i have never known the town ever

So I just finished Damien’s route and I loved it and it was adorable so here have a cute au:

  • Mary and Damien have known each other since they were young children. Their parents were friends so they often ended up having play-dates together. But since they came from very “traditionalist” (read: bigoted) families, they ended developing a very tight bond over their shared fear of their parents ever finding out they’re trans and poly, respectively
  • The day Damien (the younger of the 2) turned 18, they left their small-minded little town together and never looked back
  • It was difficult at first, with no college education and working two part-time jobs each to pay rent. But they were able to power through it. Together they were able to put Damien through school.
  • Damien even meets a pretty sweet guy in his last year of college. They hit it off real well. But after a year or so of dating, he starts pressuring Damien to start “acting more ladylike” and to “hurry up and get over this tomboy phase”. Mary is having none of this, so she packs them both up and they hit the road once again.
  • It’s easier this time, with Damien having his degree and Mary having experience as a secretary at a vet clinic. The two arrive in Maple Bay, where they end up settling down.
  • Mary is there to support Damien when it turns out he’s pregnant.
  • For the first three years of his life, Lucien calls her “mom”.
  • When Mary meets and falls in love with Joseph, she says a great big “fuck you” to social norms and has Damien as her best man at her wedding.
  • Damien is totally godfather to both Chris and Crish
  • (Robert is the twins’ godfather)
  • When MC and Amanda move to the neighborhood, Mary sees Damien’s smitten expression at the backyard barbecue when he first lays eyes on MC, and she decides to keep a close eye on the two
  • Mary also sees the way MC looks at Damien, and relaxes, knowing that this is him. He’s the one they’ve been waiting for. She listens to Damien gush about their dates, and is super proud of her sweet boy when he tells her how he was able to sit through an entire horror movie without fainting.
  • She listens to Damien worrying about what MC will think when it comes out that he’s just “some boring it worker”, and she starts sharpening her hatchet in preparation. But then she sees MC’s expression when he sees Damien that day at the shelter. And she relaxes, because he’s shocked, but he’s still just as smitten as always.
  • The three are inseparable after that, and when Mary meets MC’s daughter at her graduation party, the last of her fears are put to rest. Amanda’s a charming, mischievous little imp of a girl - she’s rebellious, but it’s clear how much she adores and respects her father. Any man who could raise such a beautiful person would be a good influence on Lucien.
  • With MC’s help, Damien is also eventually able to convince Mary to leave her toxic marriage. She and Joseph part on relatively amicable terms. They have joint custody of the kids. Mary ends up moving in with Damien and Lucien temporarily.
  • After a few months of hemming and hawing, Mary and Robert get their act together and…get together.
  • For Damien and MC’s first anniversary together, MC enlists in Lucien’s help to find a breeder with hypoallergenic dogs that Lucien is okay with. They end up coming home with an adorable little maltese terrier puppy. Damien starts crying when he sees it.
  • When Amanda’s first summer back from uni rolls around, she’s noticed that her father spends basically all her time at Damien’s home. So she just rolls her eyes and tells them to “hurry up and move in together already!”
  • There’s a lot of stammering and blushing and eventually they agree
  • Lucien tries very hard not to show how happy he is. It doesn’t work.
  • Mary ends up buying MC’s old home, and she and Robert live there together, with her kids over every other week.
  • Lucien, a year younger than Amanda, has just finished high school. He’s not quite as ambitious as his new sister. He likes his life in Maple Bay, in his tight-knit little community with all his friends and family. He ends up attending a local community college instead of going away for university.
  • Lucien and Amanda become thick as thieves. In the four months Amanda is home for summer vacation, they get up to a lot of mischief, along with Ernest. But Amanda’s steady sense of responsibility keeps the boys from doing anything too outrageous.
  • During Amanda’s second summer home from uni, MC and Damien finally get married. Mary is Damien’s maid of honour, and Craig is MC’s best man.
  • Amanda and Lucien, despite repeated protests that they’re waaaay too old for it, end up being the flowergirl and ringbearer respectively. (Their fathers had offered to have either Mary’s twins or Craig’s twins do it - both had staunchly refused and jealously guarded their coveted positions).
Bruised and Battered Part 14

Dean Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: Being friend with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

As soon as you hugged Bobby goodbye, you raced up to your apartment, your heart pounding. It had been good to see Bobby, more so than you had ever expected. But you were scared of the consequences. Knowing that he would give you no more than those two days before he talked to Sam and Dean.

Wondering if you should pack your bags now, and run off before they arrived, or stay and try to talk to them. Sure, your life was going smoothly right now, but still, you couldn’t keep Dean from your dreams. You missed the stubborn, hard headed man but you weren’t sure you wanted to go back to a life of hunting. It was such a hard choice, and you wanted to pull your hair out from the stress of it all.

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A Bughead fic

Summary: Jughead attends a Riverdale High party with Betty, but his new Serpent status makes things a little more complicated

A/n: There’s a read more line! Sorry if you’re on mobile, it was just too long

Jughead approached the house with caution, his hand tightening around Betty’s a little more with each step. Music blared from the windows, a few people loitering on the lawn.

