i have many more but they contain spoilers

Todomatsu thoughts

I know a lot of people have been talking about S2 ep 7 already and sharing their own analysis on Todomatsu’s character but I really want to share my own thoughts about my favorite boy and a little bit on his relationship with his bros. ●❛3❛●

Will contain S2 spoilers, ramblings, lots of S1 references, and many screenshots

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Call Me By Your Name - Questions Masterpost

Okay my Darlings!! I have received so so so so many asks, Im compiling them into one long post.

This post does not do the movie justice. So I implore you to please go see the movie. It is a masterwork.

I also apologise if I have any details wrong – this movie is one big warm happy summer blur in my head.

Now unfortunately these are all going to contain various spoilers, so if you have a question please message me privately – more than happy to give you a spoiler free answer – or answer a question that I haven’t been asked yet.


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Eggsy x Reader


So I’ve decided that I’ve developed a slight obsession with Eggsy x Reader drabbles/fics. I tried to ignore writing for it, and it’s not working. Please tell me what you think of this drabble. Thank you J

I think this may end up being more than one part. I have too many thoughts for a one shot.

Warning this may contain spoilers to Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I wouldn’t recommend reading unless you’ve seen the second one.

Part 1

Imagine that you and Eggsy are both working for the Kingsman. You have been working there longer than Eggsy and just happen to be Merlin’s right hand. Harry is your father but not many people know this fact because it keeps you both protected. You’re visiting Stateman and when you find out your father is actually still alive, things get sad.

Originally posted by peggyshrooms

 2 weeks ago

“Merlin what are we going to do?” you asked

Approaching the old Kingsman building was heartbreaking, everything was destroyed and there was nothing either of you could do about it. No agent was responding and as far as you and Merlin knew, it was just you two left.

“I don’t know Y/N.” he replied, “Remember protocol, no tears, this isn’t the place.”

Recovering from your threatened tears you both made your way closer to the rubble. Looking directly into the rubble you barely noticed that someone was standing on the other side of the demolished building with his umbrella held high to stop the raining from hitting his suit. The glasses you were still wearing barely avoiding the falling rain signalized his presence with you and Merlin. It was Eggsy, or Galahad, as he was awarded with your father’s agent name after his death.

“’ow is it that you two so conveniently survived and everyone else is gone” Eggsy said

“My house isn’t on the Kingsman list, and Y/N was bloody walking here when it happened.” Merlin stated

Eggsy pulled a gun out from the hem of his suit pants and pointed it at Merlin

“How do I know that’s even true?” He angrily replied.

You could see the tears forming in his eyes.

“Because if we were traders don’t you think that the smartest two people in the world would kill everyone off a less stupidly reckless way.” You said meeting his eyes sadly

“Now that Y/N has made that awfully clear, why don’t you put your gun away and we’ll go figure this all out.” Merlin put his arm on Eggsy’s shoulder “And stop tearing up you tosser, follow protocol.”

Despite the events a small smile formed on your face at that comment

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Coincidence, you said??

Hey there, I’m back with another rant (rambling, whatever I don’t care) this time on a panel of VnC, that probably made many a heart flutter.

I’m talking about this panel from Memoir 14:

This post will contain spoilers for VnC so far and Pandora Hearts. Turn away now, you have been warned. It’s also gonna be long as fuck…

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Whiskey Therapy

Scott’s been to the Archon’s ship. He’s been through - and seen - some shit. At the end of it all, his victory doesn’t feel like much of one and it shows. After showing up unannounced, strangely nervous and far too sober on Kadara, Reyes thinks he can help.
Scott/Reyes FLUFF  and ANGST GALORE because they’re DONE beating around the DAMN bush.
First, this contains massive spoilers. So. Beware. This is the last installment of my alcohol therapy series, and it takes place after both Wine & Beer Therapy. This one is a lot longer, just as an fyi. 
Yeah. It’s been fun. Enjoy!
Edit: Holy smokes, thank you all so much for all of the love for this trilogy! I by no means consider myself a writer, just a fan who wanted my “I love you” scene and more friendship development. I’m so glad so many of you have enjoyed it!

“I love you.”
Scott’s face turned a humiliating shade of pink, his ears prickling with warmth. No, that wasn’t right. It was way too… generic.
“I love you.”
He cringed inwardly to himself as he weaved his way through the crowd at Kadara port towards the elevator. He was glad that the market had been particularly busy today, considering he’d been walking around for hours now… practicing how to say three fucking words over and over. He kept mumbling it to himself, trying to find the right intonation, the right inflection. Nothing was working, he was losing his nerve, and he needed to do this now or it was never going to happen. 
He waited in line and absentmindedly squeezed his way into the surprisingly full elevator, trying not to scrunch his nose too noticeably at the smell of the man pressed against his shoulder.
“I love you.” He tried, his hands raising in a dramatic motion. “Ugh, too much.” He muttered after, frowning to himself. He heard - and felt, eugh - the man next to him scoff.

