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New Beginnings

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Summary: Dance Practice for the Yule Ball and Y/n and George are paired up to practice. Just flufffff! Also need to tag @notgreengrass for being the editor over my posts, and helping me with the ending. I have no idea what I would do without you, tysm for making my writing that much better!

Word Count: 1578

Pairings: George Weasley x Reader

The Yule Ball, as McGonagall described it, was a tradition that only happened during the Triwizard Tournament in which boys and girls — third year and up — attend a formal dance. The partying was what George was fine with, but the aspect he was had trouble with was the dance class.
Sure, on the outside he joked around about the ordeal with his twin brother, but on the inside, George was terrified. It wasn’t because McGonagall was forcing everyone to learn how to do the Waltz correctly, no. It was because of the person he longed to dance with.

Y/n stood just across the room with all the other girls. It was a sunny day, and so her y/h/c hair looked glossy from the diamond-like reflections of the large window. Her smile was captivating, radiant even, as she laughed at the sight of McGonagall and Ron dancing together. Her hips were swaying ever so slightly to the soft music bouncing off the stone walls of the room.

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beautiful ❦ peter parker

summary : there’s not a moment where peter thinks you’re anything less than unequivocally beautiful.

word count : 1.5k

author’s note : yo ok unrelated to the imagine but why does peter have like 87 fucking lamps what the heck there’s like 5 in that gif alone who can afford that many desk lamps

   If asked one day to describe you using only one word, which would be terribly difficult for him considering the boy rambles on quite a bit, Peter would say the first thing that comes to his mind most frequently when he sets those kind eyes of his on the girl he’s forever in love with: beautiful. Not just an outwardly sort of beautiful, though, because that’s shallow and Peter would never be shallow. Especially not with you. With you, his most carefully kept love, he ensured that he thought your mind was as beautiful as any physical feature you adorned, and that he loved every single part of you no matter what it was. The easiest way to put those thoughts was by saying that you were beautiful. 

   Which he said. Often. Without remorse, hesitation, embarrassment, he called you beautiful every chance he got, so you always knew what you were to him. 

   Peter sits on his bed with his laptop in front on the pillow next to him, staring at the screen in the dim yellow light of his room that makes his face look paler than it is when you see him in person. Half of his face is visible in the little window that he can see himself in, but you have your laptop propped on a bedside table so that you’re entirely visible while you read to him over Skype, the quality a little blurred. The quality of the video matters little to him. As long as he can see and hear you whisper the words to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn at two in the morning, he’s fine. You dread reading the book, but you need to for your honors English class, so you and Peter take turns reading every night. He’s gazing at you in that moonstruck way of his, cartoon hearts practically flying about his head as he pays more attention to the way your lips move around certain words rather than the actual sentences coming from your mouth. One of his hands rests under his cheek, propping him up on his elbow so that you can get a better view of his brilliant smile that is worn just for you. “You’re beautiful,” he sighs happily, dreamy and in love and cutting off your sentence about the beauty of trees with swift effectiveness. You glance up for the pages, yellowed with age, and grin so widely he has to repeat the statement just to see that again. “You’re so beautiful, just- just wow. Keep smiling. Please. Forever.” 

   If he was there with you right now, sitting next to you on the bed at a respectable distance to make sure your parents knew he wasn’t one of those boys but still holding your hand to keep the contact, you would’ve hit him with a pillow for making your cheeks glow the same shade as a freshly cut rose. You instead shook your head at him, shyly but jovially, thumbing the edges of the page. “As long as you’re here, Pete, I’ll be smiling.” 

   It’s probably the cheesiest thing he’s ever heard and he loves it. He replays the sentence in his head over and over again after you fall asleep still on the phone with him. He doesn’t end the call once he notices. He just types in the message section that he hopes you have sweet dreams (of him) and then turns on his side and goes to bed. He wakes up before you in the morning for school, and when you finally notice that you’re still on the phone after your eyes open just as he’s tying his shoe, he greets you with, “Beauty never rests, does it?” 

    He’s never been a fan of public displays of affection. He’s a naturally shy, reserved person, and he knows that kissing you in the hallways at school would gather a bit of unwanted attention. He’ll do it if he’s feeling bold enough that day, or if he can’t particularly resist the wanting of it, but it’s not often and you respect that endlessly. He is, however, a big lover of sliding notes over to you in the middle of class as inconspicuously as he can manage for a boy of his particular brand of clumsiness. You’ll be sitting in English class, raptly listening to the lesson being taught when a purple post-it is stuck on your back. He always uses purple for you because it’s your favorite. You reach behind you and Peter’s written looking particularly beautiful today, y/n. what’s your secret? on it and he adds a little smiley face at the end, followed by eight doodles of spiderwebs because he just can’t resist. He watches you suppress a beam as you fold up the note carefully and tuck it into the back of your binder. You have a collection of these sorts of notes from him in a jewelry box at home. When he meets you at the door to walk to the next class together, you taking his hand and kiss his knuckles for a second. 

    The rest of the day is spent with Peter running his fingers over that spot on his hand repeatedly. It’s a soothing gesture for him, relaxes him to no end. You do it as often as you can after that, almost as often as he says that you’re beautiful, but not quite as much. You can’t match him on that, even if you attempted it. 

   As mentioned before, though, it’s not just your outward beauty that he lives for, loves more than anything else, adores with all his soul. He thinks your mind is the greatest thing to ever exist, other than you as a whole. He fell in love with your personality before he really stopped to ponder the perfection of your face, the way it should happen for everyone. Every time you speak, raise your hand to answer a question, participate in a debate in class, show off your skills during decathlon practice, he stares in awe until someone pushes him over and scolds him for being so distracted during an important meeting. He catches your eye when this happens, and shrugs sheepishly, because you both know what had him so distracted and it certainly wasn’t the studying. 

   You showed him your journal once, where you jot down various ideas and snippets of stories and poetry and prose and song lyrics and all he can do is endlessly read through each page with careful consideration before he kisses you so quickly you don’t have to time to know that it’s going to happen. You open your mouth to ask what the hell that was for, but Peter always knows what you’re going to say before it comes out, so he answers the unspoken question without needing you to ask it. “Your mind- your thoughts. They’re beautiful, okay? You have a beautiful mind. You’re so intelligent. I- I am with the smartest person in the universe. Hands down. Your mind is so beautiful, Y/N,” he repeats, not letting you kiss him a second time. He wants more time to read what you’ve been writing all this time without showing him. He’s planting roses in your cheeks again, and they bloom for him as usual.

    You tell him that he’s the sweetest boy you’ve ever known with a joy filled laugh and an engulfing hug as you sit on his bed and kiss him sweetly, intensely, forcefully. His hands hesitated between resting on your cheeks or on your hips, but he settled on pressing them to your face as he pulls you closer. He’s backed up against his headboard, his fingers gliding through your hair and over your skin as you press a kiss over every inch of his face- his forehead, the tip of his nose, both his cheeks, his chin, the edge of his jaw, just by his ear, everywhere you can manage. They spill down his neck and you hear his breath hitch ever so slightly when you bite down for a few seconds too long. He’s panting when you lean back, his mouth parted as he stares up at you in wonder, in awe. Same as always, but still so lovely to see that it makes your heart feel like it’s flying. His hands come down from where they were entangled in your hair and go down your arms, taking your hands. “You’re so beautiful.” He says for the millionth time since you told him you adored him (not that you’ve been counting, not that you mind one bit.)

   “You’re not just saying that because you like making out with me, are you?” You quirk an eyebrow at him, a small smirk playing at your lips when his meets yours again. The softness of them pulls away for a second so Peter can show you that he’s shaking his head. 

    “Never! Never would I say that just to make out with you.” He squeezes your hands. “I mean it when I say it.” It’s his way of saying I love you without really saying those three words that he’s still just a little nervous to say, even though he knows he loves you and that you love him. “You are truly beautiful. Inside and out, always.” He’ll never stop reminding you of it, as long as he’s in your life. Which, incidentally, he hopes is forever. Or something along those lines.

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The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw - Everyone the One Direction boys have collaborated with on their solo material so far - BBC Radio 1
As rumours swirl about Louis working with Bebe Rexha, we look at the boys' other collabs

Exciting news for One Direction fans: it looks like there’s more solo material on the way from both Zayn and Louis. While Zayn’s collab with PARTYNEXTDOOR is confirmed and dropping “soon”, the Louis rumours all stem from one excitable Bebe Rexha.

“[I just finished a new song] with somebody really big from a boyband,” Bebe told CBS Radio’s Culinary Kitchen. “It’s a really massive record. We just finished it and it’s about to come out in a month or so and it’s amazing. It’s probably one of my favourite songs I’ve ever been a part of in my whole career.”

Hmm. We know what you’re thinking: there are many, many boyband stars Bebe could have worked with. But, when you consider Louis recently followed her on Twitter, and she followed him on Instagram… Yes. All fingers point to a Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha collaboration (we hope).

