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How to spend money

Okay listen up, this is probably super boring to a lot of you, especially those of you who still live at home, but remember this anyway because it will save your ass countless times and still leave room for fun in your life.

Never utter the words “I just got my paycheck so let’s go out” Never. It’s the worst fucking thing you can do to yourself.

Instead, save your money at the start of the month like you would at the end. Only pay your bills, maybe put some in your savings if you can, and only get what you need. Nothing extra.

If an accident happens, oh shit, you got some extra cash to help you with that.

But if nothing happens, you have extra cash at the start of the next month!

I call them “fun money” because I use them for fun stuff like going out with my friends, but they are also good for new shoes when your old ones die.

I learned this the hard way when I only had 100$ every month (and remember, things are ten times more expensive in Denmark than most other places) and this system was so effective I still use it to a lesser extent.

Please listen to this 32 years old lady. I promise you, you won’t regret it. It will save you so much stress.

What gets me about the anti self-DX crowd is the consistent argument that the professionals spend years learning about this stuff, which is why they know more.

Except… they don’t.

Do you really think that every doctor spends years learning about every single disease, disorder, or whatever? They would literally never graduate. Ask any psych student how much time they spent actually learning about something like autism. Like, the actual number of concrete hours they spent studying autism.

I promise you by the time I am done with my psych degree, I will have spent way, way, more time on understanding autism on my own then I ever did in class, and that’s if I take a class specifically for developmental disorder. And way, way, way, more time understanding my autism in particular than I ever did learning about it in school.


or…lena doesn’t stop believing in the one person who believed in her

(or…the terrible thing i wrote to get rid of writer’s block and it’s long and sad but has a happy ending)

Supergirl dies on a Wednesday.

Sometimes, when she’s alone in her office in the wee hours of the morning, still in yesterday’s clothing and unsure when she’d last eaten, she thinks about that, the utter normalcy of losing National City’s hero on a Wednesday. Somehow, the death on such a boring day of the week provides a sort of stark contrast that Lena has trouble wrapping her head around. After all, surely the hero and pride of National City would fall in a blaze of glory on a Friday night, a Sunday afternoon, even a Monday morning during rush hour.

But a Wednesday? Some time between mid-morning and noon? When nothing was happening except for the drudge of the week, the tireless churning of society?

She doesn’t understand it—has tried to come to terms with it with very little success. In her weakest moments, when she’s staring down the end of a bottle of whiskey or wine (before Jess or Maggie or even James Olsen pry the bottle from her fingertips and help her get home), she thinks the very banality of Supergirl’s death is evidence of its unnecessary nature, its needless, pointless, meaningless, asinine

Supergirl dies on a Wednesday.

By Friday, the President herself comes to National City to mourn the fallen hero. She talks about the few short conversations she’s had with Supergirl, how everyone should be inspired and follow Supergirl’s wonderful example. A true hero, an exemplary citizen.

(Lena doesn’t go to the ceremony. She and Alex spend that afternoon in Kara’s apartment, sitting on Kara’s couch, Alex stoically staring at the television screen with silent tears running down her cheeks and Lena gripping her hand so tightly she thinks she’ll break fingers.  

After that, Lena doesn’t see much of Alex at all.)

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More things you shouldn’t say to your little!

Inspired by this post.

🐦 “I don’t have time to deal with this.” There is always a better way to put that.

Try: “Little one, daddy/mommy is really busy right now but I pinky promise later we can (play, color, watch ____, make _____)”

🐦 “You’re talking too much.” Don’t say this to anyone. Period. At all. But especially NOT your little. They are comfortable enough to open up so please listen. If they get a bit too much, try “honey, inside voices,” but don’t tell them not to talk.

🐦 “I can’t do everything for you.” We dont ask for everything. We just need help with some stuff. If you literally cannot take two seconds out of your day for something that may seem silly, like holding a stuffie while we try to dress it or maybe getting something from a high shelf; Find a better way to tell us. Try “Okay, sweetheart, give me a minute to finish _____ and I will do my best to help.”

🐦 “Could you just act like an adult for ten minutes?!” No. Uh, we can but not because you’re yelling at us to. We get upset too. We get stressed too. We cope differently which may cause us to regress in stressful situations but TRUST ME that is so much better than us not being able to regress for a long while because we failed to when we needed to. We get a lot worse than you think. Be patient. Be calm. Whatever is going on will pass but yelling at somebody who isn’t equipped to handle it isn’t going to help. Yelling at somebody who loves you dearly isn’t going to help.

🐦 “You’re a bad (girl/boy/little).” Unless in playful context, which should be made obvious, this phrase can be horribly damaging. Tears will happen. Esteem will drop. Blaming ourselves will be a big thing and the situation will overall get worse. If we act up or do something you don’t like, be patient; explain to us what we did, and if we repeat it again, act as necessary.


We aren’t flawless, but neither are you. Please be patient and understand that you get more bees with honey than with vinegar.

I really hate it when people try to plant doubt into trans folks’ minds (especially young trans folks) for stuff like surgery and hrt by saying things like “you need to be 100% sure here, NO hesitation” and “this is too sudden a decision, you need to think it over more." 

Because like, 1) duh. But 2) these are never spur of the moment decisions. Trans people DO think this over. A LOT. And I guarantee we have thought about this way more and know way more about this stuff than any intrusive cis person who thinks they get an opinion on trans bodies. 

 Plus, I feel like the only reason anyone says things like that is to make sure the trans person DOES feel doubtful of their decisions. But hey, guess what, trans bodies are not public property!! You don’t get any say in what we do with our bodies!!! Stop trying to lowkey have control over trans folks. Stop making people feel uncomfortable about their own decisions. 

 Trans folks are already accustomed to feeling self doubt about our identities, so I promise that you really, truly do not have to worry about us being hesitant, especially for these big decisions. You’re not helping by offering unwarranted opinions.

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The Hero Next Door

Pairings: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 2 206

Requested: heyo can you do a peter parker x reader where the reader and him are bff’s and she secretly is really into spider-man(like she has a crush on him and no one knows) and he saves her one day from whatever and she’s so nervous. ;3 (she can find out it’s peter or not and maybe a kiss??)

A/N: So so so so sorry I post it so late. I’ve no idea since when i had it in my Inbox but i finally found the time to write it. I really hope you like it ♥ Let me know what you think :) 

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“Hey, Pete!”, I whispered yelled at Peter who was sitting in front of me in our Biology class.

“Yes?”, he leaned back, still trying to take note of what the teacher was saying.

“Would you like to come at my place tonight?”

“What for?”, Was he seriously asking me this question?

“To have sex with me.”, I stated while rolling my eyes.

“What?”, he turned around bursting out with wide eyes.

“Is there a problem, Mr. Parker?”, the teacher and the others students were now looking at us, well him.

“Um, n-no, Mrs. Wallin.”, the boy stuttered and I tried to cover my laugh, “I was surprised by what you were saying.”

“You were surprised by how our heart works?”, Peter turned red immediately. He hadn’t paid attention to the teacher’s explanation, “I suggest you listen to me more carefully, Mr. Parker.”, and then she continued with her lesson.

“It’s your fault, (Y/L/N).”

“Am I guilty you are too excited to have sex with me, Parker.”, I smirked, “But now seriously, are you coming tonight?”, I asked again hoping he would say yes.

“I can’t.”

“We won’t have sex I promise. It will be a movie night.”

“I know, I just can’t.”, as I was about to protest and make him come the bell rang. We collected out stuff and exited the room.

“Is that a way to ditch me?”

Peter and I have been friends since I moved in the apartment next to his. He was so sweet and polite to me just the perfect boy next door. He introduced me to his best friend Ned and soon we were the powerful trio of the school. You know, the one that nobody notices. Almost every weekend we have a film marathon – Star Wars and Harry Potter are the most preferred ones. By that time I knew every second of the movies but still we enjoy them. But since Peter got in that internship the movie nights are rare. Yeah, I and Ned are doing some stuff with the Lego but it isn’t the same without our third wheel Peter Parker, as I use to call him.

“No, (Y/N)! But I have no time for movies tonight. I have that Stark internship I told you about.”, I observed Peter. He didn’t look at me which he did only when he lied to me.

“You are spending too much time with Stark. I’m starting to think you like him more than me.”

“Maybe he is way funnier than you are.”, the boy winked at me as we approached Ned who was sitting on our table for lunch.

“Hey, guys.”, he greeted us when we took our seats, “Ho-”

“Peter’s not coming tonight.”, I interrupted the poor boy but he didn’t seem surprised.

“Actually…”, Ned was playing with his fingers which meant only one thing.

“You are not coming too?! I hate you guys!”

“That’s not true and you know it.”, I crossed my arms and looked away not paying attention to Peter’s words.

“Are you giving us the silent treatment, again?”, as a respond I took my sandwich from by back and took a bite.

“Don’t worry, Ned.”, Peter reassured him as he tasted his food, “She can’t keep her mouth shut.”

“That’s not true!”, I burst out.

“See.”, Peter smirked but I punched him slightly in the shoulder.

Our days were basically this. We joked around and teased each other like 24/7. It’s surprising what a person hides when they meet someone new. At the beginning Peter was so shy and nervous but once we got close he let the beast out. When that happens, he is uncontrollable – Peter The sass queen Parker.  

I like all his sides. His funny one, which makes me feel better every time I’m not in the mood. The one when he is too much into something that he forgets the world around him. The angry one, because at these moments he is like a puppy, so sweet and harmless. His nerdy one which makes me fall asleep when he starts chattering about Stars Wars and tells you every detail you cannot remember afterwards which makes him angry. As I was staring at him right now I couldn’t stop smiling.

“Earth to (Y/N)!”, Ned brought me back to reality.

“Was it necessary to ruin my dreams?”

“And what were you dreaming about?”, he leaned closed and my heart skipped a beat but I wasn’t going to show my emotions so I leaned in too with a smirk.

“Not your business, Parker.”

