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The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw - Everyone the One Direction boys have collaborated with on their solo material so far - BBC Radio 1
As rumours swirl about Louis working with Bebe Rexha, we look at the boys' other collabs

Exciting news for One Direction fans: it looks like there’s more solo material on the way from both Zayn and Louis. While Zayn’s collab with PARTYNEXTDOOR is confirmed and dropping “soon”, the Louis rumours all stem from one excitable Bebe Rexha.

“[I just finished a new song] with somebody really big from a boyband,” Bebe told CBS Radio’s Culinary Kitchen. “It’s a really massive record. We just finished it and it’s about to come out in a month or so and it’s amazing. It’s probably one of my favourite songs I’ve ever been a part of in my whole career.”

Hmm. We know what you’re thinking: there are many, many boyband stars Bebe could have worked with. But, when you consider Louis recently followed her on Twitter, and she followed him on Instagram… Yes. All fingers point to a Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha collaboration (we hope).

While we await further news from Team Tomlinson, check out everyone the 1D lads have worked with on their solo material (so far).

(very positive, nice summary that includes everyone)

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Canadian Boys l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

prompt: Shawn & (y/n) managed to go from ‘dream couple’ to a messy relationship in front of the cameras, and Shawn doesn’t seem to accept that his ex has decided to move on with the one and only, Justin Bieber.

Originally posted by ladycucciola

Shawn could feel his cheeks heating up as Ellen started a game of Who’d You Rather.

“Rihanna or Sophia Bush?” Ellen asked and pictures of both women appeared on the screen behind him.

“Sophia Bush, no doubt.” he said confidently.

“Hmm, looks like you had your mind already done,” she teased him. “Okay, Sophia Bush or Kendall Jenner?”

“Sophia Bush.” he answered with a hint of laughter on his voice.

“Wow, you’re very sure of yourself.” Ellen said and he shrugged. “Sophia Bush or Margot Robbie?”

“Oh, no! You can’t do that!” he said making the audience laugh. “Ugh, Margot Robbie.” he answered and the audience ooh-ed.

“Margot Robbie or Camila Cabello?” Ellen asked and Shawn shook his head.

“Camila is a friend, so…” he started but the host interrupted him.

“She sure is,” Ellen said, earning laughs from the audience. “So, Camila or…”

“You didn’t let me finish!” Shawn complained laughing.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s my show,” Ellen joked. “Camila Cabello or (y/n) (y/l/n)?”

Shawn felt his cheeks heating up profusely. “They both are very good friends…”

“Oh, is there something you aren’t telling me, Shawn?” Ellen asked.

“No! Of course no.”

“Then answer the question.” Ellen said smiling and looking to the screen where there was Camila and you.

Shawn bit the inside of his cheek. “(y/n), she’s amazing.” he answered and everyone seemed happy with his answer.

“Then I guess we have a winner!” Ellen announced as another picture of you filled the large screen. “Shawn Mendes everybody!”

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Love Over War

Characters - Peter x Reader, Steve, T'Challa, mentions of Tony

Word Count - 1029

Warnings - Fluff

Request - Hoooooows about the reader being SUPER smart about Peter’s age on #teamcap and set after civil war, when Tony is too big to reach out to Steve for help Peter contacts y/n and the team kinda gets back together ‘for the kids’ sake, cause they’re in 'puppy love’????!!!1!1!!1!? (Anon)

A/N - I went a little off from the request. Idk, I started writing and it just happened. Please let me know what you think!

“Y/N,” Steve mumbled your name after hearing you sigh for about the fourth time in the past half hour.

Though your eyes were glued to the window, he knew that there was a longing dancing within them. Your heart was aching and you couldn’t help the knots that twisted tightly in your chest as you thought about the fight in Germany. You wanted nothing more than to just leave, you hated that you had to pick sides on the matter.

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anonymous asked:

6 24 35 with bucky if youre still doing the promts thanks

Send me prompts guys . I want to write them .


Other requested prompts will be posted tmr . 

#6“I cant believe i am doing this”
#24“Dont say anything or Ill rip your tongue “

#35“You’re gonna what”

I cant’t believe I am doing this .” you muttered to yourself as you clicked the confirm delivery and closed the laptop . Before anyone starts judging  hear this out , living in the tower and having an active sex life isn’t easy . Unless you were already with another avenger . But unfortunately for you going out on dates and actually meeting people was a no-no . Since you spent a lot of days out on mission and coming back you didn’t have enough energy to actually dress up and go out .  

And no one was making it easy for you. Everywhere you look there are these incredibly hot men and women barely wearing anything due to the scorching heat.

It was also tiring to see all these loved dovey couples making out in front of you and walking away probably  to have sex . It also didn’t help that you and Bucky were the only ones single . Like he can’t catch a fucking clue . Anyone within a mile radius would know and could see your massive crush on Bucky . Sometimes it felt like he just acted that way to rile you up . Soft touches , seductive glances , double meaning sentences , only added to your suspicion .

But obviously that old man was doing nothing . And you were getting frustrated . So you ordered a love egg . Yes ,a vibrator . At least that will give you love . Right? Wow . So lonely .

But fuck it . If you could make yourself happy and make yourself cum to the thoughts of James Buchanan Barnes you will do it . You will do it a million times . Also it is easy to carry . So , you can do it anywhere .

But what you feared the most is that the delivery address is the tower and if someone gets a hold of it before you do , you will never hear the end of it .

For the next 3 days you were so excited . And the guys picked it  up . They’d ask you so many questions . And you’d just laugh it off.

“Oooo Y/N . Do you have a date ? Is that why you are so happy?”Sam teased you as you all sat for dinner .

Bucky’s visibly tensed and his jaw tightened but your eyes were fixed on your food .

“Don’t know Sammy , you tell me.”. you say with a shrug .

After dinner you strut to your room only to find Bucky leaning against the door .

“Hey , what’s up?”, you asked trying to act cool . Like your heart rate didn’t speed up by a million times only at the sight of him .

“Umm , nothing  . Nothing . I just…”, he said as he looked up at you .

He just left without saying anything . You wanted to stop him but by the time your stupid brain could comprehend it he was gone .

But your mind couldn’t think about that . All you could think about was the delivery tomorrow . You got a message saying your item will be shipped tomorrow .  FUCK . You couldn’t wait to use it .

Morning came by pretty fast . You were just walking around the gate . Every five-ten minutes you’d just peak out  .You didn’t want to risk it getting caught.

But you had to pee so bad , so you decided you’d make a quick run to the bathroom and comeback . You threw your phone on the bed and went to do your business . When you came out , you saw that your phone lit up in notification .


You ran as fast as you could , trying to not slip on the floors and break your head.

You took the turn and reached the gate .

FUUUUCKKK . This can’t be happening .

You saw Bucky holding the package , the cardboard cover already ripped off . You were just looking at the package , not having the courage to look him into his eyes  . You slowly lifted your head and found him smirking at you . FUUCK  . WHY???Why did it have to be him ?? At least it wasn’t Sam .

He started walking towards you , more like strutting towards you and you backed away . What if he was going to tell the others . The kind of creepy smile he was giving , you were sure he will spread it out  .

Don’t say anything or I’ll rip your tongue out.”, you hear yourself saying . But obviously that didn’t deter him . His smirk only grew deeper and his eyes darker .

“That’s not how you say please Y/N. But don’t worry I don’t plan on telling anyone.”, you sighed heavily . He is a nice man after all .

“On one condition.” FUCK .Maybe not such a nice man .

“Which is?”, you ask curiously and a little irritated.

You now realised that you managed to walk into an empty room . He closed the doors and locked them up . You were both alone in here .

“I am going to try it out on you .”

You are gonna what?”, you said instantly .

He backed you up against a wall , his breath fanning over your face .

“I will not tell anyone about this if you let me try it on you . You know , to check if it is working.”

Yeah right . To check if it is working.

He ripped the box and now had the small egg shaped vibrator in his hand . His pressed the button and it started vibrating .

He lifted it up to your face and dragged it along your neck .

“Bucky…”, you moaned as it hit the sweet spot between your neck and collar bone .

You cupped his face and brought his lips to yours  . The kiss was urgent and full of desire . You broke the kiss when you felt your nipples hardening below the vibrator . He circled it around your hard nipples as his other hand pushed your shorts down to your knees  . He turned you around suddenly and pressed you against the wall and pull your hips out .

