i have missed you thank you

Some of you came and watched me work on this earlier today. For those of you who dropped in, thanks! It was fun to have company over the computer.

I am really proud of this. It’s been a long time since I’ve made any serious attempts at good art, and this was a lot of fun and I think it went well. I’m sure there are some mistakes in there somewhere that I missed, but I don’t care at this point. I’m happy with how it turned out, and that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that about my art in a long while.

The circle emblems and the overlay pattern can be found here, and the font I used is called Eureka.

Now I’m off to bed because classes start tomorrow and I need sleep!

R.I.P Mr. Wes Craven. Thank you for all you have done to shape my love of horror and many others!! You are an amazing talented man!! You surly will be missed by so many fans!! You are a legend!! My heart goes out to the family and all of the saddened fans around the world!! <3

The Snape Dialogues: Luna's Shoes
  • Potions Class:A Never Seen Scene of 3rd Year Luna Lovegood and her Potions teacher
  • Snape:*weaving languidly between the desks of his Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff 2nd year students - he stops when he notes that one student is without shoes* Miss Lovegood, where are your shoes?
  • Luna:*smiles sweetly in the true way of the innocent* The pixies took them, Professor Snape. *blissfully returns to her potion*
  • Snape:*grips his hands behind his back - the only sign of irritation* Do not turn away, Miss Lovegood, and give me the truth about where your shoes have disappeared to.
  • Luna:*Professor Snape casts the Stasis Spell on the Ravenclaw's potion* Thank you, Sir.
  • Snape:The truth, Miss Lovegood. *the Potions Master patiently prompts the flighty-brained girl*
  • Luna:I told you the truth, Professor Snape. Professor Lockhart's Cornish Pixies took my shoes. They also took Mimsy Borograves' hair ribbon.
  • Mimsy:*tries to pretend she doesn't exist as she keeps brewing her potion*
  • Snape:*selects two Sappoporous Beans and transfigures them into a functional pair of shoes - another two beans become simple white socks - he hands them to the witch* It is not wise to attend Potions in bare feet. Put those on, Miss Lovegood.
  • Luna:*takes the new shoes of functional, patent leather black and examines them* New shoes! How wonderful! Thank you, Professor Snape. *she quickly puts on the socks and the new shoes and claps her hands* They fit perfect!
  • Snape:Perfect... ly, Miss Lovegood. *removes the Stasis Spell* Finish your potion, if you would.
  • Luna:*still beaming as she returns her attention to her potion*
  • Snape:*returns to sweeping up and down between the desks until the end of class*
  • Snape:*seated at his desk as he receives the completed potions* Abysmal, Mr. Stangood. You have brewed... sludge. Zero.
  • Alby Stangood:*sighs, hangs head, and turns away*
  • Snape:*takes the sample of the potion from the next student* Acceptable, Miss Leeves.
  • Carolyn Leeves:*smiles in delight* Thank you, Professor!
  • Snape:*one by one the potions are handed in and the students leave until he receives the last one - it is a glowing shade of chartreuse - he glances up at the ill-fated student* Miss Lovegood...
  • Luna:It's pretty, isn't it, Sir? Don't worry, though, it is still Sleeping Draught but I added two chamomile leaves to reduce the acrid taste.
  • Snape:*scowls, uncorks the tube the sample is in, sniffs it, then dips his pinky finger into it and tastes it* Not bad... *hands her the potion* Are you prepared to test it, Miss Lovegood?
  • Luna:*takes the potion* I am, Professor.
  • Snape:*he watches as the girl drinks down the potion - her eyes lower, and she yawns*
  • Luna:*closes eyes* I'll miss... Charms...
  • Snape:*catches the witch before she falls, picks her up, and draws her onto his lap - he administers an antidote - she wakens*
  • Luna:Good morning, Professor Snape.
  • Snape:*smirks in amusement as he returns her to her feet* It is the afternoon, Miss Lovegood, and you have Charms to attend.
  • Luna:Lovely! I didn't miss class. Thank you, Sir.
  • Snape:You have not. However, you do have homework. *Summons a scroll* You will be writing up your modification for publication to Apothecarum. You have earned 10 points for Ravenclaw and an E for today. Now, get to class.
  • Luna:*with absolute delight, leans up and kisses her teacher's cheek, and runs out of the classroom before he can remonstrate with her*
  • Snape:*scowls* Fae creature!

stromicfrost asked:

I wanted to thank you for posting so many pictures and videos of your huskies! Having grown up with a pair of my own, I often miss their antics and quirky behaviours. Seeing yours makes me happy, if a bit sentimental!

