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Everything is For Sale

by sixpenceee user FormallyFreya 

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Do you have something of yours you want to sell? No, I’m not talking about furniture, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they took that, too. I’m talking about less tangible things. For example, do you want to keep the memories from when you were three years old? It’s not like you would miss them and then you could also put a little money in your pocket for the trouble. You think I’m kidding.

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  • Asahi:Now that we're graduating I wanted to tell you how kind you are, Suga. You're thoughtful and you're always such a delight to have around. I'm gonna miss you.
  • Suga:Thanks, Asahi, that's nice.
  • Tsukishima:Goodbye, Sugawara. I have enjoyed parts of our time together.
  • Suga:[bursts into sobs hugs him] Oh God, Tsukishima!
  • Tsukishima:
  • Asahi:[tearful] That was really something.
  • Question:What are you guys gonna miss the most about being with this family and this cast 24/7
  • Emily:I would say the people that we work with. I mean we get to work with so many awesome people from the writers and show runners to other actors and the whole crew we have a great amazing group of people and it's just been such a wonderful.. And missing the characters. I'm gonna miss Brennan and all the characters
  • David:I just love all the people up here. They respect you, they believe in you. They support each other. And It's such a great environment to be a part of. I was blessed to meet these people. They've got me through lots of stuff through my life. And I thank them for making me humble and believing in me. And I.. We went to war, we started this, we're gonna come out with the flag high. We're just gonna keep going and share those memories. I love them all.
  • TJ:The inbetweens. What you don't get to see. The behind the scenes conversations. The behind the scenes laughter and support for each other. That's what I'll miss the most.
  • Michaela:The messing up the lines and you know, of the technical lines and all of the laughter that goes on with not knowing lines. Yeah, I would say that.
  • Tamara:Yeah, I think the same for me. I think the laughter. You know, ten years of laughter is pretty damn healing. And uh, yeah I'm gonna miss these guys. Not yet though! We've got 12 episodes.
  • John:Oh I think I'm just gonna miss the graciousness of one of the best legendary TV casts ever and thank you guys so much for letting me join in here.

Been a while since I’ve made a vine edit so I figured, why not do one today. Can you believe it’s been 6 years? 6! Time really does fly when you’re having fun.6 years of amazing music, 6 years of friendship, 6 years of cries, 6 years of drama, 6 years of laughter, 6 years of an amazing journey, 6 years of One Direction. I’m feeling so many emotions at once. I am so so SO proud of how much these boys have accomplished. They worked so hard to get to where they are now. Thank you boys for so many crazy and wonderful memories and I look forward to more in the future. No matter what happens, I will always be there for you. Please hiatus, go faster. I miss you boys so much. See you soon. I love you so much ❤️

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I have a request for a tol Mark and a smol Jack? Love your page it's goals and we need more people like you in the fandom! ;)

mmmhmm different style. I thought this was appropriate for this request, I hope you like it!

As for Mod B, she’s M.I.A.! (missing in action…even tho we see each other everyday HAHAHAHA she will kill me if she sees this.

We apologize for the lack of posts :/ Both of us have been really busy and barely having the time to draw for ourselves. Don’t worry! we’re trying our best to go through these requests and for our two winners from the giveaway Q-Q we’re sorry aaa

OH and thank you anon, we appreciate it! <3

Gif-maker Appreciation Post

It’s occurred to me that over my time here, I’ve reblogged so many beautiful gifsets and I rarely take a moment to comment on just how wonderful they are.

To make up for my bad form, this is a post to say a huge THANK YOU to all the fabulous gif-makers out there in the fandom that give me so much to flail/squeal/drool over.