“Look! Penis Parker is about to kiss a girl!”, I heard Flash’s voice somewhere behind us. I rolled my eyes and turned around to face him, “Did your friend Spiderman pay this girl to do so?”

“Fuck off, Flash. I’m not in the mood for you.”, giving him a death glare wasn’t enough.

“Not going anywhere, sweetheart.”

“If you really want to get your balls cut and then taste them, stay.”, I smiled at him as he gulped.

“You have luck I have something to do.”, he lied and turned around. But as he did so he bumped into a girl and the food she was holding was now on her shirt. The girl clenched her jaws and hit him with her bag…several times.

“I want to stay and admire the show but I have to go.”, informing the boys I stood up and took my rucksack.

“We have two more classes.”

“You have two more. I don’t. Our teacher is pregnant and there is no one to take her place for the moment so…goodbye losers!”

*             *             *

Would I be a whore for liking two guys?! That was on my mind as I was going home. I know I’m falling for Peter but there was somebody else I’m head over heels for (And don’t you dare laugh at me for this!) – Spiderman. I have no idea how that happened and why. I mean, I’ve never seen his face or so but it isn’t the appearance that makes my heart jump when I see him flying through the city. It’s the fact that he risks his life for people he doesn’t know. He tries to make this place better although sometimes he is failing. I wish I could meet him and get to know him, who he is, what he likes and stuff. Unfortunately, for him I’m probably just one of the thousands fangirls he has.

It’s 10pm and I’m lying in my bed thinking about the two boys.

“Fuck it!”, I groaned and buried my head in the pillow, “This won’t happen in hundred years.”

Thankfully to my stomach growing I forgot about the boys and though about something way more important – what to eat. I live alone so there is no one to buy groceries when I’m too lazy to do it. I went to the fridge but there was nothing in it when I opened it.

“I don’t want to go out”, I cried out, “But I will die of starvation…Well, at least I will lose the two kilos I’ve been trying to get rid of.”, I reassured myself for a moment, “But I’m hungry…Maybe if I go to the store I’ll burn the calories I will eat.”

I hurried to put on some clothes before I lost my incentive. I took the keys and some money and exited the building. When I was outside the cold breeze zoomed into my face making me shiver. It took me five minutes to reach the supermarket.

“Closed?! What do you mean closed?!”, it was written that the only day they wouldn’t work was today. I groaned in annoyance. “Maybe the destiny is telling me something… to go fifteen more minutes to McDonalds and eat there.”, or the destiny was  a bitch playing with me.  

As I was walking my stomach didn’t stop growing so I decided to take a shortcut. The path was dark and between two buildings. I quickened my pace in order to get out of it as soon as possible but the two men waiting me at the end didn’t think the same. As I saw them approaching I turned on my heel and went the other direction but there was a man there too. I was rooted to the sport with shock and fear of what was about to happen. Within seconds I felt a hand on my waist. I evaded from the grip but another man caught me.

“Get away from me.”, I shouted but one of them covered my mouth.

“Hush-hush little princess, we don’t want somebody to ruin what’s about to happen, right?”, I could smell the amount of alcohol they had drank. I kicked him between the legs and kicked the man behind me.

“Help!”, I screamed but the third man got me by my ankle as I tried to escape.

“You are not going anywhere, you lil’ bitch!”, He was on top of me, his weight not letting me move. Tears were rolling down my face as I understood what they were going to do to me.  

“I think you heard the lady. She said to back off!”, someone spoke with a familiar voice. In seconds the three men were stuck to the wall with web. Inhaling and exhaling I sought to normalize my breathing but it wasn’t happening.

“Let me help you.”, the man in red and blue suit came next to me and helped me stood up. He tightened his hand around my waist as I buried my face in his chest not believing what was happening, “Hold.”, and with that I couldn’t feel the ground below me anymore. For me it was like eternity but actually it took him seconds to land on the building I was living in.

“You okay?”, he asked but when he saw me crying he captured my face and looked at me, “Hey, shh, it’s alright. You are save now.”

In response I hugged him tightly and murmured a ‘thank you’. Removing the tears from my face I looked at the person in front of me having a clear vision. The situation which happened like two minutes ago was forgotten as this had happened to me several times. No, I haven’t been raped but such bastard can be met everywhere that’s why I’m always wearing something to protect myself…well besides now.

“No problems, (Y/N).”, he said and was about to jump and leave.

“Wait!”, he stopped and looked at me, “How do you know my name?”, maybe he was shocked or hadn’t heard me as he didn’t answer. I was about to ask him again when he spoke interrupting me.

“Peter Parker told me.”, I bit my lips. I had to thank that nerdy boy later.

“And what did he tell you?”

“That you are nice.”, Only that?! Peter told him only that!? Nice!? Oh he will see how nice I can be.

“I can’t believe that bastard told you only this. Why do I even have a crush on him?”, I murmured not realizing I spoke my thought out.


“What?”, I repeated Spiderman’s question, “I didn’t say anything.”

“You said you have crush on Peter.”

“What? No! I don’t have crush on Peter! I don’t have crush on you either! He is just a friend, a best friend. We…we are not a thing, not like I would mind that- Shit, I’m so nervous right now…I have to kill Peter for doing this to me!” while I was rumbling on I didn’t notice Spiderman taking his mask off.

“You can kill me after this.”, I looked up at Spiderman not understanding what he was talking about but as soon as I saw Peter nearing me my eyes got wide.

“Peter, what the fu-”, the boy connected our lips in a slow kiss. I closed my eyes immediately, placing my hands on his neck in order to deepen the kiss. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my body was on fire. His lips were soft and sent shivers down my spine. The feeling was amazing. I’ve read a lot about people kissing in my books but the sensation is indescribable. I’ve never thought a simple kiss can send you on cloud nine.

As we separated to take a breath I looked at him. He was smiling ear to ear.

“Peter Parker! How dare you not tell me you are the freaking gorgeous Spiderman?!”, I crossed my arms and looked at him seriously.

“I-um I-I didn’t know h-how.”, the boy stuttered nervously and rubbed his neck.

“I can’t believe the two people I have a crush on are actually one person and that I have a hero living next door to me.”, I finally gave up and a smile appeared on my face, “But the fact I like you doesn’t outweigh the fact you must make it up to me somehow.”, maybe it was the suit or something else, but his nervousness left as fast as mine did.

“Whatever you say.”

“I have something in mind.”, smirking I leaned it for another kiss. And another…and another.

“About the Stark internship.”, he mentioned it between the kisses.

“Don’t ruin the moment, Parker. You’ll tell me everything after it. There’s nowhere to run.”

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Warning: watch out for leaks

Bunch of 2 min previews and screenshots have leaked for the upcoming Stevenbomb 6. As usual, I will not be blogging about them, and for this arc in particular, I would highly recommend steering clear of the leaks as much as possible, especially since the stuff for the later bomb eps leaked as well. It will be much more fun that way, I promise!!

For new Hollywood Undead fans

I have yet to see one of these so I think this is important to put out there also because of the new album possibly bringing new people in.

- It takes time to tell whos who

- Especially when they don’t have masks on

- Charlie Scene doesnt doesnt like being called Jordon just Charlie by fans

- Everywhere I go is Charlie’s theme song

- Call Johnny 3 tears Johnny or George he doesnt care that much and ppl will know who youre talking about

- Matt (Da Kurlzz) is called gay by Charlie all the time

- You’ll know because Matt (Da Kurlzz) has curly hair too

- Danny’s referred to as golden boy at times so that may help you figure out which he is

- Dylan (funnyman) is the youngest

Just think about how funny that is

Now what a shitty pun that was

- Johnny has butterfly tattoos and hes got a 3 on his neck like his mask if that helps

- Theres one guy Shady Jeff who was part of Hollywood Undead but we don’t talk about him too much because theres not much to talk about when it comes him

- Aron’s (Deuce) friend Jimmy Yuma [the yellow and black masked guy] designed the swan songs masks

- Very few people in the fandom know this but its cool you now know this

- Lorene Drive was Danny’s band before HU they’re pretty lit and he used to scream and it’s divine

- Jorel (Jdog) has the hella good eyebrows if that helps u

- Dont be scared off by assholes. We all used to mix them up and mix up songs and albums

- Jorel (Jdog) could also fit a baseball through his gauges

- He has two cats which are adorable

- He could probably fit them in his gauges too

- Don’t let people be an ass to you if your favorite song is Bullet or Everywhere I Go or something else

- Theyre the most popular songs so of course it shouldn’t be surprising at that you like them

- There’s nothing wrong with Danny being your favorite band member

- Don’t let people tell you there’s something wrong with who your favorite band member is

- The same goes for songs

- Theres a running joke their song Turn Off The Lights doesnt exist and feel free to join in on it

- I mean what

- Aron (Deuce) is referred to as a horse

- He’s also called a weasel

- Dylan (Funnyman) is tol Danny is smol

- Deuce writes yeeee all the time

- Its ok if you mix up Aron (Deuce) and Dannys voice its ok

- Its takes a bit to differentiate

- If it helps Aron’s (Deuce) got a rougher voice and sings more inappropriate stuff

- You can also tell bc Danny’s voice is higher and Aron’s (Deuce) voice is more nasally

- Aron’s (Deuce) sounds closer to squidward

- You can like Deuce

- You dont have to pick sides

- Its ok to mix people up

- Seriously fuck anyone who says otherwise

- We’ve all mixed them up before

- Sometimes we still do.

- Don’t let people scare you off, I promise not everyone in the fandom is like that where theyll be that way, just don’t let them make you think that. most of us our nice

Oh My My My - V (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: fluff and language (language is probably like my biggest warning on all of my stuff)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: FIRST - tag list. i have 23 spaces left and that’s IT. if you want to be tagged, let me know.
SECOND - there’s like 3 more high school chapters left sooo i promise you all that we will get to the better parts soon.
THIRD - i love you all. thank you for reading my work!


You arrived to school early Monday morning and spotted Wanda at her locker switching out her books. You ran up to her and threw your arms over her shoulders. Wanda looked up at you with a confused look on her face. It was way too early for you to be so giddy.