While we await further news from Team Tomlinson, check out everyone the 1D lads have worked with on their solo material (so far).

(very positive, nice summary that includes everyone)

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Canadian Boys l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

prompt: Shawn & (y/n) managed to go from ‘dream couple’ to a messy relationship in front of the cameras, and Shawn doesn’t seem to accept that his ex has decided to move on with the one and only, Justin Bieber.

Originally posted by ladycucciola

Shawn could feel his cheeks heating up as Ellen started a game of Who’d You Rather.

“Rihanna or Sophia Bush?” Ellen asked and pictures of both women appeared on the screen behind him.

“Sophia Bush, no doubt.” he said confidently.

“Hmm, looks like you had your mind already done,” she teased him. “Okay, Sophia Bush or Kendall Jenner?”

“Sophia Bush.” he answered with a hint of laughter on his voice.

“Wow, you’re very sure of yourself.” Ellen said and he shrugged. “Sophia Bush or Margot Robbie?”

“Oh, no! You can’t do that!” he said making the audience laugh. “Ugh, Margot Robbie.” he answered and the audience ooh-ed.

“Margot Robbie or Camila Cabello?” Ellen asked and Shawn shook his head.

“Camila is a friend, so…” he started but the host interrupted him.

“She sure is,” Ellen said, earning laughs from the audience. “So, Camila or…”

“You didn’t let me finish!” Shawn complained laughing.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s my show,” Ellen joked. “Camila Cabello or (y/n) (y/l/n)?”

Shawn felt his cheeks heating up profusely. “They both are very good friends…”

“Oh, is there something you aren’t telling me, Shawn?” Ellen asked.

“No! Of course no.”

“Then answer the question.” Ellen said smiling and looking to the screen where there was Camila and you.

Shawn bit the inside of his cheek. “(y/n), she’s amazing.” he answered and everyone seemed happy with his answer.

“Then I guess we have a winner!” Ellen announced as another picture of you filled the large screen. “Shawn Mendes everybody!”

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Love Over War

Characters - Peter x Reader, Steve, T'Challa, mentions of Tony

Word Count - 1029

Warnings - Fluff

Request - Hoooooows about the reader being SUPER smart about Peter’s age on #teamcap and set after civil war, when Tony is too big to reach out to Steve for help Peter contacts y/n and the team kinda gets back together ‘for the kids’ sake, cause they’re in 'puppy love’????!!!1!1!!1!? (Anon)

A/N - I went a little off from the request. Idk, I started writing and it just happened. Please let me know what you think!

“Y/N,” Steve mumbled your name after hearing you sigh for about the fourth time in the past half hour.

Though your eyes were glued to the window, he knew that there was a longing dancing within them. Your heart was aching and you couldn’t help the knots that twisted tightly in your chest as you thought about the fight in Germany. You wanted nothing more than to just leave, you hated that you had to pick sides on the matter.

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Sloppy Skype Call

Author’s note: I think that I’m honestly been on a CEO role, honestly I have been so into writing these imagines and I’m having so much fun with them. This imagine was not requested however it’s something I quickly threw together. When I post this it should be after I have posted part 2 of Daddy’s in Trouble and I will be free to get back to my requested imagines, but still feel free to send some more in. This one should be short and sweet, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. This is my first serious Calum write in awhile, so spare me if it’s trash I just had to write this because Calum is Daddy as fuck and I could faintly see him doing something like this.

His lips were just so soft and kissable, you couldn’t help yourself even if you tried. A surprise lunch visit to visit your loving husband turned to an all out make out session between you and Calum in his office chair. His hands were tightly secured around your waist as yours freely roamed over his clothes chest, your lips never leaving his and vice versa. “You know as much as I want to stay like this” Calum mumbled as his kissed slowly down your neck, stopping to softly suck on your sweet spot, “ I have a very important Skype call in 5 minutes that I have to take”. You let out a small huff, this was the price you paid for being married to one of the world’s most successful CEO. While you were so proud of Calum and would do anything to see the company and him succeed, you were hoping that today would be the day that you could have him to yourself for a little while longer. You sighed as you pulled away from Calum grabbing your clutch off of his desk, “Have a good meeting, see you at home, you spoke lowly. You tried to stand up but Calum’s grip around your waist didn’t loosen, “Hey hey, why the long face beautiful”, he brought his hand up to your face moving a strand of your hair behind your ear.  “Stay. Stay for the meeting and afterward”, he places a soft kiss on your bare shoulder, “I will clear my whole schedule for the rest of the day and take you out”. No matter how much you tried to deny it, Calum knew how to please you and clearing his schedule was the perfect step to finally getting to spend quality time with him. You smiled pressing a kiss on Calum’s lips, “ I want to go to Tiffany’s, I had my eyes on something there” “So it’s your as soon as the meeting ends, I promise”. You placed one last kiss on his lip before rising to your feet and walking over to the nearby couch in his office. You plopped down on the sofa, pulling out your phone letting out a small sigh. This was gonna be a long skype call and a long day.

Saying you were impatient was an understatement, you were only 10 minutes into the skype call and you were already bored out of your mind. Not only were you being deprived of Calum’s touch but you were also being forced to hear the most monotoned businessman blab at your husband, throwing out irrelevant stats and dry jokes. You glanced over to see that you were not the only one bored, despite Calum’s professional demeanor you could tell that your husband wanted to blow his brains out every time Mr. Muller attempted to make a business joke. You rested your head softly on your hand, as you continued to watch the skype call transpire you couldn’t help but become entranced by how good Calum looked. He had discarded his business jacket during your make out session which left him in his tie and his Gucci button up shirt. The way his shirt tightly gripped his muscular chest, the way his veins were prominent as gripped tightly onto the pen he was taking notes with, and the way his lips were slightly pouted left you practically drooling. You knew that you promised to sit tight until the meeting was over but you couldn’t help yourself he looked way too good not to touch. You slowly got up from your place on the couch making you way back over to Calum’s desk, Calum was too caught up in concentrating on M.Mullers business inquiries to pay attention to your sudden shift in position. You got down to the floor crawling the remainder of the way to prevent being seen by Mr.Muller, you managed to slip underneath Calum’s desk with alerting either one of the men. You smirked when you noticed the small tent in Calum’s pants, most likely coming from your makeout session; This wasn’t gonna be as hard as you thought. You ran your hands up Calums legs, your palms rubbing harshly over his bulge; Calum finally realized where you were and what you were doing, and to say that he was surprised only the tip of the iceberg. You smirked before you place your finger over your lips, signaling him to stay quiet not that he had much of a choice anyways, he nodded as he shuffled to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. Calum stared down at you as you pulled down his pants and boxers, your eyes met him as you began to pump his member in your hands.

“Mr. Hood are you there”, Mr.Muller questioned causing Calum’s head to snap up and stare into the camera.

“Yes yes sorry, I was just caught up in some thoughts”, Calum apologized and cleared his throat.

You giggled softly at Calum attempting to compose himself before you took all of him into your mouth. You began to bob your head, moving at an agonizingly slow pace which responded to with low growls that only you could hear. Surprisingly enough Calum was able to keep his composure, which allows you to give him the pleasure he so desperately wanted. You began to pick up the pace bobbing your head faster and faster, the tip of his swollen cock hitting the back of your throat each time. You noticed the veins of Calum hand were bulging out at this point, a sign that he was approaching his climax. You released his cock from your mouth, making a small popping sound as you did, replacing your mouth your hands pumping your hand up and down quickly.

 You glanced up at Calum, his eyes once again meeting yours as you opened your mouth wide and stuck your tongue out. You let your saliva slowly drip down to his cock as you batted your eyelashes looking up at him innocently

“God dammit (Y/N)” Calum groaned and tilted his head back in his chair.

“Mr.Hood.. are you alright?”

“Y- Yes, My wife (Y/N) has just informed me that we are having some issues with one of our ongoing conferences. I apologize but I have to leave and check on this”, Calum stuttered as he placed his hands on the back of your head, lowering your mouth roughly back onto his cock.

“Oh well, of course, I think we are done here anyways I will fax over the business plan and call your receptionist to schedule our follow up meeting”

“Yes, well thank you Mr.Muller. It was great doing business with you”, Calum smiled warmly as he heard you softly gagging on his cock.

“As you Mr.Hood, take care” Mr. Muller waved before hanging up.

Within seconds Calum rose to his feet and pulled your hair into a messy ponytail before he began to fuck your mouth. You complied swirling your tongue as he thrust his cock into your throat, soft moan was the only noise Calum could hear other than the sound of you taking his cock so perfectly down your throat.

“You just couldn’t wait, could you? (Y/N)”, Calum grunted as his thrust grew stronger and stronger in force

“Such a little cum slut, you just couldn’t wait for me to coat that pretty little face of yours with cum” Calum eyes were squeezed shut as help you in position for a while, his cock still deep in his throat you moaned loudly in response. Calum grip on your head loosened as he allowed you to catch you breathe, you let out a shaky breath before wrapping your lips back around his cock to finish what you started.

