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There are many people on the My Hero Academia Amino who are REPOSTING OC artworks and using them as faceclaim. These users are changing your OCs name, quirk and personality.
SOME OF THEM ARE STEALING OCs wholesale! Only adding things that are not in the image eg. Adding a personality if the image they used did not specify.

I am personally not OK with people stealing or faceclaiming OCs.


Not only that but many of the users repost the fanart as well. (So there is that too…)

Please be careful and always put watermarks!!

I know this warning seems petty but I really am not comfortable for people getting recognition for something they reposted…. ;;;

EDIT: I am a curator in the amino trying to clean up the place of uncredited reposts and stole artworks!! I am unable to stop the reposting as I have no “proper grounds” on which to push for reposting only with permission.

Ashley Hairs

Putting the download under the cut as a precaution for if there is a glitch with it and this way people who reblog won’t have a broken file(if it does mess up)

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Home Sweet Home Spell Jar

A Spell to Banish the Old Energy and Welcome in the New for A Home


  • A glass jar (must have a lid or stopper)
  • Black Salt (banishing old/negative energies, protection)
  • Rosemary (love, protection, 
  • Basil (balance, love, relaxation, prosperity, cleansing,  protection, 
  • Cloves (cleansing, growth, purification, repels negativity, 
  • Lavender (peace, money, cleansing, happiness, sleep)
  • Sugar (love, sweetness, luck)
  • Pink Himalayan Salt (love, protection)
  • Rose Petals (love, happiness, peace, blessed home, 
  • Garlic Powder (banishing old energy, anti-theft, prosperity, cleansing, health)
  • Sea Salt (cleansing, protection, purification, absorbs bad energy)
  • Oregano (warmth, comfort, vitality, joy)
  • Sesame Seeds (prosperity, protection, health
  • Cinnamon (banishing negative/unwanted spirits, love, wealth, success)
  • Thyme (releasing negativity, cleansing, balance, purification, health, sleep)
  • 3 Bay Leaves (cleansing, strength, repels negativity, success)
  • Clear Quartz (protection, cleansing)
  • White Candle (cleansing, purity, peace)


  1. Open the jar with the intention of beginning something new.
  2. Next layer each ingredient on top of the other while focusing on all the good things you want to occur in the house. The order is as follows: first black salt, then rosemary, basil, cloves, lavender, sugar, pink Himalayan salt, rose petals, garlic powder, sea salt, oregano, sesame seeds, cinnamon, thyme, 3 bay leaves, more sea salt, and finishing with more black salt
  3. Place the piece of clear quartz on top of the last layer of black salt before putting the lid/stopper on
  4. Seal the jar with the white candle wax and wait for it to harden.
  5. Place the jar somewhere in your home where you feel it belongs or give it to a friend.
  6. Follow up with your favorite cleansing method.

Notes on what I did:

I made this spell jar for my uncle as a gift for his first home. I wanted to make sure that both he and his pupper, Dixon, have the happiest and most love filled home possible. I also smoke cleansed his house with sage prior to him moving in next weekend.


170723 Super Junior D&E Hello Again Fanmeet [FULL]


D&E’s moms, Donghwa, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and MC Leeteuk attended.Kyuhyun had told leeteuk he’d come to every thing the members did. 



Opening VCR showed Still you cuts, getting #1, enlisting, and Donghae and Eunhyuk’s hug during discharge. Words: we’ve missed you. ©


EH: I have an apologetic heart to everyone here, let’s not break apart again, let’s only walk the flower path now.

DH: I’m sorry for making you lonely for 2 years, I will work hard to show a good image in activities from now on. 

They saluted to Leeteuk.


DH: It was really nice today, LT and YS hyung came today too, I’m really happy.

