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Slip of The Tongue

Summary: After a long night of debriefing for the next mission, with the entire team, the reader accidentally lets her pet name for Bucky slip. The team finds out the reader isn’t as innocent as they thought. 

Word Count: 1221

authors note; This was completely inspired by something @whichwayisthebeach-seabass reblogged from @angryschnauzer so go check them out :)

Sighing you let your head slump down onto the table, “Guys if I hear the word protocall one more time I’m going to explode”. You heard numerous grunts and sighs of agreement, your friends just as exhausted.

Steve put down the white board marker he’d been holding, “Alright, let’s call it a night”. The entire room cheered, you’d all had your fill of going over the next mission. Peter nudged your side, “Nice one (y/n)! I have to study anyways for-”.

As he got up Tony pointed at him, “No, you’re taking a break. I already called your school and your midterms for tomorrow are getting moved”. You smiled, seeing Tony parent Peter like that always melted your heart.

Peter’s protesting was muffled as you felt someone wrap their arms around you from behind. You smirked as you felt the cool metal against your skin, “What do you say we go enjoy our night doll?”.

Bucky’s voice was so groggy it was as if he’d just woken up. You kissed his arm, “Let’s go make a snack first”. You couldn’t see his face, but you knew full well he was smirking. Sam nodded his head, “Count me in, I’m starving”.

Nat had a mischievous grin on her face, “I think it’s only fair that Rogers should be the one to cook for all off us”. Steve tried to fight it, but everyone else had already agreed with Nat. Shaking his head he said, “Fine, but everyone only gets one pancake”.

Everyone was filled with excitement as you all made your way to the kitchen, still extremely out of it, but now everyone had a second wind. As much as Steve protested cooking for everyone you caught him smiling from ear to ear when he thought no one was looking.

Wanting to have a little fun you stood beside him and teased, “Secretly hoping Nat likes to kiss the cook?”. The kitchen light might’ve been low but you could still see the blush on his face.

He averted your gaze by pouring the mix onto the pan, “Don’t you have a jerk with a metal arm to entertain?”. You nodded your head, you’d caught Steve Rogers. Winking you said, “Changing topics? You got it bad huh”.

The kitchen was filled with your laughter, and due to your level of exhaustion you were laughing harder than usual. After catching his breath Steve yelled, “Hey punk I think your girlfriend needs some help over here”.

Bucky called back from the couch, “Maybe if (y/n) and I get firsts I’ll come help, if not babe keep it up”. While shaking his head Steve chuckled softly to himself. You sat on the counter, “I could do this all day Cap”.

Steve moved his arm, perfectly flipping the pancake in the air. Without breaking concentration he asked, “Whip cream?”. With a smile you plopped down from the counter, grabbing two plates from the cabinets.

You kissed him on the cheek, “Extra for Buck please”. Steve nodded his head already starting on the second pancake. Within a minute or so your plates were ready, whip cream and all.

By now the rest of the team occupied the kitchen; sitting at the island, laying on the floor, and in a thousand other weird positions. The now fully occupied kitchen was adding to the confusion you’d already felt.

It was only meant to be a short briefing on the next mission, but it ended up running four hours longer than intended. It had started a ten, when Tony finally flew back in, and had lasted all the way until two in the morning.

Your brain was as mushy as the pancake mix to say the least. It felt like you and the team were doing your own weird version of a sleepover. The smell of the buttery pancakes were the only thing keeping your eyes open, but barely.

Bucky took his plate from you, placing it down onto the counter. You were just about to take your first bite when he asked, “Do you know where you put my new syrup?”.

You started raking your brain, listing off any possible place it could be. Between the noise of the now over populated kitchen and Bucky asking you a million questions you weren’t a fully functioning human anymore.

His voice was more stern, “Doll did you remember to put it on the list?”. He wasn’t actually angry, but his voice was still demanding. Before you were even aware of what you were saying it just came out.

Yes daddy I did” you said before finally taking a bite of your pancake. It was like someone pushed a button and every single voice in the kitchen turned off. Tony was the first to say something, “Peter cover your innocent ears!!”.

You turned around completely red in the face as you saw all the smirks on your friends faces. Sam wiggled his eyebrows, “Y’all are kinky huh?”. You parted your lips to speak but you couldn’t think of a single response.

Clint teased, “I’m surprised Cap even understands that one”. Suddenly you turned your head to the side to see Steve smirking at what you’d just said. Nat calmly said, “Unless Barnes fills him in”.

Tony clapped his hands together, extremely excited, “Unless Rogers is just as kinky!!!”. It was Steve’s turn to be completely red. He put his hands up defensively, “Look guys…come on…I…we-”.

The entire team was dying of laughter, teasing Steve was something everyone enjoyed. You felt Bucky wrap an arm around your waist, still holding his plate in his hand. Quickly and softly he whispered in your ear, “That was so fucking hot (y/n)”.

Loudly he said, “(y/n) and I are going to go enjoy our pancakes in peace!”. With a mischievous grin on his face he lead you out of the kitchen. Before you left Tony teased, “Oh don’t think you two are off the hook”.

Sam yelling, “I better not hear your bed creaking in 10 minutes!” was the last thing you heard before entering the hall. The kitchen was filled with laughter once again as your friends enjoyed the rest of the night, Nat even sneaking up next to Steve to whisper something into his ear….making his face turn a darker shade of red.

