i have never laughed so hard in a gta game until this

Pokemon Random Headcanons

★ Kiawe is the one laughing at bad jokes. And he often tells bad jokes, thinking it’s actually funny. He always keeps his “>:I” face when he tells it, though.


★ Kiawe’s abs are ticklish af so when someone tries to touch his mighty abs he’ll probably punch them out of reflex

★ Acerola is very ticklish but doesn’t seem to care when she’s being tickled. Like hello I’m a ghost I’m not afraid of dying what are you thinking

★ Ilima is not ticklish.. Or at least he tries to hide it. But don’t pinch or poke his sides. Like, he’d squeak or yelp & probably jump & maybe even fall.

★ Mallow will tickle fight everyone & Lana will trick you into thinking she’s gonna give you a hug when actually she’s fully ready to tickle you to death

★ Kiawe will cut you if you mess with Lana

★ Sometimes, Acerola sews or knits things for Ilima.. He’s very reluctant to wear them since he’s a fashion victim but at the same time he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, so he just.. Wears them for a day or so. Acerola mostly does this because she knows it makes Ilima suffer, and it’s funny

★ Ilima would eventually have a Noctowl, a Minccino & a Furret in his team

★ Lana would have a Quagsire, a Politoed & a Spheal

★ Mallow would have a Cherubi & a Whimsicott

★ Kiawe would have a Rapidash & a Pyroar

★ Sophocles is a big nerd. He’s got like, Togedemaru, Pachirisu, Emolga, Plusle & Minun, & Dedenne. HE WANTS A PICHU & A PIKACHU. GIVE THEM TO HIM

★ Acerola is happy with her Pokemons,, so she doesn’t wanna get more.

★ Mina would get a Cleffa because it’s very cute and easy to draw.

★ Ilima & Mina often hang out. Ilima loves Mina’s Wigglytuff because it’s fluffy, pink & cute & Mina really likes drawing with Ilima’s Smeargle. Ilima thinks Mina’s fashion sense is disastrous so he often bring her clothes, like, she has 200 dresses & shirts she never wears because of him.

Ilima loves to write. His glove is.. useless, to say the least, but he keeps it to make people believe he’s skilled at drawing & writing. (he doodles things from time to time & learns from his Smeargle, but he mostly just writes poems & fanfictions)

★ Very important. NEVER TOUCH ILIMA’S HAIR WITHOUT HIS APPROVAL & AT LEAST 57 OFFICIAL PAPERS. YOU WILL DIE. Don’t touch Ilima in general if you didn’t wash your hands at least 3 times.

★ You know what they say about the fur of Wigglytuff? That it’s so fluffy you can’t stop touching it? Well, it goes for Ilima’s hair as well

★ Mina & Sophocles are video games pals. While Sophocles is the tryhard geek that loves video games with good stories with a passion, Mina is the grumpy gamer who eats doritos when playing GTA. She plays things like LoL, CSS, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat & Nintendogs.

★ Ilima is very VERY talkative and will rant & bitch about everything to his close friends. “I RAN OUT OF SHAMPOO. AGAIN. UGH.” Though, he tries very hard to be a role model for everyone. He doesn’t talk about his real feelings often but loves to be people’s confident or hear people talk about their life & problems.

★ Ilima isn’t really scared of anything besides his clothes being stained or his hair ruined

★ Ilima is the sass master. Sassy child (also extremely salty from times to times)

★ Ilima with a british accent. He raises his pinky while drinking his fucking tea

★ He has a really warm & comforting voice. Like it’s not highpitched but it’s not very deep either. It’s like honey & it’s beautiful

★ Kiawe’s voice is deep & dry. Like idk. It’s cold but it burns at the same time. I don’t make sense wth


★ Lana speaks slowly, with a rather quiet voice.. Literally never stutters. If she panicks she’ll start talking in a more highpitched voice, quicker & stutter from time to time tho

★ Sophocle’s voice is grumpy n cute. It’s just. Basically Steven Universe’s voice but a bit more highpitched. Can’t talk without screaming

★ Acerola is your typical creepy little girl with a creepy little girl’s voice and a creepy laugh. Very highpitched.

★  Mina’s voice is like. Yooo, the gamer girl hipster gal thingy voice. Not highpitched, not low, not anything. A bit like vinyl scratch’s voice. “Ugh”s & sighs & grunts a lot a lot. Her voice is like a rollercoster between normal & highpitched when she’s angry. Is sometimes overdramaaaaaatic when she talks.

