i have missed you my darling

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You have no idea how much I've missed you my darling! I mean I've had to keep my wolfie!Daryl thoughts to myself and not been able to write for so long! I've got so many chapters planned for it, now it's just finding the time to actually write them, but is it wrong I'm mainly writing that fic for you? Like in my head I'm planning it all out with thoughts of making you happy and hopefully inspiring you to draw something for it. I love and adore you so much Masa it's unreal! <3 xxx

Awh! You’ve already made me so happy by this sweetest message! Your fics are always inspiring and I miss the time when we interacted with your writing and my drawing, so I’m ready anytime ;D I feel like Shane+wolfie!Daryl is our baby that’s incredibily precious to me and I can draw anything just for you (Have you seen this btw? As soon as I saw it I was like ‘Oh gosh this is absolutely Daryl pinning Shane down I need to tell Higgy about this’)

I love you so much more and more! I hope your days are as lovely as you are xxoooo<33

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Dear ignorant slut, I will have you know That black bitches aren't the only ones who know how to twerk and you saying that just goes to show racism goes both ways. So please negris get over yourself.

Oh darling. I am so sorry you feel that way. However, before I proceed with my argument can I please have you re-read my statement out loud?

Classy black sugar babies will always be in demand

Because no matter how anti-stereotype we are: we can all twerk. And every guy wants his dick twerked on.*starts twerking* *Le wild 50s start falling* Hello tuition. My pockets have missed you.

Now that you have properly read it (hopefully you took a couple of steps out of your feelings before you did) please tell me at what point I said no other race of female can twerk? Oh wait hold on. You are obviously dumbfounded and can’t answer that darling so let me help you out


If you have an ass honey then you may proceed to clap it, and flap it, flop it up and down. Hey if you want some makeup sex for that insult you gave me I will accept it. (it just might be the best sex of your life) BUT only after you twerk for me. Since you obviously have some talent there.

 I am not being racist. As a matter of fact (since your eyes should have given out from you looking for a racial insult in my above post) if you looked a few posts up you would have seen where I reblogged the “I don’t want a Black sd” I like my guys fair skinned, and almost dead. If that makes me a slut then so be it. But I would rather be a slut than a stupid buffoon like you. 

I just find it so funny that you called me ignorant when you are clearly an american with the inability to read and process main information (which you should have learned in 7th grade english). I won’t even address the wonderfully lacking “insult” word you called me. 

lol jk read this *oh by the way my great granddaddy was 100% pure white. My grandma is half white half indian and has the complexion of Tia Mowry. My mom is half black half blackfoot so I hope you realize I only Identify with black people because it is the law in america. If I have 1/8th of black in me I am considered a black female.* It is a strong ass bloodline that I am more than proud to be a part of. Black women are so versatile. (if I do say so myself)

I mean from someone insulting my status I would have at least imagined a more grandiose and colorful vocabulary. I see however you aren’t capable and therefore (regardless of your race since you want to be a little bitch about your feelings) not on my level. 

*disclaimer*I would also like to apologize for your lack of education if you didn’t understand a good 90% of this response. Maybe you should read a book. Tumblr isn’t advancing you in life nearly enough to be the chosen one to represent other races. As a matter of fact (with my multicultural ass) I will on behalf of just about all major races on tumblr shake my head at you and slow clap to my own response. 

You are sentenced to no more pointless/ignorant/clueless/embarrassing posts on tumblr. 

*slams gravel*

By the way, your punctuation and grammar skills need help. (they are *plainly stated* horrendous) If you are going to insult me at least be proper about it

You classless Bitch


When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets,
leave something to remember, so they won’t forget

I was here


デュラララ!! ||紀田正臣
↳happy birthday to akahshi!

She’s our mother


IMMINENT DOOM ~ round 45

Happy Friday My Luvs and Welcome to Your Imminent Doom!!

What. A. Fucking. Day. I’m sure most of us can agree this has been a hell of a day! I know my brain is fried. So I’m mushing it up even more with my wine! Tried to go easy on you tonight with this one but yeah no that shit ain’t happening! But I do hope it gives you all the tinglies you need for the evening. I’m off to watch Miss Scarlett in her kick ass movie Lucy so I bid you adieu for now and as always enjoy your stay =)

Have a lovely rest of your day darlings

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Hello darlings ❤️💕❤️

I am going to be kinda checked out today and won’t be around Tumblr for a bit because of rehearsal SO I am so sorry >.< if you wouldn’t mind tagging me in things I might miss that would make my day. Love you all and thank you so very much <3 Have a great day XOXO

Anna xx

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In the end, you would leave me. “Because,” you said, ” It hurts to know I can’t make you stop having bad days.”

I should have told you so many things.
Yes darling, that’s true.
You can’t make me stop having bad days.
But waking up to your laugh made the bad days a little better.
And every time you told me not to be ashamed of my story and kissed my scars,
It made me want to make more a little bit less.

I should have told you,
That talking to you made it hurt less.
That somehow you helped me forget how it felt to be lonely and numb.
That you reminded me that I loved poetry and sunshine and winter.

I should have told you,
You set me on fire in a way I didn’t know was possible.
And even if you couldn’t put my insecurities to bed,
Even if you couldn’t pack up my anxiety and ship it away,
Even on days when my body felt like a betrayal and the mirror was the enemy,
Even on bad days,
You made it hurt a little less.

I’m sorry I never told you that.


In one of my dreams last night, my woman and I were having a casual lunch with Richard Armitage (as you do). She suggested we all go catch a movie, but Richard only wanted to go if the two of them could be alone.

After much consideration, and after several fruitless attempts to convince RA that three could be very fine company indeed, I uttered this lovely line:

"My darling, you should go with him just this once. You have my blessing, too, because I know if the tables were turned, you would not want me to miss out on a chance to tap that."