Bucky closed the door with his foot, “You sounded way to sexy back there doll”. You laughed as you sat down onto your bed. Looking up you teased, “I’m just glad you’re not angry daddy”.

He threw his head back groaning before joining you on the bed, “Fuck doll I love you”. You laughed softly while digging into your pancake, smiling when Bucky moved to sit next to you.

Placing a quick kiss on his cheek you said, “I love you too”. You could see him smirking out of the corner of your eye and you braced yourself. With pretend annoyance you asked, “What is it”.

Bucky wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner, “I’m just thinking about dessert”. You gave him a confused look until you finally realized what he’d meant. Despite how hard you tried not too, you found yourself smiling.

James Buchanan Barnes could be a complete and utter idiot sometimes, but to say you were madly in love with him was an understatement.


Alright, so Mark said that the van videos have a story line, and that got me into theorizing mode, and I’m trying to figure out what it is.

So I looked through the van videos again, trying to find some kind of storyline. Now I think that there are two possible theories as to the story of the van videos.

The first one is about Darkiplier. Now a lot of people have brought this up, so I’ll keep it short since I’m leaning more towards my second theory.

Basically the idea is that, the van videos are just Dark pretending not to be Mark.
- At the beginning of the first van video Mark is holding his hands behind his back. This pose is Dark’s signature position, and something we’ve only seen Mark do while being Dark.
- everyone was kind of put off by the over ridiculousness of the van videos. Mark was being more silly than usual. And while we eventually got used to it, we still couldn’t get the thought out of our minds. And right after the events of WKM, we were all still in theorizing mode.

My second theory is one that I haven’t seen while looking through tumblr, so I’m pretty sure I came up with it on my own.

First let’s point out the odd things we noticed in the van videos.
- Mark being more silly than normal.
- Why do you need a van?
-Why did you not say the outro regularly in the first video.

Now, if we are making a theory out of this, it clearly has to do with one of the egos. The question is, which one of the egos is overly silly?
-Wilford Warfstache/ The Colonel
- Jim(s)
- Ed Edger
- Silver Shepard
- King of the Squirrels
-Bim Trimmer?

Right off the bat we are going to eliminate Bim Trimmer, he wouldn’t be the type to not boast about something like this.

Next we knock off Wilford Warfstache/The Colonel. If it were Warfstache, then we would have pink mustache undoubtedly.

Next off is Ed Edger. Not enough southern twang.

Next Silver Shepard since he wears a costume all the time.

This leaves two egos. King of the Squirrels and the Jim(s).

I believe that the van videos are the origin story of the Jim(s).
- they have a van. News reporters use news VANS to travel, and those news vans tend to be white.
The ridiculousness of the van videos is just a lower degree of Jim ridiculousness. And will probably get more hectic later on in Jim(s) life.
- throughout the van series, we see Mark (AKA Jim) trying to use the van in multiple ways in order to make money. This would indicate that they are in need of a job, and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say they went into news broadcasting for a bit.
- in the “Don’t Remember” video. Which is the camera person sleeping in the van. It shows that the hand of person behind the camera is Mark’s (AKA Camera Jim’s) hand.

Also take into account that the “Don’t Remember” video is not included in Mark’s playlist of the van videos. Meaning that any implication of Darkiplier or any other ego in that video do not apply to the canon if the van videos.

Anyway, I just didn’t see anything on the Jim(s), so I wanted to put my insight in.

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Why do you hate Wanda? I feel like personally she's not really on screen enough for me to have any particular opinion about her. She does annoy me a little though

Okay so this got ranty and negative so I’m putting it under a read more in case people don’t want to see it

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Ten Drarry Fics That Made Me Smile Like an Idiot in 2017

I was supposed to write this post a lot earlier, I’d planned to do it on NYE but the last couple weeks have been kinda crazy, so I couldn’t find the time to do it then, to make up for it, this will be an annotated rec list, meaning that I’ll also put in everything that I absolutely love love love about that fic. So here you are, more than 3 weeks later than planned, my fluff recs for 2017.

As the title suggests this list is SUPER subjective. These fics are just such nice, light reads with little to no angst and sometimes you just need something this cute and just good.

Edit: Upon finishing the list I realized that my “reviews” are basically just me gushing about the fic in question. So if you’re expecting to find actual intelligent, technical reviews, you are not going to find those here. 

Operation: S.M.W.L.N.T.E.T.H.S.P by XxTheDarkLordxX

Typically, notes from admirers would bring smiles to one’s face or even lift their mood. It might make their day or even their week. It was a sign of a romantic at heart and even considered sweet.

However, Draco Malfoy doesn’t do sweet. If he got one more note saying he looked radiant or beautiful, he was going to kill someone. Literally. His secret admirer better stay a secret before he cursed them into oblivion… right after he figured out how to stop blushing.

This thing right here is so pure and funny The secret admirer notes that Harry sends are so cute and Draco’s reactions to the notes and how they went from “I wanna kill this person.” to “I can’t stop blushing.” is also great. Also they (everyone except Harry, Harry hates it) call it “Operation: Seduce Malfoy With Love Letters To Ensure That Harry Stops Pining” which is kind of hilarious. It was a very fun, light read. 10/10 would recommend.

