i have nails too


I saw this and thought of you!!

I’ve been waiting for something like this for so long!! Ooooomg I just wanna run my hand through all the pieces!!



BUT ACTUALLY i rly enjoy doing fashion gems so this is a GREAT request!!

am3-26  asked:

friendship ♡

(i can’t believe sam left me this too. i’m,,,, touched.)

really, this ask depends on which friendship you want me to show, so in a sense of showsmanship, i’m giving it all to you:

  • once, in the middle of andrew’s third year, renee took them both to a mani-pedi after sparring.
    • it was jarring for the people who gave them the treatment but, hey, they were getting paid anyway.
    • andrew got all black nails and renee got her team spirit on and got white with orange tips.
  • aaron has a gun. when neil finds out, he offers to teach aaron how to shoot and take care of it, even offers to license it. aaron declines the licensing, but he does take the shooting practice. on a vacant wednesday, they take the bus to columbia, and they don’t walk out of the shooting range until aaron got all eight bullets through the bullseye. obsessed perfectionism, be damned. aaron was not going to walk out of that building without showing neil up a little. 
    • neil is a little proud.
  • neil is really easy to get into new things, mundane things, as soon as the foxes explain it to him properly. I mean, andrew would get him into something with the snap of his fingers, but the rest would have to give a little more convincing.
    • dan had to explain the idea of never have i ever five times before neil joined in willingly
    • amusement parks were matt’s huge explanation of the year. it was fairly easy for him though, because all he had to do was explain what a roller coaster was before neil jumped in.
    • renee once convinced neil into joining her for community service. “we’re feeding some homeless people in the neighborhood.” 
      • andrew got in on that too. the next week, all the foxes were seen on community service.
    • allison had to explain fashion. lord, i don’t think they’ll ever be over with this. neil does end up knowing how to color code his clothes once allison graduates though.

send me ♡ + a word, and i’ll write a headcanon 


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Fluff Week: Red team sleepover!

They’re watching a horror movie (it’s the star wars prequels). Sarge is super excited to have his nails painted red, the color of true soldiers. Yes, Donut has a ‘Sarge 2′ poster in his room.

Did I give Lopez a pillow just so I wouldn’t have to deal with armor? You’re damned right. Sorry this is so sketchy and uncolored, I’m absolutely awful at colors when there’s a bunch of people.

anonymous asked:

Don't the proportions and context of an abusive father in Ishida's latest illustration resemble Torso rather than Amon or Kaneki?

Hey Anons! :)

I agree with you both that the line mentioning an abusive father is rather striking and is what initially made me doubt that Ishida’s new art was about Kaneki… Initially that is, because the character (whose hair is hidden by that black smoke effect for me) has black nails

And since I don’t think this is relating to Takizawa or Uta, the only other character (iirc) who used to have black nails was Shironeki, so Kaneki could be the one on Ishida’s new art. 

As for the “don’t hit me father” part…I’m really not sure and I know people always disagreed, but it’s not because we always knew that Kaneki’s dad died long ago that he can’t somehow have an importance at a later point (I guess). After all, look at what happened with Kaneki’s mom (I know she was mentioned more than his dad ever was though).

Of course, the more :Re goes on, the less it feels that Kaneki’s father will ever be mentioned, especially when Kaneki himself always said he doesn’t have a lot of memories about his dad, except for his books, but then again, Kaneki is of the unreliable narrator type so…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Extending this line of thought, for all we know it’s not about Kaneki’s father but about one of Kaneki’s father figures: namely it could be about Arima, since we know Arima fought against Kaneki/Haise many times.
Then again, I know, he never referred to Arima directly as “dad” but he did call Akira “mom” once, even if the tone of the scene was light back then (but that’s still something he said with a longing look on his face).

Frankly, I can’t be sure but the way the character is prostrated and the black nails definitely make me think of Kaneki… 

…with either a hint that Kaneki’s father might actually become plot relevant at some point (and in that case, if Kaneki actually remembers about him, we have yet another example of the unreliable narrator trope for Kaneki’s character), or with Kaneki simply losing it altogether and not making sense anymore. 