“You’re going to tell me, right?” Wanda questioned.

“Where’s Nat?”You looked around the hallway.

“She should be here any minute. You know her and coffee; she can’t live without it.” Wanda shut her locker and stuck her textbooks under her arm.

Natasha walked into school and strutted her way over to you two. You weren’t going to lie — you were jealous of her. She was hot, witty and smart.

“(Y/N) has something to tell us.”

She arched her right eyebrow and smirked. “Spill it.”

“I’m going to prom… with Bucky.” You bit down on your lip excitedly.

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Tiny Side Adventures: Prologue

Inspired by this post. Also, check out this version of events by tinysidestrashcaptain.  Sincerest thanks to romananalogicality for the idea, it’s a lot of fun, even if it did grow beyond what I thought it would be.

Pairings: None

Genres: Tiny Sides, Fluff, Adventure, Parenting(ish)

Warnings: cursing, exposition

Word Count: 498

Author’s Note: *grumbling to myself and stretching my wrists* What a nice prompt I said. It’ll be fun I said.  This will make an adorable one-shot I said. There’s no way it could turn into a multi-part series I said. *sigh*

Thomas was going to be ticked.

Roman sat on the living room floor facing the couch where Logan, Patton, and Virgil glared at him, their tiny feet unable to reach the floor.  Yeah, they weren’t happy either, but he really hadn’t meant to let it happen!  

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Not a game anymore pt 3

After 10 years of being in the dark, memories of a tragedy rise to the surface of the reader’s mind and she is consumed with grief, anger and vengeance. But why is the monstrous clown awake 17 years before it should be? Questions are in need of answering and the lives of many other children and adults alike are in need of saving. It’s only a matter of time before the reader loses another close friend or worse. But does the reader have the willpower to confront the clown, or will her mind cripple under pressure?

Wearing the bell around her neck is a constant reminder that she is back in the grasp of the terror clown. She won’t remove it in fear of what he may do to her but she can only hope her friend doesn’t comment on it. The situation with her deceased best friend and the sort of apology from Pennywise still holds her back from accepting what happened, after all, the clown couldn’t feel anything other than hunger, surely.

Hey it’s Captain Asshole here bringing you a chapter of their story rather than the request they should be putting out right now. But that’s how I roll. I live to disappoint more and more people every day. I don’t wanna make promises but I hope to have it up within the next couple of days. I’m sorry for the wait. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this chapter. And as always, let me know if you wanna be tagged in the future!

Not a clownfucker? Why you here? Weird dude. I don’t tag my stuff in the main It movie tags so it’s on you dude not me.


The bell would jingle whenever you moved your upper body, a constant reminder that //he// was always present in some way. Maybe even watching your every move. So you were cautious with your daily life, no longer actively researching about the recent victims and ways you could possibly stand up to Pennywise. But in doing so, you’d already extended your trip for a longer period, expecting to be there for a while.

Your friend was busy most of the time, spending the late afternoons to spend time with you when his shifts would end. Because you were alone most of the time, you chose to be around the public, visiting the library (avoiding going anywhere like the archives) or going to diners to simply sit and read or doodle or do anything. Any reason to not be alone at any time because you needed to think. You couldn’t afford another visit from the clown yet, not until you could have closure on many things. Your fears, trying to somehow forgive him for killing your best friend 10 years ago, the victims he chose and why the hell he was awake so early swirled around in your head like a thick soup of thoughts and a constant headache.

Maybe…maybe the only way to find answers was to ask the creepy clown him(it)self. But that would mean facing him again and you weren’t so sure if you were ready for that still. It came as a shock when he showed up the first time you were alone and it had created a bubble of nervousness to surround you. There were times where you certainly checked behind your back more than once just to be sure he wasn’t there.


You sipped on your usual hot beverage now, your eyes glued to the screen of the laptop set on the table you were accommodating. You weren’t doing a lot, just flicking between your social media platforms and occasionally typing a few things on a word document to clear them from your head. It was a technique you’d adopted from a collegue some time ago so you weren’t distracted from work and now it was what you did most. You didn’t often keep the blocks of text later on, usually just deleting them without rereading them because to do so would fill your head with those thoughts again.

Your fingers tapped on the keys lightly as you noted down your current thoughts. As you typed out a paragraph or a sentence, you would flick back to Twitter or another social media platform so you weren’t overwhelmed. This time, your thoughts were pulled from your screen by someone sliding into the chair opposite you. You grinned at the figure when you realised who it was.

“Oh hey there, (mf/n).” You greeted lightly. The young man beamed at you and pulled his chair closer to the table.

“Hiya. I got out of work earlier today.” He responded in his gently voice. You raised an eyebrow.

“Huh. How did you know where to find me?”

“The main barista here is a friend of mine. He says you come here a lot.”

You chuckled and shook your head in disbelief.

“Of course he’s your friend. It’s true though, I come here nearly every day.”

(Mf/n) stared at you with his doe-like eyes, his gaze almost intense and slightly uncomfortable.

“You’re always away from home when I’m out. There’s a reason for that, isn’t there?” He asked quietly, the tone more serious. Your brows furrowed a little and your gaze dropped to the table.

“No. I just- it’s nice to be out and about.”

The male in front of you frowned and folded his arms on the table.

“You’re lying. You don’t wanna be alone, do you?” You shifted in your seat and your hands slowly curled into fists but despite this, he didn’t stop. “And what about that necklace, huh? That looks horribly familiar-”

“Shut up.” You cut him off in a low, aggressive voice. Your gaze had darkened and you were breathing heavily. Your eyes glanced at the laptop screen and they widened for the search feed on Instagram was no longer on screen, something sinister and malicious grinned at you with sharp teeth and the paleness of the skin contrasted against the orange hair glared at you, burning into your retinas. All sense of anger that had annoyingly bubbled to the surface was wiped away now as you slammed the lid of the laptop down with so much force you were sure to have caused damage. Your eyes flicked to (mf/n) for a moment and he stared in confusion.

“What’s- what’s wrong?”

“We should head back home. I’m sorry.” You said mutedly. You ignored everything and everyone around you whilst you stuffed the closed laptop into your bag, wanting to be ready to leave as soon as. You barely glanced to see if (mf/n) was following you as you exited the diner. You just wanted to go back to the house and curl up under the covers and hope the day would end quickly.

But as you rushed down the road, a hand grasped your wrist and pulled you to a stand still, making you cry out in surprise and spin round to hit whoever it was. Luckily for them, they had fast reflexes and easily deflected your swing.

“(Y/n), stop!” (Mf/n) snapped and your breath caught into your throat.

“Shit! Don’t ever scare me like that again!” You cried and tried to pull your hand away from his grip but he was persistent.

“I had to stop you rushing off. Look, I’m sorry about pushing you but I’m concerned.” He muttered and his gaze shifted away from you almost bashfully. You sighed gently with a saddened frown.

“I know… You don’t need to apologise though, I’m being difficult like always. I’m surprised you still talk to me seeing as the others don’t. I’m the worst.”

(Mf/n) then pulled you in for one of his warm hugs and you exhaled as he gently squeezed you.

“Don’t say that about yourself. None of us really knew of what you were going through. Hell, I still don’t but I wanna help you. So please, don’t shut me out.” He said, his words muffled against the top of your head. You were acutely aware that you were both obstructing the sidewalk but in that moment you didn’t care, you craved the affection and comfort for a lot had changed over 10 years. You pulled away eventually though and you messed with the zip of your friend’s jacket.

“He won’t leave me alone. That evening, when I was home alone, he came to me and had me wear the necklace. He was…different this time though. Something with his body language was not as aggressive or creepy as he had been ten years ago.” You looked up to meet eyes with (mf/n). “What do you think it means?”

The male swallowed nervously and his shifted from one foot to another.

“I don’t know but I don’t like it. Nothing good’ll come out of it though.”

He was right. You knew deep down that Pennywise liked to play games, to manipulate and strike fear in the hearts of his victims to the point of near madness because he was sadistic and in the end he was going to consume each and every one of the children and adults he chose to. But for some reason that you couldn’t pinpoint, the thought made you sad. You were just food to him, his finest meal he’ll ever eat. With a sigh, you pulled away from (mf/n) and smiled faintly.

“Come on, let’s go back home.” You murmured. He didn’t question you and instead followed you back to his house, all traces of conversation filtered away.


You were dreaming that night but you wish you weren’t. Dreams were no longer welcome in your mind and hadn’t been for some time because of the nature of them. For the first few years of your new life, you took prescription drugs to prevent dreams when you went to be because they affected you so badly. But eventually you had stopped taking them because you had begun to feel empty and no one would approach you anymore. You’d become lonely, craving contact with people because being alone was frightening and depressing. But now you wish you had some of those pills to take now.

In your dream now you were floating through a world of shimmering darkness, like a black liquid infused with fine glittery particles that swirled in ever-changing shapes and patterns. For the most part, you felt relaxed but there was still a hint of nervousness. What you were worried about was what you weren’t able to pinpoint on in this dream. However, you were about to find out.

You didn’t see the gloved hand curl round your head but you felt it clasp over your mouth, startling you to the point of awakening with wide eyes, shooting up but immediately being slammed down by a rough force. It took a short moment for your eyes to adjust in the dark and focus on the face directly in front of you. And then your scream was muffled behind the large hand still pressed against your mouth as your eyes stared into Pennywise’s amber ones.

“Shhh… You don’t want to wake your f-f-friend up, do you?” He hissed at you and you froze. His weight pinned you down into the mattress as he straddled you, his knees either side of your shoulders with the long length of his legs. You were uncomfortable as your hands had automatically reached out to his hand to try pry it from your mouth with no success, the need to breathe increasing by the second. He could tell, no doubt smelling your desperation.

“Don’t cry out if I move my hand away, will you?” He asked quietly and your nodded slightly, your wide eyes never blinking. He smirked and his hand slid away, trailing down your neck and the centre of your chest to rest with his other hand on your stomach. You inhaled sharply and exhaled as he leaned his head down close to your face.

