i have neat friends

“Look, look, Aoko thinks this one turned out pretty cool!”

  “You drenched both me and the camera, Ahoko, I don’t see anything
   cool about that!” 

“Well, at least one of those things was waterproof, Kaito. Besides, if you’re just gonna complain about it, maybe Aoko should ask Hakuba-kun to take the next one?” 

      “I’d be happy to help, Aoko-kun.”

  “Hey, I am not letting Hakuba anywhere near my waterproof camera! It’s
   delicate, okay, what if he accidentally sets it on fire or something – ”

[hydrokinetic!Aoko (mop not shown) from flash point, aka my oops-suddenly-an-AU ‘verse, also featuring a pyrokinetic detective, plus Kaito being even more impossible than usual. (Saguru is not amused by either of these, thank you very much.)]


If Apple was part of @delistylehardcore pirate AU of Johnny 10-Watt, she would have at least five different instruments with her 24/7. She loves music and uses any opportunity to play with her toys to create a tune or two.

I believe Apple is not able to see Johnny in the AU. She can barely see people’s faces when they are next to her, so how could she see a transparent ghost dad captain? Her parrot Cuckoo helps her to detect Johhny since it can see him without issue (Cuckoo is basically eyes of Apple and helps her out by screaming a ton. They are inseparable). Sometimes Apple pretends not to hear him or even know anything of his existence. She either tries to avoid working or play around with children who visits his ship.

Buddy System (Jumin x MC)

A young Jumin finds another child lost in his neighborhood. 

Word Count: 1077

I haven’t got much else to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a spectacular day! Thank you!


Jumin stepped outside from his family’s home, his father worriedly wrapping the coat around him once more. “It’s rather chilly Jumin, I don’t want you catching a cold.” 

He was just a child, yet still an odd coldness and distance beginning to grow around him.

He nodded faintly, tilting his head up to face his father.

“Be back before sundown, okay?” 

“Yes, sir.” He buttoned his coat, the wool gnawing at his skin. 

“You promise?”

“I promise.” 

“Okay, be good.” 

His father gave a brief wave before closing the door behind him, Jumin walking about aimlessly. 

There hadn’t been much to do with V off with family and such, but it provided a sense of stability and peace that he often didn’t find at home. 

Yet he’d be lying to say that the loneliness didn’t bother him.

However, that quickly changed as he caught sight of someone just across the street, calling out timidly.

It was you.

Had he known it was you then, he would’ve rushed over as if his life depended on it.

But he merely stared, curious until you eventually shifted your gaze to him.

Your eyes widened to the size of saucers, gasping. “Hi! Can you help me?”

You rushed forward, the bottoms of your boots scraping against the slick street. 

“Hello?” You softened your tone, frowning. “Can you help me?” 

“With what?” He asked, stone-faced.

“I’m…I’m lost.” You fiddled with your fingers, the knuckles paler with the winter air. 

“Where did you last see your mother? Are you from here?” 

“Um…no. My mother and I were just taking a walk here…and we got separated.” You sniffled, scrunching up your nose. “I don’t really know where she went.” 

“And you want me to help you…?” He tipped his head a bit perplexed. 

“Yes, if you’re o-okay with t-that.” You murmured, giving a pleading expression. “I-I’ll leave you alone after that-I’m just…scared.” 

A pang of guilt smacked him at your words, a small sigh slipping from his lips. “No, no it’s fine. I’ll help.” 

He removed his gloves, giving them to you. “Try to stay warm. I don’t really know how long we may be out here searching.” 

“Y-You don’t think m-my mom forgot about m-me did she?” 

“I wouldn’t think so.” He shook his head. “I’m sure it was just an accident.” 

“T-Thank you…” You tried to come up with his name, looking up as you found you never learned it. 

“Jumin. My name is Jumin Han.” 

“I’m MC. Nice to meet you!” You smiled warmly reaching out with your hand to shake his. 

He returned the gesture, furrowing his brow. “So um…where did you last see your mom?”

“Over there.” You pointed at the far end of the neighborhood, the trees twisting about one another to almost form a roof of sorts. 

“Alright, just-stay close.” He said, beginning to trudge forward.

You linked your arm with his, Jumin’s breath hitching as his face suddenly switched to pink.

“Buddy system!” You exclaimed, cracking a small grin. “My teachers say it’s always a good way to not get lost!” 

“Y-Yes I-I guess it is.” He swallowed hard, trying to steady his own rapid heartbeat. 

“Don’t you have a buddy?” 

You began to walk, the ice somehow seeming more slippery than ever. 