★ Lana loves the sound of rain & is more likely an introvert, while Ilima would be an extrovert. He enjoys alone time, though.

★ Lana cries quietly, & you can hear very little sobs when she does. Dont make her cry. You’ll get killed. (tbh she doesn’t care about people’s opinion/comments on her. only fishes & reaaaaally close friends can make her cry)

★ It’s really difficult to make Kiawe cry. Either make him watch Titanic, or kill people he loves. There’s no inbetween.

★ Mallow cries very easily, and Kiawe will also cut you if you make her cry. But now he makes sure to check why she cried before he kicks an ass, because sometimes Mallow will burst into tears because someone stepped on a flower. But she’s a bad bitch though.

★ Acerola never cries =)

★ When you make Sophocles cry you know you fucked up. Everyone will go after your ass because you’re probably a terrible person

★ Ilima rarely cries. He just, takes on himself & tries to be chill and kind. But sometimes it’s just too much and he randomly starts crying. He usually tries to do it alone, and since Lana is really good at reading people’s feelings & different behaviours, she often come to cuddle with him & comfort him.

★ Mina’s tears dryed up long ago with her soul

★ Acerola knows everything about everyone. She knows their feelings. She reads them like books. She doesn’t say anything.

★ MALLOW WILL KNOW WHEN YOURE UPSET OR SAD. OR IN LOVE. But that’s it otherwise she’s dumb

★ Kiawe is pretty oblivious about those things, & Ilima will just ask calmly if something is wrong. THEY WON’T LEAVE YOU ALONE UNTIL YOU FEEL BETTER. WILL HUG YOU.

★ Sophocles probably won’t ask or notice if you don’t tell him. & if he sees you’re sad, he’ll stick with you, offer you food, play video games with you, wrap you in a blanket and make you roll, goof around..

★ Ilima’s laugh is cute. It’ll most likely be a chuckle or even a giggle, if you’re lucky. When you REALLY make him laugh, his laugh wil be highpitched & hysterical.

★ Kiawe’s like “HA HA HA.”. His laugh sounds sarcastic even when it’s genuine

★ Mallow laughs like a fucking hyena and it’s annoying. Snorts & giggles n stuff

★ Acerola literally laughs like “FUHUHUHU”

★ Sophocles probably laughs like a video game character. “Nyeheheh”, or “huhuhu”, and sometimes “bwahahah.” (WAH WAH WAH)

★ Ilima can literally break all your dreams, poke your self esteem bubble & hit you where it hurts the most without even realizing it, and all that with a serene smile.

★ Ilima’s 5′8

★ Kiawe’s 6′2

★ Mallow’s 5′6

★ Lana’s 5′3

★ Sophocles is 5′1

★ Acerola’s 5′0

★ Mina’s 5′9

There are a lot of ways to say “I love you” to someone.

You can just let the actual three words fall from your lips like poison. But, Evan wasn’t one for toxins. He didn’t enjoy the burn marks on his tongue whenever the phrase dared to leave his mouth, nor the bitter aftertaste that stung his throat as cheap liquor would.

But, there were other ways to say it.

One night, after hours of gaming, he heard the most beautiful noise in his life. It was a laugh, coming from one of his friends. Evan could tell that, even from over the headset, his friend’s head was tipped back, neck bare and exposed, as he shuddered with repetitive laughter.

“I like your laugh,” was what Evan found himself saying into the microphone. He swallowed, feeling his face heat up and cheeks burn with embarrassment as the conversation stopped dead in its tracks. There were no words for how relieved he felt when his friend muttered back a cheerful “Thank you.”

It happened again a week and three days later after playing some stupid zombies map. Evan was stressed out with the idea of his new logo and annoyed when that same friend announced that he would be leaving to go for a drive down to his mother’s house.

“Put on your seatbelt,” Evan said, the controller clutched tightly in his hand as his eyes focused on the oncoming horde of the undead flashing across the screen. It was like second nature to say it, and he tried to pretend that he didn’t hear the breathlessness in his friend’s voice as he whispered “Okay.”

