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writing prompts for the soul

-“i’ve been on this claw machine for 5 minutes straight feeding it dollar after fuckin dollar and i just went to get some change and YOU swoop in and steal my fucking prize in one shitty go and i hope you feel my eyes burning holes in the back of your head” au

-“i’ve been in love with you since we were kids and im unhealthily reliant on music so i absently make mixtapes that remind me of you but i’m also a massive wimp so i just let these labelled tapes collect in a desk drawer next to my computer and when you come over one day i go to get a drink and come back to see you with these tapes scattered in front of you and whoops look at the time it seems like the perfect hour to confess my undying love” au

-“i have literally never laid eyes on you before in my life and i see you and these people and one of them calls you an insulting name and i step in to try and defend you only to discover the rude one is your sibling and you always joke around and do you have time to help me bury myself” au

-“your shitty child is screaming enough on this plane to sound like they’re hacking up a lung and oh my god im so tempted to slam myself through a window but im a naturally intimidating-looking person so i just give the monkey a glare stony enough to startle medusa herself and they start LAUGHING and i dont think ive been equally embarassed and relieved in my life” au

-“before this i have never felt attraction to anything and have always been the reliable stoic shitbag of my friend group but i see you in this outfit that literally says ‘fuck you, gender roles’ and im pretty sure im going into cardiac arrest” au

-“i live in a rlly high apartment in a city and you’re the window cleaner who decides to come wash my windows and you’re literally gorgeous but you seem to be afraid of heights and im starting to think you might need to consider a change of career” au

-“i work in a tech store and there’s tvs that are always on and for whatever reason you always come in to subtly watch one and when i ask a co-worker they say you’ve been doing it for months and i approach and find out that your asshole cat keeps breaking your shit and im sorry for laughing but holy fuck” au

Reincarnation (Mummy AU Jungkook) Pt1

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Type: Angst Fluff

~note: while doing my normal scrolls through Tumblr I saw a person who wanted an Egyptian mummy fanfic with Jungkook and man that’s right up my alley. Also fair warning this is not accurate at all most likely. Sorry ahead of time! Haha~

You came to a stop in a shaded area with your crew of archaeologists and trained explorers “how does a Korean boy even end up in Egypt 5000 years ago?” you asked wiping your sweaty forehead “luck” Yoongi comments as he leans beside you “he probably was a child of an explorer who died while here, who knows honestly. Life was different, he could have been born here even. It’s not a short journey by any extent to here by boat” Hoseok told you. “Who would have traveled to this random area and stumbled on a tomb that wasn’t buried away? Namjoon who found this tomb?” you asked the man who had talked you into such a journey. He was mumbling something to himself that you didn’t understand as he was looking around. Namjoon fixed his round spectacles as they bounced a slight gleam on them. “Who knows honestly” he told you as he began walking again “Namjoon stop we need a break” you say as he turns to you “we’re a mile or two away” he says as you sigh. “Lets be human for one moment” Hoseok commented. 


Soon enough you guys were up and moving again as you placed your hat onto your head trying to keep a bit of shadow on you but the sun had been kissing your skin since the moment you got here. The long journey never seemed to have an end fof you guys, it seemed. If it wasn’t for Namjoon’s determination you would haveost likely been curled up in your bed at home instead of the journey of a life time you were going to get to experience shortly. “The men are right up there” Namjoon said pointing ahead as you continued walking you all shared a joyous feeling of it being all over. “He didn’t get a pyramid hm” Hoseok comments “no he wasn’t royalty” Yoongi told him “but here we are seeing him. He’s been found unlike others” you told “what’s his name?” Hoseok asked “well its something like Guk. No one has been able to make it out honestly. It’s written in a forean language yet the could somewhat identify the characteristics of it” Namjoon says leaving you there to talk with the men “you know your way around hanja right?” you spoke to Yoongi and he nodded.


“It’s just a straight forward?” Hoseok asked “that’s what they say” you hum pulling out your flashlight as Yoongi put his headlamp on. You all made made your way down the carved hall as you looked over at the wall “this isn’t hanja” you tell them as they turned “this is actual hieroglyphics. They learned the language” you mumbled “these are definitely pictures” you spoke tempted to touch before you backed up. The place was so simple yet you know there was a lot of work that went in to make this boy’s resting place the way it was.

“It must have been hard to leave their son in a land they knew they would never be able to visit his grave” Hoseok mumbled “I think there’s more honor here. The real question is if he had been properly mummified” Namjoon says taking the deep moment Hoseok was having “if he had. I think Jin would have a melt down” he continues as you smile “so you’ll know his name then from the hieroglyphics?” Hoseok asked “that’s for me. His name is probably written in hanja” Yoongi says.

Your face twisted in confusion as you saw an of glow walking closer to the room “is someone down there?” you asked Namjoon who had a similar look “there’s not supposed to be” he mumbles as Hoseok stopped you guys. “Is that a flare gun?” you asked “its all I got. Still hurt” he told you as he walked ahead. “What light is blue?” you asked curiously. You couldn’t stop yourself and neither could the others as you all made your way closer to the tomb.

“Don’t any of you lis-” “sh” you told him as you walked into the room. “The walls are” Yoongi says as each symbol that covered the walls glowed “it must be the paint” Namjoon spoke trying to make sense of it. “The sarcophagus doesn’t have a lid" he continues “he looks-” “fresh” Hoseok cut Yoongi off. “Why were we called?” Yoongi asked. “I’m not actually-oh” Namjoon stopped “what?” Yoongi asked as Namjoon made him look up. “Wait that’s Y/N” he spoke as you looked up in confusion. “What?“ you spoke in shock “it’s not her” Namjoon spoke “just someone who looks a lot like her” he states.

