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It wouldn't make sense that Harry would stay with Sony if they're the ones behind still making Louis be a fake dad because that's still going on so does that mean maybe Sony isn't the one behind babygate

Sony is/was the most powerful player over One Direction and Louis (they’re a wayyyyyy bigger dog than Modest and they’re bigger than Simon/Syco, more so now than ever since they bought out so much of Syco), so I think the idea that they don’t have a hand in babygate is pretty ridiculous. Sony also could have stepped in to better promote MITAM and to stop Simon’s really obvious smear campaign against One Direction (and especially Louis) in the months leading up to the hiatus and they didn’t, I’m assuming because they knew One Direction would not be re-signing with any Sony label as a band, so that definitely puts Sony on my shitlist as well.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t struggle to understand why Harry would want to sign with Columbia/Sony because I don’t really get it at all - and this isn’t just a Larry thing because I think Sony fucked Harry over too because of how they handled things with One Direction when the clock started ticking on their contracts. However, I also know that there’s a lot we don’t know about how literally ANY of this went down - One Direction’s decision not to re-sign, how things were with Sony/Syco/Columbia behind the scenes, babygate (how it started, why it’s still going on, and how it’s going to end), Harry’s decision to sign some type of deal with Columbia and Sony, the details of that deal, and so on. And we also don’t know how the mess Louis is dealing with is going to be cleaned up and what label he’ll want to pursue future projects under (though I’m guessing it won’t be a Sony label considering they’ve napped through the entirety of JHO promo). We don’t know what was brought to the table in negotiations and what deals with the devil any of these boys have had to make to get even part of what they wanted because I think it’s clear that there were limitations on them (and there still seem to be, at least when it comes to Louis).

None of us wanted Louis to put out music under Syco and none of us expected him to considering the abuse they’ve hurled on him over the years, but JHO was distributed through them, so Louis clearly had to make a deal with the devil as well. And I’m not going to be one of those bloggers who pretends Harry and Louis were on an equal playing field with anything because I don’t think they are. I think Louis has been at an disadvantage for YEARS and for whatever reason, especially in 2015, Sony and Syco really had it out for him significantly more than any of the other boys, but I do think the example with JHO shows that the boys sometimes do things that aren’t ideal from our perspective and that probably aren’t ideal from their perspective either, and we don’t know the probably very complicated reasons for it and likely never will.

So I’m just trying (very very hard) to put my reservations and bitterness toward Sony aside and I’m just waiting to see what happens going forward.

What Alpha Wants

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Scott x Reader

“Scott (Y/N)’s here.” Melissa called up the stairs, knocking on his door when he didn’t answer. “Scott, did you hear me?”

“You said (Y/N) called?” He muttered, towel around his waist as he came from the shower.

“No, she’s downstairs, you were studying with her?” She asked and he frowned.

“No that’s tomorrow.” He muttered but she shook her head and chuckled as she went to tell you he was upstairs before she left for work.

“Scott, your Mom said we could study because you don’t have work you’re just on the wrong day or something.” You blabbered as you jogged up the stairs, yelping when you burst into his rooms as he put his boxers on.

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Reminder that you have to ramble about galra facial features.

Yes, excellent!

Okay so this was something I had to think about because there’s been several times where I’ve looked at fanart, including my own, and had this moment of “this… is not a galra, this is a person spraypainted purple with color contacts and cat ears slapped on” and part of this is, I’ve had to look at canon galra and figure out what quite is the difference here.

Because the Galra are definitely what we’d call humanoid, but, they’re set up differently from humans.

I want to put this here as a reference, but I’m also putting it under a cut because there’s a lot of images to be had. But here goes!

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Genre: Angsty smut

Member: D.O (FINALLY)

Words: 1,309

A/N: This was supposed to be based on Shameless by The Weeknd but I changed my mind so it kind of is based on it. I’m tired af so I haven’t proofread😬

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A pet play guide.

I enjoy helping new/emerging pets in the pet play world. I try my hardest to provide resources to those who are not sure of where to start, where to go, or just need some clarification. I help those who are brand new all the way to the seasoned expert. When I started in pet play, it was extremely difficult to find well-written information and find the proper place to start; to put it short, I felt very lost and had to do a lot of “making things up” as I went along. Below you will find a list of helpful text posts I have created. Please look through, as you might find one or more of them to be helpful to you. If none of these posts help answer your questions, please don’t hesitate to message me. No question is stupid, and I welcome every pet on my blog. -nods once-


I love Lavander, it’s a very pretty plant and smells amazing. Lavender has so many versatile uses including aiding relaxation through aromatherapy, it can be used in cosmetic and bath products and has many antiseptic properties.