“It’s okay if we need to leave Jug. Really.” Betty’s doe eyes shone with concern, sensing his apprehension.

“No, of course we’re not leaving.” Jughead did his best to reassure her, sending a weak smile her way, “We’re already here, no way we’re turning back now.” 

She smiled at him, an obvious relief at his response flashing across her face before regaining her composure. 

“Okay. But if you need to leave just say the word and we’ll go.”

Jughead’s stomach twisted into knots as they crossed the threshold of the door. Almost immediately, he felt something crush beneath his step. Looking down, he saw it was an abandoned red solo cup and sighed. This was going to be a long night.

“Betty! Jughead!” Veronica’s voice rang out above the thumping bass. She practically tackled Betty, forcing Betty and Jughead’s hands apart. 

Betty laughed as she hugged Veronica, her smile wide with delight. “Hi V! How’s it going?”

Ohmygoodness B,” Veronica’s eyes grew wide, “You have already missed so much! I really have to tell you about…” her eyes flickered to Jughead, voice dropping significantly, “that thing we talked about earlier? C’mon, let’s get you a drink and I’ll tell you everything. Jug, you don’t mind if I steal her away for a minute, right?” 

Jughead felt a fresh wave of panic surge in his chest as Betty and Veronica looked at him expectantly. 

“Of course not.” He tried his best to sound convincing. “You two have fun.”

“Great thaaaaanks!” Veronica yelled over her shoulder, already taking Betty’s hand and dragging her toward the kitchen. Betty shot Jughead one last look of affection before turning to follow.

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Halloween 2017 #8: The Nice Man Invited Me Into The Creepy House

Length: Short

Everyone knew that Mr. Sillis was guilty.

Everyone also knew that Mr. Sillis was rich. That’s why he lived in a giant house on the end of Hill Street. It’s the reason six of the most expensive defense attorneys in the state were by his side at the funeral.

It is, in fact, the reason that no one went to jail after they laid his wife and young son in the ground.

He said he wasn’t guilty.

But everyone knew how dangerous he really was.

And no one questioned why he never shed a tear.


“Don’t go trick-or-treating at the Sillis house on the end of Hill Street,” every parent in town would say to their children. The kids would roll their eyes, because they’d heard the same warning dozens of times.

So when little Suzy Walker, four feet tall, walked up the Sillis driveway on Halloween night, she was all alone. She smiled innocently as her little black cape bounced along behind her, head bobbing slightly as she worked her way up the steep path.

Mr. Sillis looked surprised when he opened the door. “Hello there, little girl. I, um, wasn’t expecting any trick-or-treaters.” He looked around her. “Are you all alone?”

“Yep!” she squeaked with an innocent smile.

Mr. Sillis looked up and down his driveway again, and began to smile himself. “Why don’t you come inside? I might have some candy in my kitchen.” He stepped aside, and little Suzy Walker trotted right in.

He quietly closed the door behind her.

When he looked back, she was staring at him expectantly. “I’m pretty hungry, you know.”

He nodded, rubbing his hands together. “I… can understand that hunger. Please… follow me.”

She didn’t move. “It’s been a while since I’ve eaten, you know. One meal can sustain me for quite some time. So I like to be… selective in my choices.” Her feet remained in place, but her hand reached up and locked the door. A smile grew on her face, and fangs grew from her gums. “And screams taste like candy. But I bet you already knew that.”


No one who looked like little Suzy Walker was ever seen again. But she wasn’t missed.

That’s because no one by that name lived in that town. Anyone, except for the reclusive Mr. Sillis, would have known that.

Mr. Sillis was never seen alive again.

He wasn’t missed, either.

But that was for different reasons altogether.

Credits to: ByfelsDisciple (story)

The Wedding Planner (Part 3)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé.

Word Count: 1,789.

Part 1 Part 2 

A/N: Shorter part than usual! But just wait to see what happens at the end. Hope you enjoy!

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The Perfect Shot

Part One

Originally posted by marorra

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: mentions of death

Summary: Jughead and the reader have hated each other for years, but are forced to work together when Betty recruits the reader for The Blue and Gold

It was not supposed to end like this: tied up in an abandoned building, dust stinging my eyes and something most definitely crawling up my leg. Wait, what’s that I see flushing itself down the toilet? Oh yeah, that would be my hopes and dreams for the future. Pretty sure they don’t accept corpses to college. A scholarship is no good to my dead ass. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to them. I knew Jughead Jones would do nothing but get me into trouble.

I guess I’ll start with the day it all changed; the day Betty Cooper approached me in the park.

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Series Masterlist (Happy Holi-Dyl's Week)

Prompt: What would you do if the most popular fuckboy in town, known for breaking every heart he’s ever touched and never committing to relationships, came to you in need of a desperate and urgent favor — pretending to be his girlfriend?

*indicates smut

  1. Stiles Stilinski Is Comin’ To Town
  2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Frat Party
  3. It’s The Most Confusing Time Of The Year
  4. Melody, Did You Know?
  5. Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Jealousy *
  6. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Heartbreak
  7. All I Want For Christmas Is The Truth *
Breakup - Zach

I’m writing this is 1st person for this one and this is mostly in flashbacks, showing their relationship and the girl’s feelings.

