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You Need To Realize The Hard Truth

I have a feeling that this season is the darkest one. Yes, in previous season we’ve been told about very hard issues to deal with, but Sana’s season is way more intense in my opinion .

While Isak always had some kind of support - and we knew that Jonas would support him no matter what, as well as Eskild would help him with accepting his sexuality in some way, Sana is really alone. She has supportive and kind mother, but we’ve learnt that even her mother is not so understanding when it’s about relationships with boys and friendship with non-Muslim girls. She doesn’t have a best friend - at least not that kind of “best” as Jonas for Isak. She was bullied & she is still bullied in some passive-aggresive way. And she has to deal with all these things on her own. Could you bear such loneliness if you put yourself in her position? Could you even imagine what is she experiencing right now?

What is even more heartbreaking, she’s lost her trust. She was betrayed by her closest friends (un)intentionally) & by the guy she was falling in love with. And that’s one of the reasons why she cut Isak off along with her unwillingness to cause some new troubles for Even & Isak.

I don’t know about Elias though, because while he was very supportive when he learnt about Sana’s feelings for Yousef, he is also the one who’s punched Isak, didn’t want Sana to be in the bus etc.

So i think in these circumstances Sana’ll isolate herself from her old social circle & maybe even start to hang out with the hijab police

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Okay so we know you hate Val but opinions on Vaya and Vamos??

mmm… i dig their style, but they came across as pretty flat characters to me? i mean don’t get me wrong, i have a lot to say about them, but most of the character arcs in the comics weren’t very well executed.  i do appreciate that they’re two canon poc genderqueer characters though!

and i find their reactions to violence really interesting - they literally never express the slightest care about getting hurt. the comics are odd because they simultaneously have this ~lighthearted rebellious desert fun~ vibe (in a way that’s different from the album), but they also hint at much darker themes. vaya and vamos are a good example of this. they’re completely desensitized to violence, and nobody comments on it because that’s just… how they live. violence isn’t a big deal. twice-as-shiny summed up my thoughts pretty well:

“I love the Ultra Vs, especially Vamos and Vaya, partially because they bring a lot of the darker feel of the twitters to the comic. Sure, Val is a broody asshole who doesn’t care who he has to kill to get what he wants, but Vamos and Vaya?

‘HA! Did you see that? BAM! Right between the eyes!’

‘See what? All I can see is the burn mark on my jacket! RUDE.’

I think it’s all a game to them. But I like to think there’s more to it than just, ‘Haha, murder is fun!’ I feel like they were definitely desert born and raised, and I when I say “raised” I mean that they were literally raised by the desert, and by each other. I don’t think their behavior is even really a coping mechanism for all the violence: it’s more that they’ve lived and breathed it their entire lives, so why would it affect them? Yeah he died, so does everyone. Who cares? Let’s play video games.“

i don’t have very strong opinions on them but they’re fun to talk about

Lemongrass oil

Has done fucking wonders for my skin

For about 21 years of my life I didn’t experience any acne, a blemish here and there on my cheek (that I thought was cute), or two little bumps or so on my period, but never had anything serious, until the 22nd year of my life where my forehead would constantly be bumpy with red angry pimples, constant cheek pimples (near my nose), my face was no longer soft and my pores were HUGE… not many people noticed cause I wear makeup a lot, but it really got me down because it wasn’t something I had to deal with growing up. My face is my canvas because I love doing makeup and it was hard to paint it the way I wanted.

So I looked for natural alternatives to help with acne and I saw lemongrass oil really helps with large pores and I just so happened to have a bunch of unused essential oils so I said fuck it and smeared it all over my face. The first use made it brighter which I was happy about, so I continuously used it for the past week and there is absolutely no blemishes or anything on my face and it’s the SOFTEST IT’S EVER BEEN. Like nothing has ever made it this soft. My pores have gotten a bit smaller, but nothing too drastic. Along with the essential oil, I do use St. Ives apricot scrub and green tea scrub, which I swear by (Ik, contradictory to the queued post about skincare, but not everyone’s skin is the same and my face doesn’t mind constant scrubbing) especially for people with eczema! Then I moisturize with coconut oil (sometimes), but mostly with Eucerin Everyday Protection. 

