baby could catch on.  He does this for a good 15 minutes.

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Is that a tear in his eye? Yes, yes it is.  He gets so taken back by it that he chokes on a few tears.  Donnie just stares at his child, playing with it’s little hands and fingers, praying that they will say whatever word again.  He’s very happy, and he grabs a video camera to record it.  If your baby says the word again, he squeals in delight and begins to make funny noises along with his child.  They’re both being adorable.

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He tries so desperately to get his little on the speak it’s first word again, he’s making noises, making faces and just being more goofy than usual.  And he wants you to see it too!  You’ve gotta be a part in this, you have to see this moment!  He’s such a proud papa, and he gives his little one so many kisses until he makes them laugh, which makes him giddy even more.

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"I'll protect you too" Derek Hale

Derek gets me and my car home safely, but late. My mom will probably ask questions, damnit. I’m not as good as I thought at hiding how drunk I am. A burst of joy pops inside of me when I see that her car is not in the driveway. She must have taken another late shift!

“Yay! Now my mother won’t see how drunk I am!” I squeal in delight nearly falling out of my side of the car. He speeds around and helps me to my feet, before I hit the concrete, and into the house.

“Here, sit down. Your going to wish you had in the morning.” He mumbles the last part to himself as he helps sit me down on my bed.

“Nope!” I pop the ‘p’ and cross my arms over my chest. “I don’t even get hungover! One of my many talents.” I poke my finger at his cheek before sitting down on the bed. It’s actually true, I’m not making that part up. I’ve never really had a major hangover before. Maybe a slight headache the day after, but that’s about it. Now that I think about it, that can’t be the healthiest thing.

He helps take off my shoes and jacket and puts them away neatly in my closet before sitting next to me. “Everybody gets hungover, Y/N.” He chuckles at me. “Ok, fine!” I flail my arms up in the air. “Just see for yourself!” He chuckles and nods.

He stays with me to make sure I’m safe until I fall asleep, but I just can’t seem to. I lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling feeling the alcohol fade away. He lays next to me, shoulder to shoulder, and I feel his warm hand dangerously close to mine. I slowly move my hand to his, intertwining our fingers. His warm hands feel amazing against mine.

“You’re cold.” He says. I smile, “I’m always cold compared to you.” I turn my body into his and cradle myself to his side. “Not always.” He hugs me to himself and smiles against my forehead.

“You’re already going back to normal.” I nod and look up to his eyes. “Told you.” I smirk. He smirks back but tries to hide it. “Yes you did.” He kisses my forehead, in between my eyes, my closed eyelids, nose, above my upper lip and my lips.

“I’m just glad you found a way to occupy your time while I was gone. Even if it was drinking until you couldn’t stand anymore.”

“Well I had to do something. Just waiting for you to come home was torture.” I bring my lips to his. “Like you wouldn’t believe.” He mumbles.

Another few hours pass by and I almost fall asleep to the feel of Derek’s fingers trailing through my hair, across my face, down my arms, and encircling around my waist.

“I can tell you’re not sleeping yet.” He whispers. I peep my eyes open at him.

“How?” He shrugs, “Just can.” I snuggle into his comfortable chest and curl my hands beneath my chin.

“It’s hard to sleep with your hands on my body.” He removes himself from me. “Oh, I’m sorry.” He honestly replies.

“No,” I place his hands back around me. “I didn’t mean for you to stop.” He then chuckles. After a few moments of silence he speaks up again.

“I hope this never changes.” I look up into his soft eyes and give him an inquiring look. “I mean… This. If every single day were like this I would be happy forever.” I feel a hot blush pass over my cheeks. “I would be too.” He presses his lips to my forehead.

I honestly never thought my life would be like this. I thought, maybe, I would someday find somebody I could stand and we would get married, be mediocrely happy, maybe have some kids and that would be it. But this… This is a love that’s so deep and so intense the ocean is jealous. When I think about it I can’t control how fast my heart starts to beat or how my insides just want to scream with butterflies. I love him so much I can’t stand it.