He wrapped his flesh arm around your waist as the other travelled down to your soaked panties .

He rubbed your clit with the toy from over your panties . He increased it’s frequency and a jolt of pressure hit you . You pushed back into his crotch , only to find him hard as fuck .

“Fuck baby , you are soaking wet.”, he whispered into your ear , pushing the vibrator with more force .

“Please.”, you whined .

He seemed to understand what you wanted and he pulled your panties to your knees and spread your lips with the toy .

You knees gave out , and your whole body was convulsing at the intensity of it , but luckily Bucky had a tight grip on you .

“You like that Y/N?”

“Yes , so fucking much.”
“So this is what you’ve been excited about. I thought you had a date.” It sounded like he was kinda jealous .

“Were you jealous?”, you asked teasingly .

He pushes the head of the vibrator slightly into your dripping cunt , while the side still stimulating your cunt .

“Me? Jealous? No way baby doll . I am not jealous of anyone .”
“Mmmm , fuck Bucky .”
“Are you gonna cum ? Are you gonna cum for me Y/N?”

“Yes , yes , yes, fuuucckk…..”, you moaned as you went limp in his hands , you came harder than before . Soaking up the vibrator and his metal fingers .

He held you until your breathing regulated and turned you around . He placed a soft kiss on your lips . You moaned into it and so did he .

“You know , you could have just asked me . My metal fingers do exactly what that toy does .  Maybe better.”


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lost and found

summary: adrien and marinette get drunk together, adrien spills his guts, and marinette quickly realizes that the partner she lost two years ago after the defeat of hawkmoth is right in front of her. oh, boy. aged up AU.

genre: romance, humor, angst, crying children 

cross-posted: ao3


“Do you remember Ladybug and Chat Noir?”

Marinette felt her brow furrow in a knee-jerk reaction. She almost wanted to laugh. Did she remember Ladybug and Chat Noir? She had lived and breathed Ladybug and Chat Noir. They formed a core part of her soul. But it had been a long, long time since Paris had needed its heroes.

After the defeat of Hawkmoth, Chat Noir had disappeared. And after a few weeks of showing up on rooftop after empty rooftop waiting fruitlessly for her partner to come out from the shadows, Marinette had forced herself to retire Ladybug as well. After a tearful goodbye with Tikki, she’d handed the earrings back to Master Fu and assured him that if evil ever returned to Paris, she’d take them back in a heartbeat.

The depression that had ensued had been unfathomable in its depth. The eighteenth year of Marinette’s life was a black hole that she hardly remembered.

Subconsciously, Marinette raised a hand to one unadorned earlobe. It was only when she saw Adrien look at her curiously, cautiously, that she realized she hadn’t responded yet. “Uh—uh-huh,” she said, nodding.

“Well, what if…” Adrien’s eyes fell to his hands, which were folded in his lap, but he appeared to force himself to look back at her once more before continuing to speak. “Mari, what if I told you that I was Chat Noir?”

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Beach Day


Word Count: 1420 

A/N: Some Warren x Reader smut for youuuuuuuu. Not my finest work I’ll admit but it’s not absolute trash so I’d say it’s an accomplishment

You leaned back on the bed, glancing around Warren’s room in disdain. It was hot. Too hot. The air around you was thick and muggy, the sweat was sticky on your skin and you tried to ignore the hair plastered against the nape of your neck. The humidity made it difficult to breath and you wondered, impatiently, when Warren would be back.

 You had been asking him for a while now if he would take you to the beach and his answer was always “no, maybe later”. Finally, though, after months of persistent nagging, he had said yes. You had checked the weather multiple times, trying to find the perfect day for a beach trip. After careful consideration you had chosen today. The weather had said clear skies and delightful warmth, you scoffed, this choking heat was anything but delightful. 

You had worn your swimsuit under a thin t-shirt and shorts but after around ten minutes in the blond boy’s boiling room, you had decided to lose the shirt, and after five more you shed the shorts as well. Now you were lying on Warren’s bed in only a swimsuit, silently cursing the gods of air conditioning for the pitiful electric fan he used to cool down his dorm. 

You sighed sitting up again and pulling your hair into a crude updo. This was too much. He’d said that you’d leave around eleven o’clock and it was now, you glanced at the small electrics clock on his nightstand before flopping back down, one sixteen. Maybe you should just leave, it didn’t seem like he’d be showing up any time soon and you weren’t about to waste more time to see if he would. 

“Hey, Y/n. Sorry I’m late.” 

You craned your neck to see Warren slip into the room in only a pair of swim trunks that sat low on his muscular waist and hugged his thighs just tight enough for you to see his muscles flexing. But even his good looks wouldn’t save him from the fact that he was two hours late. Besides, he was your best friend and it was irresponsible to look at him like that, end of story. 


“Yeah?” He looked up at you, his eyes automatically drinking in the way little beads of sweat carved paths down your neck and over your collarbone and into the valley between your- 


“Yes?” He shouted suddenly, checking your face for any signs that you might have seen him checking you out. 

“You’re so late!” You marched towards him nudging his shoulder with yours. “You better have been dying.” 

No. You hadn’t seen. 

“What are you waiting for, ya overgrown chicken? Let’s go!” You grinned tugging at one of his wings playfully. 

Your gesture was instantly responded with a low moan from Warren, which he instantly attempted to cover up with a coughing fit. Heat bloomed in your cheeks and your eyes fell to the floor. 

 Did he really just moan? For real? Did you make him moan? You did. You totally did. That was definitely a moan and you definitely caused it. 

You glanced back up again, meeting Warren’s sapphire eyes timidly. Yet they weren’t angry or embarrassed as you thought they might be. His eyes were darker, almost colbalt and his gaze had changed. You’d never seen him like this, he seemed almost… predatory. 

He started towards you, for each of his steps forward, slow and decisive, you stepped backwards. He continued forward until the back of your knees hit the bed and you fell backwards. In an instant he was above you, his feathery wings forming a pearly cage around the both of you. He peered down at you and and with the closeness of your faces you could finally determine what it was in his eyes. Lust. Lust was a fire in his eyes, apparent in the way his tongue traced his lips and how he studied your face and the curve of your neck. His breath was hot as it fanned against your skin. 


He let out a rumbling moan. “You have no idea what you do to me, love.” 

You watched with apprehension. You wanted this, you needed this. Your back was arched toward basically begging for it but still, a part of you knew that this was wrong. 

 “Warren. You’re my best friend. We- we can’t.” He brought his lips down to your ear, lightly sucking on your earlobe. 

“Princess,” His whisper tickled your ear, his breath sending tingles down your spine and to the familiar knot tightening inside. “We can be more than friends. We can be whatever you like.” 

He continued working on your ear, his light, open mouthed kisses trailing along your jaw and down your neck. You clenched your thighs, desperate for some friction. 

“Ok.” You it was a breath, barely a whisper but it was all Warren needed. He began his assault on your neck, almost instantly finding your sweet spot causing you to moan loudly and turn your head to the side, allowing him more access. He supported himself with left hand, his right trailing down your body, pausing at your breasts to play with your nipple, rolling it slightly between forefinger and thumb, before moving on. He found your hips and trailed his hand along your hip bone before moving it downward, skimming over your heat teasingly causing you to whimper out loud. 

His large hand gripped your thigh, shifting his wings slightly and pulling one after the other, over his shoulder allowing him better access to your wetness. He crouched down, his face now in between your legs, his hands running up and down your inner thighs. 

“Warren.” You exhaled sharply as his lips found your folds, his tongue running along your slit. “Please.” 

He smirked up at you, catching his lower lip between his teeth. “Please what, princess?”

“Please!” You were begging now, your hands massaging your breasts, desperate for some relief. “Please. I need you.” 

He dipped his head down again, swirling his tongue around your clit before sucking on it gently. God was he good with his mouth. You clenched the sheets tightly as poked his tongue inside of you, finding your g-spot. 

“Jesus!” You gasped as he continued to eat you out. 

He chuckled lightly. “Not quite, sweetheart.” He kissed your clit once more before moving up towards you again, positioning himself at your entrance.

 “Ready, princess?” 

You managed a quick nod, running your hands down his muscular chest. He pushed in slowly, moaning into your neck as he stretched you. You gasped, squeezing lightly at the bone of his wing. Your movement prompted a loud groan from the blond who, in turn, thrust his hips into you harder. His pace quickening as you continued to massage his wings, your fingers running along the bone and finding the sensitive area where they protruded from his skin. 