“Why are you here?” You asked him and he grunted, his dark nose scrunching up and his plump lips pouting.

“I can’t keep away from you but you won’t stop being around others.”

You narrowed your eyes slightly.

“That’s because I want to be as far away from you as possible until I’ve collected my thoughts.” You replied tightly. His face was inches from yours now and it strained your eyes to focus on his.

“What are you thinking of, little one?”

You didn’t like that nickname, you told yourself. And yet it made you feel tingly. You shivered a little as his unnaturally sweet breath fanned across your face.

“I wanna know why you’re awake early.” You asked after a moment, your gaze shifting away to glance into the darkness of the room. The creature tensed up dramatically to the point where you were convinced he was stone. He stared at you, his lazy eye pointing almost completely the opposite way it should be and after 30 seconds you had become extremely unnerved and freaked out. But he still did not move. You shifted under him, trying to move his hands or his legs to move away from his looming face but he had an iron grip on you.

“P-Pennywise, come on. Say something.” You whispered harshly and it seemed to snap him out of his trance. He sprung backwards to crouch at the foot of the bed, his already angry brow more furrowed than before.

“You. Y-you’ve done something to me.” He rumbled at you.


You pushed your covers back and got onto all fours to crawl towards him, your brow furrowed. You couldn’t understand why you approached him, or why your hand reached out to grab him. It didn’t make sense. You should be cowering in fear of him, but you weren’t.

Pennywise didn’t allow your hand to reach him, he instead snapped his hand out to curl his hand around your throat and throw you backwards against your pillows, nearly causing whiplash. You could only choke, your airway cut off under his grip as his now amber tinged with red eyes bored down into your own eyes.

“You fear me, but it doesn’t make me wanna eat you.” He growled. You wanted to speak, to say something. He didn’t want to eat you? What did this mean? But you couldn’t ask anything more for when the fingertip of his index finger of his free hand lightly tapped your forehead, you were instantly plunged into the darkness of sleep. And soon, the swirling glitter particles invaded your dreams once more.


Wowee this took way longer than it should have to write. I’m annoyed to be honest and again, I’m sorry the requests aren’t out yet. I’ll get them out sometime soon.

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Can you do a scenario with igins reacting to finding himself falling for a person who is not as put together as him like there not as bad as noc or prom but they're really goofy and silly and his total opposite also I really love your work!!!


Ignis x Reader

Ignis always figured that he knew himself very well. He knew his likes and dislikes—he knew that he liked organization, culinary arts, rising early with the sun, and a certain air of professionalism. As for his dislikes, they came in droves. Messiness, carelessness, a disregard for authority, and a challenging attitude.

So why was it that he couldn’t get you off his mind?

Not to say that you were a bad person—no, far be it for him to ever give you that label. But he knew that you, in your core, was his exact opposite. You were nowhere near as messy as Noctis or Prompto, but you gave little regard to putting things back in their proper place. Your fighting style left wide pockets for enemies, and you were clumsy. And you were the first to want to break every rule and were quick to spring to confrontation.

You were silly. And you loved being silly.

Ignis couldn’t put his finger on it at first. He’d had many sleepless nights wondering what it was about you that drew him closer, closer than he dared.

The realization hit him one morning as he watched you emerge from the tent, attempting to sing something to wake the others up, though you were hopelessly out of tune.

You were free.

The notion shouldn’t have bothered him as much as it did, but Ignis couldn’t help but see what he could have been if his life had taken a different path. He wondered if he would be as carefree as you, if he’d be less uptight, less averse to taking the scenic route rather than the quickest road from one point to another.

He wondered what it would have been like to be a kid.

It was early one morning when Ignis awoke to rustling outside. He was usually the first one up, so the sound of anyone being active before him was startling, to say the least. He slid on his glasses and peered around the tent. He counted in his head.

Noctis, Prompto, Gladio. All accounted for, all still snoring away. He glanced over to where you usually slept next to Prompto by the entrance of the tent. Your bedroll was empty.

Ignis shrugged on his suit jacket and tiptoed out into the morning air. You were in the middle of doing some morning stretches, touching your toes and then raising your hands high in the sky. Ignis zipped up the mouth of the tent and you turned towards the sound.

“Oh!” You waved. “Morning, Iggy.”

“Good morning,” he greeted in reply, adjusting his glasses on his nose. “May I inquire as to what you’re doing so early in the morning?”

“Sun salutations,” you answered casually, turning back towards the sunlight and taking in a deep breath of air. “Sorry if I woke you up. Sunrises are my favourite.”

Ignis shook his head. “Not at all. Though, admittedly, it might be a little too early to start on breakfast.”

You finished your stretches and then turned to face Ignis fully. You placed your hands on your hips and looked at him curiously, and he felt himself starting to waver under the weight of your scrutiny.

“Can I help you?” He couldn’t help but bristle.

You tilted your head, a grin spreading across your face. “Wanna go do some morning acrobatics with me?”

Ignis’ eyebrows flew over the rim of his glasses. “I beg your pardon?”

“Come on,” you tugged on his sleeve. “There’s a really great hill nearby where we can do cartwheels and stuff. I’ve seen you do it in battle before. Come on, it’ll be a nice way to wake ourselves up.”

Ignis hesitated. “But the others—”

“Are still sleeping, and will continue to sleep until one of us wakes them up,” you finished, moving to tug on his sleeve a little harder until Ignis finally took a step forward. “Come on. It’ll be fun, I promise.”

“I don’t see how you can guarantee that,” the words came out a little more clipped than Ignis had intended. But he had yet to have his morning cup of Ebony, and he was trying to deny how his heart fluttered at the feeling of your hand closing around his.

You led him to the top of a grassy hill not too far from camp. The sun was hiking further up in the sky, glazing the entire area in gold. The morning dew dampened Ignis’ shoes, and he frowned slightly. He glanced over at you, but you didn’t seem to care. Didn’t seem to notice at all, in fact. You were too focused on the slope of the hill, doing little hops in place in preparation.

“You go first.” It wasn’t a question or a gesture, it was a command. Ignis was taken a little aback, but raised his hands and began to cartwheel gracefully down the hill.

He was almost at the bottom when he heard a shriek of laughter and suddenly a solid body collided with him, and you barrelled down together in a tangle of limbs.

You were all giggles once you’d slowed to a stop. You were halfway on top of Ignis, your leg slid between his thighs with a hand on either side of his head.

“Sorry,” you apologized, panting slightly. “Are you okay?”

“I believe so,” Ignis affirmed. He was blushing. He could tell by the look on your face. You made no indication that you were going to move.

“You know,” you purred, inching a little bit closer. “You’ve got to live a little, Iggy.” You leaned down and pecked him on the cheek before rising up and dusting off your knees and your rear. Ignis remained on the ground, momentarily dumbfounded as you started to walk back towards camp.


You turned in time to see Ignis striding towards you, a hard, determined look in his eyes. You wondered for a second if you’d pushed him too far, if maybe he was mad that you could have broken his bones with your little stunt. But instead he took your face in his hands and kissed you.

You didn’t pull away like he thought you would have, but instead tugged him closer like you knew this would happen all along. When you both finally came up for air, Ignis was met with your cheek to cheek smile.

“Well,” you said breathlessly, smoothing out the lapels of his jacket. “That’s certainly a start.”

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this is my first request on your blog ><'' uhm, so a hc with the rfa+v+saeran where they see MC at a public place (bus/train station, supemarket, park, etc..) and they are immediately captivated by her. Will they approach her? you decide :D thanks!!

uwaaaaaa~ welcome!! <3 please enjoy your stay~! sorry it was a little late, i have a bunch of things going on so they all might be a little shorter too T_T

P.S. I’ll try and post a bunch of stuff today to make up for all the time i didn’t but i can’t promise anything <3

P.P.S I think i’m sick now so i guess I have more time to write??? T___T But being sick sucks… lololol alliteration



- Yoosung was rushing his way to school. His bus was very late so he had to catch the train

- then he saw her

- she stood on the other end/side of the platform with her head bowed, focused on her phone, headphones in her ears

- he saw the clear screen of flappy bird and the score of 74 in a window reflection

- as he stood, waiting for the train, he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off her

- soon enough though, her train pulled up quickly and she was enveloped (is that the word its the only one that i could think of) in the crowds of rushing people

- his train pulled up soon after and he got on, almost bumping into someone

- when he got to school, all he could think about was the girl on the other side of the platform

- his friends teased him during the breaks about why he was so distracted the whole day


- you were super excited to get these tickets

- most of his shows were all old out within the first hour but one of your friends had pulled a few strings with her sister who was a friend of the wife of one of the actors… basically you got free tickets!

- who were you seeing??? well, duh, Zen~!

- you fidgeted in your seat, your friend laughing at you from her seat beside you

- when Zen came onstage you were captivated by his singing… his acting… his dancing… and his looks too of course

- honestly you were incredulous that he even existed (did i use the word right…? i know what it means but still…)

- he saw you in the crowd too and for a second he seemed to forget his lines for a second

- he sent you a discreet wink and you died inside as your friend laughed at you silently

- sadly, after the show ended, you got swept away by the crowd and didn’t see him again… until you met the RFA~


- it was one of the very rare occasions that she had a day off

- Jaehee was ecstatic when Jumin told her she could relax for the day because he had to go on a business trip with his father and all the other sections would deal with things

- she decided to go on a refreshment day which included going to one of the new cafe’s that opened close to the C&R building for breakfast

- she pushed open the door with a new skip in her step and ordered a latte as well as some (insert cool breakfast food here)

- when she went and sat down, another girl walked in, ordering a latte also before going over to sit with her friend

- when the barista people called out the latte order, both Jaehee and the girl walked over to collect it

- their hands cliche-ly touched as they reached for the cup and Jaehee felt her heartbeat speed up

- “oh, sorry about that.” Jaehee smiled and pulled her hands away

- “don’t worry about it. thank you” the girl smiled back and took the coffee, going back to her table

- Jaehee watched her go, smiling to herself as her coffee came also


- You sighed, swirling your drink around in it’s crystal glass (oh, you’re super fancy fancy high class etc etc here)

- you stood, bored out of your mind on the side of the room, watching as people talked mindlessly amongst each other

- it was a boring dinner party hosted by one of your acquaintances. you’d only agreed to see if you could meet any new companies for deals.

