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You walked down the hall into your science class, and immediately you heard Scott and Stiles yelling at you to be their partner.

“Y/N, come sit with me!” Yelled Scott.

“No Y/N, sit next to me. I have a great joke to tell you!” Shouted Stiles.

It had been this way ever since you had moved here a few months ago, and it was a running joke with your friends to who you would pick. But one contender’s voice seemed to be missing - Isaac. You walked up to his table and sat in the empty seat next to him, ignoring the protests of the other boys. He turned to look at you and smiled.

“I knew playing the ‘silent and brooding’ angle would work. I’ll have to thank Derek for that.” He said and you laughed.

“Aw, come on. A Derek joke, that’s not fair!” Stiles called out.


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andnow-mywatchbegins asked:

Hi! I just went through your R+L=J tag and I may have missed it, but in case you didn't answer this yet; I recently told a friend of mine about R+L=J (because I love it) and she said she didn't believe it because Jon doesn't look like a Targ, which Aegon and Rhaenys both did, even though they're not from a Targ/Targ relationship. I was wondering what your thoughts are on this? Thanks!

I’m afraid your friend is incorrect about Rhaenys.

Q: Do you have any idea what Rhaenys and Aegon looked like? (Hair color, eye color, etc.)

A: Rhaenys looked more like a Martell, Aegon more a Targaryen.

GRRM, August 26, 2000

Note also that when Rhaenys was presented at court, “Queen Rhaella embraced the babe warmly, but King Aerys refused to touch or hold the child and complained that she “smells Dornish.””

More examples of Targaryen/other relationships where the child took after the non-Targaryen parent:

(art by Douglas Wheatley for The World of Ice and Fire)

Jacaerys, Joffrey, and Lucerys Velaryon, the children of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen’s first marriage to Laenor Velaryon. While Laenor was a Velaryon and thus of Valyrian heritage and appearance like the Targaryens, he was also well-known to prefer men; the father of Rhaenyra’s sons was almost certainly her protector Ser Harwin “Breakbones” Strong. All three boys had brown hair and eyes, and pug noses, like Strong and unlike their mother or nominal father. But note all three boys were also dragonriders, so a non-Targaryen parent does not prevent that connection.

(art by Marc Simonetti for The World of Ice and Fire)

Aegor Rivers, “Bittersteel”, the bastard son of King Aegon IV (“the Unworthy”) and his mistress Barba Bracken. Per GRRM, “Since his mother was not a Targ, he does not have the coloring. He has the purple eyes, but his hair is black.” (I could also mention another of Aegon IV’s bastards, Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers, but since he was albino and thus looked like neither of his parents, he’s not really relevant to your question. Also Aegon IV’s three bastards by Bellegere Otherys, “the Black Pearl”, were mixed-race and almost certainly looked more like their mother.)

(art by Mike S. Miller, for the Hedge Knight graphic novel)

Baelor “Breakspear” Targaryen, son of Daeron II and the Dornish princess Mariah Martell. The Prince of Dragonstone and Hand of the King was an honorable and just man, but “too many men looked upon Baelor’s dark hair and eyes and muttered that he was more Martell than Targaryen”. Baelor’s son Valaar also had brown hair like his father, albeit with a silver-gold streak. Also, Daeron’s grandson and namesake, Maekar’s son prince Daeron (aka “the Dreamer” or “the Drunken”) had “common hair” and could pass for non-Targaryen.

(art by Karla Ortiz for The World of Ice and Fire)

King Aegon V (“the Unlikely”) married Betha Blackwood, “known as Black Betha for her dark eyes and raven hair.” The picture above shows Aegon with his and Betha’s three sons, Duncan, Jaehaerys, and Daeron. As you can see, Duncan clearly has his mother’s coloring, Daeron’s hair is a darker silver than usual for a Targaryen, and only Jaehaerys has a fully Targaryen appearance. (Note that Jaehaerys was Rhaegar, Viserys, and Dany’s grandfather.)

Anyway, these are my thoughts: Targaryen coloring is obviously not always dominant in Targaryen/non-Targaryen relationships in both the past and within recent history. Jon Snow looks like his mother Lyanna, with the dark hair and grey eyes of the Starks. Hope that helps!

so i wake up to an astonishing amount of notes on that little zevran video and a significant amount of new followers!

ya’ll are nerds.

Hi everyone! I am rather overwhelmed by this, honestly. Thank you so much for deciding to follow me!

My name is Dylan! I am 22.

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I have a voice acting tag (mostly just filled with impressions) which can be found here. –> (x)

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Again thank you so much for following. It it really touching! :D


Selfies With Your Bias: Kai-Jin Edition

Tagged by cumgodkai & snowjjong. I’ve also been tagged to do Selfies of 2015 by many (I forgot who specifically) and I’m going to substitite that with these

Ahhhh Thanks so much for tagging me. You can tell I had way too much fun with this one but look at how cute we are ^_^ let KaiJin be a ship =D… I had sooooo many Kai pictures to choose from so I picked my top 6. The pictures have captions when you click on them


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**This is open to anybody else who wants to do it as well. If you see it, you can do it (whether i follow you or not ^u^)***

  • Since I have a girlfriend, I can start avoiding doing things like Ukwon does.
  • Teacher:Did you do your homework?
  • Me:Uh, miss, I have a girlfriend, you know..
  • Salesman:Excuse me, could I interest you in some--
  • Me:No thank you, all I need in life is my girlfriend.
  • Me:Mom you don't understand.. I can't do unimportant things like this.. I have a girlfriend.

Hey there dear, I hope you don’t mind me submitting this to your reblog acct. 

I saw your latest vent art and - it just got me so mad. So angry for you. 

Nobody can say that to you. You don’t belong to anyone, ANYONE but yourself. 