“Oh fuck, Y/n.” He slammed into you rougher now, sucking at your neck desperately. “Keep doing that.” 

You let your fingers rub his back, whimpering as his pelvic bone rubbed against your clit, bringing you closer and closer to the brink. 

“Shit.” Warren hissed through his teeth, his lips capturing yours in a heated kiss. “Fuck, you’re so hot, princess. I’m so close.”

“Me too.” He brought a hand down to your pussy, his fingers roughly rubbing your clit, thrusting you into your orgasm. You moaned as the coil inside you exploded, pleasure pounding through your veins.


His hips stuttered as he struggled to pull out, quickly rubbing himself as white spurts of cum coated your stomach. He sighed as he finished, falling onto the bed beside you. He was the first to speak, his voice hoarse and words slurred with post-coital bliss.


“Yeah.” You exhaled, looking towards the man beside you. 

He looked amazing, almost godly. His skin shone with a thin layer of sweat, his golden curls swept up and spilled across the pillow. How was this even possible? No one looked that good with sex hair. He reached over on his side, retrieving a box of tissues from his night stand.

“Here.” He glanced down at your abdomen quickly, pink blooming in his cheeks.

You giggled, taking the tissues. “You know, tissues might not cut it.” You peered up at him. “I might need a shower…”

You eased out of bed, making your way to his bathroom. You looked back at him over your shoulder, one hand on the bathroom doorframe.

“You coming?”

Every One Direction Solo Single, Ranked
With the release of Liam Payne's Quavo-featuring "Strip That Down" last Friday (May 19), fans at long last have a complete set of One Direction solo singles: All five members have made their entrance as proper pop solo entities. In honor of these new benchmarks for the solo 1Ders, we've decided to rank all 10 of the solo singles they've collectively released so far.

With the release of Liam Payne’s Quavo-featuring “Strip That Down” last Friday (May 19), fans at long last have a complete set of One Direction solo singles: All five members have made their entrance as proper pop solo entities.

What’s more, “Strip” makes it an even ten singles between the five members – not counting Harry Styles’ promotional quasi-single “Sweet Creature” – with Zayn obviously doing most of the heavy lifting, after his near-year head start on the other four.

In honor of these new benchmarks for the solo 1Ders – including our most recent cover star, the recently minted “grown-ass-man” Niall Horan – we’ve decided to rank all 10 of the solo singles they’ve collectively released so far. Read on below, and look forward to our list certainly ballooning in size (and debatability) in the years to come.

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I would highly recommend listening to “PILLOWTALK” by ZAYN (I still don’t understand all the capital letters, tbh) while you read this. Or…ya know…when you’re in a mood. Or…thinking about Harry. Or…in the middle of gettin’ busy. You know, whatever suits your fancy…

Also, this is going to be quite explicit. Just FYI. Children, look away.


There were very few things you loved more than spending an entire day with Harry in bed. The tradition of doing so probably came about because when Harry was home with you, it was typically after the end of a tour which meant that he was absolutely exhausted and getting out of bed was just too difficult.

Staying in bed with Harry didn’t always equate to having sex. In fact, it was probably a very equal split because sex and various other activities.

For example, when Harry would first get home the only thing he wanted to do was flop down under the blankets with you curled up in his arms and just lay there. Sometimes he fell asleep instantly depending on how tired he was, but a lot of times he would just lie there with his eyes closed, content to hold you and breathe in your scent. The only way you would know he was asleep was when his grip around your waist would loosen slightly.

Your bed was also a space where you and Harry had your most important conversations. There was something about lying next to each other in the darkness that made you both feel safe enough to bring up some potentially difficult topics. The idea of not going to bed angry at each other was a rule that both of you had made early on in your relationship. So if you had experienced an argument earlier in the day and had spent the evening avoiding the subject, bedtime was when you hashed it out.

It didn’t always have to be fights. You also had conversations about important decisions and events that were coming up. It had been a conversation in bed which had revealed that both of you wanted kids in the future. Another conversation was all about what each of you were looking for in a future spouse. And it was in bed that Harry first revealed that he loved you.

Other conversations were a lot less important and sillier. Harry found out that you hated onions and you discovered exactly where Harry was ticklish. You would tell him about your day and he would fill you in on his schedule for next week. Sometimes it was just a quick kiss and an “I love you” before turning out the lights and calling it a night.

Harry had seen you at your worst in that bed. Nights where you were so overwhelmed or angry or upset about something that you ended up breaking down completely and sobbing into his chest while he held you, rocking you back and forth like an infant and whispering into your ear that everything was going to be okay. You had seen him in vulnerable states there too. When he admitted that as much as he loved what he did, he couldn’t bear the thought of leaving you again. Or waking up from a nightmare and trying to pretend that he wasn’t bothered by it, even though you knew otherwise.

Being in bed with him was a place where you could be raw and real and honest.

And then, of course, there was the sex.

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Closer- John Winchester (Smut)

This is just pure porn, not much plot at all. Please enjoy this John Winchester smut.

Based off the song: Closer- Nine inch nails.

If you don’t know the song I suggest you listen to it before reading forward, I prefer the cover by Asking Alexandria (X)

Warnings: SMUT, Daddy kink, mild fingering, mild Dom/Sub, unprotected sex (Wear Condoms!), NSFW, light bondage, Praise Kink (kind of?), swearing, PWP 

John had been home for a few hours, he hoped someone would be in but he really only wanted to see you. Dean was probably researching for a hunt or getting some food. Sam was still at college but he had no idea where you were. He was tired and hungry but first he wanted a nice warm bath.

When he was in the bathroom with the door locked he found his hand moving to find the button of his jeans, hey even a hunter needs some alone time sometimes. He closed his eyes as his breath hitched but the closing on the front door and a soft voice calling made him remove his hand from his jeans.

“Hello?!” you call placing your keys in the designated bowl. “Dean I brought your pie.” You said placing a warm pecan pie on the counter. You had been with John for years now and the boys saw you as a second mom. You where there when they were little and you helped look after them while John had to go away. Sometimes you thought about leaving but you loved him too much to do that.

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Boyfriend! Youjin

i took up 2 pages in my agenda for this and i wasn’t paying attention in english again

so here we go

  • takes his time with relationships so expect a really slow relationship
  • he’s even slow about it before he even asks his s/o out (does that even make sense??)
  • he prob had a crush on them for a very long time
  • couldn’t actually ask them out himself there had to be some kind of interference
  • prob accidentally walked into them and they dropped their phone 
  • “oh my gosh are you okay?!”
  • he’d honestly be speechless and wouldn’t be able to speak to his crush so he’d just nod as an answer
  • “hey i’m sorry for running into you but i really have to go!”
  • his crush would rush off and he’d see their phone on the ground
  • “hey! um… hey! you dropped your phone!”
  • but they would have gone too far to hear him
  • he would look at their phone and that their battery was running low
  • so being the nice guy he he’d take it home with him and charge it for them
  • one of the members would tell him to put his number in the phone but he wouldn’t do it because he respects his crush’s privacy 
  • would return to the spot they dropped it the next day in hopes to see them again so he could return their phone
  • his crush would eventually appear
  • he’d be really shy and soft spoken
  • “um you dropped your phone yesterday but you disappeared before i could give it back to you so i brought it home and i charged it for you but i didn’t look through it i swear!”
  • as you can tell he’s gonna babble a lot
  • somehow manages to exchange numbers with his crush
  • he’ll wait a while to ash them out cuz he’d be all nervous
  • eventually he calls his crush and “heywillyougooutonadatewithme? ireallylikeyoubutcan’tsayitinperson.”
  • and of course who could resist youjin so his crush is just like “lol yeah where to?”
  • first date is def a coffee date
  • youjin likes things nice and calm so this is perfect
  • tries to make small talk but stumbles over his words at first
  • he soon calms down and the conversation flows smoothly
  • ok actual ways he’ll be a boyfriend
  • prefers quieter places for dates
  • not very fond of skinship he’ll probably hold hands and really like kisses on the cheek
  • those one arm hugs
  • not much of a cuddler more like his s/o will be sleeping against his back or something like that but nobody is holding each other
  • likes putting his head in his s/o’s lap and vice versa
  • trusts his s/o enough and will pretty much never get jealous
  • will def stand up for them if someone is hitting on his s/o
  • sometimes comes home and needs to rant to someone so his s/o would need to be calm and listen to his problems and maybe give him some advice
  • wants to be taken care of because he’s the oldest son and has to take care of his children members
  • dreads shopping trips; he’ll get bored quickly
  • as for his s/o wearing his clothes refer to this post -> x
  • tries to do the sweetest things for important days like anniversaries
  • visits his s/o at work if he has time
  • his s/o and him become the offical parents/caregivers of knk
  • always smells really clean
  • in the end youjin is a shy, sweet, and soft hearted boyfriend who needs some looking after
Stages of a Relationship: 10/10 - Terminating

I had a burst of inspiration and finally finished the last stage. It was probably due to the angsty mood I’ve been in. Also, I start classes again on Monday so posting might get a little slow until I adjust to my schedule.

