i have more stuff on the way. promise

music taggy thing

thx @3-tall-guys-and-a-dodie u musical trash ok i promise i have more than just musicals stuff in my playlist!

1. Soul Sucker- This Century
2. We Know The Way- Opetaia Foa'i, Lin-Manuel Miranda
3. You’re Welcome- Jordan Fisher/Lin-Manuel Miranda (I promise this is on shuffle)
4. Know Who You Are- Auli'i Cravalho (so much moana!)
5. How Far I’ll Go (Reprise)- Auli'i Cravalho (ok spotify shuffle is a lil bitch)
6. Bottom Of The River- Delta Rae
7. Who Tells Your Story feat. Common & Ingrid Michaelson - The Roots (see! i have hamilton mixtape too!)
8. Beautiful Crime- Tamer
9. Broken- Tritonal, Jenaux, Adam Lambert
10. Me, Myself & I- G-Eazy, Bebe Rexha

Ok I promise I have a shit ton of other musicals *cough* hamilton and newsies *cough* but hey ho

I’m also gonna follow Jenny’s trend of tagging three people, but savanna already got amber so i tag @emuuniverse, @dorkgentlysagency and @nonstop-laurens cos i like to include new mutuals!


Gargoyles AU! 

Originally I just wanted to draw the Pines Family as gargoyles for Halloween but it kind of… got out of hand… and now this exists! A fusion of two of my favorite disney cartoons. I already have more stuff planned for this AU so hopefully I’ll be able to draw it all out soon. In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

(also… please click on the images… they’ll look way better if you click on them i promise)

I caved and watched the new SU episodes. I have no way to watch them officially anyway, seeing as they aren’t released in Japan until they’re translated… and that is way behind the current episodes. 

I’m sorry! I promise I’ll support the show by purchasing official stuff. 

Meanwhile, here’s Pearl. It’s not spoilery - this is just my personal theory stuff. Just thinking about more Pink Diamond… 

What gets me about the anti self-DX crowd is the consistent argument that the professionals spend years learning about this stuff, which is why they know more.

Except… they don’t.

Do you really think that every doctor spends years learning about every single disease, disorder, or whatever? They would literally never graduate. Ask any psych student how much time they spent actually learning about something like autism. Like, the actual number of concrete hours they spent studying autism.

I promise you by the time I am done with my psych degree, I will have spent way, way, more time on understanding autism on my own then I ever did in class, and that’s if I take a class specifically for developmental disorder. And way, way, way, more time understanding my autism in particular than I ever did learning about it in school.

To all Starco fans

Hear me, Hear me!

*Clears throat*

ya’ll need to chill. Like seriously don’t freak out about the Jarco thing. We’re half way through the second season and we have a full 3rd on the way. I know we all want Starco to be a thing but it needs to develop, to grow and for it to be some sweet stuff. This is an excellent sign of character development and growth among our characters and we’ll love them and care for them even more. This is storytelling 101 and excellent storytelling at that. Conflict, personal vs selflessness, realization and drama with a hint of the future. It’s all good. just enjoy the ride. the Blood Moon already promised the end but the journey is more important than the destination and it’ll be one awesome ride.  

Tiny update

Hey there guys! This blog has been running on queue for a while and will stay that way for a few more days, probably, life is busy at the moment!

You might see me reblogging some stuff from mobile/tablet though.

Sorry for not replying to messages and tag games, I’ll get to them as soon as possible, I promise!

I hope you’re having nice days, love you all<3

Silent Treatment // N.M

Warnings: Smut (very light)

“You have got to be kidding me, Y/N!” All I can do is stand quietly as Nate tries to process what I’ve just told him because part of me wants to explain myself but another part of me is worried that I’ll just make this whole mess worse. “You promised me you wouldn’t see him again, you promised me!”

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Welcome to Hogwarts (Years 1-3)

Harry x Reader (eventually)

Word Count: 5542

So, I plan then on making separate, really detailed parts for years 4, 5, and 7 (not so much detail for six), but I wanted to get the background stuff kind of out of the way first.

Yes, I know the writing is crappy and should be more detailed. I was trying to make it sound like an eleven, twelve, or thirteen year old would have said it.

But, yeah. Just kind of you and a quick going-over of your first three years at Hogwarts (you know, the crappy and uninteresting years) before we can get to the good stuff. Sorry, this kind of sucks. But fuck it.

Also, sorry Slytherins, your personality is a mix of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff in this. 

(I promise, the next ones will be better!)

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Abe: “Good morning, sugar snap!”

Joelle: “Morning, Dad.”

Abe: “This is our last day out in the woods, have you had a good time?”