These include, but are not limited to:

@andhewonherheart ❇ @captainfrostheart ❇ @captainodonoghue ❇ @captainswaan ❇ @captainswansource ❇ @claraoswan ❇ @cmmaswans ❇ @dashingrapskillian ❇ @emmakillian ❇ @emmamorrison ❇ @emmasexual ❇ @emmasneverland ❇ @emmaswana ❇ @fyesemmaandhook ❇ @handsomeswan ❇ @hopeandbeans ❇ @hotchocolatewithkillian ❇ @just-be-magnificent ❇ @killiancomeback2me ❇ @killiancygnus ❇ @letmedieahooker ❇ @lillyanjones ❇ @lumadreamland ❇ @noonesthatpowerful ❇ @ohmycaptn ❇ @onceland ❇ @pirateherokillian ❇ @sailorkillian ❇ @sheriffchiselchin ❇ @shipsxahoy ❇ @soggyhook ❇ @someone-like-robsten ❇ @storybrooke ❇ @tough-lass ❇ @wenchswan

…and I could go on for days because there are so many!

Thank you to all the gif-makers, on this list or not, for your contribution to the fandom. You are much loved.

Dialogue Prompts

1. “Did you miss me?” “You left?!”

2. “Could you pass that?” “No, your arms broken?” “Actually yes, thanks to you!”

3. “I hate you.” “Who doesn’t?”

4. “You’re a pig!” “Guess who taught me that!”

5. “I ruined myself for you, and all you have to say is sorry?!”

6. “Keep dreaming.” “Well talking to you is a dream.”

7. “That fucking hurt!” “Sorry…?” “Sorry isn’t going help when I kick your ass!”

8. “Do you think they like me?” “I like you so it doesn’t matter.” “Wait what?” “What?”

9. “Please just leave me alone!” “You know I can’t!”

10. “You’re bleeding, of course your bleeding!”

11. “Any good dreams last night?” “Yep, you left me alone.”

12. “I’m SO sick.” “I’m sick of you bullshit.”

13. “Could you just not lie, for once?!”

14. “I wish it hurt less.” “Let me help you then. I’ll take the pain away.”

15. “I c-can’t keeping doing this. I’m sorry.”

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becca ❤️ do you have any recs for really nice hobi/jin/yoongi blogs pls? i need more on my dash and you're one of my fav blogs so i only trust your opinion 😭

alskjdlflkslsk thank u omg ilysm :((<33

my fave yoongi blogs r: @eeukyang @googkie @minyoongified @an9elito !!

my fave hobi blogs r: @hobiswife @hobisnovia @hobguk @jhopesfiance @jhope1 @hearthobi @jadelust @blackhoeaesthetic @trapkinghoseok @1jh @0hobi @1jin @cuteyeom !!

my fave jin blogs r: @imkimseokjinsgf @seokjinsgf @1solars @jinfiresman @seoksins @waejin @jinoodle !!

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You are so obviously a feminist. Paulie or die. Da' should be taking care of her daughter she "loves" and misses" so much like that bitch is a poker dealer she don't give a flying fuck about her daughter. Fuck you. Bitch ass...

“You are so obviously a feminist.” YAAASSS thank you! I am a feminist and proud! And you’re hating on Da’ for having a kid? What about James? Miss me with this

Hiatus: 7 days

(( Guys, going on full hiatus. We have guests!

Since this is a rather long period of time, if you answer to our thread, would you mind informing me via Tumblr instant message system or via ask that your reply is posted and now it’s my turn? I would hate to lose or miss any of the answers.

Thank you in advance and I wish a nice day/night, depending on your time zone! :D ))

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Oops, my mistake. Kagami, Kasamatsu, Takao, Himuro, and Hyuga's s/o reveals she has a prosthetic leg. Not from an accident, but a birth defect, and is basically missing below one knee. Keeps her legs covered (stockings, tights, long skirts, pants) to keep from drawing unwanted attention to it. A scenario about that please. Thank you for letting me fix this.

Tbh they would be surprised but wouldn’t act that much different. I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with tho (-ω-ゞ

Please note that I have no idea whatsoever about the requested birth defect, so I apologize in advance if something is not right in my writing. Thanks!

[16:25:01] We need to talk—it’s kind of important. I’ll meet with you after practice.