Evan was pissed off a few nights later. There was really no reason to be. But, something was worming its way into his brain. A bad thought. And his heart started hurting because of it. The ache in his chest was getting bigger each time he logged off of skype or after he successfully recorded a funny video with his friends, then went to bed. There was this constant need to talk to him, to keep checking if he was online. And when he wasn’t, Evan found a ridiculous reason to call or text.

That same night, Evan called him … Called Jonathan.

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[for those people asking for darker timeline gta raychael]

they’ve been fooling around for a few months when, inevitably, it comes up. michael likes to think it’s a normal enough conversation between guys, whether or not they’re actually fucking each other. boys will be boys, after all.

“i was seventeen, my first time,” michael offers. they’re sitting side-by-side on michael’s small, shitty couch playing video games in michael’s small, shitty apartment in liberty city, the only thing he can really afford on his own. for now.

(for now, meaning michael’s got plans. plans that include packing a bag, and stealing a car, and traveling to the west coast, and ray. always ray.)

“i was seventeen,” michael says, “and he was loud. those late-night shows don’t prepare you for how fucking obnoxiously loud some people are, you know? and we were behind the chemistry building, wasn’t even dark yet, like we could’ve gotten caught and he was basically screaming. and you wouldn’t’ve guessed it by looking at him. he was this big, tough, macho jock. dude probably would’ve given me shit in school, except–”

“except he could tell,” ray puts in without looking away from the television, like he knows from experience. “people in school can always tell.”

michael grins. “that one little detail. like i ever tried to fucking hide what i liked.”

“assholes either give you shit twice as hard or totally avoid you. like it’s something you can catch if you get too close,” ray snorts.

michael laughs, sing-songs, “circle-circle, dot-dot, now i have my cootie shot–”

“i was fourteen.”

michael throws his controller down. “bullshit,” he says, delighted. “really? ray’s a fucking baller?”

“i mean,” ray allows, “i didn’t totally know what the fuck i was doing. brought him up to the roof of that building by the middle school, ‘cause i knew we could be alone there.”


ray’s grin is a mouthful of broken glass, of little knives hidden in secret places. “and then i pushed him off.”

somebody told michael once that you never forget your first time. (maybe it was ray.) and he hasn’t, couldn’t tell you the name of that kid from high school but remembers the way he screamed, remembers the give of his skin as michael dragged a knife across his throat like a bow across the strings of some kid’s violin in orchestra class, because he’d read somewhere that doing it that way was supposed to make the whole process silent.

he’d had a lot to learn back then.

and so he hasn’t forgotten his first time, but they’ve gone through so many people, him and ray, that it’s impossible to keep track now. and they’ve worked flawlessly together from the beginning, breathe in tandem, his sense of spatial awareness starting and ending with ray, then and now and until they kick it doing something stupid and reckless for not enough cash.

they’re so enmeshed into one another’s spaces that people call them a redundancy, a tautology, but ray’s never been anything but vital to him, the cool quiet to soothe his fire, to pull him back away from the brink–and so it’s funny, it really fucking is, that ray’s first time ended with a push.

“gravity basically does the work for you there, though, right?” michael says, just to watch a flicker of a scowl flash across ray’s face, anger always easy to miss in him if you don’t know what you’re looking for. “i mean, that’s pretty much just third base.”

“doesn’t make you any less dead,” ray says, and michael lives for this, the moments where ray looks like he can’t decide whether he wants to kill michael or kiss him or neither. the moments where michael can’t decide whether he wants ray to kiss him or kill him or both. 

boys will be boys.

(michael’s got plans. life or death, they’re always going to include ray.)

AH Origins: Ryan

AH Origins explores how the Fake AH Crew came together. Their heists, their origins and their rise to power.

This one has scenes of torture (not graphic). Potentially nsfw.

Previous origins:

Gavin | Ray | Michael

Ryan took a long drag of his cigarette and exhaled. The smoke curled around him, stretching for the closed window. He didn’t look at the man tied to his kitchen chair. He was far more interested in the way that florescent lights shined through his smoke, and how it reflected on the blade in his other hand.

The man whimpered, his sobbing echoing in the empty kitchen. Ryan ripped the masking tape off his lips. The man shrieked, his tears constant and annoying.

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My Channel As It Stands

I was going to attempt to create a video about all these things and take feedback from the comments but we all know YT isn’t the best discussion ground so feel free to tweet or Tumblr inbox any thoughts..

