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Internal Conflict:  Five Conflicting Traits of a Likable Hero.

1.  Flaws and Virtues 

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but characters without flaws are boring.  This does not, as many unfortunate souls take it to mean, imply that good, kind, or benevolent characters are boring:  it just means that without any weaknesses for you to poke at, they tend to be bland-faced wish fulfillment on the part of the author, with a tendency to just sit there without contributing much to the plot.

For any character to be successful, they need to have a proportionate amount of flaws and virtues.

Let’s take a look at Stranger Things, for example, which is practically a smorgasbord of flawed, lovable sweethearts.

We have Joyce Byers, who is strung out and unstable, yet tirelessly works to save her son, even when all conventional logic says he’s dead;  We have Officer Hopper, who is drunken and occasionally callous, yet ultimately is responsible for saving the boy’s life;  We have Jonathan, who is introspective and loving, but occasionally a bit of a creeper, and Nancy, who is outwardly shallow but proves herself to be a strong and determined character.  Even Steve, who would conventionally be the popular jerk who gets his comeuppance, isn’t beyond redemption.

And of course, we have my beloved Eleven, who’s possibly the closest thing Stranger Things has to a “quintessential” heroine.  She’s the show’s most powerful character, as well as one of the most courageous.  However, she is also the show’s largest source of conflict, as it was her powers that released the Demogorgon to begin with.  

Would Eleven be a better character if this had never happened?  Would Stranger Things be a better show?  No, because if this had never happened, Stranger Things wouldn’t even be a show.  Or if it was, it would just be about a bunch of cute kids sitting around and playing Dungeons and Dragons in a relatively peaceful town.

A character’s flaws and mistakes are intended to drive the plotline, and if they didn’t have them, there probably wouldn’t even be a plot.

So don’t be a mouth-breather:  give your good, kind characters some difficult qualities, and give your villains a few sympathetic ones.  Your work will thank you for it.

2.  Charisma and Vulnerability

Supernatural has its flaws, but likable leads are not one of them.  Fans will go to the grave defending their favorite character, consuming and producing more character-driven, fan-created content than most other TV shows’ followings put together.

So how do we inspire this kind of devotion with our own characters?  Well, for starters, let’s take a look at one of Supernatural’s most quintessentially well-liked characters:  Dean Winchester.

From the get-go, we see that Dean has charisma:  he’s confident, cocky, attractive, and skilled at what he does.  But these qualities could just as easily make him annoying and obnoxious if they weren’t counterbalanced with an equal dose of emotional vulnerability. 

As the show progresses, we see that Dean cares deeply about the people around him, particularly his younger brother, to the point of sacrificing himself so that he can live.  He goes through long periods of physical and psychological anguish for his benefit (though by all means, don’t feel obligated to send your main character to Hell for forty years), and the aftermath is depicted in painful detail.

Moreover, in spite of his outward bravado, we learn he doesn’t particularly like himself, doesn’t consider himself worthy of happiness or a fulfilling life, and of course, we have the Single Man Tear™.

So yeah, make your characters beautiful, cocky, sex gods.  Give them swagger.  Just, y’know.  Hurt them in equal measure.  Torture them.  Give them insecurities.  Make them cry.  

Just whatever you do, let them be openly bisexual.  Subtext is so last season.

3.  Goals For the Future and Regrets From the Past

Let’s take a look at Shadow Moon from American Gods.  (For now, I’ll have to be relegate myself to examples from the book, because I haven’t had the chance to watch the amazing looking TV show.) 

Right off the bat, we learn that Shadow has done three years in prison for a crime he may or may not have actually committed.  (We learn later that he actually did commit the crime, but that it was only in response to being wronged by the true perpetrators.)  

He’s still suffering the consequences of his actions when we meet him, and arguably, for the most of the book:  because he’s in prison, his wife has an affair (I still maintain that Laura could have resisted the temptation to be adulterous if she felt like it, but that’s not the issue here) and is killed while mid-coital with his best friend.

Shadow is haunted by this for the rest of the book, to the point at which it bothers him more than the supernatural happenings surrounding him.  

Even before that, the more we learn about Shadow’s past, the more we learn about the challenges he faced:  he was bullied as a child, considered to be “just a big, dumb guy” as an adult, and is still wrongfully pursued for crimes he was only circumstantially involved in.

But these difficulties make the reader empathize with Shadow, and care about what happens to him.  We root for Shadow as he tags along with the mysterious and alternatively peckish and charismatic Wednesday, and as he continuously pursues a means to permanently bring Laura back to life.

He has past traumas, present challenges, and at least one goal that propels him towards the future.  It also helps that he’s three-dimensional, well-written, and as of now, portrayed by an incredibly attractive actor.

Of course (SPOILER ALERT), Shadow never does succeed in fully resurrecting Laura, ultimately allowing her to rest instead, but that doesn’t make the resolution any less satisfying.  

Which leads to my next example…       

4.  Failure and Success 

You remember in Zootopia, when Judy Hopps decides she wants to be cop and her family and town immediately and unanimously endorse her efforts?  Or hey, do you remember Harry Potter’s idyllic childhood with his kindhearted, adoptive family?  Oh!  Or in the X-Files, when Agent Mulder presents overwhelming evidence of extraterrestrial life in the first episode and is immediately given a promotion?  No?

Yeah, me neither.  And there’s a reason for this:  ff your hero gets what they want the entire time, it will be a boring, two-dimensional fantasy that no one will want to read.  

A good story is not about the character getting what they want.  A good story is about the character’s efforts and their journey.  The destination they reach could be something far removed from what they originally thought they wanted, and could be no less (if not more so) satisfying because of it.

Let’s look at Toy Story 3, for example:  throughout the entire movie, Woody’s goal is to get his friends back to their longtime owner, Andy, so that they can accompany him to college.  He fails miserably.  None of his friends believe that Andy was trying to put them in the attic, insisting that his intent was to throw them away.  He is briefly separated from them as he is usurped by a cute little girl and his friends are left at a tyrannical daycare center, but with time and effort, they’re reunited, Woody is proven right, and things seem to be back on track.

Do his efforts pay off?  Yes – just not in the way he expected them to.  At the end of the movie, a college-bound Andy gives the toys away to a new owner who will play with them more than he will, and they say goodbye.  Is the payoff bittersweet?  Undoubtedly.  It made me cry like a little bitch in front of my young siblings.  But it’s also undoubtedly satisfying.      

So let your characters struggle.  Let them fail.  And let them not always get what they want, so long as they get what they need.  

5.  Loving and Being Loved by Others

Take a look back at this list, and all the characters on it:  a gaggle of small town kids and flawed adults, demon-busting underwear models, an ex-con and his dead wife, and a bunch of sentient toys.  What do they have in common?  Aside from the fact that they’re all well-loved heroes of their own stories, not much.

