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So I'm moving from New York to South Carolina in a few months and I'm almost 16 and I'm a lesbian and I'm out pretty much here but I'm scared that when I move people won't be as liberal as they are here and that I'll have to go back into the closet and I won't date anyone until I move away for college :/

Since I have never been in South Carolina, I cannot tell you if they are liberal or not. But you should start to be proud of who you are even if all the world is against you.


Eartha Kitt and James Dean in NYC, photographed by Dennis Stock in 1955

… still remembering all the things Jamie Dean had told me on the phone. ‘’I dont know what the feeling of love is really like. I dont know if I have ever been in love, but if I have, it must have been with you because I never felt that feeling before you and I have never felt that feeling after you.’’ 

- Excerpt of Eartha Kitt’s autobiography I’m Still Here (1989)

“My parents are old school. We’re from Bolivia. The daughter isn’t supposed to leave the house until she’s married. But I left when I was nineteen because I couldn’t take the constant fighting about how to live my life. It’s not that I wanted to be promiscuous. I just wanted to explore New York and have black friends and white friends and gay friends. I’ve had a bad relationship with my parents ever since. I ended up marrying a Dominican boy from Corona. He’s been nothing but good to me. But they’ve never accepted him. We got married at City Hall. I’m thirty-three now. We just had our first child. So I thought things would finally get better with my parents. I thought we could relate as equals now that I have my own child. Maybe they’d finally accept my choices. But they’re still the same. My mother helps babysit my child while I’m at work. She does everything her own way. She criticizes all my decisions. When I insist on raising my child a certain way, she gets upset. She starts crying and reminds me that I left the house when I was nineteen. Then my father calls and yells at me for upsetting my mother. It breaks my heart. But I’m realizing that a good relationship with my parents will always require doing exactly what they say.”

Delicate Part 4/9

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name,

A/N: Reader is brilliantly smart but has spent her life being exploited by anyone who finds out about it. She is recruited by Fury to come to the Avengers facility, but it may not be for the reason she thinks.

Not going to lie, I listened to the song Delicate by Damien Rice about a million times while writing this. Also the trailer for Gifted not only left me an emotional mess it also seems to have seeped it’s way a little into this story.

This part is a little long and oh so fluffy. Also please be kind, I have never been to New York before in my life so all of my information is from google maps and virtual tours. 

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9

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The flood of propaganda is so intense and relentless that I find myself numbing to it.

Occasionally I’ll glance at the headlines and with a moment of clarity notice something that’s been parroted and normalized and I’ll startle myself because I’ve found I’m just accepting what I’m seeing in front of me. It’s losing the nightmarish edge it should have.

Russia never hacked the election.

No one is accusing Russia of hacking the election.

Russia did not hack any election in the United States.

The nexus of corporate news and the corporatist establishment blatantly abuses language.

They’ve twisted and conflated the meaning of words to such a degree that a headline is an absolutely indisputable bald faced lie that carries false connotations and narrative driving commentary.

And yet it is somehow acceptable as “real news”.


“I really like my life right now, I have friends around me all the time. I’ve started painting more. I’ve been working out a lot. I’ve started to really take pride in being strong. I love the album I made. I love that I moved to New York. So in terms of being happy, I’ve never been closer to that.” — Taylor Swift

I really like my life right now. I have friends around me all the time. I’ve started painting more. I’ve been working out a lot. I’ve started to really take pride in being strong. I love the album I made. I love that I moved to New York. So in terms of being happy, I’ve never been closer to that.

I really like my life right now, I have friends around me all the time. I’ve started painting more. I’ve been working out a lot. I’ve started to really take pride in being strong. I love the album I made. I love that I moved to New York. So in terms of being happy, I’ve never been closer to that.

“I’m having a blast,” he said of rehearsals during a recent live chat on InStyle’s Facebook. Describing his impending debut as “kind of bananas,” Fisher answered all of our burning questions about joining the most buzzed-about Broadway show in years (and he played along as we quizzed him on Hamilton trivia). Scroll down for five revelations from Fisher […]

3. His family will be in the audience during his first week—and it will be their first time ever in New York City.

“My family has never been to New York before,” said Fisher. “I’m here a lot—I’m bicoastal and I have a place here. I’m here a ton, so it’s nice to be able to be here and welcome them here for the first time that first week. They’re gonna be here opening night on the 22nd, which is super exciting. [That] will be their first trip. I’m stoked for them to see the city at Christmas time, and to see the show in general.”