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Why Katsuki Bakugou have an inferiority complex and not a superiority complex – Understand Bakugou’s character [1/?]

The BNHA Wikipedia argues that it’s a superiority complex, however, this is wrong. Bakugou have a mix between an inferiority complex and a superiority complex. And too many people doesn’t see anything than a bully and agressive man when they see Bakugou. He’s more than that, he is the most complex character of all My Hero Academia.

This post is pretty long and might contain spoilers about his relationship with his mother. The spoilers will be announced so you can avoid them.

For anyone who want to understand his character or write something about him, you must understand his psychology and why he does have an inferiority complex instead of a superiority complex. That’s why I invite you to read this post, it’s really important.

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Possible Location of the White Lion

Before I go on with my theories, I’d like to first point to the direction of this wonderful post done by @ironinkpen that talks more about the White Lion and theories on its possible paladin and is very well-written and a joy to read.

Note this post contains some spoilers for season 4.

Moving on, for those who aren’t familiar, the White Lion is a possible sixth lion that MIGHT show up in future seasons of Voltron. At least, that’s what’s been buzzing around in the fandom as of season 3 and 4 since, you know, we kinda have an ‘one paladin too many’ problem and an extra lion in future seasons would definitely fix that issue without sending Keith on the Blade of Marmora bus. Oh, you know, the Kuron theory could be right and the team boots clone Shiro off until the real one is found. 

But hey having another lion is a lot more fun, amirite?

Anyway, the concept of the White Lion has appeared in the original Voltron series, through it was more of a fake Alfor ghost (later Robeast) sent by Haggar to lure Allura to their clutches. 

As silly as this sounds, it leads to one of the best Lance lines.xD

Princess Allura: “No Lance; don’t shoot! This lion is the spirit of my father! He spoke to me!”

Lance: “Wake up! You’re having a real bad nightmare!”

Princess Allura: “No! It’s true; father speaks to me often when I visit his tomb, but now he’s come back to reallylead me, and he’ll advise me wisely!" 

Lance (unimpressed): "Ha! The first thing he should do is advise you against going out into the woods, in the middle of the night, in your nightgown, with a big wild lion!”

Lance, once again the beacon of impulse control, stability, and common fucking sense. Oh that could be traits of the White Lion.  Someone write that down!

Ahem, back to the topic.

So, the concept of the White Lion is known in the original series. Though, as far as I’m aware, the only time it has physically appeared as actual Lion of Voltron was in an Robotech/Voltron crossover saga where it’s pilot is the character Rick Hunter.

Hehe, Lance’s favorite movie quote is “The Hunter becomes the Hunted”. Get it?Hunter? Rick Hunter? Not saying that it’s a clue that Lance could be the pilot of the White Lion, but….yeah, I dunno it just made me giggle. Shut up.

Also, on another side note, Rick Hunter sometimes calls the White Lion Kimba. KIMBA.

So fucking cute. Rick Hunter wins a gold star for grade A mecha lion naming.

Now that we know a bit of backstory on the White Lion, let’s look at main question: WHERE IS IT?

Well, in my opinion there are four possible theories:


To me this seems the less likely to be the case, but it is a theory. Some fans think that the castle itself might be able to transform into it, but the castle was canonly built by Coran’s grandfather well before Alfor’s time so I find that unlikely. It could be hidden in the castle somewhere because, yes, the castle is very, very big. But with Allura being connected to the ship, I think she’d be able to sense the presence of another Lion inside.


This seems to be the mostly likely hiding place for the White Lion to be at since this is where it’s was canonly located in the comics. Alfor had hidden it away in the mountains of Arus with only himself knowing the location. Which makes sense that if he was building the White Lion as a secret weapon to counter Zarkon and the Black Lion, he’d keep it only to himself and probably built it away from Altea and prying eyes. It would also explain why the Castle of the Lions decided to land itself on Arus after Altea was destroyed. The Castle wouldn’t have had a pilot with both Allura and Coran asleep and Alfor dead, but perhaps Alfor’s AI was able to guide it to Arus because he was already familiar with the planet and knew that their secret weapon was hidden away there.