But one common element they all share is they all have people they care about, and in turn, have people who care about them.  

This allows readers and viewers to empathize with them possibly more than any of the other qualities I’ve listed thus far, as none of it means anything without the simple demonstration of human connection.

Let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite caped crusader, for example:  Batman in the cartoons and the comics is an easy to love character, whereas in the most recent movies (excluding the splendid Lego Batman Movie), not so much. 

Why is this?  In all adaptions, he’s the same mentally unstable, traumatized genius in a bat suit.  In all adaptions, he demonstrates all the qualities I listed before this:  he has flaws and virtues, charisma and vulnerability, regrets from the past and goals for the future, and usually proportionate amounts of failure and success.  

What makes the animated and comic book version so much more attractive than his big screen counterpart is the fact that he does one thing right that all live action adaptions is that he has connections and emotional dependencies on other people.  

He’s unabashed in caring for Alfred, Batgirl, and all the Robins, and yes, he extends compassion and sympathy to the villains as well, helping Harley Quinn to ultimately escape a toxic and abusive relationship, consoling Baby Doll, and staying with a child psychic with godlike powers until she died.

Cartoon Batman is not afraid to care about others.  He has a support network of people who care about him, and that’s his greatest strength.  The DC CU’s ever darker, grittier, and more isolated borderline sociopath is failing because he lacks these things.  

 And it’s also one of the reasons that the Lego Batman Movie remains so awesome.

God willing, I will be publishing fresh writing tips every week, so be sure to follow my blog and stay tuned for future advice and observations! 

Day 2 - Purring

Something was rumbling in her ear. 

Marinette woke slowly, the soft rumble reeling her out of a pleasant dream and the unmistakable vibration of her pillow steadily grounding her in reality. But even when she blinked open her eyes it still took a moment to place the sound. At first she thought it was her phone. 

But then she remembered what had been happening before she fell asleep.

Root beer floats on the balcony. Video games until well past two in the morning. Giggling at a comic book on her bed until no, that was definitely the last thing she remembered. As if in response to this, she became aware of a glossy page plastered to her cheek. Sitting up, she peeled the comic book off and tossed it aside, afraid to look behind her at the other side of her bed. Because if he’d simply left, then what was that suspiciously purr-like sound? Man, they’d fallen asleep on accident again, hadn’t they?

In the darkness Marinette peeked over her shoulder at him, then immediately sqeaked in terror when she saw his bare arm and wrenched her pillow up to press it over her eyes. 

He isn’t transformed. Oh my god, he detransformed in his sleep! 

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Mourning Air

Author’s Note: oh no, i’ve made myself very sad. can someone please request jongin fluff so i can feel better holy **title taken from the Portishead song of the same name

Pairing: Kai x Reader (oc; female) (although the gender is kind of ambiguous so you can take it as you wish)

Warnings: heavy angst; swearing; references to cheating

Word count: 1,879

When you look at Jongin, all at once, you are twenty three. 

You are looking at Jongin, and you are twenty three. It’s September, you’re twenty three, and the air is crisp with possibility. In front of you, the future expands and stretches like a safety net. You’re not scared to be reckless, you’re not scared to make mistakes because his fingers are entwined with yours and he’s laughing. He’s laughing, and it sounds like music, like the very noise itself could save you. He’s laughing and you count every single choice you made that got you here, to this sound, and you kiss them all. You’re thankful. You’re happy. The boy of bronze and gold has decided that he loves you.

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So Bakugou and Todoroki's hero names didn't get decided early on I think because they're each gonna get their own little mini arcs that get em to decide them, but I kinda wanted to know your opinion on what they might end up being? 'Course they'll probably be derived from future plot that we don't know right now, but I wanted to ask anyway!

!!!! I’ve never really thought about Todoroki’s, tbh? So I have no clue, honest, but as far as Bakugou goes I’ll keep on holding onto Ground Zero until Horikoshi officially and unequivocally tells me he 100% definitely scrapped it, my friend - it’s such a cool name??? I read it and I nearly cried when I realized that probably it’s not gonna be his actual hero name rip

Anon said: You need to draw Bok.uro more (i love them so much,(you to of course)

I’m sure you didn’t mean anything bad by this ask anon, but as I’ve said more than once I really, really don’t like the word need. I don’t need to do anything, no one’s paying me for this. When I’ll want to draw more bokro it’ll for sure happen, so don’t worry about that~

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Acquainted with the Night (7/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: None

Words: ~8000

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: Love and gratitude to @ripplestitchskein and @unfolded73 for their help with this fic.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld for the lovely banner.

Tagging by request: @natascha-remi-ronin, @the-captains-ayebrows, @maryvmassakre, @katealexandra26, @superchocovian, @vanyali07, @imhookedonaswan, @captain–kitten, @dreadpirateemma, @like-waves-on-the-beach, @fairytalesandtimetravel

Also on ff and ao3

Chapter Six

Emma woke in binds, her face half in mud.  Sometime while she’d slept, the forest had grown quiet.  It sounded more like the forests she knew, water trickling along meandering furrows, birds chattering curiously in the canopy above.  Though, the darkness remained, shadows of unknown origin skirting along the underbrush.  But the trees were not quite so monstrous, and the earth – just under her nose, as it were – did not smell quite so strongly of rot.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming's Michelle, Explained
Questions about Zendaya's character have swirled for more than a year, but with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we finally have the answer.

To begin with.

“…which makes her one of the best things an already-amazing film.”

Did CBR, the ‘professionally’ written, corporately owned ‘news’ website mean ‘…which makes her one of the best things IN   an already-amazing film.’????

Second of all.

“See, her name is Michelle, but at the end of the film she reveals she likes to be called “M.J.” Like Mary Jane Watson, get it? But unlike the “Robin” reveal at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, this doesn’t feel annoying or even slightly like a feint.”

It is absolutely a feint and it the only reason it isn’t annoying is because for most fans it bypassed annoying and went straight to shoving a middle finger in our faces.

The reason CBR doesn’t feel this way is because they kiss Marvel’s ass.

“Michelle isn’t Mary Jane, a character who’s been so central to Spider-Man’s history, both in comics and on the screen, but by bestowing on her the nickname “M.J.,” the filmmakers are likely hinting at the importance she’ll have in Peter’s life.”

If we run with this logic ‘MJ’ as a nickname is just intended as a signpost to the audience saying ‘this character is important because she has a name similar to another important character so watch this space. MAYBE she’ll ALSO be a love interest!”

So by this logic she could’ve been like Michelle Osborn. Or in the new movie we could get a criminal who’s renowned for gentelmanry thievery as they rob diamond exchanges and goes by the name Eddie Brock hinting they will be an evil version of Peter Parker in some way despite being nothing like Eddie Brock at all.