As part of my wildflower project, I have started off some lavender seeds inside the house ready to transplant later.

I started by filling up a small plant tray with soil and perlite, two-part soil and one part perlite.

I sprinkled the seeds as evenly as I could between the seed trays and covered finely with more soil and compacted.

It’s important to keep the plants moist and the seed packet said to cover with clingfilm or glass until seedlings appear.

I’ve put the plant tray on my partner’s front windowsill as this produces hours of full light.

I’m very excited for the seedlings, which should rear their heads in twenty-one to forty-nine days and the first harvest and I already have loads of idea for what to do with my first harvest.


Today’s hauls. Not too shabby, especially since the meatloaf I made was made from super lean local beef and a potato never hurt anyone 😂. I also did some dumbbell workouts but those were from my couch so I didn’t log them.

I wanna start logging and posting my food and activity more so I’ll hold myself accountable. I’m on a workout break right now because of my busy ass schedule and the fact that my practicum is MUCH more strenuous than I would have thought. I mean, my pecks and butt are sore from taking down/putting up decorations today and I leave everyday with aching feet. Truth be told, I’m getting more exercise now than before I started when I was doing workout videos 3-5 times a week.

Things will slow down at the end of April once I’m finished with this practicum though, just in time for nice weather hiking! 😊

Okay guys, I was going to publish this chapter tonight– but from my perspective, since there’s not a ton of Oliver and Tobias interaction going on (and as someone who reads very slowly updated stories myself) I feel like it’s better that I wait and include an extra scene, and publish it later. I don’t want to have made you guys wait a few months to have no interaction between the two main characters (aside from one scene) so I’m going to include a couple thousand more words and then put it up, probably by the end of this week! Thanks for being patient.

Spoilers for kittens, mini road trips with Nic, and a happy Tobias

i care for monsta x (and i'm sure you do too) more than i care for myself and am willing to do anything for them to be happy, today's nomination was a huge milestone and even if we didn't win, we shouldn't be discouraged ok monbebes, lets just put in our all so even if we don't end up winning, we will know that we have tried our best

monbebes, we can do this

please do not give up

I remember I made these posts during the hype of Season 2. I got some comments that weren’t friendly. I guess I’m gonna have to explain myself.

I have a dark sense of humor. I like to joke around about things I’ve experienced. When it comes to racism. I make jokes about it. That’s how I cope. I laugh it off and not mope about it. Again. I’ve experienced racism countless times in my life. More so, to the point I experienced it more than my Mom and she grew up in the 60’s. I was put down for being black, I was called a slave when I wanted to play pretend, I was put in the back of the class. Behind all white students, I was failed because I was the only black kid in the class. You don’t know how much my kid self wanted to be pale. Wanted to fit in with the other girls. It took me years to love myself. It took me years to not yearn for the impossible.

So when I look back on those experiences. I joke about them. Because its better to have a laugh then mope.

But apparently, people take it too seriously.

A Taste Of Hazel Chapter 5

Hello Lovely peeps, I is alive! sorry for the time taken to put up this next chapter I have been pre occupied- I hope y’all enjoy and there should be more up soon.

Nick had waited for Hazel to leave and Fangmyer to go to work and sat there gently sipping on the coffee Fangmyer had bought him; he also threw one blueberry after another into his gob, his mind picturing Hazel and how kind she had been to bring him a coffee.

“Why did I hide? This could have been the turning point of things…” he paused thinking of his sentence, before he sighed in defeat. Judy’s cheeky innocent grin poisoning his thoughts and breaking his positive thought.

“I’m so broken” he confirmed dropping his face into his paws, to notice how grubby and dirty they were.

He placed down the coffee Fangmyer had given him and gently stood from the park bench making his way across the grass to where the cup Hazel had left lay, still slowly dripping out remnants of coffee.

He picked it up in his paw and gently turned it to see the sentence she wrote, he breathed heavily starring at it fighting with all his inner strength not to think of Jud- Maria.

He slowly and carefully tore at the cup between his tiny claws, taking caution not to wreck it completely, the excess cardboard peeling like skin from a potato, until all that was left was a rough little oval where Hazel had written. Her handwriting was second to none with brilliant curves and strokes.  