You knew Calum was nearing his end, his eyes remained shut as he bit his lip and softly raked his hands through your hair, this only made you quicken the pace of your head. Calum let out a noise somewhere between a whimper and a ground before he lightly pulled you off of him and began to quickly pump his member.

“Where do you want it” He grunted with each pump, trying to control himself and prevent himself from cumming. You pointed to your face biting your lip and closing.

“Fucking shit, baby”, Calum cried out as he reached his climax, his hot cum landing just where you wanted it.

Calum fell back into his chair, his eyes finally opened and relaxed as he slowly caught his breath. You opened your eyes, licking the remaining cum off his tip and taking the cum sprawled all over your face into your mouth.

“You are something else, Mrs.Hood “, Calum smirked as you rose to your feet and sat in his lap.

“I know I am but what are you?” You giggled before kissing his swollen, wet lips.

“Head over heel for you”

Perfect (Sam Holland)

Hey guys! I know I promised this to you guys last night, but I may or may not have fallen asleep before I could post it… oops. Anyway, it’s here now (only about 12 hours late XD). 

I want to apologize to any male readers because, as much as I try, I just can’t seem to write gender neutral fics. I’ve tried, I really have, but I just can’t seem to do it.

Word count: 1,132

Warnings: Nothing? Light making out if that counts.  And possibly so much fluff you might die? Cute Sam? oh wait no, that can’t be a warning, that’s a constant thing.

“Sam!” Y/n’s sweet voice rang throughout the Holland house.

“What?” he responded to his girlfriend immediately.

“It’s raining!” was her enthusiastic reply as she raced into the room Sam was in, her socks slipping on the floor nearly causing her to fall over.

“And?” Sam questioned, not quite sure where she was going with this.

“And I want to go out in it. Catch up Sam, I thought couples were supposed to be able to read each other’s minds!”

Sam rolled his eyes at her smart-ass comment before commenting, “Darling, if we go out in the rain we’ll get sick.”

“That’s not true, Sam! The temp or whether or not it’s raining has absolutely nothing to do with sicknesses.” She was already putting her shoes on in preparation, and he finally gave in.

“Fine,” he sighed. “I’m coming.”

Within a few minutes, the two were ready to venture outside (it only took that long because Sam was trying to convince Y/n to wear a coat).

Throwing open the front door, Y/n ran out into the street and spun in a circle, drenched in seconds. Sam followed behind more slowly, mostly because he was so focused on her figure, but partially because it was dark and wet and he hadn’t wanted to go outside in the first place. But, he had to admit, it was all worth it seeing the look on her face when the rain landed on her cheeks and slowly ran down her jaw.

She spun for a few seconds until she got too dizzy to continue, and when she stopped she nearly fell over; Sam caught her before she could hit the ground. He pulled her upright and it only took a moment notice the position they were in. His arms were around her waist, and her hands were clutching his shoulders gently to steady herself. As she looked up to meet his gaze, he blushed furiously before speaking.

“Darling, would you dance with me?”

Her eyes widened slightly, completely caught off guard by his request. “But love, there’s no music,” she began, opting to point out the obvious rather than try to voice the fact that they were in the rain… and people only dance in the rain in books and movies… right?

A small smile took over Sam’s features before he replied, “Darling, we don’t need music. Besides, you’re my favorite song anyway. I could listen to you for hours, days even, without getting tired of it. And it’s not only your words, either,” he added. “You could never speak again, and I’d spend all my time listening to your breathing, or maybe I’d listen to your heartbeat instead.”

Y/n was rendered speechless by his words, and although she’d never admit it, she may have teared up slightly. After several long moments of silence, she finally managed to speak. “Sam, you’re incredible. And as cheesy as that was, I love you so much. So yes, I’ll dance with you.”

And so they danced. Neither of them really knew how, but they tried, and it was perfect. They were together, and they were happy.

As they swayed, Y/n couldn’t help but let out a light chuckle. She couldn’t imagine how odd they must have looked to their observers, if any were present. Their clothes were completely soaked, their hair too, and yet here they were; swaying back and forth in the rain, completely consumed in each others eyes, at least mostly oblivious to their surroundings.

“What?” Sam’s voice broke through her thoughts, bringing her back to the present.

“Hm?” she responded, slightly confused.

“You laughed. I was wondering what you were thinking.”

“Oh, just how ridiculous we must look,” she giggled again. “I mean, we are dancing in the rain, completely soaked to the bone.”

“Nah,” Sam breathed, pressing his forehead to hers. “I think we’re fine. It’s more likely that whoever’s watching is jealous of me for having such a wonderful girlfriend.”

Y/n felt a small grin overcome her face as she looked at him affectionately. “You’re such a dork,” she whispered before pressing her lips to his in a short, sweet kiss. When she pulled back to look at him, she met his gaze, and before she knew what was happening, their lips met again, more passionately than before. Her hands, previously wound together behind Sam’s neck, worked their way into his hair, combing through the soft curls.

One of Sam’s arms simply tightened around her waist, pressing her to him, while the other came up to her neck, fingers winding their way into the hair at the base of her neck.

Sam mewled in protest when Y/n pulled back to breath. The moment her lips were no longer on his, his mouth moved to her jaw and neck, placing slow, open-mouthed kisses there before choosing a spot and sucking slightly, probably leaving a slight mark.

“Oh god, Sam,” she breathed, the sensation overwhelming her. “Sam- Sam stop, love.”

He pulled away, embarrassed and already flushed red. “What’s wrong? What did I do? Oh god, I messed up, I’m sorry-”

Y/n placed another gentle kiss on his lips, cutting off his apologies. “Sam, you didn’t do anything wrong. Hell, I loved it. However, we’re still in the middle of the street.” As if to emphasize her words, the rain began to come down harder, drowning out any sounds further away than they were to each other.

Realizing that she was right, and that he hadn’t done anything to upset her, Sam let out a breath of relief before releasing a small chuckle. Admittedly, he was only just realizing how cliche their actions were. Y/n joined in with his laughter, and soon a chorus of giggles could be heard from the road.

After their random moment of amusement ended, they were again left in silence, and it was only a matter of seconds before Sam’s lips were on hers again, this time in a slow, romantic kiss that showcased their feelings for each other, placed them out in the open, on display for the world to see.

Yes they were just kids; yes they were each others’ first love, but what they had was real; what they had was true, and what they had would last a lifetime.

Sam was the one to pull away this time, but he didn’t go far. His forehead pressed against hers, and a hand came up to tuck a piece of Y/n’s dripping hair behind her ear.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered, more to himself than her, though she heard it anyway, due to their close proximity.

“Love, I’m a complete mess,” Y/n protested weakly, turning her head away and looking at the ground.

“Darling, I don’t care. Mess or not, you’re perfect. Completely and utterly perfect.”

Thanks so much to @sam-a-holland for proofreading this for me! You’re a lifesaver! @suit-lady I know I told you I was writing a Haz x reader a while back, and I wanted to let you know that it’s almost done. In the meantime, enjoy this fluffy piece of shit XD. And last but not least, @hufflepuffholland ilysm, thanks for putting up with my rambles last night. I hope you die of feels. (or at least cry. crying is cool too).

anonymous asked:

6 24 35 with bucky if youre still doing the promts thanks

Send me prompts guys . I want to write them .


Other requested prompts will be posted tmr . 

#6“I cant believe i am doing this”
#24“Dont say anything or Ill rip your tongue “

#35“You’re gonna what”

I cant’t believe I am doing this .” you muttered to yourself as you clicked the confirm delivery and closed the laptop . Before anyone starts judging  hear this out , living in the tower and having an active sex life isn’t easy . Unless you were already with another avenger . But unfortunately for you going out on dates and actually meeting people was a no-no . Since you spent a lot of days out on mission and coming back you didn’t have enough energy to actually dress up and go out .  

And no one was making it easy for you. Everywhere you look there are these incredibly hot men and women barely wearing anything due to the scorching heat.

It was also tiring to see all these loved dovey couples making out in front of you and walking away probably  to have sex . It also didn’t help that you and Bucky were the only ones single . Like he can’t catch a fucking clue . Anyone within a mile radius would know and could see your massive crush on Bucky . Sometimes it felt like he just acted that way to rile you up . Soft touches , seductive glances , double meaning sentences , only added to your suspicion .

But obviously that old man was doing nothing . And you were getting frustrated . So you ordered a love egg . Yes ,a vibrator . At least that will give you love . Right? Wow . So lonely .

But fuck it . If you could make yourself happy and make yourself cum to the thoughts of James Buchanan Barnes you will do it . You will do it a million times . Also it is easy to carry . So , you can do it anywhere .

But what you feared the most is that the delivery address is the tower and if someone gets a hold of it before you do , you will never hear the end of it .