“You’ve seen Braeden’s scar, right?” He randomly asks. I nod, remembering the scar that takes up most of her throat. It looked like she had been malled by a monster. She’s been gone from town for a while, she left to pursue some other creature. “Yeah.” I reply.

“Well, another wolf did that.” He sees the furrow of my brows and un-shocked expression.

“I know, you already know that. I don’t know why I can’t forget about it, I just… Can’t imagine that happening. To anyone.” I watch his eyes as he thinks hard to himself. “They probably meant it too. But it could easily happen on accident. You just have to… Get mad. For a split second, lose it. And for that split second,” his eyes wander reflecting his deep thoughts. “someone just has to be standing too close. Sure, it healed and she’s fine now. But that scar will be there forever. Constantly a reminder to her of that pain.” I see the pain in his eyes as he talks.

“What if I got mad at you? Or around you? If I did that to you,” he trails off squeezing his eyes shut at the thought. “I don’t think I’d ever forgive myself.” I grab his hands in mine and hold them firmly.

“That won’t happen. I won’t give you a reason to get mad at me.” He opens his mouth to speak again. “And I’d never allow you to get that mad around me, or anyone else. I’ll be there, I promise.” This doesn’t seem to change his mind.

“Hey,” I whisper softly. I bring my hand up and lay it against his cheek, scratching my fingertips in his hair. “You won’t ever loose control over yourself.” I think for another moment of what I want to say.

“You’re always protecting someone else. The people of Beacon Hills, the pack, me… I want you to feel like you can lean on me for a change. I want to be the one to protect you.” I tell him honestly. He looks back at me with a sparkle in his eyes, something I haven’t seen before. Like I’m an apparition in front of him. Like a love and desire so deep it takes over him.

He shakes his head. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for you.” His hands come up to cradle my face. Our noses brush against each other from our close proximity, his stare never leaving mine. We look at each other like we’re about to kiss. His thumb swipes gently across my bottom lip, he leans in; he leans in so close I can feel his warmth radiating onto me. His eyes close as do mine and he ever so slightly kisses me, before he pulls back and wraps his arm around my waist. “I love you.” It comes out in a quiet whisper. I pull him into me once again crashing my lips to his for a kiss that lasts much longer and deeper, his body becoming my safe place.

Reasons why I love the phantom of the opera community

-mostly everyone here is so nice. Like, are you guys angels or something because you’re such sweethearts most of the time?

-Most people here are really critical when it comes to character accuracy, and a lot of us hate the idea of Erik being rapey and sex obsessed, we hate the idea of Christine being weak and defenseless, and we hate the idea of Raoul being clueless and useless.

-A vast majority of the fandom is very feminist and/or very accepting of people from all races, sexualities, backgrounds etc. You guys are one of the most tolerant fandoms I’ve ever been in.

-Literally everyone here would absolutely take the chance to raise Erik and give him love/affection if the chance were given to us.


-I’ve noticed a lot of people supporting the headcannon of Erik being asexual/demisexual and that just makes me happy on a personal level.

-You guys come up with the funniest jokes. Seriously, some of my favorite memes have come from the phantom fandom. You silly kids never fail to make me chuckle heartily with your dank memes.

-THE COSPLAY 🙏🙏🙏. I’ve seen some of the most incredible cosplay come from our community. A ton of people here are extraordinarily creative, and can come up with cosplay ideas that are so unique but still accurate to the characters.

-There is so little discourse here! I rarely see people fighting in this fandom, and honestly it’s so refreshing to have such little discourse (especially on tumblr).

-The fandom has introduced me to so many incredible musicals, a few of them being Cats, Spring Awakening, Next To Normal, Les Misérables, and Sweeney Todd.

-Most people here are very conscious when it comes to trigger warnings, and very few people here make fun of people’s triggers.

