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Whiskey Therapy

Scott’s been to the Archon’s ship. He’s been through - and seen - some shit. At the end of it all, his victory doesn’t feel like much of one and it shows. After showing up unannounced, strangely nervous and far too sober on Kadara, Reyes thinks he can help.
Scott/Reyes FLUFF  and ANGST GALORE because they’re DONE beating around the DAMN bush.
First, this contains massive spoilers. So. Beware. This is the last installment of my alcohol therapy series, and it takes place after both Wine & Beer Therapy. This one is a lot longer, just as an fyi. 
Yeah. It’s been fun. Enjoy!
Edit: Holy smokes, thank you all so much for all of the love for this trilogy! I by no means consider myself a writer, just a fan who wanted my “I love you” scene and more friendship development. I’m so glad so many of you have enjoyed it!

“I love you.”
Scott’s face turned a humiliating shade of pink, his ears prickling with warmth. No, that wasn’t right. It was way too… generic.
“I love you.”
He cringed inwardly to himself as he weaved his way through the crowd at Kadara port towards the elevator. He was glad that the market had been particularly busy today, considering he’d been walking around for hours now… practicing how to say three fucking words over and over. He kept mumbling it to himself, trying to find the right intonation, the right inflection. Nothing was working, he was losing his nerve, and he needed to do this now or it was never going to happen. 
He waited in line and absentmindedly squeezed his way into the surprisingly full elevator, trying not to scrunch his nose too noticeably at the smell of the man pressed against his shoulder.
“I love you.” He tried, his hands raising in a dramatic motion. “Ugh, too much.” He muttered after, frowning to himself. He heard - and felt, eugh - the man next to him scoff.

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Crowned pt. 1

Crowned  – Engraved
<– Engraved 9 | Engraved 10 –> 
<– The Prince’s Visit | Crowned 2 –>

Please read the Prince’s visit first!
 Investment advisor Kim Junmyeon tries his best to keep his girlfriend in the dark about his secret life as a money launderer for a gang.
Words: 2992
Type: Angst/Smut/Fluff
Pairing: Suho x Jangmi (oc)
Warnings: Lies? Piercings, openly talking about sex. Sex
A/N: This will run chronologically with Engraved, but it’s not needed to read this to understand Engraved, but the parts posted for Engraved after this will contain spoilers. It is also not necessary to read Engraved to understand what is happening here. But it will make things more clear.
A/N2: Okay now here is the REAL bday present for my unni @oh-beyond thank you for everything, see this as my return for IHJ. I hope you had a nice nice day, and that you have many more. Oh and sorry for lying to you, but I don’t think you’ll be too mad when you find out what it is about.

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He held her still trembling frame against him, crammed on the backseat of the car. She shivered, her face resting against the crook of his neck, lips parted. Completely zoned out and still in aftershock. Her breathing came in soft ragged pants, hot against his skin. He reached behind him to roll down the foggy window, letting in a cool breeze run over their heated skin.
“Are you okay?” he asked, running a hand through her tangled hair, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.
Jangmi nodded, unable to form words.
“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself that much.” he chuckled and saw how the sky outside was getting even darker than it was when he had suddenly pulled over to take her in the backseat of the car. 

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anonymous asked:

Matty when you say stuff like (if they ever get together) when talking about Dante and Amara I love you even more. I can't imagine having such strong will power to not spoil stuff. If I was a writer I'd be dropping spoilers like it was going out of style, but where's the fun in that? With not even half way through the story?

The intense need to share all the spoilers kills me every single day except then the evil me raises her head and goes

on the readers. So there’s that.

Containing the reason Oliver hated Felicity for so many chapters KILLED ME. But killing everyone else kind of made up for it. 

aspiringsalami  asked:

Also there's this thing with the sea, that has been a huge part. Emma being scared of it, because of her parents and Jules (and the other Blackthorn kids?) loving it, because it reminds them of home and sea demons and stuff being present. Lastly, there's Thule, which was mentioned a couple times in the book. The poem in the beginning of course, but also one of the Seven says something about it..? Thoughts about all this? (pt3)

I love getting questions and have lots of thoughts on this!

I’m turning this into a post because I think a lot of other people might be interested, although it contains a fair amount of trivia, history and folklore…

Disclaimer: My theories are built not just on the Dark Artifices, but from all the previous books as a whole, and will contain SPOILERS (including from Lord of Shadows) if you haven’t read them. These ideas are based solely on book canon.