His eyes reads the text you just sent to him once, twice, and then three times. Each time he scans the words on the glaring screen of his cellphone, worry and anxiety seems to bubble more in his gut. You sound so serious. Did he do anything wrong? Is it about your relationship with him? Crap.

He can’t seem to focus at all during practice, which is very out of character of him. Your words are simple, but they’re more than enough to leave him vulnerable — just what do you plan on telling him? 

Kagami: “Is that a prosthetic leg?” He asks with a surprised look on his face when remove the clothing you usually wear to conceal it.

“M-hmm. I thought I needed to tell you.” You say with a neutral look on your face. Inside you feel slightly nervous about revealing this to him, but since he’s your boyfriend, you think that he should now — plus, he’s a nice guy, so he wouldn’t judge you or make fun of you or think you’re a creep…


Seconds pass by in silence, Kagami still staring at your prosthetic leg and your hand, holding up the clothing, seems to freeze in its position.


“Huh? Oh, sorry! I was waiting for you to continue!”

You blink. “Continue what?”

“…You mean that’s it?”

“…Yes? I mean, I just wanted to tell you I have a prosthetic leg.”

“Alright,” he nods, but when you spot the slight relief on his face you can’t help but ask.

“Were you expecting something else?” You ask, hesitant but with a pinch of mischief.

“N-No, of course not!”

“Really now, Taiga?” You ask, teasingly nudging his elbow to his ribs. He doesn’t reply, instead he snatches your hand and drags you along with him, intending to walk you back home. He’s still averting his gaze away from you in embarrassment.

He internally calls himself an idiot for overthinking about your relationship, and proceeds to walk you home in the sunset, hand holding yours in a loving grip while asking all sorts of questions about your leg to get to know you better.

Kasamatsu: “I’m actually born without a leg.”

Kasamatsu stares at the revealed prosthetic leg, blinking for a few seconds as all of his insecurities melt like ice cream in summer heat. “Is this what you came to tell me?”

“Yeah,” you say, the anxiety apparent in your face and body language. Shit, it’s not like you’re embarrassed about your defect, you’ve lived with it for years now, but in front of Kasamatsu like this you can’t help but feel vulnerable. He’s a good guy, you tell yourself, he’s not gonna be weirded out.

Meanwhile, Kasamatsu is thinking about how bad he overreacted over your text, and sighs in relief. Your relationship isn’t ending—good, because he doesn’t know what he’s going to be without you. He blushes at his own train of thought. Clearly he’s in deep.

“Does it hurt?”

“Oh, no, it doesn’t usually hurt. It only does when I sweat a lot and there’s a lot of friction. Other times I’m perfectly fine, since this thing here fits perfectly.” You smile, tapping the prosthetic lightly with your index finger.

Kasamatsu’s clear blue eyes visibly soften as he looks at you, and then the leg. “Be sure to tell me when it hurts, okay?”

You laugh and lightly punch his shoulder in a friendly manner. “What are you gonna do about it? Carry me in your arms like a knight in shining armor and bring me back home?”

He blushes heavily at the suggestion, but then he averts his gaze to the side, a finger gingerly scratching his cheek.

“Yeah, why not?” He murmurs.

You blush so badly you have to cover part of your face in attempt to lessen the embarrassment.

Takao: “Takao-kun.”


When he greeted you a minute ago and led you to the abandoned school courtyard—it’s been hours since classes ended—you grew a little bit scared at his lack of usual enthusiasm and cheer, taking it as a bad sign. On the other hand, Takao is also feeling apprehensive, because you sounded really serious in the text. He isn’t unfamiliar with it, he knows what usually comes after “we need to talk”. He just doesn’t want to think about it—even thinking of thinking about it already makes him feel really sad.

You slowly lift up the maxi skirt you’re wearing to reveal a prosthetic leg connected at your right knee.

“I actually have a prosthetic leg.”

Takao, however, lets out a small laugh after his face showed surprise for a fraction of a second. “That’s actually kind of cool!” he comments. “But wait,” the basketball player’s face drops into a very gloomy expression, “was this a result of an accident or something? Does it really hurt? Oh God I’m so sorry I was being really incosiderate just now!”

