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Title: What The Hell?

Tony Stark and his daughter seeing an alternative version of Peter on TV and confront him, which leads to a whole lot of confusion.

Words: ~ 1800

A/N: This is not exactly how I wanted it to be. I combined it with another idea (Tony setting up his daughter with Peter) and things got a bit confusing… but I hope you like it anyway! :) [It’s not edited yet. I’m too lazy at the moment. So it’s filled with mistakes…]


My dad and I were having one of our very rare evenings in the movie room of the Stark Tower together that I appreciated more than anything.
Of course, I understood that with him being Iron Man he had a lot of duties and not much time for his daughter.

I snuggled deeper into my soft blanket when I rested my head on my father’s shoulder, both of us enjoying an evening without stress.
“You wanna watch a movie?”, he wanted to know and I only shrugged. “Let’s zap through the channels first.”

A few taps in the air and the channels changed. We sat in silence until something caught my attention, “Wait, what’s that?”

“Lip sync battle? Sounds interesting.”, I chuckled and my dad only nodded in agreement.
It didn’t took me very long to notice something very, VERY strange. And I wasn’t the only one noticing it, that was for sure.

The boy on TV who was wearing a black wig and a rather inappropriate outfit looked like Peter. And I mean EXACTLY like Peter. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of our TV. Peter was by far the most handsome and cutest boy I’d ever seen and this was very entertaining.
“That’s Peter.”, I stated, my eyebrows narrowing in confusion.

“What goes on in this boys head?”, my dad questioned in disbelief. With a shrug I grabbed my phone and started filming this weird occurrence.

Neither of us said a word as we watched Peter swinging his umbrella and grinding against it. The whole time dancing in the middle of other dancers while water was raining down on him.
Jesus, he looks so hot, I only thought before I subconsciously pressed my knuckles on my lips.

“What?”, my dad asked in shock. Of course I had to say that out loud…
I quickly stopped the video and chuckled nervously when I turned my head to look at my father.
“Uh, I m-mean… well, he’s this cute, innocent boy… usually. And now…”, I stuttered, my face heating up, “I just thought that… you know. It’s different. Good different. Not that I… I mean that’s-”

“So I was right? You actually are smitten with that spider kid.”, he smirked at me before wiggling his eyebrows, making me want to vanish into thin air.
“NO, I’m not. Okay?!”, I insisted, even though it was more than a huge lie. But my father didn’t need to know that I was head over heels for Peter.
“Don’t worry, honey. I won’t tell him.”, he laughed and brushed over my back.
“Thanks.”, I mumbled defeatedly, slowly admitting that I couldn’t hide it from him anymore. Or at least there wasn’t a point in arguing with him.

Not wanting this awkward silence to last, I grabbed my phone to send the video to Peter but not before cutting out the end.
Peter didn’t need to know about my thoughts.

Nice wig, Spidey. I didn’t know you could dance like that. , I texted Peter and threw my phone on the pillow laying next to me before my dad took the remote.“Let’s watch something else. That was terrifying…”

After a couple of minutes the door opened and Happy stood in the door frame.
“Tony, the boy arrived. He’ll be here in a minute.”

“Ah, perfect. Thanks, Happy.”, my dad replied and I looked at him, tilting my head to express my confusion. “Did I miss something?”, I wanted to know but I didn’t get an answer. Only a secret smile.

Not many moments later Peter stood in the door frame, wearing one of his cute nerdy shirts and holding his phone with a bewildered look on his face.

“Hi Peter! What are you doing here?”, I asked nervously, my voice jumping an octave.
“Hey, um… I am… No, it’s… Mr. Stark said there’s another mission?”, he stuttered while he approached us.

“Surprise!”, my dad chuckled when I looked at him in disbelief.
“But dad, it’s movie night!”, I complained, “You promised that-”
“I know, honey.”, he started, placing his hand on my arm. But before he could continue I raised my voice, “Dad, this sucks! You never-”

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down. Okay?”, he soothed me, his grib getting tighter while I gave him my famous death glare before speaking up again, “I hate it when you do that. First you-”

“I wanted him to join us.”, my dad interrupted me again, this time it was actually working. I shut up.
“Why?”, I wanted to know, realising that Peter still stood there, awkwardly watching us. “It’s my secret mission.”, my dad smirked, causing me to roll my eyes.

