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Something To Fight For (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! So this is my first dad Spencer imagine and so hopefully I didn’t do too bad 😂 anyways I hope you enjoy it!
Warnings: extreme daddy!Spencer fluff ☺️
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: Spencer and the reader have a fight in front of your kid(s) gets really fluffy
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: you and Spencer are on a case…
You got out of the car, eager to see your husband and children after a long day at work.
Spencer had a couple of days off from the BAU so the babysitter wasn’t necessary.
You opened the door and both Ethan and Grayson came running to you.
“How are my little ones?” You say, picking Grayson up.
Grayson is 5 and Ethan is 8 and for brother and sister, they get along very well.
Spencer followed them and placed a kiss on your lips.
You smiled and took your coat off before going to the kitchen and not to your surprise, there was a pile of dishes in the sink.
“Spencer, how many times did I remind you to do the dishes? That’s the only task I asked of you to do.” You said irritated.
“We got back from the park and I guess I forgot.” He said his eyes glued to a book.
“That’s what you always say and you know what else you always say? You always say you promise you will do it next time. That was 3 next times ago.” You said, his attention still drawn to the book.
“Are you even listening to me?” You said snatching the book from his hands. “You barely do anything around here and when I come home from working 9 hours I do everything! I do laundry, clean the living room, clean the bathroom and I ask you to do one of the many chores I do and you excuse is I forgot. Spencer you have damn eidetic memory! How the hell do you forget? And what did you go to the park at 8 o’clock at night? If you went earlier, you would have had plenty of time to do one simple gesture!” You yelled at him.
“You know how nice it would be if my wife came home happy for once? The day was just fine until you came home with a crappy attitude.” He yelled back, using his hands to exaggerate his claim.
“I had a fine attitude when I walked through that door but I was pissed when I saw the disaster of a kitchen!”
Spencer went quiet with nothing else to say.
You turned around and saw both of the kids standing behind the couch.
“Oh babies come here.” You said, realizing the mistake you had just made.
They slowly revealed themselves and walked toward you.
“Why are you and daddy fighting?” Ethan asked.
“We aren’t fighting we are just arguing, okay?” You said kneeling down next to them.
“Are you going to get a diborse?” Grayson said with tears in her eyes as she mispronounced the word.
“No no! Never! You see, if a couple stops arguing about small things, then it all builds up and once they stop arguing then you know there’s nothing left to fight for.” You said looking back at Spencer, who started walking towards you.
“Yeah and daddy loves mommy to bits and on top of that we have you guys!” He said with a smile while picking Grayson up and spinning her around as she giggled.
“Daddy just gets distracted sometimes and doesn’t always do what hes told.” Spencer said looking into your eyes.
“Yeah but daddy makes mistakes and so does mommy.” You replied.
“Daddy’s sorry.” He said inches away from your lips.
“So is mommy.” You said sealing a kiss on his lips.
“Eww. Im going to my room.” Ethan said stomping off to his room.
“Grayson, do you want to help daddy with the dishes?” Spencer said kneeling by her.
“Eww. I’m going to my room.” She said running off.
“Does mommy want to…”
“I’m going to my room.” You interrupted walking the same direction as the kids, leaving Spencer to the dishes.

i am sitting on my bedroom floor at 2:17 in the morning and you are laughing sleepily on my bed and i am wondering if you can see the adoration in my eyes when i look at you. i am wondering if you felt the flashes of white heat skimming down your back too, felt the electricity coursing through your veins when you run your fingertips up my back and hold onto my waist.

i want to write you all the poems no one has written for you. my hands are shaking with how much i want to hold you against me and never let go. as long as i am holding onto you, i forget that i have been damaged. i forget that on bad days i flinch if people move too quickly around me.

your voice drowns out the screaming in my head.

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Hello! Ahhh, just wanted to say your art is really spectacular. I guess the word is that its soothing(?) to look through whenever I have a bad day. Ah, that's all! Have a good rest of your day (´・ω・`).

Ooohh wooow..! 

Okay, that’s maybe the BEST thing to know for me- I’m glad it’s soothing just as you say, since it’s  literally my goal- (〃▽〃)

Plus, you’re following my work for quite some time, right? So it’s even greater!

Thank you for sticking around and taking the time to send that ask hhaaaa!! I’m so happy!! ; v ; Have a good rest of day too!!

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lmfao im loving this pretty privilege episode on tumblr... blessing my dash with all this positivity... you go girl

pretty privilege is all cute and fun until you buckle down and look at it for what it is 😂😂People stuck on the physical plane seeing you nothing beyond a sexualized or physically idolized object. Girls want to be pretty for temporary acceptance and to be looked at by creeps. Its all laughs until you realize the only reason people want to get to know you is solely based on looks alone. Thats sad and hurtful no one cared about me back in the day when they talked about my acne and talked about how weird i looked

Its all fun and games until a guy gets to know you and you get “wow i didnt expect you to be so intelligent ” I could go on but. fuck em x3. and i dont give a fuck. I have the people in my life who been down with me since the good bad and ugly and im keeping them too. so fuck the rest 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Is intentionally triggering yourself faking? I saw a post that said you aren't faking unless you decided to fake it but I often try to trigger my mental illness/ make it worse just so I know I really have it and idk if that's considered faking.. sorry if this ask isn't something you can/ feel comfortable answering! You're really cool and have a good day!