Y/F/N means your full name

Warnings: cussing (that warning is probably on all my pieces tbh)

Originally posted by void-obriens

Breakup - Zach

I took in a deep breath and checked my appearance in the mirror wiping away the moisture from my eyes hoping the redness would fade soon. Luckily, I was smart enough to decide not to do my makeup for exactly this reason. I knew seeing him would be too much. I thought I could handle it but he was just laughing with his friends as if nothing happened. I knew it was selfish of me to want him to be sad but I wish he was just so I knew that what we had was real. I wish I knew if he was in as much pain as me. Maybe that would make it at least a bit bearable.

Knowing going back to the cafeteria wasn’t an option I grabbed my bag from the bathroom floor and made a beeline straight towards the doors to the school. Now normally I wasn’t the type to skip school but that asshole always seemed to have an effect on me. I wasted no time getting into my car and pulling away from the school hoping putting some distance between us would make it better, though all it did was remind me of all the times he convinced me to ditch with him.

“Zach c’mon I have a bio test I can’t miss.” I whined as he grabbed my hand trying to practically pull me out of the school.

“I have an idea hold on.” He said pulling his phone out of his pocket, typing in a number and putting it to his ear, “Hello? This is Y/F/N’s dad. She’s sick so I was calling to sign her out so she can come home.”

I tried to hold in my giggles at his ridiculous voice. He had tried to make it deeper but he just sounded crazy. After exchanging a few more words he hung up and gave me a childish grin. For the millionth time, I realized I was dating a child.

“Now you’re excused. Let’s go.” He told me as he grabbed my hand again and led me out of the school. I knew it was a terrible idea to skip and my parents would probably find out but when I was with him I just didn’t care. We got into his car, checking around us to make sure there were no teachers or guards on campus.

“Where to m’lady?” He asked in a posh British accent.

“To the sunset.” I said dreamily trying to put on a fake accent.

“Gladly.” He told me, leaning in for a quick kiss before pulling out of the parking lot. I turned up the music and plugged my phone in to the aux chord knowing he’d probably complain about my music taste.

It seemed like those moments were so far away even though it took place last week. It felt like our whole relationship was a dream, wonderful but not attainable. I guess I knew I had to wake up at some point. Trying to push my thoughts away I sped onto the highway hoping if I went fast enough I could escape my thoughts. My knuckles were turning white with my grip on the steering wheel and I tried not to focus on the fact that this was the car we have so many memories in. Almost anytime I got in my car I was reminded of our first road trip together. It was mid-summer and neither of us had told anyone – even our parents – that we were leaving.

He had one hand on the steering wheel and the other one was laced through mine as he gently rubbed his thumb against the back of my hand. I rolled my window down, letting the warm July air into the car. I was sure people from miles away could hear his music blasting but it didn’t even matter.

“I haven’t been to Disneyworld in years.” He said looking like an excited child. The huge grin on his face made me smile at how adorable he was. I leaned in to gently kiss his cheek before looking out at the window watching all the other cars zoom by. Everything felt so surreal, we didn’t plan our little road trip and it didn’t feel like it was really happening. But the feeling of his hand in mine and the whole world in front of us, was amazing. I was acutely aware of the fact that we could take off and just never come back. In that moment, it was me and him against the world.

“Maybe someday we can take our kids there.” He told me softly and stole a glance. I smiled at him feeling so lucky to have him by my side.

Part of me should’ve known we’d never have a life together. We’d never have kids. We’d never have that little suburban house we talked so much about. I should’ve known I wasn’t fit to be his wife. I should’ve known it was too good to be true. Fairy tales don’t happen to me. Prince Charmings don’t just prance into my life and take me away into the sunset so why would Zach be any different? Maybe it was my fault for building up this idea of a perfect guy in my head. Maybe it was my fault for expecting him to be a Prince.

I tightened my grip on the steering wheel to ground myself back into reality and took a deep breath remembering to count back from ten.


Maybe I should’ve done more.


I should’ve kissed him harder.


I should’ve fought harder.


I shouldn’t have let him leave.


I shouldn’t have made him leave.


He was too good for me.


I should’ve known a guy like that would never stay with me.


Happy ever after will never exist for me.


I should’ve known I don’t deserve a prince.


But I didn’t deserve to be hurt either.

I was easily going 90 mph but I still felt like I was crawling. I couldn’t escape my thoughts fast enough. I couldn’t escape him fast enough. I had no idea where I was going, all I knew was I had to get out of town for a few hours. I had to go somewhere that he hadn’t tainted with his memories. Deep down I knew he didn’t deserve to be thought of this much. I shouldn’t be beating myself up over something he did. But at the same time, he was the best thing I ever had and I hated the idea that maybe he wasn’t so good after all. So it was easier for me to think it was me. It’s easier for me to hate myself than him. 

forever (and a day)

sanada yukimura x mc (misaki kasagi)

a/n: this one is for @bakers97, prompt 3 from this list - “it’s always been you.” this fic is a little different – i don’t want to spoil it, so i guess you’ll all just have to read and see why~

@jemchew @pasunny @naerial @demon-princess-anastasia

There’s a man who always comes into their restaurant when he’s in Kyoto.