Owl post by parkkate

Imagine Draco, sometime after the war, sitting alone in his flat and not knowing what to do with himself. He feels so empty, but on the other hand, there’s so much he wants to say. But who should he talk to? There’s nobody there. So he just begins writing his thoughts down. Little does he know his owl is delivering these to the person she thinks Draco needs most in his life

Ahhh this one is just so sweet. I love the idea that Draco’s owl delivers his discarded letters to (SPOILER) Harry. You get to see Harry help Draco so much and I know that I use the word pure a lot (and there is definitely more to come) BUT IT’S JUST SO PURE AND NICE. I just love it a lot.

Surviving the Horde by FleetofShippyShips

Draco has managed to avoid Christmas at the Burrow for ten years, but not this year.

Domestic Drarry, DOMESTIC DRARRY, DOMESTIC DRARRY. All the bickering and the domestic fluff is so heartwarming. I can definitely see Draco refusing to join Harry at the Burrow for Christmas until one day Harry stops taking no for an answer and drags Draco along anyway. Draco’s interactions with the Weasley’s, his friendships with Ron and Ginny are just SO good and I want more of it all.  

Magic Tricks by cant_we_just_be_happy

Draco’s wasted. Harry’s annoyed. Draco wants to be entertained. Harry shows Draco a bit of muggle-culture.

So, Drunk Draco is a clingy blessing. How fascinated Draco is by a simple card trick is just so adorable. The way he demands to know which spell Harry used is just so adorable. How he has basically no filter when drunk is just so adorable. Draco is just so adorable. Oh, and it’s an eighth year roommates AU, which is such a good trope.

I Can’t Take It! by XxTheDarkLordxX

After the war, Draco Malfoy became an author. A best selling author whose books move the hearts of those who read them. Which wouldn’t be a problem for Ron if all of them weren’t about Harry! It was obvious to him that Malfoy was in love with his best friend but why was it that no one else seemed to think so? He was going to get to the bottom of this and get Harry to stop mooning over the blonde idiot at the same time. Perhaps, they just needed someone to come along and get them to fess up. For the safety of his own sanity, Ron was going to help Malfoy ensnare Harry. That is, if they can get along long enough not to kill each other.

I👏fucking👏love👏author👏Draco👏 Well that and THE RON AND DRACO FRIENDSHIP Give👏me👏more👏Ron👏and👏Draco👏friendship👏  Okay, for real though, Draco writes novels, fucking novels, inspired by Harry and Harry’s a huuuge fan of his work. It’s basically mutual pining but more complicated and better and just great. 

Stealing Sweaters by DorthyAnn (JenniferMarie)

It’s their eighth and final year and over the course of several months, Harry and Draco have managed to become close friends. Their friends are entirely certain that they ought to be much, much more. So they just decide to… help things along.

I love this so so so much it’s just so god damn relatable and funny but not without a little bit of angst. Having meddling friends that mean well but almost ruin everything for you is a concept that I’m VERY familiar with and it was nice to see that reflected in this. How Draco’s and Harry’s friends worked together to get Drarry to happen was great, although they made it worse than it was before they meddled. Other than their getting together arc, Harry and Draco’s friendship is also very lovely. Read this, do it, it’s great.

We’re Already Married by XxTheDarkLordxX

“Our whole lives we have always told people that we were married. I knew that it wasn’t exactly normal but it was always something that filled me with so much affection for you. I have loved you for so long. Longer than I ever realized.” Harry took a deep breath as he looked into shining silver eyes.


Three-year-old Harry asks little Draco to marry him and they insist to anyone who will listen that they are indeed already married.

Okay so, cute baby Drarry ✅ Jealous friends Drarry ✅ I love you so much that I can’t be friends with you anymore Drarry ✅ Oh jeez, this thing right here is just the purest tooth-rotting fluff that I’ve read in the last year. Just imagine tiny Harry telling tiny Draco that he has pretty eyes and that they’re best friends and asking Draco to marry him because they’re best friends and Harry really likes Draco. Doesn’t it just make you want to squeal?! It’s just so pure and sweet and nice and *sigh* I just have a lot of feeling for this fic.

Falling In Like by SereneFreakGeekFandoms:

Returning for his eighth year, Harry finds himself followed by girls catcalling him, surrounded by paired up friends that would rather snog in his presence, and unexpected thoughts that begin to fill his head to the point of confusion. With some gay novels thrown in.

“Falling In Like” features a very sexually confused Harry and it’s about him understanding and coming to terms with his sexuality. And Draco reads muggle gay novels and him and Harry lowkey start a book club between the two of them and it’s great. 

Kiss Me Not by DorthyAnn (JenniferMarie)

Sometimes a witch or wizards magical signature is so completely incompatible with another that they repel one another like magnets. On the other hand, if two magical signatures mesh well together, well there are no stronger relationships in all the world. In a sample of a thousand people, the average witch or wizard will be slightly repelled by four or five people and strongly repelled by only one, at the most. The opposite is true for attraction.
But Harry Potter can’t kiss anyone at all.

God, I love this so, so much. One thing about me is that I’m a sucker for soulmate AU’s and while “Kiss Me Not” is not technically a soulmate AU, it certainly has a lot of the elements of a soulmate AU. Guys, it’s just so cute and so well written and just really well thought out. It’s amazing, I love it, it’s amazing.

