i have never been sexually attracted to a picture before

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I've been really thinking about this lately. I'm only deeply sexually attracted to female lions, not on any other animals besides humans. I've never ever felt like this before, first of all this all started from a movie called "The Lion King". I saw Nala very good-looking. I used to masturbate her often but now I do it to real lionesses too! Ie. I got very turned on from this. I have my phone full of pictures of lionesses doing different poses etc. and I get a hard boner by just looking at them.

Pan-Tastic 👄💋💗💕👍

I just want to say to anyone struggling to come out of the closet:

About 3 months ago, when I had finally figured out who I was, I had a crush on this girl, who was my good friend.

I was afraid she was straight, because she was kind-of-dating a guy at the time, and I had never heard her say anything about an attraction to women before. It caused me to be distracted and depressed.

However, when I can out to a different friend by telling her who my crush was, she suggested to me checking her Google + page.

Smack dab in the middle of the page was a picture with the words “reblog if you are part of the holy trinity of unrecognized sexualities: asexual, bisexual, pansexual.”

Underneath the picture she had written the words I had been so hoping would be written there; “yup! Pansexual.”

Seeing this post and having the support from my friend gave me the courage to come out to my crush. And in doing so, it saved me.

If it hadn’t been for that friend, I would never have had my amazing girlfriend. 💕

So, if you’re afraid to come out to your crush or your friends, I understand. It can be scary! But sometimes, you just need that one friend, or that one post. And if you do decide to create a post like the one my girlfriend made, know that it could save someone. 💋💕💗