Again, not everyone’s skin is the same, but I definitely recommend to at least try it, it’s natural and if anything it’ll brighten your skin~ but who knows, maybe my skin is glowing cause I’ve been so happy recently ;)

Today is the day I got the keys for my first own flat and the day my blog about gay old men reached 1000 followers. I’m an actual adult.

GUYS! THANK YOU! I have no funking clue why you followed me but thank you for giving me your attention *bows* I started blogging 9 months ago because I was heartbroken and now I am here, still heartbroken but able to deal better with it. Thanks to everyone who accompanied me on the way. I wont mention you here by name (because you might be embarrassed to know me huehue) but you know who you are ♡ I found a lot of friends in this fandom and I’m glad I’m still around.

I still have an inbox full of prompts and a move ahead of me but once things calmed down a bit I might want to do some kind of doodle give away of some sorts for you guys as a thank you. If you’re interested that is.

Thank you. Each and everyone of you.

Sana Bakkoush

I just hate how isolated Sana.

She’s a fierce and loyal, friend but in return she has no one she can count on. Nobody has her back.
Her group of friends is drifting apart. And she’s so lonely.

I think Sana is in one of those “they are my best friends but I’m not theirs” kind of situation.

Shes struggling with a lot of issues and has not a single friend she can rely on.

In a way, I can relate to her. I have always been the level headed one in my group of friends. The mom friend. The trustworthy. The one who always had advice to give and time to listen.
In consequence, my friends often think I don’t have my own problems and issues to deal with or that, if I have them, I’ll be able to overcome them without much effort.
But this isn’t true. I sometimes need a shoulder to cry on and a friend who will listen to me and to whom I can vent, relieving some of the stress I’m feeling.

People need people. People help people.

Anyway, I think Sana seems like the least vulnerable one of the girl squad. But that’s just because she needed to be that way in order to protect herself.

It’s time for her to be protected instead of doing the protecting.

I hope she finds the kind of friendship she deserves, since it’s clear she doesn’t have it at the moment.

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TalesFromThePizzaGuy: The worst customers

I was having a pretty below average night for tips. I had a lot of far deliveries and low tips. I understand that happens sometimes…just part of the job!

I get this order going to the very edge of our delivery range. I remember going there once before and getting (maybe) $2. Another order pops up right on the way there. Great, I’ll take both! I take the first order and they needed a good deal of change back. I have $3 and $2 in change left. I go to the far delivery and their total is 33.64. The lady at the door hands me a 40 and asks for 5 back. I quickly apologized as I only had $3 on me but I had 2 in change I could give her to make the 5. She said it was fine and not to worry about it. I double checked that it was okay and she said yes. I went on my way.

I’m almost back to the store when my manager calls and said the customer complained about not getting their money back. I told him the story of how I offered change and they said no. My manager said they didn’t want coins they wanted bills. So… guess who got to retrieve bills from the store and drive ALL the way back to them? I’m livid. I have to tell myself to not be a major asshole to them when I get there. I get there and the lady’s boyfriend answers the door (he’s the one who called and complained). I told him I already gave her 3 dollar bills and the rest was 3.36. I started counting the money back to him and getting the change and he says to keep a dollar and the change. I said no thank you….I drove all the way back here to give him his change back so that’s what I was going to do. He immediately got mad and explained how he was once a delivery driver and he NEVER ran out of change. I (tried) to explain to him how we keep less than $20 on us and sometimes we take multiple orders at once and run out of change. He went on to say how it doesn’t make sense to him.

I was so mad at him for not taking the flipping change and demanding dollars back. What does it matter? It all spends the same.

By: ArealPizzaGal

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Hey dad I hope you don't mind me but I kinda need to talk to someone about this, you don't have to answer. Because one of my male friends has a crush on me and I don't feel anything for him in that way in fact I actually have a crush on another girl in my class. And he is always making moves on me and he's trying real hard but I'm not in love with him. And everyone in my class ships me with him and everytime we talk they whistle and make their comments and it just makes me super uncomfortable.

oh boy that sounds really shitty….i’d tell him privately, he won’t like it but he will have to deal with that and your classmates will catch on eventually..i hope it all turns out well!