Or fuck it lets do a Superman movie where a isolated nerdy high schooler is in passing derisively called brainiac because ‘it’s hinting’ that he will become ‘important’ and maybe have a similar role to that OTHER character called Brainiac despite being nothing like him.

Can you smell the reak of damage control on this idiotic article?

“The most interesting aspect of the revelation isn’t the name itself, but the dialogue surrounding it: “My friends call me M.J.” The emphasis, by both the filmmakers and the character, isn’t on “M.J.” but rather on “friends.” Peter observes that he didn’t think Michelle had friends, to which she responds that she does now.”

Becoming a member of the decathalon team after barely saying anything to anyone other than blink and you’ll miss it insults and displaying generally isolationist/anti-social behaviour = having friends now? And it’s said to the guy who she literally flipped the bird to for no justifiable reason at all like 2 days before.

“That’s a completely different character than the dance-happy, party-loving Mary Jane who covered her darkness with so much light no one could notice. Michelle is M.J. without all the baggage from decades of comics, or from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie series (or even from Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, from which Shailene Woodley’s scenes as Mary Jane were cut).”

Which is another way of saying she isn’t Mary Jane at all. You might as well say Ned, Toomes and Betty in the movie are ALSO Mary Jane.

And the same goes for Peter. ‘This is Peter Parker without all the emotional baggage and guilt of having killed his father figure by accident and striving to live up to the role model set by him by being heroic despite it causing ramifciations for the normal life he wants’.

Then it isn’t the character then is it so don’t pretend like it is!

“In actuality, Michelle more closely resembles the rebellious Gwen Stacy from Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comics.”

Okay yes COMPARATIVELY speaking she does more closely resemble USM Gwen Stacy. But that’s like saying in Homecoming the Vulture comparatively more closely resembles the Raimi Norman Osborn.

On a superficial level both statements hold up. Raimi Norman and Homecoming Toomes are both guys in a green suits trying to screw over the big shot suits and do right by his family and threatens Spider-Man’s family when he deduces his identity.

Except really they aren’t because critically Norman is an emotionally distant corporate tycoon/single father to a college student who just wants his approval and is living through a Jekyll/Hyde situation whilst Toomes is a working class average joe who commits crimes of scavenging and is actually a decent Dad to a high schooler.

With Michelle vs Ult Gwen both are ‘social outsiders who reject the mainstream and don’t hang out with the school cliques baby!’

And then the comparisons literally stop.

Ult Gwen was someone who would throw her two cents into a conversation or start one up whether or not anybody listened or understood her. She was a punkishly dressed delinquent who loved her policeman Dad but acted out against the authority he represented. Whilst not standing for bullshit from anyone. She literally pulled a knife on Kenny Kong when she saw him bullying Peter, a kid she hardly knew. She showed up at Peter’s house in the middle of the night unannounced (slightly drunk unless I am misremembering) to like hang out and shoot the breeze.

None of that shit pertains to Michelle from Homecoming so the comparison is weak as shit.

But worse, let’s pretend the comparison was on the money.

Why in God’s name is it okay or at all acceptable to make a character who is kinda sort of Mary jane and has her initials as a ‘signpost that she will be important’…and then make her a version of Gwen Stacy?

I know we have all said to varying degrees of derision that Emma Stone’s Gwen was Ultimate Mary Jane but the antidote to that isn’t to then make Mary Jane in any way akin to Ultimate Gwen Stacy.

WTF is wrong with people seriously!

“While Michelle is unlikely to be killed by Carnage in a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming and then transformed into a version of vampiric organism (aren’t comics great?), there’s a pretty good chance she’ll discover Peter’s secret.”

Does the author even KNOW about Parallel Lives?

Should I even be asking by this point?

“So, Zendaya is Michelle, who is M.J. But she’s definitely not Mary Jane. She’s better.”

How the flying fuck could anybody come to that conclusion?

Mary Jane Watson from the 616 comics is like one of the best female/supporting characters in Marvel comics ever. She’s had 50 years under her belt most of which have been great and showcased a shitton of development. She was bucking social trends in her debut for God’s sake.

The Hell can a character who barely says anything in the course of an entire movie and who when she does talk tends to be just cold or rude somehow magically be better than that?

Well the answers could be

a)   CBR like Marvel as a whole has an anti-MJ bias

b)   CBR like Marvel as a whole holds MJ’s emotional baggage with disdain because emotional baggage is bad despite it being Spider-Man’s bread and butter. Or maybe because it wasn’t there from the start or some shit like that.

c)    CBR are clickbait Marvel mouthpieces

I mean FFS…re-read this article and now outline for me ANY sentences where CBR bothered to point out Michelle’s positive attriubtes.

I’m not even saying she has none. I’m just saying they’ve just said this character who had less than 20 minutes of screen time and like 5 minutes tops of speaking time is somehow better than a 50 year old character who’s been a fan favourite for most of that time and they never once said anything towards WHY the character is actually any good.

All they pointed to was vague bullshit about her now having friends and maybe knowing Peter’s secret identity.

P.S. This article didn’t even fulfill it’s own title because it didn’t really explain much!

I don’t think I’ve ever done this but I was bored and in a great mood so here we go!!! 

thank you to everyone whose been here, for whatever reason, you’re all wonderful people and I’m glad I got to know you guys, some more than others, and some longer than most, I love you guys.

special shoutout to @andreil (storms) for bringing comic sans back into our lives <33 she’s been fighting tooth and nail day and night to make this a reality and help all of us become aware of the comic sans discourse we should’ve had years ago!! she’s truly an icon of our generation 👏🏾 when will your fave ever be so revolutionary?? 👏🏾👏🏾 

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Show!Ursa: would very much like her daughter to behave like a "lady", laughs about burning a city to the ground, calls her daughter a monster when she thinks she's not listening, murders the Fire Lord. Comics!Ursa: plays in the backyard, doesn't like hearing about violence or war, is all understandable about her new daughter's behavior, would never murder a fly. Same character?

Originally posted by reaction-resource-center

XD had to.

Ursa was ambiguous enough in the show, you know. You had no idea whether she really loved Azula or not (then the comics do next to nothing to prove that she does, so good going, Yang, thanks for proving Azula right), you had no idea what her political alignments were, and ALSO, you don’t have ANY signs of Ursa not getting along with her husband? LITERALLY. All you know is that she’s not exactly going to shout around that she wants Ozai to be Fire Lord. This can either mean that she was hiding her support of him in that endeavor, (because ffs you can’t conspire about something like a coup and yell about it, Azula, but I guess you’re really young so we let it slide), or that she didn’t support it at all, of course.