 Thank you to all of you who read and enjoy this series.  💜

Stage One: Initiating - Stage Two: Experimenting - Stage Three: Intensifying - Stage Four: Integrating - Stage Five: Bonding - Stage Six: Differentiating - Stage Seven: Circumscribing - Stage Eight: Stagnating - Stage Nine: Avoiding

This is the stage where you redefine your relationship.

Originally posted by jinatetae

You tossed your head back as you took a shot of whatever alcohol is placed in front of you. It burned the back of your throat as it went down, but it had a slight sweet after taste to it. The shot glass clinked as you placed it back on the table empty. A deep sigh escapes your lips, your finger circles the rim of the glass. You glance around the dimmed club, your eyes were searching for Yoongi.

There was a heavy feeling in your chest when you finally spot him. Your lips pursed in annoyance as you eyed the group of groupies that surrounds him. “Fangirls.” The word fell out of your lips with a bitter chuckle.

He has a  gummy smile on his face. He seemed to bask in the attention these girls are giving him. You have never seen him glowed as much as this - except when he is on stage. They were obviously flirting with the hair twirling and the giggles and the playful push on the shoulder. His hands sat dangerously low on one of the girls back and you raise an eyebrow.

You probably should make you way over to him. You probably should squeeze yourself into the group. You probably should let the girls know that their oh so great AgustD has girlfriend.

“If you glare any harder you’ll burn a hole into the poor girls dress.”

You glanced up to see Namjoon placing two glasses on the table. A smile eased its way onto you face as you take one. “Namjoon! I’m so happy to see you brought me alcohol.” You giggled as you took a sip of the drink. This one was fruity and sweet, but burn was stronger. As you feel Namjoon’s presence by you, you suddenly don’t feel as lonely as before. Suddenly, the air doesn’t feel as thick.

“You look like you could use a drink,” he reasoned as he sat next to you. It wasn’t as if he needed a reason to talk to you or to bring you a drink. “Could i safely blame it on the view?” his eyebrows are furrowed as he watched you in concern. His drinks stays in his hand but he never brings it up to his lips to sip at it. One of his arms is wrapped around the back of the seat that you are in. You are hit with a waft of masculine cologne that you could only describe as Namjoon.

“It definitely is not the most pleasant view,” you agreed with a sigh. You chewed on your bottom lip in between the sips you take. You eyes are still fixated on Yoongi. “They’re pretty, aren’t they - the girls?”

Namjoon hummed before he answers. “But you have something that they don’t.” He leaned into you to whisper the words as if he were telling you a secret. You could feel his breath on the side of your face. Despite being in a club and having a drink in his hand, his breath lacked any scent of alcohol.

You finally break your eyes away from Yoongi to gaze at Namjoon curiously. You make eye contact. Your faces are inches apart. “What is that?” The question came as a curious chuckle.

“Yoongi’s love.” The look on his face is quite seriously but you can’t help but to snort.

Your hand came up to cover your smile as you laughed at Namjoon. You other hand playfully smacked his shoulder. He dramatically groaned in pain as he laughed along with you.

And if you would have looked over at Yoongi in that moment, you would have saw him staring at you. You would have saw they way his eyes glowed as he watched you laugh. You would have saw how his attention was focused on you.

“Yoongi, can I just say that your album is amazing? You have got to be the best rapper of our generation.”

So quickly, his attention is back on his fans as he expressed his thanks. The spot next to his side felt empty and he wished that you were standing with him. He enjoyed his fans but he enjoyed you more.

And as your gaze fell back on Yoongi, you watched as on you the girls leaned up to kiss him. You grip on the glass tightened as you glare at the back of her head. The heavy feeling returned to you chest. Yoongi managed to turn his head to the side to avoid the kiss. Instead of on his lips, it’s on his cheek.

You breathed out a sigh of relief. For second, you thought that he might have actually let her kiss him. It felt so wrong.

You down the rest of your drink in one go. You winced at the burning sensation in the back of your throat. In that moment, you don’t know what burns more: the alcohol or the fact that you doubted Yoongi, doubted your relationship.

“Yoongi, I think…” the quivered words die out as you stared at your fogged up reflection in the mirror. You had just stepped out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around you. You sighed as you tilt your head to the side, stuck in thought.

You cleared your throat and fix your posture. A sudden feeling of determination and confidence came to you as you stared at your reflection. “Yoongi,” you voice is steady this time. “We should reconsider-”

The knock on the door breaks your concentration. You let out a startled gasp as you look towards the bathroom door.

“Are you done? I have to pee?” Yoongi voiced on the other side. You sighed as you run your fingers through your wet hair. Another day. You’ll have to figure this out another day.

“Is it true?” a girl confronted you as you are strolling through the aisle at the grocery store. You pushed the cart in front of you as you look at the cereal boxes.

“Is what true?” You questioned back. You glanced at the girl as you toss a box into the cart. You didn’t recognize her from anywhere. She glared at you but you shrugged your shoulders and keep walking. The echoing footsteps behind you tells you that she was following you.

“You’re the girl that is dating AgustD,” she stated. She has a judgemental tone in her voice. You could feel her eyes travel up and down your body. She scoffed at your lack of response.

For a second, you wished you would have dressed nicer. You were wearing simple jeans and a hoodie. You certainly don’t look your best. But then you remember that you are only grocery shopping and it makes no sense to dress up for that. You didn’t have to impress anyone.

“What if I am, what if I’m not?” you sighed aggravated.

“You’re not even that pretty!” she admonished as she followed you. “He could certainly get with someone prettier. He’s talented and handsome. You’re just plain.”

You mindlessly nodded along, trying not to pay attention to the girl. You should have just told her to “fuck off” but how would that affect Yoongi’s reputation?.

“My sister is a model. And she met AgustD. She says that he’s only with you because you are easy.” The girl has a deadly smirk on her face as you finally look over at her. “She says that it’s only a matter of time until he moves on to someone better.”

You tried not to let the words of a petty high schooler get to you. So you offered her a tense smile before heading towards check out. You tried hard not to overthink anything that was just said as you pack the bags into your car. You tried hard not to let the words affect you as you sat in the driver side. Yet, you still find yourself slump over the steering wheel as you shed a few tears.

He came home to your bed every night, no matter how late it was. The thought comforted you and always got rid of any doubts you had. You felt the bed dipped behind you and you couldn’t help but smile. You placed your phone on the end table before rolling to face Yoongi, deeming him more entertaining that whatever social media app you were scrolling through.

He returned your smile with his own, it was soft and tired. Your hand reached out to run through his newly dyed hair. He leaned into you comforting touch.

You pulled your hand back and rest it under your head as you stared at him. His eyes are closed and he would be drifting off to sleep by now if he couldn’t feel your eyes watching him. “What?” he questioned.

“Why do you come here instead of just going back to your place?” you whispered. Your eyes were hopeful and expectant. You were expecting him to say something cheesy and sweet, like that he misses you. And he would have known what you wanted to hear if he would have just opened his eyes.

Instead, he let out a small groan. “You place is closer to the studios.” If his eyes would have opened, he would have saw how the smile on your face fell and how your bright eyes dimmed. He would have saw how you bit down on the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from crying out. His arms lazily wrapped around your figure. “Let’s sleep now.”

Yoongi was snoring lightly within minutes. You rolled over onto you back to stare up at the ceiling. Sleep didn’t find you that night.

If Yoongi saw any changes in your demeanor, he never commented. He never asked any questions. He never prodded. He never tried to dig any information out of you.