A Hyperactive Fruit, a Nasty Neighbour and a Love Story by synonym4life

Potter’s pet Niffler is wreaking havoc in Godric’s Hollow and Draco, the Assistant Head to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, is the one who has to deal with it. Repeatedly. The fact that Potter keeps coming to Draco’s office in grey jogging bottoms - repeatedly - does in no way help the matter.

And last but definitely not least, we have this guy here, the only R rated fic in the list. So Harry has the most adorable pet Niffler, who has a weird obsession with oranges as well as garden gnomes. Draco is weak for Harry with joggers. This is hilarious and adorable and also, it’s really, really good smut. *fans self* ((Fun fact, I am sitting at a coffee shop in our student union building and I wanted to skim through the fic to remember details and I couldn’t stop reading it and then suddenly I was reading smut on a laptop screen in a crowded coffee shop.))

BTS Reactions - Helping Their S/O Cope With Their Anxiety/Depression In Better Ways

*for anon ~ I hope you find strength and encouragement in this post x*

Requests are always open! I love getting messages from you guys and new ideas x

Warning ~ a quick warning that some aspects of this could be seen as upsetting to sensitive readers (although I avoided in depth detail of anxiety and depression to avoid triggers), but don’t worry I have plenty more fluffy works coming up soon x Side note that if there is anyone struggling with anything at all my messages are always open to talk to me about anything, there is always support out there and there is help for you x 


Originally posted by softjeon

He had knew for a while that you where struggling with your depression a lot recently, and he could see it was getting harder to cope with for you when you kept sleeping in all mornings and would barely have the energy for everyday activities anymore. Yoongi has suffered from similar situations and empathized with you. Your poor sleeping patterns of staying up at night and sleeping in all morning was all to familiar to him so he had a few ideas on how to help. He would help you by sitting down with you and creating a routine that you could use to get you back on track. It was only a small thing but he just wanted to get you into better habits as he knew it would be worth it in the long run for recovery. He would offer endless amounts of support for you whenever he could, trying to help you find the strength and energy in each day, promising you that it is always there.                                                                                                                    “So long as i’m here jagi, nothing bad will ever happen to you, I promise, I will try my best to help you” 


Originally posted by jeoncooky

He knew of your struggles and anxietys, he also knew you your ways of handling it. It broke his heart every time he saw you break down and turn to messily drawing on yourself with a marker for relief. Although he knew it was a safe and useful way of dealing with it for you, he wanted to help out in anyway he could. He would take the marker away from you slowly, and stretch out your arm and draw butterflies and hearts all over it. Watching the pen slowly drag the ink into beautiful shapes across you calmed you down, especially when it was Namjoon doing it.                                                                                                            “Shhh jagi, see look its okay” he would whisper into your ear as he pulled you closer for a hug.                                                                                            “They’re almost as beautiful as you”


Originally posted by pjmksj

During the times you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, Jin would always show you the positives in every situation (both in yourself and around you). He would focus your attention on all the wonderful things surrounding you like your talents and your relationship, even when your anxiety lies to you and stops you from noticing them. Your health would be his number one priority, always making sure you are hydrated and eating healthy as well as exercise to release stress and energy.    “Look at how beautiful the sunset is right now jagi, focus on the light and love in the present, not the fears in your brain, I’m here to help you throw them away”


Originally posted by sugakookie

Jungkook is such a softie, he wanted to help you everyday and often through small things that would make you smile throughout your day. He would leave sticky notes of inspirational quotes, compliments and tips all around the house for you to find, like on cereal boxes of on the mirror. He would also encourage you to start making some notes for yourself too, to open your mind to new positive thoughts and new ways to help and love yourself.                              “You deserve to know how loved and valued you are, you’re the most precious thing in my life, please know how wonderful you are”


Originally posted by holangistuff

He was scared to death when he walked into your bedroom to see you having a panic attack. Tae had never seen you in a state like this, but he had been in similar situations and luckily knew what to do to help. He kneeled in front of you while you where sat at the edge of the bed. He patiently guided you through breathing exercises, not letting go of your hands for a second. Eventually you had managed to calm down and you spent the rest of the night curled up beside each other in bed. His fingers grazing through your hair, nails gently skimming across your scalp, anchoring you to the moment.                                          “Don’t ever feel afraid to talk to me about anything or ask for help, I’m here for you jagiya”.


Originally posted by kimthwriter

On the days you felt like depression had gotten the best of you, Hobi would always shine a brand new light onto your day and offer you a brighter perspective without even realizing it. Just by him messing around and acting like an idiot he managed to bring out a rarity of your genuine smile. With each of his theatrical gestures and exaggerated dances, he would make you giggle and learn to appreciate the little things in life and see the happiness in everyday things.                                                                                                            “That’s the gorgeous smile I like to see! Ahh jagi you’re so beautiful!”


Originally posted by jimiyoong

Seeing you struggle broke his heart, so he wanted to be by your side to support you everyday. Unfortunately with his working schedule he couldn’t quite do that. When he wasn’t there to hug you to death and give you endless kisses and affection, he would send you cute texts telling you he loved you and how beautiful you are, he would leave flowers for you and notes by your bedside table. He would always give you reason to carry on through your day.              “You may be struggling right now, but I am always here. The sun will set and come back up, and your feelings will pass and blossom into new hopeful ones and happiness. Stay strong jagi, I promise you today and the tomorrows after will be filled with hope.”