Comics, though: no love for Azula confirmed (one kiss when she’s asleep that to me amounts to NOTHING because Azula had no idea it happened), still no real sign that she didn’t like the Fire Nation’s war but she is shown as a victim to, uh, the Fire Nation system because she’s been forced to marry Ozai. So you’re supposed to think that because the Fire Nation traditions made her miserable, she mustn’t like their ways. And because she was forced to marry Ozai, then obviously this must be a horrible marriage from start to end! Despite, uh, the show always had Zuko talking about times when their family was happy, suggesting the relationship deteriorated over time…? :’D

I’m not saying forced marriage should be shown as good, fact is, this trope is seldom portrayed at its worst by fanfiction and um, Yang kinda writes like fanfiction so well, at least I won’t fault him for showing that forced marriage can end badly. But he makes forced marriage awful to the absolute EXTREME by making Ozai horribly controlling, jealous, cruel and whatnot. I know I have what may amount to the most favorable perception of Ozai ever, but I don’t think this was necessary at all. It was just to turn Ursa into an even more victimized mess? Isn’t Ozai bad enough with what he did to Zuko already? Him being an average husband would have never ruled out the harm he has done to his children, but no, Yang makes him a thousand times worse than necessary and instead of letting him keep the teeny tiny bit of depth that he DID have in the show (see him sitting at the turtle-duck pond by himself after Ursa is gone, in the exact same spot she always was at, suggesting that it affects him that she’s gone), Yang makes it so he treats Ursa like crap and just uses her as the means to become Fire Lord via Azulon’s murder. Like, sorry, but I like my Urzai a lot more complex and interesting than “he was soooo bad and she was soooo good but soooo sad and he made her suffer sooo much!”

Long story short, I have no respect for comics’ Ursa for all her decisions and her behavior, but the show’s Ursa, thanks to that wonderful ambiguity from where you can actually build something very complex, where she can have agency, where she can KICK OZAI’S ASS BY PROVING SHE HAS MORE BRAINS THAN HIM…! *heavy breathing* Seriously, though, show Ursa has potential. I’ll never love her, but at least she’s worth writing about.

I really found @loopy777’s essay on the Two Ursas is a great read. If you haven’t read it yet, I’m sure you’d enjoy it, Anon.

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My Professional Film Critic Thoughts On Every Fantastic Four Movie, in chronological order:

Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four (1994):


  • By far the most comic-canon accurate. Actually this is actually both a pro (Doom’s entire vengeance quest bc one time in college Reed corrected his math) and a con (Byrne’s Reed and Sue origin story…)
  • “Hi Mrs. Storm, can Johnny and Susan come to outerspace with us?”
  • Victor’s shifty Eastern European henchmen just creeping around college
  • Reed and Victor passing their space math notes back and forth in class like a couple of middle school lovebirds 
  • That thing Victor does in the first five minutes where he like, paws the air by Reed’s ear? While promising him they’ll “have time”? And wearing an expression I think might have been a smile?
  • Ben slo-mo runs to save Reed from Science
  • Ben and Johnny have a special handshake
  • Ben and Alicia’s meet cute starts disastrously and then turns adorable??
  • why won’t dreamy 90s Ben Grimm lift me up in his huge arms and spin me around
  • has as many hugs as Fant4stic (2)
  • Ben/Reed fans, there’s a scene where some totally legit and not at all shifty Eastern European henchmen tell Reed Victor’s dead and then Ben holds him while he cries. this is a real scene. slow music was playing.
  • Definitely the most accurate Doom, though still not a Science Wizard
  • Two different scenes where Alicia runs her hands over Ben’s face and falls in love with his pure and true noble spirit regardless of his visage
  • Victor von Doom has knife gloves
  • That thing Reed does at the very end of the movie when he and Sue drive away from the chapel. 


  • The Mole Man. “But you love the Mole Man” listen when the Mole Man is a very short man with a very big nose who is only referred to as “The Jeweler” and spends the whole movie trying to steal a huge diamond, I don’t.
  • “No wonder it has a higher rating on RT than Fant4stic. Anti-semitism strikes again.” - @buffwizardjocks
  • Nobody can act, save for maybe dreamy 90s Ben Grimm and whoever was in the Doom suit. 
  • Whoever was in the Doom suit tried so hard
  • My best guess is that the budget was $30

Fantastic Four (2005)


  • Ioan Gruffudd
  • This movie opens with Reed and Ben staring in silent horror as a 30ft metal statue of Victor von Doom is welded together
  • Ben Grimm: Yenta
  • Johnny naked except for a pink parka
  • The sunflowers scene
  • Doom is played by the guy who was Cole in Charmed
  • Okay the suits look really nice actually
  • Ben and Alicia are cute


  • My deep and never-ending suspicion that this movie and its portrayal of Johnny specifically is the reason Johnny Storm is not a fandom darling when by all accounts he should be, and why it’s taken so long for spideytorch to catch on beyond like six people
  • also to this day I have to see “Captain America and the Human Torch were played by the same person” posts
  • it is the year 2016
  • please stop we know he played them both
  • Johnny talks so much about accepting yourself for who you are, never once kisses a dude
  • Sue repeatedly stripping out of her clothes in the middle of the street so she can be invisible please stop men

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)


  • The whole plot of this movie revolves around Sue and Reed failing to get married. Also I guess a space cloud wants to eat the planet? Doesn’t matter. Sue and Reed are hilariously bad at getting married.
  • Did you know Laurence Fishburne voiced the Silver Surfer bc I didn’t until just the other week and I am delighted
  • That scene where Alicia is pinning on Ben’s boutonniere and he goes “ouch!” and she slaps him all “don’t do that!” while he laughs
  • “But this is Dolce” iconic 
  • Reed’s bachelor party
  • I love Norrin Radd, I’m sorry, I can’t help who I am, that silver ken doll is great 
  • Andre Braugher in is this movie, which conclusively proves that FF (2005/7) and Brooklyn 99 take place in the same universe.
  • Power swaps!
  • Sue and Johnny hug right did I imagine that
  • “I’m so hot for you” “Me too” says Johnny, as he full body presses himself against Reed
  • Johnny kissing Ben on the forehead, the most important shot of all time


  • Sue is still naked so much in public please please stop
  • WHY, when Alicia is IN THIS MOVIE, was her connection to the Silver Surfer given to Sue? Oh right it’s because all women are both compassionate and interchangeable
  • Dudes kissed on the mouth by Johnny Storm: 0
  • Could have been more hugging
  • Why no giant man in a huge purple head dress
  • Embrace your origins, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  • There could have been a Reed/Sue&Ben/Alicia double wedding but was the opportunity seized? No it was not.