“I have to cancel breakfast.” His words were very finalizing and left no room for suggestions. He had just crawled into your bed to retire for the night. His eyes were already closed before you could even look over at him and acknowledge his comment.

“What?” you questioned.

“I got booked for a interview,” he explained in a sleepy mumble that you would have found cute if the conversation were anything else. He nuzzled his head into the pillow and pulled the blanket up to his chest.

You blinked at him. You were shocked at how nonchalant he was being. You wanted to argue. You wanted to tell him off. You wanted him to actually look at you for once. You sighed a defeated “Okay,” left your lips.

He hummed in agreement and mumbled something about making it up to you. You rolled over to face your back towards him. Tears fell from your eyes as you choked back sobs. If Yoongi felt the bed shake or heard your cries, he didn’t say anything.

“Jimin?” You questioned when you finally opened the front door at the insistent knocking. You wiped away any stray tears with the back of your hands as you smiled up at him. “What are you doing here?” You asked as you tried to act normal - tried to act like you didn’t spend most of your morning crying and breaking down.

He holds up a paperback. “I brought you donuts!” He exclaimed with a smile as he walked past you and into your apartment. “Yoongi said he felt bad for bailing on breakfast and asked that I bring you something to eat. I would have come earlier but I had some things to handle.” He sat down on your couch.

You followed after him. He passed you over a chocolate donut that had a cute face drawn on top of it. “Yoongi said that those were your favorite.”

You smiled at the gesture as you stared at the donut. It was the first time you didn’t have to force a smile onto you face. You couldn’t stop the tears from falling out of your eyes.

Jimin’s eyes widened in panic. “What’s wrong? Did I get the wrong donut?” he asked as his hand stroked your shoulders. “Please don’t cry. Yoongi will kill me if I made you cry.”

You sobered up quickly and wiped your tears away with the back of your hands. “I’m sorry,” you apologized. “I’m just being silly,” you chuckled sadly.

Your heart hurt. Every time you felt as if you relationship was falling apart or that Yoongi didn’t feel the same any more or that he didn’t care, he always did some small gesture. It made your heart yearn and reach for more. But you knew that nothing came after the small gesture. You would just suffer another heart break.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Jimin asked. “You know you can talk to me.”

You nodded your head to assure him. “Don’t worry,” you smiled up at him as you finally take a bite out of the donut. “It’s so good!” You gave him a thumbs up.

Jimin chuckled nervously. He obviously didn’t believe you. But you weren’t trying to convince him. You were trying to convince yourself.

You were back standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Your hands gripped the edge of the sink as you slightly leaned against it. Your eyes had a determined spark to them as your glared at your reflection. You took a deep breath before speaking.

“Yoongi, I think it would be better for us if we -” Before you could finish the sentence, the sound of the front door slamming shut interrupted you. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you picked your phone up from the counter. You glanced at the time. “He’s home earlier,” you whispered to yourself.

You weren’t prepared. Your weren’t ready. This would have to wait for another day.

You exited the bathroom and headed to the living room. Yoongi is sprawled out on the couch and flipping through channels on the television. He smiled and beckoned you over. He sats up momentarily in order to pull you down to sit. He placed his head back in your lap.

You sat there tense, unsure of what to do. If Yoongi noticed that your weren’t comfortable, he didn’t say anything. You focused your attention on whatever show he stopped on. You avoided looking at him.

He rolled in your lap so that he was staring at your face. He looked up at you expectantly, waiting for you to finally look at him. He bit down nervously on his bottom lip when he noticed your refusal to look at him.

He cleared his throat before speaking. “Hey, Y/N?” he started off nervously. You blinked slowly before reluctantly looking down at him. “Are - Are you okay?” the question was hesitant, and he stuttered through the words.

“Um…yeah,” you answered but it sounded more like a question. You forced a smile onto your face to seem normal before turning your attention back to the television. You could still feel his stare on your face.

Yoongi swallowed. The question he really wanted to ask sat on the tip of his tongue. “Are we okay?” But he couldn’t get the words out of his mouth. But if you were okay, that meant that the relationship was okay, right? He didn’t believe it himself, but he tried hard to convince himself otherwise.

You sat in another corner of some fancy club. You were sipping on the complimentary champagne, trying hard to ignore the heavy feeling in your chest. This has to be the fanciest event that Yoongi had brought you too. You nervously glanced around the club, trying to find at least one face that you recognized. It seemed like most of the people here celebrities of some kind.

“What are you doing here alone?” The question is accompanied by a chuckle.

You glanced up, hoping to find a face you recognized and not a stranger. Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped. Your words are caught in your throat as you stared at the owner of the words. “Oh my gosh, Jay Park.”

“Yeah, that’s me,” he chuckled as he takes a seat next to you. He’s sitting a little bit too close but you couldn’t find it in you to care for the moment. “And who are you, pretty lady?”

“I’m Y/N,” you squeaked out as you tried hard not to fangirl in front of him. You shrunk back into your seat out of nervousness and you could feel your skin heating up under his stare.

“Back to my first question, why are you all alone?” He asked again. His head rested in the palm of his hand as his body leaned against the table in front of you.

“Oh, I’m not. I’m here with Yoon- I mean AgustD,” you answered. You had a nervous smile on your face that only grew bigger when Jay smiled back at you.

“I don’t see him. So you’re alone,” he argued with a chuckle. “He should keep you closer to him. There are so many eyes on you.”

You scoffed at his comment. “As if.”

“Well, if he doesn’t return by the end of the night, you could always go home with me,” he joked. You giggled. “It sucks for me. You’re the prettiest girl here and you are taken.” He sighed dramatically. “Whatever shall I do?”

“Park,” a voice growled. You both looked up to see Yoongi glaring at the two of you. “I believe that’s my seat.”

Jay has an easy smile on his face as he stood. “I was just keeping your girl company.” He clapped Yoongi on the back before walking away. He smiled at you over the shoulder and sends you a wink in which Yoongi scowled at.

Yoongi slumped into the seat next to you.

“Don’t be mad. We were just talking.” You rubbed his shoulder. He grabs your hand and laced his fingers through yours.

“Don’t ever leave me for another musician,” Yoongi commented. His words shocked you and you couldn’t articulate a response. “Or just don’t leave me in general,” he added on with a sigh as he leaned his body against yours.

If he noticed your lack of response, he didn’t comment.

“So where is this boyfriend of yours?” Your mother had a sweet smile on her face as she sat across from you in the restaurant.

You gave her a nervous smile. “I’m sure he’s probably just stuck in traffic,” you answered. You peeked down at your phone in your lap, noticing that he was already 15 minutes late. You cursed in your head as you shoot him a text.

Yoongi had promised you that he would be here today. Your mother had been on your back about meeting your boyfriend who was a rapper. You kept her in the dark long enough. You had set up the date 3 weeks in advance so that he could make sure that he had the time off.

“He’s a musician, right?” Your mother asked. “Must be some lifestyle.” You could hear the judging tone in her voice even though she kept it light. You chuckled nervously.

Your phone buzzed to life in your lap and you jumped slightly. When you saw his response, you had to fight back the urge to groan. You bite down on your lip.

“He’s not making it, huh?” Your mother questioned. Her voice was understanding as she sighed.

“I’m afraid not,” you answered as your stared down at the empty table. “He’s not usually like this. I swear.” You tried to defend, but your voice was bitter. “I don’t even know who I’m trying to convince anymore,” you whispered to yourself.

You reread his response one more time.

sorry stuck at studio

You warily stepped into his studio a week later. He greeted you but his attention was on whatever song he was producing. You sat down on the black leather couch and watched his back as attempted to gather your thoughts.

You took a deep breath before speaking. “I can’t do this anymore.” At first you weren’t sure if you even said the words, he had no reaction. You started to repeat yourself when he spun around in his chair to face you.

He had a defeated look on his face. You were sure that you shared the same expression on yours. “What- What do you mean?” he asked, but he knew. He knew what you meant. He knew this day was coming. He knew. But he wanted to deny it. The way you sounded scared him. You sounded so tired, so exhausted.

“I can’t go to any more of your events,” you whispered. Your eyes were fixated on the floor. You played with your fingers as your tried to ease your nerves. “I can’t mingle with your kind of people anymore.”

“Okay,” Yoongi agreed. “You don’t have to go anymore.” His voice was pleading with you.