4. He’s equally excited to play both John Laurens and Philip Hamilton.

“Philip Hamilton and John Laurens are two of the most important people in Alexander Hamilton’s life,” said Fisher. “John Laurens was Alex’s best friend. He was Hammy’s main, most trusted confidante, somebody that he believed and felt believed him more than anybody else in the world, and was somebody that he would have gladly, I think, given his own life for. So his death at the end of the first act is obviously super significant where Alexander Hamilton is concerned. […] And then Philip is really, in some ways, just a bit of a reincarnation [of John Laurens]—somebody that speaks before they act. […] And then when he dies well into the second act, Alex is actually there for that and gets to basically have that goodbye for his other most-loved human in his life, that he didn’t get to have where John was concerned. So the dynamic and the arc of both those characters allow one storyline to ebb and flow through the show that you’re watching from top to bottom, and that’s really fun for me.” […]

—  5 Revelations from Hamilton’s Newest Star, Jordan Fisher (InStyle) – see the full piece for what got Jordan started in theatre & more
Stolen Heart: Part 3

Prompt: Can you do a Damian Wayne Imagine where the reader is Catwoman’s protogé and they have a relationship just like Bruce and Selina but the mentors don’t approve?

AN: I am rocking it today!!!

Words: 850

Part One, Part Two

You had never really been one for small towns. You’d spent your entire life in Gotham, and then you’d moved to New York City. Small town life had simply never appealed to you, but after three years, you could admit it had grown on you. Sliding the heels from your feet you sigh at the feeling of the hardwood. Tossing the shoes to the side you move farther into the house.

          You hear the footsteps before you hear the call. Widening your stance, you brace for impact. Gideon rounds the corner, a smile on his face, as he dives into your arms. At seven years old he’s getting almost too big to do the hug and dive. It won’t be long before he’s knocking you over.

          You ruffle his hair, as he starts talking about his day. You listen as you move towards the kitchen, the smell of papaya wafting towards you nose. You smile at Damian, who gives you a quick kiss, before handing you a glass of wine.

          He’s still dressed in his sheriff’s uniform, a towel tossed over his shoulder. The two of you listen as Gideon continues to talk, before he runs off towards his room to play. There’s a moment of silence before Damian says, “I have no idea where he learned to talk for that long. It’s not like either of us come from a family of talkers.”

          You smirk, “I suppose that’s what happens when you live the normal life.”

          Damian scoffs, “Normal.”

          Your smirk widens, “I know. You despise that word.”

          He turns to stare at you, before moving towards you, and caging you against the table with his arms. His voice lowers to a whisper, “You are a former international burglar, and I was trained by the League of Assassins before becoming a superhero vigilante at the age of ten. Normal is an insult.”

          You lean up and kiss his jaw. “I kind of like it. No bad guys, no mortal wounds, no discussion of what’s right or wrong. Just a normal librarian married to a normal police sheriff, with their normal son. It’s quiet and different than what we’re used to, but I love it here. Gideon loves it here.”

          “What if we didn’t have to stay?” He asks quietly.

          “We’re being chased by an unknown organization that wants to kill me and our son. We’re safe here, why would we move?”

          “Because I’ve secretly had the League working on identifying the group, and taking care of our problem. And as of three months ago, that goal was accomplished.”

          You take a deep breath, “So your father knows …”

          He nods, “Yes. He’s invited us back to Gotham.  Offered me a place at the company, wants to train me to take over the family business.”

          You frown, “You’re not talking about just Wayne Enterprises are you?”

          Damian shakes his head, “He’s getting old. He can’t keep it up anymore. He needs me to take over.”

          “He has four other sons, Damian.”

          Damian finally pushes away from the table, “All of whom have their own identities and territories. I’m the logical choice. I put in my notice at the department today. We’ll be back in Gotham by the end of the month.”

          You shake your head, and he stares at you. You can feel your voice going raw as you speak, “You’ll be in Gotham by the end of the month, but Gideon and I are staying.”

He looks at you in disbelief, “We’re a family.”

You shake your head “A family would have discussed this. A family would have taken Gideon into consideration.”

“He’d be in one of the top private schools in the world.”

“And taken away from all his friends and the only home he knows.”