Aw you’re most welcome! I’m glad they can help bring back fond memories. <3 Peeking at their photos/videos definitely help me get through my own day, too. :D They’re so silly.


My Auto Assembly loot this year

THANK YOU to everyone who gifted me art or stuff or even helped me out with getting figures ☆*:. o(QuQ)o .:*☆

I got really amazing things from you awesome people! 

And as usual the weekend was over way too fast… having to wait another year is painful and I really miss you guys! ;3;

Even though I enjoy the convention and collecting cool merchandise this event is most importantly an oppertunity to meet people I do not see otherwise, sharing my dumb love for giant robots.
I can’t even begin to describe how much it means to me to hang out with you folks.
I love all of you and I’m so excited to make new acquaintances each time.



In celebration of my blog’s one year anniversary, which is yesterday, August 30th, I’m going to share with you guys whom I’ve been stalking lol Gaining 1.2k mean so much to me, like all of you guys mean so much to me. When I first started this blog I didn’t even dream about having 50 followers. Thank you so much for bearing with me, liking my posts, messaging me. One year isn’t long, neither short but I’ve made many friends and discovered many things about the world out there, and myself (okay I’m beginning to miss the point here lol). So no more blabbering and let’s get the follow forever started! 

Since this is my side blog so I can only follow you with my main reine-gyeomie and I’m kinda picky sorry but please keep in mind that I LOVE YOU ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK ♥3♥


Bold - Loves

♥ - Cuties - I love you and I want to know more about you ;)


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The Goodnight Kiss II   [All]     |     [Mirror]     by Theme → Sleep

Conversions 141-146:

Tf - Silk pajamas, Ruffled Meshness, MSS Racerback Top and Bottom
Tm - MSS Romantic Robe, MSS Romantic Shorts

So i survived another round of grad school. thank you everyone for your support (>‿◠)✌.


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Alright, I feel the very urgent need to rp with other OUAT characters (I really miss the show and I want to develop Killian’s character a bit more) and every now and then I get insecure and feel like a large part of the ouat rp fandom actually hates me ._. and I have no idea why or what I could have done. Anyway, if you are a OUAT canon or OUAT oc and are willing to plot/rp with me ( hookedpirate ) could you like or reblog this? Thank you so much. I’m really looking for BrOTPs and friendships for him right now, but I would be willing to discuss shipping. 

Edit: Also willing to rp with other Killians :)

Exhaling Catalysts Prompt -- Week 5 Summary

Week of August 23, 2015


As if you were on fire from within,
The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”

~ Pablo Neruda

Note from the originator:

This has been a happy departure for me from the discipline of my own writing, though by its very nature, facilitating this week’s challenge has imposed its own very strict discipline.  I loved reading all your words.  Each of you has done much more than you know this past week, as your poetry and prose have helped to keep me focused on something fearless, positive, and beautiful.  Thank you to all who responded to our challenge this week.  Your participation is greatly appreciated and applauded by all of us here at Exhaling Catalysts.  

Special thanks to Edward (thesealivesinme), and Tam (street-heart-posts) for their assistance in catching all the entries that I would otherwise have missed without them.  If you aren’t already connected to these two people, what are you waiting for?  Take the time to visit their pages, and you’ll see why you need to add them to your list ASAP.  :)

Here is a listing, in approximately the order of their appearance, of all the works tagged “exhaling catalysts prompt” for the week ending at 11:59 p.m. on August 30, 2015.  If your name is missing, please send us a message at Exhaling Catalysts so that we can correct the oversight.

Look for a new exhaling catalysts prompt on Monday August 31, 2015.

Karen  (kittygory)






























I can’t believe this. I’m devastated. Since I heard the news, I have not stopped crying, face down into my bed.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me and millions of others. You changed my life. To his family and friends, my deepest sympathies. And to my fellow fans: warmest hugs. I love you, Wes. We will miss you, but your legacy lives on.

Anonymous said: So Steve didn’t actually wear the white tux-how do you feel about it Tony? And Steve, how do you feel about Tony turning up in the Iron man suit? Congrats you guys!!! :D

“Thanks! I feel I wasted money on Steve’s wedding suit! But it is fine, he still looked beyond hot.”

“To be honest, I was too relieved that Tony finally showed up, to even notice what he was wearing!”