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More viking aŭ! Pretty please!

Of course I can! Sorry ti took me so long, I’ve been feeling sort of down lately. I hope you enjoy the fic! Requests are still closed I’m just catching up on the ones I have left in my inbox! Enjoy!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/160748981622/hi-i-dont-know-if-someone-else-requested-this

Tom walked down the beach that night, leaving footprints behind him. He had to find some way to win this battle. Or else his entire tribe was screwed. “I thought we made a deal to not come here until the battle tomorrow at dawn.” A voice cut his thinking and Tom whipped around. He saw the viking princess Marco before him, looking angry.

“I wasn’t trying to betray you in any way, I swear.” Tom assured. Marco gave him a disbelieving look and the namad flared up. “Well what are you doing here then, princess?” He asked, crossing his arms.

“I thought I might find you here, and I was proven right.” Marco huffed. Tom pouted and the viking princess turned away. “You should go to your ship, you’ll need your rest for tomorrow.” Marco told him. He was about to walk off but Tom stopped him.

“Wait, Marco.” He called. Marco turned around and Tom sighed, looking down. “We both know my Demons don’t stand a chance tomorrow. We’re outnumbered, that’s all there is to it.” Tom began. Marco crossed his arms.

“After years of pillaging and chaos, you attack my village, and ask for pity?” Marco demanded. “I would never, EVER show the likes of YOU pity!” He hissed.

“I know.” Tom looked away. “That’s why you won’t be showing ME pity.” Tom explained. Marco looked confused and Tom took a breath, running his fingers through his hair. “I should have known that challenging you guys was a bad idea but…” Tom bit his lip. He was so young, and had only been a chief for such a short time. They were low on resources and he thought raiding Marco’s village would help but… he just got in too deep with a battle he couldn’t win.

“What are you trying to tell me?” Marco asked. Tom looked up.

“Let my tribe go, they will never bother you ever again.” He asked. Marco shook his head.

“You can’t just get away with this! You have to pay for what you’re tribe has done!” He hissed.

“And I will!” Tom exclaimed. Marco fell back. “I’m the chief, I should be taking responsibility for my tribe. That’s why you let them go, and in exchange I stay on your island as prisoner. I’ll work for you, pillage for you, anything just to let them go. It’ll be like we never showed up in the first place.” Tom offered.

Marco stood there in shock for a long while, watching the voyager closely. “You’d stay here as a prisoner, just so I will let your small tribe of twenty people leave?” Marco asked. Tom scoffed and shook his head.

“No you moron!… We’re twenty-seven people… and yes.” Tom added. Marco nodded and held out his hand. Tom reached out and they shook on the deal.

“We have a deal, have your people promise to leave my village, you stay here as my prisoner, and they go free, without a battle.” He agreed.


“Tom you can’t be serious.” Vanessa shook her head, Chet the other Demon was perched next to her. Tom sighed and looked away.

“I am. You’re the chief now. Do a better job than I did.” Tom requested of her. Vanessa nodded, but seemed to linger. “Go!” Tom urged. “If you guys don’t get out of here soon Marco’s army will get impatient and think we’re trying to get out of the deal.” He explained. Vanessa nodded and she motioned for Chet to get on the boat. Tom looked up and watched his tribe leave, the boat got smaller and smaller until it was out of sight.

“Come on Demon, we got a place for war prisoners.” Janna sneered at him. It was her job as commander to be this cold towards enemies. She wasn’t a mean person. She was about to take Tom away but she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Marco.

“Just let him be for a while.” He whispered. “He just lost his home.”

“Do you seriously feel sorry for him?” Janna asked. “The Demons are monsters! You’ve seen what they’ve done.” She reminded.

“I know! Why do you think I didn’t let him go!?” Marco demanded. “But even a monster can get homesick, how would you feel if you lost everything you knew?” He asked. Janna sighed and looked down. “Besides, he was so willing to give himself up for his people… I think he’s just… just give him a moment, I’ll take care of him.” Marco told her. Janna nodded and left, signalling the rest of the army to follow.