“Who are you?” you asked the corpse as your hand soon touched the cheek, you couldn’t help it for some reason. He just had a vibe that drew you in. It was mild in temperature, still fleshy and tan in completion yet at the same time he seemed pale. It seemed disgusting in thought, touching a dead body that should have had the consistency of jerky yet was smooth and soft like a baby’s bottom against your fingers. “He’s barely cold” you told yourself before your hand was yanked away “don’t touch. Why would you be stupid like that?” Namjoon lectured “you know the powers of your fingers on things like this?” he asked “not off the top of my head but you’re going to tell me” you say as he glared “the oils on your skin, the fact he’s 5,000 years old” he continued as you rolled your eyes “no way in hell he’s 5,000 years old Namjoon. Look at him” you state. “This can’t be a tomb” you shook your head rapidly “he’s alive or recently dead” you clarify “there’s sand and cobwebs covering him and hasn’t been disturbed. Nothing here looks disturbed honestly. No one has even gotten in. He’s been stored away perfectly like a corpse in a freezer” Yoongi says as he looks around “with out all the frost bite, it’s incredible honestly, its atomic put and yet this room and everything in it seems cool.

“Whatever they did here is truly amazing. The paint seems to have a bioluminescent quality to it. It’s like this room was frozen in time almost” Namjoon spoke as he looked around leaving the group there and heading to the other side of the tomb. He could tell he wasn’t completely right, some things in the room had aged with time. Such as the boy’s clothing, a few of the pots, and the ceiling had began crumbling but other than those nothing seemed to be destroyed or worn down by Father Time.

“So you’re saying this man doesn’t have a lust for our little Egyptologist?” Hoseok joked as you rolled your eyes “what is his name?” you asked as Yoongi looked over the sarcophagus. “Jeongguk” Yoongi spoke as he finally caught sight of the name. The room seemed to light up more by his name “Jeongguk” you whispered just repeating what Yoongi had told you. You had no idea what affect your voice had over the male laying in front you truly had.

The light of the room grew even more than it had to the blinding level you all had to shield your eyes from. The eyes of Jongguk had snapped open though thanks to the melody of your voice and a gasp poured from his lips as he lungs took in air for the first time in thousands of years.

Someday Your Child May Cry

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15. Understanding

They reach a cease-fire of sorts on their return to the office on Monday, though very few words are exchanged about it. Mulder tries to apologize the moment Scully walks in the door in the morning, but she stops him immediately.

“I’m in no way ready to let this go or move on from it, Mulder,” she says, “but the fact remains that we need to work together, and this building isn’t an appropriate place to discuss this.” He nods meekly. “We’ve gotten the X-Files back, but you and I both know that if we can’t do our jobs, for any reason, this office won’t stay ours for very long.”

He’s tempted to push the matter- he’s been practicing his apology all weekend long- but he’s well aware that he’s on extremely thin ice with her right now. He has some idea that on Friday afternoon she had probably come as close to quitting as she ever has before, and it wouldn’t take more than a few wrong words from him to push her out of the door for good.

So he clams up, helps her finish setting their office back to rights, and even takes the very first case that she suggests, even though he’s not really sure that it qualifies as an X-File- or that it’s a good idea, at the moment, given what the case will require from both of them. By Wednesday, they’re on a plane to California, dressed in unfamiliar clothing, with unfamiliar suitcases stuffed with more of the same, on their way to the sort of neighborhood that Mulder would never, in a million years, want to live in.

He can’t stop fiddling with the wedding band on his left hand. The feel of it is at once familiar and foreign, and he keeps running his fingers over it again and again. He thinks that Scully might tell him to knock it off, that he’s drawing unnecessary attention to it, if it weren’t for the fact that she’s been fast asleep for most of the trip. It’s not unusual for her to sleep in the car, and their flight is early, so he’s not surprised she sleeps on the way to the airport… but she almost never manages to nap during flights, so when she spends both legs of the trip to California snoring, he starts to become a little concerned, especially when she dozes on and off the whole time he’s driving them to the Falls at Arcadia. But when his questions are met with the standard “I’m fine, Mulder,” he lets it drop.

The entire time they’re in Arcadia, Mulder can’t stop putting his hands all over her- at least, not when other people are around. They’ve been so distant from each other for weeks, leaving him starved for her touch, and now, he’s been provided with an innocent reason to seek it out. In fact, touching her is almost a requirement, as the residents of Arcadia will almost certainly notice if they don’t look like a normal, happy couple. He senses, however, that Scully doesn’t appreciate his affections at all, a fact that’s hammered home for him when she kicks him out of “their” bed and sends him downstairs to the couch.

He goes without protest. He knows he’s still on thin ice.


The feel of another presence in the bedroom is what wakes Scully on their last night in the mammoth cookie-cutter house. Even though the case has been resolved, the events of the previous evening have left her jumpy, especially since she’s still sleeping in the bedroom where she’d seen the creature attacking Big Mike. She’d cleaned the room up as best as she could, with Mulder’s help, but still, she’d rather not be sleeping here tonight.

She senses more than sees Mulder sitting on the side of her bed, and immediately, she’s annoyed. She’d made it clear to him that he should keep his distance, so what the hell does he think he’s doing, sneaking in here and watching her sleep? She sits up, ready to tell him off, but he speaks before she gets the chance.

“She wanted to have a child and I didn’t,” he says, his voice soft and sad. “That was what ended us. Or one of the reasons, anyway.” He sighs. “We never should have been together in the first place. Not really.” As tempted as Scully still is to send him packing, it’s the most he’s opened up to her about this so far, and she’s hesitant to stop him. She gets the feeling that he finds it easier to talk about this in the dark, so she doesn’t turn on the light on the nightstand.

“Why didn’t you want to have a baby?” she asks.