He has blue eyes and hair the color of river pebbles, and a low voice that almost always stutters when he first speaks with her. There is a near-constant blush on his face until he has eaten his first bite, and then he smiles, boyish and carefree.

He’s built almost as big as Inuchiyo, is the first thing she notes—because not many people are as big as Inuchiyo—but he’s gentler than her childhood friend, less prone to boisterous and raucous conversations. He’ll gladly talk to anyone in the restaurant, but he speaks with an air of almost childlike excitability.

The man never gives his name, but she also never asks. Most of the time he looks like he’s been doing something casually active—he wears either a hoodie or a t-shirt, and the tightest pants she’s ever seen him wear are workout sweats that are cinched at the ankles.

He comes around at times few and far between, and without warning.

But no matter how much time passes, she recognizes him.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any fics that have to do with angry/hate sex?


The Firing Line by thepinupchemist (WIP)

When Steve’s dad is diagnosed with cancer, Steve returns to his childhood home to support his mom – a small town called Gold Cliff, Colorado. Ten years before, he left Gold Cliff behind him, left his no-longer-best-friend Bucky Barnes behind him, with the intention of never seeing him ever again. But Bucky Barnes crash-lands back into his life nonetheless, long-haired and one-armed and haunted, keeping secrets from day one.

Filled with self-loathing and millennial angst, they agree to a mutually beneficial sexual relationship to blow off steam.

Steve should have known better than to think he could ever put Bucky Barnes behind him.

I Know Your Type by emphasisonem

“You don’t know-” the brunet growls, and it sends a frisson of heat through Steve’s body. “The first thing about me.”

Steve opens his mouth to respond, but the words die in his throat as the brunet claims his lips in a fierce kiss. Steve has every intention of pushing him away when his hands reach up to the broad chest before him, but instead he finds himself curling his fingers into the fabric of the other man’s shirt and pulling him closer.

The Beautiful Game by neversaydie

“Fuckin’ asshole.” Bucky grunts, shoving his thigh higher for Steve to rub off against and half hoping it hurts. “Pain in my ass.”

“Can arrange that.” Steve squeezes his ass through his shorts and Bucky swallows the embarrassing moan that tries to slip out. The aborted sound makes his teammate smirk, and Bucky could seriously punch him in the face right now. “S'what I thought. You need a dick in you, that’s why you’re all over the fuckin’ place. Slut.”

Rewatching the season finale..

It’s only a little thing but Alex had said she didn’t know about Spencer till she met Wren in England, but then when she bumps into Ezra while talking to Wren at the airport, she says ‘Ezra, I don’t think you’ve ever met, this is Wren’. How would she had known that they’d never met when they’re both living in the same town? And if all this time she had no idea about Spencer, how would she have known who knew who? Plus on Ezra’s board in season 4, Wren was on there (albeit they’d never met) but Ezra obviously knew who Wren was, and when Alex spotted Ezra, Wren’s reaction was 'oh god’, so he obviously knew who Ezra was too. My question is, given Wren’s reaction in that scene, why would she then introduce them saying they’d never met? And Alex had not been in it since season one, so how would she know if they’d ever crossed paths or not?

A thief’s heart- Jeffmads- Chapter one

//This was lowkey inspired by six of crows (y’all should read that book)

Thomas Jefferson was a monster and he was damn proud of it. He ran the most dangerous gang in this wretched town after all. He built the town up from the ground and made it something worthwhile. He was just missing a spider. Someone who could move without making a sound, someone who could slit throats before the victim even got the chance to scream. An assassin. Now when he heard the infamous Raven was murdered, he thought there was no chance of finding an assassin that talented. Until he remembered she had a son. A son of her and a merchant king who dealt with bombs on the black market, well could you ask for a more dangerous mix?  He smirked, staring at the hotel. Cheap. A good way to hide.

“Kid’s smart.”
“Kid’s dangerous and is probably expecting us.” Alex added and Thomas shrugged.
“Let’s hope we live up to our expectations.”
“What if he outsmarts us?” Eliza asked softly, everyone knowing what she meant. ‘What if he outsmarts Thomas?’ Thomas shook his head.

“Trust me, songbird, we’ll get our spider.” He promised, walking up the stairs then hesitating as they reached the door.

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anonymous asked:

Omg can you please help me? Im looking for a fic thats about Eren and Co. Loving in a small town. Eren works in the local grocery store with his parents. Levi is a newcomer to town and everyone (jean and eren tbh) think hes fucking creepy. Levi eventually starts working in the same store as Eren and thats as far as i got... please help!

I’m pretty sure this is the fic:

Good Enough to Eat
Summary: There are two things to be known about living in Shiganshina: there’s no such thing as privacy, and gossip never dies.
     Eren Jaeger has lived in the same small town his entire life, and has always known this to be true. He’d never felt different, and had always believed that nothing exciting would ever happen, and every day would continue to be exactly the same as always.
     At least, he used to, until the arrival of a mysterious man. A newcomer who seems to have an interest in the Jaeger family, and keeps his secrets close. A man who never answers questions, and has a dark history that spells trouble.
     As demons from the past come racing to the present, Eren finds himself drawn into an inexplicable web of myths and deceit, protected by the one person he’s positive he shouldn’t trust.