Feel free to re blog with your own reasons as to why you love our phantom community. I love you so much ❤️

Feel free to message me if you want to strike up a conversation, be friends, or just need someone to talk to

-Mod Christine

BTS: Reaction to you having a very caring side around young children

I wasn’t sure if you wanted a gif reaction or a fic, so since I’ve only done one gif reaction I decided to try another one. I hope you don’t mind, anon! Also, I personally think they’d all find it adorable, so I apologize if these are similar to each other ^^


When Jin offered to watch his neighbor’s daughter for the evening, you both were excited and planned many fun activities for the afternoon. After playing for hours, Jin made a delicious meal for everyone. “I never knew you were so good with kids,” he said as you three ate at the table. “I volunteered at an after school daycare every summer in high school, so I guess I picked it up from there,” you said as you spooned macaroni into Sungji’s mouth. “You’re so cute,” he cooed from across the dinner table.

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Having your niece over for the weekend was something you were very happy about. She was absolutely adorable and you hadn’t seen her in forever. However, she’d never met your boyfriend Yoongi and tended to be shy around new people. For the first few hours, she would stare awkwardly at him then look away. Whenever he tried to talk to her, she’d run and hide behind you and hide her face. However, Yoongi didn’t mind. He tried his best to hide the smile on his face as he watched you drawing with her. “How can she be this adorable,” he thought to himself.

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As you and Hoseok were walking through a park nearby your house one day, you two spotted a little boy sitting on a bench. He couldn’t have been any older than 10, but he was all alone and crying while holding a melted ice cream cone. “What’s wrong,” you said as you knelt down to eye level with the boy. “I think I lost my mom,” he said through sobs. Several questions later, both you and Hoseok found out that Johnny was at the park with his mother before he ran off to buy ice cream, then couldn’t find her after. You went to go search for his mother as Hoseok sat with him. A few minutes later, you returned with a woman sobbing the same way Johnny was. “Johnny, oh my god! I’m so glad you’re okay,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him tightly. “Thank you both so much. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t found him. Thank you.” “Without her stopping to see why he was crying, we might not have been able to find you. She’s really amazing,” Hoseok said as he looked at you lovingly.

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Trips to the park with Namjoon was something far more than regular. You two would often go to clear your heads but other times, like today, Namjoon would bring you along to help him with his songs. There was one particular area that you two loved, which had benches and was right near the lake in the middle of the park. As you two sat by the water, you with your guitar and him with his notepad, you began strumming softly as he wrote lyrics, stopping every now and then to take the view in. While playing, a little girl walked up to you and poked your arm gently. “Can I listen to you play?” Nodding as you looked around to her parents watching her, you began playing again. “I know that one! It’s twinkle twinkle little star,” she exclaimed as a grin covered her face. “You’re right,” you said in return. Namjoon watched you two with an adoring expression the whole time.

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Jimin’s family was one that valued tradition, which is why they had a family reunion every year. This year was the first time you were attending and you were so excited! As the rest of the adults set up tents, you, Jimin, and a few of his younger cousins all went exploring around the campsite. “Make sure you guys all stay in front of me, but behind Jimin. Watch your step and pay attention to anything on the ground. If you need to stop, just say so, okay?” “Aww, that’s cute. I’ve never seen you act like such an adult before,” Jimin shouted to you. “I’m always an adult, you aren’t. Watch your step,” you said just as he tripped over a rock and nearly fell. You couldn’t help but giggle to yourself as all of the kids erupted into laughter at his clumsiness.

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Having a dog was something you were, at first, opposed to. Taking care of Taehyung was tiring already, but adding another energetic person to the family was questionable. However, through lots of begging, you finally agreed to getting one. While strolling around the neighborhood, your dog leading the way with its tail wagging happily, you two were stopped by a boy who wanted to pet it. Before thinking, he reached out at patted its head, which your dog loved. “She’s really nice, but always remember to let a dog smell you first. If you don’t do that, it might get a little scared, okay? Here, try it. Just like this.” You stuck out your hand to Coco’s nose and she smelled it before licking it and you let the boy do the same thing. When Coco licked his hand, the boy started giggling to himself. “You’re so adorable,” Taehyung said as he watched you two.