Eunhyuk showed a vacation pic of eating with his unit.
DH: Didn’t you make plans to eat with me? And you went to see others?? ©

Eunhyuk talked about the Super Junior dorm situation: After living in the same dorm for so long, now we’re in out thirties, we said “let’s have a go at being independent!” But we couldn’t go too far from each other so we are all living in different houses in the same area/apartment, we eat pizza together and go on walks together too, we went to find Heechul too but Kim Heechul didn’t open the door (I don’t know if he was home or not). © 

Eunhyuk confused the old SJ dorm and the new dorm. When he was in the army, SJ moved out of the old dorm so it was empty. Hyuk didn’t realize that when he went there. He thought at least kyuhyun was inside so he kept trying to press in the password and pressing the door bell, making funny faces in the inter-phone camera for minutes. Then he asked in SJ’s group chat and the manager asked if he went to the old dorm where they moved out. ©


Eunhyuk asked Donghae to find him in a picture of him with all his army staff in uniform and Donghae walked to the screen and pointed at a lady wearing a dress. Eunhyuk replied, “I wore a dress? Good job.” © 

Eunhyuk looked around at fans who all have long hair.
EH: We made a promise? Do you remember? How did your hair grow so fast?

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it’s tay and my body has been described by every somewhat round fruit/veggie in the book, what about you?

♡ what is? ♡

basically a meetup to celebrate a body type that generally goes under appreciated ! to remind people that fat bodies are deserving of love too !

♡ when is? ♡

thursday, july 27th, starting at 12 PM PST and ending at 11:59 PM PST! 

♡ who can participate? ♡

anyone who has been described as plus size/fat/overweight/chubby ! this is to celebrate bodies that are typically shamed ! let your cellulite free babes! 

♡ how do i do? ♡

just simply post your selfies that make you feel happy in the tag #plussizephandommeetup ! make sure to interact with other plus size babes and share the love, because we all deserve it ! 

♡ are there any rules? ♡

keep your posts positive and safe for work ! it’s okay to talk about your journey with self love (obviously) but don’t put down other body types to make yours seem more valid ! no nudity - this meetup is for all ages !! and no body shaming in any way !!!


Doctor, I think I’m dying.

I was originally not gonna write something for this day and I was gonna combine this day with the mafia day, but I decided to write a drabble anyways.

This is for the ereri summer week day 1- medical au

Eren rubbed his tired eyes as he stared down at his phone and slowly blinked, trying to process what his roommate was trying to ask of him. As Eren slowly progressed through his medical residency, the exhaustion and stress was starting to quickly creep up on him. His life used to be a fairly even balance of social life, work, and leisure. But after multiple twenty-four-hour shifts, Eren had grown to cut leisure and most of his social life out of the equation.

He had barely talked to Mikasa, Armin, and the rest of his friends from college in the last few months. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to keep in touch with them, he just simply couldn’t juggle work and maintaining his friendly and sociable personality. Mikasa had reached out to him multiple times and even threatened to get a plane ticket to fly across the country and see him. He appreciated her concern, but it just stressed him out even more. Thankfully, Mikasa had backed down when Eren explained just how grueling residency work was.

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@mittensmorgul is a gem and found this for me because I haven’t seen it on my dash


… I would probably be able to react to this better if I could understand lyrics easily but that’s a real issue for me with audio comprehension so I’m just going to enjoy this and someone else can squint at the song choice :P

seems so far to just be random 1sec shots from the season, and I mean random as hell 

Family! Pie! Photos! yeah that all seems par the course

then the great hug marathon, and Cas and Dean hugging and Sam and Eileen right next to each other, followed immediately by that one time Crowley got a hug… Oh dear. Does that mean anything? My heart is going faster just to see a DeanCas hug immediately followed by Saileen :P I suppose it’s just a The Hugs Of Season 12 part, and I regret Dean did not randomly hug Rowena in 12x11 because she’s left out :<

Speight continues to be worth every penny for sticking poor old Wally at the back of the Dramatic Slow Mo Walk so no one would see him when they re-use this footage over and over

Distressed Winchester Close Ups and I love that we got these 2 next to each other because I don’t think anyone wrote meta comparing during the season even though we were all Emotionally Compromised by both:

Originally posted by milanavsh

because I have seriously just paused to think harder about this instead of just letting the video play >.> Blah blah loss of self blah blah Cas death foreshadowing blah blah Dean losing Cas blah I’ma hit play, I was just starting to enjoy this


*more 12x09 and 12x15 running in the woods recapping instead of explaining that*

oops I forgot Lucifer was on this show

More burned wings from 12x10 in short succession because ouch

Dean n Ketch drinking followed immediately by Mary and Ketch looking heterosexually at each other putting 12x14 and 12x12 back to back. Bold move. 

