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Men on estrogen are still men! I went on estrogen for a while so i don't have uterus issues related to my period

Sid had to go on estrogen for a long time because his periods used to put him in so much pain he couldn’t move. There’s no shame in having to be on estrogen.

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Just wanted to let you know that I got my period back today, and your videos have helped me stay positive and motivated with my own recovery! THANK YOU!

WOW that’s amazing!!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!

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How do you, personally, calculate how much you need to make back to justify going back to a convention?

It’s a really complicated thing! It takes me about a month to stock for a convention. During this time I usually have to shut down orders for my online store, otherwise there isn’t enough hours in the day to do both. Plus I need to be able to cover convention related expenses.

So for a convention to be “worth it” for me I need to be able to make more than I’d have made selling online in that same time period + my expenses. Which are usually around $1000+ by the time you factor in table cost, helper badge, travel, food for myself and my helper, business expenses like business cards or shopping bags, parking, hotel, etc.

But then there’s intangible values to. For example, I just handed out 500+ business cards at ACen. Hopefully those will translate to sales later on and to increased following on social media. I also enjoy selling at cons 100000x more than I enjoy selling online. And I don’t have to take photos, create listings, or do any shipping which are honestly my least favorite parts of online selling. Especially dealing with shipping, bleck. If the con itself is really fun, too, or I will have lots of friends in the artist alley it’s sometimes “worth it” to go even if I wont make as much.

On the flip side, if a con is awful it’s not “worth it” for me to return even if I made money. Rude staff, poor communication, tons of drama, and a history of bad treatment of artists or guests are all big red flags for me to avoid a con. Every artist will have different levels of what they will tolerate in the name of a paycheck and I’m lucky I can afford to be a bit picky.

And then sometimes I will decide to return even if I didn’t make much because I can see external reasons for it. Like right now the political fear and uncertainty in the country is especially felt among convention attendees who tend to be parts of groups most heavily effected by the current administrations policies. They are more likely to be conservative when spending because they don’t know what their futures will hold and will be more prone to saving just in case. So any convention I do this year, I’ve been going in with the understanding that many convention artists are reporting lower sales across the board. In a less dramatic case, Shuto Con had a random snow/ice/rain storm on Friday that made travel dangerous. But I can see that isn’t a fault of the convention. You also get things like someone pulling a fire alarm, the convention center itself putting policies in place that hurt artists, high competition in the artist alley, etc. I take these into account, too.

And at the end of the day every con is a gamble. I could sink $1,000 in expenses into attending a con I’ve done to for years and come out in the red just because for whatever reason the attendees just really weren’t interested in my product this time around.

Hey to all those people telling people “ it’s not so bad, just power through the cramps” when they're on their period because it’s not an excuse to miss school/work etc.!

I had bad cramps today, but I tried to “power through it” and went to class anyways, even though my grandmother had to drive me because I couldn’t walk to the bus.

I tried to “power through it” when I started to feel like I was going to throw up in the middle of my lecture, leaving to take a walk outside in the cold to try and clear my head, even though walking made my right side feel as though it was being ripped in two.

I tried to “power through it” when I started getting cold sweat all over my body, taking off my sweater and then putting it back on two seconds later because my body couldn’t decide if it was hot or cold.

 I tried to “power through it” when spots started to appear in my vision, and just kept walking towards the exit.

I tried to “power through it” when I started to dry heave, and started walking faster.

I tried to “power through it” when my ears started ringing and the spots took over my vision and I was so so hot but shivering and my side felt on fire and twisted into knots and stabbed all at once.

I tried to power through it to the point where I collapsed in the middle of my college hallway. A stranger brought me to Outreach Services, where I lay on the floor, vomiting, for an hour until somebody could pick me up and take me home.

The school paramedics told me that I had passed out because I put too much stress on my already taxed body. My body was taxed because of hormonal fluctuations and blood loss aka my period.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. In the past when I’ve had cramps like this, I’ve stayed in bed and eaten strawberries and watched MASH all day.

So don’t you DARE tell me that you should “power through the cramps and do it anyways”. Powering through made me pass out. Powering through made me have to be wheeled out of the school in a wheelchair because I couldn’t keep my balance to walk. Powering through made my grandmother with osteoporosis and a tendency to panic have to come pick me up from school and help me up the stairs and almost break her hip when I started to collapse backwards on the front steps. Powering through made my 13 year old brother have to supervise me while I took a bath because I was afraid I would pass out and drown (he was super sweet about it actually; we closed the curtain and he read me Voyage of the Dawn Treader). Powering through made my mother who works to support our family pretty much on her own have to take time off work to come home and make sure I was okay.

In conclusion; If someone feels crappy because of their period cramps, leave them alone. Don’t make them do things anyways, because you might make it worse. And definitely don’t make them feel bad for not wanting to do things because of cramps; that’s the reason I even got out of bed this morning. Be nice to people on their period. Possibly buy them chocolate or painkillers. Nut don’t make them do things when they have cramps, and definitely don’t tell them “it’s nothing, power through” because cramps? Cramps can be one of the worst things you could possibly imagine.

Seriously. Fuck you all.

Day 2: Lions/Voltron

Featuring Voltron’s cutest Paladin~

(I’ll probably draw the rest of the paladins as well later)


She’s alive.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you even more of my ridiculous obsession with the arranged marriage royalty AU. You can blame @operaticspacetrash for this monstrosity. THE HYPE IS REAL and I am trash.

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Gardienne didn’t just lose her family and friends when she drank the potion. She also lost her entire culture.

Nobody can understand her references anymore. She is in a world with its own history, codes and culture that she doesn’t know anything about. I’m pretty sure Eldarya’s culture is interesting and I think there are similarities between Eldarya’s culture and the human world’s culture but it’s still sad to think about what Gardienne will never get to experience ever again.

That one movie she wanted to see. That one song she loved that she’ll never listen to again. That one book she wanted to finish but she’ll never get to see the end.

There’s evidences that some of the stories from the human world that Gardienne thought were fictionnals happened on Eldarya. But these are old stories, almost legends. I’m talking about the recent stuff.

She happily shared some of her culture with Chrome, when she introduced him to Harry Potter. But will she continue to do it now that it may brings her nothing but sorrow ? She can’t even mention her parents without crying ! What about all the other things that reminds her of the human world ?

Do they celebrate christmas on Eldarya ? Or any kind of religious festival ? Are there any important date they celebrate ?

Gardienne is human. By drinking the potion, she lost this human side of her. The only thing that she was holding onto in a world that doesn’t make sense to her. She really needs to mourn the loss of this human side !

She is missing a part of her identity now. An identity that was already fragilized when she learned that she was also half faery. Who is Gardienne now without her human side ?

Miiko can erase Gardienne from the memories of her loved ones and say that she feels more “eldaryan” all she wants, Gardienne is not and will never be from Eldarya. You can’t just force someone to adapt to a culture. The word “homesick” exists for a reason. But now she doesn’t even have a home anymore. They took everything that made her who she was and now they expect her to just forgive them ??? I don’t even know who am I anymore, leave me alone !!

Dear Genji mains...

As a Mercy main I believe many of you don’t spam healing. There are many (toxic/trolls) players that don’t specifically use genji to spam healing even if they don’t need it. I realized that most of you Genji mains have a reputation ruined because of memes :’) but I will heal you when I see your hp low or when you tell me to do so once. Also after healing just say “Thank you” (it’s not hard to be thankful) that’s all what healers ask for. ♡

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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


An alternate reality in which Jane Shepard comes from a parallel universe because of a random wormhole.