“I don’t feel like I belong in that world,” you continued. You words were spoken slowly.


“I don’t feel like I belong with you.”

Yoongi felt as if he had been punched in the chest. He sucked in a breath as he stared down at you. He gulped. “Y/N.” His voice sounded so desperate. You almost wanted to take your words back. Almost.

“I can’t anymore. I can’t pretend like this relationship isn’t falling apart,” your voice is raised slightly. You spoke faster in frustration. You wanted to pull at your hair. “I can’t pretend that I’m not second to your music. I tried. And I just can’t anymore.”

“What can I do?” he begged. His eyes were tearing up. “Let me fix this. Let me fix us. I’ll stop the music. I’ll go back to school. Anything!”

“No,” you shook your head. “There isn’t anyway to fix this.”

“Please. I can-” his voice gets caught in his throat as you stand.

“I’m sorry.” You start walking towards the door when his hands on your wrist stopped you. You looked back at him and almost sobbed. He looked so broken in front of you. Tears were falling freely as he stared up at you with desperation.

You could feel your own tears falling as you gently pry his hands off your arm. You rushed out the door before he could stop you again.

Epilogue coming soon.

Emperor’s New Clothes- Demon! John Winchester (Smut)


You are such a talented writer! I wondered if you were taking requests if it would be possible to get a Demon John fic smutty goodness I’m really surprised the genre hasn’t been explored more in the fandom.

I based this off the song The emperor’s new clothes By Panic! at the disco because i felt like i fitted so well.

Tagging: @crzcorgi @wickedkittycat @crazytxgradstudent @leatherandwinchesters

Warnings: SMUT, Demon John, mild fingering, mild Dom/Sub, unprotected sex (Wear Condoms!), NSFW, light bondage, Praise Kink (kind of?), swearing, PWP

“Welcome to the end of eras

Ice has melted back to life

Done my time and served my sentence

Dress me up and watch me die

If it feels good, tastes good

It must be mine

Dynasty decapitated

You just might see a ghost tonight”


It had been a few years since John had died. You had instantly taken the role of looking after the boys and making sure they were safe.

You where there mother figure after Mary died, being Johns hunting partner then lover.

After all these years you never thought you’d see the silver fox back on your door step.

He had knocked politely and waited for you to let him in, but you knew something was wrong.  You pick up a silver blade from the counter.

“You really want to do this?” He sighed, his scruff a little more pronounced than it usually was. He took the knife from your grip, sliding it across his forearm slowly, and red beads of blood welling up underneath it. You nodded, taking the knife back from him a repeating the action on your own arm.

You grab a bottle of holy water and pass it to him.

“Oh no…I’m not drinking that.” He said putting his hands up.

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thedawnsky  asked:

Pls pls i am so craving for a super rough and passionate bed adventure with the demanding yoongi 😭😭 but he is still gentle doing me. thanks so much

This request was fun to write. Sorry it took so long.

It was your two year anniversary. You’d planned everything because you wanted it to be perfect. You’d bought his favorite candy and snacks; you’d saved up to get him the expensive pair of head phones he wanted; you’d cooked dinner, and you’d even bought new, sexy lingerie to wear that night. You’d rushed to do your make up so you would be ready by the time he got home. Everything was prefect except for one thing: Yoongi wasn’t there.

He was two hours late. At first, you were okay with it. He was hardly on time for anything, but he’d usually text and tell you what was going on. It was like pulling teeth to get him over to your place. Every time you’d call him, he’d say he was on his way. You were getting tired of waiting.

When he finally arrived, he didn’t speak any apologies; he just walked in like nothing had happened.

“Do you realize how late you are?” you huffed at him, trying to get ahold of your anger. “You were probably doing something important, right?” you asked hopefully. “Was there a last minute recording session?”  He just looked at you and smiled.

“Oh sorry, Jagi. I was just messing around with the boys. I got carried away. It’s not that big of a deal, right?” he breathed, brushing it off like it was nothing. Everything hit you at once. You felt unappreciated and dumb for getting so excited for a day that he obviously didn’t think much of. Angrily you started to undress, ripping the new cloths you’d bought just for that day off of your body. You stormed into your bedroom and put on some ugly sweatpants and a stained sweatshirt.

“What’s your problem, _______?” he stammered as you stomped around angrily. “Do you not want me here? Because I can leave at any moment,” he said, starting to get angry himself.

“Leave. I’m not stopping you. It’s not like you wanted to be here anyways,” you answered half-heartedly. You waited for his reaction. He just put his head in his hands and sighed.

“I’m sorry. I’ve ruined our day. I’m being a bad boyfriend.” You went over to where he was sitting on your bed. You kissed his cheek.

“You’re still the coolest boyfriend ever to me.” With those words, he smiled, embracing you and then pulling you onto the bed with him. He kissed you deeply and rubbed your back, making you moan. You pulled away, saying: “We have dinner to eat, and I have to give you your gifts and we—” You were cut off by his lips. He pulled you closer to him so you could feel his hardening member against your stomach. Moaning, you pulled his head to your neck so he could kiss your sensitive spot. You began to come undone as kissed you.

His kisses started to become rougher. His teeth started nip at your neck, and your hands flew to his hair. His hand roamed down your body and found their way under your shirt.

“Yoongi oppa!” you whimpered as he pinched your nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. Your shirt was pulled over your head, and you pulled yourself away from him.

“I have something for you, but if you want to see your special gift you have to leave the room for a second; can you do that for me?” you asked in a sickeningly sweet voice.

“Fine, but you’d better hurry because I want you now,” he said, his eyes dark with lust. He stood and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. You jumped off the bed and flung open your closet. You ripped the white lingerie off of the hanger and pulled it on to your body. The lace rested perfectly on your breasts, and the translucent material flowed across your curves effortlessly.

You ran back to the bed and pulled the blankets over your body. “You can come in now,” you called. The door swung open as Yoongi strode back into the room. He immediately pulled the covers off of you and stepped back to drink in your beauty.

“Stand up so I can see your gorgeous body,” he ordered. You stood up and faced him. A blush crept onto your face as you felt his eyes scanning your entire body. “Come here, Jagi,” he whispered. You sat on his lap and looked into his lust filled eyes. “Is there anything you want me to do for you?” he asked playfully.

You looked down, embarrassed; for the last few days, you’d dreamt about his tongue on your core. But you could never tell him that. You sighed; you wanted it so badly, maybe it was worth the embarrassment. “I-I um can you… l-lick m-me please?” you managed to choke out.

Teasingly, he ran his fingers across your dripping underwear. “Where do you want me to lick you? Tell me where,” he breathed into your ear. His hot breath was threatening to make you go insane. You gathered up the courage and you finally stammered out:

“My p-pussy.” Yoongi smirked at hearing you say such a dirty word. Satisfied, he laid you on the bed, your head propped up by a pillow. His hands spread your legs as he kissed and nipped his way up your thighs, leaving bright red marks. Your core throbbed from the anticipation. You whimpered and wiggled your hips around, hoping to get some kind of satisfaction. Finally, he pulled your dripping panties off and brought his tongue to your clit. Your back arched off the bed. His strong hands held your hips firmly to the bed as you moaned something that sounded like his name. He brought his eyes to yours and flattened his tongue on your clit, watching your reactions. His gaze was so fiery, it made the knot in your stomach tighten. Both of you knew by the way your body was shaking that wouldn’t last much longer.

“I need you in me right now. Please,” you breathed, trying to compose yourself. Wasting no time, he pulled your body to the edge of the bed and he stood beside it. He positioned himself between your thighs and put your legs on his shoulders. He plunged into you in one deep stroke. You gasped from the sudden fullness and intense pleasure. He smirked, knowing only he could make you feel this way.

Yoongi slammed into you, causing your boobs to violently bounce, the way he liked. Your fingers gripped the sheets, and your back arched off the bed. With your legs still on his shoulders he, bent forward and kissed you. The farther he bent forward, the deeper he went into you. All you could do was moan. Every one of your senses were on fire.

He pulled out of you and bent you over the bed. He entered you again without warning. You desperately clawed at the bed sheets, trying to anchor yourself to something. Yoongi’s grunts filled the room as you both came close to your climax. His hands fisted in your hair pulling your head back, causing your whole body to arch. Your eyes shut tight as your orgasm to hit you hard. Your whole body shook as you moaned out incoherently. As he came, he pulled out of you and shot his seed on to your ass.