Fant4stic (2015)


  • Objectively the best Fantastic Four movie of all time
  • No wait come back 
  • Listen, for all its structural flaws, there is A LOT that Fant4stic did right. Its character work is nuanced and detailed – we’re told things about the characters not only by what they say and do, but by their environments. The first 40 minutes are cohesive, with a real sense of dread as you get closer and closer to the accident.
  • it’s a beautiful love story that starts when Ben sees Reed speak with utmost belief about things that sound impossible, listen, there’s no way to view this movie other than “Ben is in love with Reed” 
  • I love Josh Trank’s FF fanfiction
  • Sue, despite being a young attractive woman, is never sexualized. Everything she wears is practical and fits her personality. Her makeup is realistic. There is not one “she’s invisible but also she’s NAKED you can’t see it but she is” scene.
  • MBJ’s Johnny is my favorite portrayal of him to date. He’s a reckless thrill-seeker who feels out of place in his super genius family, but also a talented mechanic who is inherently kind and loving. He teases Victor, makes friends with Reed and seems to have, for better or worse, bonded with his secret government handlers (we see him joking with them and calling them by name). Despite what everyone else has said about Reed, when they’re reunited Johnny doesn’t hesitate: he hugs him.
  • also he’s beautiful
  • and a huge dork: the fire flower in his car, the Lego mug, his welding mask with the flames on it, “this is going on Instagram”
  • I LOVE the Thing design. He’s actually rocky and he’s huge. His voice is resonant and grinding. When he drags himself across the room in that scene with Harvey Allen you get a real sense of just how heavy he is. It’s not cartoony at all.
  • Ben Grimm is Jewish. Unquestionably on screen Jewish. There is a mezuzah on the door of the junkyard, and a huge gold menorah in the front room. Maybe ONE DAY we’ll actually say “Ben is Jewish” out loud, with words, on screen, but for now I’ll take this.
  • Hot Mess Victor von Doom is so relatable. He just wants to sit in the dark playing video games and eating week old Chinese food. He has a breakdown, takes a trip to find himself, comes back and murders his father figure. We have all been there, Victor.
  • you know from Victor’s perspective Fant4stic is just like Eat, Pray, Love
  • Reed’s isolationist Panama shack with the BEN SHRINE. Do you realize that to get that photo of them together as children, back when they were happy and everything was simple, Reed must have risked capture and either gone back to the ruined Baxter Building or his childhood home? Reed!
  • “He was looking for him.”
  • A love story
  • But also a horror story, which is great, because that’s what the Fantastic Four’s origin should be. These people are changed beyond their comprehension. It should be strange and horrifying, and it should be something outside forces seek to control.
  • “Waterboarding in the fourth dimension could prove very effective” is my favorite Civil War burn


  • do I have to say it
  • we all know. just let me have this.
  • the reshoots, okay. the reshoots.
  • what went down
  • someone tell us what happened, please
  • Where Are The Deleted Scenes
  • at no point does Reed laffy taffy wrap around hug Ben
  • why are both canon and fandom so afraid to let Reed climb Mount Rushmore
  • we’re never getting Fant42tic even though practically every month Simon Kinberg lies to my face and says that it’s still on the table
  • stop lying, Simon Kinberg
  • but also marry me? you’re the only who understands?
  • I was promised the Mole Man

A special shoutout to the Fantastic Four movie we almost had, which, um, SOUNDS AMAZING?, and to the best FF movie of all time: this spideytorch music video set to One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, which will remain the best FF movie of all time until someone makes one with MBJ set to 18.

Never Been Better, Swan

So, I posted a head canon yesterday and the lovely Kim (i-love–you-swan) told me I should write it and so since I adore her, I couldn’t turn her down!   Hope you enjoy it, doll!!


“I can’t believe I’m letting this happen,” Killian grumbled as he sat on the floor, leaning up against the couch.  “Again.”

Emma, who was sitting cross-legged behind him, let out a soft chuckle, as she ran her fingers through his hair.  “You could have said no.”

He took a quick sip of his wine and then winced when tiny fingers gave his hair a little tug.  “You know I can’t turn down my princess.”

A small, childish giggle filled the air, making him smile.  “I’m going to make you look pretty, Daddy!”

Killian tilted his head up so he could see his four-year old daughter’s smiling face.  “Your daddy’s already devilishly pretty, my darling Hope…you know that.”

Hope leaned down to give him a quick upside down kiss and when he looked up at Emma, she rolled her eyes before giving him one as well.  “Now, I remember why I tolerate this.”

“Head back up, pirate,” Emma teased as she gripped his hair and tugged it back up.  “We have way more little tiny braids to make.”

He sighed as he let his two girls finish their artwork.  “Just as long as we keep the secret pirate code and this never goes past this house.”

“I won’t tell, Daddy,” Hope promised as she worked on another braid like her mommy taught her.  “Pirate code!”

“Aye, love…I know you won’t betray me…it’s your mother I’m worried about.”

Emma just chuckled evilly as she kept her eyes trained on her work. 

“And no pictures this time, Swan…one picture and I’ll throw your phone out the bloody window.”

“How else will we remember this special moment?” she asked, sharing a quick laugh with her daughter.  “Hope, maybe we should apply a little lipstick.”

“Don’t even think about it,” Killian balked.  “I draw the line at make-up.”

“Says the man who puts on eye-liner better than I do,” Emma muttered.

Killian jabbed her leg with his elbow.  “Watch it, Swan.”

Emma laughed.  “Well, at least let us….”

“What?” Killian asked when she abruptly cut off her words.  “What’s wrong?”

“Um…it’s nothing,” she said unconvincingly as she cleared her throat.


She sighed, knowing she couldn’t get away with not telling him, he could clearly hear it in her voice.  “It’s nothing really,” she assured him. “I just…you have a little…”

“What?” he asked while turning halfway around to look at her.  

“Gray hair,” she finally admitted and then pointed at the back of her head.  “Just a little in the back…but you can barely see it.”

He didn’t say anything, just blinked up at her as he took in her words and then looked at Hope who was staring at him, not sure what was going on.  “Excuse me,” he finally said as he got up on his feet and walked out of the room.

Emma frowned slightly.  “Killian.”

“I’ll be right back.”

“Is Daddy okay?” Hope asked in a small, soft whisper.

Emma sighed, shaking her head.  “I don’t know, baby,” she murmured as she got up and then lifted her in her arms.  “But we better go and make sure.”

She found him in the powder room, staring at himself in the mirror with an intense look on his face.  Any other time, she’d find it comical with the way he his hair was all done up in tiny, spiky braids, but this was clearly no joking matter. 

Sure, she made age jokes with him constantly, seeing that he was over three hundred years old, and he always just laughed it off. But this was different…this was the first sign that he was actually aging for the first time in his life…that one gray hair was proof of that. 