You chuckle at his reaction. “No, don’t worry. I was born this way,” you declare softly. Your boyfriend’s face returns to normal, his head nodding in clarity. 

“WAIT! Does that mean you can’t play basketball with me?” He suddenly cries out.

You ponder for a moment, looking down at the carbon fiber leg, “I can, but I’d still suck at basketball anyway.”

No way,” he looks at you with such a funny face you can’t help but laugh out loud.

“I just need to switch to another prosthetic, since this one is for regular walking.”

“Oh my God, is it the running blades?”


“That is — ” he pauses for dramatic effect, “so freaking cool.” 

Himuro: “Actually, Tatsuya… I have something really important to tell you.” 

He nods, and he can’t help but feel really nervous about this. After that text, he has an ominous feeling as to where this scenario is going—when someone sends that kind of text to their partner, obviously there’s something wrong, and it’s not a good thing. Himuro gulps, as he’s completely unprepared for this. Although he’s been with you for only a month, he really enjoys to spend time with you. As cliché as it sounds, you’re not like any other people he’s dated before.

And this happens, just when he thinks he’s starting to fall in love with you. He doesn’t want things to end.

You take his silence as a signal to continue, feeling nervous yourself. You lift your left trouser leg up to your knee to reveal the prosthetic leg, the material glistening under the light of the now empty gym. 

Himuro blanches and his worries suddenly fly out the window that is his mind, because this is totally not what he expected. “A prosthetic leg?”

“Yeah,” you answer, “I suffer from Amelia.”

“Ame… lia?”

“M-hmm,” you smile patiently, although a part of you is still anxious. “It’s a birth defect where someone is born without a limb. I was born without my left leg.”

“Oh,” is all he could come up with. “Is this the important thing you wanted to tell me?”

You blink at his lack of response. “Yes. Is something the matter, Tatsu—ah!”

You cry in surprise when the boy, who was standing in front of you a second ago, suddenly pulls you into his arms in a tight hug, his face buried comfortably in the crook of your neck. He then chuckles, the sound vibrating to your body and sending a warmth down your spine.


“You really are clueless about relationships, are you, ____________?”


He litters your neck with two or three kisses before facing you again. “The way you texted me made me think you wanted to break up with me.” He explains with a charming smile, hands snaking down your back to lightly grasp your waist, pulling you closer to him.


Well, either way, he’s cool with your prosthetic leg, and turns out you didn’t actually want to break up with him, so everything turns out okay. All that worrying for nothing.


Hyuuga: His gaze is focused on the prosthetic leg you just revealed to him, along with the fact that you were born with one limb missing–during the whole month you’ve been dating each other Hyuuga realizes at this moment that you don’t expose your legs a lot, and he’s never questioned it because he doesn’t really have a problem with it. Now he knows why. The insecurity that consumed him moments ago now turns into a feeling of protectiveness.

You look at his face worriedly.

“Has someone ever caused you trouble because of your prosthetic leg?” He sternly asks. “If so, tell me who.”

You blink in surprise at the fierce tone in his voice. “Eh? No no no no, it’s not like that, Junpei!” You retort, flailing your arms in front of you to stop him from thinking too far. As a result, the fabric that you were holding up falls back into its place, covering your prosthetic leg again.

He sends you a confused look. “Then why do you cover it?”

“It’s just… a lot of people ask a lot of questions, and that gets really annoying,” you reply with a sigh, one hand situated on your hips, “of course people bothered me, but that was ages ago,” you murmur.

He links his hand with yours and starts to walk away from the school yard with you in tow. Your eyes soften at the gesture and you match your stride with his, walking side by side with him. He’s walking you home as always, he doesn’t think you’re weird. He’s Junpei after all, you think.

“Does it hurt?” He asks quietly. You feel like the grip of his hand is tighter than usual, but it doesn’t hurt. It sends warmth to your chest as you slip your fingers between his.

“No, but it can.” 