“A few reasons,” he says. “I was working under Patterson in VCU back then, profiling, spending all of my time trying to get inside the heads of the absolute worst that society had to offer. Part of me didn’t feel right bringing a child into a world where monsters like that existed. And there was my own childhood, of course… the fear that I guess everyone who grew up unloved has, the fear of turning into my own father.” 

Scully can’t help herself. As angry as she is, she needs to touch him. She reaches out and feels for his shoulder in the dark, running her hand comfortingly along his arm. He reaches up and takes her hand in his own.

“Don’t you still have those fears, Mulder?” she asks. “It’s not like you’ve seen anything to make you think that the world is any safer, since your days in violent crimes.”

“No, I haven’t,” he agrees. “But that was only part of my reason. When it came down to it… it was her I didn’t want to have children with, Scully. We rushed into the marriage- my fault, more than anything, because I was lonely and desperate and wanted to believe that someone cared about me- but if we had waited long enough, I wouldn’t have married her.” In the dim light from the bedroom window, she can see him hanging his head. “Eventually I started to get this feeling about her… this sense of coldness, aloofness, selfishness, a sense of detachment. I started noticing that we never actually compromised, that we always ended up doing things her way, but that she always managed to make me think we were compromising.” He sighs. “I started realizing that none of those things were traits I wanted in someone I would be raising a child with. And eventually… I realized I didn’t want to share my life with someone like that, either. We divorced, she went to Europe, and that was the last I saw of her until last June.”

“If you really felt that way about her, Mulder,” Scully says, “why was it so hard for you to believe me? Why were you so insistent on trusting her?”

“Because I wanted so badly to believe that she still cared for me, Scully,” he says. “Almost everyone in my life has died, left me, or betrayed me. Can you understand why I didn’t want to think that Diana was just one more person who had abandoned me?” He squeezes her hand tighter. “I’m so sorry, Scully. I should have listened. You are the one person in my life who has never, ever let me down. You deserve better from me than what I’ve given you.”

It’s that phrase- what he’s given her- that thaws her, because she’s struck, suddenly, with the full realization that he doesn’t know what he’s given her. And she can’t let it stay that way. She moves to sit next to him and takes him in her arms, letting his head fall against her shoulder. She can feel his tears on her neck, feel him relax in relief against her, and she kisses the skin just below his ear before she draws back.

“Mulder,” she says, “I need to tell you something, too.” She takes a deep breath. “I think that this time… it worked.” 

For a moment, he doesn’t understand what she’s saying… but even in the dim light, she can see the moment that the realization dawns, the moment his face is flooded with joy.


“I’m pregnant,” she says, her voice breaking with emotion. “We’ll get the real confirmation at my appointment next week, but….” She smiles tentatively. “I took a test, Mulder, and it was positive. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. I told myself I was just waiting until the doctor confirmed it, but really, I was just so angry that I couldn’t make myself-” He cuts her off, there, by seizing her face in his hands and pressing his lips to hers. He kisses her fiercely, passionately, and she can feel his need for her thrumming in every inch of her body.

“Scully,” he says hoarsely, when they finally break apart. “Oh my god. Scully.” He kisses her again… and then laughs ruefully.

“What?” she asks.

“I just realized,” he chuckles. “This is just like before… just like at Christmas. We can’t- I mean, not that I was assuming that we would, but if we wanted to, we can’t… not until after your appointment, right?”

“No, we can’t,” she says, smiling. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay here with me tonight, does it?” He grins.

“No, it doesn’t,” he says. Still smiling, Scully tucks herself back under the covers, holding them open in invitation. Mulder climbs in next to her, taking her in his arms and holding her tenderly against his bare chest. She inhales deeply, filling herself with his scent, luxuriating in it.

She’s asleep within minutes.

Day One: Intimacy

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Two years ago, the position you find yourself in would have been not only strange but also unwelcome.

Two years ago, Kara was just Cat’s assistant.

Two years ago, your work with the DEO was still a secret.

Two years ago, Thursday nights were sisters’ nights.

Two years ago, when you weren’t required to stay and help coordinate or participate in a mission, you would drag yourself home around midnight, with the sole intention of having a hard drink and pass out.

Two years ago, your TV set was mostly for decoration… any TV you watched would be watched at Kara’s.

Two years ago, your fridge would have sat unplugged. What’s the point of having the monstrosity connected when you never had any food to store in it?

Two years ago, laundry would have been done once every blue moon. Yeah, your bed is the best place in the apartment, but you never crawled under the covers, you never really slept on it when you often passed out on the couch, drink in hand.

Two years ago, Kara’s invitations to game nights would be met with a polite yet firm ‘no, thank you’.

Two years ago, you didn’t want to hang around people that knew nothing about you but presumed they knew of you, like if having Kara for a sister suddenly made them all aware of your likes and dislikes.

Two years ago, Kara was the only relationship you cared about outside of work… before she too became part of your work.

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Things You Should Know About Being Lithsexual