“The Manor …”

“The Manor is not a home, it’s a place where soldiers are trained. And Gotham is the place they fight. I won’t allow my son to become that.”

“Our son.”

You just look Damian in the eye and say, “Right now, he’s my son.” And without another word you leave the kitchen. You go to your room, and make sure to lock the door. With a scream you collapse on the bed, and for the first time in four years you feel like that nineteen-year-old who had left that city behind.

When you wake up the next morning it’s to Damian, sitting down beside you. You’re not all that surprised to see him, the locks on the doors are amateur hour. To be completely honest you hadn’t expected him to wait this long.

The next words out of his mouth shock you to your core, “I told my father no. We can stay here. We can be normal.”

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 1/?

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 1/?


Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, eventual smut in future parts

A/N: I’ve always been a writer but have never really shared it with anyone, please give feedback, very nervous about posting this, it’s a story I’ve thought about writing pretty much since I discovered Supernatural. Hope y’all like it <3


It had been three years since you’d seen that sasquatch of a man, Sam Winchester. You were in the middle of time square on your daily walk to work when you see the unmistakable mop of hair. He had grown it longer but you would recognize that gigantor anywhere. You yelled “SAMMMMYYYYYY!” as you practically launched yourself at the man. “Oh my god, Y/N!” he reached his arms out and caught you as you jumped at him and he spun you around in a crushing hug. “What are you doing here Sam? Oh my gosh we have so much to catch up on, I’ve missed you so much, it’s been so long,” as you said this you smacked Sam hard on the chest “you just disappeared! I was so worried, you never answered my texts or calls, I thought you something terrible happened I haven’t heard from you in years, I’m your best friend and you can’t even pick up the phone!” you rambled on and on in anger and also excitement and seeing your best friend again “Y/N shhhh!” Sam said as he covered your mouth with his hand, “I promise I will explain everything to you, I’m sorry I just went away, a lot happened after Jess…” he trailed off at that and you reached out a squeezed his hand, “Well good thing I’ve found you so you can explain everything to me and we can resume our best friendship sasquatch” you giggled as he brought you into another tight hug. You heard a man clear his throat and you turned at the sound coming face to face with one of the most attractive men you had ever seen. You were met with bright green eyes, you smiled at him but he just appeared annoyed,” Sammy we need to head out we have work to do”. “Y/N, this is my brother Dean, we umm work together now” You turned to face the green eyed man and held out your hand “Hi, I’m Y/N, Sammy here was my best friend in college, but I haven’t seen him in years” “ya well he’s had work to do he joined the family business”. You frowned at this, Sam didn’t know but you had figured a few things out about his past, you had overheard conversations he had with Dean that week he disappeared, before and after Jess’s death. You’d meant to talk to him about it but then he was just gone, you did not fully understand at the time what it all meant but you knew his family was involved in some intense stuff. Recently though you had come face to face with the things that go bump in the night and had put two and two together and realized just what Sammy was involved in.  

  Not thinking before you spoke you blurted out, “oh, you’re here about those tourist deaths aren’t you”, Dean and Sam both gave you wide eyed looks, “Dude! You told her about what we do?!” “No man I swear I didn’t, but Y/N how do you know about that?” “Sammy I was your best friend, I overheard conversations you had and put some pieces together about stories you had about your family, I didn’t have it all figured out until recently though…” as you said this you pulled your scarf to the side revealing two circular marks on your throat, turns out your ex had been blood thirsty in a very literal sense. “Whoa, Y/N, I’m so sorry, I wish I’d known, I wish I’d been here to help…” “Sammy its ok we hadn’t talked in years and another hunter helped me out, explained some things about the life to me, I don’t completely get it all but I know some of what you’ve been through, you and your brother are pretty famous you know” you snuck another look at the older Winchester as you said this, he was staring at you pretty intensely so you immediately turned your gaze away. “Anyways I’ve already been looking into the murders and I think I’ve figured some things out, I have to get to work but why don’t you and Dean take my apartment key and go set up there and you can use my notes and things to try and solve this, when I get home later I’ll try and be as much help as I can” Sam and Dean agreed to this and took your keys and headed for your apartment as you went to work. As the day went on you couldn’t get your mind off of Dean, Jess had told you he was crazy attractive and had even planned to try and get Sam to set you up with him before the fire. There was something about him that just excited you and you couldn’t wait to get off work and head home to get to know the beautiful man a little better.