- it had been about three hours and a bit when you decided that if you left now, it wouldn’t be seen as rude

- you placed the glass down, making your way over to your acquaintance to tell her that you were going. you didn’t notice the eyes that followed you across the room

- a dark haired male watched as you walked over to your friends

- he hadn’t met you yet, though he had heard of the incredibly talented owner of your company. aka, you

- he was already infatuated from earlier that night as he saw you deal with incompetent businesspeople

- though he couldn’t talk to you as he was already too busy with the people surrounding him

- you left soon after, not noticing that he was entranced by you completely


- he was undercover at a nightclub for a field job

- attempting to be undercover, he went over to the bar to grab a drink

- there, he saw a girl who looked incredibly uncomfortable as a guy started going closer to her and talking to her

- he could see why, the girl was stunning and he’d heard her joking around a lot with her friends earlier, but clearly she wasn’t enjoying it

- deciding to help out (plus it would help him look less suspicious), he walked up to her and put his arm around her, glaring at the other guy.

- “hey babe, come with me, i want to introduce you to someone” he said before leaning down and whispering to her “i saw you looked super uncomfortable earlier and i thought i’d make sure you’re okay. let’s just make sure this guy leaves you alone for the rest of the night.” she nodded and whispered back a ‘thank you’

- they left the other guy, quickly reporting him to the bar people and walking over to a table (idk as i said i’m a tiny child i’ve never been to a nightclub)

- after chatting for a while and making sure she knew where her friends were and that she was okay, Seven saw his target ducking away

- he quickly apologised to the unknown girl and slipped away, following his target and hoping that he’d meet her again one day (though he knew it was futile)


(okay, so he’s not blind here just for convenient purposes)

- you decided to visit the park for a one-person picnic lunch

- you hadn’t been to the park in ages because you were too busy with work/school but the weather was lovely today so you thought screw it i’m going

- after spreading out your picnic blanket under a tree, half in the sun and half in the shade, you spread out your small arrangement of food and just enjoyed the peace and quiet

- soon enough, when the soft golden light gently danced across your skin, you fell asleep, headphones in your ears and listening to music

- a certain light blue haired man was passing by, just taking photos for his new exhibition at the art gallery

- he spotted you laying down on your picnic blanket, the dappled sunlight grazing across your skin. the lighting was perfect and you looked beautiful

- he took the photo juuuuust right so you wouldn’t be able to tell the identity of the person in it. when he looked at it again, he just smiled to himself


- he was out at the shopping centre, keeping an eye on a potential target for Mint Eye

- he sat in the food court with ice cream, trying to not look suspicious

- looking around he was surprised as he saw a girl get dared to eat a whole (massive portion of food) by her silver-haired friend (>.0 thats what i’m here for //slapped)

- she finished it off soon and he was impressed by her skill as well as her in general

- as she left the food court, so did his suspect so he followed the two of them, walking into random shops and looking around why was he in the pet store

- her jokes and just mindless chatter with her friend intrigued him and he found himself genuinely laughing at some of them

- when she left, he found himself upset, though he couldn’t grasp a reason as to why

- so, for the remainder of watching his suspect, all he could think about was the girl in the food court~


uwah, i couldn’t really think of anything for saeran, so apologies for that

also writing really late at night makes me want to use really fancy words lolololololol

i hope this could satisfy you, dear anon~

bye bye~! *poof*

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Can you make a really fluff relationship goals one shot with jeff atkins? He is such a pure soul who needs more stuff regarding him on this webpage😭❤

title: boy, you got me helpless

word count: 475

note: more of a lil drabble just because it’s late at night, but it’s still cute. jeff is an adorable, caring cinnamon roll. PEEK THAT HAMILTON REF THO this is like one relationship goal based on what i feel my goals are tbh lmao it’s cute tho

Your clock on your bedside table glared a bright, jarring red “1: 34 AM” and you groaned inwardly as you slumped over on your desk, lying your head on top of your American Government textbook. You had a test in the morning that you needed to study for so you could pass and bring your grade up. However, your attempts were being derailed by the menace known as sleep. Just as you were drifting off on top of a page about public opinion, your phone buzzed, playing the quiet tune of “Helpless” from Hamilton, the special ringtone that showed Jeff was trying to contact you.

You picked up your phone, smiling tiredly at the contact photo for your boyfriend as Eliza sang “Boy, you got me helpless.” Your finger slid easily across the answer button.

“Hey, sugar,” you greeted, your voice obviously dripping with drowsiness.

“Hey,” Jeff replied on the other side of the line. “I really didn’t think you were going to answer. I figured you’d be asleep right now.”

“No, no. I’ve got a test in American Government later and I’m trying to cram for it.”

He sighed and it came through crackly, distorted and quiet. “You should get some rest. If you don’t, you’re going to flunk it no matter how hard you studied tonight.”

“Where’d you learn that?” you asked jokingly.

“Clay. He told me once after a tutoring session that if you don’t get enough sleep before a test, it can seriously affect how well you do. I trust him, babe.”

It was your turn to sigh; you knew Jeff was right. He usually was when it came to stuff like this.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Really, [nickname]. Get some sleep. If it’ll make you feel better about it, I’ll meet up with you extra early tomorrow at Monet’s and I can help you study.”

“That sounds really nice, but I don’t want to wake you up earlier than you need to be. I know you have that baseball game that’s, like… three hours away. You need the energy-”

“[Full name], your test is way more important than some baseball game. I know you really want to bring your grade up in that class. It’ll be okay, I promise.”

Another sigh. “Alright.”



“Yeah, sweets?”

“You know I love you, right? And that you’re the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends?”

He chuckled on the other end and you knew from experience that he was blushing, running a hand over his face; he always did when you complimented him like this, especially when it was spoken softly late at night.

“Yeah. You make sure to let me know every day. Just so you know, I love you, too. And you’re the best girlfriend in the history of girlfriends.”

“Thanks, Jeff.”

“No problem, [Name]. Goodnight, love you.”

“Love you more. Night.”

Pregnancy Headcanons: Mystic Messenger

I’m a sucker for prengancy-related headcanons/one-shots/roleplays. I’m weird I know. Anyway here are some pregnancy headcanons for the RFA (slightly nsfw)(obvious spoilers)(Cussing)

Order: Yoosung, Zen, Jumin, Jaehee, Seven, Saeran, V


¤ Oh our little innocent cinnamonbun Yoosung isn’t so innocent

¤ Infact, 4/5 times he initiates the frickity-frackity

¤ Just so happens, though, that condom was expired

¤ And it was evident when it had broken

¤ And he had begun to panic

    × “it’s leaking- Wait it’s leaking, MC it’s leaking what do we do? Ahh-”

¤ He ended up running out and buying like 5 pregnancy test

¤ But the baby factory doesn’t work like that so they all came back negative.

¤ So he thought you were fine

¤ Until two weeks later when-

     × “Oh my God, MC are you okay? You sound like your dying”

¤ You made him buy more pregnancy test

    × “But the 5 you took before came back negative”

¤ He ended up buying 7 more, cause

    × “One of them could be faulty”

¤ You took 7 test, 5 of which back positive

¤ So Yoosung begun freaking out even more

    × “MC I’m so sorry I should have checked the expiration date this is all my fault”

¤ You couldn’t help but laugh

¤ That laughter quickly turn to tears because holy fuck your having a tiny human.

¤ Cue more panic from Yoosung

    × “MC?? No MC don’t cry or I’ll start crying too! MC”

¤ And here we have two crying grown children

¤ When the two of you finally calmed the hell down you begun to talk about it

    × You both came to the conclusion that you both weren’t ready for a responsibility of this magnitude and that the best option for the child would be for them do go into adoption

¤ Despite all that, Yoosung still did everything to make you comfortable

    × Mc.Rognalds at 4am? He’s got you covered. 

    × Extra pillows, even if that leaves him with none? Alright. 

     × Missing out on the most important, once in a life time quest, just so he can cuddle when you ask?

          € “Sorry guys, I have to do something Irl”

¤ When you *finally* go into labour, he freaks out, and you end up having to call the ambulance because he’s not calm enough to take you himself.

¤ Labour ends, and he probably won’t be able to use that hand for a while

¤ And then the doctor asks a simple question

     × “Would you both like to see the baby before signing the adoption papers?”

¤ You both kinda look at each other, silently deciding.

¤ And then he nods, and you nod, and the doctor goes off to get the baby.

¤ The baby is completely healthy. Perfect weight, and with bright violet eyes and just a little (H/c) hair.

¤ And as you get to hold the baby for a few minutes, he kinda just stares in awe.

¤ And the silence is broken

     × “MC”

     × “Yeah…”

     × “They… they kinda look like us, huh?”

     × “Mmhmm. They have your eyes”

     × “ And your hair… MC?”

     × “Yes, Yoosung?”

     × “Do you maybe wanna keep them? I mean I know we’re not really ready but people aren’t always ready, and maybe we can do it”

¤ And that was all it took.


     × Yoosung has joined the chat

     × Mc has joined the chat

     × Mc: As many of you may have known, I was pregnant for the past 9 months

     × Zen: wait what?

     × Jaehee: I don’t believe you informed us

     × 707: Lololol they didn't 

     × Mc: Great news:

     × Yoosung: We’re keeping them!

     × Yoosung has left the chat

     × Mc has left the chat 

     × Zen: They’re joking right?


¤ Oh boy

¤ It was a common wonder if you were pregnant with this one.

¤ Because it was constantly

     × “Condoms can take the pleasure out of sex”

¤ That and birth control was a difficult thing to remember.