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You and Jungkook both decided to work at a camp over summer break. It was only six weeks and you both needed the credits for school, so why not? The first day, like most, was pretty rough. By the second hour, paint was splattered all over your shirt, which Jungkook found hilarious until the same thing happened to him an hour later. You had to remind him that the kids were all eight and under and he had at least ten other white t-shirts at home before he finally calmed down. Finally, it was the last hour of the day and both you and him were ready to go home. As you started to solve a puzzle with Chan, a little boy who happened to love trains, Jungkook stopped halfway through and just stared at you sweetly. “Do I have something on my face or something, bunny boy?” “No, I’ve just never seen you like this. It’s cute.” Blushing sightly, you gave him a small smile. “Thanks, but you could help out too, you know,” you said as you side eyed him. “I am helping. I’m the supervisor, Mr. Bunny,” he said as he made ears on top of his head to imitate a bunny, which Chan found funny. Making one funny face after another, Jungkook and Chan both broke out into a fit of laughter at each other’s silliness over and over.

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Masterlist | Request are open!

People on Facbook are already complaining about Sonic Forces Gameplay

I don’t know about how people are reacting on other sites, I imagine youtube is a clusterfuck right now. Can–Can these people just be reasonable for once? Holy shit. Some people people in this fandom can never be pleased with anything tbh




Are yall kidding me right now??? Too fast? A boost mechanic you don’t even have to use? That’s what you’re complaining about okay

Tbh Tumblr’s side of the Sonic fandom has been very positive about the game so far (although just as upset about complaints as I am, which is totally understandable) and any criticism/hopes I’ve seen have been good and thoughtful and I just wanna say I’m so happy about this and I’m glad everyone’s giving Sonic Forces a chance here :)

Request- #19 with Dean 

#19 “You walked away. Not me.” 


summary- After 4 years Dean runs into the reader again, but something has changed

word count- 1500 

warnings- Angst if you look close, than fluff.

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“y/n; you froze when you heard his voice, it was a voice you hadn’t heard in  years. Slowly you turned around you knew exactly who was standing there before you laid eyes on him, and as soon as you did you instantly flashed back to that day.


"Dean I have to leave, I can’t stay here with you and Sam for any longer.” You say trying to hide the hurt in your voice. “What are you saying y/n you can’t just take off and leave after all these years.” He said his green orbs staring into your e/c ones. “Yes Dean can, and I have to. Trust me, this is for the best. Please tell Sam that I’ll miss him. And Dean-” you paused this was the hardest thing you’d ever done, leaving Dean like this with no explanation. “ you need to know this really is for the best.  No matter what happens, I will always love you.” You paused again thinking of  how much you loved-love him before saying something you’d never thought you would have to say. “Goodbye De.”  They were your final words to him as you closed the door to the bunker, and let the first of many tears fall.


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Make Me Proud - pt.2

Long Distance Relationship with Mark
Genre - Fluff (Slight angst but still not yet)


Mark had been gone for around two months, you missed him a lot but you still talked every day and it was fine.

It was a Friday, the day you always Skyped and as always you heard the Skype call ring. It was hard to Skype because of time zones. It may have been 4pm on a Friday for you but for Mark this was 8am on a Saturday.

“Hey y/n,” Mark called out cheerfully, waving to you across the screen. “How has your week been?” He asked. Nothing you spoke about ever had much consequence but you had fun together.

“It was good, I got full marks on my test and I should graduate in about eight months from now, as soon as I do I will come visit.” You replied smiling. Two months was a really long time in reality. But both of you liked to pretend it wasn’t.

“How about you?” You asked him. Mark looked happier than usual, something good must have happened.

“We have the last Rookies show ever in Bangkok next month, after that I’m debuting in the first sub unit y/n!” You clapped your hands together in excitement. He was achieving his goals.

“That has made my week infinitely better just by hearing that. Mark you must be the greatest rapper SM has ever seen.” He was young to debut so he really must be good.

“Are you eating okay though because I want to make sure they treat you right, don’t let them forget your still technically a kid Mark make sure you don’t get to tired.” It was just to reassure yourself he was okay. You knew Mark was okay.

“I tell you this all the time. I will never be unhappy working hard at what I love. Never worry. Make sure you are okay to, are you still being happy? Have you eaten some ice cream from our favourite shop on my behalf, because if you haven’t that would be unforgivable,” Mark said jokingly.