He sat on the park bench gently twirling the paper between his claws; he dared not read it again however in fears it would spark his depression or anxiety. He picked up the coffee Fangmyer bought and drank the rest placing the cup on the floor next to his bench.

He lay back on the park bench looking at the sky, his head gently resting on the tiny backpack he kept all his stuff in, he reached back puling on the zipper to open the bag, gently sliding the paper within; a little memento.

Nick was thinking of having a sleep but couldn’t get the image of sadness Hazel held in her eyes when she obviously couldn’t find Nick in the morning.

“Where does she go?” thought Nick to himself, annoyed that she was the only thing he could think of.

He got up off the bench and headed in the direction he saw the vixen go every morning and as if that wasn’t easy enough to follow, her scent was almost known to Nick, he loved it, it was like milk and honey, with a hint of timber, strangely alluring and imbedded in his memory.

He finally caught up to her, she was entering a building, Nick read across the top “Library”

The library was a large stone structure made of cinderblock, the entrance was formed by two giant paw carved pillar; brilliantly decorated. The shelves inside were made of a brilliant dark oak, Nick had never been in but he had peered through the windows, it had looked warm and cosy and had a brilliant fireplace.

Nick went to follow Hazel inside when the lady near the door shooed him out, no doubt due to his unhygienic stature and the fact that he might try and stay there.
A street band played music in the street while Nick walked around to each window until he found her.

She was sitting at an oak table with a laptop in front of her, she typed across the keyboard, her fingers danced gingerly, such lovely paws she had, thought Nick. Placing one of his paws into the other, until he realised what he was doing and shook his head, unhooking his paws.

The band that had been playing around the front of the building began to play a song that echoed down the alleyway in which Nick stood, peering in at this strange Vixen.

Hazel was amidst typing the third chapter to her newest novel; when something grabbed her attention, her large rounded, rose red, ears twitched and she pulled out her headphones; a soothing melody made its way into the library from outside, she knew the song, it was a new pop song making its way to number one on the charts; “up and up by foalplay”.

She stood up and gently brushed her paw across the oak table, looking all around to make sure she was alone and when she knew she was she hoped left and slid right dancing in a twirl of flow and colours.

Nick looked through the window in a trance as the vixen danced, lost in the magic of her own mind and seeming to bring Nick along for the ride. She seemed not to have a care in the world, she giggled and laughed as she twirled and bounced. Nick strangely wanted to join in, his tail gently brushing back and forth without his permission.

Her dress flung outward and from above she looked like a dancing blue flame. The music finished and so did she, taking in a deep breath and giggling to herself in a state of euphoria.


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I want Tsurugi to be normal. I hope he can be saved by The Mother. Touma si such a devil lol



     Nooooooooooo! Shit son Imma have to bring out my Touma Protection Squad Hat. By no means am I stating that Touma is a good person, but christo he has his reasons even if they’re not as up front and centre like Tsurugi’s are.

*Spoilers Below*

     Touma’s essentially been through many of the same things Tsurugi has, or would have been through had Touma not pulled him out. Although it’s a bit shadowed, it is revealed that Touma was abused as well in his youth and to a fair extent as well.

Case and point:

     The difference is that unlike Tsurugi, Touma didn’t have others to rely and had to use his own strength to climb out of things. It was through his own experience he realized Tsurugi needed help. My personal guess was that he could probably hear all the yelling and shuffling coming from the room next door. Part of me believes Tsurugi never really screamed or cried when he was hit and such after a point in time. Growing up, Tsurugi was taken away from that at a young age and stayed with Touma. So while he was still around it from what Touma dealt with, Tsurugi wasn’t directly being abused anymore–and he had his big protective bro to stay close to. 

      Touma had no one like this in his life, and sadly as a result fell prey to many of the effects of abuse. It is often that abuse victims become abusers themselves (especially if they grow up with it), because that’s how they know to interact. Touma is a pretty classic example of this, and while yes the way he treats Tsurugi is bad, it wasn’t always so malicious. He tried to help Tsurugi in the way he knew how to do so. He got Tsurugi out of a bad situation he would’ve likely died in, and gave Tsurugi his first bond in this world. 

     Personally, I would like to see Touma have some sort of redemption. While he is an ass that’s hurting my precious boy (and everyone else) I get that’s it’s not like… evil for the sake of evil. He’s got his reasons, and you can see the path of how he came to be. He’s like a character you want to hit, but at the same time you know he’s been hit plenty of times already.