The question was, how did he feel about it?

His eyes shifted and met hers in the mirror.  “You’re right,” he said with a baffled laugh.  “I have gray hair.”

Her eyes furrowed as she cocked her head to the side.  “Are you okay?”

He turned around and then grinned as he walked over and gave her a quick kiss, and then did the same to Hope, before taking her from Emma.  “Never been better, Swan.” 

“Are you sure?” she asked as she gently touched the side of his face.

“Absolutely,” he murmured as he leaned down for another kiss and then smiled as he brushed his thumb along her cheek.  “I love you.”

She smiled and reached up on her toes for another kiss.  “I love you, too,” she murmured and then shook her head as she let out a laugh.  “Even when you look ridiculous.”

“Are you kidding me?” he scoffed as he gave Hope a little jostled as he turned around so they could see him in the mirror.  “I look bloody fantastic.”

Hope giggled as she threw her arms around him and Killian just gave her a quick kiss on the top of her head.  “Come on, love…I’ll let you put on my eyeliner.”

“Yay!” she exclaimed, clapping happily as they walked out of the bathroom.

Emma gave them a worried look as she followed them out.  “Just try not to poke Daddy in the eye this time, sweetie.”


Where We Belong (6/6)

au. It’s like they can’t help it, they are drawn to each other like moths to the flame and she knows that she’ll only get burned if she doesn’t stay away but she can’t find it in herself to care. captain wench.

part one. part two. part three. part four. part five. part six.

rated m

(Hi, hello, do you remember me?

So basically a little over a year ago I uploaded Part Five of this story and there was a lot going on in my life and I kind of lost interest in Once and it just didn’t sit right with me to keep on writing something that my heart wasn’t in. So I left it unfinished. That is until now…

I found the document on my desktop and read all of it and I kept wondering why I didn’t finish because I had the last chapter outlined and then I just started writing and here we are.

This is the end, thank you for sticking with me until now, I hope you enjoy.)

part six.

She can practically feel him enter the tavern. It’s like one moment everything is as it has been for the last two and a half weeks and then, suddenly, he is there; a presence that fills the room and sort of lights it up and her back straightens, her hand stops mid-air, the mug in it stopping on its way down to the wooden platter and she barely stops herself from spinning around in time.

Slowly she looks up and meets the eyes of the girl behind the bar, who, of course, noticed her straightening up. There is little that Ruby doesn’t notice. A smile slowly forms on her pretty lips and her gaze wanders around the room, searching for the reason behind Emma’s sudden standstill.

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Online Connection

Niall sat down, staring at his computer screen for a moment. is fingers brushing over the keyboard. His sure fingers hesitate for a moment before typin in the URL, tumblr.com. He had one for a long while, obviously a secret. It was nice to be anonymous (he didn’t like not being able to post selfies which kinda bummed him out).

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a/n: Regal Believer fic set in season 2, some time between Cora’s death and Regina’s torture. Thank you Carissa + Laura for looking this over.

The cracking sound of lightningstartles her. She loses control over her faculties for a moment, letting theembroidered plate slip through her delicate fingers. The plate lands on herfoot, she winces on impact as it bounces off and hits the floor, shattering into thousands of pieces. The sound has her hand gripping the collar of her shirt as she inhales deeply, telling herself to calm down.

 The roaring thunder is relentless while the rain falls down hard and the strong winds knock over patio furniture. Regina doesn’t mind the rain, in fact she quite enjoys rainy Saturdays that allow her to stay indoors and spend time playing board games with Henry. But Henry doesn’t live with her anymore, and this isn’t a rainy Saturday, it’s a storm. Normally on nights like tonight, she and Henry would cuddle together until sleep took them. She’s terrified of storms that aren’t caused by magic, the ones that are controlled, or rather uncontrolled and just let out by the force of nature. These storms are a rare occurrence in Storybrooke and have only happened a handful of times, luckily Henry was around for the majority of them.



 She was very careful not to let her own fears affect Henry, and because of that she didn’t want to seek him out. She feared running to his bed when there was a storm would condition him to be afraid, so the first night there was a storm, she had settled on braving it alone. The sound of lightning and tree branches scratching against her house made her anxious. She decided to get out of bed and fetch a glass of water in the kitchen. Upon returning upstairs she figured she should go check on Henry, just to ensure everything was alright. His door was opened only an inch, she pushed it until she got a fuller view. Henry was sitting up on his bed, staring out the window with a lit flashlight in hand. He yelped when he noticed his mother standing in the doorway.

 “Mommy! You scared me.” he panted, mimicking his mother’s mannerism by raising his hand above his heart.

 “I’m sorry, baby” she cooed while slowly walking toward his bed. “Are you okay?” She asked while pressing a kiss to his forehead.

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andthenabanana replied to your post “I read through all of main title Fantastic Four (save for about fifty…”

… Okay i’m gonna bite: tell us of your lyja woes


I accidentally wrote up a thing about their history, and about this period of Fantastic Four canon, because it kind of fascinates me. I’m so sorry for how long this going to be but there’s no way for me to do this without ~going back to where it all started~. For those not in the know: there was a time in the 90s when Johnny married a Skrull named Lyja. He thought he was marrying Alicia Masters, Ben’s on-and-off girlfriend and renowned blind sculptor who is SO COMPASSIONATE and WONDERFUL that she once saved the planet just by being herself. I love her. I would fight anyone in a parking lot for her, except she wouldn’t want me to use violence to defend her name, so I wouldn’t. There’s really no way for me to discuss this without pulling out panels and also shrieking. So I present:

An Illustrated Guide To The Time I Spent 100 FF Issues Screaming

Traincat Talks Comics: like Drunk History, but more upset.

After the first Secret Wars event, Ben Grimm decides to stay in space because he could be a hot leotard-wearing adventurer with a great beard there, so Reed and Johnny return to Earth with She-Hulk to break the news to Sue and Ben’s longtime “good thing she’s blind and can’t see how hideous I am except for the fact that she’s run her hands over me 8 million times and definitely knows I am a huge rock man” love Alicia.

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Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair

Bellamy cuts his hair and Clarke’s upset about it. For eskimo-whisperers :)

Read on AO3

If you asked Clarke what it was about Bellamy Blake that made him so Bellamy, she wouldn’t know what to pinpoint.

There are so many things that feel so particular to him, from his ridiculous love of history - any era, anywhere in the world; he just wants to know more - to his weirdly good ability to paint fingers and toes, going as far as adding small, cute flowers to the corner of each nail, to the way he demands to be the little spoon whenever they watch a trashy movie together and cuddle.

They’re all part of him, from the big, important stuff to the small, silly quirks, and Clarke can appreciate even the most frustrating of his traits (his overprotective nature, easily), because it’s what makes him Bellamy.