Flame Trees

For Arbor Day in the lovely US of A. Flame trees are actually native to Australia but whatevs - this is my drabble. Also this is named after an awesome Australian song, the Sarah Blasko version is great.

“Oh the flame trees will blind the weary driver. And there’s nothing else could set fire to this town. There’s no change, there’s no pace, Everything within it’s place. Just makes it harder to believe that she won’t be around.”

Klaus insisted he would never set foot back in Mystic Falls after graduation and he’d been successful so far. After completing both his law degree and MBA at Harvard he’d been on track to do just that until his father had to go and die. Mikael Mikaelson always was a selfish bastard. He’d contemplated not returning for the funeral but Elijah had decided they suddenly needed to play happy families even though they all felt the same way about their father.

Mikael was a vindictive bully who made it his main aim in life to terrorise his four children even more so after their mother passed away when Klaus was only eight. He remembered the day of her funeral still so vividly.

17 years earlier…

Mikael had told him to stop blubbering like a baby and act like a real man. He’d escaped as soon as possible making his way along their long, winding driveway and down the street not sure where he was going but determined to put as much space between himself and that house full of bad memories.

Klaus loosened his tie and pulled it off roughly likening it to a tight noose around his neck but Mikael insisted he wore it because it was all about appearances after all. The Mikaelsons were one of the richest families in Mystic Falls and as such had a reputation to maintain. If only they knew what went on behind closed doors. Klaus looked up realising that he’d been so lost in his thoughts he’d wandered into the woods.

He found himself distracted by a particularly bright tree with an abundance of brilliant, scarlet flowers. Unlike most trees that stood tall, its branches drooped over, creating an umbrella effect. If there was anything Klaus wanted it was to hide and he found himself standing beneath it taking deep breaths to calm himself. He grabbed onto one of the lower branches and lifted himself up so he was sitting in the tree. It was the most at peace he’d felt all day.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He looked down curiously at the familiar, curly haired blonde with blazing, blue eyes.

“I thought that was obvious,” he growled. Klaus really wasn’t in the mood and Caroline Forbes was the kind of company he didn’t need especially on today of all days.

“You’re sitting in my tree,” she insisted, her hands now on her hips.

“You don’t own it,” he scoffed.

“Yes, I do,” she drawled, pointing to her initials engraved on the trunk.

“Just because you put your initials on it doesn’t mean it’s yours,” he argued. Klaus wasn’t one to back down from a fight especially with Caroline Forbes of all people. She was a year below him at school but he’d never spoken to her. He certainly didn’t regret that decision at all now. “Just leave me alone, I’m not in the mood today.”

“Because of your mom?” He raised his eyebrows in her direction, given how small the town was Klaus shouldn’t have been surprised.

“I don’t want to talk about her,” he murmured, trying not to descend into that blubbering baby his father had accused him of being earlier. Not to be deterred, Caroline took hold of a nearby branch and swung up into the tree beside him. “You don’t climb so badly, you know for a girl.”

“I’ve also got a pretty good right hook that could knock you out of this tree, Mikaelson,” she shot back. That was the first time he’d actually smiled in a while and Klaus remembered just how good it felt.

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anonymous asked:

Omgomgomg, do you guys know of any twilight/teenwolf fics? Where like derek is Edward and stiles is bella? Maybe the argents are the rival pack or something? Thanks so much! X

Sure! And the tag. - Anastasia

Originally posted by darling-with-no-probs

Twilight: The Teen Wolf Saga by SaranghaeSHINee

(1/1 I 434 I Not Rated)

The Meadow scene from Twilight but with a twist.

The American Pastime by pandacowhipster

(1/1 I 1,000 I Teen)

Turns out vampire baseball’s a lot like human baseball only everyone’s hot and they hit a hell of a lot harder.

Phases by The_Muse

(4/? I 1,713 I Not Rated)

- It occurs to Jasper, in belated realization that as Bella spoke to Alice, that she mentioned Edward last and the troubling thoughts began to float effortlessly to the surface breaking through the haze of his thoughts. Bella wanted, above all else to be a vampire. She loved Edward, yes, but how much of her love was for the man or for what the creature that he was could provide her?

As he and Rosalie heft Edward’s arms over their shoulders and creep up the winding steps of their home he thought humorously and sadly that the marriage wouldn’t happen.

Now that Edward was changed, his cells awakening, sweet biology changing and phasing the once frozen organs inside of him purging him of what he once was, would she stay? Oh yes, all would change.

For the better? Jasper wasn’t quite certain.

Ruffled Feathers by braeden

(1/1 I 2,889 I General)

It’s the morning after the wedding and Stiles can’t figure out where the feathers came from

White Nights by whatthefuckinghale

(2/? I 5,886 I Teen)

After five years of living with his babcia in Florida, Stiles is returning to complete his last two years of high school in Beacon Hills. There he meets Derek Hale - the resident heartthrob with an obvious secret. Stiles, the little shit that he is, is curious about said secret and thinks himself quite the detective. What else is there to expect from the Sheriff’s son?