Like, random selection of Things again after showing the Colt and it shooting. Just like, random shots they like I guess. Rowena getting splattered by that guy Crowley killed for her reminds me a LOT of the Pastry Mishap in 8x08 and I never said at the time so as not to ruin the moment but of all the blood/cake splatters in the show those 2 are most alike

Eeeeey layering Dean and Ketch shooting off their grenade launchers and showing the end result as the one where Cas watches unbothered by it. Now THAT is a meta point I muttered to myself somewhere in my 12x22 madness (I was pretty feverish that week)… All the Ketch-related character mirroring and Dean using it to free himself but also that Cas is ~immune~ so to speak of all this grenade launcher posturing. And all the subtextual links to Dean breaking down those walls leading him closer to Cas, who is beyond all that posturing…

And then blurry sad Winchesters and Mary being sad and - Gavin? - and back to TFW and Mary being sad… 

*random clips mushed together again that I don’t think there’s enough conspiracy to link all these moments like Crowley coming back and being stabbed and Kelly’s suicide attempt and Ketch driving by on his bike* A lot of shit happened in season 12. This montage has a lot of MotW stuff.

I LOVED them putting Dean going “pew” with the Colt to Mrs Umbridge being shot 

This is the slow music, people slowly looking up and then having glowing eyes section, and then a bunch of witchcraft and magic, everyone running, MORE hugs they missed earlier… More sad Winchesters over “nothing else matters” before cutting to Cas and Kelly - uh, I think he does :P

Loved them using Dean being punted through the door by Billie in 12x06 side by side with Sam and Dean being punted back out the portal in 12x23 because that links COOOOSMIC CONSEQUENCES that much nicer

REALLY getting into the fighting and explosions and then they included the bit where Dean slammed Cas against a wall and my brain shorted out and dropped back in at Dean riding Larry.

I’m glad Larry was in this



Oh Mary got one for being stuck in the AU (not Lucifer, no one cares about you, Lucifer)

And Kelly got a really short one

Oh NO and then the “nothing else matters” over Cas’s face close up and Dean all sad and asdfgjlkfhs they already SHOWED the last shot of the season earlier! THEY CHANGED IT SO THE LAST SHOT HERE WAS THE DESTIEL END OF SEASON SHOT.

And Dean all helpless and hey watch season 13 on Thursday October the ducking 12th. 

And the 13 Death tarot card because this show is Edgy but not edgy enough to air on Friday the 13th and it hates it

You can taste the bitterness.

I hope Death comes back

I hope Death comes back and it turns out they’re Billie and have been all along



Reita and Aoi talk about ice cream for five minutes (Radio Jack July 14)

Since these ice creams are Japanese I put pictures so u can see what they’re talking about ^^

Reita: Ring-name, “Ninininini-san.”

Aoi: yep 😒

Reita: “Since it’s gotten hot recently, tell us your favourite kind of ice cream! I like Haagen Dazs cookies and cream.”

Aoi: Oh, that stuff is expensive, isn’t it? It’s so good.

Reita: So what’s your favourite Haagen Dazs flavour?

Aoi: I like…I always get green tea – you know what I’m talking about!

Reita: Yeah, that’s the best one! 

Aoi: Even when I go to eat yakiniku…

Reita: Yep.

Aoi: And it’s vanilla or green tea,

Reita: Green tea.

Aoi: Green tea. 

Reita: Green tea. 

Aoi: I know.

Reita: It has to be green tea. 

Aoi: Yeah – wait, why?

Reita: Huh?

Aoi: Is it cause it just seems like a waste to get vanilla? 

Reita: What do you mean?

Aoi: Like, you’re really gonna go [out to eat] and get vanilla?

Reita: Oh, cause you can eat it all the time? Or like it’s too plain?

Aoi: Yeah, it’s too popular…and it’s cheap, you know? Like, the ingredients.

Reita: Ahh, maybe. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Aoi: Yeah, like why would u spend ur time and money on that.

Reita: (laughs) Okay, what about soft serve? Vanilla, 

Aoi: Ye

Reita: Chocolate,

Aoi: Ye

Reita: Or the one that’s vanilla and chocolate mixed?