1. It’s the sexual or romantic desire for a relationship that fades when it is reciprocated. The sexuality of “Why haven’t you gotten a boyfriend yet?” and “Do you really just enjoy playing with people’s feelings?” and “Is that even real thing?“
2. I have heard these questions a million times, and most of the time they are asked by me
3. These questions come late at night, creeping in my mind and refusing to get out, making everything look darker, making the walls look like they’re caving in on me and the closet seem like it has monsters hiding inside, but I am the monster.
4. When I love, I love deeply. When I was 5 years old I fell in love for the first time. The crush lasted until I was 13. Now maybe I realize that if I had actually told him how I felt I would have gotten over him sooner.
5. I have seen every single romantic comedy, romantic drama, and romantic sic-fi movie on netflix. I watch them friday nights, when all of my friends are out on dates and I am alone.
6. I have always wanted a love like in those movies. But now I see that its only because I know that I’ll never have it. Because once you have it, you can lose it.
7. I broke up with my first girlfriend after 4 weeks. I had simply just lost feelings for her. I used to grin like an idiot when she texted me, but suddenly I just didn’t want to respond. I used to love when she hugged me, but then it felt clingy and unnatural. I used to get butterflies in my lungs when she held me, but then I just flat out could not breathe. She was one of my best friends, and I still loved her. Just not that way, anymore.
8. The second I ended the relationship, I started liking this boy. I had found out from a friend of his that he liked me and this other girl. At first, I cried because I could never compare to her. But then I cried because I hoped he picked her, because she wouldn’t ruin everything like I knew I would.
9.It hits me that I will never get married. I don’t think I can stay in love long enough to convince someone that I am worthy of devoting their life to. I see couples holding hands and laughing and I am tempted to try again, see if maybe it is because I haven’t found the right person, maybe those weren’t supposed to work out. No. I remind myself that I should have been in love with the people who came before. They did everything right. Maybe I can only fall in love with ideas.
10. I still tape “Say Yes to the Dress”
11. Im too afraid to go to pride. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to be proud that I have ruined people and destroyed friendships and broken hearts that used to be so full. I don’t understand how it is classified as a sexuality when it feels like a disorder. Like a person comes in and turns a light in my heart on but then my sexuality comes and flips it off with no warning or reason.
12. How am I supposed to live like this?
Why is it that I am unable to love people like they love me?
13. What am I supposed to tell family members who ask me why I’m not dating, or why I haven’t gotten married yet? How am I supposed to tell my grandparents who have been asking and asking for grandkids? How can I look the people who ask me out in the eye when they get angry at me for leading them on, for flirting but never following through?
14. What am I supposed to do when I am all alone?
15. I think the key to dealing with all this, every bad thought that comes with this sexuality is to remember that its who you are. 16.That its the sexuality of always being there for late nights with friends, for loving yourself and your life, the sexuality of midnight cookie dough and not wearing pants all day, the sexuality of traveling alone and loving the simplest things in life
17. I know I’m never going to be a role model, a poster child for akoisexuals, but maybe this is at least something to raise awareness. We are here. We are valid. We are learning to love ourselves, learning to be proud of who we are.
18. And that’s all anyone can do.

A poem written and submitted by @emilygracecatherine

Vomit and Burns (Host Club AU Jonghyun) Pt6

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Type: Angst Fluff

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

You grabbed your bag “kiss him today” Jinhee teased “shut up” you shot at him. “How clueless are you?” he continued as you two made your way out of the home “I don’t assume a man wants to kiss me” you tell him. “Think about it you could marry a super rich man-” your hand shoved his face walking away from him. As you headed down the stairs you were gonna head towards the bus stop your arm was grabbed “did you already forget about me?” Jonghyun teased as you stuttered “what’s wrong?” he asked as you shook your head “come on you said I could give you a ride” he says as he opened the car door. “Y/N!” Jinhee calls as you turn to see your little brother making a kissy face before he winked. You quickly slammed the door shut but remember Jonghyun had to get in on the other side. You slammed your head into the cushion of the seat before the other door opened. 

“What was that about?” he asked as he let out a laugh “my family is convinced that you wanted to kiss me” you tell him “it’s ridiculous right?” you asked him as his cheeks seemed to warm up. “What?” you asked “what if I did?” he asked “hm?” you respond. “I mean I don’t now but I did. You know heat of the moment and what not” he rambled. “It wouldn’t have been good” you say playing with your skirt as he raised a brow. “I’ve never kissed anyone before” you tell him. “That doesn’t mean you’re a bad kisser” he told. “I didn’t say I would be a bad kisser. I just don’t think it would have been special like that” you tell him. “Do you think I’m a bad kisser?” he asked “I don’t want to believe so” you say as you smiled. “Why’s that?” he asked leaning on his hand. “Your lips are the first thing I see” you tell him embarrassed as he smiled.

“I didn’t know my lips were so tempting to you” he teased as you shook your head “no you just have noticeable lips!” you nearly yell as he chuckled. “Hey Y/N” he says as you looked at him. He leaned over and pressed a kiss onto your lips. He pulled away as he gave you a smile “now I hope they aren’t so tempting” he whispered as he pulled away and leaned back in his seat proudly. 


“You kissed her?” Kibum spoke softly “dude it was so smooth” Jonghyun says proudly “I do feel kinda bad I took her first kiss” he mumbled then as Jinki flicked him. “You have no respect for women” he continued as Jonghyun looked confused “you shouldn’t kiss a girl if you won’t even admit you like” Jinki continued to lecture. “I bet she liked it so what’s the big deal?” Jonghyun asked “it was wrong”  “you’re a host and you should respect a woman” Kibum says as Jonghyun sighs. “What am I supposed to apologize?” he asked “admit you like her instead” Kibum told “I don’t like her-” “then why kiss her?” Jinki asked “I wanted to” Jonghyun says.

“I’ve never even liked a girl before” Jonghyun spoke"you have but you’re too blind to see how you act around her. You went from a childish pervert to boyfriend-like to creepy man" Jinki told him as the bell rang for class. “I don’t like Y/N” Jonghyun says “but you really do” Kibum cooed before giving his friend a wink and looking ahead. Jonghyun crossed his arms and pouted leaning back into his chair before a light smile crossed his lips. Maybe he cared a little, maybe he cared a lot. He didn’t know what he thought honestly but thinking about you made him smile now when only two days ago you were ready to kill one another. He sighed as he leaned forward resting on his hands.