As you unlocked your door you were met by the smell of pizza and Dean sitting at your couch. “Hey, Sam went to the library to do some research, I was taking a break so I figured I’d grab us dinner” “Awesome thank you” you flashed a smile at him and he gave one back that practically stopped your heart. He handed you a beer and the two of you fell into easy conversation. You laughed with this man like you had known him for years, things with him felt even easier than they had with Sam all those years ago, however this time you felt that butterfly sensation in your gut every time those green eyes looked at you. “so you and Sammy ever ya, know, get it on?” you practically choked on your pizza, as you stopped coughing you started to laugh “uhhh absolutely not, me and Sam were purely platonic, he was like the big brother I never wanted.” Dean laughed at that and took another swig of his beer. “I was actually roommates with Jess freshman year and I was the one that introduced them, I became their official third wheel for the rest of college, we were the best of friends…” you trailed off with that remembering all the things the three of you had done together, that familiar pang of missing Jess hit you, but not quite as hard as it usually did, this time you had Sam back, you weren’t missing the both of them anymore.

“Hey guys I think I’ve figured out what we’re dealing with here” Sam came rushing in hands full of books and eyes wide as he held onto them trying to keep them from spilling over and you had to hold a laugh back at how silly he looked “Damn Sammy did you check out the whole library?”, your eyes met Dean’s and you both let out laughs at Sam. Sam rolled his eyes at the two of you and began rambling on about a coven nearby. “I think they’re run by a vampire named Ryan” your heart stopped, “Ryan? As in Ryan Smith?” Sam nodded, “Ya, do you know him?” “Umm yeah, he’s the one who gave me this” you gestured to your neck marks, “has my ex-boyfriend”. “Don’t worry sweetheart we’ll gank the dickhead, he won’t hurt you again” Dean said in a very serious tone, your eyes met his again and he offered a small smile which you returned. Your heart stopped again, but from a completely different feeling…

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I was wondering if there are any fics based on cheesy romcoms?

 SO MANY MY DEAR there are many many more out there, basically just open up the advanced search, take a romcom, enter the title into the all fields bar, add steve/bucky to the relationships and the world is at your feet! these are just a few of my faves!

All Those Things You’ve Always Pined For by lavenderprose

“Steve Rogers. I haven’t thought about him in…God, at least ten years. Probably longer.“

“Who is he?” Sharon asks, and perches on the corner of his desk, hands folded in her lap. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
Bucky clears his throat, tosses the sticky note onto the desk. “Steve was…my college boyfriend. We almost got married.”

It’s been fifteen years since Bucky Barnes left Steve Rogers standing in a New York airport and never saw him again. Those fifteen years have brought him wealth and stability; everything his lower middle class Brooklyn upbringing had not provided. He is happy. He doesn’t want for anything.
He doesn’t need anything.
That’s about to change.

Elegance and Taste by Fyre

When a threat is made against the Captain America Pageant, Agent Steve Rogers is dispatched by the FBI to go undercover to see if he can find out who might be behind the threats. The only trouble is that Steve Rogers has never been any good at undercover.

If This Isn’t A Kingdom Then I Don’t Know What Is by nighimpossible

“Punk,” Bucky bites back fondly, putting a warm hand on his arm conciliatorily. He leaves his hand there a little too long for a casual gesture, and Steve’s breath seems to hitch in his throat. “Can’t leave. God, Steve. You know I’m with you. ‘Till the end of the line.”

And in that moment, on that day, Steve was amazed to discover that when Bucky said “I’m with you ‘till the end of the line,” every time he called him punk and knocked him on the shoulder… what he meant was, “I love you.”

And it nearly scared Steve out of his damn shirt.

Like a Good Neighbour by twinagonies

Steve pulls the guy into his apartment, past the entrance to his bedroom, and into his kitchen.

“You needed to use my phone?” He calls out. The guy nods with a puzzled expression.

“Why are you yelling, dude?”

Steve shushes him with wide eyes and a stern expression. He gestures toward the bedroom.

His neighbor, a lean brunet with a perpetual smirk, lowered his voice. “What’s the plan here, buddy?”


Steve and Bucky are neighbors.


My first real attempt at something. I tried to keep this as realistic as possible but let’s be real, I’ve never been backstage of a Broadway show. This is working on the prompt list I reblogged that is on my blog. Please be gentle. 