Marco approached Tom, who was still standing with his ankles in the water, watching the direction his ship had left. “Are you going to be okay?” Marco asked. He put his hand on Tom’s shoulder, but the boy ripped away.

“It doesn’t matter.” He mumbled. “What is it you wish me to do?” Tom asked. Marco looked the demon over. The first thing he saw was an abundance of weapons Tom had on hand casually. He took it in and nodded.

“A personal body guard will do for now.” Marco told him. “I deal with dangerous people in trade roots. You seem like the type of person who can handle a fight.” Marco smiled a bit and Tom nodded, he bowed a bit.

“Anything you request.” Tom looked up and Marco frowned. He seemed so sad. But Marco had to remember not to get personal, or attached, to this new prisoner. He was a bad guy, right? Why else would he run around and cause chaos. Marco couldn’t become emotionally attached, and remember to treat this prisoner as a enemy.

He couldn’t let Tom become anything more to him.

there’s a post in my queue about how to have productive arguments (with your parents, even)

and it got me thinking,

dealing with conflict, and talking to people who (perhaps by definition) disagree with you … is so so hard and so scary

but / and

it gets so much more … doable, after you’ve had a few successful experiences.

or even observed someone else succeed in standing up for themselves a few times

it becomes conceivable.

and (this is a thing I’m not sure I can put into words)

realizing, even after the fact, even in a very limited way, that you can make things happen

or that you can change things

or that you can take something that has been a looming, oppressive, guilt-ridden Problem in your Life, and turn it into something that is resolved and stable and no longer a source of stress every day

……. is super empowering. (because! literally! you have power! wow, wait, for real.)

so. yes. just putting this out there:

other ways to experience conflict exist

and, even if you never become fully comfortable disagreeing (or confronting or arguing) with someone,

the way that it currently feels to you (overwhelming, terrifying, surrender-inducing)

is not necessarily the way that it will always feel.

(because, we learn! we grow! and new people teach us new things: new relationships, new ways of being, & of feeling.)

things that are hard, are sometimes still worth doing.

because sometimes you can actually influence what happens … and not be forced to simply tolerate & adapt to how Everyone Else decides it should be.

it is OK to have opinions! and disagree! it is OK to want things. it is OK to show up, and be visible.

even if in the past, you have learned otherwise, I just want to say:

this is your life, and you are allowed to exist in it.

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tbh Im still having doubts that im gay like,, theres a part of me that says id fall in love with a guy if a good one came along but i dont want that to be true nor do i feel like it is. plus sometimes i feel like my attraction to girls is just forced cause maybe i want to be that different so i tried shoving myself to fit the mold but i know that isnt true its just hard to get it out of my head that im not gay when most of me knows that i am. idk I've just been having trouble with this lately

tbh if you don’t want to fall in love with a guy and you don’t think it’s likely you’re probably gay dear

compulsory heterosexuality and heteronormativity are a pain in the ass and i’m sorry you have to deal with that :( 

you definitely seem gay to me!! it’s normal to feel the way you do bc society is so heteronormative and there’s so much pressure for girls to like guys but i promise there’s so much gay stuff in your future don’t give up!! 

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i got someone in my life who is the same way, always pissing up a storm & screaming over little shit only to immediately backpeddle into 'be aware of the energy you bring into a room >:(' as soon as she realizes how unbearable she's made the atmosphere. always undermining everyone's anger, cause when anyone is upset they need to stop acting like children, but when she's upset we have to deal with her outbursts or else we're 'not letting her feel how she needs to feel uwu' and we get punished.

godddd this is probably kind of ridiculous but I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is to read from someone who goes through such a similar situation. Not, of course, that I would ever want anyone to be dealing with this, and I am so sorry that you are, but I appreciate you sharing this with me because like… it reminds me it’s not just me that deals with this - more importantly, it reminds me I’m not the only person who sees something wrong with this? especially from someone who understands what it’s like.

I really really hope you don’t have to deal with this person for much longer and can escape her absolute bullshit.