“Do you mean a friend?”


“I do have one. His name is V.”

“Where is he?”

“Off with family. Other than that I don’t really have anyone else.” 

“You’ve got me!” You cried, almost bouncing with your next step. “Once a buddy, always a buddy.” 


“We’re friends silly!” 

“We are?” 

“Of course!” You took his hand and gave a small squeeze. 

“Of course…” He repeated the phrase, a small smile tugging at his lips for the first time in what felt like centuries. “I like that.” 

“The saying or the fact that we’re friends?”


You grinned, the two of you continuing to chatter here and there until you approached the end of the street, beginning to yell out.

“Mom!” You yelped. “Mom!” 

“Hello?” He called, raising his voice by the moment. “Hello?”


Nothing was returned, eventually, the two of you sitting down on the sidewalk.

“Did she leave…?” You whimpered, sinking back. 

“No, I’m sure she didn’t.” Jumin attempted to comfort you, wrapping an arm around you. “Maybe she’s just lost too.” 

“Right…right okay.” You looked up to him, wiping at the small tears brimming at your eyes. “Thank you Jumin.” 

“Oh…you’re welcome.” 

“I don’t know why you don’t have too many friends. You’re pretty neat to me.” 

“You think so?” 


He opened his mouth to speak, yet before he could respond another voice bounced outwards excitedly. 

“MC? Honey?” A voice erupted out, an older woman racing outwards, clinging to her coat. “MC?” 

The woman sprinted forward, ducking down and wrapping you in her arms. “Oh, sweetheart I’m so glad you’re okay!” 

You let out a small squeak of excitement, clinging to your mother. 

Your mother leaned back, examining Jumin. “Who’s this?”

“My new friend Jumin! He helped me find you!” 

“Was that your voice I heard with MC?” She asked, raising a brow.

He nodded, unable to come up with any proper response. 

“Thank you Jumin.” She patted his shoulder, smirking. “Be sure to tell your family what a little hero you are.”

“Y-Yes ma’am.” 

He watched as the two of you left, a small sadness growing in his chest at the idea of you leaving yet a warmth bloomed as you turned back.

“Bye buddy!” 

He gave a small wave, a crooked grin tugging up. 


And even as the years passed, he never forgot your bright and gentle words.

And when you happened to accidentally stumble into the RFA messenger, he knew he met again with the same person who he found lost.

Yet this time, you were the one to find him.

And you were what he had always been searching for.

My partner says I look like a Pokémon trainer in my harness vests ♥

me, after rambling on for hours and days about Hanzo Shimada to one of my closest of friends and my passion for Overwatch in general: do you know how much i love Hanzo Shimada?

friend, who has been forced to hear me relate anything and everything to Overwatch, more specifically Hanzo at any given time in the deepest of detail: no. i didn’t.

me, too engulfed in my adoration of Hanzo: a lot. words could not equate to my appreciation and love for his lore. no, character. i want to thank you in advance for allowing me to talk to you about something that means so much to me, especially in confidence. the fact that he exists and continues to makes me so happy. never have i felt so strongly for a character, and so much so that i have various headcanons and collections of art of him. though a lot of the community dislikes him, he’s just attractive as a whole, in both design and personality. out of the entire male cast he is my favourite, and i yearn for more information about him. actually, were you aware that in one of the recent AMAs lead writer Michael Chu stated he wanted to expand more on the Shimada lore and how Hanzo would react to his brother following their fight and

I’m a mess of a human but my friends like me and you know what? That counts for a lot. That counts for a whole lot.

ID #81604

Name: Britney

Age: 17

Country: USA

Hi! My name is Britney and I’m 17 (18 in two months) I think having a penpal would be neat! I don’t make friends very easily so this would be a great way to make some :) I enjoy reading, writing, gardening and cross stitching. I have 3 doggos and 2 kitties and I love them to death. I’m hoping to find someone out of the US to send cute little knick knacks and letters to but if you’re in the US too, I wouldn’t really mind just as long as I’m meeting new people :)

Preferences:  Preferably my age. No one over 25.

… I have been drawing traditionally a lot lately. I’ve seriously missed drawing with (cheap af) gel pens.

for some reason tho i can only draw women now so have some genderbend assclass gakuhou and karasuma (who has not changed at all bc i cant picture her with anything but vegeta hair for the life of me)

anonymous asked:

drabble prompt: cuddles! c;

ooooOOOOOOh i like your thinking anon!

notes: it’s longer than my usual drabbles oops. couldn’t resist. <3 also: forgot a read more oops.

summary: it’s past bedtime, and he’s beyond her wildest dreams.