Pros of my channel

Little and Cubed

Love this to bits and I’m so glad we’re back at it again! (I’m going to strive this year to create some missions myself, Dan makes all of them and the guilt I feel continues to pile up, I’m just not very well versed with GTA is all)

Best Bits Montage:

This has become a great platform for me to convey little did bits of news and updates as well as get you all involved with comments.

Martyn Plays:

A format I tried out last year that I gelled with right away. It was a rebrand of the ‘Have A Gander’ videos. It’s jumpy cutty and filled with gags.. Although I have been using it for all one-off’s and could do with splitting up 'this game will definitely be once (or shit)’ and 'could this be a series?’ type videos

Episodical series:

I think it’s important for my sanity and the channel keeping some of its roots. I love going on these grand and epic stories where we all speculate and predict what’s going to happen.. Ni No Kuni and Zelda WW / SS are both great examples of this.

I’ve been trialing this since November (two videos a day, one-off and 'complete’ video) and it’s worked out great imo! Sunset Overdrive, ADVENTure and Captain Toad.

The important thing I get from these types of series is they make me happy because I’m genuinely engaged by the game and you seem to be too.. Even if it’s less of you, maybe only half of what another video could get BUT you watch the whoooole thing start to finish and that’s a fact. I have the analytics.

New Branding:

I definitely need a fresh face for a fresh start and I’ve already taken the steps towards that. Nina has made a great logo that I love to bits, it’s got a Jet Set vibe but with it’s own leafy cartoony vibe.

Intro music (Kickflip specifically) is something people ALWAYS ask about in the comments and it is coming back but I’ve asked Sparkles* to rework it in to something a little more punchy and unique than the standard Apple version. I’ve toyed with the idea of a dancing logo too but my current visual intros have been working nicely?

I think tidying up my show titles will go a long way towards this too.

Cons of my channel

Too little Minecraft?

It was the game that launched my channel alongside Zelda and I made quite a name for myself BUT in Jan 2014 I started to feel like a slave to it and its audience. There’s always that little niggling thought in the back of my mind that if I just do MC I’ll be fine but I think that’s far from true..

My approach last year was if a mini-game, server or map interested me I’d cover it but I honestly can’t do 600 episodes of the same old shit Survival Games. I’m sorry, I just can’t.

“Too Plain” - I agree..

One of the comments / feedback I got on Twitter yesterday was that my content is quite plain. It’s a pleasant watch but it doesn’t have that oomph or pop that other channels have and I agree..

But this past year I’ve been trying more and more to close the gap between my real self and the ITLW persona. It’s one of the contributing factors to my depression that when I edit videos back and feel like shit that I see this spritely character on the screen, I literally feel like somebody elses editor. It’s a very peculiar outer body experience every time.

My intent is to make people smile and hopefully LAUGH when they watch my stuff but comedy is something I haven’t quite mastered yet. I can be funny in group situations but as a stand-alone person I feel like any gags I crack or puns I make always come across as try hard..

I also don’t want to scream, shout and be zaney just to get a cheap laugh too. I browsed the Top 100 YT videos the other day and there are so many people who are these incomprehensible megaphones and it makes me so angry that they are successful. Jealousy isn’t good I know.

Not enough collaborations

This is a difficult one for me. I absolutely love collaborating with others but it seems near impossible to sync up with people a lot of the time..

I broke away from a very unhealthy work schedule so I could actually have weekends and evenings to be a normal person but most YouTubers still 'live to work’ and don’t roll out of bed until I’m headed home. Let alone the US timezone difference.

It feels like most YTers have a nice handful of people they record with and can lean on, heck even the audience know these cliques. So it’s hard to even must the courage to ask some people to film as I feel like I’m detracting from their usual experience. (this is a little more deep rooted and something I felt similarly about in high school but meh)

Punctuality is a recurring problem too. Whether that be turning up on time or actually sending me their vocals afterwards. I don’t have hours to burn waiting and the final product is never going to be me sounding crisp and everybody else sounding like arse on a shared Skype track, I can’t bare it.

Make more music

I need to do this.. I really loved writing all the parodies I did. Last year I only released the Wildstar song which I was wildly proud of and it was actually my first original piece which was a breakthrough moment for me.

I listen to people like Dan Bull, Starbomb and want to be out there doing game-related music. It’s something myself and Sparkles* have in the pipeline so I can’t wait for that to come to life.

Streaming, where’d that go?

