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Do you think Sam is reading all our posts thinking "FFS! I attended a wedding! It's not that big a deal!" And rolling his eyes because we're doubting everything he and Cait have shown us in the past month and a half?

That’s WAY better than thinking he’s read any of my commentary about his schlong.


Now, I’ve justified this to myself in all sorts of ways: it wasn’t a big deal, just a minor betrayal, or we’d outgrown each other, you know, that sort of thing, but let’s face it, I ripped them off. My so-called mates. But Begbie, I couldn’t give a shit about him; and Sick Boy, well, he’d have done the same to me if only he’d thought of it first; and Spud, well, OK, I felt sorry for Spud —he’d never hurt anybody.

Trainspotting dir. Danny Boyle (1996).

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sorry for a kind of serious ask, but how do you cope with having adhd in high school? i started my freshman year last september and it's been so stressful for me to deal with bc my adhd is making it hard for me to accomplish what my teachers set as "the requirement" (aka memorizing everything, being able to organize 15 pages worth of study guides) and i was wondering if there were any methods that have helped you deal with school??


  • Ask for help. I’m serious! My pride seriously took a hit the first time I asked for an extension or further clarification, but like. Suck it up. I realized, probably too late, that ADHD puts us on a different track as everyone else. Or, we’re running the same race, but we’ve got all these shitty obstacles in the way. It’s okay to ask for help. We’re not lazy; we just need an extra boost to keep up and stay up with everyone else.
  • I take lots of notes, and always by hand lol. I try to put away anything distracting, because otherwise I will be distracted. So no phones, no laptops, maybe even no music when I’m in class/doing homework at home.
    • People always tell me they love to listen to music while they do homework but imo it sucks?? Like the only subject I can do it in is math lmao. Science/English/etc requires so much upfront thinking?? Meanwhile with math you can kind of backseat drive if you know the material well enough lol
  • Don’t compare yourself against others because again, results are so skewed and shit is so fucked and it’ll just make you feel terrible for doing your best. Stay in thy lane and all that.
  • If you think you need meds, go to your doctor and ask if you can get some. If you can, great! But remember: They only work if you TAKE THEM. It’s easier than you may think to forget to take your meds, and then you’ll be suffering for the rest of the day lmao.
  • Double check with other people? Again, don’t compare your grades or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to go up to someone in your class and just start talking about the day’s lesson? Like it helps you make friends, it’s fun to gripe about a teacher, but you also make sure that you got everything down. Because again, the notes you take are the ones you’ll study from right before a class.
  • If you’re having trouble paying attention in class, maybe buy a fidget toy? They’re super cheap and keep your hands occupied. Most teachers post their notes for the day online, so read through those as well.

Going above and beyond for things honestly tires me out so fast lmao so your fifteen-page notes packets sound like hell. I’m pretty good at memorizing things just by reading them so I can’t really offer you any advice on that aspect… Maybe change up the monotony and turn things into silly rhymes or funny jokes?? Idk man. Ultimately I would just google or ask a professional? Lol.

My husband’s friend/coworker is coming to stay with us. My husband works during the night so he hasn’t known what’s been going on, but basically she was about to get fired because everyone thought she was on cocaine. You know, because she’s constantly on edge and in survival mode since she works with her abuser and he’s the type to make really intense and fucked up threats casually and then gaslight her about it. My husband ended up laying down every single bit of information to their boss over the phone to save her job (she was too scared too) and he was just like “Well fuck, I could have fixed this months ago if I had any idea, but now it’s way more complex because of the claims (name omitted) has made.”

So the deal is, she stays with us because it’s a safe place to sleep, and even though the guy knows where our house is, he wouldn’t dare fuck with us because of my husband. His goal is to keep his job and fucking with his manager or his manager’s family is not the best way to do it, plus we aren’t telling anyone so hopefully he just doesn’t find out. She’s being moved to a different shift, the same one that their boss works daily and that her abuser is unavailable for. Hopefully between both of these, things will calm down enough that he won’t have to fire her because of everyone else in the building causing drama.