//So here’s the scenarios for the harteus meme! I kinda got locked out of my Skype account (again ;;;) so I couldn’t find any other way but to post it ;; I do have a Discord but Im not sure if theres a Discord chat for the au o v o);;

Arthur finds themselves locked into a malfunctioning elevator with Emma. What happens?

Flavio strikes a deal with Mathias (Oooh what could that be-)

Sakura has to marry Emma or Arthur. Who does she choose?

Flavio goes to Matt’s funeral (Oh n o)

Mathias has to fight Arthur (what- why)

Mattie and Sakura go on a quest to save Lovino (save him from what tho-)

Emma and Flavio get ridiculously drunk (is this even legal)

Lovino finds out something horrible about Mathias ( nah hes a cinnamon roll- i guess)

Sakura wants to see Matt in the nude (How to confuse the hell out of the sakubabu 101)

Who’s the strongest of Matt and Mathias?

Arthur have picked some flowers for Emma. What happens?

Mattie and Arthur go on a date together, what happens?

Lovino gets beat up. Who comforts them? Emma or Sakura?

The thing is I don’t know how the characters will react to the scenarios so I couldn’t draw them right away u v u)b If you guys have creative suggestions on what will happen that would be awesome o w o)b

I can’t believe that my boys, the only idol group under a small label that was in debt at the time of their debut, who used to sleep with all seven members in one small room, with one on a bare mattress on the floor- my boys who would spend 100% of their free time practicing and working on music even until the early morning- my boys who have actually never stopped working since their debut- my boys who had to deal with people telling them that they would never make it, that they were hiphop wannabes, that they weren’t “real” artists, who had to deal with their own ups&downs with their mental health, are now not only rich&successful but have become the group to pave kpop’s way into international fame and are now the first korean act to ever attend the bbmas, one of the largest american music awards. I am so so so proud. 

  • Jason: Talk to him, that's what friends do.
  • Nico: Nope. I'm gonna wait 'til I'm on my deathbed, get in the last word and then die immediately.
  • Jason: That's your plan for dealing with this?
  • Nico: That's my plan for dealing with everything. I have seventy-seven arguments I'm going to win that way.

Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank

what i want in a sinnoh remake: a very long list of unreasonable demands

- diamond and pearl opening- bring back being attacked by starly. c’mon. that as a fully animated cutscene would be a lot more impactful than platinum’s opening

- and while we’re at lake verity, throw in a mesprit sighting. links the player into the overarching plot much earlier on; when did we first hear about the lake spirits in the originals? celestic town? i cant remember it’s been too long

- speaking of surfing, for the love of Arceus please make surfing faster and reduce the encounter rate for water (and caves while we’re at it- mt. coronet without repels is more of a hell than the distortion world could ever hope to be)

- bidoof is every ride pokemon. need to fly somewhere? tie it to a drifblim. surf? tape it to a floatzel. fight me.

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Welcome to The Big Bang On Ice!

Hello and welcome everybody in the yuri on ice fandom!

My name is Maddy and i have decided to make a HUGE BIG BANG for YOI because why the hell not!!

But wait? What is a Big Bang???

Well good person, a Big Bang is where Authors, Betas and Artists come together to create one big fic with accompanying art! You will have a good few months to write your fic/edit/make art aaaannnnddd you also get to meet new and interesting people who have a similar interests

Because this is a BIG bang but since this is my first time running it, so its hopefully not too difficult for authors, i have made the word limit 5,000 words

What can we write about?

Absolutely anything as long as its involving Yuri On Ice characters! Want your fic be about a ship in YOI, cool! About Phichit and Yuri being best buds in college, awesome! A fic about how its a miracle that Yakov isn’t completely bald yet from dealing with team extra Russia? Well this is the place for you! Any YOI ship welcome and non ship fics welcome as well!


LOVING THE ENTHUSIASM, but first of all you may want to read the FAQ, but if you already have STEP THIS WAY MY FRIENDS

Author sign-ups

Beta sign-ups (soon to come)

Artist sign-ups (soon to come)





We are lacking in BETAS and ARTISTS so if you think you/a friend could be interested in being a beta or an artist pls sign up!