Joelle: *with a faked smile* “Yes.”

Abe: “Aw honey, you don’t have to lie to me.”

Joelle: “Look, it hasn’t been all bad, but I’m not as into the dirt and plants and stuff as everybody else. I’m really glad we’re going home soon.”

Abe: “Well, you were a pretty good sport most of the time and I appreciate it.”

Joelle: “Even I’m not mean enough to be a total butt on your birthday weekend, Dad.”

Abe: “Ha! Thanks, sweetheart. Tell you what, if you promise to try to enjoy our last day here I’ll get you a little something on the way home that’s more up your alley okay?”

Joelle: “Really?”

Abe: “Really. But you can’t fight with your siblings either- all day!”

Joelle: “That’s impossible! Cordell loves bossing me around!”

Abe: “Come on, sugar snap, you like to mess with him just as much.”

Joelle: “I mean, maybe a little.”

Abe: “You do your best to get along with your brother and sister and I’ll get you your very own instrument, okay?”

Joelle: “Wait, my own INSTRUMENT?! I just thought you meant a book or something! Daddy, I am going to be the most non-confrontational kid EVER today!”

Abe: “Sound good, kiddo.”

It's been a bad choices day

You know those days where you keep promising yourself you’re gonna do stuff after one more post, but then you end up laying around all day? I mean literally all day. I got up at 8am this morning and have done nothing of value. At least it feels that way so to counteract that feeling I’m gonna spend the rest of the night doing stuff and celebrating it here.

its-way-to-early  asked:

I seriously wouldn't blame you for taking a break. Two stories in one week is a lot of writing. So much writing. Even more so when you have other stuff going on outside of just writing. So how have you been lately? Aren't you taking some classes currently? :3

Yeah… It is a lot, huh? Haha. A break is definitely something I need once both series are over, as well as a promise to myself to not work on two things at the same time hahaha. At least not two series at the same time. Now, get ready for my unstoppable habit of rambling. Apologies in advance haha.

I’ve been pretty good, for the most part ^^ A lot of things have happened, though haha. The biggest thing being that I’ve come to terms with the fact that (no matter how convinced I was of the complete opposite before I started studying this semester)… My motivation to go to school (in general) doesn’t exist anymore. I’m done with school. Four years of university studies was enough to make sure of that haha. That’s what’s up and, because of that, I’m going to give up my spot tomorrow and look for a full-time job instead. I’ve felt a bit scared, almost, to do that, I guess, but my family and a lot of my friends have been telling me to just go for it (because I need to do what’s best for me and not try to please anyone but myself. School should be something I do for me, especially if I’m gonna get a second degree haha). Might be moving back to my hometown because of this, might stay in the city where I live now…. I have no idea which, but since I haven’t lived near my family for five years now, I’m kind of ready to move back home (which is something I, up until recently, thought I wouldn’t do until I retired, if even then haha).

With that rambling aside haha; all in all, I’ve been (in all honesty) a bit down from time to time lately, but I’m good now and pretty damn motivated about the future (even though I don’t know what’s going to happen even in the next month for me) ^^


promise i’ll stop. one day. maybe.

anyways i wanted to draw more but i didn’t know what to so i just clumped a bunch of stuff from the 30 days otp meme cause i know i won’t commit to every day. so i’ll do it in bunches when i can :)

first 5 are (and they have captions!)

  • holding hands
  • cuddling
  • playing games/watching a movie
  • on a date
  • kiss :3

I started building my “Sports Anime Hell Ita Bag” over a year ago and let me tell you I am in true hell I promised myself the last time I rebuilt the bag it was going to be the last time and I would move on but then I bought stuff at Katsucon and I got stuff for my birthday and then I contacted a shopping service and now I have three more orders on their way and now I need to make a new bag again literally where did I go wrong in life to deserve this

crusader-online99  asked:

Hi there!!! Someone shared your OW Academy poster to a FB page and I followed the credit here! I gotta say your art are beyond beautiful. They're soooo clean and bright and have such personality! My new favorite art blog <3 Hopefully I'll get some of your stuff one day :3

OMG !!! Thankyou so much, youre too kind! Am glad that they credited me as there are a lot of the people out there did not credit me in their post while sharing a screenshot of my art from instagram or facebook. :(

I am still working my way out of my laziness and I promised I will update more! **less overwatch** I hope. :x Anyhow, thankyou again for your compliment! it motivates me a lot! :D I will post up new things very soon! Stay tuned for more :D THANKYOU !!!!


“That Christmas tree is an outright mess!”


But its ours

FT Christmas Week

Day 5: Decorating

Other days: Day 3 

I don’t even know what I’m trying to accomplish with this, tbh