Around lunch time you hid as best as you could. You were embarrassed, Jonghyun’s boldness was destroying you on the inside. You ate slowly as you were just thinking about it. Jonghyun’s lips were so soft and welcoming but you couldn’t believe he would just kiss you. “Y/N?” you heard as Kibum’s voice “you’re really hiding in the performance room?” he asked. “Listen I heard what Jonghyun did and all I can think is how much he must like you. He just doesn’t kiss anyone” he spoke as he sat down beside you.

You offered him the other half of your sandwich which he took. “What do you think of Jonghyun?” he asked “he’s a piece of work” you say before you smile. “But yesterday made me feel like he and I could get along someday” you continue as he chuckles. “I could never be with him though. We’re from two different worlds” you say picking at your sandwich. “Jonghyun’s not someone who listens to the rules” Kibum told you.


“Y/N!” Jonghyun called as you freeze his hand soon grabbed your arm. He smiled as he turned you to face him “why did you kiss me?” you responded right away “what?” he asked nervously “why” you asked again. “I don’t know” he says shrugging.“I thought it was smooth” he then says.“Stop acting like this. I’m not one of your girls” you tell him. “You’re playing with me like you do with the girls at the club” he seemed confused by your words.

“I know you’re not. I just don’t kiss girls for no reason” he says “but you can’t like me and you shouldn’t” you tell him. “Why couldn’t I like you?” he asked “because I was someone who puked on you, I kicked you, I-I live a completely different life than yours” “shut up” he says “maybe I like you because you’re not like every other girl I’ve grown up with" he spoke softly. “I’m not even sure if I actually like you” he told you honestly. “But it feels right being around you” Jonghyun whispered as he cupped your face. He pulled you in giving you a rather passionate kiss, you weren’t sure how to react but your mouth seemed to know what to do. A click filled your ears as Jonghyun pulled back “omg” a female voice spoke. “Yumi let’s think about this” Jonghyun says. “The help really?” she asked him as Jonghyun glanced over at you. You stepped forwards to the girl and grabbed her phone. “What are you doing?” she yelled as you quickly hit the little trashcan deleting the picture. “Respect my privacy and I wouldn’t have to invade yours” you tell her. You smiled passing her the phone back. She stomped her foot as Jonghyun stared at you in shock.

As she left Jonghyun pulled on your arm “that is the greatest thing I’ve seen you do” he says as he wraps his arm around your neck. “You are fabulous you know” he compliments as you two began walking off. “You aren’t embarrassed to be seen with me like this but lips” “ah sh. I thought it was private area” he says pinching your cheek. “How about you come see my home” he says as he got a message from his driver saying he was here.

Not What It Used To Be

Title: Not What It Used To Be

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Dean is Reader’s ex-boyfriend and when they meet again after two years, Reader is different, she’s a werewolf, but Dean and Sam don’t know.

Word count: 2 552

Warnings: Smut, a bit of rough sex, some talk about suicide

You were inside a bar and sat up at the bar and in front of you; you had four empty tequila glasses. You couldn’t get drunk, not since you were bitten by a werewolf two years ago, but it didn’t stop you from trying.

“Two more Tequila’s.” you said to the bartender. He nodded and poured two to you and then he put them on the bar in front of you. You swallowed them down quickly but didn’t feel anything. “Well this sucks.” you said quietly to yourself. You decided that it was time to go, but just when you had turned around and was about to get up from the chair Sam and Dean entered the bar. You quickly turned around and listened with your super hearing.

“Let’s take a booth.” Dean said. It was two years since you left your boyfriend Dean that you still loved. You left them without saying anything; you couldn’t say you were a werewolf, so you just left.

“I’ll order.” Sam said, and shortly he arrived at the bar. You turned the other way and pulled the hood over your head so that he wouldn’t see you. “Hey.” He said to the bartender. “Two beers.” When he got the beers, he went back to the booth where Dean waited.

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I can't help but think of InvertedAxe, or Inverted Fate as AxeTale. I have a variety of headcanons for it, but I'm curious as to how much you've thought about it, if at all. Also, any tips on making Frans not creepy? You guys do it very well for reasons I can't quite place, but most other people make it somewhat creepy or cringe.

I am actually not familiar with the AU. I went and looked at it, and it seems like just another of those swapped universes? I don’t think much of those, sorry, beyond Underswap and Swapfell. Again, though, feel free to headcanon away! We welcome all of your guys’ ideas, thoughts, and imaginings for the Axe multiverse.

As for Frans… it is a delicate subject, to be frank. Many consider it to be unsavory, for the fact that some people insist on drawing or writing Frisk as a child while shipping them with Sans. I myself have never done so; I have made sure to emphasize the fact that not only have they only been together while both were adults, but their interactions before weren’t inappropriate. He wasn’t waiting for her to be old enough. She didn’t try to tempt him. They were friends that became more over time.

I’ve also been very careful to never make their relationship one focused simply on the sexual aspect. It’s part of their relationship, but even more of their relationship is other things, like handling personal problems and having lunch together and talking. Choosing paint colors. Walking in the snow. Star gazing. It’s the small things, saying nothing of the respect they have for each other and truly loving one another. Trust and an old, old friendship and real, intense feelings for each other. They have their struggles and their fights just like everyone else. Being an interspecies couple is the only thing that makes them different than Mr. and Mrs. Johnson down on the corner, as far as I’m concerned.

Royal Affairs
Mature, Chaptered, Jercico, Royalty AU
By Organization for Transformative Works

The light wakes Nico before the knocks on his door. It is November, and although temperature rarely ever falls below zero in the south, the air in the room is crisp enough to make Nico’s cheeks sting. Reluctantly, he pushes the thick covers aside to climb out of his bed, quietly wishing to have just one day where nothing was expected from him. Nico stands slowly, straightening his shoulders and pulling over a large fur-coat that he keeps next to the bed for mornings as cool as this.