On the way, he makes friends, enemies and might even have found a bit of love.

When the Autumn Moon is Bright by shini02

(1/1 I 6,056 I Mature)

Emmett genuinely hadn’t come to Beacon Hills to cause trouble. It was a new place with an old enemy, and he just so happened to cross paths with a werewolf.

In the long run, Derek will blame Stiles for this.

Vampires by jamesm97

(13/13 I 19,474 I Mature)

When the Sheriff accepts a new Job Allison and Stiles are forced to move with their father. Forced to leave everything behind in Beacon Hills and move to some nowhere town where the most exciting thing to happen to it was their arrival.

Things start to quickly heat up as Stiles and Allison are welcomed into the world of the Cullen’s where things aren’t always as they seem. He may also be a little in love with Derek’s redish/Gold eyes.

A College Werewolf Romance by Stereklover11

(12/12 I 20,171 I Explicit)

Derek is a janitor and student at Beacon Hills University. He meets Stiles Stilinski, an energetic and quirky Freshmen with an awesome job. His feelings grow the more time he spends around Stiles. There’s just one problem…Derek is a werewolf, which could be dangerous for Stiles. They eventually fall in love after some rough patches and intense confessions. 

not just human by PrincezzShell101

(10/11 I 21,729 I Explicit)

Stiles is just human, that’s all he has ever known himself to be. But that all changes when the vampire arrives in town, and along with it, a family secret that has been buried for far too long is discovered. Stiles isn’t just human. Neither was his mother. With this secret, many new things come to light that Stiles would never have expected… maybe even a reveal of a powerful connection to one certain werewolf.

.As Stupid Does by chocoholicannanymous

(19/21 I 91,713 I Teen)

Taking a walk in the woods never ends well for Stiles. Never. He really, really should have learned that lesson by now. Also? Apparently Port Angeles is not as free from the supernatural as he’d thought. Because of course it isn’t.


To whom it may concern, 

In the nearly 10 years that I have known Luke Danes, I have come to know him as an honest and decent man. He’s also one of the most kind and caring persons I have ever met. I’m a single mother, and I raised my daughter by myself, but once Luke Danes became my friend in this town, I never really felt alone. Luke and I have had our ups and downs over the years, but through it all, his relationship with my daughter, Rory, has never changed. He’s always been there for her no matter what. He was there to celebrate her birthdays. He was there cheering her on at her high school graduation. Luke has been a sort of father figure in my daughter’s life. With his own daughter, Luke wasn’t given the opportunity to be there for her first 12 years, but he should be given that opportunity now. Once Luke Danes is in your life, he is in your life forever. I know from personal experience what an amazing gift that is, and not to allow him access to his daughter would be to seriously deprive her of all this man has to offer, and he offers so much. Thank you for your time. 

Sincerely, Lorelai Gilmore

Why don’t I see what other people see?

That anon question I got, got me thinking.

I get that kind of response a lot.  From people who are sure they’re right about crazy people being violent and dangerous in a way sane people aren’t.  Sometimes they outright tell me that I’ve seen the same things they have, but that I refuse to acknowledge it for “political” reasons.

It’s not like that at all.

I look at crazy people and I see people who vary as much as sane people.

People have asked me – incredulously – “Have you ever known anyone with dementia?”

Because I didn’t think tricking people with dementia into believing they were leaving a place and escaping, while the entire place they “leave” to is utterly fake, is the wonderful humane thing everyone else seems to see it as.

Especially after an experience with delirium – which can produce similar disorientation to dementia – in which I developed the delusion that I never left the hospital, that I was the one patient who never left the hospital, that my memories of home were a hallucination or a trick, and that they had set up an entire fake town and kept alive one friend of mine so that I would believe I was leaving and staying with a friend when really I’d spend the rest of my life in a hospital in what seemed like the future because I’d been there so long I didn’t realize what year it was and how everything had changed.  Luckily the delirium began to subside before I was rushed back to the hospital or I’d

And like – experiencing that, even as a delusion, was enough to convince me it’s completely horrible to trick people that way, especially if they have any trouble at all understanding reality.

But that’s not actually my main point.


I believe that institutions suck because I know disabled people and because I have been in and seen the inside of way too many institutions.  This includes crazy people, but also all kinds of disabled people.  (I fall or have at one time fallen into most of the major disability categories – cognitive, physical, psychiatric, developmental, emotional, chronic illness, congenital, acquired, progressive, stable, cyclical, etc.  I know people from all the categories, whether I belong to them or not.)

I believe what I believe about people with dementia because I know people with dementia.

But when I look at people with dementia I don’t see whatever the fuck everyone else seems to be seeing.

I see people.  Not people missing some vital component of being human beings.   Just human beings.

And this isn’t something I force to happen because of my ideas about the world.  I get my ideas about the world from observing the world.  I just observe different things.

I see someone who is seen as unable to answer questions, when what it looks like to me is she processes and responds to information very slowly, and nobody wants to wait around, or even thinks of waiting around.  When she answers at all, the conversation has moved so far on that nobody notices she’s not speaking nonsense, she’s just responding much slower than them.