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sayhellotomylittlebear  asked:

How many Riders do you think is too many Riders in one series? I haven't finished Ryuki yet, but it seemed like there was a new one every couple episodes. I like the designs of them, but i feel like they weren't getting enough screen time.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

That’s always the issue when you cram too many Riders into one series.  I have always preferred the series where you have 2 or 3 Riders to follow.  It allows for more screen time for each and deeper characterization.  When you have a dozen or more:

they can end up getting short shrift or feeling completely disposable and that’s one thing a Kamen Rider should never be. With the story concept of Kamen Rider Ryuki, it was kind of inevitable.  Some of the Riders showed up for simple story arcs as a kind of villain of the week while others stuck around for the long haul. It felt crowded at times.

To me, an example of a modern Rider series with a perfect amount of Kamen Rider is Kamen Rider Fourze.

There were two main Riders in the TV series, Fourze himself and Kamen Rider Meteor. They were allowed to have focus and because there weren’t so many Riders on screen the non-Rider characters were given more time to shine and be fleshed out, creating a likable support structure for the heroes.

The current series, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid has what I believe is kind of a nice middle ground between too many heroes and just the right number.  We have our three (or four depending on how you count Lazer or where in the series you are) main Riders:

The other Riders in the series are either villains:

Or late additions to the game:

It’s when we get these later additions that they seem to get less focus (or it might just be the curse of the female Rider rearing its ugly head again) because after their initial awesome few appearances, we really don’t see much of Kamen Rider Nico or Kamen Rider Poppy in the current set of episodes.  That could change though and they were both firmly established and fleshed out characters before their turn as Riders.

So yes, I do believe that the more Riders you have, the less they get to be characters instead of cool looking but ultimately expendable props. 

TG:re 129 - Touka’s not Lovin’ It (tm)

x “…remnants of the skyscrapers that were left behind.” I have so many questions about the skyscrapers bit. I’m not going to nitpick about the definition of “skyscrapers”, but they’re still underground, right? How can there be a big hollow area that can contain large structures so far underground that Ayato’s team actually runs out of supplies trying to get to? Is it still underneath the Tokyo area? How about oxygen supply? Do ghouls not need oxygen? So many questions

[Warning: TG:re 129 spoilers, long post, picture heavy content, a lot of nitpicking about Ishida’s world building]

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WW2 (contains spoilers for WW)

OK so like many people I was heartbroken to see Steve Trevor die and wondered if there was any precedent in the comics for bringing him back. I was relieved to find that in the pre-Crisis comics Steve died and came back a couple times- returned to Diana by Aphrodite. (side note: Post-Crisis annoyingly decided that strong women couldn’t have love interests, so Steve was re-imagined as more of a father figure/mentor to her. Thankfully DC has smartened up and made him young and a love interest again.) 

Anyways, I got to thinking, with the gods supposedly dead, how could Steve be brought back? And then it struck me- who’s the one god who’s already King of the Dead? Ares couldn’t really kill him (being the one being who was truly capable of bringing the dead back to life in myth), just maybe force him to stay in his realm. Regardless of Steve’s own religious beliefs, it would make sense that Hades take his soul to the underworld because of his hand in helping Diana defeat Ares. Hades, of course, would have taken Steve to Elysium since he died a hero.

Now, I’m sure at some point in the comics Diana has gone to the Underworld, so there’s definitely precedent for that. What I’m not sure about is if she’s ever managed to bring anyone back. However, I DO know that “going to the Underworld and bringing back a dead hero” does have precedent in the comics- Thor has done it. The thing is, because of the amount of time that has passed, it’s clear that Diana doesn’t know this could be an option. This makes me think that she would actually be called upon to go to the Underworld for a different reason and then discover Steve there. At that point, she’d be all “Not losing you again” and take him with her.

I realize that this might seem very unlikely, but given how massive Justice League is going to be, Wonder Woman’s sequel will need to offer something kickass and new. A journey to the Underworld- which would provide an incredible backdrop not yet seen in a superhero film, would be just the thing.

Special Request: Yuri!! On Ice Review

Warning: Lengthy Post Which Contains Minor Spoilers

By special request of @justthefangirl, a talented artist/writer who is currently taking commissions. Visit her tumblr page for more information.