You both fell forward onto the bed, depleted of energy. He turned his head toward you and smiled.

“Happy anniversary, Jagi. I love you,” he whispered, then he got up and brought back rags to clean the both of you up. As he wiped you down, you giggled and turned towards him.

“We still didn’t eat dinner,” you said jokingly.

“Well it seems I had my desert before my dinner,” Yoongi smirked. “I think I might want a second helping.”

Well that was hot. The way I like it. Guys your requests are just getting better and better. I love writing them. 

~ Admin Sugar 

Master Post

Well I saw you coming- Pietro Maximoff Smut

So it is a smut but more so, what he does for you. Im still working on the other one. 

Also i did Russian for the language cause i see people post Romanian and/or Russian  and I’m really confused  but its basically pronounced the same just spelt different. 

printsessa: princess

Pietro snuck through the tiny gap in the door way trying to be a quiet as possible to avoid waking me up, even though he knew i was awake. Once inside he saw me, in the nest of blankets and pillows, the only light coming from my phone screen.

“Hey baby” I called out to him, looking away from the screen.

I watched as he undressed, groaning as he lifted his shirt over his head. The clicks of his bones did not sound healthy nor were they normal. He was Quicksilver for god’s sake, how did he injure himself.  Watching him get dressed was almost as painful for me as it was for him. His actions were incredibly slow even by my pace which concerned me to no end.

“Baby can you come lie down, i’ll give you a massage” I pushed the sheets aside, making room.

His steps were now heavy, each step straining his body further. He dropped to the bed on his stomach, letting out a deep breath into the mattress. He had taken off his shirt but his pants hung low on his hips exposing his whole back, allowing me to actual get work done. The definition of the muscles in his back was one of the most attractive things in this shit world. The way his skin dipped into each curve then into his muscles that wrapped around to his front.  

“My hands are cold” I warned him even thought he already knew. Iron Man’s apprentice with an iron deficiency, how ironic.

“printsessa, you’re hands are always cold” his voice muffled by the mattress.

Despite his knowledge of my cold hands, he hissed as our skin made contact. His body arched, a normal reaction considering my ice cold hands being pressed against his extremely warm skin.

“Im sorry, I’m sorry” I apologised quickly, leaning over to kiss his shoulder.

I started to move my fingers along his skin, pressing and kneading the knots that seemed to make up his entire back. With each press of my hands, he groaned in pain. The sheets balled up in hands, trying to get through the pain. Kneading out knots sounded like a good idea until it actually happened. My fingers slipped over a knot applying pressure to all the wrong place just below his shoulder blade.

“Oww fuck!! Are you trying to paralyse me?” Pietro’s head turned to face me.

“If i wanted to paralyse you, I would of done it already” Pushing into the muscle while he was distracted, I got the knot loose but it wasn’t a good feeling both under my hands and in his back.

Pietro screamed, grabbing onto the side I had removed the final knot. He swore as he rolled over still clutching his side.

“Why thank you Y/N, you really helped me. You really are the best girlfriend ever” I teased him as he squirmed in pain. “No worries baby, I just love how strong you are to take it like a superhuman and not cry”

“Im not crying, Im just in a lot of pain” He tried to defend himself rolling on his stomach, hiding his face in the sheets.

Seeing the perfect opportunity, I slapped his ass, that looked exceptionally good in his suit.

“Aye, hands off” He laughed, turning onto his back.

“What i can’t touch your butt?”

“You can touch it but don’t slap it” He folded his arms behind his head. “Plus I don’t slap yours”

“Ohh no, but you just grab it.” I laughed, crawling over to him.

His stare on me was intense as I crawled over to him and finally sitting on his lap, my legs on either side of his hips. He had his bottom lip between his teeth, his blue eyes so intense, my skin actually broke out in goosebumps. His hands went straight to my ass, grabbing onto it to prove his point.

“Hey, you can grab all you want as long as you are willing to finish what you start” I rolled my hips into his, giving him an idea to what I wanted him to finish.

He closed his eyes and let his head drop back as I continued to grind into him. Pietro was sensitive when it came to any physical contact because of his insanely quick movement, he never really slowed down and when he did, everything seemed to be on a different level for him.

He used his hands to press me down harder into him, gripping onto my barely clothed body so hard I knew I would have bruises in the shape on his hands.

I still had not kissed him, just watching as he enjoyed the feeling of me on him. His jaw was slack as small moans came out, the veins in his neck were protruding and his chest rising and falling with heavy breaths. His body rolled into mine, the muscles in his abdomen working over time to try to get more friction.

Grabbing onto one of his hands, I brought it around to my front and hooked his fingers into the waistband of my underwear. He caught on easily, his fingers quickly getting to work. I gasped immediately as his now cold fingers came in contact with my very hot skin. His other hand grabbing onto the back of my head, pulling me in for a kiss. His kiss was hard, a clash on teeth and skin but i wouldn’t have it any other way.  I moaned his name into the kiss,  biting onto his bottom lip as his fingers hit a sweet spot.

“Baby” I whined, knowing he was just teasing me.

“Yes printsessa?” He teased, gripping onto my hair knowing he knew he had complete control over me. My body tensed up as he continued his finger work.

“You are a total ass” I managed to get out before I was sent over the edge, gripping onto his shoulders, my nails digging hard into his skin and his name being rushed out in a battle for air getting into my lungs.  

“Can you warn me before you come again” Pietro joked, running his hands through my hair.

“What, you didn’t see that coming?” I mocked him, accent and everything.

He leaned forward, pressing a hot kiss under my ear. “ No but I saw you coming” his accent so thick it made my heart jump.

Ohh, he’ll see himself coming in a minute.


New Dean Ambrose request from @theunstable10~!  “Hey can I have a Dean Ambrose x Reader? Like Dean has a crush on the reader and when he sees Styles flirting with her he finally tells her after the show that he likes her before he loses her. Also can the reader be named Jordan plz? :)”

Never knew how much I needed this until now but enough about that, I got two words for ya…

Let’s go~!

Originally posted by temomi

“You have got to be the most talented woman I’ve seen here, Jordan. And you’re definitely easy on the eyes.” Day in, day out Dean had to suffer through hearing a certain “Phenomenal One” only whisper these sugar sweet compliments and flirtations in her ear and with each laugh Jordan made it stabbed at his chest even more.

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Multiple Make-Ups

Summary: Dan often has to make up for his actions concerning Phil. Pure shameless Phan fluff, sweet enough to rot your teeth

The Cactus Drawing Incident

Dan and Phil had only just gotten home after doing their latest radio show. Dan was a little confused at his boyfriend’s behavior towards the end of the show, especially over the whole ‘cactus thing’. If people began to put two and two together then it could be bad.

“Phil, you do realize you asked Mollie that cactus question live for the world to hear, right?”

“Well I needed advice,” Phil replied with a pout, shuffling over to the couch.

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spookiestfoxy  asked:

has Padme ever thought of Anakin as adorkable

“My lady, you have a delivery.” Tarka announces as she enters. Padme doesn’t look up from her work, just waves a hand at the side table next to the couch in her office in an indication to set whatever it is down. She has to be careful with her wording for this bill, knows that the Tourdes will go over this with a fine toothed comb before it even gets to the Queen for final review. But this is important and with the war going on, there are more people getting out of the Outer Rim needing a place to settle and Naboo has enough space and resources for them.

(She tries not to think of Shmi Skywalker’s limp body in her son’s arms, tries not to think of Anakin washing her face with gentle fingers, eyes a swirl of bright blue pain and torment. She fails. The woman offered them shelter, water, and food once; trusted them with the most important thing in her universe, and Padme never bothered to check in on her, never bothered to…

This is pointless. The dead are dead and gone, nothing she can do about it. This bill will give those freeing chains a place to land, a safe place with plentiful land and a path to citizenship.)

It isn’t until she’s going over the text for a third time that the scent hits her. The soft, sweet smell of her mother’s favorite flower, the smell of spring and fresh wind from the mountains. She looks away from her monitor to see a vase sitting on the side table, clear glass without a spot on it, and the arrangement of flowers in it seems rather small and plain.

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Part 2: 21st Century Girl

Genre: fluffiness, slight angst

Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Summary: He accepted you for you, even your insecurities.