“Of course, I showed up, wouldn’t miss being married to to you.”

“But you still chose donuts over me..”

“My relationship with donuts is longer than the one I have with you. I guess you need to get acquainted with the thought of sharing me.”

{ lleejjinki }

/It was always nice seeing an old friend and Jinki was no exception. He’s missed the other’s kind smile and the little compliment got his cheeks turn a faint shade of pink/ It’s been indeed a very long time since we’ve last spoken and I must say many things have changed since then…but I’m so glad to see that you still remember me. I’ve been quite well, thank you for asking. How about you?

Okay Miley you had a big window of opportunity today. You could have taken just a minute to shout out to the queer community by putting these queens in the spotlight. You didn’t properly introduce your “backup dancers” and just had them run onstage with you for audience shock value. You could have introduced them not just as already semi-famous drag stars but as serious, multi talented artists, models, singers, dancers and so on. They deserved more attention than that instead of you using them to say “look at me, I’m trying to be the biggest queer of 2015 and i fucking love weed” There was just no context.
I just feel that people who were watching that will never know that and see the whole things as a joke, you missed your chance. If you want to be a lgbtq+ icon, you could have made a difference Miley, and we would be thanking you.

11 Question Meme


Always post the rules. Write 11 questions. Tag 11 people.

Tagged by tanyamaguire thanks ex wifey

1. What style of music do you play when you’re upset?
No particular style I don’t think really. Just pop on pandora and flip between stations.

2. What’s one thing you miss from your childhood?
Sometimes Sunday breakfast at the Greek diner by our house

3. Is home where the heart is or the heart where home is?
I’d say heart is where the home is. Even though I spent 11 years in Georgia, I never truly felt “at home”

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully with a successful job that allows me to be financially stable and independent. Also sipping mimosas while looking hella fab

5. Do you want kids? (wow now this sounds like an online dating profile lol)
I don’t know honestly. I’m still on the fence about, but I know I have time to figure things out. I have a lot of physical limitations, so I don’t know if a child would be a good idea, lets just leave it at that

6. Do you like to take chances, even when it means jumping head first into the drop off?
Depends on what I’m taking a chance on I suppose. Most of the time, probably not. I’m a pretty cautious person

Are pretty friendly according to Nemo

8. The Proposal or Crazy, Stupid, Love? (I’m making you choose because I could never)
I’ve never seen Crazy, Stupid, Love (insert Hailey yelling at me here, blah blah) so I have to pick the Proposal, which I love

9. Disney World or Disneyland
Disney World obvi

10. West Coast or East Coast?
I have to say East Coast cause I’ve never experienced otherwise. However I do plan on seeing lots of the West Coast one day

My questions

  1. Look to your left. What’s the first thing you see?
  2. What ice cream/frozen yogurt toppings do you enjoy?
  3. Name a short term goal of yours
  4. What are your thoughts on coffee?
  5. How was your day/night?
  6. Is there a book that you’ve read multiple times but never get tired of?
  7. Do you have a favorite candle scent?
  8. How do you feel about animals?
  9. Tell me a crazy story from your childhood.
  10. Where do you go when you’re upset?

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Hello everyone!  This is Kitty and I’m back on here for short while just to say that my friend Courtney, otherwise known as killer-killjoy.tumblr.com will be taking over this blog and using it as her own.  I ask that you all give her a big warm welcome when she comes on tomorrow.  I can’t really come on this account anymore so I thought it should be put to good use and Court is the best person I could think of to take over.

Thank you all for following me and interacting with me during the time that I ran this blog.  I had some really good times and I really miss a lot of you.  Your support was overwhelming and I cannot thank you all enough for being there for me when shit was going down.  It was a good run guys.  Thank you.

Courtney will be taking over tomorrow, but I’ll be on now for the next hour or so cleaning up the place and answering any questions you may have.

Today my heart has broken into a million pieces. I have lost a part of me. Goodbye my beautiful boy. We miss you dearly. But you had a beautiful life. Thank you for all the joy you have given me. I love you endlessly

anonymous asked:

Hope you're having a good day :) Any chance we'll get some Smut fic from you soon? Miss your work! And lol yes I realize it's only been like 5 days

Thank you, anon, and yes! Hopefully soon, I’m working on a few right now! 

This made me smile so much (and laugh, because it kinda does feel like it’s been longer than five days, I hate going more than a day without writing!), so thank you!