If not Kaneki, then it’s another character with black nails => Takizawa, Uta…? But I don’t think Takizawa’s dad ever was hinted to be abusive and we don’t know enough about Uta to speculate on the subject. 

I hope it answers your questions Anons, sorry that I don’t have so many ideas! Have a nice weekend :))

It’s Getting Hot In Here Series by @swallowedsong 

Summary: Emma’s a boxer and Killian’s a yoga instructor for the class that David (her trainer) makes her take so she can chill between matches. She’s a little tightly wound, you see, and what better way to relax than yoga right?

except, she wasn’t quite expecting her instructor to be so. damn. hot.

Fanfics that deserve to be movies [18/?] [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21]

While I’m waiting for a bunch of bead eyes to arrive (A blind mew is judging me with it’s eyeless face. Sorry mew, I don’t want to nail polish any more beads, you too have to wait.), I decided to make one plush without bead eyes. GF suggested trying some slimes from Slime Rancher as we both like the game very much.

Here is my first try of a Lucky slime. I don’t have grey yarn so it doesn’t have stripes. I used a smaller bulbasaur head as the slime body, and made the ears with mew pattern. The shape is not the best but I think it’s nice for a first slightly improvised one.

I’m planning a Tangle slime and basic Pink slime next.

Sorry for the bad colour correction on the photos, can’t properly differentiate hue differences at the moment and bright white is painful.

we will love too many people in one lifetime

Dean and Seamus found secretive roads behind Dean’s house that led to the sea, where they watched the rise and fall of foamy waves with a collectively held breath. His stepdad Gerry flipped steaks and roasted bacon in the afternoons, awkwardly attempted to teach Dean to do so, and regretted it. He did get along with Seamus, though; they played ball in the backyard, and Dean sketched his friend kicking red dust into the air. He held his breath then, too, but he did not know why.

(or: a study of bisexual characters in Harry Potter)


Harry had learned not to ask for things he wanted. That was what the Dursleys taught him, over leftover, burnt toast and faded hand-me-down jeans. He was a boy who befriended a snake and an owl before other people, but when he did, it was with a boy who also felt too much and had a little less. So imagine his surprise when he went to Ron’s home for the first time, to emerge within the warm glow of the kitchen, to hear and feel the tingle of affectionate laughter on his skin.

He was a boy who hadn’t asked for many things, but he learned how to.

It started with bacon and buttered toast for breakfast, an impromptu game of Quidditch with the Weasley brothers, an extra pair of shoes from Mr. Weasley because the old ones strained his feet. This was a family that built a home out of questions – Are you happy? What do you need? How can I help? Then all too soon, there were anti-Dementor lessons with a world-weary teacher and relying on inextinguishable help from Hermione – and eventually, Ron – for the tournament.

But with them, he didn’t have to ask; they were always there. As Ron’s legs lengthened even further and Hermione got new teeth, Harry blushed at Cho Chang over clammy hands and snuck furtive glances at Cedric Diggory’s unassuming back. At fourteen, feelings still felt misshapen in his stomach, too raw and jumbling for him to bear.

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i’ve been thinking about writing in more books, a more tangible resource, or keeping a journal on paper. i don’t know what i should make of those urges, if anything - perhaps it’s just portland kitsch getting to me. all the walking down idyllic streets, pointing at houses that we think are charming. all this wandering is leaking into me like dipping your paintbrush into your drink. eating a handful of chocolate covered pretzels every morning. slamming back a pint of diet rite at 9am on your last day somewhere even though it’s too early, because it’s your last day.

being out here and surrounded by people i love who are nothing but glad to see me has kept me stable. i’m seldom away long, longer than six weeks. i long to return the favour with my own city, but to be honest, here, everywhere feels like it’s mine: the lazy sloe-gin traffic and salty ocean wash of los angeles; the mountains and curling gritty flats in salt lake, protective and restrictive; the gentle trickling mist of columbia gorge; the ice cream coloured wooden slat houses of portland. everywhere is filled with love and light, and it belongs to me. i’ve spent a lot of time in nature out here - finding a home in a city i know isn’t mine.

i have let my nails grow too long and left my suitcase in the living room out of comfort. rather, it’s like the concept of a place feeling like home, a concept noticeably lacking in europe for me, has become foreign - and nowhere makes me feel lonely. there is only the option to keep going. the renewed promises of my friends here being adults, starting funds to visit me and sleep on my couch, so filled with love.

there is more to be said, but i am heading to chicago at midnight. if my plane turns into a pumpkin i won’t be surprised. 

i don’t think i’m quite ready to leave, but i wonder if i’ve ever been ready to leave anywhere.