For the next 3 days you were so excited . And the guys picked it  up . They’d ask you so many questions . And you’d just laugh it off.

“Oooo Y/N . Do you have a date ? Is that why you are so happy?”Sam teased you as you all sat for dinner .

Bucky’s visibly tensed and his jaw tightened but your eyes were fixed on your food .

“Don’t know Sammy , you tell me.”. you say with a shrug .

After dinner you strut to your room only to find Bucky leaning against the door .

“Hey , what’s up?”, you asked trying to act cool . Like your heart rate didn’t speed up by a million times only at the sight of him .

“Umm , nothing  . Nothing . I just…”, he said as he looked up at you .

He just left without saying anything . You wanted to stop him but by the time your stupid brain could comprehend it he was gone .

But your mind couldn’t think about that . All you could think about was the delivery tomorrow . You got a message saying your item will be shipped tomorrow .  FUCK . You couldn’t wait to use it .

Morning came by pretty fast . You were just walking around the gate . Every five-ten minutes you’d just peak out  .You didn’t want to risk it getting caught.

But you had to pee so bad , so you decided you’d make a quick run to the bathroom and comeback . You threw your phone on the bed and went to do your business . When you came out , you saw that your phone lit up in notification .


You ran as fast as you could , trying to not slip on the floors and break your head.

You took the turn and reached the gate .

FUUUUCKKK . This can’t be happening .

You saw Bucky holding the package , the cardboard cover already ripped off . You were just looking at the package , not having the courage to look him into his eyes  . You slowly lifted your head and found him smirking at you . FUUCK  . WHY???Why did it have to be him ?? At least it wasn’t Sam .

He started walking towards you , more like strutting towards you and you backed away . What if he was going to tell the others . The kind of creepy smile he was giving , you were sure he will spread it out  .

Don’t say anything or I’ll rip your tongue out.”, you hear yourself saying . But obviously that didn’t deter him . His smirk only grew deeper and his eyes darker .

“That’s not how you say please Y/N. But don’t worry I don’t plan on telling anyone.”, you sighed heavily . He is a nice man after all .

“On one condition.” FUCK .Maybe not such a nice man .

“Which is?”, you ask curiously and a little irritated.

You now realised that you managed to walk into an empty room . He closed the doors and locked them up . You were both alone in here .

“I am going to try it out on you .”

You are gonna what?”, you said instantly .

He backed you up against a wall , his breath fanning over your face .

“I will not tell anyone about this if you let me try it on you . You know , to check if it is working.”

Yeah right . To check if it is working.

He ripped the box and now had the small egg shaped vibrator in his hand . His pressed the button and it started vibrating .

He lifted it up to your face and dragged it along your neck .

“Bucky…”, you moaned as it hit the sweet spot between your neck and collar bone .

You cupped his face and brought his lips to yours  . The kiss was urgent and full of desire . You broke the kiss when you felt your nipples hardening below the vibrator . He circled it around your hard nipples as his other hand pushed your shorts down to your knees  . He turned you around suddenly and pressed you against the wall and pull your hips out .

He wrapped his flesh arm around your waist as the other travelled down to your soaked panties .

He rubbed your clit with the toy from over your panties . He increased it’s frequency and a jolt of pressure hit you . You pushed back into his crotch , only to find him hard as fuck .

“Fuck baby , you are soaking wet.”, he whispered into your ear , pushing the vibrator with more force .

“Please.”, you whined .

He seemed to understand what you wanted and he pulled your panties to your knees and spread your lips with the toy .

You knees gave out , and your whole body was convulsing at the intensity of it , but luckily Bucky had a tight grip on you .

“You like that Y/N?”

“Yes , so fucking much.”
“So this is what you’ve been excited about. I thought you had a date.” It sounded like he was kinda jealous .

“Were you jealous?”, you asked teasingly .

He pushes the head of the vibrator slightly into your dripping cunt , while the side still stimulating your cunt .

“Me? Jealous? No way baby doll . I am not jealous of anyone .”
“Mmmm , fuck Bucky .”
“Are you gonna cum ? Are you gonna cum for me Y/N?”

“Yes , yes , yes, fuuucckk…..”, you moaned as you went limp in his hands , you came harder than before . Soaking up the vibrator and his metal fingers .

He held you until your breathing regulated and turned you around . He placed a soft kiss on your lips . You moaned into it and so did he .

“You know , you could have just asked me . My metal fingers do exactly what that toy does .  Maybe better.”


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Beach Day


Word Count: 1420 

A/N: Some Warren x Reader smut for youuuuuuuu. Not my finest work I’ll admit but it’s not absolute trash so I’d say it’s an accomplishment

You leaned back on the bed, glancing around Warren’s room in disdain. It was hot. Too hot. The air around you was thick and muggy, the sweat was sticky on your skin and you tried to ignore the hair plastered against the nape of your neck. The humidity made it difficult to breath and you wondered, impatiently, when Warren would be back.

 You had been asking him for a while now if he would take you to the beach and his answer was always “no, maybe later”. Finally, though, after months of persistent nagging, he had said yes. You had checked the weather multiple times, trying to find the perfect day for a beach trip. After careful consideration you had chosen today. The weather had said clear skies and delightful warmth, you scoffed, this choking heat was anything but delightful. 

You had worn your swimsuit under a thin t-shirt and shorts but after around ten minutes in the blond boy’s boiling room, you had decided to lose the shirt, and after five more you shed the shorts as well. Now you were lying on Warren’s bed in only a swimsuit, silently cursing the gods of air conditioning for the pitiful electric fan he used to cool down his dorm. 

You sighed sitting up again and pulling your hair into a crude updo. This was too much. He’d said that you’d leave around eleven o’clock and it was now, you glanced at the small electrics clock on his nightstand before flopping back down, one sixteen. Maybe you should just leave, it didn’t seem like he’d be showing up any time soon and you weren’t about to waste more time to see if he would. 

“Hey, Y/n. Sorry I’m late.” 

You craned your neck to see Warren slip into the room in only a pair of swim trunks that sat low on his muscular waist and hugged his thighs just tight enough for you to see his muscles flexing. But even his good looks wouldn’t save him from the fact that he was two hours late. Besides, he was your best friend and it was irresponsible to look at him like that, end of story. 


“Yeah?” He looked up at you, his eyes automatically drinking in the way little beads of sweat carved paths down your neck and over your collarbone and into the valley between your- 


“Yes?” He shouted suddenly, checking your face for any signs that you might have seen him checking you out. 

“You’re so late!” You marched towards him nudging his shoulder with yours. “You better have been dying.” 

No. You hadn’t seen. 

“What are you waiting for, ya overgrown chicken? Let’s go!” You grinned tugging at one of his wings playfully. 

Your gesture was instantly responded with a low moan from Warren, which he instantly attempted to cover up with a coughing fit. Heat bloomed in your cheeks and your eyes fell to the floor. 

 Did he really just moan? For real? Did you make him moan? You did. You totally did. That was definitely a moan and you definitely caused it. 

You glanced back up again, meeting Warren’s sapphire eyes timidly. Yet they weren’t angry or embarrassed as you thought they might be. His eyes were darker, almost colbalt and his gaze had changed. You’d never seen him like this, he seemed almost… predatory. 

He started towards you, for each of his steps forward, slow and decisive, you stepped backwards. He continued forward until the back of your knees hit the bed and you fell backwards. In an instant he was above you, his feathery wings forming a pearly cage around the both of you. He peered down at you and and with the closeness of your faces you could finally determine what it was in his eyes. Lust. Lust was a fire in his eyes, apparent in the way his tongue traced his lips and how he studied your face and the curve of your neck. His breath was hot as it fanned against your skin. 


He let out a rumbling moan. “You have no idea what you do to me, love.” 

You watched with apprehension. You wanted this, you needed this. Your back was arched toward basically begging for it but still, a part of you knew that this was wrong. 

 “Warren. You’re my best friend. We- we can’t.” He brought his lips down to your ear, lightly sucking on your earlobe. 

“Princess,” His whisper tickled your ear, his breath sending tingles down your spine and to the familiar knot tightening inside. “We can be more than friends. We can be whatever you like.” 

He continued working on your ear, his light, open mouthed kisses trailing along your jaw and down your neck. You clenched your thighs, desperate for some friction. 

“Ok.” You it was a breath, barely a whisper but it was all Warren needed. He began his assault on your neck, almost instantly finding your sweet spot causing you to moan loudly and turn your head to the side, allowing him more access. He supported himself with left hand, his right trailing down your body, pausing at your breasts to play with your nipple, rolling it slightly between forefinger and thumb, before moving on. He found your hips and trailed his hand along your hip bone before moving it downward, skimming over your heat teasingly causing you to whimper out loud. 

His large hand gripped your thigh, shifting his wings slightly and pulling one after the other, over his shoulder allowing him better access to your wetness. He crouched down, his face now in between your legs, his hands running up and down your inner thighs. 