Pairing: Lin x reader

Rating: PG

Words: 2135 (holy shit)

Prompt: “I’m not pretty, I look like an ugly, dirty rat.”

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Exactly how dangerous is the lap band procedure? I know wls is generally pretty horrible but after a comment by a psychiatrist I'm really worried that any surgeons covered by Medicaid in New York are going to refuse to do my top surgery unless I get it done or lose weight on my own (which is not going to happen).

This is another terrible surgery. The long-term outcome data are very clear and have been replicated multiple times. It is a baffling that it is still being performed.

Between 40% and 60% of people who have the procedure experience major complications, including esophagitis, obstruction due to slippage / pouch dilatation, incisional hernia, and band erosion – the latter occurring when the band erodes the stomach wall, a condition that may never fully heal.

Most people who have the surgery require follow-up surgeries to correct complications, and over 50% of people eventually have to have the band removed due to complications. The other 50% don’t even experience the expected degree of weight loss.

After 10 years, fully 40% of outcomes would be classifies as just “fair,” and another 50% would be classified as a complete “failure,” leading researchers to conclude that this procedure “should no longer be considered as the procedure of choice for obesity.” 

[source] [source][source]

Title: “Fascinating” 

Warnings: Slight spoilers for Fantastic Beasts

Based on this request: Can it be like reader is traveling with Newt (or something) and graves takes a liking to them when reader speaks up about the suitcase honestly the prompt could be whatever as long as it’s Percival not Grindelwald. Love you’re blog. 

A/N: First Percival Graves imagine. I hope it’s what you wanted. I know it’s not super long but I had fun writing it!

Traveling with Newt Scamander had been one adventure after another. He had picked you up as an assistant some time ago and the two of you could not have had more fun. You always had an interest with magical creatures and helping Newt with his book was the perfect opportunity to spend time with them. You’d been all over the world and were finally visiting a city you had only dreamed about. New York! The city that never sleeps was within your reach. Newt had announced that you two were to go there because he needed to acquire a beast from a breeder located only in New York. You must admit that you had your doubts about going there, considering there was a nationwide ban on magical creatures and Newt had a case full of them. However, you weren’t going to let this opportunity pass you by, no matter how brief the trip was.

Of course it wasn’t more than an hour in that the trip went sour. The Niffler got out and caused chaos in a bank, Newt exposed magic to a muggle, and the two of you got caught. Next thing you knew you were being dragged along by an angry woman who was going to turn you in. Just great, all your New York fun was going to spent in a cell at the Magical Congress. Despite this you were still very impressed with the building that MACUSA was housed in. The woman, Tina, dragged the two of you into a room where a number of important people stood conversing.

“Mr. Graves sir, I have something very important to talk to you about,” she said pushing her way into the door.

“Not now Miss Goldstein, we’re talking about some very serious matters,” a man with dark hair and well defined face said to her. You had to admit, he was good looking even though he was probably many years older than you.

“Please sir, it’s about national security,” she pleaded.

“And so is this, you know you’re not supposed to be here, take them downstairs and write a report, then please leave,” Graves said sighing and turning back to the group he’d been talking to. You swore though that he gave you an endearing look before he did. Tina was not happy with the circumstances she had been put into.

“I swear,” she said after she stepped out of the elevator into the filing room. She began her duty of reporting the crimes that you and Newt had committed. You had tried to put in a good word for Newt and yourself, swearing that there was nothing dangerous in the case. Or that you had intended to obliviate the “no-maj” as she called him. Unfortunately nothing you said was going to sway her, she believed that reporting you two was going to get her back into good standings. Before she had even finished with her filing a group of people came into the room lead by none other than Mr. Graves.

“Miss Goldstein I should not have to keep reminding you of your place,” he said with a stern look.

“I know sir, I’m sorry, but these two caused major trouble in front of the no-majs,” she said.

“That may be, but you are not an Auror anymore, now if you you please leave MACUSA right now,” he asked.

“Let me prove something to you, this man, his case, it’s full of magical beasts,” Tina said pointing to the case sitting on the desk.

“Fascinating, and just how many?” Graves asked not believing her.

“We’ve got many,” you said not being able to contain yourself. “I don’t even know if we could count them all. They’re all harmless though, completely safe. If they were a threat we wouldn’t have brought them.”