If anyone would like to send healing spells our way for her, it’d be appreciated. Her childhood was shitty and she’s essentially been on the run in survival mode her whole existence. We’re going to help her get on her feet and some life skills her parents failed to teach her, but this kind of stuff is really hard, so support is good.

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Sian you are such a blessing for this fandom, really. I'm so grateful for your insight.

Originally posted by weclingtoourfairytales

Thank you!

I’ve been in this fandom a long, long time; I’ve put in a lot of energy to make sure it’s, for the most part, a safe and respectful place for people to discuss things because I love it and our OTP.

Also, I’m so used to navigating everything that comes with it, the positive and negative. I have had to deal with more than my fair share of the negative since the early stages of our ship.

I’m trying to bring some tried and tested experience to the mix when my fellow shippers are worried about certain things i.e. misconstrued cast interviews. I’m just glad my insights can help in some way.

Richonne is canon; Richonne is in love. Have a great day! :)

Floyd Mayweather and The Big Show
[February 25th, 2008]

WrestleMania is known as “the showcase of the immortals”, and that catchphrase has been made an evident fact by the amount of historical moments that have taken place at the event. In 2008, WrestleMania 24 held a tradition of intersports interaction as The Big Show took on Floyd “Money” Mayweather in an exhibition No Disqualification bout.

The two first met head to head at No Way Out, where The Big Show goaded the boxing superstar into stepping into the ring with him. “Money” Mayweather has been anything but a stranger to the ring, as one of the most prolific fighters in boxing history, so when The Big Show decided to challenge Mayweather by getting on his knees and offering up his face, “Money” took advantage by giving Big Show a few jabs that ended with Show having a broken nose.

I said: ‘Here’s the deal. You need to break my nose Don’t shove my nose through the back of my head. But you need to break it. Don’t break your fist or hurt yourself. If you break my nose. We will be able to get people emotionally invested.’ People love storylines. They love them because at some point the talent will get people emotionally invested. That match was originally started to be a tag – Mayweather and me versus Batista and Mysterio. We were going to be the heel team. But Rey got hurt, and then Dave (Batista) got hurt and they asked me and I said ‘hell yeah I’d be willing to’. [x]

The match itself was quite the spectacle. It was essentially a game of cat and mouse, with Big Show fighting to get a hold of Mayweather whilst Mayweather delivered shots to Show’s body. When Mayweather and his crew attempted to leave, Big Show brought Floyd back into the ring, where Show lifted Mayweather in an attempt to chokeslam him. Fortunately for Mayweather, one of his crew slapped Big Show across the back with a steel chair, allowing Mayweather to get loose and deliver a few chairshots of his own. Once Big Show was subdued, Mayweather slid on a pair of brass knuckles and delivered a knockout punch, claiming the victory for himself.

WWE Hall Of Famer Mike Tyson was critical toward the bout:

I was so mad when they did that shit. Floyd can’t beat no fuckin’ Big Show. That’s bullshit. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I forgot I was doing an interview, but he was fighting one of my boys. When you step into their field, you have to let them be kings in their field. So don’t bring guys into their field and make them look bad on their own mat. I don’t like that. From a fan’s perspective, I didn’t like that.

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I was wondering if you had advice on how to plan out stories and scenes in a project? What I've tried to do is use song lyrics to help inspire scenes ie each line in a verse is a scene prompt, and each verse is a chapter, but it creates limitations in my plot and I feel I can't go where I want with it because the lyrics are a different path then my ideas. Do you have ways to plot out scenes and chapters? My WIP at the moment is an episodic superhero drama, if that helps.

First, building a plot based off a song is a pretty interesting challenge, so I think it’s fascinating that’s how you’ve tried.

Let’s think about plot for a second: It’s just a beginning, middle, and end, right? It’s what starts the story, the climax, and the ending moment with some stuff to connect it in between, essentially. Start with that, even when you’re just dealing with scenes or chapters, because even those have a start, the point of the scene, and a wrap-up/end. Story is more or less made up of repeating patterns of these three important moments, with a few stops and twists in between.

