i have my fingers crossed for you jen

sometimesironman  asked:

Idk if you've seen the casting but two of the new characters look like they could be CS daughter!!!! There would have to be some time stuff so they'd be aged up a bit but it's Once lol they do that all the time. I'm keeping all of my fingers crossed.

i went and checked it out, did you mean rose reynolds and/or adelaide kane?

interestingly both or either could pass as CS kids (adelaide on the left for killian and definitely rose on the right for emma) (rose looks a lot like jen in that pic) but not really as siblings. 

then again, they did cast rebecca and lana as sisters so like honestly there’s a low bar here. 

if there’s a CS kid (or two!!!!) i’ll be a lot more invested. like i’ve said—i’m trying to keep an open mind until there’s all the information. 

Love You Goodbye (A Joshifer one-shot)

Based on the song Love You Goodbye by One Direction. 

I hear glass shatter as Josh slams his mug into the sink and then him shouting, “Fuck!”

“Did you cut yourself?” I call out, but my voice isn’t caring. “Maybe you shouldn’t have slammed it, Josh.”

I walk out of my room, my room that had turned into basically our room, and walk into the kitchen with my arms crossed. He has a white dish towel wrapped around his hand that is turning red at the crux of his thumb and first finger. “Stupid fucking mug,” He growls under his breath, and casts his eyes my way.

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The Oscars: The Dress - Joshifer One Shot

The Dress

Jennifer tossed her phone to her assistant, “Can you take a picture of this dress?” she asked turning to the side so the sheer strip down the side of the dress and the sheer back were visible in the photo.

“Are you trying to kill him?”

“Just an incentive to keep him up until I get home,” Jennifer winked, while her fingers flew over the phone, shooting off the picture in a text as she walked into the Vanity Fair party.  A smirk crossed her face when she felt a buzzing coming from her clutch just a few minutes later.  Quickly she opened up her bag and excused herself from the conversation and meandered into the corner of the darkened ballroom, looking down to see his picture flashing across the screen.  “Hey there stranger,” she flirted.

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A Letter From Mini Vault’s Mom

Wow! Did I have an amazing surprise in my email today. My dear friend, Mini Vault’s Mom (she does have a real name, but for her privacy I keep that to myself. lol), sent me a letter. It’s not really addressed to me specifically, but rather the fandom.

One of the most popular questions on my blog is “Who is Mini Vault?” There is a Mini Vault tag on Something To Live For just a heads up. Mini Vault’s Mom has decided it’s time to tell everyone the WHOLE story. From start to finish. I have to be honest, it was a really fun walk down memory lane as she recalled how we came into one another’s lives and the friendship that’s developed between the two of us and her darling daughter. Especially the early days of our Tumblr messaging problems and my complete lack of chill. lol

I’ve offered some details of how Mini Vault and Stephen’s friendship came to be, but it was always up to MVM to decide what to reveal. I am fiercely protective of their privacy. Before everybody freaks out… NO. Mini Vault has not revealed the spoiler. That will not happen until after 4x23 airs. Trust me. She’s Mini Vault.

I know the protectiveness goes both ways and Mini Vault’s Mom has spent the last couple weeks worrying about me and whether or not I’m getting harrassed. I’m not. I reaasure her not to worry, I am totally fine (and I am) and 99% of the fandom understands the point of this little game Stephen cooked up. 

Still, she wanted to share her story and far be it from me to stand in the way of that. She shares so much her journey with Arrow, her fandom experience, her convention experience and her Stephen Amell experiences in the letter. (It’s really good y’all.) She does offer a little perspective on “the game” we play together all year long, however. Hopefully it will help those enjoy the finale more tomorrow as a result.

I am deeply honoroed to know this woman. She is a 911 Operator. Her day is 100% stress. Most of the time she has no idea if the people she speaks with survive or not. She is an actual life line. A real life hero. Arrow is a way for her to escape and de-stress. Nobody deserves it more. She is also a devoted mother, wise, very funny and has an incredible outlook on life. Basically she’s a beautiful soul through and through. The joy of this blog is that it brings people into my life that I would have never had a chance to get to know. So… if she wants to post something on my blog, yeah she gets to. lol Whatever you wanna say babe. I didn’t trim a word. The blog is yours my friend.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for contacting me and sharing your life with me. You are a treasured friend! Fingers crossed you can go to another convention next year, Stephen shares a spoiler with Mini Vault and we can play the game all over again in Season 5.

Now I am going to attack hug you my friend.

Enjoy the story fandom! It’s a good one. :)

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