A/N ~ although i struggled some what to convey my message clearly since this is a sensitive subject to me, I hope what people take from this is that there is always hope and support waiting for you. I promise you there will be better days for you to hold on to. If you are struggling at all and just need a friend to talk to, I am here. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Stay strong x


“dont you worry your pretty little head about it lass, i’ve been worse off than this.” he stated.

you sighed, “just sit down, shut up and let me help you.”

he grinned, taking a seat on the bed, allowing you to approach with the first aid kit, “well when you put it that way Princess…” 

gif credit (x) original gifset (x) big thank you to this gif maker for giving me permission to use their gifs! havent had much time to write lately but Mad Sweeney definitely has a place in my heart so hopefully i’ll be able to post more of him when i have the time <3

I’m not going to lie, almost every thing I do in my spare time now, I think to myself ‘How could I turn this into a one-shot?’

More recent things include:

- digging a hole to put a dead pet in

- baking a cake

- burning kale in the oven

- dealing with a spot on my face the size of a grape

- chatting to my car about whether it does realistically need to be filled with petrol right now or if it could last a little longer

- using up all the hot water in the shower thus annoying the rest of the family who also wanted showers

- deciding what sort of tea to have

- trying to stop the cat from getting in the kitchen sink with its muddy paws 🙄

- slow dancing under the stars with my s/o, freezing our butts off while we wait for our friends to pick us up to go out

- trying to justify the reason why there’s a tonne of my socks at the bottom of the bed (I go to sleep with cold feet but get hot in the night, okay??)

[Tessellate] • 2

Negan x Olya

A/N: I’M SORRY IF THIS SUCKS. I’VE HAD TERRIBLE WRITERS BLOCK FORGIVE ME. This story is based on @to-ma-to amazing OC Olya after I had asked her to commission a piece for me. Check out her artwork for more about Olya x Negan! She is also putting together a comic!  @to-ma-to  I hope this update can make you smile xx  Also, I had to split this chapter up because it was HELLA long ** I did write a part in this fic after seeing an ask from an anon saying that Negan’s character only likes a “specific” body type. To that anon, I say: shame on you. Shame on you for trying to make people feel less than. No one should have to live her their life fitting into impossible, and unnatural standards. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, there’s no shame in embracing who you are <3 EACH AND EVERY ONE of you are stunning in your own way. Work it bbs. Slay the fucking game and shitty people who try and make you feel otherwise. 

|| Part 1 || Masterlist || 

(artwork by @to-ma-to


“Hush, Avi”, Olya whispered as the two of them finally made their way outside of the building. 

Three weeks had passed since her kidnappers confined her to this gated prison where Olya was assigned one of the worst responsibilities: janitorial duties. Whenever she found herself scrubbing the grime off the walls and floors, her mind would return back to the horrendously handsome leader that she encountered. Olya had a feeling that this was his way of taunting her about her decision not to “serve” him, and figured that getting her hands dirty would be enough to change her mind. 

What Negan didn’t know, was that he had given Olya the perfect advantage to figure her way out of here. Working in the wee hours of the night meant that she rarely encountered the others living in this place. She utilised her working hours to map out the grounds of the Sanctuary, and within the short span of time she spent here, Olya had managed to conjure up a seamless escape plan.  

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“It’s not mine, I swear”-“How is it not fucking yours!” Nicercy ❤️

“It’s not mine, I swear”, blurted Nico out before he could even think about it.

If he had thought about it, he would have realized that this was never going to work. Percy glared pointedly at him, arms crossed over his chest, gritting his teeth. Taking a calming breath, Percy reached into the pile of laundry.

“How is it not fucking yours?”, asked Percy irritated.

He held up the offending, black t-shirt with the Fall Out Boy band-name and logo on it. Nico had bought that after the last concert he had gone to with Thalia. He bis his lips, trying to come up with a more reasonable explanation.

“…I didn’t put it in the laundry pile?”, offered Nico slowly.

Percy glared pointedly, gesturing at his formerly white and light-blue shirts, jeans and underwear. Now all a muddled gray thanks to the black shirt bleeding out in the washing machine.

“So the laundry fairy did it?”, inquired Percy, both eyebrows raised.

Time to change strategies, apparently. Nico straightened up and walked over to his boyfriend, pulling Percy into a slow, soothing kiss. It didn’t take long for Percy to relax into the kiss, the shirt falling to the floor.

“I’ll buy you a whole new wardrobe, amore”, whispered Nico gently. “And you could… model it for me?”

Percy huffed and swatted at his boyfriend. “You’re lucky my favorite shirt wasn’t in there or I’d drown you, di Angelo.”

Read this here on FFNet & here on AO3!

[Impulsive self-indulgent doodling that got out of hand. Yakuzafam listening to Put Your Hands Up Radio together. It was meant to be a sketchy thing, which is why it’s so messy, but I got carried away.

Not pictured:
-Rappa, laying on the rug behind the couch.
-Chrono, taking the picture.

Under the cut: Something special for the anons that have been bothering @asktheloudmicrophonedhero lately.

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MFMM: 30 Day Challenge

I usually forget about these things, or have not the time to do it. So I’ll put this up more like a questionaire than a calendary challenge.