Streaming is something I used to be big in to but as I mentioned above, I’ve broken out of an unhealthy work schedule to actually live my life a little more.

The weekly Friday/Saturday streams were my staple but as I started to create weekend plans it meant they just weren’t possible and mid-week streams were only frequent back in the day because I was REALLY lonely and that was my way of keeping occupied and not sitting in a 1 bedroom apartment doing nothing.


There are things outside of the video making process that are affected by all these thoughts and feelings too like merchandise. I have such little confidence in myself and my brand that the thought of Yogs buying 100 shirts about me and selling them is terrifying. I don’t want to shift barely 10 and cost them a big loss that’s why I’ve yet to put anything on the webstore and Spreadshirt is still plodding along as is. These issues are affecting all directions of my job and it’s why I get so down and feel isolated.

I’m not sure if you’ll benefit in any way from reading this post but I’ve already gained clarity on a few points from simply writing them out concisely rather than it being a cloudy foggy mess in my head.

But that’s where I’m at with things at the moment..

I’m always open to hear what type of content you enjoy consuming, name drop channels so I can examine them and maybe I’ll draw inspiration from them.

Cheers! <3

Preference #1 - How You Meet

Okay so here goes nothing- my first preference! Tell me how you like it! And please reblog if you like! Sorry if it’s shit though lol

Your first big assignment as a radio personality was to run 5SOS’s interview at your local radio station. As any professional would, you made sure to do your research on the band before they arrived, meaning you went on YouTube and watched many an interview. You hadn’t really known much about the band before researching them, and were honestly surprised to see how attractive they all were. You were especially drawn to Ashton. About 15 minutes before the band was supposed to arrive, you and your co-host for the show were doing a little sound check. “So, y/n, are you ready for the interview?” your co-host asked into her microphone. “Oh, for sure. I’m especially excited to breach professional policies and snag the digits of that Ashton one,” you smirked and both of you fell into a fit of giggles. Walking out of the studio a few minutes later to prepare to greet the band, you were surprised to see they were all already arrived and waiting on the plush sofa just outside the studio. You hoped they hadn’t been there long, as your eyes found their way to Ashton’s. He smirked, and you looked away unsure. Walking over to the band, you held out your hand to them one at a time and introduced yourself. When you got to Ashton, he slipped a tiny sheet of paper into your hand. You unfolded it to see a phone number and your cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

You went to the same school 5SOS had but you were about a year and a half younger than Luke, so you were still in school. You hadn’t really known any of them too well, only spoken to Calum once or twice since he was casual friends with your older brother, but you doubted he remembered you. Today they were visiting the school on their day off, particularly the music wing — which was where you spent most of your time. You had a 3rd period independent study music class, which basically meant you had the whole period and an empty classroom to play guitar in. As you were tuning your guitar, you heard your teacher talking with a group of people, which meant he probably wouldn’t be in anytime to check in on you. You began strumming away and a few minutes later you had finished playing the piece you were working on for your final exam. You looked up as you heard clapping in the doorway. “That was awesome! You’re y/fn y/ln, right? Y/bn’s sister?” A black-haired boy asked, coming over to the stool you were perched on. You recognized him as Calum Hood, and were surprised he remembered who you were. “Thanks, and yeah. You were friends with him right?” You asked. “Yeah, I was. Anyway, I’d love to hear you play that again, from the beginning,” Calum said. You grinned and picked up your guitar.

“Agh, come back!” You shouted helplessly at your Labrador as he ran away into the dark streets. You began running the direction you had seen him go, down a fairly quiet street in Sydney. You suddenly heard a loud crash followed by a “fuck.” You followed the noise and saw your large dog had ran into a tall boy wearing sunglasses and a hoodie. You ran over to your dog and reattached the leash to his collar. “I am so sorry, are you okay?” You asked the boy. “Yeah I’m fine, I wasn’t really looking where I was going, it’s okay.” He mumbled as he brushed himself off and stood up. “Little late for sunglasses don’t you think? Especially in this dark street.” You questioned, a little weirded out by the boy. “Err, yeah. Yeah, I just—” “Wait you’re wearing a hoodie too, are you like famous or something?” You interrupted, laughing. The boy yanked off his sunglasses and ran his hand through what you could see now was blond hair. “Uhh, god this is awkward. A little? Just keep walking, there were some people chasing me a few blocks back but I’m pretty sure I lost them.” he exasperatedly explained. Now you were curious. “So, what’s your name, Mr. Cute-slightly-famous-getting-mobbed-by-fans-and-ran-over-in-dark-alleys-by-my-dog-guy? I’m y/n.” You held your hand out to the boy as you two walked towards the lighter street you had come from. “Nice to meet you y/n, I’m Mr. Cute-slightly-famous-getting-mobbed-by-fans-and-ran-over-in-dark-alleys-by-your-dog-guy.” He grinned, his hand lingering on yours longer than necessary. “No, really, what’s your name?” you laughed a little. “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” He said, a serious look on his face before bursting out laughing again. You rolled your eyes. Eventually, after walking and joking for two hours,you got his name out of him— and his number.