These chats made everything okay, Mark and you were so happy even when you had to deal with being far apart.

Mark turned round and shouted at someone behind him.

“Donghyuck! Yah Donghyuck! Stop it, annoy me some other time I’m talking to my friend from Canada!” He said. He had told you about Donghyuck. He always complained that he was really annoying and made his life unnecessarily difficult but you knew Mark loved him really.

“Ahhhh Marky are you talking to your girlfriend ahaha, let me say hi.” Donghyuck shouted in the background. At this point Mark got up from where he was sitting and held up one finger at the camera indicating he would be back in a minute.

After about thirty seconds, some whispers and some shuffling, Mark sat down again frowning with a Donghyuck sitting next to him that looked as if he was the happiest puppy alive.

“Hello y/n, nice to meet you. I am the rookies number one visual Haechan!” He spoke in Korean but you been studying so you could visit Mark more easily.

“Hey Donghyuck I have heard all about you,” you said grinning at Mark who looked most annoyed.

“Mark never stops talking about how much he misses you and how great you are, it’s annoying please come here so he will stop.” Donghyuck announced. You laughed out loud and nodded to him.

Mark pushed Donghyuck.

“I said you could say hi and you did. Now go find Jeno and annoy him instead.”

He got up and waved bye before leaving you alone again.

“I’m sorry for that, I know we don’t have a lot of time to Skype and he kind of ruined it.”

“No, no Mark. It makes me happy to see your friends and to see you have nice people to live with. I like Donghyuck he is funny.” Mark gave you a look.

“Not more funny than you though of course.” You said making a heart with your hand.

“Please stop, nobody wants to see your aeygo y/n.” He stopped laughing and looked over at the wall next to him.

“I know we joke and we can still be happy, but I do miss you y/n, I want you to know that. I have a lot of fun here with all my members and I am about to achieve my dream but without you it will always be less fun. I don’t tell you about my bad moments because I don’t have many and I don’t want you to worry. But I miss having you here.” He seemed sad.

“Mark…” you didn’t know what to say.

“I wish I was there to hug you and say it will be okay Mark,” you started, “and it will be okay, as you said the bad moments are very few. But I can’t sit and hug you it kiss your cheek to reassure you. But never feel like you can’t tell me something.” You assured him.

“As long as you are still my boyfriend and we still talk and we still Skype like we do now, everything will be okay. Also if you need someone to hug I suggest Donghyuck, he seems like a nice guy who could be a good substitute me.” You said.

Mark deadpanned.

“And we ended on a low with your jokes about my professional evil child/ band member.” Mark looked right at you.

“I will text you after practise and I will call you tomorrow. And I will see your face again next week as always. I love you y/n.”

“Love you too Mark.”

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i have managed to pass 34 years without knowledge of this "fonz" you speak of

The things you don’t know about your friends.

Arthur “Fonz” Fonzerelli was played by Henry Winkler, who was later the producer on “Sightings” (that show with the alien face in the opening sequence that scared the shit outta me when I was a kid).  Fonz is the guy in the leather jacket that would always greet everybody by going “Aayyyyyy!” and giving a double thumbs-up.  That alone is so embedded in pop culture that it’s an available emote in “Saints Row 2” (my character does it as a sign of approval–I almost made it the Saints’ “gang sign” as well).  “Happy Days” is also where the term "jump the shark" comes from, in reference to an episode where the Fonz jumps over a shark in a speedboat.  It’s that sitcom with Ron Howard (tall gangly redhead guy that’s a big-name director now, but he was also the little kid on “The Andy Griffith Show”) that’s set in the 50’s but came out in the 70’s. “Laverne and Shirley”, “Joanie Loves Chachi”, and “Mork and Mindy” were all spin-offs of “Happy Days”. 