It’s way past her usual bedtime, but she doesn’t mind in the least. The air is just a little chilly, because it’s December, and snow is in the forecast, starting some time around midnight. This is her favorite time of year. The air is crisp and the night sky is cloudy, and it’s as beautiful as the holiday lights decorating all of Paris. Her cheeks are just a little flushed, and she blames the cold entirely.

Well, almost entirely. The kitty cat beside her does tend to make her go a little red. Only a little, though.

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@stupidsexymustang and I were having Riza and Rebecca feels and so. 


boardwalk empire meme: [3/5] locations
↳schenkel & bro. darners & weavers

We’re honored by your trust, AR. And flattered that you would come below 14th Street to discuss it personally. Aren’t we, Charlie?


I’m so sad that I never got to meet your mother, but you have her eyes.

SRMTHFG 20 Day Challenge - Day 1

  • Why do you love SRMTHFG?

I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said already by others. True, the animation and voice acting at times is off (Chiro often irks me) and some episodes you’re basically just: WTF is going on?

But as others have stated, this show has some great and colorful characters that compliment and play off one another exceptionally well. As for the show’s overall plot - with stories of this nature, simplicity works. The usual work of Super Sentai influenced stories… Power Rangers anyone?

While there are story arcs in this show I wish had been better expressed and more focused upon or taken more seriously, this show is pretty enjoyable. At least for me. It has powerful character dynamics, fun moments, action, thought provoking scenarios, A SKELETON VILLAIN MAN - I LOVE SKELETONS AND DEAD THINGS, freaking skele dudes riding chopper-like skele motorcycles? and some lovely dark themes. Just about as outlandish as Power Rangers or any super hero cartoon, this show accomplishes what a cartoon is supposed to do - it entertains.

I’ve never actually seen the entire show - only one complete season and a few random episodes from others - but I did enjoy this series for the time it ran. Not an incredible must see show but still a lot of fun. Besides, the fandom is really great. The SRMTHFG community was one of the first online communities I became involved in back in 2006 and I have met some neat people through it that have become friends.

Fear the Fall

Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,200
Warnings: Look, the kid is called Alfie and you know exactly why.

Summary: “He always knew Blaine would be the best father in the world. He just didn’t know it was going to be so hard for him.”
6x13 reaction. In which Kurt finds fatherhood surprisingly difficult, but he’ll be just fine. Canon compliant; Klaine.


Kurt loves Alfie.

He loves her. She is the single most precious thing in his life. When he and Blaine had brought her home from the hospital the day after she was born, still a little wrinkled and barely able to open her eyes, he was so emotional that he cried three times before they even made it home. He and Blaine had already baby-proofed the entire apartment and spent weeks picking out the perfect colour scheme for her nursery (mint green with warmer brown undertones was the final choice), and when they lay her down in her crib for the first time, they spend hours watching her sleep without saying a word.

Rachel wants to see Alfie first (and compliments them on the homage to their Broadway roots – they don’t correct her on her assumption, and figure since it’s not the name on the birth certificate then it doesn’t matter anyway), and their other friends are a steady stream after that. Kurt buzzes through the high the entire time. Alfie mostly just wants to sleep while their friends coo and sigh, and Kurt is so proud that he thinks his chest might burst.

But after maybe a month of ecstasy, things start to… change. 

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i see ppl complaining about the lighting, coloring, styling, overall composition, etc. (which nothing against you!! u do u!!! we all have preferences!) of the promo photos and i just want to make a point. these are Real Band* photos.

as opposed to stuff like this…

and they’ve (mostly) been doing consistently better with this concept since midnight memories, so y’know…font choices aside (bc those are indisputably hideous) i think this is a pretty cool development worth noting!! 

*not that boybands aren’t ~real bands~, but u know what i mean. 

How everyone should deal with sexual orientation a lesson by papa wes
  • Dads friend: I'm gay
  • Dad: neat! want some candy?
  • Dads friend: I'm bisexual
  • Dad: neat! want some candy?
  • Dads friend: I'm straight
  • Dad: neat! want some candy?
  • Dads friend: I'm asexual
  • Dad: wait what does that mean
  • Dads friend: I don't want to have the sex
  • Dad: neat! want some candy? It's better than sex anyways. Less eye contact and everything
  • Me: I'm demisexual
  • Dad: wait what does that mean? do you only like demigods?
  • Me: -explains what that is-
  • Dad: neat! want some candy?
  • Grandma: I'm diabetic
  • Dad: ..... uhm
  • Dad: I - uhm