     Of course I’ll say all this, and the next chapter he’ll do something else to piss us all off again. Aaaahhh Touma, you are so complicated… You lost soul.

*Full Version* Auston Matthews #1 - Gold Medal, Baby!

So, I’ve been getting a whole bunch of requests for the full version of the Auston Matthews x Canadian National Diver story. So here it is! I actually love this story but be warned: it is 2.5 k words so…. 

(I may have been feeling emotional about my last gymnastics competition and this was the result whoops)

I’m putting it under a cut because it is a MONSTER 

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Goodbye, Bones

i’m really sad that I’ll be missing the Bones finale tonight due to a prior commitment but I just wanted to share a few things about why I’ve loved this show for the past ten (10!!!!!!!!) years:

  • I discovered Bones after a bad break up and immediately fell in love with Booth’s kind soul (which was the opposite of my ex)
  • Booth x Brennan was one of my first OTPs for tv
  • I watched the first 3 seasons in 3.5 days and the months waiting for season 4 to premiere were pure torture
  • Bones spent 6 seasons before putting Booth and Brennan together as a couple for good - there was none of this “okay now they have to break up after a season BS” - the writers knew we as fans deserve more than that
  • THEY PUT THEM TOGETHER BY MAKING BRENNAN PREGNANT (!!!!!) and yes, I know this was mostly because Emily Deschanel was pregnant but whatever, they didn’t have to write it into the show if they didn’t want to
  • yes they had some major fights and issues post-season 6, but for the most part, the writers portrayed them as a strong, united, and loving couple and tbh we just don’t have enough of that on tv
  • again, 6 seasons of character development and angst paid off and we then got 6 seasons of (mostly) pure bliss
  • I’ll be honest - I didn’t always keep up with the show the last few years and tended to consistently fall a few months behind, but I always came back to it and caught up
  • The plotlines that spanned episodes and seasons (my favorite being the Pelant storyline) were awesome
  • Ryan O’Neil (he played Bones’ dad) stole every episode he was in
  • Christine and Hank and Parker forever <3

I will sincerely miss having new episodes of Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan on my tv, but I do know it is time to say goodbye to this show. Thank you for the past 10+ years, Bones. You will be missed.

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For the prompt, Izuku finds the biggest, longest, sweetest giant orange cat and hauls it back to the dorms to try and track down the owner. He's carrying it in his arms and it's seriously stretched out almost all the way to the floor, this cat is huge and limp and loving being dragged around. Iida is the only one around to help- what do they do? (I was thinking platonic, but it's up to you!)

“You know, I’m almost convinced this thing has a quirk–I mean, have you ever seen a cat stretch this long?” Izuku remarked.

“Midoriya-kun, while your kindness to animals is admirable, this really isn’t wise, and you could get in trouble with Aizawa-sensei–don’t put it on the couch, what if one of our classmates is allergic to animal dander!”

“Iida, I think you’re forgetting that Aizawa-sensei loves cats more than he loves us.”

Well, this happened!

I had most definitely not expecting this blog to be this popular when I started out on it back in December, never mind in this quick of a time (and with a long downtime between).

I’m truly humbled that so many of you consider my work worth watching.

I want to give something back to you, as you have made my time here wonderful. Although, I cannot give away physical in nature at this point in time…

I can put what skills I do have to use.

Sometime tomorrow evening, Wednesday March 29th, I will be posting up details on an art-piece giveaway to commemorate reaching this milestone; I need some time to figure out what is feasible for me to achieve. Please, stay tuned for more information.

And, truly, thank you all. You make it so very much worth the effort.

THE MATH CLUB||bts [kim taehyung] by trbltae


Another boring day at school in yet another boring class. All I payed attention to was the sound of the clock ticking above me. I tapped my pencil on my note book impatiently waiting for class to finally be over. The teacher’s monotone voice echoed, bouncing off the walls of the classroom. ‘Just 10 more minutes’ I silently thought to myself.

“Alright class we only have 10 more minutes left so finish your classwork and then hand it in to me when you’re done” spoke out my teacher, Mr. Lee.

After he said that I got up to hand in my work I had previously finished 15 minutes ago. No, I didn’t like math at all but the work was easy to me.
I walked over to Mr. Lee and put my work flat on his desk. He looked up at me surprised someone had finished his work. He hesitantly took my paper and started revising it. I started walking back to my desk to pack up all of my things when suddenly Mr. Lee signaled for me to come back. I mentally rolled my eyes thinking he was going to scold me for getting answers wrong on the classwork because I wasn’t paying attention.