Challenge is by @izzyandlouie

Day 1: When you fell in love with MFMM

Watched it when it first aired in Germany (May 7th 2014) and was smitten the moment I saw it. The entry in the TV guide was the impetus.

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Day 2: Favourite Male character

Oh, that is a tough one. They all (Jack, Hugh, Mr. Butler, Cec, Bert) have their qualities. But, um, I go with Bert - a little hot-headed, Communist ✊🏼, and standing up for his believes. And his looks are not be scoffed at, either…

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Day 3: Favourite episode of Season 1

That would be Murder in Montparnasse. Not because it features Phrack’s first kiss (no, of course not…) but because we learn so much more about Phryne’s history and about Bert’s and Cec’s as well.

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Day 4: Headcanon about Phryne

Phryne’s like an open book - there’s not much hidden about her in the dark.

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Day 5: Favourite ship

Everyone‘s favourite is Phrack and I agree that their banter is absolutely thrilling to look at. That might be an unpopular opinion but in most cases I like the prelude more than when they finally get each other. But my all time fave here is Hugh and Dot because they learn so much from each other. And because Dot is my favourite character in the entire franchise.

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Day 6: First episode you watched

Cocaine Blues: For a change, I started a series with the very first episode.

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Day 7: Headcanon about Hugh

When he needed to find himself in series 3 I like to imagine that he wrote poems beside going fishing. Some were about the scenical landscapes he saw but most of them were about Dot and they helped him realize how much she meant to him.

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Day 8: Saddest episode

Deadweight was rather tragic to me as it centered on two mothers losing their sons and on the opressed native Australians.

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Day 9: Favourite friendship

My BroTP is and forever will be Dot and Mr Butler. They understand each other without many words, they are quiet and compassionate. Mr Butler could be Dots father but he respects her on an equal level.

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Day 10: Favourite scenery / establishing shot or favourite location

There are so many wonderful shots but I think the best is in Queenscliff, when Hugh and Jack gracefully emerge from the floods, ehem.

Day 11: Headcanon about Jane

Jane is secretly into science fiction books and doodles sketches of her own superheroine that has an uncanny resemblance with one Phryne Fisher.

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Day 12: Favourite female

DOT!! Without question did she have one of the best arcs in fictional history. She’s now standing her ground, sometimes a little sassy and can give the best advices.

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Day 13: Favourite episode of Season 2

For aforementioned scenery reasons (among others): that’s Dead Man’s Chest.

Day 14: Favourite dramatic moment / action scene

As nearly every episodes end with a dramatic chase it’s hard to pick a favourite. But I think I go with plane meets motorbike scene of Death Do Us Part (correct me if I’m wrong here).

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Day 15: Favourite outfit

Phryne has so many dashing garments. However, I love the shot when she wears, beside her beige detective hat, the scarf of Jack’s favourite football team Abbotsford.

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Day 16: Headcanon about Dot

When she had met Phryne and gotten accustomed to her outgoing personality she did some research on other grand women in history like Joan Of Arc, Queen Elisabeth, Boudicca or Hatshepsut.

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Day 17: Favourite Bad Girl

She’s not really a bad girl but still a little bit shady: Rosie Sanderson. But to be frankly honest, I can’t really see anything bad about her. And the really bad ladies are not to my liking.

Day 18: Funniest episode

There is something funny in every episode. But Dead Man’s Chest still has the best scenes.

Day 19: Favourite plot twist

When it turned out that Sidney Fletcher was the head of a human trafficking ring. That had my jaw dropped.

Day 20: Headcanon about Jack

I’d like to think that Jack’s pastime is gardening - that helps him unwind from the crimes and murders he has to deal with all the time.

(Please believe that I didn’t know this article [check izzyandlouie for details] before coming up with this headcanon.)

Day 21: Favourite quote

A woman should dress first and foremost for her own pleasure.

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Day 22: Least favourite character

Anyone who perpetuates racist, classist or in general backward opinions? Murdoch Foyle was an asshole, of course, but he wasn’t the only truly villainous person in the series. To put a placeholder for everyone I didn’t like: George Sanderson

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Day 23: Favourite kiss

Why are you asking so difficult questions? Though the passionate ones between Phryne and Jack have their perks and the shy ones between Dot and Hugh are so cute I decide on the one between the dynamic female duo of the series.

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Day 24: A song that reminds you of a scene / character / episode

I love the original soundtrack featuring so many beautiful vintage tracks. One of my favourites is You were passing only time with me by King Oliver and his orchestra - and I just recently saw the accompanying scene but it actually works with every post-case-meeting between Phryne and Jack and the laid-back yet sizzling atmosphere there is.

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Day 25: A character you want to know more about

Cecil Yates! Especially after he finds Alice (?). Like -  where/how exactly do they live? How many kids do they have in the end? I could see them having a dog or two. Cec seems like a dog person to me.

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Day 26: Favourite episode of Season 3

Game, Set and Murder - because who would have thought that Phryne could be afraid of anything?

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Day 27: Crackiest ship you can think of

I’m actually very open when it comes to shipping, considering it can be sexual/romantic/platonic. But I suppose a cracky ship would be Jack x The Red Raggers (both or only one of them). Their mutual dislike would fuel their relationship - both outside and inside their private chambers. But that doesn’t belong here 😳…

Day 28: Most ridiculous / silly episode

I think that’s Murder A La Mode even though there’s always something a lil’ bit in each episode. But introducing Hugh to the fine and complicated world of fashion (and his surrender to it) was a good move from the writer(s).