Peter slowly opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but said nothing. “Come here, kid.”, my dad tugged at his wrist, pulling him towards us and practically forcing him to sit right next to me.
My heart stopped beating when my head realised how close our bodies were, not to mention his face being only a foot away from mine.

He seemed to notice this, too. He only stared at me for a few brief moments, which made me blush incredibly, before he remembered what he wanted to say. “You sent me a video a couple of minutes ago.”
“Yeah, I did. Did you see it yet?”, I chuckled, trying to loosen the tension. Peter shook his head, pulling out his phone to watch it.

My dad scooted over and so did I even though I had already been sitting pretty close. I just wanted to be even closer.

Peter let out a quiet sigh before pressing play. Peter’s face went blank almost instantly. “That guy looks like me!”, he squeaked, pure shock on his face.

“What? I thought that was you…”, my dad replied but Peter violently shook his head.
“But look, that’s Michelle.”, I claimed and pointed at the girl in the background.

“That’s not me. That’s for sure!”, Peter mumbled, “I would wear a costume like that.”
“What a shame… Y/N said you look hot in it.”, my dad blurted out and I looked at him with wide eyes, “even if this isn’t you. But he looks exactly like you, doesn’t he?”

Peter’s head slowly turned to me, a confused smile on his lips, but didn’t say anything.
Is he… happy about me thinking that he’s hot?, I thought while I sent my father a warning look and mouthed ‘What the hell?’ after Peter’s eyes went to the floor.

“Maybe it’s still on.”, I wondered and took the remote to switch back to the channel we had been watching.
Fortunately, the show was still on showing this exact copies of Peter and Michelle.
The presenter had just confirmed that “Tom Holland”, who seemed to be Peter’s lost twin, won the Lip Sync Battle, causing the audience to cheer in agreement.

What happened next made us stare at the TV in shock.

A girl looking like me walked up on stage and ran in Peter’s -No, what was his name again…? Tom’s arms and kissed him hard on his lips.
“What the hell?”, were the only words that left my words even though I was packed by seeing me and Peter kiss, more or less… I looked to the left, watching Peter’s and my dad’s faces.
While Peter’s face was as red as his Spiderman suit, my dad had a huge smile planted all over his face.

My double continued to kiss Peter’s clone, who excitedly kissed back, and the presenter appeared on the screen again. “Aren’t they the cutest celebrity couple ever?”, he asked and the audience cheered loudly, making the presenter laugh. Then, the screen showed a close up of our doubles pulling back from their kiss and looking into the camera, which was the perfect moment to pause the show.

“That’s us! But it’s not us… it’s not making any sense and it’s confusing.”, Peter pointed out and looked at me, catching me staring at him.
But I couldn’t help but stare at his lips after seeing ourself kiss. What would it feel like to kiss him? Are this lips as soft as they look? And how would he taste like?, I wondered before my dad interrupted my thoughts.
“I think I know what’s going on.”, he claimed.

“Yeah, what is it?”, Peter and me asked at the same time.
“Parallel Universe.”, my dad said proudly but we only looked at him blankly.

“Maybe something went wrong and this tv show aired in our universe. This is why they look exactly like you. They are you! But they’re the alternative version of you.”, he explained and we nodded, finally understanding what he meant.

“They have the same looks, same interests, same love life… Oh, and that explains why you find Peter so hot!”, my dad rambled excitedly, “Because he’s your boyfriend in the other universe.”
“What the hell, dad?!”, I said frantically, “You promised you wouldn’t tell him.”

I saw Peter looking at me with a smile from the corner of my eye but I couldn’t look at him because I was so embarrassed of this whole situation.
“No, I promised I wouldn’t tell him that you’re in love with him.”, he blurted out and I looked at him in shock, blood rushing to my face while I felt Peter tensing up.