As a man of many nerdy interests, I am, of course, an occasional purveyor of anime…or at least I was. While I will come back to old titles such as Death Note, Kill la Kill and other assorted titles, it seems that most anime in recent days appear to be the same from my perspective. This may not be one-hundred percent the case, but I have fallen out of the anime loop regardless. So when the internet exploded about an ice skating anime back in 2016, I was a tad perplexed. What could have made this the go to anime of the year? Well, after receiving a request to view Yuuri!!! On Ice to make a new post, I think I have my answer. And no, it’s not because of how gay the main characters are…mostly.

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Possible crazy thoughts? My crazy theories...

This post is about many similarity between Hanasakeru Seishounen and Akatsuki no Yona. Don’t tell me I am the only person that have noticed that they are pretty similar!

Contains spoilers, do not keep reading if you haven’t watched the two anime series and you plan to do it. Then don’t tell me that I spoiled you the animes. SPOILER ALERT! Having said that…

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Moana (pt. 1)

Moana (called Vaiana in many countries of Europe for copyright reasons) is Disney’s latest animated feature film. It garnered outstanding success as well as critical acclaim all over the world. This being more of a review than an actual piece of analysis, here are some thoughts on why its positive reception is so well-deserved. Because of the length of this piece, I’m posting this in two parts, this being the first.

part 2

WARNING: Contains heavy spoilers. If you have not seen the movie, chances are that this text will be difficult to understand.

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STOP yourself! If you haven’t seen the episode, please, watch it before you read the post, it may contain spoilers about it. You’ve been warned! Lets begin. But I think you’ve seen it, you entered here with the risk of having spoilers…

Woah, I have no words for describing it, the midseason finale has me dead. So many things shown in 21 minutes, this only gives us more things to think about while we wait till next episode (sadly we have a lot of time to think about it), and finally we have the most amazing reveal in this episode! AT LAST STARCO IS CONFIRMED! AND JARCO FINALLY BECAME CANON. Damn, I’m so happy, I’d made an analysis of the promo, the poster, and the clip with theories that were confirmed by the episode,as I said in them, they were only mere speculation. You can read them here, here and here if you like to, so you have a look at wich were exactly my predictions for the episode, and why I believed in them. Now let me give you my analysis…

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Progress announcement and...fan art? :’D

Some Trick & Treat news!

☆The game is in the final testing. The steam store page is going to be available in mid-September, and the game will be released on 30th, September.

☆As you probably know that I’m making an ART BOOK as DLC…it’ll be a pdf ebook with about 50 pages (25 double pages) contain all the art and sketches about the game and its development! And I’m drawing a few new ones for it…hope you’ll like it! 

☆Since I have recieved some fan art…I’m wondering, if there is anyone interested in submitting fan art for the art book?? If it gets included in the book you’ll recieve a copy for free! :’D It’s not a contest (and properly not many submissions) so I think there’s a pretty big chance…If you’re interested, read more for the rules!

Reblog appreciated! Thank you for all the support :’D

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Why you need to give Hajime Hinata the credit he deserves...

…or, alternatively, why you don’t give him enough credit even though he’s an amazing character.
I had the sudden urge to write another rant about Hajime Hinata, because the first one I did was kind of half-assed and left out a lot of things I still want to cover because there are still so many people having a completely wrong picture of him. 
It kind of makes me sad, because Hinata is such a wonderful character and I’d just like to erase a few general misconceptions about him I keep seeing on tumblr.
Obviously, this post will be a little bit longer and contain major spoilers for SDR2, so don’t read what’s under the read more if you haven’t finished the game yet. 

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Chloe Price

Episode 3 has hit everyone pretty hard, the LiS fandom is smart enough to figure out why, so what I’m posting is my personal experience through the episodes.

Chrysalis starts at what we all (or most of us) believe to be the end, the main thing we have to prevent, and our first player controlled character interaction is meant to be Kate (for some it was Mark Jefferson) So you get to meet this shy girl, not unlike Max, that seems to be your friend. I was immediately attached, she looked like she was suffering and I had read the paper ball Taylor threw at her, so she wasn’t just a friend but a friend having hard time. Max isn’t very brave in Chrysalis but isn’t a coward either, so I knew that I would have to help Kate at some point. And technically the first two episodes are about Kate, so by the end of Out of Time, while stressed about the whole ordeal, it wasn’t something that came out of the blue so I was sort of prepared.