“When the bell rings stay after class I need to speak to you” he said in a monotonic tone. I sat down in my chair while blowing out a sigh from my lips. 'Great even more time to spend in this shit hole’ I thought to myself silently, once again. I took out my phone from my bag and checked my notifications. I had a few notifications from twitter and facebook. Same old boring stuff.
Shortly after, I heard snickering coming from across the room, causing me to shift my eyes over to where the noise came from.
I rolled my eyes when I saw who it was. It was Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung the two jokesters of the class.

“Of course” I whispered to myself. They were always talking in class and cracking jokes for the whole time. They were like those kids who didn’t pay attention in class and only came for their friends. It’s not that I didn’t like them they just get on my nerves sometimes, especially when they pull pranks. The pranks they pulled were the typical 'class pranks 101’ type. Like putting a thumb tack on the teacher’s chair or drawing a dick on the board and acting like they didn’t know where it came from.

They always pulled stupid shit like that, and eventually sometimes you can’t help but laugh at how dumb it was. Though, I don’t know them personally so who knows how they act outside of school.

“Hoseok can I get the answers to the worksheet?” asked Jimin in a cute voice while pouting his lip and batting his eyelashes, trying persuade his classmate to give him the answer.

“Acting cute isn’t gonna get me this time Jimin. Why don’t you ever do your classwork?” said Hoseok in an annoyed tone, while scrolling on his phone and sipping on his Starbucks coffee. Jimin just replied with a smile while giving him a finger heart, trying to persuade his classmate once again.

“Aish, really this kid is something else” he mumbled under his breath and gave into Jimin’s actions by giving him his paper with the answers on it while continuing to use his phone. Taehyung laughed at them and got up to hand in his work. I realized I was staring at them when Taehyung started looking in my direction.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer” he said sarcastically ending his sentence with a wink. He started walking back to his seat after giving Mr. Lee his paper. I quickly looked away from them, embarrassed at myself. The sound of the bell quickly blasted through all the classrooms and hallways signaling everyone that it was time to leave. I was getting ready to finally go home when I remembered I had to stay after class. Everyone started pouring out of the classroom one by one. Then they were left.

“Jimin and Taehyung, next time you want to joke around take it outside of my classroom” said Mr. Lee scolding them.  “And Hoseok keep up the good work” he said to Hoseok while waiting for them to leave the classroom.

“See you tomorrow teach” said Taehyung which was followed by a pat on the back. Jimin laughed at Taehyung then handed in his work.

“Yo Lee, tomorrow Jungkook is getting transferred to your class so sit him next to us, specifically me, thanks” said Jimin without even asking while smiling at his teacher in front of him.

“Can you guys not be annoying for just one day?” Hoseok said in an exasperated voice. “Mr. Lee,” he continued “I’ll see you tomorrow have a good night” and started dragging Taehyung and Jimin out of the classroom.

I realized Taehyung tried to get in his last words before Hoseok completely dragged him out.

“Bye teach and bye random girl whos name I dont know” he said referring to me, while laughing. I just rolled my eyes, I didn’t want him to know my name either. I finally looked over at Mr. Lee and he was sat down on his chair at his desk rubbing his temples with his index and middle fingers.

“What am I going to do with those kids?” he sighed loudly.

“Anyway, I called you over to let you know about the Math Club we have in our school. You seem to be an excellent student and get very outstanding grades so I recommended you to the team. They meet every day except for Mondays.” he handed the flyer for the club to me along with the slip of paper that let me know I was qualified to join.
I looked down at the flyer and cringed. It looked like someone just slapped a bunch of text together with a few pictures scattered around.

Wow what a great way to pull people into your club. I sighed out loud and started putting the papers in my bag. I didn’t want to refuse because Mr. Lee was nice so I felt bad, but I really didn’t wanna join.

“You’ll start the club tomorrow since today is Monday. Please think about it I think you would be a great edition to their team” he said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Ok I will, I’ll see you tomorrow Mr. Lee, thank you” I said, just wanting to leave and go home. Opening the door of the classroom I stepped out into the hallway. It was silent and empty. I walked outside of the school building while putting in my headphones and turning on my music. As I was walking to the bus stop I saw them again. This time it was a bigger group with two more people talking the other three that were previously in class.