You mindlessly hummed along to the song playing in the electronics shop you worked at. You glanced at the clock on the wall: 7:04. Two more hours until you were done with your shift. You looked up as the jingle of the door signaled that someone was entering the otherwise empty shop. A group of four boys, all wearing black skinny jeans and made-to-look-worn-out-but-actually-brand-new t shirts, noisily barraged in and headed straight to the video game wall. After loudly arguing over what games to buy, one of the boys, who had lime green hair, walked up to the counter with a determined look on his face. “Excuse me, my friends and I seem to have a dilemma. While I wouldn’t normally expect a girl as attractive as you to work in a store like this, by the GTA wristband you’re wearing, I’m sure you’d agree with me that this game—” he held up one video game box. “—is better than this one.” He stated confidently. You blushed after his compliment but then replied just as smoothly “I’m afraid you’re wrong. I would have foolishly agreed with you if I hadn’t purchased both games, and learned the hard way. The first one is glitchier than an intoxicated teenage girl and has terrible graphics.” The boy stepped back, an awed look on his face as his friends joined him at the counter. “Woah, never seen anyone get Michael speechless over a game he was so adamant on,” one of the boys, with black hair, said, clapping his friend, Michael, on the shoulder. “Well, um. Well, I guess we’ll just take the second one then.” You smirked as you bagged the purchase from him and they left. Not nearly ten seconds later Michael bounded back into the store. “Um, would you maybe, sometime. Um. Wanna play this with me?” He sheepishly asked, holding up the bag. “Sure, just call me.” You said. “But…I don’t have your number.” You smiled. “Yes you do, I wrote it on the receipt.”

Christmas shopping


“Why are there so many people?” Michael yelled getting all the people’s attention.
“What did you expect? Target is never deserted plus today is christmas eve, you were too lazy to come here before all these craziness over food and gifts started.” You frowned.
“Don’t be mad at me babe.”
“I’m not. Now help me find the-” A boy bumping into you cut you off.
“I’m sorry.” He said.
“You better be careful the next time.” Michael said but the boy ran away.
“Why are you running?”
“There is a 50% off on video games for christmas.” The boy shouted.
“Really?” Michael said running behind the boy.
“Hey what are you doing?
“I gotta get some video games.” He answered.
“I better follow him before he gets in any trouble.” You said to yourself pushing the cart.
You walked all over to the video games section. If all target was full of people, the video games section was even worse. There were kids and teenagers fighting for video games about who was the one who saw it first. You found Michael holding lots of video games.
“Don’t you think those are a lot of video games?”
“This one is for Luke, this one for Ash, this one for Calum and the rest of them are for me.” He pointed out putting them into the shopping cart.
“Ok gamer boy you have your video games now. Help me get the gifts for my parents.” You said.
“I bet he will love this video game.” He said grabbing one of the cart.
“I don’t think my dad would like to play GTA.”
“Why not? That’s the best video game ever.”
“I know it, you say that all the time. You even stay awake until 5am playing it.”
“You love me that way.” He kissed you.