What she didn’t realise is that his hair is also part of what makes Bellamy so Bellamy to Clarke. That his hair is something that made him more attractive to her. And yet, here she is, watching him with a frown on her face, alcohol prompting her to tell him, voice annoyed —

“You look weird with short hair.”

Bellamy scowls, which is also how Clarke’s feeling as she looks at his freshly cut locks, although she knows they’re scowling for different reasons. See, while Clarke is mourning the loss of his gorgeous inky curls (mop of hair is a phrase that suits Bellamy to a tee, and she often wonders if he even owns a comb), Bellamy is bitter about how the loss came about.

It was half a week ago that she got the I fucking hate undergrads text, which honestly wasn’t much in and of itself from her best friend. But it was sent past midnight and accompanied by a selfie; Bellamy’s face crinkled in the way it gets when he falls asleep on non-bed surfaces, eyes bleary, mouth turned down into a frown, and a piece of bright pink gum stuck in his hair.

It was hard not to laugh at the time, even though Clarke did feel a surge of sympathy for him. Apparently, after a very intense two weeks of uni which involved submitting a final draft of his completed thesis, Bellamy had fallen asleep on a desk at the college library. Which again, wasn’t much in and of itself, but this one happened to have gum on it. And of course Bellamy blamed it on undergrads, because generally speaking they’re easy to blame disorder within the library on.

But Clarke isn’t laughing now, because realising that you’re attracted to and in love with your best friend is one thing, but finding out that their hair is something you are very much into;  that you need time to grieve its loss because they cut it all off is something else entirely.

She’s trying to deal, reasoning with herself that she’s an adult and this whole ordeal shouldn’t be affecting her as much as it is. But in the two hours that have passed since Bellamy showed up for Friday night drinks, Clarke’s gotten more and more drunk, and is now feeling very much like a non-adult. A non-adult who is very upset about the lack of messy hair on top of Bellamy’s head.

He narrows his eyes, but the way his mouth twitches, like he wants to smile but isn’t letting himself, makes it lose the intended effect. “Fuck you, princess.”

“I’m just saying,” she muses, “you should probably wear a beanie until it grows out.“ For her own selfish benefit, she leaves out, because every time she sees him she’ll just be reminded that Bellamy’s hair is A Thing for her. Too much of A Thing. A Thing she’s upset about losing to a disproportionate degree of its loss.

“Maybe I won’t grow it out just to spite you,” he grumbles, and Clarke swats at him over the table because the thought is truly upsetting. Seriously. She has a fucking problem.

“Do whatever you want, Bell,” she says, aiming for casual and thinking she even manages it. “I’m just saying that objectively you look better with longer hair.”

“That literally makes no sense.” He quirks an eyebrow, takes a pull of his drink. “It’s completely subjective.”

“And objectively,” Clarke continues, pointedly ignoring him, “that means you might strike out more. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.”

He barks out a laugh. “As always, I’m touched by your concern,” he says, dry.

“You should be. I’m a great friend.”

Bellamy rolls his eyes, but doesn’t disagree. “Well it’s not like I’m trying to hook up with anyone these days, am I?” It comes out with just an hint of harshness, and Bellamy seems to notice when Clarke leans back in her seat, surprised. He offers a smile, something like an apology in it, and with a softer voice continues. “I doubt my hair will affect my life much, Clarke.”

“Huh,” Clarke frowns, sipping her beer while she looks at him curiously. There’s a minute of silence while she runs through the past few months in her head, trying to pick out a night Bellamy flirted and subsequently went home with someone. But she comes up with nothing. Bellamy Blake, notorious one stand enthusiast, hasn’t had a single one night stand in months. No guys, no girls, not for a long time; maybe not since he and Gina split up almost a year ago. “I guess not.” She hesitates, worrying her lip before she lets herself ask, “Any particular…reason for that?”

Bellamy watches her for a long moment and Clarke feels her face heat up in the dark room.

It’s just - they’ve been friends for six years now, best friends for four, but they’ve never been more than that. Not in the way most people count. Not in the way where Clarke’s ever admitted her feelings to him. There was a time she was considering it, but then Gina came along, and later Niylah, and through it all Bellamy was there - her constant; both a blessing and a curse - and it didn’t feel fair. Not when she knew he didn’t feel the same way.

So she didn’t tell him. Hasn’t told him. Wasn’t planning to.

But the way he’s looking at her right now - like he’s so close to confessing something but not quite there - makes Clarke hold her breath and hope.

There’s something about his mop of dark curls that’s just so Bellamy, but even with them gone the rest of him is still here. Hair or no hair she loves him, and there’s something in his eyes Clarke’s never caught more than a glimpse of before; never for this long, never this intense, never with this much vulnerability. She looks into his eyes and she can’t help but think he loves her back.

It’s another moment of electric-filled silence before Bellamy releases a deep breath, bowing his head to look at the beer bottle in front of him. “Nah,” he says, glancing back up to Clarke, but there’s something else in his eyes now. A sadness to them, maybe even longing. They flit around her face before he shakes his head. “No reason. Another drink?”

He’s up before Clarke can manage a reply, and she watches as he moves towards the bar. He runs a hand through his hair and rolls out his shoulders, and Clarke pulls her phone out because despite Bellamy’s words she’s not disappointed yet.

Is your brother into me?

Thankfully, Octavia’s reply is quick. Yeah. Been in love with you for about a year. You really didn’t know?

Nah. Thanks tho.

Break his heart and I break you.

Good to know. Not gonna be a problem.

She pockets her phone when Bellamy returns, taking a moment to study him as he sets a beer down in front of her and slides into his seat. He’s avoiding her gaze, hands tapping out an uneven beat on the table, and Clarke can’t help the smile that tugs at her lips because he’s nervous, and Bellamy Blake is never nervous around her.

So she takes a sip of liquid courage and hopes for the best.

“You wanna know the worst thing about your short hair?”

He laughs, but it has an edge of desperation to it, a hint of something that makes Clarke’s heart hurt a little. He looks up from the table and shoots her a wry smile. “Yeah, go on.”

She returns it with one of her own and waits a beat before replying, looking him straight in the eye. “Because when I kiss you tonight I won’t have anything to run my hands through.”

It’s almost comical watching his reaction, and after he opens and closes his mouth three times Bellamy manages to stutter out a “Yeah?”

Clarke grins then, a small laugh of relief bubbling through her. “Yeah.”

“Fuck,” he says, disbelief in his voice, but soon he’s grinning too. “You’re — we’re — I mean. Fuck.”

She laughs again, but then Bellamy’s out of his seat and pulling Clarke from hers, capturing the delighted sound with his lips and fucking kissing her. He kisses her like he’s been waiting his entire life for it, and in the end it’s just so them: consuming and building and passionate. A hunger she remembers from when they were first learning about each other years ago; a sharpness to Bellamy’s tongue she recognises from arguments.