“Yah, Namjoon why didn’t you come to class I almost didn’t finish my work and Hoe-sock over here almost didn’t want to give it to me” said Jimin in a whiny voice, while Hoseok sent Jimin a death stare. Jimin was talking to the tall one who was absent in class today. He usually showed up and did his work just like Hoseok, but today he wasn’t in class.

“I was getting some things ready for the meeting tomorrow” the tall brown haired boy spoke, putting emphasis on the word meeting.

Meeting? Do they have some type of cult or something? I shrugged it off and continued waking to the bus. Suddenly I found myself crossing paths with the group of boys.

'Fucking Great,’ I cursed in my head. Jimin had spotted and started looking straight at me. I looked down, making my hair cover my face hoping the rest of them wouldn’t see me.

“Hey look its that smart girl from our math class” Jimin said while pointing at me enthusiastically. I looked up to see them all staring at me now. I kept walking trying to escape as fast as I could to avoid the awkward situation.

“Why is she walking away so fast, did I say something wrong?” asked Jimin, puzzled.

“She just doesn’t want to talk to you, not every girl likes you Park Jimin” said Hoseok still looking at his phone while drinking his iced coffee. This time Jimin was the one giving Hoseok a death stare. I could hear Taehyung and Namjoon erupting in laughter, all of them being behind me now, and continued with their coversation about their meeting.
I was finally home after a dreaded day at school. I spent the whole ride to my house thinking about the so called meeting. I know it isn’t any of my business but I’m a nosy bitch sometimes and I can’t help it.
I went to the kitchen after coming home and saw a note from my mom

I’ll be coming home late again this week. I left some food for you and your brother for when you guys get hungry. I’ll try to be home as soon as possible.
Take care and love you”

I sighed while I finished reading the last word of the note. She was always coming home late because her job always kept her overtime.

After eating the food she left I headed to my room and layed down on my bed, exhausted from school. The last thing I thought about was the club before drifting off into sleep.

Maybe something good will come out of this.

Dear Temperance Brennan:You have teached me almost everything I know. You have teached me more scientific facts than any school, you have teached me that no matter my past, I AM the one who builds my future, you have teached me to always question everything, you have teached me that modesty takes us nowhere, you have teached that there is a world full of possibilities that our eyes can’t see, you have teached me to never give up. 

To you: Thank you.

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Dear Seeley Booth: You have teached me more than any men I know. You have teached me that it’s not because I can’t see something that it doesn’t exist, you have teached me that my heart can lead my brain, you have teached me that a lion heart can also have a lion mind when it comes to protection, you have teached me that sometimes we need to put ourselves second place, you have teached me that crying it’s required.

To you: Thank you.

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Dear Angela Montenegro: You have teached me more than any friend I have. You have teached me that sometimes your heart comes first, you have teached me that the world is not as evil as we think it is, you have teached me that everyone deserves happiness, you have teached me that what goes around comes around, you have teached me that real friends translate each other, you have teached me that happiness is the most precious thing to have.

To you: Thank you.

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Dear Jack Hodgins: You have teached me more than any teacher I know. You have teached me to live life to the fullest, you have teached me to have an opinion, you have teached me to always defend my point of view, you have teached me that patience is a need, you have teached me to be a perfectionist, you have teached me that “too bad” is way better than “what if?”, you have teached me to always be passionate on what I do.

To you: Thank you.

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Dear Camille Saroyan: You have teached me more than any “boss” I know. You have teached me that heels and a “bossy” attitude work great together, you have teached me to be vulnerable, you have teached me to see people beyond their words, you have teached me to be grateful for the people around me, you have teached me to “loose” sometimes, you have teached me that my life, my rules.

To you: Thank you.

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To every single one of the characters on this show a huge THANK YOU, to all the squints, to all the guests, to Lance Sweets, to James Aubrey…. each of you has teached me a life lesson. Every episode was a lesson.

So, to you Bones: Thank you. 

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We were talking about hair and dyeing hair over dinner tonight, and I realized that it’s probably been since last summer since I got my hair cut/trimmed. Probably due for an appointment. I mean, my hair is pretty healthy, but at the very least I need the ends cleaned up, and I’ll probably have them put at least some subtle bangs in again.

I’d be game for trying more dramatic bangs, and I would really love to put a streak of color in, but I think both of those are probably a no-go right now thanks to work. Whomp. Navyy keeps lobbying me to try henna dye to give my hair a little more red tint to it. Anybody have any experience/suggestions with that? I think it could be fun.