Kitchen Favours

Jughead x Reader
No one asked for this, but I’ve had this idea in my head for ages so thought it was finally time to let it out into the world.
Prompt: Y/N and Jughead work at Pop’s together. Cheryl winds up Y/N which leads to a heated moment between Jughead and Y/N.
Warnings: Strong smut themes 

Originally posted by bettytail

“You know you don’t have to stay with me” you smile, setting down the waitress pad on the kitchen counter next to you. You lean your hip on the counter as you stare at Jughead, an apron still tied around his waist. Since the Drive-In closes Pop’s offered Jughead a job here, just a couple of nights a week, the odd weekend. He spend half of his life here anyway, Pop’s just thought he might as well make some money at the same time. 

You had been working at Pop’s for around a year now. You were the one who trained Jughead, not that the place was complicated at all. He’d even started to cook some of the food, helping out the chefs from time to time, like tonight, he was covering for the Thursday night chef.
“And what would you do if you got a order in?” he asks, raising his eyes in a cocky manner towards you, setting down a spatula on the counter next to you.
“I’m sure I can manage to flip a burger and cook a few fries” you smirk back, laughing at his confidence. When Jughead joined it was the first time you had ever spoken to each other. Sure, you had seen him around school, hanging with Archie Andrews and Betty Copper, but the two of you had never needed to speak to each other, or even acknowledge each others existence until a couple of weeks ago. Since then the two of you had create a little friendship based on flirty jokes which the both of you knew meant absolutely nothing.
“Are you calling my job easy?” He smirks back, taking a step closer to me. He stops at the counter, leaning himself against it as he looks down at me.
“I’m saying you shouldn’t underestimate me” I say with a wink, making him smirk even more. His head so close to mine as a piece of dark hair falls into his eyes, shading his already dark eyes.

“Anyway” I sigh, breaking away from the eye contact that neither of us seemed to break. “I was just thinking of you getting home. Won’t Archie and his dad be worried about you? Seeing as you were so careless not to tell them where you were” you tease him. He sighs as he takes a step back from the counter which he was still leaning against.
“Trust me, I think they’ll be fine. Fred is working late and Archie has Veronica round, so don’t think they’ll want disturbing for a while now” he rolled his eyes in an exaggerated manner.

It’s at that moment you hear the bell on the door ring, indicating you finally had customers. You walk out to see Cheryl and her minions sat in the booth closest to the kitchen you had just walked out of. You roll your eyes discretely at the sight of them, hoping they hadn’t seen. Placing a fake smile on your face you walk over.
“Hi” you smile politely, pulling out the pen you had balanced behind your ear.
“Look who it is girls” Cheryl gives an unfriendly smirk in your direction as the other two girls look over and start giggling. You look confused for a moment before choosing to ignore them. You tried to ignore the rumours and crap Cheryl often spread around so often. They usually were false, malicious attempts to hurt someone for no reason other then her boredom.
“What can I get you?”
“Tell me, Y/N” Cheryl says, folding her arms as an evil smile spreads across her face like a disease. “What was he like?”
“What was who like?” you ask, drawn into her comments just like she wanted.
“What are you talking about?”
“Oh come on Y/N. Everyone knows he took your virginity last night. He’s telling anyone and everyone” she smirks, the other girls laughing.
“That’s… that’s a lie” you stutter.
“Right” they laugh like a pack of hyenas, you their new prey.
“Excuse me” you take a sharp intake of breath before walking back into the kitchen. Throwing your waitress pad back down on the counter as hard as possible, feeling more angry then anything.

“Wow. Y/N what’s wrong?” Jughead asks, his eyes wide from shock at your act.
“Just get rid of them please” you say through gritted teeth, pointing out the door to the restaurant.
“One second” he say, touching your arm gently as he walks out the door to the booth. You hear a mumbling sound before the bell rings on the door and the door slams shut behind them. Jughead cautiously walks back into the kitchen where you were still stood.