¤ So you kept a few pregnancy test

     × More like a box filled with them

¤ So when you took 2 test, and they both came back positive, you weren’t shocked

¤ But you decided to tell him in a more fun way

¤ So you bought baby carrots, a baby bottle and a pacifier 

¤ But when you got home, he was already there

¤ And holding a stick with pee

     × “Mc are you pregnant”

     × “Yes”

¤ You were disappointed because you had bought so much stuff to surprise him and he had found out in other means.

¤ But then he hugged you

     × “Mc I promise I’m going to be the best father that I can be, and I’ll always support the baby”

¤ And aww Zenny

¤ And then he proposed

     × “I know I don’t have a ring right now but marry me please”

     × “Of course”

¤ And waterworks come in, and well yeah its a happy day.

¤ He still does his plays, but will call you at every minute of the hour to make sure your okay


     × “Zen where are you going?”

     × “Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few minutes”

¤ Gets introuble alot, until he finally explains to the director whats going on

¤ When you go into labour, he’s in the middle of the real-deal play

¤ So his phone isn’t nearby

¤ When he finally hears the message he freaks out and runs to the hospital

¤ like litterly runs

¤ He gets there just on time, and won’t stop apologizing

     × “MC I’m so sorry, you know the premire was today and I didn’t have my phone on me”

     × “Stop apologizing and get over here”

¤ Push

¤ It’s a healthy baby.

¤ You got to hold the baby for about a minute before he starts complaining

     × “Come on MC I want to hold them too”

     × You’d glare at him “I just pushed them out of my va-jay-jay after holding them in my stomach for 9 months, I believe I can hold them longer than a minute”

¤ A happy little family


¤ It wasn’t like you two were trying

¤ But you weren’t not trying either

¤ It was more of a if it happens it happens thing.

¤ So when it happened you were happy.

¤ You, ofcourse, went to the doctor first and got yourself checked

¤ And yep, 4 weeks pregnant.

¤ You managed to convice the doctor to give you a sonogram right there and then and you got a copy of it

¤ Now to tell Jumin

¤ You made his favourite dinner, made the table look nice.

¤ Four plates, one for you, another for Jumin, one for Elizabeth and finally one for the unborn child

¤ On the plate of the missing guest, the envelope that had the sonogram layed there. 

¤ When he gets home and dinner begins he’s absolutely confused 

    × “MC are we expecting guest?”

¤ Finally he notices the envelope, and becomes more curious

¤ He looks over at you, and you give him a nod that screams “Just open it already”

¤ So he does

¤ And he kinda stares at it for a while

¤ And you can’t read any emotion on his face

¤ And there’s just silence

¤ Until

    × “Is this a sonogram?”

    × “Yes”

    × “Is this your sonogram”

    × “Yes”

    × “Did you hear that Elizabeth 3rd? You will be a sister" 

¤ He eventually gets up and gives you a nice little kiss, that though it’s not too long means alot

¤ It’s joyous moment

¤ Low key scared that he will end up like his father

¤ When you find out you comfort him

     × ” Your father is your father, and you’re you"

¤ Now this boy will not let you do anything

¤ Right after the dinner, he hired a maid specifically for your needs only, durring the day time

¤ And at night when you get your cravings, he will get anything needed

¤ Well he won’t, but Jaehee will.

     × “Assistant Kang, I need you to buy some cheese with barbecue sauce and peanut butter”

     × “Mr.Han its 3:45 in the morning, where will I find that-”

     × He’s already hung up.

¤ And oooh boy, that baby hasn’t been born yet and already its been spoiled rotten.

¤ A nursery fit for royalty.

¤ Best toys

¤ And not to mention appointments 10 times a week

¤ Only the finest of doctors for his baby

¤ When you’re close to the due date he finds a way to work from home

¤ He convinces you to get a C-Section so that it doesn’t pain you as much

¤ Jumin Han? More like Daddy Han

¤ He won’t stop posting pictures of the baby and Elizabeth 3rd on the messenger


¤ It happened while you two were on a break. 

¤ An open break

¤ And you were… well… drunk

¤ Pretty much a one night stand with no protection

¤ Eventually you an Jaehee did get back together like a week later

¤ And a week after that you weren’t feeling so hot

     × nausea, hungry, moody

¤ Felt like your period but the blood was missing

¤ Eventually Jaehee took you to your doctor.

¤ Your doctor ran the same test 5 times

¤ Finally they simply asked you if “You had been sexually active with a male”

¤ To which you reply no

¤ And a few seconds later Maybe/Yes

¤ Jaehee just like ??? What

¤ And then the news

     × “MC you’re pregnant”

¤ They leave you two alone to talk because he knows something happened

¤ There was silence for a few minutes

¤ And then you could hear Jaehee choke back a sob

     × “MC I thought you would have been different… I thought this would have been different”

¤ You begin to explain to her how it all happened and when

¤ It makes it better but not completely okay

¤ It takes a few months for her to completely over it 

¤ Once it gets to that point, shes ecstatic over the baby

¤ She always seems to have just what you need 

    × “Jaehee do you mind getting me a-”

    × She passes you a pickle covered in Nutela

    × “Thank you”

¤ When you go into labour she gets a call at work.

¤ Actually she gets 6 missed calls from an unknown number before deciding to pick up.

    × “Excuse me, am I speaking with Ms. Jaehee Kang?

    × “This is she”

    × “I am calling about Mc, she seems to have gone into labour early and you are the number marked into her emergency contacts- hello?”

¤ She was at the hospital faster than the speed limit allowed.

¤ After, of course, informing her boss

¤ She knew just how make you comfortable and not get her hand squeezed near broken by the end

¤ Your really exausted so she’s actually the first to hold the baby.

¤ They’re small, and a tad underweight but otherwise healthy.


¤ The thing is, you two have gotten frisky even when Saeran was home

¤ And anytime, everywhere

     × “Why can’t those two shut up for just one night”

¤ So the reality was, you getting pregnant was expected

¤ Except it never happened

¤ Because you, my dear, where as infertile as a mule

¤ Pregnancy was a difficult thing to achieve

¤ So babies didn’t seem like a possibility

¤ Until your boy Saeyoung came home wiTH TWO BABIES IN A BASKET

     × “Saeyoung is that what I think it is?”

     × “ If your thinking about babies, then yes”

     × “Idiot brother”

¤ So your a mom now

¤ He had gone ahead and bought the babies toys, and bottles, and food, and milk and everything necessary for a baby

¤ He always was the one to get up when one of them began to cry at night

¤ Even if you insisted that you had it

     × “Saeyoung I’ve got it”

     × “Go back to sleep, I’m already ready”

     × “But Saeyoung-”

     × “No cuts, no buts, no coconuts”

¤ He would always post pictures of the three/four/five of you together in the chat

     × Saeyoung: And in this picture we see my 4 favourite people

     × Zen: I still can’t believe you adopted 2 babies out of the blue like that

¤ Apparently your infertility wasn’t so infertile afterall

¤ Oops your pregnant

¤ When he finds out he’s excited 

¤ Cause like

¤ Three babies

¤ He lets you do even less than before 

¤ Once your big enough he won’t even let you carry around the babies

¤ You would use the cravings as a way to get him out of the house and carry the babies.

¤ He builds like 15 robots to play with the babies

¤ He buys like another ton of toys

¤ Not to mention he gets to prepare the nursery with time this time

     × Cat themed by the way

¤ When the third baby comes, you leave the other two with a panic-y Saeran 

¤ Speed limits are no limits

¤ After the baby is born, Saeyoung gets Saeran and the two babies

¤ Takes a family photo and posts it on the chat along with a “lololol”

  ÷ BONUS ÷

          × 707 has joined the chat

          × 707: Lololol look at my 5 favourite people

        × Attached is a photo of Saeran MC and three babies

          × Yoosung: Did you adopt again?! 

          × Yoosung’s Questionmark emoji is attached 

          × 707: Lolol nope

          × 707: This one was all me and MC


¤ You could hardly call that sex

    × It was more like “lets see how fast we can fuck before Saeyoung gets back”

¤ You found out like a month later at a physical.

     × “Congratulations MC you’re pregnant”

¤ As soon as your out, cue panic.

¤ A baby??? A baby was not part of the plan

¤ You took the bus home because you needed to think this over, without the Choi twins knowing just yet

¤ An hour later your home

¤ Surprise: Saeran isn’t, and Saeyoung is kinda just looking at you weirdly.

¤ Saeyoung finally tells you what happened

¤ Those fuckers hacked into your medical files as soon as your appointment was over to make sure everything was “Just Fine”

¤ It wasn't 

¤ Pregnancy hormones started kicking in, and there were tears

¤ Saeran just happened to walk in at that moment after calming his own nerves

¤ There was more panic because he didn’t know how to comfort you.

¤ Eventually he pulls you aside into your room, hands you a tissue and waits for you to calm down.

¤ When that happens (like an hour later) he kinda just sighs and tries to work things out

     × “I know we didn’t plan this, but I know you’ll make a great mother, I’ll try to be a good dad”

¤ Comforting but he’s High-Key scared.

¤ When it’s all sort out he’s actually really cute 

× Low key loves to talk to your belly

     × Complains but always does what you ask him to do 

          € He would say “Mc It’s 3:47 in the morning where am I going to find that?” While he’s getting dressed.

     × Protective over you and the bump.

¤ When Due date comes he can’t stay in the room with you. Your screams almost give him a panic attack, so Saeyoung goes in his place while he stays a good 2 hallways away.

¤ When the baby is there, and he kinda just stares at it.

     ×"Its so tiny and chubby”

¤ But he immediately falls in love with them.

¤ He’s scared of carrying them

     × “What if I drop them?”

     × “You won’t”

¤ Eventually he does, while sitting next to you in the bed.