The rest of the walk home is filled with pleasant, light conversations about you and your prosthetic—you feel like he’s trying to get to know you better by finding ways to accommodate you as best as he can, but really, he’s already accommodating enough as a boyfriend. You couldn’t wish for more. 

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Hi! what face makeup (freckles, blush, nose makeup/template) are you using on your sims, for example on your skysims 163 models? they look gorgeous!

Hi :D

Oh, that’s a really old picture anon ^^ Thank you though, I’m glad you like them :3 I’m going to have to go from memory on this one, because I can’t check for you in game. I might miss something, but I’ll try to get it all.

The freckles are probably either Alkaloid’s nose freckles (these are my favs), or the ones in this post by Lilith.

The blush is most likely this one by Lilith 

I don’t think they’re wearing a nosemask or nose makeup. Those look like the noses that come with the Honey skintone (again by Lilith. If it had been nosemasks, they would have also been by Lilith XD)

I hope that helps! 

Hey guys! I just want to say thank you to all my followers! I have recently reached 407 followers! Which I thought wasn’t possible haha. But I want to tag some people that really made my dashboard enjoyable ~!

@miss-intention @fataluniya @kurolove @realm-of-spells @kuroleo-nightray @vncthings @raven-in-chains @rain-sparks @babymaxou @desqresso @jtzaya @nakajiimas @pichiba @surfacage @toppledcards

Thank you guys for making my dashboard enjoyable~! That doesn’t mean the rest of you haven’t. I love you guys so much ~❤

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Salam, idk why im sending this to you but i read some of the previous anons and you give great advice so if you do reply to this thanks in advance just something thats been on my mind for quite a while now, do you know how people always say that your iman will always have its ups and downs and its okay to not exactly be the best perfect muslim at all times but tbh my up was atleast two years ago, i think that was the best time of my life and i miss it so much bt everything kinda went downhill 1.

After that and ive been struggling ever since and its just so exhausting and tiring and i have no idea how to get back to it, i keep reciting qur'an and do zikr but like i cant feel it in my heart idk how to explain this really dont even answer this i think just typing it out is enough 2.

Wa ‘aleykum asalaam warahmatullaah wabarakaatu, I hope you’re in the best of health & eemaan. I’ll keep this brief (lol what a struggle for me)

  • Be mindful of Allaah at all times.
  • Remember death as often as you’re able.
  • Remember the punishment of the grave as often as you’re able.
  • Ask yourself whether you’re prepared to face Allaah as you are.
  • Ask yourself whether you’re content with receiving your book of records.

Questions like that help me a lot; help me keep myself in check. I suppose I attribute the feeling of low eemaan to routine - doing the same thing the same way; 

  • How about if you are praying 5 times a day, adding in the supererogatory prayers! 
  • How about if you aren’t fasting M & Ths, to do that. 
  • How about if you are reading the Qur’aan daily, working on memorizing a Surah. 

What helps me personally is writing the Surah down in order to memorize it. That not only perfects my 3rd grader Arabic writing skills, but allows me to learn a new word and read the tafsir of the ayah and overall gain a better understanding of the Surah. 

Eeman fluctuates, yes but it’s not the same for ever person. Some people have it easier to perform the night prayers thus that’s what increases their eemaan. Some have it easier to fast every monday and thursday thus increasing their eemaan through that. You have to figure out what works for you and you have to be diligent on working on disciplining your soul and striving to be closer to Allaah - don’t assume that in a matter of days or hours or minutes, your eeman is going to spike up, but do make the effort of wanting it to increase and believing in it getting stronger and wanting to have that bond with Allaah.

Most importantly, supplication is key! Make the du’aa (O Allaah You are the Turner of Hearts, turn our hearts to Your Obedience) and be firm on your supplications. Ask Allaah for increase in eemaan, for firmness in it, for anything. Get in the habit of asking Allaah for everything you need. 

I said I was going to be brief, but I don’t think there’s ever enough that can be said about this. However, I hope this suffices; The du’aa in regards to Allaah being the Turner of Hearts is in an authentic hadeeth and since I’m unable to provide that now, I will do so as soon as I’m able inshaa’Allaah. Any errors are from myself and any good is from Allaah. 

