i have never once said i want to go to the mall

Victoria's Secret

My girlfriend is Transgender, not me, but this blog is dedicated to her transition and I really wanted to share this…

My girlfriend has always been the type that you have to REALLY push to get her to do something. I’d never make her do something she wasn’t comfortable doing, of course. Once she gets my annoying persistence, she’s a lot more relaxed and confident in herself.
About a week or two ago, drove me all the way to Victoria’s Secret to get bra sized. When we got to the mall, she started stalling by going to another store and looking at EVERY single piece of jewelry. I knew this was going to be one of those times I’d have to push.
Eventually we wandered into VS. I let her look around and she said she didn’t really like much and didn’t know what size to get. So I said maybe we should try on different sizes (which we’ve done at Walmart) and she didn’t like that. She saw that someone she knew worked there and it made her nervous. I strategically started “browsing” through stuff until I found other employees away from the person and stood near a lady and waited. My girlfriend got really tense and nervous again and I started quietly saying things like “Go on and ask her, I’m right here” and she got the courage to say “excuse me” to get her attention. I got nervous thinking she’d get scoffed at or even kicked out of the store, but I knew I wasn’t nearly as nervous as her, so I stood my ground and tried to look like nothing bad could possibly happen.
This was probably one of the best employees I’ve seen. She didn’t even assume I was the one trying to get her assistance. She thought she wanted to try something on at first, but then my girlfriend nervously stated that she needed sizing. Not the slightest hesitation came from this woman. She got out the tape, measured, and got us set up in a dressing room.
The first bra didn’t work out to we’ll (there’s some chest there, but she’s got broad shoulder and muscle). The lady got all kinds of bras to try on. She even saw that they were low on her size and ordered more. When things just didn’t work out, she asked for advice on how to help with the cup gapping and whatnot. She gave us suggestions and was really cool. I had to act all cool like this was no big deal, but inside I was really happy. I can’t imagine how that whole experience must have made my girlfriend feel.
If you’re the lady at Victoria’s Secret, I just really want you to know that even though you were just doing your job and being a decent person, you’re making life a whole hell lot easier for Trans girls. Thank you so much, on her behalf too.♡♡