(both laugh but especially Aoi)

Reita: I wonder why…..I don’t trust people who get only chocolate or only vanilla.

Aoi: Ahh but…sometimes I do just get chocolate.

Reita: Really!? I have never gotten that.

Aoi: Sometimes I just wanna be my luxurious self.

Reita: U jus wanna be urself

(Aoi laughs very high pitched)

Reita: Okay, so what ice cream do you like other than Haagen Dazs? 

Aoi: Hmmm….yeah, mostly chocolate stuff.

Reita: Like what?

Aoi: Ahh what’s it called…Pa…

Reita: Parm!

Aoi: Yeah Parm! I love that stuff.

Reita: Yeah it’s good. I like the white chocolate one. 

Aoi: Oh they have that?

Reita: Yeah, it’s all white.

Aoi: I think they probably make different flavours depending on the [time/season].

Reita: Oh really?

Aoi: Yeah

Reita: Do you know that – uh, I think it’s called Vienetta? It’s like, in a cup, and it’s kinda like a parfait, it’s kinda crunchy…

Aoi: I don’t know.

Reita: Omg it’s so good

Aoi: Oh, kinda like mille feuille?

Reita: Yeah!

Aoi: Oh! Ahhh…

Reita: It’s so good, I bought a box of them. But like, the second you buy a whole box of something you don’t eat it, you know? It’s good when you have just one…like, it’s good because you only have a little. But when you get the whole box…idk I end up not eating them.

Aoi: Oh really?

Reita: Yeah.

Aoi: Okay I’m coming over. (laughs)

Reita: I don’t have them anymore (laughs) this was a long time ago…but yeah, there’s a lot of good ice cream–

Aoi: Sorry can I drag this out a bit more?

Reita: Oh sure.

Aoi: I don’t like ice.

Reita: What, like shaved ice? 

Aoi: Yeah.

Reita: So you can’t eat Garigarikun?

Aoi: Nope…

(*it looks like a normal popsicle but the texture is more like shaved ice and it’s so fucken annoying to eat bc the second u put it in ur mouth it gets all slushy and falls apart smh)

Reita: You don’t like shaved ice? 

Aoi: I do not.

Reita: Why not?

Aoi: No, why…why does everyone flock towards shaved ice?

Reita: Bunch of idiots eh 

(both laugh)

Reita: Actually, I ate some a while ago, and it was literally just ice with syrup on it.

Aoi: And it all tastes the same!

Reita: All the different colours of syrup? Yeah, I think so…we’ve been lied to

(both laugh)

Reita: But idk I feel like people don’t eat shaved ice for the taste…I think like, your body wants it (laughs) (*I guess cause it’s hot..??)

Aoi: Ah, I see…weird…

Reita: So what about Shirokuma?

Aoi: Shirokuma….no, I don’t really eat popsicles.

Reita: But it’s condensed milk it’s so good???

Aoi: Ah I guess.

Reita: What about Azuki (red bean) bar?

(Aoi starts laughing)

Reita: I know, they say it’s so hard u could kill someone with it…

Aoi: Yeah that thing could break your teeth.

Reita: And it makes you really thirsty.

Aoi: Hmm..

Reita: Hmm..

Aoi: Yeah ok let’s go to the next one

Reita: Ok


Three popular and gorgeous females construct a fail proof plan to transform Bay Valley High’s social loner into playboy Grayson Dolan’s demise.

Originally posted by thedolangifs

^creds to thedolangifs

Chapter 2 | step 1: attain attention

Catie thrusts the short skirt into my hands, and I wonder if my butt will even fit into it. I am not cheerleader material, I’m more on the clumsy side and far too quiet to yell cheers and perform in front of a crowd. I didn’t really think through that I’ll be expected to do these things on top of winning over Grayson’s attention. I’d much rather do calculations than this. “Hurry up and put it on! It’s 8:35 and Grayson is always out in the hall skipping first period. We have to catch him before he leaves.”

I turn from her to undress as I’m not very comfortable with a girl I hardly know seeing my body. I look to the cream tile of the locker room to keep my mind off of the nerves that are twisting my stomach into knots. “What do I even say to him?”