“Do you want to tell me what that was all about?” He asks confused, trying not to push too hard as your anger was clear.
“No.” you sigh, breathing deeply. Completely in shock of the moment. Why would they say that? Why would they think you and Moose even slept together in the first place? Unless… Unless Moose said it himself?
“That asshole!” you say to yourself through gritted teeth. You turn to faced Jughead who is still staring at you confused. “Moose is spreading a rumour that he took my virginity”
“Your a virgin?” Jughead jokes, giving a confused look.
“Now is not the time Jug”“
"Sorry. Sorry” he apologises honestly, holding up his hands as if to surrender. “Why would he do that?” he asks, finally walking forward so he was leaning on the counter in front of you. It was only a small kitchen so as the two of us stand there out feet practically touch.
“The idiot asked me out the other day. After everyone found out he was at Sweet-water with Kevin I guess he wanted to make people think that he wasn’t gay. I said no. He’s not my type anyway. The asshole must have got worried about his ego and made up some story about us going out. Which of course involved him taking my virginity” you sigh, tipping your head back too look at the bright lights on the ceiling.
“I’m sorry Y/N” he sighs, reaching over to hold you arm to console you.
“I can’t believe this. No way in a million years would I give my virginity to a jock, last of all Moose” you say with a small laugh, trying to calm yourself down, a little part of your blood still boiling as you think of all the shit you will have to deal with tomorrow.
“I can’t believe your still a virgin” he laughs.
“Ugh.” you groan, feeling the need to explode.
“I really can’t. Y/N your amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have yo-”

“No one seems to get me though Jug. Whenever you tell people it’ll be your first time they always tell you they’ll go slow with you. That your first time is special.” you blurt, taking a step forward due to this sudden wave of anger. “Well how can it be special if it’s just some awkward fumble on a guys couch or in the back of their car. Where’s the heat in that? People think they’re being so romantic in ‘I’ll take it slow with you’ but its not! I want the heat. I want the passion. That’s romantic. No one seem’s to get that.”

Jughead just stand there staring at you, looking you up and down as if tying to take in everything your saying.
“Even if my first time if with some stranger. Or it’s just a pointless one night stand. As long as it is not this typical teen fantasy of first times, I’ll be happy. I just want that fire, you know?” you look at him. His eyes suddenly darker then usual.
“Got it” he smirks, suddenly stepping closer to you, placing his arms under your legs and pushing you onto the kitchen counter behind you. Your head gently knocks the cupboard above the counter as suddenly his lips attach to yours. The breath is knocked out of you as you take in what is happening. His lips work desperately on yours, sucking on your lower lip as his hand cups the back of your neck, the other still placed on your leg, holding you tightly. You moan into the kiss, glad there were no customers tonight to hear the two of you.
His lips start to roam down your face to your neck, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake.
“Jughead…” you say breathlessly, part of you wanting to ask what was happening, the other part wanting to see what happened next.
You let out a loud moan as he begins to suck on a spot on your neck, sure to leave a mark later. Your hands roam to his head, pushing your hands through his already messy hair, pulling him closer so he smirks against your skin. Your legs wrap around his waist, bringing him in. Your hands pull on his hair as you roll your hips against his, making him moan just as loud.
Quickly his lips press against yours again as his hands roam down to the bottom of your black work t-shirt, pulling desperately on it. You pull your lips away from his and lift your arms as he pulls your shirt over your head, tossing it away on the floor, his lips immediately attaching back on your neck as he roams lower, biting lightly on your shoulder. Your hands finger the bottom of his shirt as you lift it up over his head.
His lips begin to roam lower then your shoulder, biting and sucking on parts of your skin. Your head falls back on the cupboard counter as his hand begins to roam up the inside of your thigh. You moan again as he bites a sensitive spot, his hand sliding further up your thigh. You hear him smirk against your skin as you moan, cocky with how he was giving you everything you craved.
“Shut it Jones” you say breathlessly as one hand slides down his back, the other going to his hair as you pull his head up to meet your, your lips crashing together again in a rush. Finally Jughead’s hand slips to the waistband of your jeans…

“Jughead. Y/N. I’m back” Pop’s shouts as he enters the diner.