Now Chloe you meet in a very different way, first she’s the punk girl with an attitude that got shot while trying to extort an unstable student. Then she’s a memory in your room, the picture of Max and Chloe playing pirates and the tone of remorse in Max’s comment. From that she becomes your sort of hero, taking you away from Nathan Prescott. But then she uses that remorse Max has against her, I love that certain dialog choices allow Max to call her out on it “you’re merciless”

So in contrast to Kate, Chloe is constantly angry and has a very short fuse and is quick to place blame on you. I couldn’t like Chloe as a person the same way I liked Kate for that reason, but I’m listening to Max, there’s a reason why these two were friends, even though they are polar opposites right now. So while at her house Max sees some pictures, starts to comment about it, we already learned her father died and she lost her best friend shortly after, but on top of that, her mother brought another man into the equation while Chloe was still grieving. Now Chloe’s first impression is getting slowly erased by what I’m hearing. She’s depressed and angry and has very good reasons for it. Then we get to the whole Rachel Amber ordeal and now we learn she has abandonment issues. This is a very emotionally broken person that puts up this tough act, to not only avoid getting hurt but not show how hurt she is. Yet her room is screaming she is in pain. She starts to confide in Max, probably grabbing onto that memory when things were better and they were friends, this is when their relationship starts for the player, or at least for me.

You get glimpses of the former Chloe through other photos, after all this game is all about “capturing the moment” That Chloe, was a bit more like Max, so while Chloe still sees her friend, Max is trying to meet this new version of Chloe, but hidden away there is a little bit of the younger Chloe. “You guys are still the same” 

In Out of Time you spend a lot more time with Chloe, but it’s more like you’re proving your worth to her. She gets pushy, bossy and not all that friendly. Things get better after the Frank incident, but still it gave me the feeling that Chloe could ruin Max’s future. That’s not even counting the whole ordeal in her room. So I was siding with the many people that started to dislike Chloe at this point. I mean saving her wasn’t a big enough motivation, at that moment I would have been willing to save the town over Chloe if it came to that.

The following contains spoilers for Episode 3. Click Keep Reading if you have finished episode 3 and are interested in what I’m trying to say.

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anonymous asked:

I'm losing faith in reylo a bit... can you tell me a legitimate fact that made you very sure about reylo being canon? (don't include stuff like "the way kylo looks at her in this scene" or stuff like that, cause i hardly believe in those :/ )

You may need to have visit the Reylo Meta Library, which can be found here . It contains a lot of material to support Reylo, from canon facts, to symbolism, to literature and mythology references and more. You just need to set aside time to go through them since there are a lot. (on a side note, Pablo Hidalgo has mentioned that in order to write for Star Wars, you need to be familiar with literature and mythology)

Like I said, there are too many facts and evidence to support that Reylo is going to be canon that I cannot possibly begin to write it down, leaks and spoilers included that indicate more Reylo screentime and in a positive light, but if I’m going to give you a recent and solid evidence that I found, it’s this:

As mentioned, I highly recommend you go through the Reylo Meta Library. At the end of the day, the decision on whether or not to keep the faith is entirely up to you.

>>   “…We should remember the good things. We should remember that there are people that care about us, and stuff. And, uh, that’s supposed to help, you know? It’ll help us fight the fear. I think I can do it. If I have you.”

~Jackson Overland; Apocryphal Gallery

I cried like a baby. |D

Mkay I really tried to refrain from the fan art so early after this chapter was uploaded, but I just couldn’t help myself. Everything about this chapter was absolutely gorgeous, and this entire scene just melted my heart.

I’ll wait a few days out of respect for those who haven’t had the chance to read the newest Apocryphal Gallery chapter to draw / upload any more fanart, but I chose to upload this one since I don’t think it contains many extreme “spoilers” really. ^^;

I’m almost certain there will be more AG fanart within the next couple of days~ ^^

In honor of today’s revolution, and the brilliant, brave young woman who started it, I give you part 4 of my “House Banners of Night Vale” project.

I made this one in various shades of tan and brown to reflect Tamika’s quiet strength, poise, and eloquence. She may not have seemed like the likely savior in the beginning, but you can’t judge her by her childish appearance any more than you can judge the books she loves so much by their covers. Tamika is hero to many, myself included.

Part 1 - House Palmer

Part 2 - House Peters

Part 3 - House McDaniels

Part 5 - House Cardinal (contains spoiler for #49B)