i have my reasons

bridge-agent replied to your post “Every time I read your tags re: the new Avengers movie I just want to…”

You also haven’t let your disappointment make you vicious as some have. That’s commendable because there’s a lot of that going around, unfortunately.

Thanks, I’ve been trying not to. One of the rules I try to live by with fandom is that ultimately we’re all here because we love things. I would never want to infringe on someone else’s joy—whether it’s a kink I’m not into, or a ship that’s a NOTP for me, or a whole property—because I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me. It’s a basic Golden Rule thing.

Ok so this morning I needed to go to the college library because I had to print out some very important documents. I had like 45 minutes until class so I sat down and began to print out what I needed. After a few pages the desk assistant, who manages the printer at the front, confronted me when I went to pick up my printed stuff and told me that I needed to leave the library because I wasn’t using their printer for ‘school purposes’ while other students could be using it for homework or such.

I just want to make light of exactly what I printed that got me, essentially, removed from the library this morning.

I have absolutely zero regrets.