I just - 

I needed to draw this after seeing your art. I’m sorry if it upsets you in any way, you can delete it and forget it if it does. 

Just - 

I know it’s hard. But keep fighting. Even in silence, keep fighting. Keep that flame burning inside. Because I know sometimes it’s all that’s keeping you going. But don’t let anything extinguish it. 


Thank you for taking the time to draw and write this, friend. I don’t really feel so alone when I see support coming from you and others. 

And to anyone who has messaged me or written to me as well: thank you, truly. I deeply appreciate it. 

I’ll keep fighting.

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Hi! So I'm a big fan of your writing, especially the YW universe. I'm in Bern for the next few days, and I know you've written a short story based here, so I was just wondering if you have any advice for "don't miss!" type stuff, or things beyond the normal tourist top ten :) Thanks!

Definitely make your way down to the Baerengraben, the ‘Bear Pit”; the bears’ accomodations have been improved a lot in recent years – they have a kind of bear cave out front now, built of big blocks of stone. There’s also a really good microbrewery restaurant quite close to there, the Altes Tramdepot

The city itself, especially the arcaded streets, is worth just strolling in. And the river around it is gorgeous. 

Also: if you have time, don’t miss number 49 Kramgasse, Einstein’s old apartment, which has been restored to look the way it did when he lived there. Check the website for details.


I hit my milestone and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, I haven’t done one before so bare with me, I’m grateful for every single follower I have. You guys don’t know how much it means to me, I remember being at barely fifty and now here I am months later hitting a huge milestone. I love you all so much for that, I want to take this time to mention a few people that have help me get here and others I wish to rp with in the future

Important people:

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Sorry if I missed anyone. Just wanting to let you know I love you all. And thanks to mark0fdean for the awesome graphic.

Tao’s update is making me nervouse. “I’m sorry” and “thankful” can have two different meanings: first sorry is “sorry but I can’t do this anymore” and the second one is “I’m sorry for letting this happen I’ll work harder” and his thank yous can mean “thank you for being with me but it’s time to let go but it also means “thank you for believing in me I’ll recover as soon as possible.” I’m so nervous I don’t even- I support Tao’s decision but either way, he’s decision will hurt me because he’s hurt and all but I’ll miss him in EXO. HELP ME SOMEONE! I WANT TO CRRYYY

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Hey could you list some of your favourite blogs to follow please? Just curious cus I'd like to follow some more :) thanks and hope you have a lovely day/night/week ahead of you xo

i have a bunch of favourite blogs but here are the ones i can remember

first i’m gonna go with my squad: munybag tajweedbruh intricateobscurity jundallah mumbye foreverrepenting hijabicats faba1 summosa

then i’m gonna go with my ride or die tumblr faves: allah-made-me-tiny allah-hi-jaane thefajrun deenoverdami panjshirii ahu-gozlum underconstrvction para1dox partytilfajr hijabihybrid yesbloodismyink muslimballerina summodayz there are so so many, but here are just a few (i know i am missing a bunch of people) 

Thank You, 100 followers!! :D <3 <3

I didn’t imagine I’d be missed much / would regain such lovely people back so quickly after creating an account again. I am unworthy D: TT A TT

Reminds me how lucky I am to have such wonderful followers!! <3 <3

Much Love ~ <3 <3 <3 <3 C: Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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sorry, i know you have exams coming up so feel free to delete this ask, but do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into poetry but has no affinity for poetry? i see it on my dash all the time and i never have any idea what it means and the words jumble in my head and it frustrates me because i know that poetry has really helped a lot of people and i feel like i'm missing out on something amazing. are there any poets you would recommend as like, starter poets? thank you and sorry xxx

don’t be sorry! i know how you feel about not connecting with poetry some of the time (personally i prefer prose and enjoy poetry from a distance)

personally, i would recommend the following for someone looking to start reading poetry:

tennyson (the lady of shallot, ulysses, mariana), john keats (bright star, ode to autumn, ode to a nightingale, ode to a grecian urn, endymion), t.s. eliot (the love song of j alfred prufrock, the wasteland), john donne (the sun rising, the flea), shakespeare’s sonnets, maya angelou (phenomenal woman, still i rise), pablo neruda (tonight i can write the saddest lines, everyday you play), e.e. cummings (i will wade out, somewhere i have never traveled gladly beyond), warsan shire (for women who are difficult to love), w.b. yeats (the second coming), s.t. gibson (hossana americana), emily palermo’s work is all delightful too

i’d also recommend war poetry because it’s easy to follow and commonly has a very simple message (dulce et decorum est, flanders fields, the soldier, etc…)

i hope some of these work for you, like i said i’m not a huge poetry reader but are some of the more simple poems i’ve enjoyed whenever i have read it. there are more people on this website that could probably give you more obscure poets that are far more interesting than the ones i’ve listed here but just from my perspective these should probably give you a bit of an insight to the more famous, western poets renaissance-present day

anonymous asked:

can i just say that i have so enjoyed watching your transition from kinda butterfly-flower-princess drawings (which i still love) to the illustrations you do now. you are so inspiring xxx

This is sooooo great to hear, I feel like my drawings are still quite pretty-pretty but nowhere near as much as they used to be and I’m trying to draw more meaningful things so I’m glad you’re enjoying that :-) I kind of miss drawing meaningless yet nice-looking drawings though, but there’s always time to do a bit of everything over summer. Thank you dear!

Good morning, everyone (or afternoon or evening, depending on where you are I suppose)

I’ve been…mostly absent for the past few days for personal and upsetting reasons, but I’m going to try and start posting again. I want to say thank you once more to everyone that told me they would miss me, you all made me feel incredibly loved.

I hope all of you have wonderful days 💖