I mean, I know not everyone around my age was as into Nick @ Nite as I was (when I was a kid, they didn’t have specialty channels that played what you liked 24/7.  Cartoon Network wasn’t a thing yet.  After 7 or 8 pm, Nickelodeon became Nick @ Nite, and played sitcoms and dramas/thrillers from the 50’s-70’s.  If you were a little ADHD shit that never fucking slept, that’s what you were stuck with), but the Fonz and “Happy Days” have been referenced and parodied so often, I would have thought by now that you’d have seen SOMETHING related to it…

@zmediaoutlet - I started a new post because the old one was getting so unwieldy, and we’re kinda going down a side path. R.e. the Stanford thing:

This is one of those things that I think SPN has… left to the viewer to interpret. The family relationship the boys have is obviously wildly unhealthy (…) Personally, I’m glad that they’ve stopped bellyaching about it. At a certain point, you just kind of have to… accept what is.) 

I actually couldn’t be happier they seem to have gotten to a place of relative peace on this issue too, partly because I want them to be happy, and partly because I just always thought it was a weirdly handled issue in the first place.

And here’s where I’m gonna be a giant freaking hypocrite, lol, because after my impassioned defense of Dan Brown-style writing, I have to confess it makes me sooooo pissy when canon SPN writing sucks in particular ways that i have a low tolerance for.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I think i feel like SPN is fandom’s property and the canon writers are interlopers or something, and if they’re gonna mess with *our* stuff, they should at least be careful. :) 
(*is not claiming to make any sense on this one*)

Anyway, my objection (at least in this case) isn’t that Sam and Dean and John shouldn’t act crazy or that the writers should try to fix all of their mental health issues (although I do think there are some parts they should work on fixing), but that their crazy should be, I dunno, dealt with in a way that makes sense, I guess?

Like, if a substantial portion of the audience is left with the impression that it really was a betrayal of the family that Sam went off to college- which seems to be the case- then I feel like that has to have come from the writing in some way. Because that’s an idea that’s way outside mainstream American thinking. Like, there’s probably ten parents in all of America who wouldn’t be happy if their kid got into Stanford.

And yet the writers never really built any case for it being a logical viewpoint given the in-universe circumstances, So overall, I’m just kinda left with a feeling of wtf is going on there?

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what you guys do is so freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hibari Yamamoto xanxus and Reborn with pregnant s/o that had been trying to hide pregnany due to fear of rejection i love you guys!!

admin adelheid



Kusakabe would be the one pointing this out to him. Hibari isn’t someone who likes people hovering over his shoulder and he is confident he could take care of himself so Kusakabe is in charge of guarding you. Of course, since he’s used to respecting the privacy of others he would do this in secret so he knew about your trip to the doctor and the results thereafter.

Hibari was never very good at beating around the bush so he confronts you about this immediately. He’s bemused as to why you would keep something like this a secret from him.

You tell him that you love him but you want to keep the baby. You tell him that if he didn’t want the baby you would leave and not bother him with child support and all the technicalities of being a parent because you didn’t want to get in his way.

To which he will respond with a fist through the wall beside your head.

“You are my mate and you have my cub.” he whispered to you fiercely, belying the cold man you had given your body to all this time. “Do you absolutely think I will allow either of you to roam unprotected? If you leave me I will chase you to the very ends of the earth and i will not rest until you are returned to my side.”


He suspected something was up when he saw the unused pregnancy tests still in the box while rifling through your bag for a mint. You tell him it was just to be safe but he had already seen you flinch at his stare.

How could you tell him? He never really said anything about wanting children. Sure he was good with animals but will that translate to children as well? Besides he had all those women practically throwing themselves at him. What if he wants someone else?

He then comes home and catches you locked in the bathroom crying.

He never wants to see you crying so he breaks the door down when you tell him you’re fine and refuse to let him in. As soon as he sees the double lines on the test a big wide smile spreads through his face and sweeps you in his arms before you can even try to explain anything.

“Darling,” he’ll whisper in your ear. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Anything you give me? It’s magic. I won’t let either of you go.”


It seemed like the most logical thing to do.

He was a Mafia Boss. A man with a dark past and an equally dark future.

Would he even love a child that can only be raised in such an environment or will he send you and the baby in some exotic prison to hide you from the world?

When Xanxus finds out he tries to exact revenge. He doesn’t have a good track record when it came to secrets and lies.

As soon as you walk in the bedroom he grabs your arm and throws you on the bed. He then attempts to put his knee on your stomach in an attempt to pin you down.