¤ Saeyoung ends up snapping a selfie and BOOM family photo


¤ Blind sex was great

¤ For all you kinky bastards its like a perpetual blindfold

¤ But blindness has its disadvantages

¤ For example: if your blind, you don’t notice when the condom’s broken

¤ Just so happens that’s what happened to our dear V

¤ And that became evident a week before his surgery

¤ On the pregnancy test 

¤ So instead of telling him, you decided to wear a shirt that would read out “Your going to be a father”

¤ Because whats better than the first thing you see after being blind for who knows how long being that your going to be a father 

¤ But that quickly backfires once he’s told that he can’t take off the bandages for three days

¤ And he takes them off at two

¤ And you don’t have the god damn shirt on

¤ And so the water works begin

¤ And so does the confusion and panic

     × “MC why are you crying? Aren’t you happy?”

     × All that be heard is incoherent crying

¤ And once your calm…enough… you explain

     × “It was supposed to be a surprise, the first thing you saw was supposed to be the shirt”

     × “What shirt?”

     × “The one telling you you were gonna be a dad”

¤ And boom the surprise was out.

¤ And holy fuck he was crying

¤ And not out of sadness but out of happiness 

¤ Cause not only did he get to see, he also got the best news of his life

¤ Next thing you know your pulled into a hug

     × “MC thank you, I love you! Thank you so much”

¤ He was supportive as hell

¤ Boy got you as many things as he could

¤ But due to his recent achievement of sight, he couldn’t get you it all

¤ There were certain things, like driving or walking in the night, that just weren’t safe enough for your liking

¤ So you’d ignore your craving until morning

¤ But he always made up for the time needed to get them by going to EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT YOU HAD

¤ Still it was helpful to you to have him there

¤ He takes so many pictures of you like there’s no tomorrow.

¤ You and the belly

¤ Everywhere

¤ You both agree a planed C-Section is the best choice, less pain, and less shock and panic than if your water broke

¤ When the day came, you both drove there

¤ He couldn’t stop talking about the unborn yet baby

¤ Once you where brought into the room

     × “Sir, I’m sorry you can’t take that camera into the opertating room”

¤ Someone isn’t getting invited to the next RFA party

¤ The baby was slightly underweight but beautiful none the less.

EXO Reaction when you have really overprotective sisters

*Cough-liz-cough* Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“I’m ready for it jagi… let’s go see your sisters…” *Knows it will be hard*


*Wins them with just one smile* 


“Hyung… hyung… I need advise… her sisters… they are terrifying..” *Baby is desperate*


“Try to act cool Tao… try to act cool… don’t let them know you are scared… it’s just their sisters… it’ll be okay….” *Trying to encourage himself*


“Let’s go get some chicken… it’s on me. We can know each other more and stuff… yeah let’s go!” *Chicken solves everything tbh*


*There’s no way you can hate this sweetie… he’ll be accepted in no time*


*Dying inside* “H-hi… I’m… your sister’s… boy.. friend.. please-be-nice-to-me”


“Pleaseeeee!! Don’t kill me!! I’ll be nice to her! I promise!!” *So manly*


*Gulps* “Are you sure this is a good idea jagi? There are stories…. about your sisters… you know… I have nightmares sometimes…. Okay… I’ll go with you”


*Prepares himself mentally and physically for the day he’s going to meet them*


*Tries to be himself but realizes where’s he at* “Oh they are watching… this is bad… baobei save me”


“Mission 003, trying to make her sisters like me! Training starts at 0700!” *Feels like in a real Impossible Mission*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

My low-key budget altar

So I promised to post some more personal stuff and what better way to start things off with some pics of my altar!

I’m a secular witch so I don’t deal with any deities. My altar is simply composed of things that have significant meaning to me.
Almost all stuff I’ve gathered over the years were either gifts, finds, diy or bargain bin and thrift shop scores.

My altar is set up on the windowsill in my art-room. It’s the one place in the house that actually feels like it’s mine. We live in my parent’s in law’s house (who currently are living elsewhere) so I don’t have any input in the interior design (And let me tell you, MIL’s taste in stuff is absolutely HIDEOUS)
This whole room is pretty much my altar, It’s my witch cave XD

I have a thing for butterflies (dead ones, alive ones are pretty but I still find them rather unnerving. They have too many legs and are too flappy) I don’t know exactly why and how but I’ve been drawn to them my whole life. It started with the two giant Atlas butterflies in the middle, I inherited those from my Indonesian grandparents when they died 15 years ago. The rest of the butterflies were thriftshop and fleamarket finds (Fun fact:A couple of months ago I found out that my Celtic Animal horoscope was the Butterfly)
Two white candles (pilfered from MIL’s candle stash) in thriftshop copper candleholders (€ 0.25) to represent the Sun and the Moon
The crystal bowl things were inherited from my Dutch grandparents 10 years ago, the rocks, fossils and seashells were lucky finds and gifts from friends and family. The sage plants (except for the succulent on the right) were grown from €1,- seed packs, the lemons come from a forgotten lemon I found in the back of my fridge and the same goes for the apple plantlings. The maple comes from a seed I found in my backyard (Fun fact: I found out last week that my Tree horoscope was Maple)
Also some flowers I picked are drying from the curtain cord thingy XD

Everything I do revolves around the Sun, Moon, Earth and the 4 Elements, my altar represents that as well.

Close up time!

The crystal ball is one of the few things I actually bought, 15 years ago I found it in a rather obscure Chinese shop. In the background is a carved box (inherited) that holds my tarot decks (Rider-Waite: gift, Klimt & Mucha: bought).
The fossils, rocks, seashells and coral were gifts from various people close to me.

The shelves over the desk:

Hideous tea set (pilfered from MIL’s collection) for divination, cheap amethyst cluster found in a pet shop, souped-up A5 binder (my Grimoire) and lined notebook (my Book of Shadows. Not pictured is my Book of Chaos which is a smaller notebook where I brainstorm stuff in and make messy notes)
Bottom row: two glass boxes (gifts) I use for charging and cleansing stuff (contains charging and cleansing sigils, amethyst, clear & rose quartz chips and the other has hematite chips). The eggs in the middle were gifts from MIL (she fricking LOVES this stuff and insists I should too) and they both contain things representing the 4 elements: feathers, seashells, fossils and a tealight. No idea why I did that, it just happened I guess. And in front of them is a scented candle in a tin (gift) with a lighter. I ALWAYS keep lighters everywhere, I’m a smoker so naturally I never have a lighter when I need one.
The artworks in the back were gifts from friends (for the skully/squid print go check out Redbrunette.nl she is the artiest who made it)

The cupboard:

Now here is where the magic happens (lol)
A boatload of ingredients (in recycled jars) for spells and such, some witchy books, teablends for divination, some candles in the back, eeniemeenie cauldron thingy (found) and somewhere back there should be a mortar & pestle and some other tools. The treasure box comes from a fleamarket (chatted up the seller and got it for free) and holds my pendulum collection.

I have one more shelf with a box with all my ‘Sacred’ tools, crystals and more spell stuff but I’m leaving that one for another time since this post is hella long as it is XD

So. That was a quick tour of my witch cave.
In conclusion: Use what you have, don’t spend much money, things will come your way when they need to. Tools do not make the witch, YOU are the witch!



Gargoyles AU! 

Originally I just wanted to draw the Pines Family as gargoyles for Halloween but it kind of… got out of hand… and now this exists! A fusion of two of my favorite disney cartoons. I already have more stuff planned for this AU so hopefully I’ll be able to draw it all out soon. In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

(also… please click on the images… they’ll look way better if you click on them i promise)

You Raise Me Up

Or the one when Lucas decides to use his strength to pick Maya up at random points throughout their senior year. Enjoy!

It had been a long and lovely summer break and the students of Abigail Adams High school and as per tradition, they were all tiredly chatting away as they found their friends on the first day back.

Maya and Riley walked arm in arm through the door, one more ready for the year than the other.
“Maya, can you believe it’s our senior year!? One more year and we’ll be off to college!”

“Okay Riles, let’s take it one day at a time okay?” Maya chuckled, her blonde-covered head turning to where the door had opened to reveal their other best friends standing there, already deep in conversation. Farkle was a bit taller and from what she could gather, his voice was a little deeper, same for Zay. Smackle had actually grown a few inches and cut her hair shorter which suited her a lot.

And then there was Lucas.

Somehow, despite already being a giant, the good ol’ cowboy had managed to grow even taller, his voice even deeper and his muscles even *muscliar* and Maya already knew this was bad news for a pancake like her.

“Ranger Rick! How was Texas? You manage to goosey up a cow named old Betty?” Maya said smiling very much up at him, at this point straining to even make eye contact. As much as she hates to admit it, she did kind of miss his company over the summer. This was the first year they hadn’t hung out almost every week of summer since Maya had gone on vacation with the Matthews, Shawn and her mom and Lucas along with Zay as Farkle had gone to Texas so they could show the city boy where “real men were made” (or that was their excuse anyway).

“Oh yes. I goosied up many cows. Is it just me or did you become even more pancake-y over the summer?” He teased, patting her on the top of her head which now reached only just past his shoulders (and she was wearing high heeled boots, is he actually kidding?). He definitely earned the death glare that he gave her but couldn’t help but stifle a laugh as she looked like a tiny, angry elf.

He was definitely taking advantage of this for the next year.


The first time he picked her up was when she was trying to reach some ingredients in Home Economics. Since the cooking room was so small they had put extra shelving higher up around the room, much like you would do at home. The only problem is is that it came at a major disadvantage to people of petite size such as an angry blonde who was trying to get the pasta down from the very top shelf. Lucas grinned watching her attempts at jumping to reach it but no such luck, so he took matters into his own hands (quite literally).

He placed a hand on either side of her hips making her jump like a ghost had tapped her and picked her up as if she were a feather. She grabbed the pasta and made sure to kick Lucas multiple times as he put her down.

“Are you kidding me?! I was so close to getting it by myself and most certainly did not need your help!” Maya huffed, her cheeks flushing a deep red (which she FIERCELY denied later).

“Okay munchkin, you were only 2 feet away!” He smirked with that shit-eating grin that made her want to kick him in the shins, but instead she took a deep breath and stormed over to pour the pasta into the boiling water. She was NOT letting that happen again.