He slides his hands down her back, pulling Clarke flush against him like he wants to learn her all over again in this new way, and because she remembers they’re still in the middle of the bar Clarke lets hers move to the nape of his neck, creeping higher to tug at his hair, a joke. Bellamy smiles against her lips when they pull apart, and Clarke swears she can taste the sweetness of it when he presses one last kiss to her mouth.

“I’m sorry about my hair,” he tells her, low, and Clarke laughs, nuzzles into his neck.

“You’re forgiven,” she replies, pulling back to see his swollen lips, how the usual browns of his eyes are now black. “As long as you promise to grow it out for me.”

Bellamy grins, and Clarke’s heart skips a beat.

“I think I can manage that.”


Four months later it’s just as Clarke loves and remembers, and she’s delighted to learn that Bellamy Blake enjoys having his hair played with as much as she loves playing with it.

"Mmm,” he murmurs, lips wet against her bare stomach, the vibrations of his voice sending a warmth through her. “Just like that.”

Clarke laughs, nails scraping against his scalp as her fingers card through the curls she’s missed; the curls that are just so him. When she feels the curve of his smile against her skin she grasps a few locks and tugs him up. He comes willingly, propping himself on his elbows and letting Clarke lean up to join their mouths. She uses her grip to pull him over her body completely, and then the kiss is warm and wet, a laziness to it that’s been perfected on Sunday mornings spent in bed together; drunken nights when they’re too tired for anything more heated.

“See,” Clarke smirks when they pull apart, tugging once more playfully. “This is why I love it nice and long like this.”

“You’ve already admitted to thinking my hair is a fundamental part of who I am,” Bellamy teases, and Clarke grins up at him, wide and bright.

“Yeah, okay,” she concedes, eyes tracing his features fondly, landing quickly on her hand still playing with his curls before moving back to his eyes. She can always see that light behind them now, and she knows it’s love shining through when he looks at her. “That too.”

I’m in the middle of a blizzard and @euphoric-melancholyy asked for cuddling. I happily obliged with a snow inspired ficlet.


Her lips curve into a smile against the soft plush of the blanket pushed all the way to her nose at the sound of his sleepy voice seeking her out. Waiting until she hears his bare feet hit the bottom of the stairs, she waves her hand over the top of the back of the sofa to reveal her whereabouts.

Ring-free fingers take hold of hers before she can sink her hand back into her cocoon, her already chilled skin warming from his touch and the ever present affection in his gaze.

“What are you doing down here, love?”

His voice is deeper in the morning, gravely and completely unguarded. She wonders sometimes if she loves him most when he first wakes, but knows in reality she’s just falling more in love with him on each new dawn of this life they have embarked on, together.

“Look outside…”

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Feet First, Don’t Fall(A CSSV Gift)

Happy Valentine’s Day Hannah( @emmasbeanies) Sorry it’s so late in the day but I’m really awful at deadlines despite how prepared I may have been just yesterday. 

I tried to do a fake dating au but I am very awful at those so I did a short friends w/ benefits to relationship one. Anyhow I hope you like it! I loved getting to learn a little about you and hope to learn more! You’re such a vital part of fandom and I admire your hard work with networks and the CS Pen Pal Project on top of everything you do in real life. You’re a rockstar! Happy V-day!

Rated like a soft m I would say. Also unbeta’d so I’ll own any and all mistakes. 

He wakes her with a probing hand and a sinful tongue gliding along the column of her neck. It’s when he bites down she lets him know she’s awake.  

But he usually leaves before she wakes, so the familiarity is compromised by the panic that their dynamic has shifted.

“Killian?” She groans, not moans, and he’s quick to tell the difference, his hand stilling against the apex of her thigh. “What are you doing?”

“We do this often, no?” He grins against her skin but there’s nothing funny about bending the rules.

“What are you doing in my bed at 7am. We have a rules, you know that.” She presses her shoulder against him, signaling him to give her space to turn and face him. When their eyes meet he’s less amused than he just sounded. To be frank, he looks hurt. “We don’t spend the night.”

“Right.” He nods, his hands leaving her almost instantly. Within a second, a cold draft sweeps in as he throws the blanket from him and moves to leave. It’s skillful, graceful even how quickly he has himself tucked into his jeans and his navy button up shrugged over his shoulders. He’s working methodically to button it as he keeps his eyes from hers completely.

“We both agreed to them, I never stay the night at your place.” She continues because he seems a bit pissy to be honest, and she can’t figure out why. They had this thing down to a science, they never share more than five words before the first article of clothing is removed and every word after that is really fucking dirty so forgive her for being confused.

“I understand. My apologies, I’ll be out now.” And he’s not lying as he slips his socks on while standing and shoves his feet into his loafers.

He doesn’t say another word, just leaves her in the silence he created for them.

Emma Swan has been screwing Killian Jones for the last five months and that was the first and last time he will ever wake up in her bed. It took a lot for her to turn it off and shut down every emotional thought she’s had about him. He doesn’t get to bring those back with early morning sex and cuddling. Sorry, but she’s not going out like that.

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we should just kiss like real people do [oq superhero au #2].

long-winded follow up to this superhero au prompt fic. 2.5k.

for desperationandgin without whom I might never have kind of prompted myself into this & startraveller776 + how-wonderful-lifeis for being cute taggers.


Standing at the porch of her house, waiting for the door to open, he reminds Roland to behave but it’s a hopeless business from the start.

There are just too many gadgets lying around, too many shiny objects with mind boggling capabilities. She has a son, too, a twelve year old boy with serious eyes whose pride of his mother is obvious to anyone paying attention. It’s hard to tell whether Roland is more in awe of the posh tech or of the older boy showcasing it. Robin is surprised by how attentive her boy is to his own son, not showing any sign of budding teenage exasperation at spending the evening with his mom and her two guests — one of which is a four year old who has been following Henry around from moment one.

Instead, Henry has taken to Roland like an apprentice, telling him what Captain America and the Hulk are like in real life and answering all of Roland’s questions with a world-wise voice.

Sometime during dinner, when it becomes blatantly clear that he and Regina have become mere bystanders to the boy’s important discussion on superpowers, Robin grins across the table to find her beaming back at him. He offers to help her clear the table for dessert and leans in to whisper, as they walk toward the kitchen, that he thinks she might have officially lost the number one spot on Roland’s Coolest People Ever list. At the strong, enticing smell of the apple pie she has prepared to close their meal, however, Robin reconsiders that assessment with a “though you may not be out of the running yet”.

The pleased smirk he’s rewarded with makes Robin think he must be playing his cards right.

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