I hear her shuffling to grab my discarded clothes from the floor, my bag rustling as she thrusts them inside. “Flirt with him, but be very uninterested about it.”

I wrestle to pull the skirt lower but it won’t budge, Catie shooing my hands away to hike it up more. “So do I just walk up to him and say hello? Compliment his shirt, his shoes? Does that sound good?”

Moments pass as she stares at me with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. “Oh shit, you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. Oh my god, okay. Sit down.”

She pushes my shoulder roughly down as my nearly bare butt hits the cold metal bench. She crouches before me, blowing out a huff of air into my face before her demeanor completely changes and she becomes some unexpected seductress. “Bump into him on purpose, but of course make it look like an accident.” Her soft hand reaches up to grasp my nonexistent bicep. “Grasp onto him, but just for a second. Look up at him through your eyelashes and give him some sweet apology. Any girl in a cheer uniform he’ll flirt with, and just when he begins to try and strike conversation, walk away. He’ll follow you, but only give him a few hums and short responses. I’ll wait for you at the end of the hall, as soon as he sees me he’ll back off.”

Before I have time to let the plan sink into my rattled brain, she pushes me out of the locker room and right down hallway C. It’s the main hallway for seniors, and it isn’t an odd occurrence to see many of them scattered around ditching class for a few minutes. He’s standing at the end of the hallway, leaning against a locker that isn’t his and speaking with Brooks McMahon. Catie gives me a gentle pat on the back, thrusting one of my books from my bag into my hands and turns the other way. I’m doomed, stranded in this hallway with no where to go but passed him. I try and emulate the walk Catie has, confident and unbothered, but I probably look like I’m ready to faint.

He’s only a few paces away, not even concerned with looking at me, and I think for a moment I’ll just keep walking. But before I can decide, he steps forward to give Brooks a handshake, I ram right into the side of his head with my own. “Ah, shit.” I’m flat on my butt on the cold tile floor, my homework for Economics littered all over the floor. I reach over to start grasping the paper as quick as I can before a rough hand extends in front of my face. “I’m sorry beautiful, let me help you up.”

I think quick and take what little advice from Catie that I can to revive this horribly failed plan, I grasp his bicep through his cotton tshirt instead and raise myself up. No matter that she told me to be a priss and bat my eyelashes, I reach down to gather the papers instead. No way am I looking him in the eye after that. “I’m sorry for running into you, guess I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

He bends down in my view to help pick up the papers, his eyes skimming over the heavy coursework before raising an eyebrow. He hands them to me, my eyes finally raising without my consent to look him as close as I ever have. He’s a God, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve always known the reason why girls chased after him, but I wasn’t attracted to cocky jerks. “Not an issue.” He flashes me a perfectly bright white smile before I thrust the pages back into my book and continue to find Catie. I’m not even concerned with her instructions, I just really want to get away from him. “Hey, wait up!”

I keep walking, not even looking back as I respond, “yes?”

He jogs up to reach my side, I can see Catie standing at the very corner of the hallway. If I can make it to her, I’m safe. “Are you new here? I would’ve definitely noticed a gorgeous girl like you before if you aren’t.”

Just four more steps and I have Catie in my hands, just keep it cool and collected. Keep it short. “No, I’ve attended school with you since kindergarten actually.”

He stops with furrowed eyebrows and pure confusion, Catie gives me a knowing smile as her arms extend to wrap me in a very staged hug. “Y/N! We’ve got to get going, coach wants to see us before next period.”

Catie chances a glance back at Grayson, leaning in to whisper in my ear, “yeah, we’ve got him. He’s totally checking out your ass right now.”

“What do you mean go to Davies? I have ten pages of Calculus homework and I have a huge test in Physics tomorrow.” Star is leaned against her white Mercedes, blowing a bubble from her hot pink gum as she rolls her eyes at me, her signature trademark.

Misty scoffs, checking the parking lot to be sure no one sees us grouped together near the exit. “You have to come! Grayson always goes to Davies after school every Thursday. The whole team eats and then goes to late practice.”

Catie nods her head in agreement, grabbing my arm as she pulls me to her car. “After this morning he’ll be dying to find you again, this is the perfect chance.”