“Warren.” You exhaled sharply as his lips found your folds, his tongue running along your slit. “Please.” 

He smirked up at you, catching his lower lip between his teeth. “Please what, princess?”

“Please!” You were begging now, your hands massaging your breasts, desperate for some relief. “Please. I need you.” 

He dipped his head down again, swirling his tongue around your clit before sucking on it gently. God was he good with his mouth. You clenched the sheets tightly as poked his tongue inside of you, finding your g-spot. 

“Jesus!” You gasped as he continued to eat you out. 

He chuckled lightly. “Not quite, sweetheart.” He kissed your clit once more before moving up towards you again, positioning himself at your entrance.

 “Ready, princess?” 

You managed a quick nod, running your hands down his muscular chest. He pushed in slowly, moaning into your neck as he stretched you. You gasped, squeezing lightly at the bone of his wing. Your movement prompted a loud groan from the blond who, in turn, thrust his hips into you harder. His pace quickening as you continued to massage his wings, your fingers running along the bone and finding the sensitive area where they protruded from his skin. 

“Oh fuck, Y/n.” He slammed into you rougher now, sucking at your neck desperately. “Keep doing that.” 

You let your fingers rub his back, whimpering as his pelvic bone rubbed against your clit, bringing you closer and closer to the brink. 

“Shit.” Warren hissed through his teeth, his lips capturing yours in a heated kiss. “Fuck, you’re so hot, princess. I’m so close.”

“Me too.” He brought a hand down to your pussy, his fingers roughly rubbing your clit, thrusting you into your orgasm. You moaned as the coil inside you exploded, pleasure pounding through your veins.


His hips stuttered as he struggled to pull out, quickly rubbing himself as white spurts of cum coated your stomach. He sighed as he finished, falling onto the bed beside you. He was the first to speak, his voice hoarse and words slurred with post-coital bliss.


“Yeah.” You exhaled, looking towards the man beside you. 

He looked amazing, almost godly. His skin shone with a thin layer of sweat, his golden curls swept up and spilled across the pillow. How was this even possible? No one looked that good with sex hair. He reached over on his side, retrieving a box of tissues from his night stand.

“Here.” He glanced down at your abdomen quickly, pink blooming in his cheeks.

You giggled, taking the tissues. “You know, tissues might not cut it.” You peered up at him. “I might need a shower…”

You eased out of bed, making your way to his bathroom. You looked back at him over your shoulder, one hand on the bathroom doorframe.

“You coming?”

lost and found

summary: adrien and marinette get drunk together, adrien spills his guts, and marinette quickly realizes that the partner she lost two years ago after the defeat of hawkmoth is right in front of her. oh, boy. aged up AU.

genre: romance, humor, angst, crying children 

cross-posted: ao3


“Do you remember Ladybug and Chat Noir?”

Marinette felt her brow furrow in a knee-jerk reaction. She almost wanted to laugh. Did she remember Ladybug and Chat Noir? She had lived and breathed Ladybug and Chat Noir. They formed a core part of her soul. But it had been a long, long time since Paris had needed its heroes.

After the defeat of Hawkmoth, Chat Noir had disappeared. And after a few weeks of showing up on rooftop after empty rooftop waiting fruitlessly for her partner to come out from the shadows, Marinette had forced herself to retire Ladybug as well. After a tearful goodbye with Tikki, she’d handed the earrings back to Master Fu and assured him that if evil ever returned to Paris, she’d take them back in a heartbeat.

The depression that had ensued had been unfathomable in its depth. The eighteenth year of Marinette’s life was a black hole that she hardly remembered.

Subconsciously, Marinette raised a hand to one unadorned earlobe. It was only when she saw Adrien look at her curiously, cautiously, that she realized she hadn’t responded yet. “Uh—uh-huh,” she said, nodding.

“Well, what if…” Adrien’s eyes fell to his hands, which were folded in his lap, but he appeared to force himself to look back at her once more before continuing to speak. “Mari, what if I told you that I was Chat Noir?”

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I was going to try to do a Star Wars novels post this week, get back in the swing of things, but I can never stay away from STAR WARS fic for too long, there’s just too much that’s incredibly good! There’s so much that’s either just spot on to the characters or just hits the id or does something so clever that I’m enthralled (or does all three!) that is amazing and everyone should come scream about them with me!

Cataclasm by dendral, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & waxer & cast, 45.6k wip
   For reasons unknown to all but himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi has left the Jedi Order in the midst of the Clone Wars, taking with him a single clone. Anakin Skywalker has been unofficially tasked by the Order to find Obi-Wan and bring him home. Unfortunately for Anakin, it seems his former master is always ten steps ahead of him.
Fountain of Force by esama, qui-gon & cast, final fantasy 7 crossover, 8.9k
   In which Qui-Gon Jinn comes from Gaia.
Shih by esama, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon, time travel, 8k wip
   Obi-Wan Kenobi has a vision of the future, and tries to change it while elsewhere Ben Kenobi dies.
Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, 40.8k wip
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
Ascension by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, soul marks au, 1.2k
   Anakin loathes the soulmark Obi-Wan bears, a black dragon that will one day take his beloved master away from him.
At Your Service by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, crossdressing, spanking, 1.9k
   Anakin dresses up in a maid outfit and he and Obi-Wan have some fun. Just smut.
untitled by stonefreeak, shaak ti & yoda & kit fisto & mace windu & cast, 1.3k
   When Shaak Ti returned to Coruscant she had not expected anything remotely as dire as an explosion at the Senate—injuring several senators and staff, killing two, and leaving Master Kenobi in a critical condition—to happen.
Respite by GirlwithCurls98, anakin & ahsoka & rex & cast, 4.9k
   After a particularly grueling mission, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and the 501st are sent to Kamino for some much needed medical care.
Pursuit by Icse, obi-wan/anakin, mildly nsfw, modern au, 6.8k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is a Grand Prix jumper transitioning into the Eventing world. While his scores are good during the cross-country and show jumping phases of Eventing, his dressage scores are abysmal. His sponsor sets him up as a working student for two-time Dressage Gold Medalist Ben Kenobi to help him pursue his dream of competing in the Olympics.
Untitled part 1 + part 2 by glare-gryphon, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, a/b/o, 2.4k
   Prompt: Anonymous asked: Hi are you still taking prompts at the moment? If yes how about Alpha Obiwan who when in rut tends to loose himself in his (very protective) instincts, while Omega!Anakin very much keeps his head and is very aware of what goes on around him but still willing to indulge Obiwan’s somewhat ridiculous alpha instincts
On the Day After by victoria_p (musesfool), anakin & bail & breha, ~1k
   Vader has many questions, and only one place to turn for answers.
i’m just a kid of ill repute (and this skin i wear is my only suit) by SashaSea (SHCombatalade), obi-wan & anakin & padme & cast, kingsman fusion, 5.6k
   “This is a disaster,” Anakin huffs out a near laugh, passing his remaining grenades to Obi-Wan. He accepts them with a grin and a few spare magazines for Anakin’s pistol, bumping their shoulders together. “This is fun.”
Ain’t No Light Without the Dark by lumenbriide, obi-wan & anakin, 2.2k
   “You should have joined me all those years ago, Kenobi.” Anakin overhears Dooku remind Obi-Wan about the temptation on Geonosis, and suddenly, Obi-Wan isn’t as infallible as he seems. He has secrets, just like Anakin; and their bond can only get stronger.
Rewrought by esama, obi-wan & qui-gon & maul, time travel, 4.4k
   Bit o time travel
Faithless by esama, obi-wan, 2.5k
   Obi-Wan loses his faith in Tatooine

full details + recs under the cut!

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Another Carter Pt. 6

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Bucky Barnes x Reader , Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Swearing , fluff, angst .

[ Tumblr isn’t letting me tag in my posts, so I’m tagging everyone I can in the comments, sorry guys ;(]

Another Carter MasterList     MasterList

  Maybe having your secret out wasn’t so bad after all. Over the time you’ve been at the tower youve managed to get close with the entire team, especially Steve and Bucky. After your very …. physical experience with Bucky on the couch you guys didn’t speak of it . But things didn’t get weird , it was just a silent understanding . Your friendship remained easy and fun , just as yours and Steves . The only difference is Bucky flirts with you constantly , while steve only sneaks in flirting a couple times but it’s never awkward.

 You promised yourself you’d never see steve as anything more than a friend , but sometimes you find that line blurring . He’s so sweet towards you, but he also a large ball of sass . He calls you out on your shit and when you give him attitude he gives it right back . You can see why him and Bucky are so close , they are both little shits .
You’ve tried to keep your feelings for Bucky at bay, but that man is relentless . He looks for any chance to touch you, when he walks by he’ll brush his hand against yours, or he’ll swipe a stray piece of hair behind your ear for you. He somehow manages to find a new, terribly cheesy pickup line every day to drop on you just to make you laugh .