The fire on the far side of the room is already burning, which means his servant, William, has already been here while Nico slept. It makes Nico smile, if only a little, to think that Will has let him sleep in again, especially on a day like this. His father can’t be pleased about it, probably will try to have a word later, but Nico knows that at the end of the day, the old man really doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t affect his duties.

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Military Brat - Part 2

Pairing- Bucky x Reader

Words- 1.4k

Warnings- Fluff. Just straight up fluff.

Originally posted by enochianess

Thank you guys for all of the support! I am so happy you guys love the series! There is so much more to come!

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Epilogue 

Your mom led the boys and you upstairs to drop off your things. Bucky insisted on carrying your bags, dropping them off when you reached your old bedroom. You ruffled his hair and he smiled at you, then proceeded to show the guys where they would staying.Your house wasn’t that big so they would all have to share the extra bedroom that your mom filled with extra air mattresses. They took turns fighting over who would get the actual bed as you turned to head downstairs.

When you reached the bottom you found your sister-in-law with your niece and nephew draped on her, but as soon as they saw you they came running.

“AUNT (Y/N)!!!” they yelled as they crashed into your legs hugging them with as much strength as they could muster.

“Oh my goodness! Look how big you have gotten! Jacob, you must have grown at least 5 inches since the last time I saw you!” They looked up at you and smiled, proud having had grown. But before you knew it they were gone.

You looked behind you to find your nephew climbing over Steve and Sam, while Bucky was kneeled down looking at your niece. She looked up at him with curious eyes and softly put her hand on his cheek. He froze for a minute, looked up to you and back to the child and smiled.

“What is your name Printessa?” he asked softly.

“My name is Lily.” the little girl answered with a giggle, scrunching her nose at the question.

“Well that is a beautiful name Lily, my name is Bucky. It is very nice to meet you.” taking her tiny hand and shaking it softly. She let out another squeal. You have never seen Buck so gentle with anyone besides you before, it made your heart melt.

Your sister-in-law elbowed you and cleared her throat which broke your stare.

“You going to say hello to me or stare at Mr. Tempting over there?” she laughed as you blinked your way back into reality.

“I missed you too Jessica.” pulling her into a hug.

Jessica married your brother fresh out of basic. They were high school sweethearts and your entire family loved her. She had been close to you for as long as you could remember, always considering her family. You loved her dearly, as she was the closest thing you had left to Derek.

“So do you always travel now with a large group of tall handsome men?” you laughed nervously in response when she winked at you.

Jess was notorious for trying to set you up with every man that she saw. She even attempted to set you up with all of the groomsmen at her own wedding, she was determined to find you a man no matter the cost. You always went along with it, just because it made her happy. Which didn’t happen much anymore.

“No Jess these are my teammates, they all insisted on coming.” Motioning over to the guys, they came over with children attached to them. Jacob was now basically a spider monkey hanging off of Steve’s arm which made Sam crack up holding his sides while laughing at the two of them and Lily was swiftly scooped up by Bucky who was whispering something to her which made her giggle.

“Guys, this is my sister-in-law Jessica and these obviously are her children Jacob and Lily but I see that you have already met them.” You laughed at the sight watching your friends holding your niece and nephew.

Steve and Sam quickly introduced themselves and they were quickly pulled away by an eager 6-year-old towards the back yard. Bucky soon followed behind them with Lily still wrapped up in his arms.

“I like them.” your mom mentioned as she walked into the living room carrying lemonade.

“Me too.” Jess snickered as you rolled your eyes.

You stood in the kitchen helping your mom prepare for dinner, chopping up vegetables to put in your mom’s world famous pasta salad. Slowly you were passing green pepper down the eager dog at your side who nudged you with his nose every so often reminding you that he was still there. You smiled to yourself and patted Cooper on the head. You lifted your hands showing him that you had finished cutting the last of the peppers and that there was nothing left for him, and he went back to laying in a sunspot near the edge of the kitchen.  

Moving to the sink to wash off some tomatoes you looked out the window above into the backyard. Outside you saw Jacob and Steve running circles around Sam who was sitting on the ground tied up with a jump rope. You could easily tell Sam was unimpressed, but was being  good sport about playing the “bad guy” when Jacob insisted on playing “Avengers”. Jacob ran around the biggest smile on his face, while Steve was holding up Jacob’s plastic toy shield and pretending to use it like he would his own.

You then turned your attention elsewhere in the yard, just to the right you saw your 3-year-old niece sitting under a tree having a tea party with Bucky. He was sitting in-between one of her dolls and a teddy bear with a wide grin on his face as Lily began pouring “tea” which in fact was actually just water.

“Thank you very much Printessa, this tea is marvelous.” he took a sip from his cup and Lily after finishing pouring the “tea” ran back to him throwing her arms around his neck.

You were so busy watching the two of them interact you barely noticed how hot the water was getting before you knew it the water was scalding making you drop the tomatoes in your hands into the sink and jerk them back quickly as possible.

“SHIT!” you fumbled trying to turn the cool water on to keep the stinging in your hands at bay.

You didn’t even notice you mom coming up behind you. “He’s really good with her.”

“What?” you asked drying off your hands, picking up the tomatoes again to moving back to the chopping station you had set up.

“Bucky, he’s so sweet with Lily, it is quite adorable.”

Your face turned a nice shade of pink when you realized that she was watching you stare out the window at them. She chuckled, “I see the way you look at him (Y/N). I know your dad wants you to be with Steve, and that is why he wanted you to bring him. Honestly, so far I am totally team Bucky.”

“MOM!!!! There are no teams, he is my teammate. They both are, we are all  just friends and that is it.” in the moment to turned about as red as the tomatoes in your hands.

“I’m not so sure about that.” She grinned and walked away.

Before you knew it you turned around and ran straight into Bucky’s broad chest.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Buck! Are you okay?!?” you scrambled trying to pick up the freshly washed tomatoes that just fell onto the ground. Kind upset that you were going to have to re-wash them.