And the more I see people with dementia, stroke, autism, intellectual disability, etc., who are automatically written off, the more I just see people, who are always taking in and responding to their environment, just not always in the usual ways.

And so many other people, even other people with some of these labels, see the same people as unpersons or only partial persons.  And I know this is how many people see me unless I prove I’m a person, which I can’t always do.

I swear people look at us and see images in their head rather than people.

I see people.

This is an area where I have a strong conviction that what I see is accurate.  It seems to be backed up by the perceptions of some other people - just not most people.

And this doesn’t mean I’m “better than” anyone or silencing my real perception in favor of wha tI want to see. This is really what I see.

And that’s the main thing I want to say:  People tell me to look at certain people so I look at certain people (including myself, often) and see things they don’t and don’t see things they do.

And now my brain wants to shut off.  See you.

Wrong Side of the Tracks (Jughead x Reader)

Post Season 1. After all the secrets had been revealed Riverdale thought it was free from any more lies, but as Archie, Betty, Jughead, along with a friend from their past learn Jason Blossom’s murder was just the beginning (Beware spoilers for Season 1 also I do ship Bughead but I wanted to write a Jughead x Reader story) Rated M for Language and for dark themes (rape, abuse) 

“Jason Blossom was dead, Clifford Blossom was found out to be the one who murdered him and then proceeded to hang himself, Cheryl Blossom had attempted to drown herself in Sweetwater River, Archie’s father was in the hospital after being shot during a burglary at Pop’s diner, Hiram Lodge had been released from prison and had removed his wife and Veronica Lodge from Riverdale taking them back to New York, and my dad was still in prison. Basically everything was going swimmingly. As if after Jason’s death we needed life to get more fucked up, Betty and I had broken up, Archie spent most of his days at the hospital, and a new rival gang had moved into town. The Greendale Grizzlies, they were from the next town over and they just happened to be the arch rival gang to the Southside Serpents and since my father who was the leader of the Southside Serpents was imprisoned the Grizzlies thought that they could move in on the territory. If Mayor McCoy thought that the murder of Jason Blossom had shaken up Riverdale she had no idea how badly a turf war would destroy our once wholesome town.”

My phone buzzed on the table top of my usual booth at Pop’s. It took me out of my own little world of writing. It was a text from Betty, it read “Hey Jug, you want to go run by the hospital to go see Archie with me.” Although Betty and I had broken up, we still remained friends. The thing was we were never meant to be together, we were polar opposites, she was light, I was darkness, she was from the right side of the tracks and I was from the wrong side. She was the perfect girl and I was the fucked up kid whose dad was in prison. And once Veronica left Archie needed her more than I did. I had known since we were younger that Betty and Archie were destined to be together, I had just gotten in the way of that.

“Sure,” I replied back as I closed my laptop. I sighed as I looked around the diner. The world seemed so different now, nothing seemed right. Fred had been a better father to me than my own father and now he was in the hospital fighting for his life. It seemed insane to think that he might die. Archie’s mother had come back from Chicago to be with him. I feared that if Fred, if he did die that Archie would be leaving. He couldn’t leave, I couldn’t handle not having my best friend around me, not with everything else that was going on.

Quickly I stuffed my laptop into my bag before heading up to the counter paying for the two cups of coffee I had ordered before making the walk from Pop’s to Riverdale’s hospital which was about a mile walk. I didn’t mind walking it gave me time to think. Writing was the one thing in my life that gave me clarity, I had written stories ever since I was little. Writing allowed me to have a voice, something I didn’t think in such a fucked up world a teenager could have. But it also allowed me to tell peoples stories. That was one of the reasons I had decided to write about Jason Blossom, I agreed with Betty, this town never seemed to want to discuss anything of what had happened. Everyone just wanted to go back pretending that Riverdale was such a perfect little quiet town. But the thing was, I had always known that Riverdale wasn’t perfect. My dad and I were part of what made it not perfect. The thing is the world’s not perfect, and I don’t think we would ever want the world to be perfect. We would all get so bored.

By the time I got to the hospital Betty was already sitting on the front steps.

“Juggie!” She called running towards me. “Where did you walk from?”    

“Pop’s,” I sighed as I gripped the strap on my bag.

“Jug, why didn’t you tell me, I would have come and picked you up.”

“No offense Betts but I really didn’t want to ride in the car with your mother.”

Betty quickly looked at the ground. “Jug, I’m sorry.”

“It’s just with everything that’s going on I’m kind of freaking out.”

“You don’t think I am too!” She snapped causing a silence to fall between us, only the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves could be heard.

“Betts,” I started.

“Let’s go see Archie,” She said as she turned around and started towards the hospital stairs.

 That’s when I noticed the girl with (y/h/c) hair coming down the stairs, a bandage on the right side of her forehead.

 “(y/n)” I exclaimed as the girl turned to look at Betty and me.

 “Jughead, Betty!” (y/n) exclaimed as she ran right to Betty pulling her into an embrace.

“Oh my God (y/n), I thought you moved to Greendale?” Betty said shocked as (y/n) came over and hugged me.

“Hi Juggie.” She smiled. “I did, but my dad’s decided he wanted to move back. So I came with him.”

