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i was rly nervous about posting my art on tumblr but in light of recent events i thought we could use some positivity in the tags

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@platinumbered heck yeah he does, and theyre the fancy light up ones.

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I remember reading a post about Hera and the crew when they got sick… And the one with Ezra… It was perfect.

Give me Hera and Ezra moments goddamnit.


“Let’s go on a date”

i-am-avacado  asked:

what's a Harpy? like, for harpy!holly

Ripped directly from google:

“a rapacious monster described as having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey with a woman’s face.” 

These are the most COMMON designs for harpies in video games (usually type A). Theyre half human, half bird, but its always specified that the human part is feminine. theres…ALOT of different ways harpies are used but usually its either theyre extremely beautiful, luring their victims to their death, or theyre seen as scavengers (?). Kinda like really big vultures lmao. i dont think theres any rules for the bird half of the harpy ( although ppl tend to do birds of prey as a reference)

HOWEVER !! Holly is only somewhat inspired by type A. When shes transformed, she is completely covered in feathers and she has a beak which doesnt fit any of these examples. Thats bc I mostly thought of Medli from Wind Waker when I designed her

(The Rito have an item to let them turn their arms into wings and fly at will shhhhhh)

I kinda just mashed a whole bunch of different ideas together lmao

Human form is just human w wings

Transformed is a bird w humanlike features

And the really creepy feral form is kinda like a Type B Harpy mashed w my own design for transformed Holly, but instead of a face, its a skull. And since Holly is fond of plague doctors, I made the skull a crow skull :o


Is he your exception?

Jeremy meets Gavin as Gavin presses his knife against Jeremy’s throat, pressing him against the wall of an alleyway.

Jeremy’s heard of Gavin before then of course. Fuck, everyone’s heard of him. The Golden Boy. Face of the Fake AH Crew. The man with the silver tongue and golden fingers. He’s the fairytale for every street kid like Jeremy. If rumors were to ever be believed, Gavin was once a street rat himself. Used to feed on scraps and live besides dumpsters too. But then he got out. Gavin’s the bedtime story told around trash can fires and under freeways. The impossible dream come true, going from nothing to being one of the rulers of the city.

So Jeremy knew who Gavin Free is. Just… didn’t know it was his pocket he was trying to pick.

“Got some slippery fingers there, love,” is the first thing Gavin says to him and Jeremy is surprised when his heart doesn’t stop beating right then and there. “Going into all sorts of places they don’t belong.”

Jeremy swallows, his Adam’s apple pushing against the knife. “Look, this is all a misunderstanding,” Jeremy says, trying an innocent smile.

Gavin raises an eyebrow. “So you weren’t trying to steal my wallet?”

“No, I was,” Jeremy says. “The misunderstanding lies in that you don’t understand how much I do not want to die.”

A strange look passes over his face, the corners of his lips pulling up. The knife moves away a bit.

“Mmm, well, maybe you shouldn’t have stolen my wallet,” Gavin says, putting his trademarked smirk back on his face.

“Technically I didn’t steal it. It never left your pants,” Jeremy points out. “Which, I will admit is not my best work.”

And then Gavin laughs. Not a cruel laugh either, not a malicious one. Something more pure than that and it seems to catch even Gavin off guard.

“I guess you’re right,” Gavin says, removing the knife and stepping away from him. “Next time don’t get caught.” And then he winks.

And with that Gavin strides away, disappearing into the crowd of the city. And Jeremy is left in the alleyway, running a hand over his throat where the knife had been resting moments before, wondering why his heart is fluttering in his chest.

The drunk reveal no one asked for and the cracker shenanigans

Okay, so look at this. It is 8000+ words. Fucking hell. All the thanks to @lunian who is the mastermind behind this gem. Let’s roll. Also, it isn’t proof read cause seriously guys, who has time to proofread 21 pages of crack. Sorry for any gramamr mistake

Marinette looked around the living room, from the music system to the table covered with bowl and bags off what could easily be all the snacks found on the French market. Marinette wasn’t especially in the mood to party, she would have rather stayed at home and finish some designs, especially after the fact that there was an akuma that morning that managed to ruin her sleeping late plans. But Alya insisted, saying there wil be amiliar faces too. And Marinette totally didn’t come because Alya promised Nino is brinign her a certain blond someone who just arrived back to Paris from one year exchange in Milano. Totally not. She was perfectly content with having a friendly conversation with Adrien after only seeing him through Skype for a year. Until he walked in the room. And Marinette finally understood just how low quality the skype camera was.

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Mac ‘n Cheese

Dr. Gaster, my good sir, please take better care of your children. Geez.

Gaster’s usually not this annoyed when Sans or Papyrus comes downstairs to ask him something, he’s just really frustrated with something and Sans happened to have bad timing. Y’know I just realized that if Sans is 6, that puts Papyrus at 1. Gee, Gaster, letting a 6 year old take care of a 1 year old ain’t such a bright idea. As I’ve said, Dr. Gaster just sucked at being a father. I’m surprised the skelebros haven’t burned the house down yet. I mean, Gaster can get upstairs in an instant and he probably has a baby monitor or something so he can hear what’s going on but still. 

Dr. Gaster’s other story