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omg listen wouldn’t the gladers playing pokemon go actually be the funniest and best thing ever like okay HEAR ME OUT

  • minho and thomas waking newt up in the middle of the night just to ask him if he wants to head out and play pokemon go
  • newt groaning when he sees his best friends in FULL POKEMON GEAR (“Bloody Christ, what are you assheads wearing?” “We got these t-shirts online! Cool, huh?”)
  • MINHO AND THOMAS ALWAYS RUNNING TOWARDS POKEMONS and like the rest of the gladers can’t fuckin keep up (“GUYS, THERE’S A RAICHU OVER THERE HOLY SHIT LET’S GO.” “Slow the fuck down!”)
  • newt spending 50% of his time trying to download pokemon go on his phone because honestly how the fuck do u technology
  • minho being all smug and wearing sunglasses in the dark bc he’s the first one to catch a rare pokemon among his friends
  • thomas staring down at his phone at all times and never looking where he’s going which ALWAYS result in him tripping over small rocks 
  • gally ramming past people to catch that smol chubby jigglypuff he’s always wanted since the beginning tbh
  • jeff and winston always having to tag along with medical supplies bc their idiots for friends (ahem thomas) never look where they’re going and always need a bandaid or two

No Thomas, you don’t know that. The only thing that we do know is they helped rescue us from WICKED. They gave us new clothes, they gave us food, they gave us a proper bed! Some of us haven’t had that in a long time. Some of us a lot longer than others.

My thoughts of the night include a) i think i have at least one cavity rn but if i go to the dentist he’s just gonna yell at me because i dont take care of myself at all but im Depression b) i want to make a petition to send Hope to group tmr instead of me because i don’t wanna go c) i should sleep but then tomorrow will just come sooner and i don’t wanna deal with group because I’ve skipped three appts in the past week and my councillors will be Disappointed and ask Questions d) i have a screening for more psych shit tmr and fuck that can i please just send Hope instead

Newt x Teresa Pen Pal AU

          Teresa wouldn’t describe herself as troubled, but with the late night partying, underage drinking, smoking, and endless string of shitty boyfriends she couldn’t say she was without a care in the world, either. One would think that, with her mother gone and her father always between jobs, she would work hard to make something of herself, but the overbearing, over-protective attitude of her father only made her want to rebel more—-no matter how much trouble it got her into. When the guidance counselor suggests she join an online pen pal community, a support group of sorts, Teresa is less than thrilled. Nonetheless, she registers for the website, if just to make her father happy and to get the counselor off her back, and is immediately matched up with some boy from London.

Enter Newt, a charming yet snarky English boy who seemed to understand her more than she ever thought a stranger could.

          E-mails turned into text messages; text messages turned into Skype calls, and as summer rolls around friends become lovers. Teresa manages to turn her whole life around with his support, and though distance will often separate them she can’t imagine her life without him in it.

sort of TMR related... more Thomas Brodie-Sangster related... there’s really no TMR at all sorry

can we all just take a moment to realise that Thomas Brodie-Sangster was 13 years old in Love Actually (2003)

15 in Nanny Mcphee (2005)

and then in Some Dogs Bite (2010), Thomas was 20 years old and played a 14 year old boy.

sorry what???????

anonymous asked:

can you give me some tips on how to draw (like practice-ish :) like you?? do you have any references?

Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply… I don’t know what kind of specific tips to give in drawing like meeeeee??? So basically I’m just going post screen shots of my drawing process below

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