“I’m fine (Y/N), are YOU okay?” he helped you steady yourself putting his arms on your shoulders to make sure you wouldn’t topple over again.

You let out a breath and looked up at him, “I’m good. Did you need anything?”

He grinned, “Actually, I came inside because Lily and I thought we needed cookies to go with our tea. Could you help us out with that?” you could feel the corners of your mouth begin to form a smile as you looked up at him. He seemed to be really enjoying himself here.

He finally let go of your shoulders as you turned to the kitchen, you looked in the pantry and found a package of Keebler Fudge Stripped cookies and half a package of Oreos. You ripped into both and grabbed a plate from the cupboard and arranged an assortment of cookies before handing the plate over to Bucky.

“Thank you (Y/N).” He took the cookies and kissed your forehead before walking out the door returning to his spot under the tree.

You watched as he left, not noticing Jessica behind you.

“You really have it bad for him don’t you.” a smirk resting on her face.

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Okay, Supergirl writers, listen here: I know the CW isn’t big on following the romance plots from the comics. That’s cool in some cases, series-ruining in others, but the point is this: I get that it’s tempting to just say “it’s a different medium, we can do what we want with it”. And that’s okay, so long as you have the guts to fucking do something with it

If you’re intent on pairing Kara with a social awkward alien Legionnaire, then I’m totally cool with that, pair her with Brainiac V. But if you don’t want to go that route, which is totally cool, then get your heads out of your asses and realize that this is an opportunity to tell a story that’s never really been done before: A romance between member of the Super clan and a heroic Luthor. 

Seriously, how can you not see how cool a plot point this could be? And the actors have perfect chemistry! You’ve basically been handed an awesome storytelling opportunity, use it.

*Small Update on Ash*

Today I finally noticed how we human beings take life for granted. We forget that we may leave our homes following our daily routines and come back safely but there is also the possibility that we may not. As easily as life is given to us, it can be taken away.
One of my ultimate heroes once said: “When Life Flashes Before Your Eyes, Makes Sure It’s Worth Watching.” Today, I saw my life flash before my eyes and for the first time in my entire life; I was frightened of death.
I am what many call a ‘nerd’. I study until unholy hours, I don’t like parties, I have not been tempted to have sex with strangers or non-strangers and I do not drink. Even when I have gotten beaten up, I have forgiven my aggressors and treat them with my usual smile. I cannot say I have been 100% good but I have not been bad.
I have never believed that I have made a difference in anyone’s life. I usually think I’m just a passerby that provides with smiles at the time of need and then I am forgotten like a flower that bloomed once in a garden but was ignored for the new ones that continued to bloom.
Today, I can add to my life experiences something that will forever haunt me during my lifetime.
I am a surviver of a drunk driver accident.
Today, I followed my usual routine to go to my class; something completely normal. I fed the dogs, I switched my books for the ones I would use today; I picked out clothes, brushed my hair and set my glasses in their rightful place. I grabbed my keys, set the house alarm and rushed to my car. I called my aunt and told her to keep me company as I drove but she was busy, so I set music.
Completely normal.
I leave my neighbourhood and set onwards to University. Not even 4 minutes since I left my home, a drunk driver invades my lane and collides, head-on, against my car. I saw the man switching lanes, going in zig-zags. My driver reflexes tell me to slow down and throw myself towards the farthest part of my lane; but not even that saves me from what was coming.
I saw everyone who I wanted to say that I adore them flash before my eyes as my car spun and re-crashes against a tree and the airbag exploded on my face. I shut my eyes and prayed that my glasses had not taken away my eye sight. At first, I think that maybe it wasn’t that bad, but the moment when I try to get out, I am trapped; I knew it was bad.
At least a hundred people stopped and asked whether the driver of the bright, red Nissan had passed away and a thousand pairs of eyes widen in shock as the girl in the oversized hoodie raised her shaky hand and responded: ‘I’m here’.
I was not meant to survive the accident. I was supposed to be bloodied and with a paralyzed heartbeat; or so everyone said. I left the scene with bruises and slight internal injuries. Nothing too serious. The interior of my car was intact while the exterior was completely destroyed.
Paramedics, police officers, the man that collided against me, everyone was in complete, utter shock. Everyone patted me on my shoulder because I was a shaky mess but I was standing and pacing around, desperately calling my dad. It was the worst experience of my life. My very first car, the same one I treated with such care, avoiding tickets and accidents, was destroyed minutes after I left my safe haven.
I don’t want pity, nor I want people to praise me. I want everyone to keep in mind that accidents can and will happen. You may be a survivor or you may be confined to a gorgeously decorated coffin until you decay.
Please, before you go anywhere or before you go to bed, tell all the people you care about how much you love them. Tell them how much they mean to you. You never know if those will be the last words you tell them.
Please stay safe and don’t worry, not even this will stop me from keeping up with the blog.

Additionally, I have to thank all you lovely family members that have been following us! Woah! 10k this is outrageous! I can’t believe it! I think it’s time we give you guys a fandom name because we have a freaking army here!(Se what I did there heheh~) let’s see what we come up with!

Also! I am working on personal works aside from the ones on the blog. To keep it as professional as possible, I will not be posting them here. I will be posting them on my personal masterlist. It would be amazing if you guys followed out personal blogs for personal updates and other stuff aside from here. Sky’s blog is @whymeth and my personal blog is @satansoodeliveries or @healing-unicorn-nugget. Fan fiction updates will be on this masterlist satansoodeliveries.tumblr.com/masterlist

I’ll be posting chapter one of (draft title) You’re My Mystery very soon! Keep an eye out for that!


