i have more followers here than anywhere else

Now usually when I upgrade to superior copies of my books I just shuffle off those old begotten versions to the local op shop for recirculation that way, but in light of recent discussions I’ve decided to give away the paperback copy of the Raven Boys here. 100% free. I’m cooler than Book Depository; I’ll ship it anywhere.

So like this post. You get a free non-pirated book. maggie-stiefvater still got sales for it. I gain a space on my bookshelf, giving me an excuse to buy yet more book! Everyone is happy–well, except for those who don’t win.


  • only likes count; reblog only if you want someone else to know about it
  • don’t need to be following me; in fact, please don’t follow me
  • don’t be that guy! Don’t enter if you already have a copy of The Raven Boys. This is a giveaway for the Adams of the booklr world.

I may throw in the paperback copy of The Dream Thieves too–assuming my bookstore has any copies available when I go in tomorrow and that I don’t blow all my money on the Popular Penguin sale they are having.

I’ll do the draw on the 20th June, so make sure I your ask box is open at that time.