I won’t be able to look in Peter’s eyes ever again…

“You got a problem with that, Peter?”, my dad asked him and Peter took in a sharp breath before speaking up, “N-No, not… at a-all, Mr. Stark.”
He looked at me briefly, “Actually, I uhm… I’ve been…”, he looked to the ground and then back to my dad, who smirked widely.

“Perfect.”, he clapped his hands, “Initialising last part of the mission.”
Suddenly, he pushed Peter into me, his lips crashing into the corner of my mouth making my heart skipping a beat.
Peter nervously adjusted himself and looked in my eyes, waiting for me to push him away but closed his eyes when I didn’t do anything.
I had mirrored his actions when he leaned forward, causing his lips to touch mine carefully before he pressed himself into me. I felt my heart jumping to my throat when his lips started to move and my brain processed what was happening. My hands found the way to his neck, pulling his face closer and my fingertips started to wander over the back of his head, making Peter sigh.

“Mission completed.”, I heard my dad say and I jumped slightly when I realised that he was still sitting right next to us.

Acting Out - Ivar the Boneless OneShot

Pairing: Ivar x Reader, Modern AU

Word Count: 1829

Warning: NSFW, Explicit,  DubCon Elements (it wasn’t intended to be in anyway dubcon, but reading through it, I can see some people might interpret parts that way), Abusive/violent elements, Anal play, Spanking, Rough sex,  pure smut… Anything else I should have added let me know

Also; I haven’t edited this properly…because I’m lazy…so if there’s any errors or whatever, again..let me know, or just pretend you didn’t see them because I’m probably too lazy to fix them anyway

Originally posted by alexhoghgifs

“Don’t touch me”

You shrugged your shoulders away from his hand and stomped across the room, the sound of his irritated sigh only serving to anger you more as you snapped your head round to glare at him, “What?”, you spat, only just managing to refrain from banging your fist on the table you stood besides,

“Nothing”, he muttered, turning his head away from you, thinking you wouldn’t see the way he rolled his eyes, but you were glowering at him so intently that the action was hard to miss. The idea that he could be annoyed at you was nearly enough to make you march over to him and strike those perfect cheekbones of his,

“If you have something to say, Ivar, then just fucking say it”, you hissed, your teeth clenching together as you tried to contain the anger that was on the verge of erupting. You heard him sigh again as he threw his crutches to the side, “Is it going to be like this every time I look at another woman?”

“You were doing more than just looking at her, Ivar”, you barked, finally losing it and storming back over to him, “Don’t treat me like I’m fucking stupid”

“You’re acting like a child”, he sighed, shaking his head in an infuriatingly condescending way, “You know my job requires playing nice sometimes”

You scoffed loudly, “It looked like you wanted to be more than just nice to her”

“Do you really think I would do that to you?”, he said, reaching for your hands, only for you to pull them away, “Do you really think so little of me?”

“You make it hard to think otherwise, Ivar”, you replied, folding your arms across your chest defiantly. You watched his nostrils flare as he exhaled heavily, his lips turning up into a vicious scowl,

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Warmth (M)

Character: Jimin x reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word count: 1,535

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hey could u do a lil doodle of alex pls buddy., im just curious as to what he looks like in ur style bc its so DANG CUTE !!!

well this is sort of lazy of me but i’ve been kind of busy lately lol here is how i draw alex in a doodle i did (lolololol whats a bass guitar that too hard to draw) and a full version of something i put in a gramon doodle dump where alex was in it. Lots of people have requested Alex tho so there is more coming!!!

edit: by the way thank you for the compliment bby !!!!

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hey! i was wondering if you have any voltron angsty lance-centric fic recommendations? aside from your own amazing ones ofc

Mmkay, so I’m what I’m doing here is going through my fic rec tag and just copy-pasting stories where Lance suffers. Some are angst, some are hurt/comfort, some are epic stories where the angst and hurt/comfort might be more of a side dish than a main course. The word count on most of the WIPs is no longer accurate, and some are complete, but I am too lazy to edit. This is taking long enough as it is. But yeah, you asked for it, you’re getting it. Langst recs, maychorian style. Warning: This is long. If you press the read more, be prepared to scroll.