If Alfor were able to evacuate his civilians, it’s possible he’d send his last weapon- the White Lion- with them for safekeeping. So if Alteans are alive, they might be holding the White Lion until a paladin is worthy to awaken it. Or is able to find them at least.


I know this one sounds crazy, but in all honestly, I think it’s the one that will make the most sense. And it’s already kinda canon in the comics. In the comics, the Voltron Paladin and their lions are sent into another reality and left their own in ruin and defenseless for several years. Then Rick Hunter gets pulled from his reality by Haggar and is presented with the White Lion by the ghost of Alfor to help protect Arus. Which he does before he’s eventually returned back to his reality.

Now, I wouldn’t have considered this possibility, but with season 3 and 4 introducing the canon truth that there are different realities and that Voltron has the ability to safely cross them, I can completely see this being true. Imagine that one of the paladins (probably Lance or Shiro since those two seem to be the most likely candidates for White Lion Pilots) gets stuck in another reality where the White Lion was built. Perhaps piloting the White Lion would be the only way to safely cross back into their own reality. 

So yeah those are my theories on where the White Lion (if it exists) might be located at it. If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment or shoot me an ask!^^

@rayonfrozenwings (Renee’s) ACOTAR / ACOMAF /  ACOWAR Fan Theory Collection [WARNING: SPOILERS]

~*~ Just some Housekeeping to Start  ~*~

  • This does not discount other theories or parallels
  • We know that Sarah J Maas has used fairytales for her inspiration e.g. Beauty and the Beast, Hades and Persephone
  • My Theory has more to do with World Building, and Histories
  • I don’t know much about the Bible - and I don’t mean to Offend Anybody. 
  • So please understand that I have looked at the bible/other bible stories “just as another story” to compare its parallels with ACOTAR, ACOMAF and ACOWAR.
  • I have never read or studied the Bible previously, and I have only just looked into it this week.
  • It is a super long book/books/compendium so I won’t have all the parallels that are possible because it is just huge! (Maybe if you do know the Bible you might see more and share with the class?).
  • I Feel that my Theory overlaps the stories that Sarah has “picked parts” from previously, so they work together.
  • I have not written this as an essay, but presented what I have in the easiest way for me. If I was at Uni I would write a beautiful essay on only one component… but I’m not. I don’t have time for that, and I wanted to look at as many aspects as possible.

Remember it is just a theory - It will give you more questions than answers (it has for me). :)


Also, It May Contain Spoilers for her future works (that’s part of the reason I stopped digging) if proved to be true.


(Feel Free to Skip to the Juicy Headers/parallels)

Masterpost of a sort,
I will add links when I post. (under the Cut) 

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Stay With Me For Tomorrow- A CrissColfer Ficlet

So I binged all of Sense8 in like one weekend, and was hit with all sorts of feels that I had to let out in this little ficlet. It (kind of) contains spoilers for S2 of Sense8, so warning just in case. ALSO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T. 

Anyway, here you go. 

Word Count: 245 (G) AO3

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Star Trek: Discovery Jumps Off The Deep End


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ arrived at the midway point this week and, as ‘finale’ episodes will do, we are left with more questions than answers.  The biggest question we face though isn’t so much what happens next as it is what happened before.   There are so many threads that have been pulled and then seemingly abandoned that it’s beginning to look a lot like a lot of plot holes.  Whether the show will now spend the remaining six episodes looking at all of the questions raised seems in doubt.

The setup for this episode is that Discovery is going to use this opportunity presented by the Pahvo communications device to crack the Klingon cloaking technology.  Even understanding that the Discovery (and the Glenn) were only in the initial moments of understanding the Spore drive in the beginning of the season, it seems that we could have ended up where we are tonight as early as episode 3.  The moment that the Federation understood that there was cloaking technology in use with the Klingons it seems that should have been the focus of their efforts.  The sarcophagus ship sat disabled for 6 months, in amongst the wreckage of the Federation ships.  Surely, there would have some ships standing guard but Discovery had this moment…just seems like an oddly large missed opportunity.

And speaking of the spore drive and it’s co-opted navigator it seems like the crew is being wildly oblivious to what is happening here as well.  Lieutenant Paul Stamets is first shown to us as a brusque and efficient officer unhappy with the idea that his research has been taken by the Federation war effort.  In order to make the spore drive work, Stamets literally becomes a part of the drive which has some side effects.  Obviously, we’ll be investigating those side effects further as the season progresses, but it’s what we’ve seen so far that is bothersome.  Ignoring what crew members saw in ‘Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad’ because they might never have actually seen it, there have been a ton of clues to the crew that something is wrong with Stamets, and yet no one ever thinks to mention it to Doctor Culber?  Who, even without someone saying there is something wrong with Stamets, maybe should have noticed?  I would certainly hope that if my personality changed completely after an experimental and questionable activity, my partner wouldn’t just let it slide that I was a completely different person.