 Today is the first day in a while where all three of you are free for a movie day, and you are beyond thrilled . It’s been too long since you’ve gotten to help catch them up on movies and shows . Today you’re planning to start supernatural, and parks&rec.

You throw on your pj shorts and tee and start on your way to meet the boys in the communal TV room . Stepping off the elevator you’re met with the boys voices arguing, what the hell could they be fighting about?

“ steve she made it clear she didn’t want anything more with you , don’t push her.”

“ I can’t help it , I just- I have this feeling Bucky. even if she wasn’t related to Peg I’d still be interested in her! There’s something-” shit.

“ what if I’m interested in her already?” I have to be dreaming right now , what the hell is happening?

“ buck-”
“ I’m serious steve , I was planning on asking her -”
“ and you weren’t even going to tell me?! ”

“ why on earth would I need to tell you? For approval? She’s not your girl Steve !”

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

I am not coming between this friendship . Fucking fuck fuck . You clear your throat signaling tour presence .

“ am I interrupting something ?” You ask hesitantly .

“ n-no you’re not doll. What’re we we watching today ?” Steve ask, forcing a smile .

“ supernatural and parks & Rec. I think you guys will like both !”

The tension dies out when start supernatural , settling yourself between the boys and leaving equal distance between all of you. You don’t want to make either of them feel left out or angry our jealous .

  Within the first two episode of supernatural both boys scoot closer to you , both of their shoulder brushing against yours . Steves arm is around the top of the couch behind you, playing with your hair , while buckys hand is on your thigh under the blanket that is covering you. His hand squeezes a little at your thigh and you have to force yourself not to react Since you don’t know if Steves aware of where his friends hand is . Both of them look so engrossed in the show , but you can’t focus on shit , Steves hands in your hair are lulling you to sleep and buckys hand on you thigh is making you more hot than it should . It’s all too much now, their hands and the fact you eavesdropped & heard their feelings . What the hell am I suppose to do?

A few more episodes pass before you decide to call a break & switch shows .
“ it’s bathroom and phone break time boys , use it now because I’m not letting either of you leave once parks&rec starts!” You warn . Steve takes the chance and goes for the bathroom and grab his phone from his room ,but bucky stays .

“ you’re seriously going to hold it through atleast 5 episodes barnes if you don’t go now .”

“ don’t worry about me, i can handle it . ” once steve was out of ear shot buckys tone changed from normal to flirty real quick

“ hey doll, you know what I was thinking about earlier ?” Here we go

“ how to successfully put your hair in a man bun without looking like a doofus?”

He chuckles, then scoots closer until his face is barely 2 inches away from yours
“ I was thinking about how good it felt to have you in my lap that one day , the way you moved yourself on , the little noises you made . It’s a shame Sam came in before I got to kiss you.”
So much for not talking about it

Originally posted by buckynsebimagines

“ buck I don’t think- maybe now isn’t the best time for this . Steves going to be back-”

He’s so close his nose is nudging against yours now, and his lips are so close you can feel his breathe . Oh hell . You move forward , finally connecting your lips to his in a quick kiss. It didn’t last long , but it was long enough for you to become addicted to the way his lips dance with yours, how soft and full they are against yours .

Originally posted by jlstreck

The second yours touch his it feels like fireworks going through your veins . His hands find your waist , tugging you into his lap but the minute your legs land over him you pull back from the kiss without saying a word . You lift yourself off his lap and go back to your spot , as your ass hits the cushion steve returns to the room and you sigh in relief at the perfect timing of it all.

“ you all good now Steve?” You ask

“ yes ma'am , didn’t you have to go?”

“ it’s one of the many skills of a binge watcher steve , I can hold me pee for much longer than i probably should . You’ll get to this level of expertise someday . ” both boys snort out at how proud you sound of yourself . You hit play on the show , and let the comedy begin .

You call it quits after 7 episodes , deciding to stretch a little and atleast try to get something accomplished before the late dinner tonight with everyone . Steve parts with a kiss to you cheek as he heads off to the gym , leaving you alone with Bucky.

“ buck -”
You don’t get to finish , bucky has you pressed against him, his lips crashing against yours . As much as you know you should push away , your body betrays you . You fist your hands in his shirt pulling him to you as you lips melt together . The sparks are magnified this time, making you crave his touch even more .You feel his tongue swipe against your lip and you instinctively part your lips to let him in . His tongue glides over yours , making you moan into him. You finally pull apart for air , as you do Bucky pulls your bottom lip between his teeth before he fully lets part from him.

Originally posted by couplenotes

“Tell me you don’t feel it y/n.”
You know he’s referring to the sparks , but words don’t seem to be able to leave you right now . Your mind is still swirling from the feeling of his lips , and from the feeling of guilt .
“ I’ve never felt sparks like that from kissing someone doll. It’s-”

“ addicting.” You finish for him, when you lock eyes with him you can’t help but smile . As good as it feels with Bucky, there’s still guilt in you about steve . Because whether or not you want to have feelings for him, you do & and can’t control that. But you also feel things for Bucky. So many things .

“ say something , anything please .” His voice is a whisper , but you can hear the concern in it .

“ bucky that was - I - you - fuck . I loved it .” He smiles and ducks down for another kiss but you back up.

“ I- bucky I heard you and Steve talking before I came in today . I know you both have feelings for me .”

He sighs and steps away, rubbing his hand down his face .

“ I’m not saying I don’t want this.” You point between the two of you before continuing,“ because I do, fuck do I want you. But steve - I can’t help but feel something for him too . ” it was hard to say, but you know it’s better to be honest .

“ I see , does steve know ? ” he asks

“ no , I wasn’t going to pick. I don’t want to come between you two so I was just going to stay quiet but then you kissed me and that all went down the drain.”

“ I care for you , a lot y/n . You’re a a good person, that’s part of what’s so attractive about you . I know you don’t want to hurt either of us, but you need to figure out what you want ; and follow your heart . I can’t say it won’t hurt , but whatever your decision is I’ll support . Your happiness is what matters here.”
He completely throws you off guard with that, you didn’t expect him to be so- sweet about this. Holy- why the hell is he so sweet . Why does this have to be difficult? fucking hell.

He sends you a smile , it’s sincere but there was no hiding the sadness & worry behind it .

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

“ bucky Barnes you are something else , you know that ? ” you lean up, giving him one last kiss before heading to the gym . You know you have to have the same conversation with steve , you just hope it goes as well.

Why the hell does Steve have to workout shirtless ? Hot damn. You watch from the doorway as steve lifts himself for pull-ups . When he drops back to his feet he turns to you , smiling when he notices you in the room

  “ see something you like ?” The cocky smile on his face makes you break into a blush .

  “ maybe I do .” The words slip out before you can stop them and you mentally face palm yourself . That is not what I was suppose to say.

  He raises his eyebrow , letting a new mischievous smirk bloom on his lips .you don’t register that he’s moving closer until he’s right I front of you, gently tilting your face up towards his . Before you can object , his lips on are on yours , slowly coaxing yours into it . It’s sweet& calm , and his plump lips fit perfectly against yours . Butterflies erupt in your stomach as the kiss deepens and Steve sneaks his tongue past your lips . He Keeps it sweet, but passionate . His hands are cradling your face , while yours are gently holding his wrists . Your mind goes white through the entire thing , until steve backs away . You’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss the warmth of his lips , but the second they leave yours you snap back into reality .


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Every One Direction Solo Single, Ranked (Critic's List)
With the release of Liam Payne's Quavo-featuring "Strip That Down" last Friday (May 19), fans at long last have a complete set of One Direction solo singles: All five members have made their entrance as proper pop solo entities. In honor of these new benchmarks for the solo 1Ders, we've decided to rank all 10 of the solo singles they've collectively released so far.

With the release of Liam Payne’s Quavo-featuring “Strip That Down” last Friday (May 19), fans at long last have a complete set of One Direction solo singles: All five members have made their entrance as proper pop solo entities.

What’s more, “Strip” makes it an even ten singles between the five members – not counting Harry Styles’ promotional quasi-single “Sweet Creature” – with Zaynobviously doing most of the heavy lifting, after his near-year head start on the other four.

In honor of these new benchmarks for the solo 1Ders – including our most recent cover star, the recently minted “grown-ass-man” Niall Horan – we’ve decided to rank all 10 of the solo singles they’ve collectively released so far. Read on below, and look forward to our list certainly ballooning in size (and debatability) in the years to come.