Sony VS Modest

I’ve seen some posts saying the winter girlfriends question was planted by 1DHQ to make fun of Harry’s past PR girlfriends to ease people into the idea that they were fake (which I totally agree). But then, I thought, why ridicule Harry’s relationships while pushing Louis’ one (with the mention of the dog)? 

I don’t believe Louis has a dog at all, I think Bruce is Eleanor’s dog, and they are trying to make us believe it’s theirs.

THEN I realized that they mention the winter girlfriend in the Scott Mills interview and in the Hits Radio interview.

And that the dog is mentioned in the Yahoo interview.

In the Scott Mills interview, they talk about winter girlfriends but they also talk about iCloud leaks (around 12:36). Louis says “You know what, I have never used iCloud I have been tempted but since this, no never’‘ 

In the Yahoo interview, Louis says he only has iCloud for his calendars, and after being asked what is on them he mentions ’'haircut for the dog”. (Liam actually mentions a dog haircut right before Louis)

Wait, what? I thought you didn’t have iCloud at all Louis?

I always thought his answer was set-up (because Louis doesn’t have a dog), but like I said, this was contradicting with the whole winter girlfriends theory. 

I noticed the Yahoo interview was entirely focused on the book (Modest), and the radio interviews were about the music/album (Sony).

In short, Modest and Sony have two different agendas. I’m curious to see where this is going.

Primavera: Pt 1  “The Soap is People “  (Abigail and Will)

After a glitzy and sumptuous opening last week, this week Hannibal decided to just rip out everyone’s heart and stamp all over it. It isn’t enough that Hannibal has a broken heart, the audience needs that wound re-opened too (although, hopefully, without an antler busting our stitches.) The first few minutes of Primavera is dedicated to reviewing the painful last few minutes of Mizumono—at least as far as Will, Hannibal and Abigail are concerned. (Alana and Jack are alluded to briefly by the shot of falling rain and the blood seeping from under the pantry door, respectively). Spoiler alert: everything happens the same wayagain no matter how much you yell at the TV.

After that painful review, cut to the hospital, where Will is recuperating and—surprise– Abigail is fine and dandy! Okay, maybe she’s a little bitter about Will ruining everything and breaking up the murder family, but now Will has a travel buddy for his inevitable Hannibal-tracking expedition.


She isn’t really okay. Not in this life. I’m going to go out on a limb and say since we later see, in detail, Abigail being embalmed that she really is dead, although she might pop up again in imaginations and memory palaces.*

There was something Tyler Durden-esque about Abigail from the beginning, and not just how no one (except Will and a lone priest) could see her or had interactions with her. (When Pazzi mentioned Will was seen at the church, but didn’t say “oh and that girl who was with you and hey she’s standing right by that pillar” I got a bad feeling.)  Abigail was confident in a way that we have never seen before, maybe too confident for someone who spent months being brainwashed. Abigail’s life had been nothing but trauma. It’s tempting to say it was the befouling appearance of Hannibal and Will in her life, but her father had been using her as bait and feeding her human flesh well before that. Just because she didn’t know it at the time, doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave its scars on her.

In retrospect, knowing Abigail is dead, we can view her role in Primavera as a voice inside of Will’s head. She’s not working through her own issues because death has relieved her of them. She is working out Will’s issues.

Here’s a parallel between Antipasto and Primavera: Hannibal had his ghost conscience and Will has his. Abigail, like Gideon, is the voice of uncomfortable truths and hard questions, although the Abigail/Will interaction is more conversational and less accusatory. (When Will, talking about God, starts sounding like he’s talking about Hannibal, Abigail calls him on it.) That might be a function of their state of being: Abel was alive at the time and appears as memory, while Abigail is alive only in Will’s mind. Anything she says comes from Will’s imagination, which, although vast, is still originating in his head and cannot be considered wholly objective.

There are big questions about Will’s loyalty still. If Abigail is just another part of Will, then he is asking himself “ after all that happened, would you still go to him?” and the answer is yes.  It’s yes in the hospital bed and it’s yes eight months later.

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Hey, remember how I said that Geek and Misandry was promoting violence against Trump and his supporters?


Of course, none of Trump’s followers, as far as I know, have killed people, while they have been assaulted by angry mobs repeatedly.

I think the best part is that she’s apparently never heard the term “life and limb” before. Followed by the part where she blocked me. And is currently circlestroking with her shedloads of nitwit followers, secure in the knowledge that I can’t respond.

Once again, an SJW says they want to change the world, but can’t take mild criticism. Which means that they’d fold like a newspaper if they tried their crap IRL. I just imagine her huddling in a corner with a blankie over her head, sucking her thumb.

I’m tempted to block her just for the irony when she tries to reply to this post. Or I could screencap the salt and get more Internet points.

Decisions, decisions.

Bring Me Home

read on ff.net

Prompt: I’ve always wondered what it would be like if Emma met Killian instead of Neal- he doesn’t abandon her either?

They’re on a mission for Queen Regina to Neverland. He’s sceptical about this plant meant to cure any ailment; Regina has magic, so why does she need this plant? But he’s just a Lieutenant in her Navy, and it’s not his place to question his orders.

He knows his brother has a similar wariness as he holds, but Killian doesn’t bring it up. Liam is beyond loyal; trying to make a name for himself after their traitor of a father abandoned them and left them for death.

He can’t help but wonder if the mysterious plant is in some way a weapon to defeat the Queen’s step-daughter. Some say that Snow White is the rightful heir to the throne. She and her husband had already claimed King George’s kingdom after his passing.

There were rumours that the Queen was looking into creating a Dark Curse; one which would rip all of them from their homes and send them to a fate worse than death. It was a curse ensuring that no one would ever have a happy ending.

She had all but hinted at it at Queen Snow’s wedding after all. And now that the Queen was expecting, it was only really a matter of time before something happened.

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