i have missed ps


📣📣📣📣  yall seein this???

Dear Percy, 

Just write back please 

Dear Percy, 

I don’t need anything from you, I just need you to tell me 


Bill and George keep telling me it’s not my fault

Percy Ingatious Weasley, 

That letter you wrote Ron was fucked the hell up and if that’s the kind of letter you’re in the business of writing, then 


I miss you. I hope it wasn’t me that drove you off. I mean, I know it was Dad and the Ministry and all that, but you wouldn’t leave completely if you felt safe with us. 

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I never really realized that the pranks and stuff were hurting you. But I guess they were. 

If you would write back, just once, I wouldn’t tell Mum or Dad. I just want to know that you’re okay. 

Love, Fred 

PS - You’re missing out. George and I have been having many a late night meeting with Peeves these days, and Ron and Hermione are not as good at Prefect-ing are you were…you would have caught us ages ago. If this plan blows up in our faces instead of Umbridge’s, I’m blaming you.

things you can do to make your posts more accessible to mentally disabled folk

  • dividers (like “————” between sections of long posts)
  • pictures make things easier and less of a hassle to read
  • bullet points
  • try not to use super hard words
  • make your paragraphs less lengthy (more spaces!)
  • titles
  • numbering

(personally i use a lot of emojis and short hand!! 😸)

"Don't touch who?" x

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I’m doing my first (tiny) follow forever for Valentine’s Day/reaching 700 followers!! I apologize for the shitty header (I have no clue what i’m doing in ps) and if I missed anyone! I appreciate all of you <3


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Sorry for the late response, but I have nothing to post except this sketch tonight so I thought I might as well answer.

Anyway I can’t tell if this question is asking for like, instructions or just an example, but I generally draw it like this. Kinda fluffy on younger Javert. His sideburns need to be bigger oh well. 


You said that to get things right one of us would have to take a leap of faith. I think I’ve discovered the canyon that must be leaped, and I hope to find you waiting for me on the other side.
I love you, America.
Yours forever,

Happy birthday to the amazing @lilycallawoy!

A while back @sapirzz asked me what I thought Tallowe would look like older- something I’d never thought about at all ! Hahaha the problems with a dead OTP… :);; I drew this and totally forgot to post it, I didn’t even realize I colored it? But I hope you like! ♥ OTPs never die in our hearts :)

Teaching Myself to Draw: April 19, 2017

I was planning on spending the day at the botanical gardens and didn’t think I’d have a chance to draw. But then it ended up being a windy day. Wind + Camera + Flowers = Bad Combo. So I did another hair sketch. I had a really hard time getting going on this. I actually started two or three other sketches, before erasing them and finally getting this one right. I’m not sure if I’ll paint this one or not. I probably will.

I get Photoshop back tomorrow! I don’t know if I’ll switch right back to it. I do like sketching in SAI more than in Photoshop (though I miss my PS painting brushes) and I still have some time left on my trial. So I may continue using it at least for sketches, until the trial runs out.

Showing off some more BishBox items along with some shoes I’ve had for months but forgot to wear and a background I didn’t even know I had?

Backdrop and Poses: {exposeur} Girl At The Window

  • Hair: Magika - Hunter
  • Eyepatch + Choker: Suicide Gurls - Rebel Me (June 17 BishBox)
  • Makeup: PumeC Lipstick, IDTTY Camelion eyeshadow (June 17 BishBox)
  • Tattoo: DAPPA - Misfit Tattoo (June 17 Bishbox)
  • Top: [Cynful] Bombshell Top
  • Jacket: REIGN. Chanel No2 Fur Coat
  • Skirt: {Ghoul} Mikasa Skirt (June 17 Bishbox)
  • Leg: FLITExBESOM. - Dangerous Woman Holster
  • Shoes: PHEDORA/ Trinity Boots

I hope my photos are improving! I def miss having PS, lol, so this is no editing out of SL,

you know when you’re like ‘I’m just gonna do a quick sketch’ or ‘maybe some studies before bed’ and then over the weeks you just keep piling shit on top of the same picture bc you forgot how to draw other things