All of this in consideration I still really like this show.  It is problematic that at times it feels like each episode happens in a different pocket of the multiverse seemingly unconnected to the rest, but that could just be a side-effect of a shorter season and too grand a set of plans for the first run at it.  Hopefully, the second half of the season will gather a bit more focus.  ‘Into the Forest I Go’ was originally intended to be the first episode of the second half of the season.  Perhaps it was moved because the producers realized that we need to be done with the Klingons in order to more effectively move on.  

anonymous asked:

Hey Alice♥ I just want to thank you for your great books. I've read Solitaire so many times and I always have it in my bag ( just to know that it is there ). You said in one of your videos that Tori would get help for her mental illness. I'd really like to know how she would do that. Would she just go to a psychiatrist? Or even to a hospital? And what would the process look like? Pls answer this privately :)

Thank you so much! I can’t answer this privately as you sent it on anon!

[below contains Solitaire spoilers]

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anonymous asked:

Could you please start tagging posts containing season 2 spoilers? I think many people that would not like to get any more spoilers before friday, me included, would really appreciate it. Thank you and have a great day! :)

Sure! I should tag it as “stranger things 2 spoilers” or people are tagging it differently? I don’t know because this is the first time someone ever asks me to do that

(Also I’d like to inform that I’m very probably going to start watching​ it the minute it comes out and this blog is gonna be 111% ST2 spoilers and I’m not used to tagging things so I might forget and I absolutely do not mind if you want to unfollow)


STOP yourself! If you haven’t seen the episode, please, watch it before you read the post, it may contain spoilers about it. You’ve been warned! Lets begin. But I think you’ve seen it, you entered here with the risk of having spoilers…

Woah, I have no words for describing it, the midseason finale has me dead. So many things shown in 21 minutes, this only gives us more things to think about while we wait till next episode (sadly we have a lot of time to think about it), and finally we have the most amazing reveal in this episode! AT LAST STARCO IS CONFIRMED! AND JARCO FINALLY BECAME CANON. Damn, I’m so happy, I’d made an analysis of the promo, the poster, and the clip with theories that were confirmed by the episode,as I said in them, they were only mere speculation. You can read them here, here and here if you like to, so you have a look at wich were exactly my predictions for the episode, and why I believed in them. Now let me give you my analysis…

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Why you need to give Hajime Hinata the credit he deserves...

…or, alternatively, why you don’t give him enough credit even though he’s an amazing character.
I had the sudden urge to write another rant about Hajime Hinata, because the first one I did was kind of half-assed and left out a lot of things I still want to cover because there are still so many people having a completely wrong picture of him. 
It kind of makes me sad, because Hinata is such a wonderful character and I’d just like to erase a few general misconceptions about him I keep seeing on tumblr.
Obviously, this post will be a little bit longer and contain major spoilers for SDR2, so don’t read what’s under the read more if you haven’t finished the game yet. 

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As probably many people know by now Hemlock Grove is coming back on July 11th. It is one of my all time favorite shows and will be at least 40% of my blogging over the next couple of months. My goal is to get as many people as possible to watch it when it comes out so we are insured a Season 3 which is ultimately the goal to save or keep any show continuing but this is different. The first 24 hours or so of a Netflix Original Show’s release mean everything to keeping it running such as House of Cards or Orange is The New Black which gets many views in the first couple of hours.

I am willing to do a rewatch with anyone, even if we haven’t spoken or don’t follow each other I am totally willing to help anyone though this show just to keep it going. I will watch the entire first season with anyone who is willing to try it out, whether you have been curious and want to try it, need someone to help with any triggers that may come up during the show or just want someone to watch it with for fun. Maybe you stopped mid way and want someone to recap you so you don’t have to rewatch those couple of eps you did so long ago? I will start wherever you are weather you are 5 episodes in or have 3 left. I will do group watches over Skype if you have multiple people that want to try it as well.

(for those who don’t know much about it or have never read the book)

The series is set in the town of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania. The town is a mixture of extreme wealth and poverty, as the closing of the town’s steel mill many years earlier caused many to lose their jobs. The town’s main sources of employment are now the Hemlock Acres Hospital and Godfrey Institute for Biomedical Technologies. Run by the powerful Godfrey family, the Institute is rumored to conduct sinister experiments on a daily basis. The town’s rumor mill turns even more twisted when two teenage girls are brutally killed and their bodies left for unsuspecting people to find the next day. Peter Rumancek, a 17-year-old Gypsy, is suspected of the crimes by some of the townsfolk; he is also rumored to be a werewolf. While secretly he is a werewolf, he is not the killer, and, along with the heir to the Godfrey estate, Roman, he sets out to solve the mystery.