“How have you been (y/n)?” I asked her looking her up and down. She still looked the same as the day she moved away. (y/n) had grown up with Archie, Betty and me, we were like the four musketeers, because yes there was four of them. We were inseparable, every school day we ate lunch together, we had most of our classes together, and during the summer all of our days and nights were spent hanging out together. I had become the closest with (y/n), we lived in the same neighborhood, well, I don’t know if you can call a trailer park a neighborhood.  But all of that changed when the summer before freshman year, her dad up and moved his entire family to Greendale without saying a word, we didn’t even get to say goodbye to (y/n) before they left.

“I’ve been okay; I see you are still wearing that stupid beanie I gave you as a present.” She laughed as she grabbed my beanie taking it off as he ruffled my hair before handing my beanie back. “What are you guys doing here?”

“It’s Archie’s dad,” Betty said sadly as I quickly put back on my security blanket of sorts.  

“What, what’s wrong with Mr. Andrews.” She asked shocked.

“There was robbery down at Pop’s and Archie’s dad tried to stop it, he got shot, they don’t know if he’s going to… if he’s going to be ok.”  I said and suddenly she turned white as a sheet.

“Wh…what.” She asked.

“We are heading up to go see him, if you would like to join us, I know it would cheer him up to see you.” Betty said as she grabbed (y/n)’s hand.

“Uh… of course.” (y/n) responded almost mindlessly as we all headed up the stairs.

“What happened to your head?” I asked her.

 “I, um, I tripped, hit my head on a curb, you know me such a klutz.” She said but I knew she was lying. I knew that (y/n)’s  dad beat her.

The Killers Starter Sentences

“I just can’t take this, I swear I told you the truth.”
“It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?”
“I said, heaven ain’t close in a place like this.”
“But then you took me by surprise; I’m dreaming bout those dreamy eyes.”
“I got a blanket in the back seat on my mind.”
“So if the answer is no, can I change your mind?”
“Your body’s shaking, and it’s clear you really need it, so let go.”
“I’ve got this energy beneath my feet, like something underground’s gonna come up and carry me.”
“How do you know that you’re right if you’re not nervous anymore?”
“You’ll remember me.”
“But my heart, it don’t beat, it don’t beat the way it used to, and my eyes, they don’t see you no more.”
“I never really gave up on breakin’ out of this two-star town.”
“I don’t feel like loving you no more.”
“I did everything, everything I wanted to. I let them use you for their own ends.”
“Was it love or was it just easy?”
“I woke up a little too late to lie.”
“And when you come back in from nowhere do you ever think of me?”
“You should have known by now you were on my list.”
“Don’t you wanna come with me? Don’t you wanna feel my bones on your bones?”
“Ain’t we all just runaways?”
“I swore on the head of our unborn child that I could take care of the three of us.”
“Don’t want your picture on my cell phone. I want you here with me.”
“But I’m not sure how this natural selection picked me out to be a dark horse running in a fantasy.”
“I’ve been killing just for fun.”
“And sometimes I hear you, the galaxy sings your song.”
“The cops, they’ll steal your dreams and they’ll kill your prayers.”
“And yes, it’s true that I’m not the man I used to be, but, I still need some company.”
“Darling, don’t you see I’m not satisfied?”
“Where’s your selfish kiss?”
“Through the sunshine, through the rain, I’m gonna be your prize fighter.”

The Hunter Who Cared - 2

Summary: (y/n) spares a monsters life.

A/n: the omen idea originally comes from a story I’ve read on here on how omens warn the victims before they get killed next.

Part 1

Never in (y/n) nineteenth years of living with a hunter family would she ever have thought that she would be out on a hunting trip with her father and his friends.

Their was apparently a ghost case just out of state about a haunted house, the town’s folks and owner of the house had complained about seeing a little girl wander the hallways at nighttime.

Apparently the first owners of the house had died thanks to a world wide known serial killer who had managed to break in at night time and slaughter the family and their one daughter. Luckily the man was executed right one sight in 1960, around the time (y/n) was just sixteen years old.

“So the haunting and killings could be from that serial killer Joe.” Andy says.

“Could be, but that still doesn’t explain why everyone complains about the sight of the little girl just before something bad happens.” her adopted father Joe grudged out.

“Maybe it’s a omen.” (Y/n) says her (e/c) orbs staring outside of the car window watching as the scenery passed by her.

“You think, it’s a omen.” Mich, her adopted father’s other friend says.

“Yes.” (Y/n) replies turning her head to face Mich, “You see omens are usually the past victims of a killer and appears in the form of a older women or any form of a women really to alert the next victim.”

Before anyone in the car could response the nineteen year old huntress continued, “If this little girl is a omen she’s warning the owners.”

“Okay, so say this is a omen how do we kill it?” Andy askes.

“You don't kill a omen Andy, their harmless their like death in a way expect they don’t collect the dead souls they just warn you.” looking back out the window once again (Y/n) could hear them all talking about how to find the ghost.

“Good job kid.” Joe said leaning back in the passenger seat to pat his daughter’s leg. 

Giving him a weak smile (y/n) replies, “Yeah your welcome old man.” she jokingly says.