He becomes satisfied when you scream and curl up to protect your tummy, trembling and frightened and crying, begging him to stop.

And then you feel him lie down beside you and his arms wrapping around you tight. His face buried in your hair as he whispered harshly to you.

“Fucking idiot. Of course I want the brat. Stop keeping things from me, goddammit. You’re mine. Everything you have is mine. You can’t fucking run from me.”


As far as you knew he had never had a serious relationship with anyone. He wasn’t the kind of man who could be tied down. The only reason he’s been with you this long was because… Well you weren’t really sure either.

You knew he was a hitman, you weren’t stupid. He might try to keep things from you but it was hard to ignore the blood and the guns and connections. But despite all that you love him. You want to keep the baby. And if he thinks the baby was going to be in the way of the kind of lifestyle he was living you were prepared to leave if it made him happy. So you try to break it off.

His response was unexpected.

“No.” his voice was firm, his eyes were sharp, you’ve never seen him look so deadly when he was with you. It made your knees weak just staring in his eyes like that. “This is my child. Mine. I’ll kill every last fool who tries to touch my kid, do you understand me? I’m sorry, my love, but you’re my whole world. I can’t have you leave me. If you do I’ll lose what’s left of my soul.”

Then We Had You

Prompt: Children 

Summary: And just trying to absorb the reality of what had just happened. Of how their lives had just casually been altered forever. 

Rating: G

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: This is my second submission for the KagaKuroko Weekend Event. Their little ball of sunshine is an OC that @tetsucchin and I have created and sadly (not at all) love like our own. If you guys have time, you should definitely check it out and participate! 

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Alternatively, it looks like he took a break from working to fly all the way back to LA to see F for a few days. So he did 2 weeks away vs 3 weeks. It also looks like he very much has an excuse as to why he hasn't done all these shoots in LA (he wants to use his hometown). And AJ's tweet was on Mother's Day, so it could have just been that they were pissed he didn't wish B a happy one. I can't help but find the Anti explanation these days. His travel has legit never been a factor in all this.

Hm the tweet she liked literally said he didn’t saw his son anymore because he was up Elk’s ass 24/7 so that doesn’t make sense lol it’s obvious he hasn’t seen this kid in ages (also lol he got like 2 seconds with his own son in father’s day because, apparently the grandparents are the priority there even when the mother was travelling and he had all the right to have the kid for the whole day) 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:What is even happening with bg lol. I almost start to think they’ll have some printed interview mentioning that it’s not his son and that he asks not to ask questions about it… but then I remember he’ll have to promote his single. How can they end BG without him seeming, well, naive at the very least?

They can use the publicity of “not the father” to push his single. They don’t necessarily need to ask him questions, just publish the articles like “after finding out he’s not the dad blah blah he’s focusing on his new single and career - listen here” and just keep like this for a month or so 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:The thing is ….technically Ashley isn’t wrong for implying that because publicly that’s how it looks. Ever since Elounor came back, she tags along like a sad puppy everywhere he goes, he gets papped out shopping and goes to concerts in the same town his child is in…publicly it appears louis always chooses a woman over his baby so publicly he is a shit father.And now he is back in the U.K.,as if he couldn’t schedule his team to shoot in the US. Anyway louis isn’t a dad everything is a lie lol

Hm yes she is? If you believe in this, he pays for everything, even B because she doesn’t work, payed for her big ass house for months, basically payed for her new car, her new face, everything. While she never allowed him with the kid, obviously used the baby for promo, used his name for promo, didn’t allow the kid to go with him to the uk  and really, so many other things - he they cant’ play this little game of he’s such a god dad and at the same time call him deadbeat, it doesn’t work like this - she’s nasty and her like was nasty

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I know Lambert calls Harry sue as well as Nick.. my Lambert yesterday called Mitch nd Adam sue in his Insta story… Adams married to emi with a kid..

Well too bad then cause it’s gay 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:ok but how do we know sue is gay? I remember it first coming up a few years back in H’s birthday cake or something but I never knew where the sue = gay think, sorry

The gays in the fandom #confirmed is gay (bless them)