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Day 29: A character you didn’t like at first but have come round to

Aunt Prudence because she first was so conservative and elitist. But now I like the resolute attitude and her - a bit - because she’s so much like my grandma. She looks like her (like, a lot!) and she’s a matriarch like her.

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Day 30: What you want to be there in the movie. (Originally was Season 3)

So maybe a bit about Cec’s family.
I hope that Phryne can keep her independence and that she doensn’t lose it to the fans that want to see her “immorality” gone. Maybe Jack and her can make an open relationship kind of work. Phryne’s not the type of “one true love”, imo at least. Apart from that, if they continue in the spirit of the series they can’t do much wrong.

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Ok. I put part two off for long enough. Both part two and three were shorter than one, so I decided to put them together. @riyuyami

Isis had been having the same vision for days now. She had thus far been unable to speak with the Pharaoh. He had been quite busy

after the Pharaoh had finished his morning duties, a council session had been called to order.

When the Pharaoh asked for announcements and the morning reports of the country, Isis had been about to speak up but was interrupted by Shada who had been seeing to the arrival of the newest group of scribes to the Great House, stormed into the room, his feet slapping against the marble floor in his anger.

“Please pardon me my Pharaoh, but we have a bit of a situation concerning one of the newest scribes.”

His voice was harsh. As though someone had insulted his mother. It was concerning, considering how it wasn’t easy to rile Shada up. (Trust her, Set, Mahado, herself, and the Pharaoh himself had all teased him mercilessly many times before)

“What seems to be the problem Shada?”

The pharaoh’s rich voice had hardened at the urgency in his priest’s voice.

Shada motioned to the door.

What Isis saw next turned her blood to ice.

She could tell it was him. The boy from her visions. The one who looked just like the Pharaoh. The one who danced and disappeared. The one who held such kindness and power in his eyes. The only other pair of eyes that she had seen that could hope to match were that of her Pharaoh’s.

She could also tell what had gotten him into trouble. His hair was nearly an exact copy of his Majesty’s, save for the red towards the tips and the bangs that framed his face. She could tell by looking at him though that he had never seen the Pharaoh, let alone his hair. How curious.

The young man cowered as he was all but dragged into the center of the room by the head guard. She wouldn’t blame him. The room was fairly intimidating.

However she marveled as she watched him closer. It seemed that even through his fear, the boy was studying them all one by one, save for the Pharaoh. When his eyes came to her, she smiled gently. Her hand rising to her necklace as a flash of the vision came to her again.

Why would it be showing her the moon of all things?

Isis listened intently as the young man argued his case. The more that he spoke, the stronger the pull on her magic felt. And he more he spoke, the more her vision was starting to become clear.

This was cut off when the Pharaoh spoke. Standing, he made his way towards the young man. The boy now named Heba, stiffened. Intrigue laced in his voice the King of Khemet addressed the scribe.

The room chilled when the boy looked at his face. It was as though it was an involuntary act.

Isis couldn’t remember much of the rest of the meeting after that. She kept up with the rest is of re duties as best as she could but her thoughts were flying about her head too fast to allow much else. There was so much revealed today and yet so few of her questions were answered.

She sighed. “Sometimes I wonder if it would be better that I didn’t see the future.”

“Oh, you’re back. Sometimes I wonder if that necklace of yours takes you to Nut and back. I wonder. Should I be jealous?”

Isis is so caught off guard by the question that she snorts before slapping her hand over her mouth. Her cheeks ballooning as she holds lack her laughter to the best of her ability.

“It doesn’t matter what I could tell you, you’d find a way to be jealous anyways.” She smiled.

“I know that. I was just trying to get you out of your slump. You haven’t laughed like that in days. I was beginning to think you’d went and gone all Set on me. Oh by the way, you got a little drool on the corner of your mouth.”

Isis shoved Myia playfully before getting to her feet, wiping away the drool as soon as she had her back turned. She groaned in delight as she stretched out her back, hands to the ceiling.

Myia’s arms once again found their way around her torso, pulling her closer. Isis grabbed her hands, turned herself around and pulled the both of them down onto the bed in one well practiced move. Picking herself up with her elbows Isis moved towards the edge of the bed and blew out the only candle in the room.

Darkness enveloped the two women who continued giggling. They only stopped when they met each other’s gazes, tender looks were shared between the two as Isis brushed Myia’s hair away from her face. Myia nuzzled her cheek into the warm palm before speaking.

“I saw my brother today. It’s been a while. He’s grown,” she snorts, “Just barely though.”

Isis watched her like lover, silently listening. She hasn’t seen her own brother in a while now that she thinks of it.

“He seemed so nervous when I talked to him though, it was as though he thought a guard was going to come in and take him away at any moment.” She paused. “He kept trying to flatten his hair for some reason. I don’t know why, he’s always been so proud of it. Mom used to call it a blessing from Thoth.”

Isis froze. Slowly sitting up, Isis stared blankly in front of her.

Myia followed hesitantly. “What’s wrong?”

“Your brother is Heba?”

A long pause followed the question. Turning towards the other woman, she watched her.

Myia was watching, her gaze was steely. How did she not see the resemblance before? They even shared the same eyes.