I don’t know why I agree, I guess mostly for the fact that I know I can’t get out of it. Catie blares mainstream pop all the way to the diner just a couple of miles down the road, I can see the whole team crowding the booths from the window. “What am I supposed to do?”

Catie is already getting out of the car before she pops her head back in and gives me a reassuring smile. “We go in, take a seat with the cheer team and wait. He will come to you, just remember what I told you earlier; act uninterested and keep him guessing.”

I sigh out, pushing the door open before contemplating standing in the middle of traffic. Had I not just kept my mouth shut in the library the other day, I wouldn’t be here, I’d be at home studying quantum physics. The door bell rings as we enter the loud and rowdy diner, boys shooting straw papers at each other and flirting with the cheerleaders a few rows over. Catie grasps my hand and weaves us right in the middle of their booths, winking to Walker Vick as his buddy gives him a knowing nudge to the shoulder. I shutter just to think what they’ve done together, Walker far exceeds Grayson in the cocky department.

The girls make room for us, automatically accepting me as one of their own from the way Catie is grasping to me like we’re life long friends. A waitress sends me a glass of water, and one for Catie, and we wait. I can feel his burning stare before he comes to me, the stares of Misty and Star also sending flames on my back. I’m seated at the very end of the booth, right where Catie wanted me, the chair across from us screeching against the floor as it pulls up beside me and he sits. “So Y/N, why is it that I’ve never seen you around before?”

I feel Catie watching me out of the corner of her eye as she reaches under the table to squeeze my kneecap as a reminder. “I guess you weren’t really looking.”

All of the girls giggle over each other, chins on their palms as they stare at him shamelessly, but I’ll die before I give him the same courtesy. “I guess I should’ve been. I’m assuming you’ll be wearing my number tomorrow for the game?”

Anyone in Bay Valley knows that the cheerleaders wear their favorite players number on the cheeks for good luck on game day. I remember sophomore year when Chrissy Marcos wore Grayson’s number while she was dating Andrew Holyfield, that hadn’t gone over well. “And why would I?”

Apparently my response was a good one, Catie slapping my knee lightly as I noticed her grin. I was only being honest. I looked over to him with a raised eyebrow, beginning to understand that there wasn’t much about him that was intimidating. He only was if you wanted to ride his face, which I sure as hell didn’t. He looks almost angry before he laughs out cockily and winks at me, my face never faltering. “Very cute. You’ll be at the bonfire on Saturday, right?”

Catie stomps down on my foot as I bite my tongue to keep from cussing out. I breathe in harshly to rid the pain before shrugging my shoulders, I hadn’t even known there was a bonfire on Saturday. “I might be.”

Catie’s hand is still closed around my kneecap as one of his hands reaches underneath the table to grasp my naked thigh roughly. “Good, you can come with me.”

Next Gen: Lillie and Lotus Ren

(Was not expecting to be putting these up but it was finally finished this afternoon and I ask that you enjoy. These two we’re more then worth the wait.)

Name/s: Lillie and Lotus Ren *Designs are DONE*

Gender/s: Female

Age/s: Both are 16 (A few months younger then Mai and Yin)

Species: Humans (Though I sometimes wonder with Nora lmao)

Parents: Nora and Lie Ren

Siblings: They’re twins, They have each other and that’s all they need.

Semblance: Telepathy: Lillie and Lotus have a shared Semblance not really something that was known to happen but for Lillie and Lotus it did. Due to them being born together they had a rare case of being able to share the same semblance. They are capable of communicating without saying a word to one another. It can be helpful in a fight but can also be irritating in other situations.

Personalities: These two are polar opposites. Lillie inheriting a lot of her mother’s bright and overly excited attitude. While Lotus is more composed and put together. The two of them might not seem like it but they get along best together much like how Ren did with Nora the two of there personalities complete one another.

Aura color/s: Both are light turquoise

Weapon/s: Unknown (open to ideas.)

Character Description:

Lillie: Lillie looks a lot like her father, has an orange/reddish streak through her black hair, has bright blue eyes and a few freckles.

Lotus: Takes more after her mother, has bright orange/reddish hair with a light black streak through it. Lotus has magenta colored eyes and also a few freckles covering her face as well.