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anonymous asked:

How would mtmte Whirl,Tailgate,Brainstorm,Rung, and Swerve react to hearing the human liaison sneeze for the first time (especially if they sneeze like a kitten)?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Hi anon! I’m more than happy to do this ask for you but would like to gently remind you and others that I’ve stated in my rules, before this ask was sent in, that I have a character limit of four per ask. As a result I’ll be doing this with only Whirl, Tailgate, Brainstorm, and Rung involved. I apologise for that! )


✦ ‘What the fuck is that.’ He drops whatever he’s doing - to Swerve’s relief oh Primus he thought he and Ten were going to clean up the remains of another bar fight by the end of the night - to look around. For a second he thinks that weird and cute sound must be coming from Tailgate but notices the little marshmallow ‘bot isn’t that. When the sneezing continues to happen, he gets really curious and annoyed because fragging hell where is it coming from?

✦ Will begin to roam around the bar to the confusion of some mechs and femmes as he scopes out the joint in search of the source. Whirl will even go as far to e x t e n d his neck if it means he gets a better chance of finding out who’s making that strange sound. Imagine his surprise (and quiet delight) to see it’s coming from the liaison. Do they really think they can hide from him behind that energon cube? He knows they’re there. He knows it’s them too.

✦ Whirl now demands the liaison to make the ‘cute cat sound’ again making this fantastic discovery. He was going to bother both the liaison and Ravage - Ravage is a cat! He must sneeze like that too! - but sticks to the liaison since they don’t have the ability to shred his titty guns off if angered. When they explain that they can’t do it on demand, the ‘bot goes out of his way to throw flowers or spices(???) or dust at their feet to make them sneeze. Cue Ratchet yelling at him when he gets wind of this because no Whirl no-


✦ Is a bit spooked by the noise and makes a cute little beep! sound out of fright. He quickly becomes mortified now that someone discovered the shameful ability of his. The poor minibot is hiding in a corner of the room, clearly wants the ground to swallow him whole as the liaison tries to calm him down. When the liaison points out it’s only the two of them, he perks up in relief. Oh! That’s great! Hey… Wait… That means that sound from earlier must be coming from them-!

✦ There are literal stars in his visor after the human confirms that, yes, that was them making the noise. It’s how they sneeze and they sneeze again as if their body want to betray the even more. It causes Tailgate to just. Go into a flurry for cooing excitement. Will try to bring them to Cyclonus so he can hear the noise but can be convinced by the mortified liaison to please not do that. They have to hold some semblance of dignity these days despite everything

✦ Can’t help but find it super cute any time he’s around to hear the liaison sneeze. Tailgate can’t help but flail over it - That’s adorable! You’re sound like a bean cat I’ve seen on the videos!! - and it causes the liaison to get flustered than oh no than they’re even cuter now oh nooooo. He starts to beep from overexcitement and gets flustered himself. Cyclonus, who somehow is always near by when this happens, tries not to die from the sheer cuteness. Is this heaven or hell for the big ol’ purple people eater? He isn’t sure anymore.


✦ At first he doesn’t really react because he’s elbow deep in a flamethrower that will be both safe and functioning. Brainstorm has no time to figure out where that cute and adorable and delightful chu! sound is coming from despite the fact his wings are wiggling every time the chu! is made again and again and oh never mind! He’s got to find this source and figure out its origins and everything! For SCIENCE!

✦ Somewhat terrified by the gleam in his optic, the liaison will first attempt to hide behind some beakers and test tubes during his thorough inspection of the lab. Eventually he finds them and lifts a beaker just in time to witness the liaison sneeze. Aha! He scoops the human up and begins to ask them endless questions about what they had just done, wanting to know everything about this strange sound they keep making. Can they repeat it for him? Please? He needs to record it for SCIENCE! and whatnot.

✦ Eventually Perceptor will enter the lab to check on his work and see the liaison looking at him pleadingly as they struggle to keep Brainstorm from booping their nose too hard an attempt to make them sneeze. He’ll intervene and help the human continue on with their duties for the rest of the day. Like Whirl, Brainstorm will try to trigger their sneezing on purpose too because he finds the sound and the liaison’s embarrassment fascinating and darling. Cue more tired Ratchet yelling at mechs.


✦ Looks up from his work when the chu~! sound suddenly pops up in his quiet office. That obviously did not come from him and he has nothing turned on so… His optics drift over to the direction of where the liaison should be and he sees their red face, frozen in spot from where they were inspecting his collection of ship models. They immediately try to deny it’s them but they sneeze and there it is again! Chuuuu~!

✦ He sees their flustered reaction and manages to calm them down as to prevent them from acting impulsively like hopping off the shelves and getting hurt in the process. On the inside Rung is hopelessly flustered by the sneezes but knows the liaison wants to be taken seriously by the others here on the ship. Last thing they want is for the others to have (more) reasons to treat them more like an mascot and less like an officer. He lets them know that he sees nothing wrong or strange with their sneezing, that he had been merely surprised by the sound since he’s tired and hadn’t expected that. Honest.

✦ After the incident in the office, Rung does his best to not make a fuss over this discovery he’s made. The only sign he acknowledges it at all is the fact he now keeps human-sized handkerchiefs in his compartments, that way he always has one to offer to the human should they need it. Heck he goes as far to remind the other crew mates to not overreact if they learn about it later down the line. Internally though? He’s fawning over them and how sweet and soft the sound is to his audials if he hears them sneeze. Tries not to make it too obvious if only for the poor human’s sake.

SVT Cute Jobs; Wonwoo!!

Originally posted by livelovelunch

my cutie child yYyyyyyyyYYYYYEEEEEEEEE(whos a couple years older than me who hasn’t outgrown the emo phase yet)




-Won-boom boom boom now lemme hear you say wayoo wayoo

-hes a model

-of course


-on his way home from school

-he was just looking at some pokemon face masks in a shop

-and someone came up to him asking if he was a model

-he said nope

-the person was a fashion model scout

-congrats jeon wonweewoo you’re a model now

-like a cool car

-or the world’s most beautiful flower

-when he walks down the street everyone goes

-i saW a mAN SO BEauTIful I cRIed???

-the pure essence and aura he brings to the camera and the shoot is just amazing

-and the good thing

-is that hes so humble and kind and sweet???

-hes just 

-an amazing human being???

-his first shoot was amazing because his managing team knew they hit the visual jackpot when they found him

-hes got a couple 100,000 followers on instagram and he posts daily what a blessin

-one photoshoot he had to do was with a fashion magazine 

-and he was holding a baby for one photograph 




-so you

-you’re a model too–kind of

-your mum and dad own modelling company called Starshine entertainment 

-think YG K+

-but without the music company addition

-okay so not YG K+ 

-but YG K+

-or just think of 

-there were some mighty fine lookin individuals there

-some have even garnered the attention of big companies for commercials music video extras and more

-ever since you were little and when your mum and dad were working

-you and your brother would normally hang around with the models before during and after shoots

-you would make their day brighter and your brother would make them smile with corny jokes

-this would continue until you and your brother got older

-and y’all glow’d the fuck up

-like you two shining angels

-your parents were so proud

-so you two were signed up to the company as models

-there were so many announcement posts on so many different accounts on different social media sites

-you were so dazed 

-but your bro was so cool about it

-y’all went from being cute to drop dead gorgeous like how tell everyone your secret

-your two always had photoshoots the same time as each other

-so when it came to your first photoshoot you were hella nervous

-but you found your stepping after seeing your bro put the thumbs up to you

-you smashed it 

-so obvs you had more photo shoots lined up which was great

-but your brother wouldn’t be there because of his new activities in China and Japan for modelling and somehow acting (damn kids gonna go far)

-so you were just there in the studio for one shoot facetiming your bro cause you were hella scared about everything


-you were basically screaming

-on the inside

-not the outside

-you wanted to though dammit

-the director called you over

-and told you that it was a couples photoshoot for a company that specialises in bags and clutches

-you just died

-you were screaming again

-he asked you if you knew a model called Jeon Wonwoo

-you heard his name before cause a lot of the models and staff in the company like him a lot

-so you just nod and give a sort of sign

-your director is a little shaken at first but he just nods

-on the inside you’re screaming again

-he gets a call

-he said that Wonwoo was here and was moved to hair and make up

-oN tHe InSiDe YoU’rE sCrEaMiNg AgAiN

-you just kinda

-wanna cry

-but you don’t wanna cry

-but you wanna cry


-well you were also moved to hair and makeup but by the time you got there

-Jeon Wonwoo was already finished with his makeup

-you froze on the spot 

-you found a literal fantasy 

-what the fuck

-this dude was so pretty

-you couldn’t believe that he was a real person 

-you were just stood there looking at him

“miss y/n are you okay??”