You and Ash were getting clothes as gifts for all your friends and family members. It was easier than looking for watches or jewelry, maybe not.
“I think Michael will like this onesie, we can buy this one, this one, this one, this on-“
“Whoa whoa, are you going to buy some gifts or the whole store?” You cut him off.
“Sorry, I got carried away. We’ll get him this one.” He said taking an American flag onesie.
“That’s better Ash. I don’t what would you do if you one day you go christmas shopping by yourself.” You said.
“Probably I would spend the whole day looking for the perfect gift, or get bored and just buy random stuff.”
Christmas shopping was always hard for you and Ashton, you didn’t know what to buy for the boys.
“Y/n, purple or blue?” Ashton said looking at some tshirts.
“I like them both.”
“You’re not helping me, you’re only making this harder.” He pouted.
“Just choose one, I know Luke will love it anyways.” You said brushing his hair with your fingers.
“I’ll go for the blue one.” He smirked.
“Babe, remember we still have to get those present for my parents.”
“I almost forgot. Today is gonna be a really long day.” He sighed.
“Let’s buy Calum this old navy hoodie and go to another store to buy the other gifts” You said.
After you bought all the gifts for your parents, you and Ash were walking down the street and some fans nearby asked for pictures. They were really nice, and Ash would never ignore them even if it was a busy day.
“Hope you guys have a great christmas.” A girl said as you left.
“You know what, I wish I could send them all christmas presents too. They’re just so amazing.” Ashton said.
“That will make them really happy and it would be awesome.”


You and Calum decided to go to Peru to spend some time together before Christmas. You both took a flight to Cuzco and visited Machu Picchu. (It is an ancient Inca site high atop the cloud-shrouded Andean mountains of Peru)
Calum spoke a little of Spanish, but it wasn’t enough to have a solid conversation with a Peruvian. Luckily you did speak Spanish, your mother was Mexican and she taught you.
You were sleeping on the king bed when a loudly Calum woke you up.
“Y/n! Wake up!” He said
“What’s going on Calum?” You said in a sleepy tone.
“Babe, today is our last day in Peru. We should buy some souvenirs for the boys before we leave.” He suggested.
“Right now? I’m sure it can wait a few more minutes.”
“Don’t go back to sleep y/n.” He said as he kissed your neck and slowly going down to your shoulder.
“Don’t do that or we’ll miss our flight. You know what I mean.”
“Fine, but get out from the bed and get ready.”
After getting dressed and packing with Calum all your stuff the only thing left was to buy the souvenirs for the boys.
“Y/n, have you seen any souvenir shops around here?”
“I saw one near the cathedral.”
“Ok, let’s go there.”
You went to that souvenir shop, but the lady working there didn’t speak Spanish at all. Calum decided to try his “skills”.
“Hola. Hmm mi nombre es Calum. Hmmm-” He said and you laughed.
“Babe, you don’t have to introduce yourself.”
“Right. Why don’t you do this and I just stay here?”
“Good idea. But wait, what should we get them?” You asked him.
“We can get them all wool and alpaca clothing.”
“We can also buy that condor woodwork for my sister she will love it.”
“Ok I’ll tell the lady.” You said.
“Disculpe señorita, quisiera comprar esos suéteres y ese cóndor tallado.” You said. (If you didn’t understand, here’s the translation: excuse me lady, I would like to buy those sweaters and that carved condor.)
“I love it when you speak Spanish.” Calum said and you blushed.
The lady gave you the sweater with the carved condor and you went back to the hotel to bring your baggage to the airport.
“I hate long flights.” You said.
“Yeah me too, but at least I will be next to you.”
“Awww, I love you Cal.”


“Can we please please please get this? Just this one I promise.” Luke begged.
“No way.” You denied.
“Look at it. It’s the last one I swear.”
“You said that seven penguins ago. Our cart is full of penguins.”
“Pleaseeeeee.” He pouted.
“Fine, but it’s the last one.”
“Wheeee. You’re the best y/n.”
“I don’t know why are you so obsessed with penguins. So, will you buy something for the boys?”
“I’m on it. Let me push the cart for you.” He said.
“Do you think Calum will like this sweater?”
“I’m pretty sure he will.” You said as Luke put it into the cart.
“Can’t we just get them all sweaters?”
“We can find something better than sweaters.”
“I know. Wait! Maybe I can buy strings for Michael’s guitar, his are way too old.”
“And what about Ashton?” You asked.
“Hmmm, we can get him a new beanie. Calum ruined his.”
After paying for all of the stuff you and Luke went to your house and placed all the bags on the couch. He grabbed a bag, getting something out of it and gave it to you.
“What is this?”
“Did you think I forgot about you?”
“You didn’t?”
“Of course not.”
“I bought you this. Hope you like it.”
You opened the bag and saw a beautiful silver L locket necklace.
“Luke this is so beautiful, I don’t even know what to say.” You said as he put you on the necklace.
“You don’t have to say anything.” He kissed you.