Both are 5'6 in height.

Crushes/Love Interests: No one really interest them.

Relationship/s with Nora: Lillie and Lotus we’re always mommies little girls. Sure sometimes Lotus is a tad overwhelmed by her mother and sister Lillie but all in all they share similar feelings towards both parents. Lillie is more inept with her mother then Lotus is but that doesn’t mean she loves her any less or vice versa.

Relationship/s with Ren: Seeing as Ren knows how to handle Nora for the most part he gets along well with both children. So they are both to some extent daddies little girls. Lotus spends the most time with Ren of course.

History: TBA

Fun Facts: Ren’s often calls his daughters his little water flowers. (S4 Reference)

Art and designs we’re done by xZom-Zom

Next Up: Cinnamon Adel (Cinna for short and yes she will be up tomorrow.)

Flowers in the Window-Chapter 3: There Was No One There to Hold Before

Catch up here

Chapter 3: There Was No One There to Hold Before.

Now the words kept flowing out, even if I didn’t want to disclose everything to Harry, I couldn’t stop. Like it or not he was getting to know me. I didn’t think I was getting too upset, I wasn’t crying yet. But something in my face must have tipped Harry off otherwise. He moved his hand from my leg and put it around my shoulders, rubbing it back and forth.

“I love-” I started, then corrected myself. “I loved him.”

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Another (Almost) Sleepless Night

{ayyy its ya enby back at it with the shitty fanfic! this one was sitting in my drafts for like a month, not even kidding. it was gonna be longer but i lost motivation for the rest, so ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯. what can you do about it.

anyways, this is based off of one of @lao-paperman ’s comics, bc theyre brilliant. check out their blog, its a good one!

ao3 link!}


Merlin sighed and turned around, attempting to put a smile on his face that probably came out as more of a grimace.

“Yes, Arthur?” he gritted out, irritation flooding his senses. Merlin had already been tasked with gathering firewood, making dinner, and setting up camp, and he was tired. He hated going hunting in the first place, but then having to make camp and dinner for the knights and himself? That was just too much. All he wanted to do at this point was to go back to his bedroll and sleep.

“You’re on watch tonight.”

Oh joy, yet another task that meant staying up and being vigilant. He sighed again, and rather reluctantly replied with a yes, irritation apparent in his voice. He turned from the last bedroll he had finished unrolling and looked around for a tree to sit against. He surveyed the camp as he sat down, making eye contact with Gwaine, whose expression was sorry and sheepish on Arthur’s behalf.

Merlin rolled his eyes at Arthur’s back, then closed them and leaned his head back against the tree. This was going to be a long night.

About an hour later, Merlin heard a rustling coming from his left, and half-opened his eyes to see what it was. A couple of the other knights were still awake and talking quietly to his right, so he wasn’t worried about a possible dangerous creature. What he certainly wasn’t expecting, though, was the sudden lapful of Camelotian king he got, Arthur’s face pressed into his leg, his hands loosely holding Merlin and clasped together behind Merlin’s back. Merlin smiled softly, too tired to be annoyed at the gigantic prat.

“Why did I prepare your bed if you’re just going to use me instead?” he asked, lips twitching up into a half smile.

“Shut up, Merlin!” Arthur huffed, voice sounding both muffled by Merlin’s leg and exhausted.

“Fine, but don’t you dare start snoring, sire!”

Gwaine looked up from where he and Percival were supposed to be sleeping, and wrinkled his nose.

“They know we’re here too, don’t they?” he said aloud, not necessarily looking for an answer.

Merlin wrinkled his nose and stuck out his tongue at Gwaine, as Percival simply said, “You heard the king, shut up.”

Gwaine shook his head and grinned as he lowered himself back down onto his bedroll, snuggling up to his boyfriend.

Merlin shook his head and looked down at the sleeping blond laying in his lap, admiring the way the firelight glanced off his golden locks, before deciding he wanted to play with Arthur’s hair and no one could stop him (except Arthur, but he didn’t dwell on that).