“o-oh yeah im okay”

-he passed you and added a subtle hi

-you said hi back 

-but you never blushed so hard in your life wow 

-you had your hair and make up done in a flash

-and your outfit was really nice 

-like it was just a frilly shirt and denim pinafore dress but it was so cute

-so you get out of the dressing room and you look at Wonwoo doing his shots on set already

-like wow

-an ethereal god 

-an actual gOD

-you gulped for what seemed like the 40th time that day as you joined him on set

-”Wonwoo this is y/n, shes your partner for today”

-he gives a glance over to you and you die again

-it was kind of the same for him too

-”nice to meet you y/n”

-”you too wonwoo”

-you somehow didn’t notice before you talked to him that your outfits were matching which was cute too

-and then the shoot was underway

-one shot was of you two from the back with the purses and you two were just holding hands and it looked so cute

-halfway through you guys had a break

-and so Wonwoo took the time to actually get to know you properly before shooting again just os you could feel comfortable and stuff

-like you two have a lot in common actually

-you both like playing video games reading and ramen too


-you two also cracked a corny joke or two to each other


-back on set the director asked you to put your head on his shoulder and smile

-on the inside you were shook to the core

-but Wonwoo was fine???

-how the

-so you gently place your head on his shoulder

-and he puts his head on top of yours

-he could tell you were kind of nervous about all of this 

-so he cracked another joke 

-and you instantly smiled

-the smile was so natural 

-it was so cute

-you could literally hear both of your hearts fluttering



-well yeah

-he thinks you’re beautiful

-and its only the start of this blossoming crush

-every shoot seemed to be with Wonwoo for some reason

-it was so nice to see him again each time

-after one photo shoot you two exchanged numbers to talk and stuff about things

-one time he talked to you about crushes and things

-and he tells you that hes got a crush on someone

-you just reply back saying that you should wait until the right time to say 

-and he took that advice literally

-so during one commercial taping in an ice cream parlour

-you two had to say lovey dovey stuff like “i like you” and stuff like that

-”y/n i like you a lot~”

-”awwwww i like you too~!”

-but you think hes acting and smile along

-ah if only you knew

-so at the end

-he calls you over to talk

-”y/n, i told the person i like that i like them!”

-”ah, when did you do it?? thats great!”

-”i told them in the ice cream parlour”

-”thats so”


-w ait

-w a it

-w a i t 



-w h a t

-”y-you mean what you said in the ice cream parlour was real?!”

-”100% real.”

-oN tHe InSiDe YoU’rE sCrEaMiNg AgAiN

-you just stay frozen for a minute but then smile again

-”well i said that too! i told the person i like that i liked them today too!”

-”wait you never mentioned who it was who is it??”



-after the photo shoot you two go out for a coffee-official date-which-means-he-loves-u-a-lot-date and you two just seem to fall in love with each other so much 

-wonwoo are you following me on instagram?

-wait you have one y/n?

-oh my gOD

begrudging birthday

Originally posted by midnightinparis

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNA!!!! aka @the-jolly-tad-cooper aka @fairytalesandtimetravel aka TOTAL SWEETHEART. I had no idea it was your bday until today but there was no way I could let it go by unnoticed/celebrated, so here’s a quick(ish) fic that may or may not be based on one of your posts today. Hope you had an absolutely wonderful day because you are amazing and deserve it! Love you!



“Absolutely not.”

“It’s tradition, Emma.”

“I don’t care!”

“I’ll buy you a bearclaw.”


Elsa sighed. “And a hot chocolate.”


“Cinnamon, duh.”

“Fine.” Angrily, Emma took the pin Elsa was holding and affixed to the pocket on her work-specified button up. “Happy?”

“Yes!” her friend gloated, while Emma pouted in return. “Come on, Emma; it’s the one day a year dedicated to celebrating you. And we love you. Let us.”

In all honesty, Emma kind of hated her birthday. Growing up, it was just another reminder of the anniversary of the day her parents abandoned her, and most foster parents were hard-pressed to do much more than give her a card (if they acknowledged it at all). As she got older, she’d learned it was best to try to avoid the spotlight, so ignoring birthdays became part of that.

Then she had Henry, and while she cherished his handmade cards each year, that was as far as she ever wanted it to go. But leave it to her manager, Elsa, to glean her birthdate from her employment paperwork and post it on the calendar in the grocery store’s backroom.

And now she had to wear the damn birthday pin. And it was Saturday, so there’d be a bunch of people in…including him. (Him being a subject of avoidance and obsession ever since she started working there.) Oh well, at least it wasn’t a hat; no one would notice it, right?


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anonymous asked:

Hiii, soooo... if you're still taking requests, some Nygma + "Dangerous woman" or "side to side" please? (It doesn't need a decent part actually, just smutty smut, if you will... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

  I’m a terrible human and this took waaaaaaaay too long to post. But here ya finally go!

    You know what you’re doing is wrong. So does Ed. That doesn’t stop either of you because nothing really does anymore. You gave up on trying to live any semblance of a normal life long ago and dove headfirst into your relationship with Ed. Not that you’re complaining. He’s as kind to you as he is monstrous to the city. There’s just something about a man that can blow up a government building then come home and fuck you like there’s no tomorrow.

     Normally Ed plots during the day, exacts his certain brand of revenge during the night, and finds time for you somewhere in between. Today though, he has no plans. It’s hard to believe with how addicted he is to his “work”, but there he is in your living room, jacket tossed over the back of a chair, tie loosened, shirt unbuttoned.

     “Uh, hi,” you say uncertainly. Ed simply looks up at you and beckons you forward. “This is… new.”

     Ed nods, says a quick, “yes,” before pulling you down in his lap. His lips are soft against your neck while his hands hold you in place. You can feel how hard he is already as he grinds up into you, pulling a moan from your lips. One hand runs up your arm to the back of your neck. He grabs a handful of hair and yanks. Hard. You gasp at the pain but a large part of you craves more of it.

     “I’ve missed you,” He whispers into the cold air of the room. You immediately know what that means. For some couples it’s a sweet thing to say when they’ve been apart for some time; however, for you and Edward it’s a promise that he’s going to fuck you so hard you’ll be walking side to side for the next three days at least.

     You moan out his name when Ed’s teeth graze across the sensitive skin of your neck. He never bites down, simply keeps teasing you until you’re begging him to do something. Anything.


     “Yes!” You cry out when the hand that isn’t tangled in your hair traces soft patterns on your inner thigh. So close to where you want him but so far.

     His voice is low, laden with pure lust when he speaks. “I want you to ride my thigh.”


     “You heard me. I want you to rub your pussy on my thigh until you come. Clothes on.”

     You sort of can’t believe what you’re hearing, but despite that your hips begin moving. The cloth of his pants feel rough even through your panties. It feels good. Your eyes fall shut but not before you catch a glimpse of Ed’s mouth falling open, eyes glued to where you’re grinding against him. To steady yourself you grip his shoulders. You feel his muscles flex when he grabs your hips and begins guiding you. He’s demanding and harsh, making you go faster until you’re right at the edge.

     “Ed,” you sigh, head falling to rest on his chest.

     “I’m not through with you yet, dearest.” Ed manhandles you onto all fours on the couch. You hear his pants unzip and he groans deeply when he pushes your soaked panties to the side. “So fucking wet.” He places a gentle kiss on your shoulder. “Good girl.”

     Ed wastes no time in getting inside you. His cock stretches you, fills you until you could just about die of pleasure. He mutters encouragements you don’t even listen to as he fucks you. You’re too focused on the almost painful way he thrusts inside you. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, always managing to hit the spots that make you scream loudest. Your forearms give out but his pace never falters.

     You cum right before Ed does, stars exploding behind your shut eyes.

     “I really have missed you,” he says, pulling you back on his lap.

     “I missed you too, Ed.”

     He kisses your head and you fall asleep in his arms.

A God’s pupil Loki x teen reader

This one was actually a request that I was given on wattpad PLUS a prompt that I came across on “Imagine Loki”’s tumblr page, I may post this request on their pg idk I still need to figure out how do you submit other work onto other tumblrs and review their guidelines. Anyways I’m glad people are starting to like the stories I’m putting up :)

“Imagine Loki coming across a group of children picking on another child who is younger, smaller, and obviously defenseless. He comes to his/her’s aid, remembering how it felt when other Asgardian children picked on him growing up. After comforting the child, he offers to show them some magic, whereupon he accidentally discovers this child has a talent for sorcery. He decides to take the child under his wing and make him/her his student, watching them grow up over the years. He teaches them magic, how to fight, and how to outsmart their opponents. The two become very close, and consider each other family. One day, years later, Loki’s protégé is confronted by the same bullies who tormented him/her years earlier. Thanks to Loki’s training, his/her tormentors are defeated, and they call a truce. Loki watches from afar, secretly, with a proud grin on his face.“


I can’t believe that witless oaf Thor has forced me to stay down here in Midgard as punishment for my crimes. I would rather be locked for eternity in the dungeons or even death would be a more pleasant punishment than staying down here, living with his ‘Avenger’ friends. I would give anything to be anywhere else in all the nine realms but here where hardly anyone is of use to me, the Midgardians always fighting amongst each other for the most stupidest of reasons, they needed to be ruled, which I would’ve easily done had it not been for those meddling Avengers.

Luckily I managed to sneak out of the Tower and disguise myself to hide among the crowd so those oafs wouldn’t find me.  One can only take so much from being in that tower.

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