“Is that so?” Graves said turning to you, now interested. You could feel his eyes boring into you trying to figure just who you were. He hadn’t seen someone this young with so much passion for one thing for a long time. Needless to say you had grabbed his attention.

“Yes it is, I swear on it,” you said proudly. You turned to look at Newt to make sure you had done a good job in explaining his creatures and he gave you a smile.

“Then let’s see them,” Graves said stepping closer to the case. Tina gladly opened it for him and inside were, pastries.

“Oh no,” Newt said realizing what had happened. It took you a little longer to process it but you had the same reaction. Newt and the muggle had the same case and they must have gotten switched.

“Well I can’t say those look like magical beasts,” Graves said shaking his head and closing the case.

“They must have gotten switched, sir I promise I wasn’t lying,” Tina pleaded.

“I’m sure they did, but we cannot hold these two without proper evidence presented by a proper officer,” Graves said. “I’m very sorry to keep you here,” he said more to you than Newt. Was he flirting? You weren’t sure but you didn’t mind. With that Graves and his posse set off leaving Tina, Newt, and you alone again. Needless to say it wasn’t over. Tina needed you two to help her retrieve the case and deal with the muggle and you weren’t giving up on New York so soon.

Several misadventures later you found yourself outside a building late at night looking for the Billywig. You were pretty sure you were lost until you heard a familiar voice.

“Didn’t I let you go?” The voice of Percival Graves called from the steps of the building.

“Um, yes, sorry, I was just looking for a bug,” you said trailing off. Young women looking for bugs were not something men were exactly pining for.

“A bug?” He asked with a small chuckle coming down to meet you.

“Yes, a bug,” you said looking anywhere but at him knowing that you were blushing.

“Would you like some help?” Graves offered. This took you by surprise. Surely the man who was nearly running MACUSA had better things to do than look for bugs with you.

“Oh, I mean, I wouldn’t mind it, but I know you’re busy. I don’t need it, it would be nice though. Only if you’re free,” you said making sure he felt no need to actually help.

“I just got off work so I’m free for the night miss…?” He trailed off inviting you to supply him with your name.

“Anja Schwieterman,” you said politely.

“Well Miss Schwieterman, let go find your missing bug,” he said offering you his arm. You were surprised by how light hearted he seemed compared to when you had met him earlier. You guessed he had to put on a front during work in order to get anything done around there. Especially with people like Tina always mucking about.

The night went well, Graves assisted you in looking for the Billywig (which you did not find) and showing you some his favorite places in New York. You had explained to him that it was your first time there and that you loved the city. It had to come to an end though, he needed to get home and sleep and you needed to return to Newt and his creatures.

“Thank you for the lovely night Mr. Graves,” you said to him as you began parting ways.

“Please, call me Percival, and might I call you Anja?” He asked.

“Of course Mr. Gra- I mean Percival,” you said with a giggle.

“I had a great time tonight Anja and I’m glad I could be the first to show you this city. Maybe I can see you again if you’re ever in New York?” He asked.

“I’d enjoy that very much,” you said.

“Goodnight,” he said taking your hand and gently kissing it.

“Goodnight,” you replied blushing again. The two of you finally parted and you waved to him as he made his way down the street. When he disappeared from view you jumped in excitement. You were going to get to see Percival Graves again and it was going to be just as amazing as this time. You were definitely smitten and you didn’t care.

ok there have been a ton of “DUI stops” in the area but the rumors going around socal is that they are immigration checkpoints. i can barely find any news coverage but according to the new york times police are calling it “fake news” and claim that they are just setting up DUI stops for the superbowl. i live in a rundown primarily latinx neighborhood and the day those rumors started there was a “DUI stop” just down the street.. on thursday. 4 days from the superbowl? starting at like noon ending at around 7 pm? ive lived here for 11 years and theres never been a checkpoint bc this isnt a particularly busy street.. idk you guys

The Ball Drop(Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1794

Summary: The Avengers rally up in Time Square to watch the ball drop, welcoming 2017. Everybody needs a kiss. Even if it’s the reader’s best friend Pietro

A/N: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2016.. damn you were lowkey annoying. But there were SOME good things that happen!! Hopefully 2017 is better. May you all have a great 2017! If you set any Resolutions, I hope that you stay true to them and have a fun-filled year!

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