An faq about the show is under a read more because of the fair share of spoilers. You of course can message me about any other questions you have about the show as well that I would be glad to answer as sometimes this show is considered hard to understand.

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Progress announcement and...fan art? :’D

Some Trick & Treat news!

☆The game is in the final testing. The steam store page is going to be available in mid-September, and the game will be released on 30th, September.

☆As you probably know that I’m making an ART BOOK as DLC…it’ll be a pdf ebook with about 50 pages (25 double pages) contain all the art and sketches about the game and its development! And I’m drawing a few new ones for it…hope you’ll like it! 

☆Since I have recieved some fan art…I’m wondering, if there is anyone interested in submitting fan art for the art book?? If it gets included in the book you’ll recieve a copy for free! :’D It’s not a contest (and properly not many submissions) so I think there’s a pretty big chance…If you’re interested, read more for the rules!

Reblog appreciated! Thank you for all the support :’D

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Captain America Civil War Theories. BuckyNat Edition

First and foremost, this contains spoilers from interviews, tv spots,etc. So if you are looking to stay completely spoiler free, don’t read this! I don’t want to ruin the movie for you. Now, enjoy this theory/speculation i have regarding Bucky and Natasha in CACW

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Chloe Price

Episode 3 has hit everyone pretty hard, the LiS fandom is smart enough to figure out why, so what I’m posting is my personal experience through the episodes.

Chrysalis starts at what we all (or most of us) believe to be the end, the main thing we have to prevent, and our first player controlled character interaction is meant to be Kate (for some it was Mark Jefferson) So you get to meet this shy girl, not unlike Max, that seems to be your friend. I was immediately attached, she looked like she was suffering and I had read the paper ball Taylor threw at her, so she wasn’t just a friend but a friend having hard time. Max isn’t very brave in Chrysalis but isn’t a coward either, so I knew that I would have to help Kate at some point. And technically the first two episodes are about Kate, so by the end of Out of Time, while stressed about the whole ordeal, it wasn’t something that came out of the blue so I was sort of prepared.

Now Chloe you meet in a very different way, first she’s the punk girl with an attitude that got shot while trying to extort an unstable student. Then she’s a memory in your room, the picture of Max and Chloe playing pirates and the tone of remorse in Max’s comment. From that she becomes your sort of hero, taking you away from Nathan Prescott. But then she uses that remorse Max has against her, I love that certain dialog choices allow Max to call her out on it “you’re merciless”

So in contrast to Kate, Chloe is constantly angry and has a very short fuse and is quick to place blame on you. I couldn’t like Chloe as a person the same way I liked Kate for that reason, but I’m listening to Max, there’s a reason why these two were friends, even though they are polar opposites right now. So while at her house Max sees some pictures, starts to comment about it, we already learned her father died and she lost her best friend shortly after, but on top of that, her mother brought another man into the equation while Chloe was still grieving. Now Chloe’s first impression is getting slowly erased by what I’m hearing. She’s depressed and angry and has very good reasons for it. Then we get to the whole Rachel Amber ordeal and now we learn she has abandonment issues. This is a very emotionally broken person that puts up this tough act, to not only avoid getting hurt but not show how hurt she is. Yet her room is screaming she is in pain. She starts to confide in Max, probably grabbing onto that memory when things were better and they were friends, this is when their relationship starts for the player, or at least for me.

You get glimpses of the former Chloe through other photos, after all this game is all about “capturing the moment” That Chloe, was a bit more like Max, so while Chloe still sees her friend, Max is trying to meet this new version of Chloe, but hidden away there is a little bit of the younger Chloe. “You guys are still the same” 

In Out of Time you spend a lot more time with Chloe, but it’s more like you’re proving your worth to her. She gets pushy, bossy and not all that friendly. Things get better after the Frank incident, but still it gave me the feeling that Chloe could ruin Max’s future. That’s not even counting the whole ordeal in her room. So I was siding with the many people that started to dislike Chloe at this point. I mean saving her wasn’t a big enough motivation, at that moment I would have been willing to save the town over Chloe if it came to that.

The following contains spoilers for Episode 3. Click Keep Reading if you have finished episode 3 and are interested in what I’m trying to say.

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