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(studyblr: muchadoaboutnoting) hey sareena!!! i hope ur having a great day!! im excited abt ur livestream but i wont be able to watch @ 6 and i wanted to ask if you were planning to upload it afterwards (apparently you can do this idk) thanks ☺️

hi hi hi!!!! omg IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE LIVESTREAM!! yep yep ill be live on my channel @ 6pm EST and after i finish streaming the video will be uploaded on my channel so everyone can watch even if they miss it live :]

Hi Opie,
So you know how you said no dogs until we discussed it? Well, lets just say while the kids and I were out the other day, we came across a box full of puppies. I mean there were only 5 in the box. There was a Husky, two Pitbulls, a German Shepard, and a Chihuahua. Gemma took the German Shepard but we may or may not have already bought stuff for the other four (thank god for inheritance). They are so cute and you will love them! Kenny and Ellie already love them and you know I am a sucker any kind of dog. We will give them tough names like Pumpkin and Princess. I’m just teasing. I promise no silly names. The kids and I miss you very much and I hope you are behaving so we can visit and maybe you can get out in 14 months instead of 2 years.
I love you so much, I will hopefully see you soon. Take care my love.
P.S. Tell Jax that if you don’t come home in one piece, he better stay in Stockton :)


When I said no dogs, I meant it.  Baby we don’t have the money for it all.  Fine, if you and the kids are happy then so am I.  If I have a dog named Pumpkin we will have to talk again however.  I am trying to hard to get out before 14 months but we all know those rules.  If I can’t get out soon, I’m getting out at 14 months because nothing’s going to stop me from being with you again baby.  I love you so much, please come visit me soon baby.  Kiss the kids for me

-Opie (p.s Jax already knows)

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First things first, I love your blog, it feeds my batcat feels, so thank you. Second, how do you feel about the dceu, more specifically, Zack Snyder's work in it? (I particularly dislike it bc it's way too dark + confusing [just as the the new 52 timelines] and doesn't portrait the characters as good as they should.) And one final question, what batman comic/s would you like to be turned into movies/part of the dceu? love x

Thank you!

I gave my opinion on BVS a little while ago and I’ve settled on not having strong feelings about it either way. I saw it a second time when I took my brother to see it and I liked it a lot better than the first time I saw it. I had kind of a bad movie going experience the first time aroud that took me out of the movie and there were a lot of things that I missed. Overall I thought it was okay, albeit a little overly ambitious with the plot.

I do think that Zack Snyder tried to make this movie with comic book readers in mind, so I get why a lot of non comic book readers didn’t understand and/or like it. There were so many allusions that you’d only know if you read comics or are active in the fandom. For example, when Bruce stares at Jason’s uniform in the batcave, if you aren’t familiar with the Batman comics you might not understand its significance to portraying Bruce emotional state during the film. The point of it that, as well as showing Thomas and Martha Wayne’s deaths, was to show how much loss Bruce has suffered in his life. If you understand the weight of his grief you’d understand why he hated Superman so much following the destruction of Wayne Enterprises. Bruce knew people who died in that building so to him it was personal. 

The scene with Apokolips was the only scene I thought shoud’ve been cut from the movie. I totally didn’t get it the first time I saw it and I completely missed the Steppenwolf reference both times that I saw it. Chances are if you aren’t really familiar with the comic books you didn’t pick up on it either. I understand the narrative purpose of the Apokolips scene, that it was supposed to set up the Justice League movie, however, it really wasn’t necessary. The scene of the Flash going back in time to warn Bruce was sufficient enough to foreshadow the events of the JL movie without distracting from the plot of BVS. The premonition scene came off as disjointed and convoluted. 