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Silicon Valley SD

Going to be a long post….

Met him a month ago on SA, went out for a 6 hours meet and greet (wrote about it somewhere in this blog). And we have been keeping in touch since then, messages here and there everyday (no, he hasn’t start giving me any allowance but I still talk to him anyways). Fast forward to May, he dropped by my city again and this time we got more intimate.

Stayed with him in his place the first night but I wasn’t feeling too well, and he didn’t force anything on me. Next day during breakfast I told him I wasn’t sure where the arrangement is leading, hence I was also unsure about getting intimate with him the night before. (It’s bullshit actually, I just told him that I have problems compartmentalising my feelings, and I tend to like the person more after I go to bed with them. So I want to be sure he wants to take care of me in a long term basis and if it’s a one time thing I rather we stay friends, lol, yea and he bought that crap, he said I’m different from the other girls he met on the site and he has good feeling about this arrangement/relationship, lolololol)

I didn’t tell him specifically how much I need, but after the talk during the breakfast, he dropped me 1000usd in an envelope before he went on his business meeting. At this point, we have not gotten intimate at all. But we did later that night.

Anyways, i stayed 3 nights with him, and he’s been very sweet and nice. He was really careful not to wake me every morning when he make his business calls and he brought back croissant for my breakfast the last day because he knows I can’t get up and the bakery will be close by noon. Booked me for spa when he was away too. All sweet, but obviously 1000 is not enough for me, so I told him that he should reciprocate on the last day, then he finally asked me how much I want, told him 2000 is ideal for a month, enough for me when he’s away.

Played dumb and told him I thought money wasn’t an issue, so I didn’t demand a fixed amount but I thought he would at least take care of my basic necessities for each month. 😬(well I played this way, because I know he is capable of giving more, I went out with him the past few days with his board members, and he easily spent 1000 on a dinner and another 1000 on drinks/entertainment, so what’s 2000 a month for him?)

So before he left, he chucked another 600usd in my bag and told me he didn’t have enough cash this time but he will give me more the next month when he is in town. Oh well.. we will see.. I didn’t want to push him too much and sound like a gold digger.

This is something new for me, because in the past I would bring up the allowance talk prior to the arrangement. Also, last time I wasn’t too keen in wasting my time maintaining a relationship with someone who hasn’t give me anything. All the texting and talking are really not my thing to begin with, but I realised if you try to be their friends, it’s more difficult for them to say no on helping you later, by all means allowance or favour. Sort of like guilt tripping them, because you have been nothing but nice and kind to them. Haha. No matter what, act the opposite of a gold digger would and always be super (overreact) appreciative of them.

PS: English is not my mother tongue, so I apologise for all the loud grammar errors. 🙈I’m too lazy to edit this, just writing down whatever came across my mind.


Everyone on this planet, at some point in their lives, has had a major case of the feels–those days when your heart is just too small to hold the big things you’re feeling. Today’s one of those days. We think of our emotions like they’re these unique, personal phenomena, that no one has ever felt what we have felt. There is a basis in science for every emotion we feel–anger, love. As a scientist, I know there’s nothing magical about what makes us feel something for someone else… (x)

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Hello! Sorry to bother you, but could you make a tutorial of this post post/160598278702/players-like-neymar-are-great-for-football it looks amazing!!! Thank you!

you’re not bothering me at all, thank you!

okay so i couldn’t recreate the exact edit but i tried and i hope you understand all the steps, please feel free to ask any questions!

*i m really bad at explaining plus my english is a big LOL bear with me :P

here’s the edit:

What you’ll need: any version of PS, i used CS6, a picture of a person or anything i guess, water splash brushes (just look them up on google bc i don’t remember the site i downloaded mine from lol) and gifs like these x

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Remember the Voltron high quality content I promised? I lied. Does it look like it was edited in paint? Yes. Was it edited in paint? Frikkin yes.
Matching icons for you and a cool person or more badass people of your choice!