As it would turn out, apparently Arthur really liked his hair being played with, because as soon as Merlin starting messing with his hair, he let out a sigh, relaxed his body, and burrowed his face further into Merlin’s leg. Merlin smirked, but the smirk changed to a soft smile at the contented noises Arthur was making in his sleep. As he played with Arthur’s hair, the repetitive movement slowly lulled him into a restful slumber against the tree, with the warm weight of Arthur in his lap.

My Equator (Patton’s Guide to Fatherhood #1)

Fandom: Thomas Sanders 

Pairings: Logan/Patton as a married couple, but this fic is family fluff so it’s not the focus :3

Summary: After getting their first son, Roman. Patton and Logan decide to adopt again. Virgil just wants to write poetry. Oh, and maybe have a family, that’d be nice. 

Read it on AO3

Everyone is tagged at the end! If you want me to tag you in future stuff, I’ll put a link to the post at the end! 

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Okay so like. With all the people complaining about how women, LGBT characters, and poc characters are getting more major roles being just pandering and stuff. Like. Who cares if it is just genuinely pandering that they decided to have a character female. You know what? For the past few hundred years the media has been pandering to white straight men. I’ve had to put up with white straight men being the standard ever since I was exposed to media. White straight men can deal with women and minorities being on the screen. If I had to relate to straight white male characters straight white men can relate to poc LGBT women.



So umm i realised because they are elements we can have a Steven Universe type fusion/bonding between Hydrogen and Neon.

This is the ion Neonium, that’s the real name for the compound btw i didnt make that up, AKA (NeH)+ (i think they should wear flip flops. I also considered putting them in a deerstalker but it didnt look good) 

Technically because they dont bond normally (because Neon has full electron shells and they dont actually react together) Neonium should’t be a separate entity but w/e this is mainly an excuse to draw in this style again with a funky character. A more apt representation of (NeH)+ is probably Neon carrying Hydrogen.

Taking Baby Steps: Month 7 // A Phan Multi-Shot

Genre: parent!phan, domestic fluff, fluff, slight angst

Words: 5.6k (this chapter)

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Being parents to a newborn baby isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. There are so many things they don’t quite understand, and there’s a lot they need to learn on this journey. But at least they’re doing it together. / AKA the wild ride of Dan and Phil’s first year as parents.

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more ITH headcanons

i have nothing to do so here are some headcanons i’ve come up with,, enjoy the ugly mobile format as well

• once usnavi put sonny on candy restocking duty,, he left him for twenty minutes and came back to see all of the candy gone and sonny with a stomach ache

• pete would watch graffiti artists do their thing as a kid (he would run away from home and spend hours doing this). one time, one of the artists gave pete his can and let him try it out

• usnavi would come in multiple times a week to get his hair cut when vanessa was working there (dani and carla quickly caught on)

• nina won the school’s spelling bee 4 times in a row in elementary school

• tiny mischief benny stole car keys from rosario’s once and hopped in a car and proceeded to try and drive it around the empty parking lot (kevin caught him before he got the chance to drive it into a pole)

• vanessa taught herself how to play piano (elaborate on this one with me i just imagined this and it makes me so happy?!?)

that’s all i got off the top of my head let me know if u like these!!!

commonplacecaz ---> akathecentimetre

I’m still alive! Just in Chicago, and with really crappy internet!

I do, however, have an announcement: despite my being almost unreasonably attached to my Tumblr handle, I am changing my username to ‘akathecentimetre.’ This will sync up with my AO3 account, and help me wall off my Fandom Self from my Work Self a little more firmly as I start to gear up some new professional projects; I’ve also gone through and untagged ‘gpoy’ from most photo posts of myself, and will be more circumspect about putting up my face in the future. I also have a new username that I’m using across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., but those of you who know my real name will still be able to find me using it.

Otherwise, it’ll be business as usual around here! I hope you are all FABULOUSLY well. <3

I thought I forgot my gun at home this morning….

I have bad dreams about such things. Would ruin my whole week….thankfully *knock wood* I haven’t.

With how scattered I have been lately (lost my new driver’s license, lotion and a tube of tooth paste some where in my house) I worry about misplacing more things. My mind probably needs a break…or someone to follow behind and pick things up after me. I can’t tell you how many times I have put my phone down some where and then about lost it when I forget where it is.

More fish…maybe I need to eat more fish.