The first trip of the year was just around the corner and the clique six along with the rest of the senior year were pretty excited to be getting away from the gruelling work for a few days even if it were just to the ski mountain lodge again. Lucas had chosen wisely when deciding who to sit next to on the coach journey there since it was rather a long journey. Zay would yap his mouth off the whole journey long so that meant no sleep, Farkle would make him watch a random science documentary but grill him after to make sure he understood, Smackle would accuse him of flirting or try and make him study, Riley and him were just friends now so maybe that wouldn’t be so bad but since she was completely comfortable around him now, she was damn loud (and always talking about a certain scientist). So Maya it was.

Maya was quite happy to sit by the window, her blonde head bobbing along to the music from her headphones and sketch and Lucas was quite happy to listen to his music and read his book. That was, until a blonde head fell right into his lap, eyes shut and cheeks blushed in bliss relaxation. He couldn’t help but admit that she did look pretty damn adorable with her button nose flushed pink from the cold of the air conditioner. Lucas, being the little heart eyed puppy he was (as much as he would hate to admit it) let her nuzzle her cute little cheeks into his lap.

So when they arrived at their destination, he couldn’t help but feel bad for having to wake her up therefore instead, hauled her over his shoulder like a potato sack as she still slept. He got a few questioning looks but at this point he was too tired to care and just wanted to get to the top of the mountain to flop the pancake over his shoulder down.


Coincidentally, the next time he decided to lift her up was two days later when he was being even more heroic and gentlemanly even though he was actually quite pissed off . You see Maya had decided it was a good idea to go off path to take a picture of the sun setting over the mountains so she could sketch it later. But, Maya not being quite a ballerina, she had managed to misstep and the whole class had heard a nasty thump followed by a crack and a whimper. And Lucas knew exactly what had happened.

He warned Mr Matthews that he was going to help her and made his way carefully down to wear he saw a crumpled little Maya, cradling her shoulder.
“That really fucking hurt, huckleberry!” She whimpered with a little tear rolling down her cheek. (That was the first time he had seen her cry and he firmly decided he did not want to see it again). He made his way closer to her and hoisted her up into his arms, a grunt coming from her part.

“Huckleberry, can we just wait a moment? I don’t want the whole class to see me like this.” She croaked out, so Lucas lay her down for a second and called the emergency number Mr Matthews had given the class, telling the teacher to let the rest of the class carry on the hike because he would take Maya back to lodge and probably the hospital after. He hoisted her back into his arms, bridal style, and carried her carefully over the edges and rocks. She sniffed and tried to wipe her tears with her non-balloon arm but purred in pain again.

“Ranger Rick? Are you pissed?” She asked in a quiet voice, looking at the ground like a little girl in trouble.

“To be honest, yes. You shouldn’t have gone off path and you should’ve listened to us when we all told you not to. You could’ve gotten a lot more hurt than you are! You’re lucky to have gotten out with just a badly dislocated shoulder. But at least you’ll be okay sooner or later. Promise me you won’t pull that stuff again?”

She rolled her eyes lightly.

“Maya.” He warned sternly.

“Fine I promise I won’t pull that stuff again and worry your lil old cowboy head.”

He chuckled, even injured Maya found a way to poke fun at him. And of course, it only took a few months for her to break her promise.


Lucas was never a heavy drinker, even if they had just won the biggest game of the year. Maya, on the other hand, was the resident lightweight at only 5 foot but unfortunately drank like a sailor on whiskey with a stomach of steel (which she sure as hell didn’t have). So, since the party they were at was particularly good, she had ended up completely wasted with heels in hand and skirt riding up her legs as she danced around wildly, her blonde locks falling down her back in time to the music. She had a red solo cup and pink cheeks and very slurred speech and was soon making her way over to a sober Lucas.

“HUCKLEBERRY! ISNT THIS A GREAT PARTY?” she yelled right at him, enveloping him in a big hug, her cold arms wrapping around him so tightly that he thought she was squeezing his breath right out of his chest. She was barefoot and dragging him on to the dancefloor to which he immediately refused and went back to his seat, making her pout but she quickly moved on to dancing with a slightly tipsy Riley.

He didn’t hear from her for another hour but when he did it was quite chaotic. Farkle came hand in hand with a very tired, very drunk Maya who basically collapsed into his arms right away, snoring loudly but jolted awake when Farkle began speaking.

“Sorry dude, she kept begging for you and she wouldn’t unlock the bathroom door til I took her to you. Do you mind taking her home? I promised Matthews I would make sure Riley got home safe but their opposite ends of the city.”

“No it’s cool I was going to head home soon anyway and shes only a few blocks away from my stop. Good luck with Riley!” He said, pointing to where Riley was playing beer pong enthusiastically but not really understanding the aim of the game.

“Lukeeeyyyyyy. My feet hurt!” A grumble came from the short girl standing next to him.

“Okay, I think it’s time to get you home so you can sleep off this hangover with Advil.” He took her hand in his and led her out the door, earning a pointed look from a buzzed Zay to which Lucas rolled his eyes. He had decided to walk with Maya to the party since it was only a short all from his place so they were walking back too.

However about two minutes into the walk, Maya stopped dead in her tracks and looked like she was about to burst into tears.
“It’s too cold and my feet hurt!” She whined with her arms hanging down like a zombie. Lucas took his jacket off and wrapped it round her shoulders then bent down and told her to jump aboard. Sure she was a lotta work, but feeling her nuzzle into his head as he piggy-back-carried her home did kinda make it worth it (plus seeing her in that sweater that was twice the size of her made quite the picture). It also happened that he was rather used to picking her up now and he never really complained since he lifted heavier at the gym anyway.

It just kind of worked for them.


They’re both quite lonely at prom so end up in one corner watching everyone dance and eating the mediocre buffer food. Sure they had had their flings throughout the year, but neither had been in a proper, committed relationship. They went anyway, any excuse to have a bash (and Maya may or may not have sneaked a hip flask I’m so they were slightly buzzed). They were sat at the over-decorated tables, Lucas fiddling with some confetti that Riley had promised the prom committee was essential to the party. They laughed as they played “weird superlatives” such as who was most likely to become a nun or be the long lost Romanov daughter or most likely to sell their kidney in the black market. And suddenly Maya gives zero fucks and grabs Lucas to start dancing. They were only going to have one prom anyway so why waste it!

She began to cringe as the familiar 80s song came on but couldn’t help laughing at Lucas’ serious mime game as he lipsynced along. “Cause I had the time of my liffeeeee and I owe it all to youuuu” she joined in singing and their silly dancing was making Lucas bend over double in fits of giggles, and when it got to the chorus, well they couldn’t help themselves but recreate the iconic movie moment.

Lucas held out his arms ready for her as she took a little run-up and picked her up perfectly making her fly through the air until the alcohol made his arms give in and leave them in a giggling mess in the middle of the dance floors. They were however, swiftly ushered out but it was okay, they were having too much fun to care and ended up in a diner having chocolate milkshakes and fries at 1am.


Though that had been one of his favourite moments with Maya, his favourite came a couple of years later when he got to literally pick her up bridal style and carry her back down the aisle as newly weds with a full future ahead of him (and they did attempt the Dirty Dancing lift again at their reception but again, miserably failed. Something’s just never change!).

When Adrien Was There- Adrinette Month Day Nineteen

Marinette leans back, looking out the window on the train. Her parents wave, and she gives a halfhearted wave back, as they fade out of sight. She sighs, looking down at her sketchbook. The doctors said spending the spring outside of Paris would help her to heal from her recent asthma attack, but she’s not buying it. Her parents were getting sick of her. That’s why they’re sending her away, to live with an Uncle she barely knows for three whole months.

She flips through her sketchbook, and fights the tears. Everything started falling apart after she heard that conversation.

“She’s never where she’s supposed to be!”

“I know, but Tom, she’s our daughter-”

“No daughter of mine gets a D in science!”

She couldn’t stop thinking about the way she’d disappointed her parents… and then a failed quiz triggered the panic attack, leading to the asthma attack. And now, she’s being sent away.

It isn’t fair.

Cheng-Shifu picks her up at the station. They don’t speak as she gets in his car, and looks out at the town, through the window. It’s so small, and ugly, and nothing like the bright lights and tall skyscrapers of Paris. She feels homesick already…

The house is nice enough, though. Well, it seems nice enough. He smiles,taking her to a room. “This is yours,” he says, in slightly awkward, but clear, French. “I hope you enjoy your time here.”

“Thank you,” she offers a small smile of her own. “It’s nice. Thanks for letting me stay here.”

He nods, and leaves her to herself. Marinette looks out the window, heading to the balcony, and sighs, leaning against the window. The air here is supposed to be much cleaner, but it doesn’t taste any better than the air at home…

A light flashes.

Her eye is drawn to a lake… and across the lake, a mansion…

It’s pretty. And interesting… she runs down, and taps Cheng-Shifu on the shoulder. “Um, what’s with the mansion? I thought this was a fishing town?”

He laughs. “The Agreste Mansion is from many years ago. It is empty.” His face suddenly becomes far more serious. “You do not go there, Marinette.”

“Why not?”

“Dangerous,” he says firmly. “The floors could give out. It has happened before.”

She sighs. “Can I just go look, if I promise not to go inside?”

He thinks for a moment. “Come back before the tide locks you there. Do not go inside.”

She smiles, and heads out, as the sun sets. Something about that mansion just… draws her to it. She wants to see what’s going on there.

The lake- well, marsh, really- is easy to wade through, on her way. It’s strange… as the sun sets, and the sky is painted pink and gold, the lights in the manor seem to flicker on. Didn’t her uncle say the house was empty? Not just empty, but dangerous for anyone to be in?

And yet… there! In the window! A teenage boy, looking out the window! He presses a hand to the window, and looks down… their eyes meet, and she gasps. His eyes are wide, and bright, and full of emotions. His blond curls frame his face, seeming to blow gently, although he’s inside…

He’s lovely.

She waves, and he gives a sad smile, shaking his head. He retreats from the window, and the lights on the house flicker off. It’s almost as if they were never on in the first place…

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