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Old Wounds - Chapter Six


Gigi checked the video screen at the door and scowled. Pulling her grey cardi tight around her, she opened the door to her flat to confront the interloper. “What?”

“Aren’t friends allowed to drop by unannounced anymore?”

Jack was being charming and that was a bad sign. It meant he was up to something. He wanted something from her and the last time he had wanted something from her had ended up a disaster. Yes. Everything about last night had been a disaster. Everything. It would be in her best interest to avoid him and his charmingness so she didn’t end up crying in a hotel room again. That was a good streak to start. Days since crying in a hotel room. Today was day one. She squinted at him until her eyelashes interfered with her view. “How do you even know where I live?” A sudden thought occurred to her spine went rigid. “Did you get it out of my medfile?”

He held up both hands like he was warding off a mugger. “No. After last night, I wouldn’t dare violate your medical privacy.”

She relaxed slightly. But only slightly. Because somehow he had gotten into the building too without her buzzing him up, though that was probably due to one of the other tenants letting him in. It’s not like she actually swiped the doorpad more than fifty percent of the time. His stupid beard combined with how nicely he was dressed meant anyone would have let him in because they would have assumed that he wasn’t an arse. Which he was, she reminded herself. Complete and total arse.  “Then how do you know where I live?”

Jack rubbed the back of his neck and grinned sheepishly. “Your mum told me.”

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