Reveling in Richonne

#73: The Fall (7x12)

Their joy is 100% infectious. 😊 And y’all we need joy more than ever right now so I love this moment. 

Rick and Michonne have just fallen through a roof but you’d think they’ve just gotten off a ride at Six Flags. 😋

Like these are some tough warriors but with each other they genuinely bring out the smiles and laughter in each other. And I love the choreography of this scene once they’ve fell. Like first they just lay there laughing and then she puts her hand on him to see if he’s okay and he says yeah and asks if she’s okay.

It’s actually adorable that they find this so funny. Like this could have gone way worse but it’s like there is no such thing as “a bad thing” when they’re together, cuz they’re together, and that’s literally what they were designed to be.

At first, when I watched this I remember wondering why this moment felt so different and then I realized there’s just never been a moment in the series that we’ve heard Rick and Michonne genuinely laugh this hard.

Like this show has been on for 7 years and I really have never seen Rick like this. 😂 Only Michonne could bring this out of him, y'all. And I’m so here for how much fun they can have together.

Like they really are alive when they’re together. So when people wonder what’s the point of surviving on this show if there’s no cure in sight…this is why.

It’s so you can have another day with someone who makes you smile and laugh. It’s so you can continue loving your family and being together. 

You fight to live so that you can have more time with the people who make you feel alive.

Rick and Michonne add such a vibrancy and a purpose to each others lives so yes it’s scary to love someone this much in the apocalypse, since loss is around every corner, but also so worth it to just boldly go for this love, cuz of moments like these when you’re reminded that life isn’t all bad if you’re with the right people. It’s a beautiful sentiment that I feel Richonne perfectly represents. 👌🏽

And then God continues to keep them blessed and highly favored by having them fall into a room stocked full of food. I said in a previous post that God is good and let me reiterate; He is good all the time lol. 🙌🏾

It was so cool that they landed in this room filled with supplies and it was nice to see our heroes just keep getting the lucky breaks they deserve.

I also love that Michonne never pulls an "I told you so" about being on that roof too long. Even before seeing the food and realizing this fall was in fact a blessing in disguise, Michonne was just willing to roll with the punches and find the humor in their situation.

It has to be so liberating that Rick now has such a well-rounded woman who doesn’t expect him to do everything or doubt and fault him constantly. Michonne’s optimism allows her to just think falling is a sign. 

And I love that she repeats his words by saying “this is it”. I feel like falling is also a reoccurring symbol in this episode to let us know that Rick and Michonne have fallen in love, are falling in love, and will continue to fall in love forever and ever amen. 🙌🏾😂

And it turns out Michonne is spot on about it being a sign cuz then Rick pats her leg and tells her “It is” as they realize they’re surrounded by boxes of food. It’s so sweet that they share that same slightly dorky sense of humor. Cuz she sees that the boxes say the foods ready to eat and says “Well, they’re ready. Let’s eat.” It’s so silly and adorable. 😋

(Side note: I appreciate that Michonne has no qualms with consistently expressing a love for food. Me too, sis, me too. 😂)

After seeing them so beyond happy and bubbly in this moment, it’s safe to say Richonne are crazy in love, silly in love, giddy in love, overjoyed in love and every type of “in love” you can think of. And every single type is so much fun to watch.

Like since this is TWD I was constantly biting my nails like okay they’re having too good of a time, what’s going to be the thing that ruins the fun (cuz TWD seems to always do that) but then as I watched them laughing in this moment I realized that, so long at they’re together, nothing can ruin their fun. 😊👌🏽