Words: 1670

y/n = your name

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

You had known Taehyung for years. It had only been recently the two of you started dating. You were making fluffy pancakes for breakfast when you felt two arms encircle your waist. “Morning, babe.” A husky and raspy voice spoke. You felt uncomfortable knowing that Taehyung was able to feel your abdomen. You squirmed and wriggled free from his embrace. 

“What’s wrong? I thought you liked back hugs?” he asked, in a tone of concern.

“I do. It’s just I have been feeling a bit sensitive in that area. I’m sorry.” Yeah. Sensitivity. Who were you kidding? That’s such a lame excuse. You didn’t have a flat tummy. That was it. You didn’t have a flat tummy. You didn’t have the ideal body type of every perfect girlfriend and you felt insecure about it. Very insecure about it. 

“It’s fine, babe.” he leaned in to press a kiss to your cheek. With you returning his affection with a weak smile.

“You’re not eating? Really? Again? Don’t you want a bite of my pizza?” He tempted you, waving the glorious heavenly slice of cheese in front of your face.   Its been the third time consecutively you haven’t eaten dinner. Control. Control. CONTROL. You can’t give into him. You’re doing this for him. 

“Are you sure your not hungry, babe?”

“I had a late lunch, don’t worry.”


“Yes, really.”

“How are you not hungry after just a few hours?”

“I’m not you, Tae. We all know you love your meats.”

He broke out into a sheepish grin and continued, “You sure your not hungry? Do you want something light like a sandwich or something? I can make it for you, you wouldn’t have a move one tiny bit.”

“It’s fine, Tae. I’m really not hungry. Hurry up and finish your dinner, babe. I wanna watch movies all night with you.” 

He loved movie nights, which was why he immediately shoved the whole slice of pizza in his mouth, swallowing it whole. You can’t help but laugh at how puffed up and squishy his pizza-stuffed cheeks look, resisting the temptation to pinch them.

“Babe, can we talk?”

“Sure.” You looked away from your phone and patted the empty spot next to you. 

He took a deep breath and spoke out slowly, “Are you skipping meals?”

You were slightly taken aback by his question. How did he figure it out? Was it obvious? You tried to keep it as subtle as possible, not wanting him to worry and make a fuss out of it. You can’t let him see you waver. You needed to get a grip on yourself. Regaining your composure as fast as you could, you replied, “No, babe.”

He gave you a look of disbelief. Sighing, you took out your phone and showed him a picture of your friend’s lunch that she had sent you, asking you to check out a new cafe in town. “This is what I had for lunch. You know I love food photography.”

He still had a hit of disbelief in his eyes but he did not pursue the matter further.

Just like that, you continued to post pictures of your friends’ meal on your instagram(of course, with her permission), not wanting him to worry too much about you and focus on his work. After all, BTS was now very busy as they were going to have their comeback very soon. 

Why is the world spinning? What’s going on? Why is everything so blurry and fuzzy? You were on your way to your next university lecture when suddenly, everything started to become hazy. 

You landed on the floor with a loud sickening thud. Sprawled on the floor, your eyes closed, little by little until you were transported into absolute darkness.

Taehyung burst into the single hospital ward, eyes frantically searching for you. His eyes wandered off and when it landed on that frail image of you lying motionless on the bed, he ran towards you and sat on the chair propped next to the bed. He grabbed your hand in his and stroked it gently, the other reaching out to caress your cheek, tears falling down his face instinctively. “Why does she have to torture herself?! I knew something was still amiss. Why can’t she just see that she’s the most beautiful, kind and caring person I’ve ever met?” he said, burying his face at the edge of the hospital bed.

You were diagnosed with malnutrition, it was no surprise seeing the number of meals you had skipped over the past month. Your face was absolutely pale, lifeless. Your body couldn’t take the immense damage and you just collapsed. When Taehyung first got a call from the hospital, within a heartbeat, he was sprinting all the way to the hospital, worried sick about you.

You shifted in your sleep, showing signs that you were coming around, Taehyung immediately lifted his head from the bed to see you opening your eyes, gradually.

“Where am I?” You rubbed your forehead trying soothe the throbbing headache. 


“Oh my god, baby are you feeling okay? God, you must be starving, I’ll go get some food for you now.” he said, wiping his tears eyes.

“It’s okay, Tae. I’m not hungry.”

“What do you mean you’re not hungry? The doctor just said you’re suffering from malnutrition, I bet you have not eaten anything proper these last few weeks. I don’t give a shit, you must eat something.”

“But, I’m really not hungry.” you said, eyes looking downwards

“Gosh, y/n. You’ve already landed yourself in hospital and you still don’t want to take care of your health? Why are you doing this? Why are you putting yourself in so much pain?” His voice cracked, you could see tears brimming at the corners of his eyes again. In his eyes were a sense of concern, fear and most importantly hurt. It really broke his heart to see you in such a terrible state - fragile and broken.

“It’s because of you, you idiot! You do really think I don’t hear what people say behind my back about the two of us? Do you know how many times I’ve heard people saying ‘What?! He’s dating her?!’ ‘He’s way out of her league.’ ‘How did someone like him end up with someone like her?’ 'Is he blind?’ Do you know how much it hurts, Taehyung? I don’t want people calling you blind, saying that you made a wrong choice, criticizing you… That’s why I’m trying my best to improve myself in any way I can so I can be more compatible with you. But, I can’t deny the fact that they are right and that your way too good for me, sometimes I even wonder if you date me out of pity.” you revealed, tears streaming down your face.

Taehyung moved forward and engulfed you in a hug as you crashed against him. “I date you because I truly love you not because I pity you. That’s absolute bullshit. I don’t care what people say, as long as I have you.”

“But I do, Taehyung.” you managed, in between sobs. Steadying your breathing, you continued, “I know myself I’m not particularly pretty, neither do I have the best personality so when you asked me to go out on a date with you after being friends for so many years, I was so freaking happy and I really wanted this to work as I knew that never in a million years would a guy as gorgeous, sweet, kind and caring as you ask me out ever again. You mean a lot of me, Taehyung. A lot. I can’t lose you.  ”

Tears streamed profusely down your face, staining the soft white cotton of his shirt. He gently stroked your hair, and hummed, his warmth giving you comfort. “Bullshit. Plain bullshit. I should be the one that’s lucky to have you. I love you so much y/n. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it’s been so tough on you. You shouldn’t have to go through all this. You’re perfect just the way you are. Your genuine smile, your infectious laughter, the way your eyes lit up whenever you see candy… gosh every damn thing about you is so beautiful. You mean the world to me and I’m not going to let you face this alone. I wanna be with you in every step of the way, to pick you up when your down, to lift you up even higher when you’re experiencing joy, till the very end. We’re gonna get through this together, trust me. I wanna be with you, only you.” You sat there in silent consent, his words seem to have broken a dam in you, crying even harder than before. Choking on your tears, you tried your best to calm yourself down so as to be able to utter a few words to him.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.” It was as if your souls were connected and he could read every thought and feel every emotion of yours.

Your breath had seemingly managed to stabilize itself under Taehyung’s warm embrace and your tears slowly dissipated into the thin air. 

“Tae… Does your previous offer still stand? I’m hungry.”  you managed to breathe out, breaking into a weak smile.

Taehyung on the other hand broke out into the widest grin you had ever seen. “I’ll be right back with your favourite ramen.” He pulled you away, only to have his wrist grabbed by you.

“Don’t leave. Could you get someone else to do it? It doesn’t have to be my favourite food. You could just get the nurse to bring me some food from the hospital cafeteria. I just want you to stay with me, please…” Taehyung sat back down on the edge of the bed, planting a kiss onto your forehead.

“Of course, princess. Whatever you want.” he replied, holding on to you tightly. And he never planned on letting go, forever.

A/N: HI GUYS! I’m back from hiatus! Hope you enjoyed reading this fanfic! As usual feel free to leave comments as to how I can improve :) Do check out my masterlist if you would like to see more of my works :) Oh and also do look forward to the second part of this :) Yes, there will be a second part! I’m thinking of starting a series as well, what do you all think? Thank you!

p.s Everyone in this world has their merits and flaws. No one is perfect. Do not feel that your not good enough for anyone as everyone is unique and special in their own way. People will appreciate you for you. Your merits and flaws… it’s what makes you, you. tell them that you’re strong; tell them that you’re enough

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