Yes, I’m a little bit worried about Snyder directing JL, but I’m really hoping there’s more oversight on it and the plot will run smoother. I get that some people don’t like the tone of BVS and feel that it was too dark, that’s legit, but personally that in itself doesn’t bother me. I’m okay seeing things done differently and I actually prefer that directors take a risk with movies rather than recycling the same generic and vapid plots and underdeveloped characters over and over again, which I see in a lot of superhero movies. I don’t have a preference as to tone.

I also don’t really care about how closely movies match comic book “canon” (canon with DC Comics is always a loose term anyways). I don’t really expect the movies to be all that canonical. I just look at what I think the director was trying to accomplish and whether or not I think they were success in doing that. In terms of BVS I think that Zack Snyder did a lot of things well but there were some things that were done not so well. Visually it was stunning though, and I loooooved the scene when Diana opens the files and watches the clips of the other Leaguers. 

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the DCEU and tbh I’m way more excited for Suicide Squad than I was for BVS. I’m kind of worried about Wonder Woman, but still hoping for the best. And since no one else has said this yet, Joe Morton playing Dr. Silas Stone: that is some A+ casting right there. 

Whenever asked what should be made into a movie my instinct is always to say Batman: Hush. Not just because it’s one of my favorites but also because of the breadth of characters in that story could open up so many opportunities for other movies/ tv shows that could include characters that haven’t gotten a chance yet. Just don’t skim of the Catwoman part. If there would ever be a time for an obligatory romantic subplot it would be for Hush.

Robbie Reyes coming to Agents of SHIELD and the MCU is pretty fucking important

It would have been easy to have the original Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider be in the MCU, and a lot of people would have been alright with it. But when I found out that it was actually Robbie Reyes chosen to be the MCU’s Ghost Rider, I was just so. Fucking. Ecstatic.

Not only because I think he’s a severely underrated hero in the comics that needs a lot more exposure, (His last appearance was Ghost Racers #4 almost a year ago) but he’s an amazing example of Latino representation.

I’m so excited to have him come into the MCU and bring the Latino representation that Marvel’s been missing for the longest time!

I especially want to thank @felipesmithart for bringing this character to life and now he’s watching his creation making the big time. Robbie means a lot to me and to many other people and it means so much that you made him into a great character. Congratulations and Thank you!

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Just because I feel like it so a-Y in the asks 👏❤️❤️❤️ thank you by the wha for being awesome ☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️

lala you are testing my patience but you’re sweet so I am gonna do it, but delete the ones I already did and the ones I just can’t answer because they are fill in the blank ones

A. If I’m in love
Yeah, I would say so

C. How long has it been since I’ve kissed?
I think I last kissed Hannah on Wednesday? I miss her

D. If I have a preference for boys or girls?

E. How many piercings?
none? lol

G. Last person said “I love you” to

H. Last person I hugged
Laura, I think? I hug a lot of people

I. Last time I felt jealous and why
Probably when Dark Peter said if he was gonna bang someone in the genderbent au it would be Hannah I got a little jealous

K. My full name
Sean Seamus Cassidy (please don’t laugh)

L. Siblings?
Carmen, and then I have an even littler sister (10) back home, but I don’t know if she has a mutation

M. If I forgive betrayal?
Depends. I want to say yes, but I hold grudges

N. Favorite animal?

O. Where I’d like to travel?
I really want to visit France some day

P. Music I like
I prefer rock, like classic rock or rock and roll, but I am also a lowkey slut for 80s pop

Q. Favorite flower
I think gardenias or lilac, they’re so pretty, and like quote me on this boys deserve to get flowers too.

R. Is cheating ever okay?

S. 2 hobbies
I like to swim and smoke lmao

T. 3 things you love unconditionally
Han, my family, and pizza rolls

U. Favorite time of the year and why?
I am such a hoe for Christmastime like I am the one who is single-handedly responsible for the tinsel crisis of ‘70. 

V. Big dreams?
I want to make a difference. Whether that be in the mutant world, or in general, I want to do something good. That and travel more. Lame and cliche, I know.

X. 3 turn ons
I’m not suffering this again if you want my kinks you can find them

Y. 3 turn offs

  1. being a total dick
  2. no sens of humor
  3. pretentiousness