Write out those three moments:

  • What’s the point of the scene or chapter? What is it that happens here that needs to be said or done to move the story along? Is it a conversation revealing something? Is it a fight? Is it travel? Why does this scene or chapter need to take place on-screen? If there isn’t a purpose to a scene or chapter that you can identify, then it probably doesn’t need to be here; it’s just fluff, just filler. Make sure you know what load each scene or chapter is bearing in the overall plot of the story. Jot it down so that you know what you’re aiming toward.
  • What gets the scene or chapter started? This doesn’t have to be the very opening line or moment, but think about what moves your characters toward saying or doing the thing that’s crucial this scene or chapter portray? What’s the lead-up to that climax/purpose moment?
  • What ends the scene or chapter? What causes the screen to metaphorically go black? What’s the resolution to the scene or chapter that wraps the moment up so you can move on to the next? What will set your plot up for the next scene or chapter?

Knowing those three points gives you your starting point. Filling in the details that link the two from Point A to Point B to Point C are up to you, and often come into being simply by writing the scene or chapter, but without knowledge of those three moments, it feels a bit more like trying to find the light switch in an unfamiliar room.

Check out Quick Plotting, Problem Plotting, and Character Plotting to see the idea in action and expanded on a little bit. I also highly recommend taking a look at my Let’s Talk About: Plot series, if you haven’t already, particularly Part Twelve. There are a whole bunch of different methods for plotting and outlining, as well as resources linked in there that could be helpful to you to try out. I hope it helps! -Pear

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Aheh it's fine, no big deal, he just kinda;;grabbed my hand and forced it onto his dick a couple of times in class, it got to the point where I had panic attacks just thinking about seeing him in school so I told the principal today and he called the cops so I have to talk to them tomorrow, thank you, though:)))

I need names. I need addresses. I need social security numbers and the best way to cut off a dick while a guy’s asleep and make him choke on it without getting caught.

Happy Aromantic Awareness Week!

Better be aware of aros because if you’re not careful we may eat the last cookie even though we didn’t help you bake them. We’re sneaky bastards.

AAW personal prompts can be found here!

2. What are some complications you’ve experienced while IDing on the aromantic spectrum?

The biggest complication I’ve had to deal with is my own self-doubt. I don’t like to proceed without all the information, no matter how big or small a choice is. But since I’ll never be able to “prove” my aromanticism the way I can my bisexuality, I have to move forward on faith to some extent. It was huge for me to adopt this label. I’ve never been able to claim something for myself before and say, “Well, this is useful to me now. If that’s not the case later on I can reevaluate. it won’t hurt me or anyone else if that’s the case.”

The other complication is simply the total lack of aro visibility once you leave the hellsite. I’m out to four people as bi. That’s not many, but it’s still way better than the one person who knows that I’m aromantic. I just have no way to know who will take me seriously and who will be frightened, disgusted, or dismissive. Maybe that’ll change someday. I actually heard an allo friend use the term aromantic the other day, so that’s encouraging.

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Is it bad to be a little with separation anxiety? Sometimes I feel like it's too much of a burden for my daddy to deal with.

I go through the exact same issue. I have an anxiety disorder so I often struggle with feeling like a burden or a chore.

So I tell him whenever I feel that way and we just communicate alot. I ask him like 5035 times if he is sure I’m not a burden and he will sit there and talk until I feel sure again.

It is the strangest thing. I write shit, post it on this site, read other people’s cool blogs, enjoy awesome art. Zero drama for me.

Seems like daily I see someone vague post about drama, but I never actually see this drama of which they speak. I can’t even figure out what they are talking about half the time.

Hell, there have been times when I have written things and thought, “okay, the good times are over, someone is bound to jump down my throat for that.” And yet…no. I have hunkered down in some Tumblr sweet spot where my fainting couch gets zero use at all.

Granted, I know I am a good deal older than a lot of people I follow and that follow me. Could be that our definition of drama is quite different. It could be happening right under my nose and I don’t even register it. But the way it feels sometimes is that everyone is talking about a hurricane and I’m standing in the eye, staring at blue sky and sun, asking, “WHERE ???”

No reason for this post. Just my bemusement levels reached critical and I am still waiting for the dryer to give me clean underwear. Also, warm underwear is an abomination in the eyes of man and God. I’d rather wear them straight from the freezer. Feel free to send me hate mail if you disagree.