No? i mean you can’t trigger a disorder that isn’t there…..

i mean you super shouldnt do it because it’s bad for you and also read as anti-recovery but like, i do it. its shitty but i do it too.

idk how you would be faking in that case like you cant trigger soemthing that doesnt exist if you successfully triggered it it exists and you arent faking???


make me choosevilde and noora or jonas and isak? (asked by @orpheaus)

eres bonita como eres. you’re so cute, thank you so much ❤️ […] but hello, i don’t take spanish, what does it say? tienes que averiguarlo por tu misma, amiga.   

Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
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Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the skk valentines exchange!!
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It was cat day today, so this had to be done– Sae-nyan (or would it be Nyan-ran) goes out to make a friend//

Bonus: a mini Yoo-nyan! ☆

“We’re taking a walk in the park to talk things through. We broke up a couple days ago. I feel like she’s too possessive sometimes. We were at a party, she felt jealous, we started arguing, and I decided that I needed some time to breathe. But I only lasted a couple days. I started to think about a lot of things. And I balanced all the good and the bad. We have our issues. But she takes care of our home. She takes care of my health. When I was in the hospital, she sat on the floor all night by my bed. And she keeps me from falling into my old habits. When I’m with her, it’s all about family.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

all characters in homestuck are low key kinda an asshole

why is it so prevalent to vilify dirk specifically while simultaneously absolving the rest of any past misstep. because literally every character has misstepped in the past, has been mean, has done wrong by someone else. we ask for nuanced fiction and yet this is our response, a weird black and white view where there are characters who are good because they’ve never done wrong, and characters who are evil for their moments of greyness

with alphas specifically, they are so interesting because they are friends who care about each other a lot but also have deep flaws. not a single one of them is perfect, and the fact that the common fanon is that jane, roxy and jake are perfect cinnamon rolls while dirk is a vicious, calculating predator is one im. starting to become exhausted of

Person A is having a really tuff/exhausting/just generally bad day. Person B can tell just by looking at them, so when A is busy with their work/activity, B runs and gets A nice smelling things, fuzzy socks, and a milkshake. B shows up like “I know you’ve had a crappy day and it’s part of my duties to make sure you’re okay” and A just sorta stands there like “how did I get so lucky.” ((And maybe cries a little bit too))


tsukishima kei & yamaguchi tadashi

“i’ve never turned my back on you. and i’m not starting now.”

Her Skeleton Will Lie In The Chamber Forever…


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“Shouyou always jumps to where there are no blockers.  So we limit the areas he’ll go to.  After that, it’s one-on-one between middle blockers.  Inuoka, keep at it.”

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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

Sometimes “giving up” can be a valuable lesson. I’ve been thinking about this often lately during training - we are instructed to support our students in whatever challenges they set for themselves and not to pressure them into doing anything they’re significantly uncomfortable with. We let them set their own goals and don’t shame them for choosing not to climb all the way to the top of the rock wall, deciding not to ride the zipline, or backing out of going on the giant swing. Encouraging them to push their own boundaries is great, but push too hard and they won’t gain any psychological benefits from accomplishments.

I kind of wish I’d had more support like that as a kid. I was hard on myself. I refused to give up on anything, even when it made me utterly miserable or terrified. To this day, I have difficulty knowing where my boundaries are because I have almost always ignored them or pretended they didn’t exist. As much “strength of character” this may have created, it’s also put me in some really bad situations. Being able to “give up” and acknowledge that my personal feelings are as important as my goals and viable to change them has been very liberating.


Yurio Plisetsky, прима-балерина.

This is how I imagine him.

“Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals”, by Emma Watson.

I want to use this drawing to say a few things I’ve been thinking lately. I don’t care if it ends up with 1 note or more, I just want to rant about it. I hope I won’t offend anyone with my lack of english and knowledge. 

  • Boys can wear make up. And skirts. Boys can change their hair, use it long or short. Boys can have no hair too. Boys won’t be less boys for that. 
  • When I draw I don’t think about genders, about sexuality, about anything to be honest. When I draw I think about making people happy, it makes me happy when someone smiles what I did because ehy maybe they are having a bad day and at least I made them 1% happier. I’m aware my art is not the best so if you dislike it, it’s okay. If you have any critic my ask is full open I’ll hear you and thank you for pasing by (for real). But if you dislike it because you thought that was a girl and become aware it’s actually a boy and you find it wrong or offensive, then Jeez, I have no words man, more than: I can’t believe it, what kind of civilization is this?
  • I don’t know what I am, I don’t care what I am but, from the bottom of my heart. I’m really sorry some of you are living hell because of this fucking nonsense world, 
  • You are beautiful, trust me. 
  • You are strong. You will be fine. And,
  • you are not alone.