Please like/reblog if using and please don’t take me seriously

THEORY: What is Elias Ainsworth?

I don’t know has anyone come up with this theory yet (i don’t read theories for this series because spoilers) but I wanna bring it up;

Many in this fandom have assumed our beloved Elias might be a perfect/succeed chimera. There has even been some “evidence” between lines that this could be the case, it could even work very well with the plot in my opinion.

BUT(T), I was reading some Native American mythologies and came across a very known beast you might have heard of; Wendigo.

What is Wendigo? It is a monster, usually pictured to have a face of an elk/reindeer. They are pretty much immortal and were born from humans when a person submitted to cannibalism.

A picture of Wendigo:

Looking familiar?

Back to our dear Elias;

- The first memories he got is that HE ATE HUMANS. He still has this lust, since he kinda wanted to eat his waifu and a jerky brad earlier.

- He has been around a very long time and doesn’t seem to age.

- If he was a human earlier (maybe even a wizard) it would explain how he kinda has human emotions and he understands what they mean even thought “he can’t feel/understand them”. 

i.e he shows a lot of affection towards Chise, he confessed he felt annoyed and frustrated about people asking him to have apprentice, he can feel anger and even get lonely and be afraid (< when chise mentioned Elias’ lust for flesh or when chise saw his “true” form).

Magic might also go with this but since there’s creatures that can do magic I wouldn’t make it as a main point, although he doesn’t need others to boost his magic and his powers are very VERY impressive.

- He obviously isn’t even near a human, at least not anymore, but his anatomy is somewhat similar. 

- His other forms do fit with chimera description but also as an Wendigo; reindeer/ox looking head, skeleton/skinny body and some fur/hair. Wings and tail can be explained as the fact Wendigos are considered as demons… or that he is a wizard and can change his appearance.

- Many also fear Elias and tell Chise not to trust him. They also say he’s a monster who tries to play human or “a good, loving husband”.

Don’t get me wrong, I support both theories Elias being a chimera or a wendigo. As I said, being a chimera would be more lore-wise since they have been mentioned couple of times, like as hints. I just happened to be reading of these creatures and simply couldn’t not see the similarities! There might even be more but I was too lazy to bring everything up.

I hope it’s not confirmed Elias is a chimera, otherwise this is awkward, the fox chapter is the last one I’ve read!

EDIT: also, forgot one more detail; Wendigos are known to live in cooler areas, like mines/caves and snowy forests/mountains and they hunt mostly at night. And where did Lindel meet Elias? One winter night, in the middle of snowy tundra.

Hello everyone!

I just found out that I had up to 500+ followers today, and I felt it was a good time to do an thank you post. I’ve liked EXO since Overdose, and I’ve been a dedicated fan since than. At first, I wasn’t around EXO-Ls so I didn’t know much of what was happening. But I was a huge Luhan stan, I still am of course. I had decided to make this blog to keep up with their activities and involve myself with the fandom.

Thank you all so much for liking my blog! This isn’t a follow-forever (I’m too lazy for that) it’s more like a list of my favorite blogs. These people have inspired either with their amazing blogs or amazing edits perhaps both. I apologize in advance if I mess this up. It’s almost in alphabetical order…

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Thank you to all who are following me! You don’t know how grateful I am. I know that I’m annoying and can sometimes be vulgar so thank you.

I love you all! ❤️ 

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Hey there! well, lately I’ve been thinking about unfollowing @littlebratciel, so I wanted to follow some new blogs to replace her u.u OKAY NO JK.

My dash is empty, and I will like to have some new cool blogs to follow and mutuals! so if you post some of the things below please reblog this with what you post in the tags so I can check your blog. 

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And this, my friends, is what happens when I have too much time on my hands…

Yeahhh but I thought I would try my hand at editing my candy and liked how it turned out decent, especially the hair. That being said, I’ll have these outfits as Klarisse’s main outfits from now on :D

((also totally not gonna turn my daughter into a Disney lover now~))

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