(Am I doing this right?)

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Lo I need someone to talk to about Liv's little heartbroken face and the fact that NO WAY ARE WE NOT GETTING A ROB AND LIV HUG if Aaron won't let them coming to the hearing and they have to hear about the verdict later on... I am so sure but until then I shall be teary about Liv's little face







iPhone privilege is an extremely real issue inside the Muslim ummah. I recently made the switch to the dark side and I find that my friends and family members (who have iPhones) are texting me back way faster and frankly treating me much better. When I was an android user I was frequently mocked for making them deal with my green text and often times people would ignore me for days at a time. This important issue must be addressed and I feel like I need to lead this discussion as I am connected to both the iPhone and android. I am a hybrid in a sense. InshAllah we must make changes ASAP. My phone does not define who I am, my heart does. Salamalakim. #petitebourgeoisieelitism #islamandcapitalismarenotarenotsynonymous

Okay i over edited this screenshot way too much cause i’m dead tired but also so scuffed with myself.  

I know these have been done before so this is only for personal use but I re-coloured my planter boxes.  I’m going to work on the texture again but I did it.  And all it took was one random tutorial for The Sim Supply.  And I know it’s not a huge deal but to me it’s awesome lol.

Now if only I can get blender to work with s4s but yeah I’m going to try tomorrow.

I even converted the get to work leggings for kids to toddlers like wtf dude.

Anyhow sorry I just wanted to share my thing i did.

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I honestly love your writing. Esp for boyfriend material jaehyun and ty track.

“I’m going to smother you with my love” ughjhh I hate johnny. He needs to gtfo of Jaehyun’s way. I can only have one NCT boyfriend and that’s Jeffery. Ugh I love your johnny writing as well. Even if he is an awkward and slightly embarrassing dad type.

…boyfriend material jaehyun gROSS. but you right he is boyfriend material. i’m glad you love my writing bless your face

sorry honestly jaehyun and johnny are a package deal if you like one half of double j you like the other half in some shape or form. i don’t make the rules sorry

but thank you for liking my writing but johnny is such an embarrassing dad type i love it

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What's your stance on the belief that people with BPD have a lower emotional intelligence? I've heard this thrown around a bit in descriptions of BPD but in my experience people with BPD have a much higher EI with potential for higher empathy as well. I've wondered if this view is brought on by the way someone with BPD might deal with emotions, but fMRI's have shown that people with BPD have a more active amygdala therefore have more emotions to deal with, why isn't this discussed more?

Hey! Interesting question. While I’m not a mental health professional or scientist, I can respond to this with what I learned during my DBT program.

I definitely don’t believe people with BPD are guaranteed to have a lower emotional intelligence. BPD is an illness that causes our brains to feel emotions at a more intense rate. You’re correct when you cite that studies have shown our amygdala to be more active.

The way I see it, this has nothing to do with whether or not we’re intelligent when it comes to our emotional state; it has to do with the fact that our brain is working differently than the average person’s, and that – when BPD is active – we haven’t yet learned the skills to help us cope with such a difference. This can cloud our cognitions and therefore inhibit our ability to access whatever emotional intelligence we possess, but do I think that our illness itself is an indicator of our EI? No. While the two may interact with one another at times, I still see them as separate.

We also have a much higher level of empathy than most people because of our own experiences, yes. I think that our emotional insight can actually prove to boost our emotional intelligence, especially once our disorder has been rendered inactive or mostly-so because of skill use.

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Apologies, that last sentence in my previous ask wasn't meant to be read with an attitude, that's the problem with text. I was genuinely confused as to why you'd still need to confirm it.

Because it didn’t happen to me. Everything that I was hearing about it was second hand. I don’t deal in second-hand information. If I can’t confirm, personally, that something is at least possible, then I don’t talk about it on my channel.

And, up until the name of the channel was randomly changed, and videos started being removed, there was no way for an outside observer to know that anything was wrong, except from that second-hand information. The channel was still uploading theories.

Making contact with someone from Cartoon Universe would have been enough, but I was never able to.


“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))