“How did you…. Oh. You’ve seen him haven’t you? You saw him with the necklace.” She said seriously. “That doesn’t seem like a good thing. Please tell me nothing bad is going to happen. Heba is the sweetest person I’ve ever known.”

Isis thought for a moment before she spoke. She told the woman what had happened earlier in the council room.

“I’m not sure as to what his destiny holds exactly. But there are a great many things in store for your brother. As to what is to come to pass, I do not know the extent as to what Heba will face, but a great trial has been laid before him. I’m sorry, the necklace can at times be vague at best…. I believe however that a great number of people will do anything within their power to make sure he is safe. Just so you know, that goes double for me.”

Isis held Myia’s face in her hands, wiping away tears that had trailed down her cheeks. Oh she’d do anything for this woman. Without a doubt. She knew neither of them had many people in their life who were precious to them. She wasn’t going to let anyone or anything take anyone from them. Not without a fight.

Isis’s hands left her face and curled around her shoulders before pulling her closer. They held each other tight and lay back down, holding each other and whispering promises and sweet nothings to each other, giving tender kisses until both of them were lost to the realm of dreams.

Scáthach Relationship Headcanons

Anon asked: Can I get some Scáthach relationship headcannons please!

Sure thing darling.

  • First she seems more protective than you would’ve thought.
  • Always checking on you.
  • Kissing you good morning, afternoon, night, and even when you come home from work/school.
  • She always speaks softly and enjoys running her hands through your hair even if it is short because just the feel is delicate to her.
  • Very understanding towards anything you ever have to say to her, will listen with open ears giving advice or even just comfort.
  • Hugs always from behind normally when you both wake up she likes to put her face in your shoulder and say sweet thinks.
  • Does enjoy holding hands if you ever go out in public as it is a sign of affection.
The Thatcher Transitions

I saw this post X about the transition from Mary to Margaret Thatcher in TST which is very interesting. However, before drawing conclusions about two female villains we should remember this:

The very same transition happens with Sherlock, maybe even more pronounced than in Mary’s scene. So I read this as another visual instance in which Sherlock and Mary are equated. So what does it mean? @ebaeschnbliah​ has many interesting thoughts and posts about Mary serving as Sherlock’s facade throughout the show. Here is a comprehensive list: A Mirror Hiding in Plain Sight. 

Masks, mirrors, firewalls, facades, make-up (the fake tan in TST) - they all have a lot in common. They are used to hide behind them, to put a veil over who you really are. 

Forced AU: Genesis of the Resistance Arc, Part 4

Silver had slept for one whole entire day without waking up.

And when he did wake up, he felt a subtle headache disturbing him. Then, he made his way slowly towards the main quarters of his secret base, which Sonic’s friends have now adopted.

The white hedgehog was greeted with the sight of three unknown mobians that he have never seen before, and that the layout of his secret hideout has been altered drastically. A pine-green bird and a red wolf currently moved empty crates around the room to create dividers around the base.

“Oh good, you’re up.” stated Tails, and he returned to staring at his laptop screen in thought.

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Hello everyone!

I put together a Society 6 last night! I have been spending some time putting up and formatting most of my originals up there! There is quite a few different items and products that Society 6 offers which is super nifty.

Tapestries, phone cases, beach towels, clocks, etc. It’s really cool to see all my stuff on different mediums and products. 

Here is the link below, feel free to check it out!


And if you don’t trust links, feel free to just search ‘SincerelySamArt’ into the Society 6 search bar. 

My plan is to get quite a few more original designs up onto the site later today. I also want to do some designs with my tarot cards too ;) Gonna be awesome!

Thanks so much guys!!

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I don't know what type of shoulder I have I've never been more afraid... Camille what if they're not gay? What if I have straight shoulders? What will I do?

you’ll gay them up by putting a pretty girl’s arm around them

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Hey Donnie, it has been super cold and like I don’t know how to stay warm when the heater is broken down. As of now I been just wearing a lot of warm clothes and covering myself with blankets but is there anything else I could do?

Do you have any small clay pots?

If your heater is broken down, or your power is out during a storm, all you need to make a space heater is a couple of orange clay pots and some candles. 

I refer you to this tutorial

Also, to keep warm while  your heat is out, confine yourself to one or two rooms. Close down your other rooms. The smaller the rooms the better because it’s always easier to heat up a small room with small windows. Cover the windows with bubble wrap or saran wrap to insulate them and then put blankets over the windows for more insulation. 

If you have hardwood or tile floors, put rugs or blankets on the ground. Carpet is best when you live in cold climates because a lot of cold air comes  up from basements and under your house. 

If your power is fine and your house is just colder than it should be-cook. Use the oven and bake or cook. That will warm up the house by a couple of degrees. Don’t use the open oven trick-that’s dangerous!

[Honest Q&A Meme]

What is your full name?

“Luke Gravespast.” [a pause] “All right Lucien Korbinius.”

What do your friends call you?

“Luke or Luc.  Mostly Luke.”

What is your favorite animal?

“My… favourite animal?  I’m partial to hunting raptors or coeurls.”

Where were you born?


Do you have any children?

“No - that’d be irresponsible!”

Is there a person/people you love?

[There’s a deadpan look for a good solid minute] “Who put you up to this?  Was it Iulius?”

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